The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 10
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Mayor Of Baltimore Says His City Is Now Giving Aid To 14.000 Families Weekly. PATERNALISM OF 0. S. GOVERNMENT CRITICISED Urges Wiping Out Of Many Existing Federal Practices-Special Legislation Scored. MAYOR HOWARD W JACKSON. Mayor Howard W. Jackson. Baltimore, in an intrestm? talk before the Kl'sra.n^i Ci'-ib at the Frances Scott Key hot«l Tuesiay noon, told of sorr.c of the dlfScuH questions, which his tra-tloa h«a had to confront as a result of present rconoratc conditions, and outlined his ris-xs on governmental policies, which he feels should prevail In national, state^nd municloal affairs in order that the return to prosperity may be hastened. DEBATE DRAGS IN REVENUE BILL NOW BEFORE SENATE Farmers' Troubles Expounded In Arguments On Floor. : Washington. May r* --The tr- ,o* tr. Arcer.caa farroeri are r_»'-r-i! '*.'--" surplus crops and low pr..-"» it:* told ji the Senate todsj a* a pat c-f t.-.e drazg.r.g ckbat* jr. th* S...i.\i-C" lar · ' At trie end it rr.V-.-t*d '---* export debenture plan. »s,cr. »as ^rxoowd as Tr.e Hcus* »ashed .t* U'e t.a.n of c.-j-uht against R*-p Co? Repjsl.-an. Oslahoaca That do:.. .... to trie r«-:natr.der of the aeai.on to r*l-«f ss**sjr«. designed to a.d tiie citv and rural = ·*«·..- al^e Speaker Gsrr.*.- said tocUy :;j S2 lOCOOOOOO re- ' l.ef program t-,' pro-.-dr ;oo »yjld be sent to t.-j? Tiavs »r.d charts cw!Ka;.tt«* tr,-s at**, i.-'re i?«~d:- act.-.a is in prospect : Another Senate t«t on prohioition . ' was prcrci2*d n-hen Sen.»m, R*- j p-;l^raii Connecticut whose efforts to .::trol ir*d « resolution to repeal t h e ' Airwsdmrnt ar.d had it laid . : or. '.h- tab. The vote Till probably j 1 conn- nhen he nio-.« to take it up. j i Wr.- farm r#f *as discussed on . ' tr* floor. th»- finance* , x.T..-r.l-d the revenue o.'.l to place a 10 · ;r o-n' sale* tax on automobiV tlr** ar.i tubes in place of import l-vi« no» on it Later ST. Walsh. Democrat. MIMJ- chujetis. aar.«un-*d he »o-ld cSer a , Central sales tax of 1 3-4 per c-nt as a · substit-te for try etrls* taxes in thr · rreaure Ft^) Hi.r.ev. the rv-m^vratic '^·a'*e* *aid lie bpl.r.'d £al-i t-ix ! Krrxse nrwrre it -A ax f*.;c rejected · ! The SeniVr bank.r.g and currency postponed action on the trough money jtabi-.zation bill. 1 but Chairman Norb^-ic prri.ct«\l , thing alone tr.-s l.r.c -A.11 be r fa-.orably next Tuesdav." j John L. Le-Aii. president o.' the ', United Mine Workers, and C A. Cabe!. ; West Virginia, coal operator, became ' :.-.vol".ed in a heated tilt at a Senate \ committee hearing on the bitumlrtojs ' coil regulation measure. MAY ZP. 183Z. THE DAILY KBW8, FREDBKICK, MD., TEMPERATURE GOES UP STICKLER SOLUTION M*vtm*m Of M DCCMO Brainwork! V ^ _-:-~ ^."=^7- Hex* Oa Tweed**. i Under the SnCuence of a hot sun and ] gentle variable winds, tiie mercury sho; j I upward Tuesday, reaching a maxlrr'v*" 1 j of 84 degrees. The day was the third : · narzest this month, the prev-Otis hsgh · ] marks being attained on May 1 when hhe thermometer recorded 91 degrees jsyid on May 16 when n touched 89 i Despite the high temperatures, the !-month shows a naif-ciegree drop belo* DP Condon Informs Him Money ; normal in average mean temperature. 