The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY WEWB. FREDEBK*. SDAY. MAT 28. 1932. HUB man BY MABEL McELLIOTT BECIX HEBE TODAY I eager feet. His hand was almost ea [ tisso. She dared not itow her' of 'em do. I notice*. Just don't CAJLET. a» ui4 beavtu I the brass knob of the door opening I flushed fac« aad luraieous ey«« to : lay yourself. That's all I a»k." SATTM' hef^teinaier e^ l !nto ta ® tiR ? Testlbale when he the icQulring Miltons before she! "1 tron't," Su*«a promised fer- wllfc BOB OCICBAR. tir im i stopped, arrested. i That was Susan's voica. There ', was trouble ia it and pain. too. _ _ . Without meaning to, without eon- Saaaa-a "rejected malt- . scions design Heath listened. What Beath aeada her a nut «Bik to rmprrmt* troa« aa III: the Klrl U cratefal. BEX ar. »Jko«u klnurlf after w Hralk. Re rrrovcn amd gar* ·nay. Boh trtrs unrerufall? t* ore SOMK*. 21« ·*«* fc*r at tfce tkralrr one Klcht rllk Hrath aa« fcectwr* u«rr. UKX1SE ACK- ROVD. drkntaair. n»nt« Bob for fcfrmflr. SMaan lams Bob at a ·uukcA kali aad he atakra lore 10 fcrr. DruUe appear* aad aaja »fce ·ad Bok are eajmced. SB**B ntn» ·war. Wkea Heath «rxea aa *arly atarrlaK** akr acrer*. War- lac telU Beat* that Saun can* for aaotker. Alaaovt oa the eve of ike wedAIac Bob come* to ae* her. XOTV CO OX WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XLIII had a citance to compose herself. ' v. With tfc» door shut on her She had sent Bob away. AH after- hostes the girl »«ct to the ratrror coon they had walked in the park. | and stared appraislcgly at her ova scarcely knowing which way their' reflection. Surely th» dullest ob- steps led them. They bad argued ' server could hare fuewed what had was that she was saylag? i "I can't possibly do it now". Tre given my word and 1 Eusta't fo back en it." | 1 The listener stiffened at the re-j ply. A man's voice, pleading yet|. ... . ....... ' dominant, said: "But darhag. we're |*"?" 4 ««* T * gone all over this before. There's j *^"^" id -* ; more honorable for you to tell him 1 _ ~ i you love soeone else. He'd be a ' good sport about it." PRXEST HEATH did not tally j 'FHE girl's r« - - . . . , . , · ·*· t»nttw'h cK TO!C» soncded as though Ehe had beea weepine. but Susan had beea adamant. It happened. H*r ekin glowed with was co use. Shs could not break a new luminous quality. Her eye* j her word at the eleTenth hour. ' were starry under their preposter- There was something of the ous l»sh«s. Her breath came and martyr ia her, perhaps. At any w » nt n'ckly M »he thought of rate she had not been ab'.e to briag! » fcat Bo! » d Mid - H « b * A b ««* D e ' masterful and *he liked him to b*. H e · But she wa* glad to remember that had stood out against him She almost laughed, re- h"e"had oenjberlnjt the fierce, t*t line of ..,,_._ her pardon. There' had been. nj " - iaw « wn » t h * *** « m * 1 n « r a poignant sweetness about this !n- stubbornness. f ^ ^ tennittent Quarreling and recon! ci-iatioa. A true lovers' meeting.' Q HE shrugged her shoulder., de- But. Susan had stiffened her spine, termlnlng to put this scene away ' the familiar, shabby streets. It was j »· *" th!s ***t summer? It would j curious. h» Biased.' that this drab j»»« *"** EO » erf:t «en.