Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 75
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 75

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 75
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Cinematic crisis rejected by Zeifirelli Los Angeles Hm«8 Service ROME — Th« muelwHs- cussed film crisis that has hit Hollywood seems also to have .engulfed the Italian cinema. Italy, which last year pro- V d0ced W films and had nil its sound stages filled with various projects, seems to be !at its lowest ebb. '- From the big four of the Italian cinema, only Franco Zeffirelll and Luccini Visconti ire preparing for immediate projects; Feliini is shooting for television and Michelangelo Antonioni seems to be lick* ing his wounds after the critical reception of "Zabriskie Point." How bad is the crisis? "First of all, it is not a crisis, but an adjustment. Secondly, I think it is very good, purifying," Zeffirelli says. '"THE MOVIES in Hollywood are going through a structural change long overdue, 1 feel, because the cinema is a delicate thing; it was an idea in someone's head; around this idea grew a colos- sus. When it becomes overburdened, too heavy with executives, with too many restrictions, then it cannot survive. I have had a taste of this while doing "The Taming of the Shrew 1 and was amazed how Hollywood could have survived in that state for such a long time. Things are changing for the better: A new cinema is emerging already. "You see, the s o -c a 11 e d 'digestive cinema' days are gone, when people went to the movies after dinner and before retiring. Today, they still go to the movies but are more selective—they go to see a certain film. It has to be good; it better be good. So that eliminates a lot. Thank heaven. Zeffirelli, director of the unforgettable "Romeo and Juliet," and one of filmdon's most controversial figures, has some strong words to say about the state of affairs of the Italian cinema: "Here we hae a different situation than in America. Here we have a moral crisis. Sex is being ma- MUSIC ON RADIO The f e a t u r e d full-length choral work on KRFM's "Sunday Morning in Music," from 6 to 9 a.m., will be Hiiydn's "Miss* Solemnis." There also will be a performance of J. C. Bach's Concerto in 0. minor for harpsichord and orchestra; J. S. Bach's Cantata No. 32, "Uebster Jesu"; Haydn's Nocturne in C Major; and J. S. Bach's Pas- sacaglia and fugue in C minor, Bwv 682. * • * Hallamrks of the Concert Hall, Sunday, KHEP-FM5:30 p.m. to 7p.m.; Tchakovsky: Symphony No. 7 in E Flat Major-Eugene Or* mandy conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. Sibelius: "The Swan of Tuonela." Nielsen: Symphony No. 5 Op. 50- Leonard Bernstein conducting ih€ New York Philharmonic. »Two excerpts from Pierrot Lunaire, by Shoenberg. ^Russian composer Semyon Bogatyryev "salvaged" the symphony from Tchaikovsky's completed manuscript of, which thirty-three pages are orchestrated. This is the mysterious symphony that Modeste Tchaikovsky wrote abouMhat was scrapped by the composer. The first movement became part of the Kano Concerto No. 3, which had three movements based directly on the Symphony. (Two movements