The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, July 24, 1934
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. JULY 14, 1*44 T« PAWS NEWS. PACE Candidates Base Talk On Prison Break Aspinuito Make Political Ammunition of Death House Coup Bjr THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Th« daring escape of three prisoners from "death row" at the *tat» penitentiary at Huntsville' provided a new th me for political candidates and focused attention anew on the Texas crime situation Tuesday. 'J TTCO. aspirants for the Democratic nomination for governor, Ma«ry Hughes and Kdgar Witt, stressed the need for reforms. Hushes spoke at Cisco asd Witt at;.Saa Angelo. -: Hughes, vrhile refusing to criticize prison officials until all the facts of the break have been revealed, said it would be "crim- I?»a' negligence" if reports were accurate that one unarmed guard Was detailed to guard inmates of the death house. Hughes dwelt on his law enforcement program bureau at Austin: reforms in criminal court procedure and substitution of the federal pardon am~ parole system for that now in use in Texas. Witt, who cook to the air to hop from Waco to Amaiillo. Lubbock and, San Angelo. said the prisojn break "has brought us another example for the need of thoroughly investigatlngr our state penitentiary system. "It Is hard enough for us to lock a;> these hardened criminals and. the policing system and trial procedure must be brought up to date." Witt said. "But " even our cballengeable freedom with pardons is less to be condoned than penitentiary breaks such as last Sunday's" F. Kunter demanded, a deal and a new dealer" in a talk at Marshall in support of liis candidacy for governor. "President Roosevelt is exerting every effort to bring about recovery In this country but is is the duty of ex-erj-.state city and town to aasmezst the national plan with recovery programs of its own." Hunter said. "In order to accom- pjfsa a recovers' in Texas we must de two things first, there must be restoration of easy a'^aliable credit «.i}d ; -thfr retention f-^r ib.e people the- proceeds of the state's natur- Dbrothy Latimer Solicits Your Support ml resource* which now ar* b«lnc • i * At Monk Trial Clint Small asked ifc* voters of Jefferson county tr compar* . his. record with records of hi* opponents and then, vott^ their convictions. "1 won't. bsi worried about the result if the reople. lol- low that procedure before going to the polls.** Small sa«d. James V. Allred. .attorney genera, seeking promotion A.O governor, unleashed - critical aitack on legislative lobbying: ax San j Antonio. He referred to lobbying as "a system that has blossomed under corporation Influence, actually menacing free government." C. C. McDonaM took a diy off from speaking to confer wiiti his lieutenants in Houston but former governor Jarnea E. Ferguson took the stump in his behalf in. a speech at Iribbock. McDonald i* being supported by the administration- Tom Conaally, candidate for re- nomination as United States sen- atoi. and Congressman Joseph Vf, Bailey, one of his opponent*, got together on a. common ground. Connally asked the voters at Sherman to comi-ar- his record with that of his opponents- Bailey, speaking at Gatesville and Temple. a&kec* for a similar comparison and attacked Connally's record in | his first terrm. | The race for attorney genera! . grew warmer, with William Me- j Craw and Walter Woodward se- ; verely criticizing each other in ; appearances at Greenville and j Dallas, respectively, and Clyde E. t Smith presenting his platform at Athens and Corsicana. Bullion Ship Jun« DeLong (abov*), 24-y«ar-old •xtra flirt, was called th* pro*ecu tion** star witness in th* Los An g«l*s trial of Dav* Alien, movie casting bureau director, and Gloria Marsh, film extra, on charges of «n offense to public morals, (Associated Press Photo} Dakotans At An Impasse] Legislature to Make Last| Effort to Convene For | Impeachments BISMARCK. N. D. (<3*>—Korth , Dakota":, legislators Tuesday sought a sufficient majority to function as an impeaching body. Ail hopeii of a quorum in tlie senate apparently have been abandoned, although the