1 No precipitation has occurred here during tie past -K'eek. but the month stia boasts an esoess raixifaU of 2.32 inches. The total excess rainfall for the year ansounts to 4.78 inches REPAY $50,00010 COL LINDBERGH He Paid Him Is Useless And Oan't Get Rid Of It. 9R LAW CASE pea'^dly bumping his car into the back ' less driving and a dism-isa'.. on ; o: Hammond's machine. The Wash- similar charge, for Lloyd H. Zimmer i-.gtor.ian also di-sclaims striking Kel- rr.ars. \- a"y te--SS- blow Dmterman »as proceeding west on " "A middle-*eight nrgro. who plcl-ied Patrick and started to niake a !ef Tbr deafer pWd $5. Agako.40 per rat a the $100 cost would caLe Ibe sat pace $140. Seventr-fire pa cad of die sale pnce, cc *nal be coled- ed, -ouid be Si05, or 55 OCR tian *e "RETURN IN TIME" IS HIS MESSAGE TO UNKNOWN MAN ! direct contrast to tiie two previous | as the "dust of the earth." , . , ' years »fc*r- the first five months «*« '· her uncle a ktnd to her. me 8'Ji * i tning hard -o attain aonnal precip-ta- j forced to leave his home. Tne mora ! I'Q^ ' tragic features of the play «« hgctcn-- j " . ». j ^ by -Mose " a fine negro character,. ! T « Pres*fit Drwna. jand'a rotnanc* *«ween -SeU,- tSK : '·Dust of the E^rth," a drama by [ niece which was sac- j The cast of New Jersey Grand Jury Thursday. ··Elizabeth Moore."' Curtis Case To Be Laid Before J^f*^ _ i church May 4. will be staged again tonight at 8 o'clock in the auditorium i "Jerry Moore. of Church Street. School under tht | Dr. Temp-etoc. auspices of the 8 and 40. The ccme- . dv drama in four acts concerns the ex- Harrr Moore and dictated this appeal: Adrian Mafec-1. colored, was sentenced 'he costi of a case of assault and bat- Room Mothers Mert The rojm mothers and facility of One Man Involved Still In r.c of tr.e ; the Wasl! i ncM)n street school held a j nital With RrnkPH law| .j.^.j.jg Monday a f t » - r n o o n a t 3 4 5 ' PI13I WIIR tJFOKen JdW. a"d -erased He was o'clock in the office of the scixw!. at ' which plans Tiere made for a I.VATI I festival to be held June 3. Committees ·aere appointcd. _____^^^^_ _ ; al! government, can do." ! 2a * : * ae °- . , -At pwnt. the State of X*rtTM4.\..n*'teWTM«C»* Baltimore's_ s.,r,-essf,l balances of · ^ n , oln)po:i ,. Ba'.tiniore. in " a l^.A.^^ V-.,^ h-jdw d*^-e a -e--ced -co-e ; = c!adln 5 °* n»tr»pol^. Ba'.timore. in ;;;,,.,, ' ,^ m _, fr . lcturrd Ja -.v 'an b-jcg«t. de^^-.e a .e^_ce^ ...vo...e ,. .», Amcrlca « 3 who.?, and , »,,,..,,,* ;,,,,._..., - -,-ed"- -n":c'e extraordLnary «penci:u«s. « , ac . ., rf ba . ancc ,,, .,, wrM- is ; ^± e *. "r:.*;. . t .:"±^ n '^^ » result of -jceaip^yaMB-.. a* pom.ed a ^ o to with pnde. Whi.e tne states me- J p t ^ * has not been as hard hit as Roscoe to pay a fine of $10 and costs or serve I chared with starting the affray by evening In court. It *as Maie'.'s s«- i S.triking him on the face with a rock, appearance in !oca! court., faced a similar charze ar.d received a ' police said. | ' similar sentence Ducketfs father. Louise Wilson was arrested Tues- j Clarence was dismissed on a like day on a charge of assault and bat- c -.," arge ;ery. preferred "ay Paiiletta Speaks It Vas brought out that, bad feeling Constable Charles W. Smith made the i had existed between younij Ducket: arrest. The case is set for tonight. Because one prospcut:rr-i witness Is an{ j Lane and resulted in other trouble FranS Grove forfeited S5 on a 'i 'he past Tne affrav charged in the charge of drunkenness. C. J. Gragham «arrant occurred at n biii J. S. Rubecfc. F. Maggie. Carlos De- iwmc near Ceresvilie. it was stated. Garniendia and J. F. · d u r i n g a =trtvt fuht o\er t-he parkins and a hiree number of witneiSts. ap- rll, N J.. May 24--The strange cotene of uit«rmedi3ries. who once buoyed false hopes for the return of the slain Lindbergh baby. nionopo'Jzed the murder hunt today, one in a jail eel!, another before a grand jury and a th^rd sponsoring an appeal to :h* ransom ; receivers. i la prosec-jtins John H'jgkes