~ j environment could hare produced i Th9 man in the shadow waited ", a girl such as Susan. You could : to hear no more. Quietly he went be proud of her in any company,! down the steps. So that was the ·*-* understand the impulse that j · , t · - drore him to call on Susan bejore; * ..ff 01 ' f an t. I tell you!!' and " seEt j,i m away at last. What' in »° m8 l uiet corner cf her mem- dinner. Ho could cot hare «-;\ :m! ^ lhe TM re * went on - Oa - ] ,he was to do later when her high', off- See could not with honor g o ' plained it to himself, but here he, 7°?, "* we a = d eaca other too ] courag( ebbe1 she dld not ^to to i oa thinking of Bob. With a new was rushing along in a taxi through | ^ e -,, "?Z 5°" A.? 0 ! 1 . ?J_ "I think. soberness she to?k off tho lovely Mrs. Milton was in the dining ««»* and hung H away, slipping into helD'nir a Tount colored ilrl' sober office dress for the ere- to lay the table cloth j ols * m *\; Tomorrow Aunt Jessie ! would be home and the hours would ,, ,, , _, .... _ - - _ - T' *° U ''? *° tx ," lfm t "! 8l1 *! b» crowded until Monday morning he thought. He gloated at the pros-i way of it then: He felt no anger, j down. Feeny. Mrs. Mil,on said paw j, en s jj e would be married, pect of showing her the world. It i only a. deep and abiding sadness, t'ently. 'Turn it over again. You - Married! The word struck on her ·would be like opening a trinket box j What a fool he had been! Of courss j m *y ·* * el1 °° il rS « ct while you're, heart like a knell. Susan was glad to the gaze of an admiring child, j the- child would turn to someone i aout it -" j when Rose bustled in a few minute* At this time nest week she would i of her own age. Why shouldn't She followed Susan into the room j later, bundle laden and bringing be bis bride. They -would be sailing i she? Ic was as natural as a flower which the girl was sharing with ' with her a breath of cool, night air. Rose. "That Feeny doesn't "Is your maa coming tonight?" know Rose wanted to know. Susan said on blue waters " with the future | turning toward the sun. He had stretching ahead of them a para-jheen a blind and selfish idiot not -,--., ------ - _»».. .^/OCT n » U vcu w ·*-- ~-. ~--»-- »-.-- dise. ! to have seen it earlier. Waring had i whether she's coming or going." ! he wasn't. He had had to go to ^ He felt suddenly humble, sud-' warned him and had been right. ] Mrs. Milton complained. Then her j a dinner at the club. deaiy afraid. He had never «x-i For a long while Heath pondered j attention centered on Susan. "Ycu; "Well. I won't say I'm sorry." wandf. ing around in' cried Rose. "We can have a corn- she exclaimed, scan- [ fortable. gossipy evening. What ,,_,, _ . . i have you been doing all day?" ( been shown him. All at once he was j toeing into the library late that; Susan was aghast. She had com; Susan said. "Nothing much." She , impatient to see Susaa and tell her j night, found Heath still at his writ- J pletely forgotten she was wearing . had been for a walk. She hoped something of, what was in his heart. I ~^K table. The crumpled papers in her wedding clothes. When Bob ; ber voice did not betray her. !