solons vottrd to meet cnce more Tuesday 1 . Strengthened by an opinion by Attorney General F- O. Sathre that the house could convene as an impeachment body only. the determined representatives left the statehouse intent upon bringing back enough members to establish a quorum and the right to vote en resolutions Tuesday- Fend ing concentration of that a. committee to investigate th-e indictment and conviction of William Linger. ousted governor, rested inactive in the files of the speaker of the housw, No action could be taken on u because of lack of votiRg s^rensXh only 53 representatives answered the roil call while 57 Avere needed for a J. F. Harper. Paris route 2. is a patient at the JLamar hospital. Is Salvaged Three Million In Klondike Cold Believed Aboard Rusty Hulk JUNEAU, Alaska, (/P>—Treasure hunters are about to find—so they hope—a reputed 13,900,000 fortune in Klondike nuggets and- xo!d dust which sank with the vessel, Inlander, nearly 33 years ago. By August 1. the rusty hulk of the ship will be dragged ashore from waters 355 feet deep, salvagers said Tuesday, and divers and workmen can enter the battered, barnacle-crusted craft in seafca of safes in which gold was shipped to the states from the rich diggings of the great Klondike field. | Ii was August 14, 1901. when ih* Islander, pride of- the^Casad- ian Pacific fleet, bore a. .gay party of miners who had struck it rich J ars<? a heaver consignment of gold aad smashed into an iceberg, in ,'Stevens passage. J She hangs, mostly under water. I suspended by great cables I — i f*. eea -two salvage ships, and even j now divers can not solve the rny- | stery of the vanished gold dust. I £?id the safes slide forward and I into the ocean as the terrific i crash against the iceberg tore her ! bows away? Did- the purser and 1 Boy Who Made Threat Of Suicide Dies by Accident Idabel Youth Fatally Wounded By Gun Shortly After Teasing Mother By Saying Would Take His Own Life ^ - A. _ m ^ _ -. , - Okla.—A few hours? after h« had been teasing hisj mother: by threatening to kii! j himself, 1 3 year old Nathsui J^obn- { son was dead." victim of the ac- : cidenta! discharge of a .rs cali- I brs automatic which ho and j Charley Jones, his foster brother, : were examining. : . Young Jones, lifelong conipan- j ion of the Johnson boy. declared | the shot was purely accidental < JAP SPY RING m RUSSIA IS SMASHED MOSCOW, <JP> — The Soviet government has smashed what it calls a pro-Japanese spy ring by meting out death sentences to and long prison terms to 15. A series of train wrecks aad sa- in a locomotive shop were laid to the alleged conspirators. The military tribunal of the supreme court delivered the sentences- It was testified Kim Zayen, a Korean, led the well-organized band TrhiclJ soughs information about.the movement of troops Rounciiip* Are Set For , candidates* roundup* scheduled for Tuesday. A.' ingr win be beM at B!ard*to*a 1* the afternoon, to be follow**, -bar one at Glory Tuesday n!«ht. Numerous Paris pe*>p!e h*v« b*c* attending the rour>dups during .lh* lasi few days, Oood attendance has been reported from alt point*. Roundups will bf: heM At .C«t»- ningham and Miitos Wednesday j afternoon and niKhr. Th* ia*t t*o win be held at Powderfy Thursday night and at Paris Friday night. In order that thero will be not delay in movement of the 1934 ; cotton crop in this section. all ; Sinners are urged by Hal Miers, J and that Nathan had had no rea! | manager of the Southland Cotton [ intention of killing himself. The) Oil company of Fails, to file bonds,; shot took effect in young John- \ for approval under the provisions 1 son's right hint, the boy dying: of the Bankhead bill as early as i instantly. I possible. Farmers z«re also urged ! The funeral was tentatively set I~° apply for allotments of tax ex- i for Tuesday afternoon with burial ar the Denison cemetery. The boy was a son of Mrs. Reed j Ward by a former marriage, and Jones is her nephew, whom she adopted when he was a baby after ins death of his father. Mrs. \Vard's brother. The two youths I were about the same age and had j beer> playmates since infancy. Mrs. i Ward has adopted a number of { pieces, nephews and other chil-1 dren. in addition to rearing 1 sev- { era! of her own. '• Mack Reily. who has been visiting his brother, Robert S. Reily, in Abilene, has returned home. Tfauirt "Tlayes of Abilene is visiting at the hoiae of Mrs. Elmer Skidmore on Sast Houston street. £"- C Gilbreath of "Windom is a patient at the Sanitarium of Mrs. VT. H. Hope, who has been ill eight weeks from a spider bite infection, is reported to be improving slowly. Jack Thompson returned' to ills home in Fort Worth Monday after visiting- his parents. Mr. and .Mrs. G. B. Thompson ot Powderiy. Mrs Mar - v had for several da - vs ' returned to her home Ttiesda~. * Tony LeRoy Reid, the two-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Virsey Reid, is s. patient p.t the Lamar Thompson of Petty, ^^ a major OJ>eratton the -^^^ h .> 5pit al, returned The impeachment would serve as the basis for a complete legislative investigation of the administration of Governor Lajsge r > k* s conviction in the federal coyrt on a charge of soliciting funds from relief workers end the method and manner of political contributions for ca.rnpaig-n purposes in tlie state. - The senators confined themselves for th* aiost part to oratorical attacks on newspapers and to vocal support of a threat to bar the press from the legislative activity. Mrs. J. M. Contest of vllle uiwicrwen: s. minor operation a. the ST. Joseph hospital Tuesday. Miss LuJ _ SI&viT . s of WRderw ,, nt a n;a j Qr ooereticn at . he ? S j,itar!um of Paris Tuesday Mrs. Viola Miller-. -A- bo been a patient at the l-air:ar hospiuii 5, as reTurned to ber hoine, 455 TVeet Houston str^^t. On account of my present office duties I Isave not been' able to xitak«'-a oiswr canvus^t in n»y race .for t.h<* Tic'v combined offJcc of **As«f-s«rOr a;su C<'5i'"Ctor of Taxes." Aecordinsr to the Attorney Genera! of Texas this is Indeed a brand . »ew - office, ivnh dutie-s covering "both th* present offices of Tax Assessor and Collector. but tvith no preference to one of th« old officer over the vJhcr. J realise- fully the responsibility Incumbent upon rh« one who is elected to this new office a-nd feel thai nv *xj>*rJenc* in ih*i ASSASS- •ors- office for one term will be immense vatse to me in perform- iun thess •dutSps as the aasessrnents must b« rrsadc an«3 the records compile*!—then *Jn; collections are made upon th« tax** figured in the .Assessor'? of fire. I have made an earnest effort to make you a assessor, and invitff a close >n of my record. 1 sincerely believe !hat I am thorougJily qualt'i*-d fo perform the duties of the comblTio<! office and solicit your support: fsrvt, up^n my record au<S qualifications: second, because T ne**<! th«^ income to support myself and parents: and third, because* of my physical handicap, this is on» of the very Progress Reported In " Clarksville Test Well CLARKiSVlLLK. — Progress is reported for the past -week by Speary' and C%*rn«Il. who are making an oil test on the .Ed Thompson farm, north of here near Red rivrr. A new set of equipment and derrick were placed in operation and a water well on th* site provided a sufficient supply. Tteis test is near one made ;v»-*nty years ago ivh«-r» considerable excitement existed as to ihe possibilities of discovering oil. Oil play in the county is " assuming tars* proportions again, with reports rife that tests arc being planned In'alt parts of t.he county. The county cierk's offic*: reports conic activity in t<?a*e record- Tulneral deeds. Mrs. D. T. Cailton is doins nicely foliotviri.x. a n - ajc>r operazlou at the Sanitatium of Paris Monday-- Mr, and Mrs. I>. I* Clark and son. Howard, and Mr. and Mrs. E*on O'Day spent Sunday with Mr. and ilrr. v/ilbsar C;ark in Da rant.. Okla. Mis? Isabel Thielen xinderwer.t an erneryci^'y operation Tuesday afternoor> at the Sanltariarn of Paris: \Vedr.esday raornins; she Tea? • r*%-Tt,ed to be doing: r.icely. !rs. A, s returned to her >.orne in Tishominjro. Okla.. ho has PRIMARY ELECTION BY RED RIVER COP horr.e irs N>'-v Qriran?. anies 1 , by Mr. CLAKKSVIL-LE.—Th- Republicans of Kcd River county will hoM tli«!r primary election nest Saturday !n a vacant buJ5riins on the south *id«* of the square. J. !