Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on September 2, 1998 · Page 15
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 15

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Page 15
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THE CIRCUS MORNING SET-UP IS A SHOW IN ITSELF — AND BEST OF ALL, IT IS FREE! Nearly every morning at daybreak, the giant Carson & Barnes Circus awakens, wipes (he last remnants of sleep from its eyes, and heads down the highway to the next awaiting community on its route. Depending upon the number of miles from one location to another, the first of eighty vehicles will arrive a couple of hours after dawn. There is a pause as the first few vehicles are parbed and then organized bedlam erupts as stakes are driven into the earth, tent poles are unloaded and come crashing to the ground, the ten tons of canvas are unrolled and spread by a crew of thirty-four experienced riggers. Simultaneously, additional vehicles are pulled into place, the well-groomed and pampered animal members of the circus family are unloaded, watered and fed. The colorful midway tents are erected, the cookhouse crew begins preparing meals to feed the 250 circus employees, and the circus school teacher begins her classes. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for. as big top boss Jaime Garcia signals to the elephant boss, Tim Frisco. Within minutes. Susie, Barbaras-Minnie and Isla. four of the Circus Elephants. lumber up to the big top and go to worb. The heavy duty worb harnesses, fashioned after the work harnesses that domesticated Asian Elephants have used in Logging Plantations in Burma for generations, are draped over the elephants' shoulders. In fluid motions, seemingly without any effort at all. the four elephants pull the poles together and the big top begins to rise in the morning air. As soon as the tent is in the air. the electricians run cables and lights, the performers start setting their props and rigging and the tent crew sets up the 2,700 seats. You and your family are invited to the circus grounds on Circus Morning to view this spectacle. Sixty years ago there were scores of big tent circuses crisscrossing America, but today this is the last of the monster tent shows. This may be your last chance to watch a big circus set up. This may be your last chance to tabe your family to experience our wonderful old time circus performance presented under the big top. You owe it to yourself and your family. Take a day off work. Tabe the bids. Come see THE BIG ONE! WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS ABOUT , CARSON & BARNES CIRCUS: >r<tr • "It was close your eyes and presto: Instant Circus City. Within four hours, they raised a striped big top measuring 396 feet by 146 feet, pampered 100 animals companions, 1 and set-up housekeeping next to Lakeline Mall." — Austin American Statesman. Austin. TX • "5 Rings of Fun Begins When They Hoist That Circus Big Top." — Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles. CA • "The Carson & Barnes Circus rounds out its second day in Victorville with blockbuster show." — The Daily Press, Victorville, CA • "Tented show brings bright, brief magic to vacant lots. Tuesday nights show in Rifle drew a capacity cfowd. It was a good one that ended too quickly. The spectators lingered, unwilling to let the magic go. This is an old-fashioned circus. It is still under the big top. They still use elephants to put up the tent The acts are old-fashioned libe circuses used to be. It is a great show for ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and children of all ages."^ — The Denver Post, Denver. CO • "From the welcome of "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of j all ages" to the final good-bye of "May all your days be Circus Day." 1 the velvety smooth voice of ringmaster John Moss guides audiences through a thrill-packed two-hour performance." j — Fort Collins Coloradoan, Ft. Collins, CO ( • "Big top puts on really big show." — The Des Moines Register. Des Moines. IA • "Circus provides five rings of excitement." j —- Moorparb News-Mirror. Moorparb. CA • "The wait is over... The circus is here." — Constitution-Tribune. Chiflicothe, Ohio COME MEET OUR FOUR LEGGED FAMILY When the Carson & Barnes Circus comes to (own, an integral part of the Circus Family are the four-logged variety, the dogs and ponies, horses and Hamas, elephants and lions and tigers and myriad of other animals that define ihe World's Largest 5-Ping Big Top Circus. From the very beginning, proper and humane care of the circus animals has been vital to the very nature of 'the Carson & Barnes Circus. Certain principles guide the every day actions of the Carson & Barnes Circus: • The animals receive fresh water first — even before the people who worb on the show. And they are watered at least four times per day. • The animals are loaded onto the trucks early in the morning and are only transported for an average of 50 miles — one hour — per day, in the early morning hours of the day. • When the weather turns warm, shades are put up for the animals. • When an animal is sicb or injured, it is never forced to worb — which is why sometimes an individual act is missing from the show. • All of the animals are fed fresh food and groomed, which is why their coats loot so shiny, their eyes so bright and the elephants so fat and happy. . 