-He was not an inarticulate man but j th» wastebasket testified to agonies · had come earlier in the afternoon Thi* time next year you'll never he was shy and it was often difficult · of literary composition. Heath was and urged her to go for A walk so \ set foot on the ground, I suppose. Hollywood Gossip BY DAN THOMAS AUTO PAINTED FOR HIM Mtltor Tc City Find* Car \\ith Coat Of VcUo». ANGUISHED Aboard Cnited Airllaes pita* ea rouU | «prins 1* here--have «0:p'cd b*!i::..-. to New York May IS.--Now X know i And now. a* we look cut el :he y -"-· why Broadway j becomiisg such a i»v- w.ndow». toy clusters oJ : ^ht» :hsv .i.-v or.te play «pot ol the flto !?!k. It's so ' towns of »»riou» size* car. \x vt-n !: -::i easy « reach. Of eour*e. the movie crowd always J ha* nocked to N* York »rtenc»er the opportunity prwrstAd Xseli B-J'. that four-day '.ram af-cn kept lii*m _ borne due :o '.»ck oJ tim* Now. th«t ; time element practical;)- ha« b«en wiped ' out. Three au-plajx* operating bet«e*u Hollywood and N*« York oocne \erv ' nearly mak-Rg wwk-end triiw yi*sible 80 ih« filso cebr:tus da^h domn to Broadway to sw a few shows it '.hoy h»ve even a »«rit off be*.«een p:c:ur» That week fi\t* them '.:m* :o takr IT. quite a few sho»s 'oo--10 s«»y nothing ot other pisisn-.^N » I understand v, -ri-i :c\.pn;. .i. K .;.". .-.c »alKe '.'.t prr. if g»rA2 · "here he suv. .is s.-^: had nura::,- a brl^.ir.t shade jf ye'.- \v:-.jt « j^M ;. ju do ir. a i -·-; · \v . LOST -- MARCH IN , THIWETPARDE HoOywood To Bnwdwa.T--»7 Hoara Of the ihr«* lines nour op*-ra:-:i«. the j fasus; servic* is 27 hours from HolSy- i wood Bo«iiirv»rd tc Broadaar. And it won't be long bffor* "hjs t^ue is slashed right In h»'.5 The prrswo: rrcord a 11 hocrs and 16 m:nu!r*. set last year by Major James H D-.x'.r.t!e OJ course, h* «-as flying a smai! !as: jhsp But if a small ship can do ::. it's a com|arat^t!y simple mfc:i3r.:ca'. n:a!t*r u iucrca»^ the power o' the larger pasaengrr planes sufflciently to enable '.hens to make the j same »peed. the «:r exjvrLs lay. Tlien . Then NV» York · week-end trips to New York will be- ! Holly wo M! come a reality ) way » * * i Bv Halfway BT Dark. I in bright UhVs · f » fir i'..!H It'a night now and I have bevr. f.ying : .ety than thov t,nrl. « *-:r-rL.« since 10 t. sn. But already w« have I $o freciy to lir:K!"f 11 th-isst' up s 1 . covered half the distance to the great , Hollywood premieres white way--the movV crowd's play- i And there snould be Kirn- v !·.,,- ground. The snow-capped Rockle*-- i all of our rnoMe rv.on-''.- now thoe mountains don't realize yet thai I ed on Broadway can be loo.vod! T I V O L I West S-.d? ;i .Vowr-J The To«n HEART of NEW YORK c!:.t::ge of frl:t on -?rlnt f r « l n i Chlrkrnt ·H' pouniS l e i is* nil T«vr «rd*r for lhat M»mot!»l U»» au'.lnf rb*nr for him to conouer his inbred New j folding several thick, creamy sheets England reserve. and putting them into an envelope. It was early spring twilight. The western sky deepened from rose to mauve and then to lilac. Almost ·without warning night closed ia. "I wish you would take this and mail it at once, Simon. I don't! loyal. they might talk. Susan had agreed! You and your limousines!" said without thinking. Now it seemed! Rose with affectionate raillery, to her she bad been intensely dis- Susaa said. "Don't be an idiot." Under the current of talk all eve- want it to wait until morning. And i "I completely forgot." she mur- [ ning her thoughts reverted to Bob, ^_ .