The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 29, 1931 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, December 29, 1931
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Last Edition VOL. LV.--NO. 63. (AT) MCUB Aaoriatcd tmt. rpHB WKATHEB FOBJCAST ·JL MAKTLAHD: Pirtlr cloudy tonlfht. WcdneMU? ta- crra-lnf c!oidm«» and vmrmrr lollowed by :.· ·) ::i rut portion »t night and la vest ?O' 01 in Rf.ernocn or at night- Moderate norvh »iultiaj to nortbemst ·£ east wind*. JFMB SEA Sacvkn, FKEDE1ICK. MD, TUESDAY. DECEMBER 29. 1931. * ** Jtt»i-i«.r» TEN PAOXS PRICK-TWO cms MAY ASK APPEALS c ° n t dati ? n TM * MEN HOLD OP 24 MEN ARE FEARED pnilDT in PPVIfW Departments To Be ruTIDC TnWflll jUUKl ID KtVltW Asked By Hoover tNHKt lUWN THEN MAKE ESCAPE SWEEPING ^t^r- Counsel For Condemned Slayer Considering Next Step To Be Taken. Washington, Dec. 29 (Al).--The ad- ' f ministration plans a new dn\e for con- . sohdauon of government departments y $e fl| ac hjne QUO And RiflCS TO C03St TONI By High GalCS and bureaus as a means of reducing federal expenditures. The President mace the plan public . today a; a press coalereoce. w-?hm a month or two alter Congress has acted upon his emergency program he will transmit a special message urging various consolidations. Among them he named transfer of · the Shipping Board Sato the Depart- · merit of Commerce; a grouping under ' one head of the go\ eminent educational , activities; creation of a bureau of con_ ftrucnon to handle al! federal biillding Further Court Steps May Be activities except for the Army and Take Charge Of Minnesota Community. Blowing At Seventy Miles An Hour. ACTION OF SUPREME BEHffl OF BALTIMORE ALSO SOUGHT ROUSE PEOPLE FROM BEDS; NINE BELIEVED LOST FORCE THEM OPEN SAFES IN THAMES AT LONDON 'EAKER JOINS WITH OTHER ARMY PILOTS IN AVIATOR HUNT i West Virginia People Also ' Combing Mountains For Lieut. Bobbitt world Fr er :n a soli r^s5 :Jw Buyrs rtvt- in Poland, h as !xv»aw an o A*. built of steel, there is not a s in^lc rl\e: in it. p.-'ce. By a wsole proc-vj. a'.'. ;wr-.5 haw Barred By His Plea Of Guilty. Navy: a combination of federal conservation activities and a similar combin- .ng of public health efforts. March Them In Squads From [ Fifteen Others Feared Drowned Baltimore, Dec. 29 (AP).--Attorneys : for Herman Webb Duker. whose sent- j ence for the murder of John W. Ander- ' son was reaffirmed yesterday, will at- ; tempt within a Jew days to have the Supreme Bench of Baltimore or the Court of Appeals review the case, they ' said today. : REVENUE PLAN OF DEMOCRATS Place To Place While They Loot Stores. Pae River. Minn.. Dec. 29 (AP).-- In Shipping Disaster Off Helsingfors. TSTOP LIGHTS DA I IV " WASHINGTON LETTER London. Dec. 23 guns and nfles took charge of this i community of 410 persons early today, | slugged the constable, held a group of . residents captive for two hours and I looted stores. its shores fearful of a repetition of the . disastrous floods of 1928. j The storm was also charged -ith , partial responsibility for the loss of sev- ' eral seamen's lives in a collision be- Mayor Warns Police Will Be Ordered To Make Arrests. BY RODNEY DUTCHEK. XEA Service Writer. Washington. Dec 29 --Seldom does SELFRID6E FIELD FLYER NOW MISSING FOUR DAYS Five Planes Leave Boiling To Join In Search For Comrade. :hns?t:* jump to his of allegiance to the and the Soviet t"n- Without Additional Expect ToRaise$200,000,000 lector in an attempted holdup last April was reaffirmed by Criminal Cour- Judge Joseph N. XJlman, who imposed the _ original sentence November 3. TO CLOSE LOOPHOLES ffl LAW { Using the ruse they were on official j r ween : Qe steamer American Trader and business for Sheriff P. E. Little, of · Bramerd. the men wen: to the Frank WRONG USE OF XMAS GIFTS a tug. Nine men were believed to hav» drowned as a resu.t of the collision which occurred in the lower river in what Is known as "Galleon's Reach." OKI nun ana was noorea j The sank immediately. raider struck him with : _ ,, ,,,. ~ H ,,,. »_HT.D- today tne Democrats they have no: yet determined the pre- j cise nature of their ness