CartSs. I confessed and imprisoned hoax negoiia- : tor. Anthony M. Hatics. Jr.. Hunterdon county prosecutor, said he did not deetn j i: necessary to call Col. Charles A. Lindbergh for grand jury testimony in , the case Hauct plaris to lay the case before the grand jury Thursday. Meantime Morris Rosner. undercover , man for Col. Lindbergh, who on at least one occasion voiced the belief the baby | ·sras alive and would be recovered, was | taken before the Bronx grand jury, which has been pursuing an inquiry in- ' to the futile payment of S50.GOO by Dr. ; John P. Condon. Rosner a wa:v- cottage at Becket. heard of the formal reward by Gov. A. ctated this appeal'- 'Johnt Money I gave you is useless. You can't get rid of it. Return to Col. Lindbergh in time. Get your $25.000 rs ward.--Jafsie." "John" was the name by which Dr. knew the man to whom he « ransom in a cemetery April". "Miss Arabella. -Jacic Ryder." of a "young g-'l. who resides] "Wanderffig TM m -\^ urcle his u'-fe and daughter, i "Old Mose. ueK«e is creased by the wife and J Mary Mercer^ Music Mercer; "Nell.: will be. furnished TM ! , OTHER IS OUT ON BOND Hospiial and ' 'fir* ADOPT WET PLANK Socialist Party For Government Ownership Of Breweries. The cooperation of taking a voluntary cut saved the city alone about Jl.OMUKXi. economic _, .,;j; ornubl:o3 iast F , :day ,.; sht . the ca.ies of Lee Hminund. Washinston. u-^ht upon the affair. Lane said outzro-ith of a spendin; orsy In na- . anJ p R Kc!!cr Frederick, charswl 6-jckett struck him after an argument ' hattiTv. ha-." over a drink of liquor. E. Austin cop.tiruixi indeiinifly Thev -*tre James represented him Deputy SheriG Tor liearin; in Police Court . Qrnian Harris served the warrants. ed as forfeiting SI . ^^.^ "v- Milwaukee. Wis.. May 24.--The ·Us were list- j Socialist party will enter the presi- parking vie- «ccntial campaign -Kith a wet platform. of uutonu-bilos iast Fndav r.lsht. the peanr.g for Lane, threw iittle or no l 2 -..on charges. A parking violation) Tne national convention ; " -^ This condition has come as the ^^ nf t ^ H:lTni nci \vashinston. i-.-h- un,-.« the affair. Lane said case against Rufus Oden open affair.v. as '^: .,,,,.,. iv , v . ;h assault :ir .d bstterv. h.T.- over a drink of liquor. E. Austin' opera all m«i in public life face '.he ncces- sitv of riarid correction of economic * , . tf^.i. U A . i l V. n ^,r.;v*.ii tt "-?..» -*' .'-- , ..«,! t* o t ~ 1 1 ~ - ^rrrt aome large centers becat»e of diversi- . . ; . a and ci ,. c ^^ M , A C --|-ind F R^Kc-.e.^ r.d fled industry, yet the s.tusf.or. has not ^ :r , du - ld ua! operations, and today ! t;'n co^"'.-.^^--'-"--'. been «n easy one. Thp cn-orxratsoa of .. ._ _..^,.. ·.,,. ,-,,., .... « . ^ c - . ^ i n co.u..^i«.c i:.c......' city employes in _,^...» _ V""'. sitv of rigid correction 01 economic TueJ5daJ . n [ g :,t. I Keller. -A h-« 1 d'-;:verin(t a West Patrick in was held! r;o tous fashion today committed the party to government ownership a' breweries and distilleries and to locil option for each state. The wet plank abuses and the necessity of a return w basic principles. The condition of pub- ctty «njtoy«d, czpecdituref now run about S60.000 each week, which goes to the aid of 14,000 families. This is a larger popu- IktteQ than all of Frederick city and aoonty. The city's heip is not passed tm u a. dole, such as has been retort- td to in some places, snd pnvaU- air^n- oios -xH. not be disturbed when con- dlllotjs return to he said. The unemployed must ha'-e food, cljthinc and shelter. h« added. After i-sllins; sorr.eth.n? of has man: large. -Far the time at least, therefore. '*e must depend upon well-informed leaders and men of patriotic mould. Such loaders may be local, state or national .n their scc-p*. but they must bo oand- cd together for the common purpose. "The soverr.ment belongs to the peo- r/e and on the shoulders of the people is the for the election to office of men of business training, p-" 1 - triottsin and intoRr.'