The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 24, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1934
Page 2
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THE PARIS NEWS. _ TOESDAT, JOLT K tt34 ocety Churches Club s MissYancey . Is Honored /Monday ! (Continued From Page One) ; I eventually lead to a centralized j { system of schools which will take j j control from the hands of iocs.! { 1 trustees. She said she favors long- ! j er terms aca better schools, ; c Miss Evelyn Tancey. | P. L Chtem. caudate for co«n- j rriage to Howard Addi- ( ty superintendent, said i, ^ke. . i Walker <* Dallas «IU J mor. than b,-ok learning to qualify . Place Sundav morning, the i a person for the place of coua-j ! cfrde of the First Ba P ::« j ry superintend^:. He pointed ^ cfe^h entertained with a ir.iscr-S- { thai a county supenntencent { Jabeous shower Monday evening a^ { should have the ability to organ- j the home ol the -Misses Sailie. j iz e .acd ;x>ss«=-ss tact. He also said | Maude and Janie Osborsse os East Tne future success of JLamar coun- | Make This Model At Home Paiic News Daily Pattern Speed Work On Theatres department of tne suncay scnac-- > ir> ten d 6 r:t. In closing he stressed of which Miss Taricey is a teacher. { t v, e v, ee< 5 * or honesty and economy • Games ai:d contests were en- -; ir ,- ne . o ^ice of county superin- \ dnrirs; the evening and after i tin g en -_ : r,., T «>>e'"= w»re ren- : ,. : "^"^,. ~~— oc .-v aT>3 i Walter Turman. also a cana:-i Jean iiocr-e . c^rn^r-.. --- - stressed the need for educational; presented to the ncx.o.^e. . ^_ g _^ ^ « o ^<2 mo^al cfaa*-ac- & r, I -Those presest^ere the^ 5 , li ^ \ aa^execL-'i-^e "ability in a county j Justiss. -' lir - r ^^^ t^^M^^T [ superintendent. Mr. Turman gave j !--"& <=i^T»»oiis, ' tis Qualifications and invited in-1 "(ie^^rVsT "B. ; Destination of his record as aj V^^or- Mrs, i teacher and as a man. He said * >T ~ 11^-= T~C. Hunter. I voters should carefully consider ^ ^ ™ ^trs". w. B. 1 the qualifications of the various j -YTTvr c A, M±rtir., Mrs. \ candidates, pointing out that the j j>_ s F«eser" Mrs. Paul Sarnett. ! only issue in the present campaign j •^sTF-arl Wnite, Mrs. John Baker. \ is thai of Qualification. Ke es- { -\IfsT~rC. T. Haker, Mrs. J. E- Arm- I pressed the opinion that all teach- \ srronjr, Mrs. Granvil'e Farnser. j ^rs should spend a ps,rt of their j Mrs, John Saffold. Mrs. Fel:3: Mor- ! income in improving themselves j •ris. Mrs. Herman Hdzards. Mrs. ; a ^ teachers. \ Perrv Booth. Mr-?. Jean Norman, ; Mrs. Mary Jones U.ndsay. seek- j re-election as county super- ; . Mrs/Mattie Osborne. the honored ? .^. CIGARETTE SETS [ She said only three counties in \ j Texas have lower administrative ! j expenses, vrhile the schools of the | I county rank •with trie best in the \ | state. She said there are now 4S | 3OGATA.