The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 10
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.-p. rgX DAILY V1WB, nKDBIOK. MP.. MOHDAT. BBC! BE GIVES OLD DFFENDERS LONG IDJMSJN JAIL Sentenced To 90 Days ? Each In Default Of Fines $100 Apiece. The Modern Balance Of Power! ONE DP 15, ANOTHER 17 AND OTHER 11 TIES John Harper, Frank Grove And ; Adrian Make! Sentenced By Judge Bowers. totaling *310 or 280 cays to the Christmas tokens hand- tbree defendants by Justice Shern p Bowers m PoUce Court Satur- night The tnc. John Harper. Grove and Adrian Make'., the colored, had been arrayed in police Court fifteen. se\erteen and tferen time*, respectively the records Revealed, so the maximum sentence was attesced each. JC1 were concerned with holiday disorders In various parts of the city Harper, »ho has served terms to various institutions, was arrested by Chief cf Police William F Sseaer. Constable Charles W. Santh and other officers Ifioay night after he had gone on a i lampage at the hoase of his brother- , in-law. Gey Barthok* The latter j and ha wife. Mrs Cora Bartholo*. Harper's sister, test-Sied against him te court Saturday night. He had created a general uproar at their home. they said and had injured Mrs. Bar- feoJoi by twisting her arm He was fined $100 and costs or 90 days for drunkenness and fighting and S10 or JO »ys for assaulting h's sister He *est to Jail. Makel was arrested last Wednesday Sight after officers sought him for several hours Mr and Mrs. John Robln- ·on. coiored. said he created quite an isproar in their restaurant cm Five and a Half street. After putting him out Of the restaurant, Robinson said he came back later. Chief of Police Stener and Officer Marshall Murray ·were unable to locate him at first, but Murray finally found him about an iour and a *"* 1f later. Makel noted to aDpeal to the sentence of $100 and csis or ninety days In jail and was released in S100 botsd. ' 3ro\e was creating little disorder when he was arrested by Officers Alton Shaff and Edgar Crum on Christmas Day. but his record of seventeen tales before the court weighed heaUly against him. He was charged with drunkenness and the fine, as in tne other cases, was $100 and costs or tsinet? days in Jan. He left for jail -rThe failure of the prosecuting «it- eess to appear resulted in another fease being held open unUl tonight It ·concerned James Posey. colored whom Officer Millard Brust found Friday night NOBODY WILL BEjAONHTSMFTS WHEN 1931 j FROM DENTISTS' OFFICES IN CITY POLICE BALKED WithwU Ctmtm I* Search Tut Child'* Dec. 27.-- Balked at barren of ic A re-enactment cl the discorer? of the child's body as made in the ear'y morning hours by Charles Buchoff. who his tiff a subjected to almost continual questioning since Tuesday morning when be made his gruesome find, Detectives. vt* followed him closely ixoo the dark, damp oeUa: of the apart* Slayer. Cincinnati. O.. every turn in their search for Vat bru- j tal layer at six-year-old Vnrfart Me- ! Lean. investigators today continued j meat bouse, said the performance faol- aoggedljr Along a trail toat has proven' «c to produce anytteng new. Many Reasons Why Public Will Chicago Man, Arrested In Hag- Be Glad To See Present Year erstown, Brought To Freder- Depart. *"ck Jail. FISHING CREEK WATER . USED BREAD KNIFE TO LOWER THAN YEAR AGO FORCE LOCKS XMAS DAY I Deficiency In Precipitation Left Here Because Police Were Likely To Mark Last 12 Getting "Too Hot On His Months. ; Trail." As '.he year 193: enters its closing ·»cei. :: appears that A eeflcit of at least three Inches !n pre_.p.tation is rsot only possible, but proaaole Tse resenoir at Pushing Creek still Taken in ciatocy Saturday night in Hagerbto»n as a suspicious character, j George Robert. Clark. 48, Chicago, a ', ijpe ner.ti has confessed. pol.ce say, i to roaDing two Frederic* deu'al offices ' on C.iristinas Day. Clark was brought "[ to this city late Saturday night by ,, , o T,,^ Cil -s.