move to save | Duier from the gallows but indicated j tbev would like "in some way to bring ; the" case K either the local supreme · bench or appeals court or both.' Some authorities toot the Vie _ , ^w - , eveTthat Outer's plea of guilty tol^hod of meeting :ae Treasury de- the indictment which charged him and j fic;r Dale H. Lambert with the murder would ; * . . constitute a waiver of Ms right to ask i him wotud^oe obtained oy_ tne enact- the higher court to take the case on a n ' ' - - - - - - - . appeal. Marsh home at 3 a. m. Marsh was forced to direct them to the home of 1 Constable Ole Hougward. He resisted ! their eCorts to hold him and was floored | by a. blow as a ! his gun. The gale and the spring tides raised Mayor F. Munshower »as taking s;eps today to inform a '.arge part of's jmenr'-e popuSat:on in no . r . JV ,.. c .. doubtful terms that Santa Claus did " "" -'" not bring them a-r rifles for :hc pur- ·I'.in fivm Ma-^.i 'eet in a plecje Cvrr.:r.ur.;st party .0:1. Not '.f he kno^s what he's doir.p. he rc-tfsn t \V:-.en sjch an -x:r3^rdi:iary o.\perwnc«' ov-curred in the of Rep- r*ien:a;.\o A P:at: A::dreA of Massachusetts 11 "A as because h*j kiic% not that which he did. Neither d:d Gene Annual Dinner By Members Of Masonic Fraternity. GIVEN BY ASSOCIATION ! furious seas along the coast and snow pose 01 "huming" street lights, nor which When he revived he was forced to accompanied the accompany tne group to the Honrigan , esj . nortb drue store urnere the family was aroused i ,, . , c~*+ . . . . _* T» * * _* * ' ticsivy snowstorms occurred in ocot-- j : -! 5S ^Td^wefrfhT^^ ! ·»* «th Ireland and Wales. - , to raise S200.000.000 m revenue JJ^ ^ $200 · were the iichts erected by the ci:y to oe vised as holiday targets. P.att. is he is called was sitting in '.he famous Mejsrhold theater of Moscow. So was Tunney. Dunns the play a man arose and bepjn to harangue. It -A as part of tile play, somehow. Sud- Approximately 40 masters attended she annual banquet of the Past Masters Association of Frederick coun- ·y held Monday night at 630 o'clock in the Moronic Ten-.plc. at which time past masters' decrees were conferred up- ir.e three recently cycled masters I '. o fly along Keyiser ridge. Washington. Dec 29 (AP.--Anny oST.'-Lals ai Boiling Field today asked ·uthorities at Keyser. W. Va. and Un- ii»n'awn. Pa, to investigate a report 'hat Lieu!. E. H Bobbitt. missing army pilot, had crashed between Kevser tnd Red House. Md. The report reached Boiling Field through a motorist -sho claimed to have seen the wreckage of an airplane in tha vicinity. Five observation planes at Boiling Field took oft to investigate the report. Among the pilots of the five was Capt. Ira Eaker. one of the army's beat knoTru Syers. The pilots headed for Hot Springs, W Va . where \ Isibility had been re- Thence they planned "Unless tlw shooting of the past jj en ;.,- t v, c 1.500 persoos in the audience o f Lynch and Columbia Lodges, this j uri or DOLU. i * , , . . - , , e . rt^o toot the View, how- wl*o« additional levies of tases as one , £f . in cash and then a guard with the women members of t,he . ·_ · MarsH. Hougward and Horrigan to the An increased revenue as oatlinea hy Haro:d HU; holne . Fifteen Believed Drowned. tew days is stopped, and stopped at cnce." the mayor said. "I am goim; to ask the police to take action. Street they marched i Helstngfors. Finland. Dec. 29 (APK-- lights are expensive fixtures, and «c , 0 . . Jp too Thcn Fifteen men were feared to have been can not aSord to ha-.e half a dozen or drowned last night in a shipping dlsas- so shot a«sy a day for the sake of ac- rose and hollered. Andrew hesitated His guide nudged him. "I got Jin. then." he admits "Tunney the guide 7,hit ;t wo.-, all about and he said: city, and Brunswick Lodge. No. 191. Dr. A. A. RadcJLK. president of '.he Past Ma^'.