^ ., ._ ^ j ! J , . . j What was he doing? Whom was ,, _-,,-- . by the way," as the servant turned j mured in confusion. , " The taxi jolted orer the old pare-jto so. "I'll ha leaving tomorrow In-j Mrs. Milton's shrewd eyes nar-j he talking to? Her heart throbbed meats. | stead of Monday, so be sure to have rowed. "I said to myself when I: with a slow and steady pain. Bob Heath dismissed the driver at the j °iy things packed by noon." heard the front door slam. 'Susan j was reckless and angry. She had corner and paid the fare. Suddenly j Simon began to ask questions j has got rid of that caller in double ! sent him away--to what? Susan he began to feel rather foolish about i hut his employer stopped him ' his unannounced visit. It was sim- j brusquely. quick time,' Then I waited and · did not sleep well that night- waited and when I went into the i Idling heavy-eyed at the break- living room and didn't find you I ' fast table next morning she heard couldn't imagine where you'd gone." . Rose fling back from the hall. "Sue. Susan was scarlet. "I guess I'm ' here's a letter for you. It looks im- fairly witless." she said. ' portant." ply that he had felt he must see "I've changed my plans, that's Susac at once. There was no rhyme j all." he said. "Get along like a good or reason to the impulse. He was. boy and drop that in the boi." moved by oae of those inexplicable! After the man had left Heath sat promptings which occasionally ?o^ a long while with his head in! To her relief. Mrs. Milton quizzed , Susan's pulses leaped. She seized change and color an entire life. I his hands. i her no further. The woman said : the envelope with trembling fingers. His steps quickened as he came ' · · · | ;, s s i, 9 turned to go, "Well. I guess ' It was addressed in Ernest's hand- In sight of, the Miltoas' house and CUSAN let herself into the bouse. a girl has a right to behave queerly · writing, ie went up the steps lightly, on t *-^ and stood for a moment to gain! the week before she's married. Most | (To Be Continued) WORLD WAR ANNIVERSARY i wore SUBS IN O. 3. WATERS. Open Bridje Hid-. n-rv M . . .'·« --K .-^ ! r ' of i-oncre c fkvrv un,! for M.l'iri itr:i!gr -ver icy r:\er i:i Frtdori -k c · i; rer^mxl ·-·-·day b-. :h P Company. Baliinierr. .suijni.'.'.'d a b:S of 119261 for the aork OPERA HOUSE R. [MM TO SPEAK SATURDAY Poland's Pianist Statesman Honored By America's Great On May 25. 1918. German submarines arrived in American waters and began to raid shipping within a few hundred mi!e« of the pr'nclpa! Atlantic ports. Precautions were taken at once to guard against the poeslbJuy of air rai on the coast j The War Department in Washington announced that th* first shipment of American planes had arrived in France and were beinj used In a training camp back of the line;. Operations on th« western front. \»cre of a purely local nature. A ne-.v German major offensive »as expected at any moment German troop* continued their advance into the Ukraine, occupying irr.