—Andrew Cox bad a i escape Sunday rnornin^ 5 30 o'clocZ'C when he months while there A FASHION AS ORIGINAL, AS THIS SCARF IS RARE PATTERN 1920 SI" ANNIF ADAMS XVe hear a lot about new fash- f ions, bui it is not often that one sees something as new and original as the clever draped scarf in this sood looking frock. It is just about the most becoming: thins a -With the re-decoration : of the Grand practically completed by a. crew of workmen under the direction of "Duke" Mahoney. special- I 1st in theair<* decoration, the ren- ' ovating crew moved to the Plaza theatre Monday night after the las: show. l«avins the finishing touches at the Grand to be applied after the Plaza is redecorat~ ed. This crew, all Paris painters •woman ever pu T or . . soft and . flattering. *- '• t'on becsuoe This time it is developed in a twin print ... it is nice. too. in a plain the exception of Mr.' Ma- ho«ie> hav* accomplished their t yet always in posi-j wo ; k ' at :h e Grand without inter- trie tabs keep it so. reption O f the -'program, working throush the night and in the morni'r.srs. but leaving the' theatre fabric of contrasting color and p| even in the material of the frock, i ^. Y in time for the last b:r of paint to i ary before the doors were open- And besides the scarf . . . the j ^ =„ the afternoon, frock -Itself 2s very cleverly con-1 structed to give its wearer ! and make her smart. \Vork on the Plaaa vill proceed rood I xv;rh srealer speed than the work >n the Grand, and a nvueh Pattern 2^20 is available in sizes I. 14, IS. IS. 2l». SO. 3-, 34. 36. > and 40. Size It fore*; .of workmen, who will work both day ar.d night for the three davs the theatre is closed. The yards 35 :nch fabric and 5-S yard j vo*Lr.$ of the Plaza is necessitated LAURA WHEELER FINDS THESE ARE PRACTICAL wid QUICKLY CROCHETED niastrated stoo-by- i by the installation of new sound sewing instructions included. I equipment. Western Electrics newest system, wide-range, -this S*nd FIFTEEN CS^Ti> (I5c) li» coins or stamps (.coins preferred) for tnxs Aane Adams pa.ttem Wi-ite plainly r.arrte acdress anrt style number KE SUKK TO STATK S3"£ T3ie sir.avlest warm weather faf.Juo.ns, the newest fabrics, anrt the Summer season's outr-tandins accessories are illustrated a.nd described in the NEW ANNE ADAMS PATTSKN BOOK FOR SUMMER- ORDER YOUR COPY OF THIS HELPFUL NEXV SUMMER BOOK. PRICE OF BOOK F!*F- . . TEEN CENTS. BOOK AND PAT-||- TE5iN TOGETHER. T^ENTr-lj riVK CENTS. AdCrcss orders to The Paris Nev.-s Pattern Department, 2J3 \Ve5t 17th Street. New York Citv make the Plaza theatre equipment surpass that of many of the theatres in Dallas and other large cities, and Mana- srer C. J- Mussel man promises that .-hen the Plaza re-opens Friday the people or" Paris will /oe proud or" the appearance of this theatre. ss well as of the programs and projection and I CHURCH ACTIVITIES CROCHETED ' PATTERN 75T HOUSEHOLD ACCESSORIES Crochet steps to the fore and | thread—that's why they're so nice offers an attractive and practical ] and , thickl Th f. solution for the handling of hot I dishes on the table and of hoi \ ani ^ pots and pans in the kitchen. The-'still crocheted pothoiders are of \ 5eT o'f the design- When jast a the- heaviest crochet cotton Cthe.j «s:£ie- thread is Jtwed. these mats same as candiewicki'igr). They are j turn out much srcaller and make j 'donv in while and ?. color or two j effective n-edalliocs for a bed- colors and so offer