-'rs Association, conferred the decrees upon Thomas J. Schacflcr. The only other hope remaining would be a commutation of Duker's sentence ment of amendments to the existing Za ' KS w sl ° -oopholes through whicn taxes are evaded. This 's one phase of the study the Hill and his wile were lined up against the wall while the robbers took Mrs. Hill's S150 diamond ring and Hill's hunting rifle. :er jn a heavy snowstorm. The freighter Orion ran aground off this port. Twelve of the crew were saved and nine others taken aboard a , Adding Mr. and Mrs. Hill to their , salvage vessel which later was reported by Governor Ritchie, who already has j Texas representative conducted last squad of prisoners the raiders forced . lest with its own crew of six. signified his willmess to grant anocher ; Summer into present revenue legisla- y^p t o open his hardware store and hearing of a. clemency appeal. ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENTS HAVE CHRISTMAS P A R T Y : tion with a view to perrecting the rev- i enue law. an(i -3^ S200 and some Then the bandits marched their pris- At a conference with newspaper men . on ers back * the Horrigan home, leap- Gamer said seme o* the holes in. the were ieft intentionally while others j ^ their car and 3ed. Enjoyable Program By Evangelical Refromed S. S. Children. not been. He declined to divulge i iriuv DfAfTDOTO UKTYD TA what they were but it is known he has ; fflAfl I DriyUfiOIO fflMJli 1U made an exhaustive study of many court j decisions -on-tax appeal cases. ; Asked directly whether the Demo- j crats had formulated their tax program, Garner replied: tf the I -if TOU are talking about oiganiza- ' «, «-i c /-»«/-»-r *·/- nnr c-_+«+« i ° ] Evan- . 10JJ ^ e j^^ n o t s o m e different in- I Of $15.00O To $20,OOO Estate ; £ - WILL OF MRS. MYERS Estate To Husband After Specific Bequests Are Made. The wQl of ihe late Mrs. Clara Eliza- curacy firearms." The mayor. %.ho is something of an ·\pert shot himself, added thai he expected the officers of the law to be no i less accurate than ihe tarsetecrs in ^topping the trouble Arrests will be ' made, he said, on further provocation. The shooting thus far. he said, had not been confined to any one section of the city. arise. * * * Cor.3ro-sman George Hoiden Tinkham of Mas-achuw.ts tried to get Congressman Hamilton Fxsh of New York, T\ ho the country bj' investigating communits to investigate the incident. Congressman Fish refused. For one thurg. congressman Andrew had been anc j samue! G. Duvali. Join Search For Flyers. Ekins. W. Va.. Dec. 29 (AP).--Experienced woodsmen set out today tor the Spruce Knob area on Cheat mountain to search for Lieut. E E. Bobbitt, Jr. missing Army flyer. Hope that Bobbitt would be found alive waned ftS i Master of Lynch Lodge. No. 163. and W. . the sear.-h entered the fourth day. Claude Lutrnan. \Vorshipfu! Master of i Spruce Knob has not been explored. Brunswick Lodge. So 191. Dr Had-! State police said the flyer was traced ] to that vicinity and that he was noS ' seen beyond. ! A party of about fifty men, member* of the Randolph county Bod and Gnu "The man .said all those who were . Worshipful Master of Columbia Lodge, reaay to die for the revolution would \ NO 58; G. William Stultz. Worshipful chfl also acted as toaslmastor for the i-vent. during which remarks appropri- | nte u the occasion were made by Isaiah ! X Loy. former Senator Jacob Rohrback. and : provision if the shooting is\not stopped -|-h3ikr«»: i at once. The anmial Christmas party of the 'elementary departments of the ( geU;al Reformed Sunday school was j (jividoals have compiled their own pro- j ield in the church parlors on Monday | grams an3 have even gone so far as to j evening at 6.30. A program o' recita- i pa t them down on payer "out there is ' ·tions, songs and playlets delighted the ! no agreement." children, their parents and friends, i »- Mis P T Kuhn was in charge of ihe ! . Banners' Department, with **. Irv- J^^ HOLDS DRIYE ON 5WSmOTIOIS rBI fcersecond . Keiore cer seconu j was the widow of Charles N. Hauer. ; Will Of Miss Lawrence Disposes I The sum of $100 is left to the Mt. mmTM nnrtrm nm nun in i Olivet Cemetery Company of Fred- j ATLANTIC FRUIT AND SUGAR city, interest from said amount to Joseph W. L Carty. Grayson E. Bowers · club and the ElSuns post of the American Legion and state and county Frederick has an ordinance ".hich nudged by his (W-de and it appeared to Elaborate Christmas decorations ' officers, left for Valley Head where they prohibits the discharging of any air nave been a case of entrapment. Early -were used for the banquet, featured by acre to be Joined by loggers who know rifle or cat nHe. as -AC!! as heavier · reports did not mention the nudge. · turkey and other Yuletlde dishes, and , the great mountain fastness well, arms, within the city limits. The of- . That was why the Baltimore Sun, de- ^hich was plaoruied by Past Master Wil- Lieut. Bobbitt was reported in the ti- Hcers will be called on to enforce this [ fended »_ndrew on other grounds, as [ ^ aj[Ii c. Birely. assisted by the lol- | cinlty of Blkins Christmas day a f«« gram: Recitation, "A* Merry Christmas," ; by Itoy Culler; recitation. "DoEy's j Wish," Mary Alice Gatther; song. "O \ Little Town of Bethlehem." Richard I Wachter; recitation, "Jus?. Too Small," , Anna Margaret Engle: recitation. "My · Christmas Dream," Charles Gannon; , recitation by Monroe Gaither; quar- ' tette, "The Christmas Star," Betty, DRY LAW WASTE OF TIME Refuses To Serve On Committee To Hold Hearings. ^^ ^.^ ~~ -»---- .., Washington, Dec. 29 (AP).--Describ- aiary Frances, Pegsr.- a^d Lillie E^ , ^? atiempcs to change the prohibition _ _ " ^ . . .» f Inrc-p ». tr r* "--1M1 r»]l1f«1C TT3 sto f\* PTTrtTi- Betty -Marenct; recitation, · | laws as a "ridiculous waste of effort "Christmas Senator Ashurs;, Democrat, Arizona, The will of the late of Libertytown. has been pro- and represents an estate, esti- i mated at between 515,000 and S20.000. 1 A bequest of S300 is left to the pastor : of St.. Peter's Catholic church, Lib, ertytown. to be applied for having ' masses said for the soul of the de- l ceased; and S200 for the repose of the sauls of other deceased members of , the testatrix' family. To Father Phil- t ip F. Farrell, pastor of the church, is left S300 as a personal bequest. To Marie Smith, colored, is left S100. To Rev. Fr. Marcin L. McNuity. of Texas. Md.. is bequeathed the testatrix' lot of ground and ground rent at 1420 Carroll street, Baltimore; also to !be expended for the upkeep Miss Sua J. . gra\ es of Mrs. Mary J. L, ' and the testatrix. ;COMPANY RECEIVER NAMED lowing: Mrs. Frank A. StnnarC- Mis. hours after he left Self ridge Held. it Is part of a rep- , Florence Doll. Mrs. Horace Outsail. ' Mich., for his .parents home in Bt6 resentatives training instinctively to re- ' jj rs Norman Slageh. Mrs. William Her- ' Springs, Va. He has beea unaccotmt- .-pond to al! loud and dramatic calls, to [ ^ g- j^rs. Emory Nusz. Mrs. William D. | ed for since then. l^ap to his feet on every possible oc- | a mme nnan. Mis. Byron A. Wlirobrener, ·--___ rasion and to take either a leading or a i Mrs Harrj - o . Schroeder. Miss Cath- riTPpMl? PU1.N NAIIPFI NT?W' Joilowing part at al! public (fathering*, j c . me craismiie. Airs. J. Leonard Not- IlUUljliri Unidl «Hfll£(U Hflll. Of course. Mr. Andrew did not under- j nag ] et MISS Edith RadcliS and Mrs. j To a friend, Mamie Crum. Frederick. , Bill Also Asks For Dissolution Of ' is left a diamond. To the testatrix' ".cphews. Harry Franklin Reed, William Jefferson Reed, and Robert Gordon F.eed, an of Baltimore. $25 each; also j to a niece, Laura Mane Ben. S25; to | jjcuoijald today was named temporary her nephews. George Calvin Groshon. | receiver for the Atlantic Fruit and and Meredith E. A. Groshon. Fred- I sugar Company by Judge Samuel K. Russian. When he saw everybody Claude S. "Hahn. . he might have thought they were i Those who attended were the fol- ; CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTER I aro-p. Pornoration ' soms to sin? the "Star-Spangled Banner" ;;o , . n? pasl masters and two guests:; , Fntor Railway Town Large uorporation. , or that a fire had 5tarled A n-way. it ; Grovcr L . Michael. Francis B sapping- j Japanese tnter Kauway i own i was automatic That is the way our , on Jr Albert if. Coblentz, Wiliiom j After Battle. Baltimore. Dec. 29 (AP).