- | portant wwns and seizing large q-janU- tie* of food supplies British successss ei;a:nst Turkish force* continued, and English officers reported ihat the morale of the Turk soldiers'was beginning to break. News advertise:* pays b.g d". :der.ds Invest tn :t tillil Mi.bin. Wotk--Gun «nd L«rk«mlt! S \ I F . WORK A SPECIALTY J JAMES E. SOLT ; LIC.MT neimsr; or ALL METALS j , ~ WORK I** ttlt\.*fc BRONZE J \.\l ALCMNIfM » 103 Matnolla Are. Fhone 970-J » r-« IF\8S EXPFBIENCE J any Expected To Hear Na- Dnai Temperance Chairman. JSPIGES YOUNG PEOPLE merest is bey.g expressed in th^ i neighboring counties in the com- · :o Frederick Salurda- of Dr. Ira 3dr::h. chairman of the National I uperancs Coanci! and ^ .ceo'-fco-K^i! ·ater. -.ho ~-l address a mass ae«t- j as a part of a naton-wide effort j ng maCe to rally friends of the j h:eanth amendment, to its support. | Dr. Landnth wiU speak ai C2i-.arV| thoo-sl Episcopal church. The eting. T-h::e sponsored by the Your:g p;e's -ocief-es ot Frecerxk and the .aty. -^ for persons of ail ages. I; 1 begji st 7.30 o'clock ar.d a f^teen- iu;-e n:tsical program -crin precede adcress. ittacks be'-r.c made 'opoa the amend- nt ir.ake it necessary to organize friends, according to Dr Daniel A. ing. rr-sirmar. of the AH.ed Forces Prohitltion, ·K'ho are seeidlg to th^ through a coun:rr--5^ce speak- tour reach^ig 587 cities and to'srs. 3 irsovsasent is non-partisan and in- des among us natior^l sponsors: s Jar.e AddaaM. Eer-aior TTJl^ir: Borah. Dr. SEC Mrs. R.chard C. »t. Dr John R. Mott. Josephus ax"-s. WJliarr. G :.JcAcicO. CSorernor ford Pir.cbo:. Aarmral WiZ;ara S K. Coach Alor-zo S;ase. Vlctcr lahcy. Mrs Jean Rus'nrr.ore Pat-on a^d Mrs Irving Fisher. Th'^nas EdL-jri ~as honorary member of the DO-X BACK HOME FJylng Boat On German Waters. B«rlln. May 24--The German flyin? boat. DO-X. largest "neavier-;han-air craft, completes its traas-Atlant-.c travels of almost two yjeare with a mad spurt through storm areas over north- em G-rmanv today, a'.ighttnz at Muef- gcl Lake on the outsiirts of Berim without incident. Thousanj3 gathered along- the wooded lake shores and cheered Tvtldtj when the air liner appeared against tr.e evening sk/ to complete a. voyage of ap- proximatel7 16.000 miles in which it visited both South and North America as ·srell as Africa. The huge seaplane described a circle arouad the lake and a!ijht«d 2is easily as a feather irtille roar* of grwtmf cante froai surrounding motor-craft. naprjec candidate, ar.d former Secretary of War Nekton D. Baker 'r^ KITCHEN MCSHKOOMS HAVE VARIED USES BT «IST£R -VURT XEA Scrrice TVriJrr Mushroerr-s are ideal for- the f-rst 2ppeu-s need I flavor/trig soups and sauces. Toa TS-iH | be amazed at the change a few tab»e- ispooris of this mushrorn stock Trtil make ! in the flavor of a cream of spinach or i carrot soup. ] Mushrooms and peas are a delicious ' A few mushrooms acced I to a. ci^h cf spaeiie-.ti or macaroni ' rr-ak-? ~r;xs a regiilar " company" con' coct:on. Spinach served -s^ih creamed mushroorcs becomes a -s-elcome vegetable. The rnaa: Jeft on a soup bone :s apt v be ^steless but cor.M:ns most of :ts noTir^shrnent and ·se cbslike to 1 E-ast« it. If this rrseat is chopped and combined ~tit mushrooins for cish is the result and an ex- { from the soup ----,-, -xxjp----= c-ur'h ^""1 ·. ~ TM \- ,"-_-r- i Mv=hrcorn ' ' ~arm spr-r.s cays ~K. ;emp:in^ by u~jsasl fift-- srs Used in c?ir.b^c;:-cr. --.