the chanc-e to [ spread. get another gay color accent ;n I Pattern 757 comes to you with your kitchen. Needless to say, the j complete directions for making cotton maken it possible to | the articles shown; illustrations of I monly seen now in crochet is But even if they are- an & protection Jo the table, they have sufficlfTit openwork to iR>T tJJ2RISTL\N WOMAN'S COUNCUU MKKTING ^moke and suffered sll; OTS tt;e hantis and arms. vercome by !A»^ b aissn* -***?:%£ M& Economical and Efficient The pries i* fair. Tbea, becacse of ii» iu^i leaveaiog "*' fal to * cap of Soar £or molt re. cipe»- For econoiav and »«n»- f action ose ICC Baking Pcrwder. Same Price Today as 43 Tears Ago You can «l*o boy A nil I *• o=ac« cata for X*« HILL 15 osa« c«a for XS« Double Tested! Double Action I ing 1 , she sa.!d all schools in the [ cour:t> are in better financial con- ; d:tion trtan ever before. | J. G. Brunson. seeking tfc-e; eonny superiniencent's office. \ tcld of vforking his way tnrousb.) school, and pointed out that edu- •: eation of children shou-d consist | . cf more thau teaching books. He '. said The desires of children should .- th,a.t education cf tbe youth of the \ \ eo tin try is one of the greatest en- ; ; terpris-es. he said cnildren should i r be trained to &o .tiselr best-, at: fiorseo affiliated schools. Tvitb : r>io'ri i sioii for raalaiiitisted ciilcren : and sai-c all children of any cotn-' i mtinity should have az ecua! cp' porrunitv to sain an education. He • s-i^ the biggest job cf the county 1 ing: ?r educat-orrsJ program. of -t^i* cai-difiates for county iup- eriiiteiz-Ieut to speak. Ke tord of ! students frosc rural schools drop " uiost cf them <lo so because of ; have ^reve^tec proper preparation ' ca.n-'*'. teac"r;ers' salaries "R-'ere cu and should take better care cf the ' circulating iibrarj". He closed •w^t.r. th.e s^atemeiit that be •arould rot ask for a second term if electe-i. Mrs. Hoy r-uiras-ar. rr.ace z short . talk asking for support in her - candidacy for the place of com- : eu n^r siij"porter^; r .o ^r.'.e i» *-fer~ name. She said she is •well ac- i Quainted with tne duties of the of- i fice. . [ County Judg-e C. A. Martin, can- j didate icr re-election, based ills; claim for consideration on the \ record made by tfce commission- [ •ers cc-urt curing term of of- I lice aud upon his adminisiration i of county affairs. Ke pointed, out] that the county tajt rats has been \ j reduced tchile property valuations j I have decreased. Me said a." coaaij" • i fun-Is a^-e in good coriditicn. Juc^e/i ; ilartin S2.:<1 a. county judge should • I be laruiliiir vriti procedure in ail ] : courts aud sau-i tnat as long- as he j I is court;, judge th.e county •will | I opera.:,-? en a cash basis. He men- i i tioaec his lecord in sending juv- j ; eniles to tne state iralning sciioo! : ; rut that zli crime in Paris Is i 1 judge and candidate for county i • 1ud=:e. asked for consideration up- \ I c-r: his o^s-n cuaiifications. He said ! • - " . » .. •: ne receivec 5iis la "a: education in j :*^ t sity. He saia if giver: t-pro terms as ; : ; county judg* he would not ask for -j ; » • a third term. ±ie