--J. Martin ^opresentat-ves by ar.d large react. And c B^JV William D. Zimmerman, G. i i. E. B. j T. Sam- | Nanking. China. Dec. 29 CAP),--Eu- uel G Duvall Norman A. Slagen. {sene Chen, former foreign mfeuster o£ Claude S. Hahn. Dr. A. A. Radcliff. : the Hankow government, prominefiU a verv good thing, too" * -f * Andrew was six ^eeks !n Russia, trav- He wasn't any poratior.. Ba^tets," Serene and Margaret Qujnn; | today withdrew from a senate judiciary recitation, "Hollv," Mary Alice Eyler; ; scb-comrnittee named to no.a neanngs n im are given a mahogany bureau and .._..,"., _ . . . . » » nt ·: I J-L.TI ^-».a n»"li^/*^ recitation "Little Jesus." Charles on the subject. Brooks; song, "Shine Star." Joseph | In a statement Senator Ashurst said: Staley; recitation," "A Spray of Holly," "I voted for the 18th amencment. anory- Earl Ramsburg: recitation. | for the Volstead law, for tne anti-oeer "Santa-fe Goodness," Richard Wachter: ; bill and for all the appropriations nee- recitation, "Christmas Everywhere,- essary to enforce the same. Betsy Bentz; recitation, by Robert ; "I do not brfieve I made : Burger; recitation. "Canst Was Once a i in so voting, little Baijy," Charles Hargett; recita- j -." by John L. ' "Good Night," "A Shaw, Jr.; recitation, James Maples. portrait of himself. To a niece of the testatrix. M. Jane Downey, and to a nephew, C. A. Lawrence Downey. New Market, are given a mahogany table, which at their death is to go to the Frederick Academy of I do not believe I made any mistake ;be Visitation. The niece and nephew and their father. Frank Downey, are I have 'no time to waste in aiding · left:, in equal shares, for life, lots and ground rents at 1800 North Milton i Avenue. Baltimore: 2917 Walbrooi Avenue, Baltimore, and 2117 Clifton Ave- se who are attempting to weaken or relax that amendment or those laws. It is » ridiculous --asie of effort to at- The Primary department, Mrs. J. H. ' . . . Apple, superintendent, gave the foBow- laws. The people are lookmg .or jobs, tempt to" rdax or modify the prohibition ' nue, 'Baltimore, upon the death of - - · - - - ':bree, the .Frederick. S25. for mass to be said for the lepose of the soul of the testatrix' mother. ! It is the testatrix desire that her lot and a half in Mt. Olivet cemetery be ! . usec by aer husband. William W. Myers, her n'-ece. Harriet V. Carey, aad i corporation. ! any of the latber's family providing, they so desire. . · All the rest and residue of the es- ; of operating losses the company had rate is left to the testatrix' husband. I **** compelled to suspend operations William W. Myers, absolutely. The es- i somc time ago in its banana import Jig rate is valued at about $5,000. The lat- : and snipping oi^ir.c^. :er and James K. Crum, Frederick, are ! Adams ^ :d ° S5c:a - s nopea :o subim " named executors, to receive S200 for their services. The wi£ was dated t _. , .. ,, . ,, - ,, _,, (,,,,,, October 21 1919. and witne^ed by ,,£*£££* offi^^r. N?w ?oS". James H. Crum. H. Dorsey Etchison ; 1 and Marr H. Etchisoa. i rcmar progress. Soviet clams of ' H " ora .e c. Zachanas, Benjamin B. Ros- | journalist, and Chinese leader, was »$- He believes that ens . o ;i C- f ra j. Miller, Grayson E. Bow- . pointed foreign minister of ^ the ne* even If the United Suites stood still for j ^^ Harry O. Schroeder, Columbia Chinese government today by the executive committee of the Kuomlntang. (Nationalist party). Chinese Troops Defeated. Tokyo. Dec. 29 (AP).--Japanese reports received here today said a Japanese detachment entered Panshansien. a town on a branch line near Chin- for sale in Moseo- for t»o months and ; ^o ,,jj. ji-; enr \v*. Nicocemus, L. K. chow, after their airplanes bombed a ne saw long lines of people, waiting, in p a i coner ', 3nc j Dr. George H. Riggs, ! large body of Chinese troops, forcing front of everything t ' aat "*" a - Of* 011 - Hc phi^nthropio Loa;c N'o. 168. New Mar- j them to retreat. ! a reorgan^aiion plan to holders of the chree lots and ground rents are left DIVORCE SUIT HEARD and Baltimore and had agencies in Canada and Cuba. It owns 132.000 acres of land m N.caragua. 