.:.. Maintain ( Investigating an unsigned complaint. accuses Il.immtind of C.^rp. J. R. Kmrrht. of the State Police ;v, knockout bl^w nn obtained evidence tihicr. resulted 1:1 .·^rrci't. after nn n r q u - ' charges of display:"-^ markers issued mcr.t fo'.lowin!: the 'park.r.s of Kam- 11 another car ani r.a registration c.-.rd mond's car lost Frtda nisht re-r.ii:is for the automobile he operating at the hospital, \\hrrc he -Aas taken a-ainst James E. Bartjis. t:iis city. A after stearins: out n v..\rrant a^ain^t ·he Washington man H-s condilion ·-·= nbDU- the same. b-:t there was no indication as to when he ^ouid be able ·o testify in the case Hammond is C. C. Carty Incorporation Sale Cold Storage Refrigerators was carried by a vote of 8i to 71. While the majority sentiment in the convention appeared wet. many dele- sates doubted the wisdom of mention- der SI00 starting . 1 ... ls( .,. fine of $11 mas imposed. A siight collision at the intersection of Patrick and Bentz streets Saturday was rehearsed for the benefit of Magistrate Alton V Bennett It re. . .suited in Charles E. D.nterman recei-.- re- ing a fine of $1 or. a charge of reek- Deputy Sheriff Acquitted. Annapol^." May fM --After but 10 minutes of deliberation a jury in Circuit Court today acquitted Deputy Sheriff Thomas Trout, son of Sheriff ^.^ ,,,,_ -R Glenn Trout, on charges of accept- Tj.g prohibition In the convention pro- : i::s bribes to allow operation of slot j g--m, for what, delegates termed the | rr.arhiries in Anne Arundel county. [ Trout -A as charged with having received each ^eek. from June to October. 1931 an envelop containing S50. "This is a letter from brother." · it's a blank sheet of paper." 1 That's right--we don't speak each other."--Passing Show. Designed and constructed to provide r - ation All steel used is absolutely rust-proof. Storage refrigerators have nothing to break or wear oS^ateSSass trap. The patented Ice Pan* turned from one solid sheet of metal without cutting or soldering, therefore cannot break or leak. INCORPORATION SAtE PRICES AS LOW AS $15.25 Distributor for Westinghoase Electric Refrigerator C. C. C A R T Y ISCOILPOBATED Established 1863 Telephone 396 appointments and the numerous details standards for publ.c office and ^'--- claim his attention. Mayor Jackson ica will never need to tvorry as to its f-iture In this state, a cradle of Anier- .can l.berty. the faith is stron? 1:1.1 our people will return to first princ.ples of our nationality and ^ill ns* tr.- urnphantly from the present complex.- ties of our go-.crnmental and social e\- lauached into the rnain portion of his a!dress. in whicn he condemned the growinc pat?ma.isrr. of t ne Federal go\- that m some cases nave reached the point, of interference w.:c individual liberty and action " ·With a ;rre3.-- c«pr«*s.rn ovor the land, tne avcrwe Arr.«r.can citizen " he said. ' has awasenori to the fac; that . what Gonzress the Most Act. "The same people who contr-v, election of mayors and rr.err.3ers do in councils, control the election of r^'. - rrrz :«uitv torch them , ar.i ernors and members of state i . t^res and also the election of tne Pr He uned a "rctisrn of jo'.err.mcnt to :dT.t. senators and congressmen. T- "f C H E C K - A - W A Y Qrinte] Sheer - By MALLINSON forefathers anc tr.e ·a.p.r.c out of cnany of :'se «x_5t.n; Ftderil r-act.ces and 'hat -useless and .r.terferir.c boards. Th« tendency en the part ?' ;orr.e repr*ssn^--"ss at Washington t o care for specj.1 ?rc-os sr.c ,nt-rc«ts we".far-.