_ Rwd and E. M. Adams wilt be in charge. the chairman. T, J. Fox. ar,no;jnc*s- Cotton. T . nin - by automo- ^ Sv]van i^ v ^'. on fo : Mr;=. passengers attempt to dispose, of the money as they sought to escape? These are questions that cannot he answered until the marine encrustations can be scraped away. The 1.500-ton craft was grapplea: deep in the Abater and hauled laboriously toward shore in operations- never attempted before In salvage history', so far as is known here. VIENNA, (/?;—Twelve hundred socialists were arrested Tuesday in connection witfe an alleged plot to overthrow the Dollfuss government. It was the biggest roundup of political prisoners since the bloody February civil war. empt cotton as early as possible. j Application blanks for making | application for farm allotments i will be available nes^ week, ac- | t cording to Donald Ralph, adjust- j ment assistant to County Agent A. > L. Kdmiaston. These Jorms will-? I be issued to local conimitteemen | with instructions for filing them, j Allotments under the Bankhead ; act must be 'approved by the j county committee and tha state al- j lotnaent board. I Soth " sinners and farmers are ' being asked to prepare for the j harvesting season as early as pos- j sibl'* in order to save delay -when • the crop begins to move. * All allotments of tax exempt j cotton will be made on the basis j of the average acreage and yield j for the years 192S to 1932 in- ' Tuesdaj- aad Wednesday Presents in THE AFFAIRS OF A GENTLEMAN The Man Six "Women — and One Killed \Yedaes<iay - lOc DAYS MURDER AT THE VANITIES n Earl Carroll Productioa MUSICAL COMEDT A>T> MTSTEKY OPENS FRIDAY REDECORATED And Witb New Sound Equipment BRIEFS About Town Itoy Saunders of Grcenvillt.% with tae bureau of plant industry of the tJnited States Department of Asriculrure. is in Paris Tuesday on bnsiness. Paris polios liave been asked to watcn for -a. 153^ Chevrolet coach, license S6 ! J-356, stolen at Olaae- water. The coach was described as bsack with green vrheeis. Theft of S12.5O atrd a q.tian- tiry of Tesas • fleiief •QXitmtte- ?ion orders froic the c?araioga. on Boaham street ivas reported, to police Tuesday morning by Wair, proprietor. T"ws arrests ou cljarses ot Urunfe.. on* Monday nigfei a.n<l the otii-ir Tuesday m^rnlns, were made oy city police. Ont; defendant madtj i>ond Tuesday morning and wa.3 released. Johu liowertoii, citj sanitarj officer, said Tuesday tfeat collection of trash, and rubbish vx-i!i be- Sin"' in First waru Thursday'. All citizens and property owners «.r^ urged to have all rubbish ready at the curb early Thursday niorn- .Fireroen were called Tueadsy momins at t>:IO o'clock to Cu"«- i>ertson and ThirtS'-ninth, streets to exting^iish a blazing culvert- Two hours later they 'were calle-i to 127 South. Twenty--thiri street where burning trash had ignited a. garage. Both fires were extinguished xvith chemicaJs and daHi- age was ne HERE IN INTEREST OF HOPKUVS MEETING Julpbur Springs Mayor Visits Paris On Tuesday TEXAS HKATSTRUCK ! El* CAM PC. Texa*. i-PS — Fotsr] - Mayor Shade Gaffvrd of Sulphur Springs and Eugene "tVillia^is. also of Sulphur Springs, .were in Paris Tuesday ia the interest of the Old Settlers Reunion to be held in Sulphur Springs JuJy 30 to August 4. A variec* program has been announced for the six-day me-stirtsr. Among features ivil] be s. dance T?ach night in ftie city auditoriu^v music to be furnished by a 1 2 -piece orchestra from Shreveport. Cami- va! shows and rides Tsrill be en the «ie for ertterta.inirsent of visitors ari«3 a. political speaking will be arranged to provide a t&ll program of entertainment for young and c:d alike. McKef of Ttig T " e Fathering •will be held in the >r . : " ia maior *oj*era- °" v P* rli at the Hopkins cour=ty corning 3t the St. ***^- -^be dances will be under the '\ " ' ' ' I auspices of the Hopkins county j post of the American of Direct I I le sKtX»sfac?ori!y. wiSJ de^pb* appreciate his ov<: your 1 K support and if J am elected I promise you will nev*;r rejrret having given me yo«r by heat Monday-. A. ^* and three sons, the nr hospital. <ts: about 10. were baling straw in a field when the heat caused them to i-ollaps*. 