from the concerto were dropped). The material from the second Movement of the Symphony became these two dropped movements plus the "Andante fir Piano and Orchestra." The Scherzo became Opus 72 "Piano Scherzo." The finale Tchaikovsky also "took apart" to use in other works. It took Bogatyryev 10 years to put everything together again. * * * The featured work of KRFM's "Sunday Night Concert," from 7 to 10 p.m., will be Mozart's Concerto No. 24 inTC minor, for piano and orchestra, K. 491 (Robert Casadesus, piano, and members of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, the late George Szell, conductor). Other works include: Britten's Simply Symphony for string orchestra; Respighi's The Birds; Beethoven's Piano Quartet No. 2 Saturday Night It's in concert BIG SURF* "PORTRAIT OF SOUND" ''CHRISTOPHER BLUE" also "PHOENIX" and "NQART" Dance, Swim, Surf 7 P.M.-Midnight « Gt)ntr«l Admi»»ipn $2 Sorter Mmiulon, $1.M AMilienal Col- lap* Studmli WIN* Currant I.O.'i, II. BIG SURF" 1500 N. Hoy^tn Rood, TEMPE • * urvkt »nd trademark of Bi» Sar/ J> Inc. 1970. in D Major, Op. 152; Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite No. 2; Manfredini's Concerto in 0 minor^Op. 3 No. 10; and Lia- dov's The Enchanted Lake. UNDER BANNER SAMURAI Japanese Language •nalish Sub-Titltt Rattd (G) August U CMrtnmiM from 1:00 P.M. at Photnfx Little Theatre 21 I. Cvrorado Rd. 254-2151 ADULTS 1.50 STUDENTS |,00 GRADES 1 to 8 65c (Wax Figures) American Htritafjt WAX MUSEUM 98 W. Srttson Drive SCOTTSDALE Dally 9:30.9:00 CINEMA 3b M CENIHAL COM I FROM 1 Kellys Heroes Richard Clint Burton Eastwood Where Eagles Dare' niptilated, inflated, devalued by merchants of pornography. It's a dangerous game and one should not fool around with sex. Especially not in Italy. I know my countrymen, and if there was one thing that was natural, simple and beautiful, it was sex. Now, suddenly, because of cheap pornography, It becomes something squalid and sinister." Zeffirelli is preparing "something" for the theater, recording a "Fidelio" narration with friend Leonard Bernstein for the Italian television and working on the script and casting of his forthcoming movie, "Saint Francis," which seems to have been in a state of preparation the last two years. In this fast-chang-* FNTT'HY'S . — THOMAS MALL '"MWrfls a cockeyed masterpiece-see it twice." -leaf* •MfW—- ---—"» UN it. i mMt~rh, limn NltB«VMA«AljNM PAUL NIWMAN •» BUTCH CASSW AND i WoggieSauth AC AMlMY AWARDS lettlUala I MtMwam.MMMt ing, fast-moving world, Isn't have had problems; the In- it flaky to work so long on a dustry had to re-evaluati Its project? investments in pictures and 1 had my automobile accident. "WILL, IT IS a long time That's part of the story. 1 am to prepare but then both not the type of filmmaker the movie industry qpd J who is conditioned by time. Phoenix, Sat., Aug. IS, 1970 FIRST RUN HIT! In Color Ult.WllHIMTOIUWli etNTINUNI*MMtt:M Color J PLUS "Office Love-In" No On* Under 16 Admitted. """ AIR CONDIT ELLIOTT GOULD * ""^CANDICE BERGEN CLINT EASTWOOD DONALD SUTHERLAND OUw-TOWNEHS AmiLflMMITMY TMf AUTHOR WHO OAV! YOU "ODD COU- rm lit MARVIN CIINT ftlNT YOUR WAGON "LATITUDE ZERO" DARUINGimt! Dunigan, a modern cartoon panel, brings you a constitutional laugh six days a week In The Republic NOW! DIRICT FROM ITS RESERVED SEAT " ENGAGEMENT!! mm YOUR WAGON"! "AN EXUBERANT WESTERN MUSICAL!" 