- of tr.-: wr.olc CDir.try deplor-rc. cj; h* , : -i~ s riy-re psi-t of :'-.·£ rjeo? .n 1 . --.a'- ters wh..:.- sr-.3u.rl rc=_". .r. rr.ucli ;.od Urses Soond Economy. i-Iayor Jac^s---. 5 f--rn--:l^ for C---n- yrress 2: :na '.rr..- - 5 = K-- f-rn .v fol- ·-Tite on'T -sa- ;-,: of ie^r-rs».3r. and c- neT^-j^-oro;-:^-; rj_rr^s?. -cd--- ·.-:-n -' tar.ff .;:--.-.«:.= in s «sy :.~-s' payers once aroused to the -. a'.je prudent rnunic.pai and local goeri - rr.?nt. will demand tnat this policy f cxter.ded to states and to the nation "One of trsc most serious phases o' co'.ernrr.ental adrr.iristrat-.on. U «*-.·» constant agita'-cn by innuor.tisU irid 1 .-. iduals and jrojps for the c p*t schemes and theories from the pub'..; purse Vo'ers should realire that a ;o-.ernrner.t does n.^t, work, and ,5 no'. Uix?v.--rs. or. to put it ?.iarpl-.. t.'.c from rxx-k?;,"; of tr.e Uixuayers It -s seldom that 3, m," ..= .-:2r:e-d by c-.tjr^ns" grotirv v» pro'.-:". rsis.r.r -r rr-^.^c'-s thi" rlchtf-".-- rx-'.-r.; n Let Us Be Gay Decoration Day Sweaters + Skirts White Shirts of flannel, linen, pique or silk. *rt- White, lacy knit sweaters will be just right for the sport outfit. '.r.o-^ i--- l.vra ·· t O rr_it;«-rs ^sa.;* :'. .r. ~ =_,T. as --17. :-2^; car., ar.i ccrrm:-rr al cr*c- --;_«·« ?.re 'o rcf^n to :.:·- $jn- crsat.on r.! a .-- = ..;r. -.11 br.n; -r..:h tr.e ··»ar« rr.a.--- -is ·. asc-ut t.-.r f--c 5 rr.-T'.'.' rs?_= f ^n.rr. csr. ;r.ivt and --c-' rrv«.r^r. _s r.j-.. r. ne--er x: e..rr -.s-:d an: f r -*.i.:h t.v: »irtli T.-.e 3ort? »r..^ld .rrt;-' trere ^ r.: s-c.--.t-ix inn t.iat -i .«-r- T.-? -..cir-^.r.t ..rrn the.r .··j.s'.a' that --ear. rr.;7o uxf.= ^.--rn re- are Arr.* wtl. r^e ·r.urr.-~..\n''v ;-.or . . -T c-f r:;c'-: :-· 'rc-aX* atd atatr. we -.11 rfj_m-- '.. .·.-- c-t -' .. .n -.-.-: -.-- ?^r3-7? fr^m W.l.'.an". N! S'-^rm. p" :." al -:.r.d arr- w.t.i.n ed Mayor Sir-.-- F M^-slv-"r T. - - T.-.J aotil.cs to .ndiv.ctialf as aw.y t3 Balt.m^re. 15 to gcverr.m*nt. I favor al: T35- Gu-ats at the n r r e . C.-.arl^s ani a oaUnced budget. E Bichy. sapon-jsar of ci,y coll--ciion: incr«as-^J tav.= ir/t.-.c "w.deit o%s.«.ble Pa . Dr P i Russell B-u.-e I .;htner this ar.- ~rr. d 5 r.-·"-- .oc-='.j:.on _r.-:-,*n. ar.d R"\ Dr H Sf: eai^g c«i:t, as iuted, 1 feel :t is, aai Caar'.cs Huds-^u, Cotton Pique Suits they're so easy to wash you won't mind if they get soiled. Striped Dresses New (Doeskin 1 Striped Dresses in blue and white black and white and red and white. Jacket Dresses White Dresses with jackets Printed Dresses with jackets Chiffon Dresses with jackets. Knrt Dresses and Knit Suits Evening Dresses for the dance- Net or Crepe Frocks with soft jackets. Sport Dresses Dr ^ ---- sible C- K.ctTer = HENDRICKSON'S I l!lllllllilillilllllll!lllllllllllill!lllllllllllll!lllllillil!llilll!l!llllililll!llllllll!IIIIIIIH by the in cotton and silk. Special for Decoration Day. Special--White and pastel colors Bathing Suits by B. V. D. and Woolastic. Are They Smart?? White Coats of Polo Cloth or wool crepe- Ana Jnst the thing for cod Evenings all Stnnmer. Samnier Hats Trip, Sport and Dress. Silk Stockings Tn afl of the N'ewest j Shades and White. New Cotton Gloves and New Undies Silk Slips Sleeping Pajamas Mew two way stretch girdles fonnfit. In \Vhit*, Biscuit Gilbert's Exclusive Ladies 9 Shop 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST

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