«r oa.tiiviaj ii^^- "^ the ma-n source of »ater suppiy for chle , of PO: , W w.lliaai F Stemer and · Frederick t.ty. contains less water than t it d.d last ear at tais time, following tae great drouth. Frederick county Is in the middle of another fall-winter drouth. A heavy snowfall is a thing of the One Of Many Farms Cut Off By High Water by ^ery few. Against such gloomy announcements, hlcn include no notice of the business taiell g^ · expression, the standing at the end of 54 15 I the year 1930 was: ' -^ ' st olen. i A deficit or over 20 inches In rain- i fall, '»nich makes the year 1931 over Officers Edgar Cram and Fer- ' nando Talbert and lodged m jaU with- | ojt, bond on a charge of robbery. j The offices, which police state Clark j has confessed to robbing, are those of j Drs Noah E. Kefauver and Ralph D , 151 Catnpaen. in the Rosenour building. ' The year's passing will be regretted ( corae , o , c^^ j^ Ma rke t streets, j ' A gold watch and a pair of white to Dr Kefauver were j small bank, containing j y Dr. Campbell, was j dentals practice in j adjoining offices. The gold watch was j I found by police in Clark's i Hagerstown police arrested Clark be! cause of his suspicious actions ! day night. While cross | him. he told theip that the last city he i»asin was Frederick and he lef^ because the "police were getting too hot" on his trail. Last spring and when other local dental offices ! robbed. Chief Stemer notified Capt. J. J Cassidy, of the Hagerstown police, to ' be on the alert for suspicious charac- ESaborating on the figures. It ap- ; ters ,ho might know something of the pears that 1931 was probably better off, ( Frederick from the standpoint of conditions al- Adm its Local Robberies. at Ashing Creek was about s^en inches higher than this jear. but had been much .o-*er and the city was under stringent ter regulations. the ·"* Buy Just One New Thing for Your Home with Your Gift Money! We only suggest that yon add one new thing to your keme. Spend as little as you like, so long as that thing is beautiful. We can suggest End Tables, Bookcases, Secre*- taries, Mirrors, a comfortable Chair, Lamps, Pictures . . . the list is endless, the choice wide, and prices very modest. Choose that one new thing for your home here now. "TO THINK OF FCRNITUBE IS TO THINK OF CABTY» C.C.CARTY ESTABLISHED 1868 it to n PATRICK CAST FKED1XICK. am. Practically no snowfall. Xo one regretted the year's passing Little Difference. illllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllillllllllll[||lllllllllllllllllll!!llllllllllllllllllllllllllH| 1 HENDRICKSON'S 1 ,= ANNOUNCE A SHOWING OF s "BRADLEY" | December's remaining four days i on Christmas Day and was^brought , | KNITTED FROCKS I fected by the weather, than the year preceding. The difference, naturally After questioning the man Saturday =s UiCVCUillK. J.JJ^r UAAA^.^UVC, u**-~»»J -* " f ·· enough, is caused by the heavy addi- I n-ght. Capt. Cassidy notified Chie. ^ tional volume of rainfall. To date, this j Sterner and he went to ^Sersta.? = vear the rainfall has totaled 36.72 | with Officers Crum and Talbert Cterk , _ "nches. Offhand, it appears that the admitted entering a local denta. office -best December's remaining four days \ on Christmas Day and was then *-TM«^ can add to this figure mil scarcely raise i T -o --his city. On the wa he _ it abo^e 37 laches On the othe.- hand, i Frederick officers a stayed at the , = ,, , , . , - ... , ,. M - , ,. -- ·he normal for the year is 40 07 inches, i Salvation Army headquarters here j = This bracing weather makes this type of dress qUrt« = Last vear the pitiful amount of 1958 Christmas Eve. He pointed to Dr Ke-,_ comfortable prices ar 9 = inches", probably the ioxves; total ever , Caver's office in the Rosenour buuaing. = WMmorwous. xriws ue ^ listed here for 12 months, -was regis- ; He told the police he used a thin ^ --- tercd. | breadknife to spring the lock on the ' as S\en the most careful observer could ' door of the office, which he entered ' -scarcely explain to the satisfaction of |«- ~.i--*««* *-»HT.O- r.h» iwvirt watch. ' -admitted the gold watch, ' ^^ .90, $12.50 r $16.50 Backwater from ·rith an automatic rifle in his hands. | northwestern part of ..... .... .. -_ Bis wife had notified Police Hesdquar- | bttwcca BatesM .0 and C.-i-nd-ra. M t«rs that her husband threatened to; kill her Posey »as also said to ha\e threatened to ""kill the lau ' if it interfered. He went back to jail for the hearing, charged with assault. John Boyd, colored, charged with i drunkenness and disorderly conauct by j Officers George Laymas and Brust ^ras fined S2 50 and costs Pau! Wal'z. ' Jcharged with drunkenness by Doc ^Catcher HoUtegsworth. forfeited $5. ·i- iVodeJ Til'a^.