Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

, July 1, 1961 o r i M U r ft , AAKANIA* Thelohomos ACROSS 1 ""is «pitb1 6 Italiart . 6f th$ Bahamas 6 Employes 7 It is a wifiief 5 Sharpen* 4 India I Sfroquoiaih 9 * as cu!irte 13 Compouhd ethers 15 Everlasting 10 targe" hSwk (poet.) 11 ftents artew »16 Mere 12 Woody plants : 17 Major (music) 19 Point a Weapon . 18 Harangue sa Breathed noisily 34 Entice 42 Ribs for : 20 Scottish „. ;n sleep 35 Bondman instance 24 Writing 30 Frenchman's 44 Appears implement ,. delicacy 4f) Musical terra rim sheepfold ' 21 Female saints ; (ab.) ! 23 courtesy title . 24 Favorites • 2'5 E»irriities ' 27 Coinage ; 29 South American wood sorrel • 31 God of flocks %32 Operated '33 Thus (Latin) 34 Reluctant 37 Speech impediment 40 Clothed 41 Spider's creation 43 Dregs 45Morindin dyes" 46 Fruit 48 Malt drink 49 Assemble troops 51 Cuddle 53 Laud 2Ggicatrbc 88 Usher ' 47 Bird's home ^BBraa 39 Medicinal ball SO Sesame 30 One wh» 40 Military 52 Musical replies _ lodgings direction \jl4Venerato ) ^"">5 Vendor 56 Beginnings DOWN 1 Requires 2 Discriminating 3 Solid (comb, form) TIZZ tv. NEWSPAPER ENTEBTOSE ASSN. •y Kof« Ozan* THfi fiJ BAi'fC TO TIlPlR SHIP, FlAGM.' ITS Al.l CAN DO NOW. I H-V/r AN IPCA, IfE'I CAN'T (>U'MVAN|[| If Bill IF II" wcw;.... we AW/ or SAVED— (IK- f ,Kf/v~-f'>, WllL (JIVE (IP AN'/ IPFA Or AN iNVAKi ALLEY OOP If V. t. Homli* b r NCATinc. T.M. Ity.US. P«tt Off. rain in two months ... 110 degrees in the shade! We didn't have this kind of weather before they stopped the nuclear tests. SPOSENVWr M00NMENS\ WRONG HEY/ WHAT ABOUT THV REST OF W MOON-/ EM?i ? SVHERE'O I OH, MY <3OSH.' WAS HEA060 MOON AN' t WASNT DONG JUST REAPY FOR SUD-t _r\ RI(3HT/ A UONG TRIP CAPTAIN E>SY •y Lctlia turacv SWEETIE PII By Nadlnc Seltxci r^ © 1561 t>» IKA, (no. T.M. H«s. U.S. Pot 0«. THE MOUNTAIN* HAD.REACHED AN UNUSED 5HEP HEAR TOWN... ,,,r«K«». -l =>!• rw..w= n»vc -n,u^ , , , n^ AN HOUR FLlSHT. WE'LL T APlOSiAVIP JO&It ^CAPWN C^YCOWIKCBO WAIT TILL THBVRB AIR60RNJ TO ] SOOP UKK. ..-<£—. IJta !- i ' 1 ->"-* I ">>-i FREEIWS EAS/' VOU THRG& I 60N! W&LU ' LEAVE FOE. MICftRO ' "" '" ESTABLISH ALIBI51 ^^^ "pi.Miii AH,RlTA,,,PAPA».TS!l W1ICEHAVE JAILED P OUSNM. LUWl TH6 UWIP/fftWOMAWBI WRPORT, UNPER ABOUT PUSKl BLONDIE By Chic T«Mng I THINK I'LL TRICK IMP. DITHERS INTO GIVING ,-~ ME A LITTLE Yj VACATION p-f-'i. 1 " V ^| ' f—1 / ^—-^—^-^-1 fe'k' MR. DITHERS---SCieNCE HAS PROVEN THAT IFA MAN HAS A COUPLE OF DAVS f / GOOD OFF, IT INCREASES I'LL BE BACK |H IN A COUPLE I OF DAVS — .-X vou TAKE ) CHARGE. -^ THAT'S THE LAST TIME T RELY ow SCIENCE; IP POP By A! '"* "4 don't know. When you called and asked me to go for a ride, I was expecting more wheels!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blowr "Take a look at the black pet I found, with a white { stripe down his back!" i SIDE GLANCES •y Galbraitfe , STOP COMPLA/M INKS ABOUT FRECKLES AND TAG CAMPING Our IN THE YARP DIDM'TYOU EVER DO IT WHEN YOU Yes, BUT I WONT MEEP A PICTURE WINDOW;/ 1S61 by NEA, Inc. T.M. Dog. U.S. H«L Oil. MAYBE A LITTLE FRE«3M AIR \MILL CHEER VOU LIP YOU GUYS WlTM HAIR ME UP! 1 . ALWAYS BRAGGING! BETTER ALREADY SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Niml OUT OUR WAY By J. R. OUR iOARDING HOUSi wi»h Major Hoealc ® 1561 ky NE», »M. T.M. Htf. U.S.'Prt. OK, 7-t MORTY MEEKLI i "I MU|ST straighten up this medicine cabinet before I ' j have the bridge club. The last time we met at Eleanor's*' 1 hers certainly needed cleaning out!" „. < If Ofefc C«T«Bf HARDLY THE THINS TO WSAR IN A OFFICE, PUT, ON SECOND THOUGHT. THO6B FATCHES ARE kPPfiJOPRIATe FOR WHAT ^ POESAROUNPHERe. ® 18^1 ty HE*. Inc. T.M. B(f. U.S. P.I. Oil. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI *OVES IT, TOO.' \ AWORPABOUT I • VOUf?. SKIRT'S \ 1 OM THE tJAVBU- \ you SHOULD • "V WELL, I HAVE \ THAT KNOW i COULWT ) TO SAY SOME- ) NEVER PD THAT TO HIM \ THIWS, OR BY JUST PUSHWS ) LISTEKJ TO HI& FEET OFF /A HOWL OF GOOP SKIRT/ J FAVORITISM.' POIN 1 OM THE PAVEW PORT/ NEVER A WOKC> ABOUT, IS HIS LES PUSTEP, ER HISEWCK OUTA JOIWT? I JIS PIP THIS T£» PROVE IT,' WHV MOTHERS GET GRAV , CLAMCV, you BOUG.HT A . REMARk'ABLE•pAf^OT/-'*- A r V KNOW THAT PARROT T. IT WAS OM ACCOUNT OF LltJSO 60T WIA SAV A VJOEO FOR TV-JO DAYS / tHEs),-T(4iS MORMIM", He IN TALKIM' LIKE A SISSY/ A USP,MIMDVOU-^-AMD ME CALLS ME ALGY/ CAhJAEiES SOPEANiOS COMTKALTOS VER-5ATIL-E: BlED KI6HT, BUT V —,.-,, , 60OD THIMS YOU KWEty HOW If ( TOAPPLV ATOUKWIQUET/ HAKPEP KUOW H5K OH HIS BOAT? Scraf H 1UGSBUNNY HAKPEK CAN BE AS NASTY THE? SHARK SHE TAMQLEO WAMTMETOKEEF MOUTH SHUT I'LL ONLY HAVE? T' MOVE r///f -, ENP O'TH 1 HAMMOCK!

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