The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 8
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 8

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 8
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) 7 LARGEST U.S. MERCHANT — Her 45 huge tanks filled with water to simulate a full cargo, the 940 -foot tanker Manhattan, largest merchant vessel ever built in this country, underwent sea trials in Massachusetts Bay. Built at the Bethlehem Shipyard in Quincy, Mass., the vessel has a cargo capacity of 38 million gallons of oil. She is due to be christened Jan. 10 in shipboard ceremony. -AP wircphmo RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Jan. 7, 1962 Sec. 1, Page 9 Wiley Backers Form Group MILWAUKEE — (/P) —Although Wisconsin's senior senator, Alexander Wiley, has not yet formally announced he will seek reelection, a committee has been formed to support his candidacy. The Wisconsin Wiley-For- Senator Club filed a slate of officers with the secretary of state and announced Saturday! that it will solicit campaign funds. Officers of the committee are Burton E. Hotvedt, presi-: dent, who lists his address as; Many Cured' Addids Never Say Final Goodby to Narcotics Hospital LEXINGTON, Ky.- tragedies are enclosed -(AP)by the -One thousand are enclosed by the walls of a forbidding- looking institution five miles from Lexington. Each year, some 3,500 enter and leave its portals. Most leave with newly acquired pounds and high resolve. But many know a large percentage will be back. This is the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital— one of the few hopes in the otherwise wasted life of a drug addict. Day in and day out, 608 doctors and staff members try to pull patients away from the powerful tug of drugs. Rate human'printing, agriculture, typing,|cent tl^ree times, and 8 pe woodwork, and many others.{cent four or more times. Cure This and a smaller institution at Ft. Worth, Texas, are the only federal institutions for addicts. Dr. Murray Diamond, chief medical officer here, says most people would putj the cure rate of the two federal hospitals at 10 to 15 per cent. The rate is that low because! "Withdrawal is hell, plain hell. You get hot and cold sweats, vomit, have twitching and cramps. It's the sickest sick in the world." _ But for the past five years, the hospital has been using a less agonizing method, gradually reduced doses of methadone, a synthetic opiate, until • the addict's craving dwindles. "Shooting Gallery" The inmates even make the suits and dresses which they get when they leave the place. There is no separation of the juvenile, one-time addict from the veteran addict. Diamond said separation was tried in 1952 and produced nothing but trouble. The young ones said, "I don't want to be in boysville—I know as much about drugs as anyone." There are few escapes. 40% Voluntary If a voluntary prisoner wants to leave before the recommended five-month period, he may. About 40 per cent of voluntary patients, against medical advice, leave in less than two weeks. Suit of Clothes If they stay the five months or their term of confinement, they are given a new suit of clothes, a lift to town and $25 to get back home. As they head out the gate, the gaard looks at them. He's heard all the "Goodby, for good" statements before. But he and others know that, as one addict expressed it not so long ago: "I didn't take any drugs for a year. But all the time I was thinking how a main line (into the vein) shot would be. went to a doctor, got a prescription for a drug, and was back on again." The patient offered this Wauwatosa and Wautoma; Thomas D. Lyons, vice president and treasurer. Fox Point, and Elwin A. Andrus, Milwaukee. Lyons said funds will be sought "to underwrite a vigorous battle to preserve Wisconsin's privilege to be ! represented by a statesman i-;of Senator Wiley's stature." He added "our early beginning should give the senator strong encouragement to again represent us." Although Wiley, ranking Republican in the Senate with 23 years in the upper house, hasn't formally announced his candidacy, he has reminded fnterviewers he has "never yet been known to run away from a fight." Hotvedt said the newly organized committee plans to emphasize the desirability of retaining, through the reelection of Wiley, "the priceless seniority advantage of being represented by the ranking Republican in the Senate. . . . Because of his seniority and experience, Senator Wiley can accomplish more for his constituents with I a five-minute phone call than word of advice for those who Diamond thinks that group 1 might want to try barbituates;a freshman senator would psychotherapy sessions dojand marijuana for a lark: |likely achieve through weeks some good for about 10 per' "Don't. It's the first tho onvprnmpnt rniint«; as a' withdrawal s h o t s cent of the patients, but says that get.s you. You can't win. tne government couius db ^.