'WLARIOUS AND INT£RTAININ6! .CO-NIT (NOUN J'UTITUDIIIIIO'' ffl ItBMlS com, f fro* >».», - m-»ui m WESTDALE 4 Mill »V!.aW. VAN IURIN r i tU The Arizona Republic 41 NATIONAL GENERAL THEATRES LASTIDAYStmSfc Watch the landlord get his. THEMIRISCH PRODUCTION COMPANY A NORMAN JEWISON- HAL ASHBY PRODUCTION **. BEAU BRIDGES LEE GRANT DIANA SAND PEARL BAHJEY4* COLOR tiyoeLuxe« COLON ot-HIT "THE LAWYER" •AftRY NIWMAN FIRST ONLY GAM! IN TOWN "THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLJUB" SH1RLE JONES PLUS STEVE McQUEIN "THE REIVERS" You won't be scooped on the sports scene if you read Vern Boatner's columns Wednesday through Sunday in the sports pages of The Republic + * + f ORMAN-IMACE HELD OVER! KACHINA WALK-IN OH Stottsdali litd I MirSthAm.' 947-5495 . ROSS HUNtER rar-i BURT LANCASTER-DE AN MARTIN JEAN SEBERC JACQUELINE BISSET I GEORGE KENNEDY HELEN HAYES VAN HEFLIN MAUREEN STAPLETON IARRY NELSON LLOYD NOLAN DANAWYNTER BARBARA HALE iQintEastooodTellySavalas) RlchatdBorto. Otot Ustwood I WALK-IN D WESTDALE 4 THEATRES III Rpnnrpn P£?//~A:Q n/\nvi niioii\m T LiNIER REDUCED PRICES DAILY' THE DEADLIEST MAN ALIVE... ...Takes, on a Whole Army! 'TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA* FIVE SHOWS TODAYt k 1130-3130-5:30-7:30-9:30 | Tw!-lit«Hpur 5:00 to 5:30 . Adult* 90c G 7W/-LITE HOUR MUST BE A6E18 uiopcl/toch Ho one uuhouior there uulll ever be the-rcime. Bethena FOUR SHOWS TOPAYt 1sl9«4t30*7t3t*lDl30 Twi-liu Hour 4iOO to 4)30 AdolU*Stud*Mf$1.25 NWRWN IASIWOOD DIRECT FROM ITS EXCLUSIVE RESERVED-SEAT ENGAGEMENT.,, CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES AT POPULAR PRICES! WCSTDAIE THREE 1:30-4:30-7!30-9:56 Twi-fite Hour 4:00 to 4:30 Adult* 90c WKT YOUR WAGON wi$i 2:00-1111.8:00-10:31 Twi.lit»Howr4:45to5:15 AdulU90c Richard Burton "WHERE EAGLES DARE" color Shew Start* j HURRY! FINAL 4 DAYS... BETHANY WALK-IN ALL-COLOR ALL-FAMILY DISNEY'S "BUCK. BEARDS GHOST" •7M iuts f in GO Hoy Named GLEN WALK-IN i »» s-,r, 0 ""- iCftaHU •Brown" Richard Burton "WHERE EAOLES DARE"cofor PARK DRIV£-IN 5500 N. 7th SI, 266-3512 EDGAR ALLAN POE probes new depths . ; . of TERROR! Vincent PRICE. -PLUS"HORROR HOUSE" color "THEHAWADANS" CMtlMHEM can CERALBlNECHMi ALL- COLOR NORTHERN DRIVE IN •41-tlU SILVER DOLLAR OK I VI IN IN ELCQQDQR IPO ACRES UKIVl IN BOTCH CASSIW AND THE SUNDANCE KID PluDtanMQrtin»IANOILIBO''Color OASIS it02 COLOR FEATURE NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED! Pen CAR "THE HOOKED GENERATION" tatai UmtfdArtiitt ROUND-UP DRIVE-IN 6599 East fhomjs Road 945-5441 Alt-COWB Peter Graves James Daly PHOENIX DRIVE-IN 275-1461 NATAUEWOOD Goldi* Hown "CACTUS FLOWER" cofor PIONEER COLOR FEATURE NO ONE UNDER 1IADMITTEOI *1.?4)M*CAR ARLO GUTHRIE "ALIOE'S RESTAUIIANr 1 color NU VILW D KI V I IN |)ISOW.(uckl>ll \ Mtttl PIUS: "DUNlWMN I '•I.MI PESO I:LICIRK;A A CCIL ( J( it S «ANTI SAU IN Till MAM!" SANDS UklVE IN TtiEl THE1 "FOR A FIW OOLURS MORE" cofor ri,.

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