153.000 ir. acres in Cuba and 30.000 acres in Jamaica. It operated 21 steamships. observed an enormous migratory pop- -jlat.on, saw thousands of people lying around railroad stations with their jcddings. waiting for trains. E-.ervone in Russia, he found, was -building for a distant future." con- ket: L. E Sizafooso. E. E Bowers. John ; The Chinese forces employed ma-« R Horn. Fervency Lodge. No 200. Point i chine guns, rifles and artillery in a re-« of Rocks; and William H. Herwig and ! turn fire against the airplanes, the re- Frank Suman. this city, guests. The newly elected officers of the Past i Masters Asyocia'ion are- Henry B. ! port said. .snt to ?.\e up ail comforts for the Bamsbun , p worshipful Master: H. Noel Hallcr. Ser-ior Warden. Claude S. Hahn. Junior Warden; Holden S Fcl- ion. Secretary, and Ira L. Miller, Greetings," iiarv Frances Bentz: "What 3$2Zes ChKsimas Happy." Aphrodite by Chairman No---s of tne Jucuciary WiUiaais, Betry Mae Berbers. Betty ' committee. Ereryoce Lovas a Baby.'' Mary ' * ' Tyler Case Tried In Court Before Judge Wniard. Peter's Catholic church, Libertytown. j To the niece asd nephew, are also left '· The suit for absolute divorce orought "A Picture and a Frame," Julia Maynard Bamsbrog; "Tne Little ' Caroler." Frances Smith; "Our Christmas Gifts," Doroiij Shipley, Betty I Scheil, Martha Jane Church: "Spell- _ lag." Lewis Gannon: "My Report Card," ^Keefer StaE; "Three Wahes," Betty , Morton. Lease Thomas. HeJen S:auf- ' fer: "The Only Way," Eleanor Frances ; Delaplaine; "A Welcome." Iieslie Bur- |. ger; solo by Carl Davis accompanied i by Chas. J. Rasusburg: "Santa Claas' ' Middle Name." Katharine Baier; "Shovel a Pata for Chrstmas." Sd- ' win Kemp. Elmer Wachter, Jisnny Staley. Mehrl Smith; "A Wah." Frank- i l^n Tinner; ' Sing a Seng of Christmas/ 1 Virr--:a BrandE^b-jis- Betty Jane ; Morgan: "Can Santa Spe"." Sain Wynne Maples; "A Telephone Message," | Junior department. Mrs. G. Nevin ( Hebert, supermtenoent, program was: i Recitation. "The Three Wise Men." · Lillie Hose Bentz: exercise. Virginia j Eagle. Helen Ciller. Mary Bowman, Catharme Wolf. Chnstine Wilson, Mrs. W.ll:am 3r^h directed a dialogue and playlet; "Do Your Christmas Shopping Early." Hosanna Haffaer and Betty Mon^omcry; 'Santa and Son." characters. Sar.ta Claus. Mar^naa Marjles; Mrs Santa. Betty Rice: San'^a Claus, Jr. Ned Herman"; Tinz. Irving Brandenburg: A-Lans. Joseph Shaw; first girl. Bsttr Mont^3iery; second girl. Rosanua Haffaer; boy. Allen Quran. Mrs. John L. Staw ar.d Mrs. Marion flupley directed the distribution of g :ts to the cracle roll. Gifts of cap.riy a^d oranges were g.veri to all the children. Rev. E. A. G. Hermann opened lot of ground and ground rent at 1802 Rosedale street. Baltimore, and A man had been pulled out of the upon their deaths, said property is left to the Frederick Academy of the Visitation. To said niece and nephew, for life, is left a lot of ground and ground rent at 723 McCaoe Avenue. Baltimore, ai water, seemingly dead. Onlooker: We nrost try artificial res- pirajon--now "there are six methods. Drowned Man ("opening his eyes). If rum is one of them don't bother other five.--Die Lustige Kiste.Leip- :neir deaths the property being left to zig. , \/llCCi/-|T15 : ')T*\7" 1V±1JOIU111L the Sisters of Bon Secours. whose mother house is at 2,000 West Baltimore street, Baltimore. To Notre Darne Academy, L:berty- :own. is left property at 1402 Carroll street, Baltimore. To Anue Spencer,- who resided with ;he iesiairix, is given lx of ground and ground real at 1404 CarroU street. Bal- tmore. Tie collateral inheritance tas caars- abl-e against each devise a to be paid from tbe residue of tlse estete. The executors are directed to sell all the rest of the testatrix' real estate 1 anc pay one-half of the ?^nount to the ; testatrix' n;«ce and nephew, M. Jane J Downey and C. A. Lawrence Downey. The latter and Edward J. Smith are named executors. The will was dated Oc'wber 2. 