~.'n other (jure ordirj-aTM :r.£*:r;ais. they are ir.os~. eff^t:"e "^ '· csr.e. cr-^atin^ sa"orv anc cetectab'.e c^hes. , A feT" ir.urhrocirs acced to a meat. . .j,--,,_, pas^ an( j mushroom ca - - j pie made ".*h :ef;-orer rr.eai ir- " ' er^erg^rcv sr.clf C*TI sccoiint ot their' The ftavo~ of ir.ii.~hrc*on2s ,.- Frai.V.1.-. F Marsh. Adrian j c^r.c'er^ed 'cr.Of ^r.^.,-ed if ir.e- are sauted in a -r.1 .r", ^r.^ -r- y- s-*^*"i Miss J Fresh rr.iichrooms are pi;tit-^;. ar.-; b^-.-er tzfore ?.dc-r.c to any oar · fi ""l-a"eT * J=~~= cV" "vr TV r -'fa? this y^ar and are be^.c brc-sh: "" " ' v-. a '-Ti'o o":r I^al marke«~ Sv^cra" inr.^s s °"' "* ^ r' a ^' --^"^ --^--ov Tnu^hr'v^^r; farrr-- s^ '--::,·=* -f -a car. er.;oy --e frssh pr- "nc -c-r.-.r cor^rr.-,:r.:--- cha.rrr.en j or;(v c .::.Ta'-rf; are ?af" *o mushroom cap in each cup of soup and serve very hot. The recipe ·sir. serve e'.ght person*. "Dad has prom^ed to pay half Our expenses af-:er Tre're married." "Good! Now all -xe have to do ii to find somebody :o pay the other half." TODAY TOXIGHT MARYLAND Tnornas. Jarr.« Orantf Cliairmen. e R". 'he b""er ar.d Tr.-^sn- :"«3 fcr this is nth and .. Sisan X:ch-^. B-:ckfTs-o-K-r.. M:ss j ;!SS _,,. are an ex p el -_. c?r.^ take henne ?o'«rt. i;rs W. P. Xicoc-e-j j.-.j.,,'^- ,_ ^^.-horirj-c field rr.jshr; ESS ;. Miss Err.ocer.e SouSer. Bnins- | a _,j x £;r - --?.;» ; n ^^n: ea:.r.~ th*m. son Hcaerpcr.. Damascus. H'v i ;sns jv. ;.-7 =ho-j".c o^ -a?.-e!. ef.r.e Ballei-.cer. Hys;t5;c~r.. ; . rt ce?:r-v the.r f.avor as ?»1 a* rr.a-" r.kl^r. Srr.rh. I;ana". -Ic: M^s Ru'.r. .-,,,,,, *-.,,~~.~; Wh'n r.repsr.r.g them for er. Jeffe*5on. Gcraon, .^n -^ . .,. ^^-,5,-^.^ --.^ rp.ns frcm "."o Cr^rrs of rrTisnroorn so^p is rjarti-! c-.rl~ - : "able for late spnr.e '. ;nch- i "oris "s"r.^n 'h-"* r- of the ni-ea. is inade jr 1 r*f ro'd c« c hc5. Cream of Mashroom S^»p. Crr.f h'-'f Tx-jr.d mushrtxxTis 3 tabSe- sr-T-s ri-: - ''r. 3 "ab'sfOODus T.y.i r .txs rr-"--:, 1 c-,:p r-a;«r. : teaspoon salt. : -easpoon rr.-oced or.:cri. :-4 tea.=p-»n n: Mv" 3y"3l-..r.~ .--?. n: M:ss E.a Tao'.r. .'- A.n . A"" i .-_ F. B:--ta::g- v . Myrsvil'.e. A'.'.en Ni- J ^ ;rr.-». Xe-s M-.rk--:. Mr?. J?.coo G. -- 13ri f ile ng nv? are often ar.c recjire -rre Elc^r. Th-rrrcn': MAS L;7e:te!-j- e T.pert. Walkcrs-.-lc: Mi« Olivia j "" en. ? Mifs Jr.r.i» Barr:cS. | xisbo-o: K'ibtrt. Df^r. Monrovia: i ; Slircr Elv M- Plea^sr.: j . ~s pl?r.r.« w i "·" ."old a lunch ""en J\ . L?r. /; r. - -'5 hor.o' rr or -3 ra".:y j for TJie Clear: rr.-^'r.rO'jTrs ?.nd reserr? a '" sk.r. rr.-if'.--yTzs. Melt ; tabjespo-'-n of b.; jcli- :-T .n ^ «,~"«c"par. ace on.or. ar.d cook ~tr- - f - ? . :-w ;.re i:nt.-l a pale s--a~ co --r Add chared mushrooiw ?-r-.d -sa-^ . do ; CO-T ar.d UJirty m-r.-i'e.' R"b ' I'-.r-^.ffh a coarse sJere M-lt r--mair.- .r.~ c.."f.- in ar.other sa ;cc-p3r.. acd cap. n-.ushrr,or.i caps ar.d sa'ite f.\e rr. r- i i:'«» Strr. out caps and keen hot ' Acid flour to buirer and coo': and st.r i I The 7)^'..:.-= car. be ovred "· - t h ' v.r.'.l n'.'