promised to have ; ; a county court if elected and .said ; J he cid not bellsve in turning 1 loose i • sC'-ciety an<3 ii'c-ulc ~ot do so. I Judge J. M. Braswe!!. county i Pundt Spealcs I The- V-"omen's Council J First Christian church met at the | church Mozicay afternoon with 40 j I members present and Mrs. Monte j Gordon presiding- Mrs. Will Abshire, Mrs. Luther Hood. Mrs. Ji M. Stringer and Mrs. Tom Jackson i du them in a Jiffy The hot plate j all stitches used; raid material re-j mats (the lar?:e o^e measures 1,1 <juiremeists. - - _• } ir-ches, the smaller one € inches); Send 10 cents in stamps or coin ] art? in a popcorn rtesism—nice, fat j (coin preferred) for this pattern i popcorns that protect the table { to The Paris Xex-s. Need" | and still niake a kvely design. The | Dept., S2 Eir.hth Avenue. ! mats are made sislns a double \ York. N. Y. Drinks Bring BigRevenue Quarter Billion In Taxe* Is Received From Alco* holic Liquors ' WASHINGTON. fcp);—Taxes bn alcoholic drinks poured $25&>11.-' S32 into the treasury's internal revenue pocket the past fiscal j*ear. This was disclosed by the treasury Tuesday in analyzing a -total •' gain of $r;050^00.000 In internal revenue collections during the 12 months ended June 30. : About t700.00y.000 of -thi» increase was accounted for by «uch new levies as alcohol, capital stock, dividend ana processing taxes. -. Guy T. Helverins. cornmiMloper of internal revenue, sought to .nail reports that the cotton processing tax had been largely evaded. ^*pointed to an actual t** return ." of $144.767.232 in place of ' the SI2S.<H»Q.0QO estimated in advajnc<s. Individual income taxes of $419.509.487 w ere 466.935,1567 ahead °f the preceding yean but, • *v- ; ,oration rvturns of $S97.51"5.~ S51 -topped the preceding- fig-ur* by only S3.29S,06S. Th<? capital stock tax. imposed- f»r the first time, brought in $SO"> 15S.344 and the dividends tai Beer taxes accounted for ti63.-" 270./>tfS. wlrh the tax" on don3«*tle spirits reachirisr SSUSSS.SSS. Taxes on" imported liquors brought" : in S6.577.95S, The tobacco tax to- : taled S425.1S2.000. Manufacturers" excise t a x e-»turned 5350.044.714 into the tHL V gain of $142.257,399. Proeewiejt taxes laid on ta^ processing of farm products »o the yovemtneat '•• <*a-i "f-t mrtnoy to reimburse farmers for cutting production, totaled j through the J>a.vis mountains, and | ! will visit the Carlsbad Cavern and j • other points of .interest. j :Miss Josephine Ivey of neaj •H, — Mrs. J. E>- Jer-i. Commerce, is the owner of a fine I "' ail-leather saddle griven by the III Horse and 3.1 uJe association of Dal- tter •es are SOOTHES SUNBURN short business session program was given: j "••=•- j ! Neal Duncan: rtcllr: solo. Miss } any famous aviator, son of Mrs.; jean .S^rle. accompanied by Miss ] Jemisrin. He gained considerable { Cross; instrurrtemaj" solo bj Mar } t.ecociUtioa two years asro vrhen } \ t^«. W.41M.4-A.M -rr-vcL »-.T«TTrtt "^V^Xicii tl»jlt^5 '<• ion Briggs: a crayer by the KeT. | he piloted tne j« Presler F. Herndozr: and the clos- j Captain Frank -•-* >-.. - '« * Jror Qnppled t Prtt«>an l ±-OteaU, Hawks* jrlid-er ? ' ^ -u^ "God Be With You Til } across the United States. I TAL1HINA, '>kla_ — A clinic for > Meet A S ain." -^ su.g in uni- | Thfi Rev . Tbomas B . Gallahcr . j ^^f ^J £*P""«U o^S^- : "- j pastor of the First Presbyterian | a ^_ Ocio " bsr 2 2. sponsored by the] 'church has left for Kerrvil!