1931, and witnessed by Maurice F. Starr and Howard M. Lease. Harriet Halverstadt. above, of Wellington. Kan , a missionary in China, is being held 1 Football Game Scheduled. Local Sfinners and persons mt ' in football are planning to "listen ;n~ ' :o tbe football game to be played in San Francisco on New Year's Day by an all star East and West football tearcs. the players on each being select. ed Troni the best teams in the country Tne event w.ll be under the auspices of the San Francisco of the by Sarcusl L. Tyler. North Market - street watch repairman, against Hazel I. Tvler. now living at 8 West Seventh stree*. was heard before Judgs Arthur D W^lard in Circuit Court this morning. The suit is apart from that Drought by Tyier against Harry F. Sshm.dt. tobacco dealer, for alienation of his wife's affections, although Scnrn-dt's name figured second only to that of the defendant in the proceedings today. The suit by Tyler against Schmidt, in which the former asss S10 000 damages, is docketed 'or Jan, uary 14. Plaintiffs witnesses exasurjed this morning included John S. Russell, taxi Driver, who said he had transported 5;nraidt and Mrs, Ty!*r to a rro^riber of places at various tjaes ;n the past tws ^r three years. Schmidt paid the taxi b.Hs. he sa.c. On the past November 10, RuseT. testu^ed. he noticed that the pair spent several hours together :n ice darkened room of Schmidt's =tore on West Patrick street. Others ·sho test.fied as to seeing the two in each other's frequent company were John Morgan. Sr . as5 ha son. Norman. r.e;Ehbo7s of Mrs. Tyler's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wastler. Char;esv-.lle: Alfred Linton. Yellow Springs. Jaoes Sngle and Mr and Mrs Isaac Bender, William M Storm ar.d Samuel A. Lewis represent Tyler, while Mrs Tyler _s represented by Albaa M. Wood and E. Austin STOCK MARKET TAKES ON ROSIER HUE TODAY New York. Dec. 29 CA?.-- The stock market tool: or. z. res It r h;;e today after smkmg close to the bear market lows of December IT. Tr." recent pressure of tax selling w?j L:ted arid pr.ces p'ishcd up 1 to 3 posits over a lair!" broad front. The trad!t:onsl year-cud ::pturri appeared to ha/ie been started a day earner than present, export everything exportable. .-oncentrato almost entirely or. produc- .r.s; machinery ana aad · get along on little more than life's neces- T , cas , v . rer S.tlCS. j The government makes a sincere, ; heroic effort to lift the people. Andrew . savs. but can never live up to prom- j ises which ha-.c led them to beli2-.-e · tr.ey would reach the Amencar. le'.ei in five years Prr.ate c:',i7ens do not own a-r.orr.obiles ir. Russia Andrew says yocr.e progress w,ll be made from year ·r. -,-»a- but Damans r.o more than - ' : nds r the old czar- P'Jmps at the r.?i Lmcar^rc water;p.ant TESTS CONTINUED Water Plant Equipment Being Tried ' Step By Step. Preliminary lasts, ·arashir.? of fillers and runrj.r.;c of the low the lift Will Filed. The will of the late George D. Kehne. this city, has been probated and after bequests of personal property the residue is to be divided equally between tha testator's three sons, Dallas C. Kehne, George B. Kehne and Charles H. Kenne, and three daughters. Mehrle H. Affleck. Helen Strouse. and Grace Corua. share and share alike. Tne three sons arc appointed execucors without bond. The will was dated December 7, 1931 and witnessed by Edward H. Shaipe and Aloert Ha--a. ha.e come _=.t.c resr-Tr.c. 7.ere cont.r.^ed tocay :n a systematic He opposrs recow t.«a of R-j»sSa un- norfcr. S -ou: ol the plant -ar.der the di. e-^^r-tced t=a; tl» Rus- re-.ion of the c:ly. _ The mspe^'-.or. Tin:c Mor.dav i bf.r.; mace Rail?, oherr.zrals arc i!;;:es made ss it can =.a-s cruosaorj; and prooazandis^ will .:fp .iar.d off our affairs. Sterling cab'es opened at S3 4?.. tff -,. Call m-oryy renfred ·.'. 3 per ce-' Mountain Citv Lod:re Elects were a- folia's;""r .-rr,mand- »r. G HTS." S'irr.mcr.s. ".:.? -r_\r.?ellor. Orv-.lle E Hxtr. p-«;a-». Uar.."! W Sr.oAs; rr.aster at arrr_=. Lewi? W P;:tman: .r.r.f-r suard. Wa"'er Sfrll: ktep- er of rerird? ar.d =»-al.- C A l^r.s^; niaster of finance. A E Ke:d;-: naster of cxrh-eQuer. C Thomas Surr.-r.ers. ClA^re:', E. Hsr«our -as "--..-; as trustee to s^r"- c *h* *-- j ~~^~~ ^ver tru^x-es S. Alvers. Entertained At Dinner. Mr. ar.c Mrs Ira Overtor. Waltz, cf ?.? n'-vi;fc enter.ained at dinner Sun-.,-.