^g^e heroin and other nar--^ lot of patients don't want Narcotics will always come failure every man or woma who returns, even though the addict may have been off drugs for 20 years. Diamond argues that there is actually a high cure rate. Diamond said it's not fair to say a hospital didn't fix a man's broken leg if the man falls off a barn 30 years hence and breaks his leg again. The big thing is to give him the use of his leg in the intervening time. All Types The patients are of every type, from every home background. Ninety per cent come in voluntarily, 10 per cent are court - committed. Three of four are between ages 21 and 40. The admissions are 60 per cent white and 40 per cent dark-skinned. New York provides 56 per cotics, addicts called the withdrawal ward "the shooting gallery." Now they drink the methadone, and call it "the cocktail lounge." When the addict can start leading a fairly normal life again, he is given a choice of 50 trades to learn to give him something to do while inside, and teach skills for jobs outside. The trades are needlework. this type of help." Rejecting help for their basic problem, most of the addicts go back on drugs the first time they face some difficult situation. Many get a fix five minutes after leaving the hospital. A study of prisoners from the opening of the hospital in 1935 to 1955 showed that 64 per cent of the patients came once, 22 per cent twice, 6 per out on top." shot of work. To fail to return Senator Wiley to the Senate would be a disservice and incredible." BIG 'GAS EATER' The first military flight was made by the Wright brothers California is the second'in 1910 in a wobbly takeoff largest gas-consuming state inifrom Fort Sam Houston, San the Union. Antonio. Old Church in State Destroyed by Blaze PALMYRA, Wis. — i/P) — The 75 - year - old Methodist Church was decent^ of'male''patient.s-^1804'stroyed Saturday in a fast- 1960. Illinois had 503,iburning, wind-whipped fire -in wind, worked down to the Palmyrajauditorium and quickly enveloped the entire structure. The Methodist congregation in this Jefferson County Ohio 105 Michigan 82 Penn-that apparently started in the'village of 862 population ob- 7g ibelfry. Iserved its 100th anniversary Firefighters from Palmyral'" 1947. The church was built and nearby Eagle succeeded;in 1886 and was redecorated lin saving Fellowship Hall at-iand refurbished in 1940. Fel- sylvania 79, Kentucky Washington, D.C., 22, and all others 813. Almost every patient has itached to the main church.'lowship Hall was added run through every dime he ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ build-iabout eight years ago. has—many have alienated every friend—because they need ing burned to the ground The Rev. Mr. White said drugs to satisfy their craving. r '^l? ^ ^°f« ^^^™^^^d^by the^services will be held Sunday 1^ ^ ^ ipastor, the Rev. T. Edmundjin St. Mathew s Lutheran Some turn to crime to get;v/hite, at approximately $60,-:church with Sunday School classes meeting at the Ma- The minister's wife, awak-jsonic Temple, ened by the barking of al Although the cause of the dog, looked out of the win-lfire has not been definitely drugs, although most drugs;ooo. suppress criminal tendencies. Most are on heroin before they are 30. Cite Miss "X" Slum products and the medical profession make up the bulk of addicts, government experts say. Take the case of Miss "X." She started on drugs at 15, rebelling against an unhappy home. She was soon involved in several arrests for prostitution, shoplifting and selling drugs. She was sent to the hospital at 29. On her fourth admission to the hospital, 13 years ago, she said she was going off drugs because she was going to have a child. The hospital people were hopeful she would lick the habit. But she was back last year for her fifth time. Asked why she had a relapse, she said, "The child grew up and I got bored." Usually Full The hospital is full most of the year, but most addicts who seek a haven can get in within two weeks after they write or telephone the hospi-; tal. There's a waiting list of 250 most of the time. Soma desperate addicts come without a prior arrangement and the hospital tries to fit them in. When a patient comes in, he starts the process of with-i drawal which takes a week to^ 10 days. A woman addict once said; dow and saw the church belfry ablaze. She summoned the Fire Department. The flames, fanned by a brisk determined, the minister said it may have started from a neon light that burns in the belfry all night. New More Comfortable Than Ever BEHIND-THE-EAR HEARING AID SPORTS BUSINESS CHURCH SOCIAL wear If with complete confidence for all these activities! Active folks who love to "Kct up anrl RO" in all sorts oractivities yet .suffer from hoarinK loss will rejoirc in BoUone's new sub-minia lure behindthe-ear hearing aid It's f.o feather-liKht (^,8 oz.) and comfortable that folks hardly notice (h(>y're wearing il. Gives them superb hearing correction too. even for severe losses. Now's the time to see it and try it. Call, stop in or write for FREE book that explains all about this new Beltone model and what it may do to make your life brighter and happier. BELTONE HEARING SERVICE SUE ond BILL NOROVICH Call Us At ME 7-5511 316 5th St. — Rocine, Wis. GOOD-BYE NOW ... SEE YOU NEXT YEAR . . . BE SURE TO JOIN THE 1962 Christmas Club at _ First 9 National Bank and Trust Company MEMIIER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COarORATIOW 9 IF EVER THERE WAS A TIME TO BUY CARPETING THIS... IS IT! 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