^, ioj Rota:T Ciub _ - >f p o teau and the rh court and Presbyter:aTi en- | ener . it will be- free io the chii-' The W^strntnsier Cui-d of tlie i carnprnent beginning Tuesduy. - ; dren c-f LeFior* cour.t" others j Centra! Presbyterian church will i x> r . \v*. B. DeJernett and Cam-j hvir.? in Oklahoma nnd Arkan- WESTMIN'STKR GUIT-D rneet vredrses-day afternoon at 4:I.i j * r ojj o'clock at the hc-rr.e of t"h€ p-e**.- j •lent. Mrs. Shelby I>odc, 554 Hub-! bard street. | • have left for a trip < sas. i&*V i PERSONAL NEWS OF i j BENNINCTON FOLKS; t-,vg-r~ i; - : --. •g&Sg&t-... : M 3KXNTXGTOX. Ok-a_ — L,ittle | Dick Scott Clack hs.s returned to ? Oura^.t after several days visit ! -v;:b Mr. and Mn«..E. I- Cox. _ | ilrs. I>- E- Batchelor who tir.der- | sic J- r - e:re ;' artcrrey, -who is seeking- the coun-) 'i his :s 3. stras^e 'orm of cam- ; weTJt an operation at s. hospital in | p-enntcH'i- : f-f-ia; ar.'l SLS'f 3 Trsr "& c-r-n,ej~-e.-? ! Com HllSSiCri Candidate r.n-is It :• ^r_ ^T-CTyT-.-. 7/^T^&= n--..J /^arrr-Ht- i Ballard Mrs. Tilden Jones an< . era. ilildred and D-->ris have re- j w;;i r; n:? : . urne< » after a visit -arkh relatives ; - ^-*--'3 t»y r&d-s. ; ^ ?otea ^ | s injured near V :ctor~a ; iligs j ew€ .i TTiison has returned ; a-^-.t - °° Vl ' he " " ;s car ove "- ;-o Par'>. Ark.. accompanied by j 1 and ; ^7^^ t S - ^ r ' S jf i ^ 0 Z a i ^°'™'~'~ I ^>rs. ' Works an-i daughter Veda j "*' i '- i Sneeci of I>ai:aa. -.vas killed in the _,, | crash, and Eugene Smith h;s - county attc-mey. ar/pea*»<2 to vot- •' •;,. ~^** ".t." " '% e "" 7 : fcrs to ia>* a sta.nd for la^v and 1 >> ° n '"^ " ea '" J ? Mrs. Dn.-^rson of Honey Grove !s J -order as-ain^t the criminal ele- \ ! visiting her son, J. B. Ba-wson. j He ss'l -hat c^Iv r-ua.^**- : rt "- a -' :I - :T - neoessarj" to ijave a rr;an ; Miss I^r.a Howard of Ft- TCorth • : cations fiho^i'i be r-o^=;d*'ed < ~""^> = °* ^x^er:«r;ce as county attorney. ; ; S visltinsr M:«* Imo-ene Slli5. | ' s*}«ct;r.s *a "count- '"attc'riicv" A ; He pointed to his -ez;.*r;«?nce' c: | Mrs. J- X.'Jones WHO nas b*en i : properly cua:;;-*^ nian'''^ sa:d i-° 5'ear^ as a r.ract.r:nsr :a^-y?r. j lisdcr treatment for a throat la-? *"^ j £_--.<i =ai-d h" v.'G'Ul-'J < = £ "r- tl;^* mor* 1 : faction IF rftr*ort«?d muicli b-ett^r. i done •K'lth ifrss rnon<;y 1 Hiss Z-,ucyIe Cox has returned j : •when there is a r.«d for £n eiper- | r:ss i,ienc. n • Bra«-ss-frli sai-f the county ta^: rate J • £Ju " c - : reduction has been mace po; • by £c-~pt;on c-5 the cu-5set la~x : refund:r.r c-f cc^nty road i M. D. Krr.erson, candidate AS YOU SWINfi oowrnjE TO/PROSPERITY nding the -s^eek In j vouii ts.k» car« of a"! phases of • he work. The ability to represent j vt ' CI he people as county attorney ^ s *^* ho-j;d luciud* •ezp*r1er.ce. hor^e*- | '^^ ». . ........ .. f »•.-....i^-,._ „«. .*€ i j as/ced ar- ir.