- O'car Waltz, of Araby: Mrs Fred GT ~~ «f York. Pa . Mr. and Mrs F-sr.. Sr.c.' 1 Mr and Mr? Gsr Waltz. ·,:,',s o.nor Wa'tr. E".ir:c;e Waltz, of Mr ar.d Mrs N Z Waltz. "J. s^s May ar.d Dens Waltz, of Arab". Mr and Mr=. Cl.r.ton E Mrs. J H Sf M.KS Margaret Sc-. .cr Mas- ·r- j^Tjh Miss Albutt, all ~f Ba'timore. Lwac G Waltz ?.r.c M or 12 years shnnprs" Hospital for Crippled Children _ _ _ _ _ prisoner by a nj will be broadcast over the Colum- p ra ver and the General Superin- bandits there. She was taken from a o:a system from 90 stations. The game LeRoy M^Cardeli made the launch at she was on her way to Poo- will begin at 1 45 o'clock in the after' ciioi i noon. Pacific Coast ume. · Daddy, dear - said the aaughtfr, she new re stress at school is wonder- f,.l. She s teaching us girls how to s pend money " ' Us!" her father grunted. "What T?..S her previous job--teaching grass · how to srow?"--Tit-Bit*. Granted Divorce. Mrs Cora R Stnr.», -111- c.'v. ·hroajh her a"^rr.ey. Rfno 5 Harp. has beer, cran''^: an absolute c.'-.'rrc.n Circv.t Co-:rt from h"r h-^oar.'- Howard V. Str.r.e a-- of t.Tj; c.r Sr." ^as given custody of an i.'.far.t ch.ld. E'.c- lyn R. aitd th» defprxSar.t was ordered to pay S250 -awkly '·- !"-·; '«p- | port-and also to pay the eoet of the i Droceedir.s. Bankruptcy Petitions P^*.-.:-n.-, .r. barArjpu-v ~r.*~* be^n ':d by Guy M. Albauzh. farroer. and Grs-e M Alo^uih. 'rx^se-x.fe oth of rr-a'r.c'-.. Route :. throuzh t'r.».r at- · G,.r K. M^Ker. Mr A:o?..;grt .-is sifcts $1 34,T ar.d ljo.l.t.'« of S3 47513. Mrs Alba-szh l- 5 '« as.-ets of S100 a-c l.aoil:t«*s of S3 071 75 The ·v".'.or.« "Tre referred i-o Holccn S. F-.'or, oar.Krur)tcy referee was part by part ar.d -»ill likely cor.-inue. Ma;, or Elnier F M'jnshow«r sa-d today, for a week. Not ur.'il the tests are completed and the -Jhole plant his been g.-.en a cor- ;urct"te te.^ ira the p.te line will the matter of purr.pir.; wa."r to Fred- cr:,£ y entered i^V. The reason ''·r d^'.bcra'isn ofS-;^ sav. ^ to give c.-.-'-. wci.-or: of th" r^larrt a just test ·3 tr.e experts c^r.r.c:t-d that part.calar* are at the s.;ene. Ir. ado .".on t-i ^5ayor Munshowcr and ir.en.bcrs of tr.c S^ari ^f Alcermen.*r Maxwell, G J Rccuardt. C3n,«-:lur.s engir.fer. and rDr-tractmg of- f.c.als who ^^re at "ne olar.t Mon- dav. A. P Wh.:--. c: Cr.arlxt*. N. C., repr"*"r/.r.s B?vc ar.d G'forth, builders -·f the plan', ^.as sr^cn*. Much t:ae 7 as pas.od ^i t^.«t.r.; ntxsrs. Hcs ;rf3c.r.c of T.e bacs road wh;ch Icads 'o the p'ar.t i~:n nearly com- plotec. Christmas Gift For Crbana Charch. A r.ew lectern Bible was placed ia Z:on P. E church, Urbana. on Sun- cav. It, is a spec^u specimen of woii- manship. The inscription reads: "Presented to Sion Episcopal church. IJr- bana. Diocese of Maryland, by Mr. Washington Penne of Baltimore, Christmas. 1331." The members of die chuicli are very grateful to Mr. Perine lo? his gift. Case Continued. The case of Staley He2=er, Bor- ",ttsv^l» chacrsec with rerao*r3g goods ·shich had beer, placed T^C«T wra of c-^tra^r.t. was continued to 'Wednesday nvm-ng. when brought before Jn^k» Bcnneu. in People's Court this morning. THE WEATHER TODAY NORMAN DAVIS NAMED AS GENEVA DELEGATE Pav:rd On HilT, Charsc. Crargec -xitn pa-'sir.z; ar.-thrr a-::o- .-'b.le at the top of a hill rear New arKft. Johr. Trantuias. Hagrrst'iwn, p'ac^d 55 collateral for a hearing Wa.'l'.ir.T'on De-r 29 'AP- --PresidPRt Ho"", er today ar.r.our.cot? appointment . of Njrrr.aa Da-,i^. firmer Ur.aersecre- ·an of State, as a rs'.crr.^er of Anwri- ...av Siato Officer J. R. E'ick- ra's delegation to tlio Ger.e'.a arms coa- , worth made the arrest. i fcrence. Precipitation for 24 hasrs ending at 7 a. rn. today--none. ?rsc.2:U-on, December So SaS«-- · 1.93 ;rch. ' Normal December precipitatioa. S.ll .r.chcs; actual December, 1930, 3J4 This -ear's deSciency to December 1--I 17 inches. Low temperarire last mslit--30. i Susi sets today--', 56 p. m. Sun rwes torn arrow--7 29 a. m. Moor. r^es tomorrow--11^2 p. m. i Moon sets todorru*--11JL8 a. m. j TM~* \F\^) ^p^cR^Ci!iVi'*f o^

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