_x:'Lr"» bubb'v's Sl'_«'.v a d d ; | "Old - it'cr. L-- .gl.t f tho l*o.".:.; p~ n' m.'. stirr.r.? consiantly Add r-.ffd i ^ n r i s:ni^. -ci o'er a ?. f r- for -n-.-h-ivin*. 5 . «'.'· 3".c pepper r-r.i c'-ok , j f f - e r r . ni.r.i.'- S'ra-n ;hr_,.Eh ar.d s:.r '.r.t.l soup reaches the 'y .:r.g j s^x. EDDIE «UI1LA'IX "THE BIO SBO* j caeesecloUi aad use ice stock IOT ' point. When ready to serve, put a ;.=hro'-rn.= ir;ust oe ~a s become water soaV-d. Dr i ft 50ft cjo'ri and '.t.r: ;lls dorT.^ard, v) dry C'5«n;in; Soup«" Flavors. M.SO An all-talking Sport Pictare- SPONSORED A N D CUA'ftANTEEB BY S T U D E B A J C E R ' ' Xou get more when you get an aerodynamic Rocknc--more size, mor: style, more power, more stamina, more value.' You get greater accelerating speed and greater top speed. You get a steadier car on the turns 'and on the straightaway. You get Free Wheeling, Full Synchronized Shifting. Silent Second Speed, Automatic Switch-Key Starting and 4-Point Cushioned Power--all at , no extra charge. Drive a Rockn; today! JSTr-rrr closed body wired for fMttio T O M O E R O W Al 7.15--9.00 I r MtS THF AMAZING T R t T H \ B O I T * CRIME YOl M. Rr«.I ABOIT FOB MONTHS: The FAMOUS FERGUSON CASE A W»roer Bro». Flctnn Wllb-- JOAN BLONDELL VIVItNXE OSBOaNE KI.NNI TH THOMPSON" OfR GANG COMEDV BIOT ! = J. H. GROVE SONS 217 West Patrick St. mm PATS FOR A Frigidaire No Down Payment No Installation Charge. Potomac Edison Co. 26 IV. Patrick St. P E R S O N A L I T Y doesn't mean just the person I T m*oni things thot surround you ..- your background ... your home as much a* you and the things you w«or. Make your horn* modish... gleaming .. . colorful I h'* easy, inexpensive to restore ·ryieful newness to floors, furniture, woodwork, to make home glow with color by use of \krniST Enamel -- WofwSper Vornwh thot «v»n boiling wot»r con not horni. WatvrSpor Erorqvl iHot dri« H fo«r hours, and gi*«$ beats* lifwl ch»no-«nooth finish, WoferSpor ax »P gfv» supreme lustre oixl ! Mltinrt--5 TJ Eveainr--7.T5 »na AiJrai««ion--ChiMrrn 10c--AiSe!l«. IV so*? hu*$I Gfo^TOvs shining Colon! Stop in for Colo" Ccrds. FREDERICK PAINT GLASS STORE 218 North Market St. "The Paint Store" THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME Store Marfe-DoTrns occur everyday--Bu: Income opportunities such as offered today come as «. rule only ·.-x-.ce in a generation. Monthly Income Investments Not Slo-U. Eo-- -r Imurance Write -- Wire -- Call «r Pheu» for Particulars --Xo Obligation Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 W. CHURCH STREET PHO~E 1542 We Buy. Sell or Trade SecorWw YOU FEEL !T! Frie-r.dline.--. tr-str-d tjr.alilie.v i* Bank. Pa«ror.- - cor.ntupon « c - M i . (io^rec- ot inaiv.-.' enoueh to nv:rc-rai' ii.-:ilriti'in. O'u 'ui^roij-, · ·- venr- .-f f^inl-li-innr'nt - l i s Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland 'The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 HOME CLEANLINESS WTien you burn high grade ^oal you will observe a marked improvement in the cleanliness of your home. In delivering coal we exercise the greatest care, too. You will like our coal service--it merits your full con Science. MARKELL FORD PHONE 202

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