\-*?z'.i£a.v&n of his rec- « Miss Dorothy I^a*umer. tax asses- j je, o -^:o-s^s 'ind- ' a v!?:t with and Mr*. .= cf ir.-iict.-r^-.nrVhich vr;n i IVelcn of Oklahorrs City. SON IS BORN ATI ei^liT pound son :ourt here. ... ^ • .^ # • f\'t TTJ^-'i'- ^*js«>^'^ *?-*»* -..^.. 5.JQ*** , „. . . ;' r an< ; ca=!C - (;£ -* -°; ---*-*«• °-;!. 0 Mr . 3r;d Mrs. IT. C. Stau:*r of of S:xr:n District i f:c& of asae^-sor an--3 co:!ector of! , ^ , -r, *«u* - -^< '• taxft«, Tnaie a brie: talk :r= the in-I ^ a '"'" , ." " V*T>'* *" .-^r. aisc a castfi.Jate i i*re*t of her cand.cacy. she eald i ' he ^r..tartum c. Par^_ for cour:ty attom*y. poisietJ cu; | s&e has remain'-il :n her office Sn- '. the fact th&* The off'ce of ccunty ! stead cf j?iv:nj» al* her tSrr.<? to the i attorney is 9. hlTiZft -jpor. which all j campaign in order to slve the **r- - a co'jsr.y a'tcrrney shot;'<! be a man | ^ sh-. asked for sn 'r;vesr:srat:on ; c-* ability ard that voters shouM \ of her record as a.*^-'rs;*'>r .•%.« proof T'-rirg' for !he p'Ace. He a;»o ssk- ; fit* 1 : for vrhi-ch she I.-? «j»k^r;s:. *•• a iav-y«r ar.<5 pro.T:;se<! tr, run i way h^ th;r;k« ri^hr if elecre/J. S Herbert All iriernfcers o-f the Christian C 10? r ou will meet 54,000 Conoco Service Scadon men located iin 18,000 stations, thoroughly informed and equipped to give your car the best that can be offered in products and service. These highly trained men will prescribe New and Improved Conoco Germ Proc- essed Motor Oil and Conoco Bronze Gasoline, both having superior characteristics. We have distribution in 40 states where our products arc sold without premium. Give us the opportunity of demonstrating real performance. INSTANT STARTING — L1GHTN1HG PICK-UP BE SURC You HAVE ENOUGH CHRISTIAN ICNDKAVOR a pifta • for consideration for the office of i *•* v^ ,„ ,. ,.„,, I En^*avor cr the P-irst Cc-nsr*«a- a/ s ,Tr:~*-tlr;;g Tue^iay e^enJrsjf . county attorney sal'! he Is zs <jualif;ed to hold the office . '. opponents. H* has prac*,5ce-«* law | j for II yea,re, sev^n yv&rs as city! ' ati.orrif-y. He eii;<i that as the of- | • fjcc o' cotrcry attorney involves! ; protftction r>f the innocent as -ore!.! ' •>. a* prcsecx;T;on cf *he jcoJit". "U I I tiga.texJ' before complaints sr» j » takezi. He opo<«&«« th-e «tiapei?<I»<I j sentence te-w *n ca.s*s o* ttieft a.n'S j for 'habifu*? crirr.jRa.!s. He «»,i>S} be wouM try to have case* set for: trial :n » v;»y to «av* tim« for witnesss**. i Grady Starje-^on, candidate for 1 county attorney. «a5<! if h« 1« elect- i «<J he will Rtop th« wbol«««,Ie jriv. .->r wusp^nd^tf 6ent*nc^s. H** ? county «tn<! <Iipirict *iwx>rp.ey ijas IMPERIAL PURE CANE S UGAR_ CONOCO GASO IMPERtAl - whew! / it's hot! nothing Ixitt tHe spot in like * lx>wl of crisp Kellogg** Cxxra Flake* topped -with cool milk. Try it for bre*k£Mt or lunch. *f(ltfcyp!f "+•** FLAKKS Th* S««**il*« »10 VALOI BRONZE * Q ^^^W "^^m Night Ov*r M.t.C HAJtEY JUCHXAN. vfaf im war of ft»«c and KT*«* . , JACK PINNY AND 3 MIS MUSIC, fMM4 or* «« <h««n . . JOHN ». KIN- *^ utor. S«« r*di» p«t« lor /^ diM «f kro*4cMt, ^.B.C ONE OF THE PRODUCTS OF CONTINENTAL Oil COMP^Nt

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