'Animals are to be trained using positive rewards and only disciplined when absolutely necessary. • We have a breeding program, so the female elephants spend several weebs each season at the breeding farm, visiting with the male elephants, and relaxing from their time on the road. When babies are born, and they come bacb on the road, they travel with their mothers. '• •"Carson & Barnes harbens bacb to another era. This year is bigger and better.' — Sbagit Valley Herald, Burlington. WA • "Audiences enthralled with magic of Circus... Awe and amazement were plentiful during nearly two hours of circus acts. The circus was a city blocb long and mesmerized the crowds. And all the classic circus events were there: Clowns, elephants, wild cats, horses... this was a class act all the way." — The Lima News. Lima. OH • "Most of what a circus-goer sees is pure nostalgia." — The Dallas Morning News. Dallas, TX • "Children of all ages were dazzled and thrilled when the circus came to town." — Mount Vernon News, Mt. Vernon. OH • "Circus is an awesome event." — The Rensselaer Republican, Rensselaer, IN • "The Circus: Sound and fury and signifying everything... The Circus came to town Saturday, and young and old went nuts with enthusiasm... spectators munching caramel apples and cotton candy oohhed and ahhhed through two performances of the Carson & Barnes Circus. which has absolutely everything a circus ought to have... It was the living embodiment of an old-time ideal you may have dreamed of, a magic fairyland meant for a child and where adults caught in its swirl become children again." — The Adeianto Bulletin, Adelanto, CA The public can see with their own eyes how well cared for the animals on Carson & Barnes Circus are when they visit the lot in the morning. Although these cannot be considered endorsements of the Circus, the various inspectors in their 'official reports from across the USA also appear to agree: RUN AWAY AND JOIN THE CIRCUS \*f II you ,u? In: In: \.ilii.ihli- .1 jnur ii'Miinc sdl.Hll [C.Ull ;ii:i - n!s, hooki olk-n h.i\ c .1 !o AII > Ih trill r.ivi'l. onjoy li.irii work. h.i\c skills would ' f ' v'f K'a's [ .11 ilcst HlL • n s. nii:h L! .ll-UTI His I'louiiiis .il w ;tk luiion. tin s. ctt'i IriL . nil \l. ill. hut who knmv uniinj' JIOHIV (ID [he kids .nul jM.unlk u ith Ihr ( ';irsou tV H.imrs ( 'IK us Top Circus, plc.isc hrinj; * j cr 10. IX) ,i in on A dr ml sc ,' Toi uls) ; vcr >,, L'.ir|X'r Jin I UThim orrow sou Icr YOU n irais , crs. press .IDS, We ou!,j tic: 1 .IV,, IV "I could not be more pleased with the way the Circus maintained its animals and their facilities. I want to mabe a note that the staff but especially the trainers were extremely helpful to me and educated in the care of their animals. I could only add to this report by saying that 1 give a high recommendation to this Circus, staff and last but not least its animals." — Paul Delgado, ACO. Department of Animal Control, San Jacitito. CA "...Thumbs to the Kiwanis Club for sponsoring the circus. The animals were beautiful and obviously wcl! cared for..." —Jacbie Elmer. AL-Van Humane Society. South Haven. Michigan "I found the care of the animals of the Carson & Barnes Circus to be exceptional and professional. It is rare to see animals of this caliber in a traveling circus. Mr. Miller should be commended for his reclamation of abused animals..." — Mary S. Shasta. Shelter Manager, SPCA of Galveston, County, Texas "A chcch of all animals showed plenty of food, water and rest area to (be) very good." — B.A. Hansen. ACO. Santa Barbara County, California "Everything looks fine. Puling: Excellent." — Patt Morrow, Animal Conirol Supervisor. San Marcos. Texas Many of our animals, particularly the elephants, have been traveling, performing and working with the Carson &. liarnes Circus for many years. Some have been here for over 40 years — so when they become too oid to work, we could not abandon them to some road-side zoo or "sanctuary." Either they continue to travel with the show or are retired to our 160 acre wintcrquartcrs facility in Oklahoma. Antl when they pass away, they are not forgotten. Kay. the matriarch of the elephant herd, after over -10 years of faithful service, succumbed to kidney disease at the ripe old age of 65, She was buried in Taylorvillc, Illinois — where a granite monument has been erected and the site has become a regional point of interest. And when Barbara, her lifetime companion with our herd, passes away — she will be laid to rest beside her friend Kay. So when you bring your family to the Carson & Barnes Circus, rest assured that the animals are as happy and humanely treated as they appear. When the circus conies to town, we spend money and boost your local economy. We often buy diesel fuel for our trucks and generators, groceries for our cookhouse, grass hay and gram for our animals, septic service lor our portable resirooms, and IP Gas (or our concessions operations. If you would like to be considered as a possible supplier to the circus, please contact our local sponsor with information about your goods and services. Make sure you list your telephone number and prices. You will be cont.icied if you are the low bidder and we are in the market for your goods and services. *«*.

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