'Prompt medicwi attention was obtained «n«! aH four are expect.'?-' Jo recover. DOROTHT UATJMER. KEEP COOL — By Keeping Your Clothe* FRESH AND CLEAN ! You've rut !<!ea how mu<?b cooler an<i better it makes in tha hot ^umme. tim© to aitravTi fc« dressed in fr**h ct*«n elothfs — It's »cor«onxical f too! SHIRTS lOc MEN'S SUITS AND LADIES' DRESSES Cleaned and I Mrs. ?.T. A. Rutherford bas re| xyY-Tjt.^ to her honrif- in Pinl«ey. { Okia.. after havinjr I at the Latrsar hos; *»r has rettirncd to his horn" ir» Roxton after an operation on Tiis kaeo several days nsro at the T-arnar hospital. Mrs, Elmer i-kidmore and iitUe son. Bfbby GeTi«. and Mrs. Skid- nsore's Tn.other Mrs, E, D- Landerss. lirve rafuraM from Da HAS and Abilene vhere they visited relative*. Mrs, Dewey Robinson retained ht*r home Monday *rtcrnoori ,r»rn th<! St. J<*s«ph hospital, af- t«r h«vin«r sufficiently recovered from * major operation. GIftd>-s Chafir. Of 1SS Or- str<>*t. who uniJ^vw^nt * ma- .lor op*rittion at tho LAmJtr how- is reported to b* doins nk-fly. Mr. iind ^Mrs. F, C. Sratrnhai!. ac- corapanied by their son. left overland Tuesday morning Cor Grov* Springy Mo., to attend the be<!*:de of Mrs. Brarn&airs Rtothfr. Mrs. R, t* Moore. Mrs. I>udl*y Hubhard Ha» re- t\irne«1 to her horn?. §00 Hubbard ^t^e<»t. nft*r having unrt^-rsrono A tonsil fpermtion *t the S* of Paris. Sari R<rily. *n«*r « visit "here \\lth his p*r?nt«, Mr. and Mr*. R, >;. Reilv, w!!T J**v«» Wrd- ne«d*y for D«ll»* wh*r* h* H«wr Attorney General James V. Allred SpcaJc o^-er Radio Elation KRI,I>. Piilla*, Tuesday Ntirht. July 34 From 5:15 to 10.15 Former Attorney General Robert L*« Bobbltt trill speak over WOAl. isan Antonio th* jtame n»sht fr\>t« 7:30 to S in b«haJf of Mr, Allred's HOW'S BUSINESS? me BOOM/ if YOU WMOMimJHR Buyers come with a rush to get the tire that defies fast tread-wear 43/o more miles of rea! nonskid safety in "G-3" meets tremendous popular response H ERE'S thrilling news for the million* who are scanning the business horizon for signs of Increasing sales, Here's a 1934 success story that teaches the homely truth that people sr/// &wv */ you build z?hot they vrartt, And the cash registers of 30,000 Goodyear dealers from coast to coast are ringing with the news that car owners want 43% longer non~skid mileage. An overnight success **G-3" Is the magic name that released this flood of buying. **G-3"^ is the tire that stood up under the toughest tests ever deaitoutbyatestfieet. **G-3" Is the tire that keeps its grip 43% longer than former All-Weathers— trrice as long as other tires tested against it, **G-3" Is the All-Weather Tread Goodyear tire that gives you a broader, flatter tread—more rubber In the tread—more rubber against the ground. It gives you more non-skid block* In the center of the tread—165^ more* for l-resdy « l _ „ ^^ «o *^~ ~^T , ^ ^ '^ oHS prmfsd s*re ore frvxt geituixe If fiery e Look at the NOM-SKID In th« c*A- ter of thi* tread — th« siyot that counts, because that's -where th» tread contacts the ground. Wh*n it comes to safety, insurance fly. ures show that 5% times as many accidents ar* due to skidding.** to blowouts and punctures com. b;ned. Remember this wh«n others try to duplicate what th* **<5-3>* gives you: roa Aav* f* have "NON-SKID" before any ±Ir» can g/ve you ~NON-SKs& NHLCAGE™ and safely—«nd you hav«r to har* Goodyear Sup«rtwist beneath this type of tread to make it * real success. greater safety, quicker stopping, longer wear. It gives the finest foundation any tread could have—patented Goody«ar Superrwist in the tire body— and frankly, it would be impossible, m our opinion,, to successfully build such a tread without this Goodyear ply materiaL You might expect that this extra rubber, extra mileage, extra safety would make the **G-3" more expensive. It does cost more to build this sensational new tire—but you pay n& more to buy ttf These plain facts started th« rush of buying at Goodyear dealers I Isn't it a good idea for you to join the crowd? GOODYBAS TlUS A RU3SEK C&*tTWY, 'N. OKK> M'CLAIN'S SERVICE STATION

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