-c'iie rhcr in Mississippi has made the picture above a common scene in the ,'v." T-, - .,,,-,.,, H I -, a'.nne chartered for NEA Service and The Post, shows a farm It is cor.ip.i'c'.y isolated except b boat Flood waters are still rising. e\eryone, another fact, howeter. Bnef- !y. it is, if the precipitation has been over six times as much as last year, ·why is the level at the Fishing- Creek reservoir lower than in 1930° One ex- pair of gloves and small bank. He said , == he sold the gloves to a colored man, in , -Hagerstown for 50 cents. He further j ga stated that he broke open the bank j sa and then buried it on Broadway, -wnere J ss _id £-ur-i cor^idorable headway before H . · f rst alarm ^13 soumed 1-," mta were :~ "he shop as the '·^ has 1 eon clx-cd for 'lie holidays A' "··"..cli firemen -ncre endangered i 1 'i.l "4 walls and floors and the s'l of hea'.y macr.iin.rj no one was Flood Area REPORT ON MICROBES Society Of American Bacteriologists To Meet. Bait-mere Dec 27 --The fnut of mon'hs of re."^lrch vn the strar.ce fi"ld of microbes 'onijcht -w^s beiaf: brought to Baltimore f-on laboratories al! over the nation to be I? id before the ar.nua" the Society of American open-r.g here tomor- Tce catncnrsp of the KX\"l~ second largest sc.crtific orca-.isation in North America -s-li bruis together for the are fighting the battle aea»nst .nfantilc paralyse menuig'.tis and typhus A svrr.pos.uir. on r^erit disco\ or c? ^n var"ab.lity o' rn crc^scopic orca-ismj. "curme their jfe crjck TSI!" njv^n th" prograrr Two Jchas Hopkins research work- ^Srs. who hare been t-v^ng » f.r.d o-.;* 'trhy the skm of some humara -a .11 kill 'certain germs and why that of others "·will not will report on their f.ncinp: Loorcms: as impotaritly or. th.^ pro- grass as Lie papers on bacter.-olos-y s 'latest contribution to combat disease are papers on bacteriology s latest contributions to t2^e solut-on of acncul- ."tural and Jidustnal probiem? 1,100 Men Thrown Out Work By Sunday Fire. HONKERS DIDN'T HONK C-cc^r Fail To «orK Vs Burglar Manns And Are Stolen. \\ · -.-- -o-v pj HEAVY DAMAGE SUSTAIHEF J7 -- Gcc^f and r -a-,e! Rome f^ira^ P.easint *" " . « « L r, · C" - ( art a^ a ra.d on r ia acne ·~l C' The ippamt be Tlr the r Ncix Scar's Dav C~, Dev 27 -- \V'-,er. the T . ri«;-.Ci. .naga.nst u.i ^, of T-c-T ^p-c Ntir .-. :'-· c" -r.i^ "s cor.'ost of ;.. o '.** *".. .«o.isor. a · c .« er s 'i -°^- nr. ^t? a to- i 3C 1 · i--_- -rc 332 ro:n:^ -r. 10 is that at this time last year, j it was found Sunday afternoon by the ] December rains had started the level i chief and Officer Crum. IS on the upgrade. This year, a drouth when arrested, his suitcase revealed i S hvpodermic needles and some opiates ss He also was carrying a rubber Wan- ] -- ket and other belongings Other ar- == ticl-es indicated that he was posing as , 33 a salesman of playing cards. In addi- i ~ the bread knife, he earned a . =· ,,,,,,., knife, screwdriver and flash , = Caretaker Frank Weddle said the sup- j , g - nt ' ss ply was losing on an average of an inch , " ^'^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^^ ^ fle | = the offices seeking opiates to i ~ which has extended 01 er three months, i has slowly curtailed the supply, which [ is on tne downgrade. Most of the I year's precipitation was grouped in the spring and summer. Sunday night, the level at the Pish- ~^~ n ir.g Creek aim was 24 feet, 4 inches ! p at {y Of the fall jttle can be , reached the extensive Droportionstf 'last year but cononions have been from tfae - Dan5 - -- The casual observer would agree I the Cen- i = Com?any Tne year 1932 can be worse, from a weather standpoint, but not much. It w.;i receive no gaudy welcome from a cojbtful poojlace. who have passed :hro.»gh two lean rears, but ;t wi^ have .-5 share o! hope. Search For Missing Frier. Marlmton W Va . Dec 37 --Two TJ. S Army planes and fojr hundred men searched West Virginia's rugged moun- ^ajas lat« today for the plane of Lieut, E H Boobitt, Jr, 24. missing army flrcr. ba: fojnd no trace of it A report t.iat's plane and b-xir had been found faro rr.Je5 north of here iras aa STICKLER SOLUTION AMO 7W£R SAMO THH» VSO ME BLI FEAR4 7W£/?/ SAFA (LL HEGE TSAN EWM// FE. By wparatmj the above letters ai tht ng}« pbca ACT can be made to react ~*A modier a » mother a3 the dzyi of ha Be. This Home Just Barged In I To Pass On Dnher Plea- Baltimore Dec 27 -- Acljas on ar appeal f^r vjrarE-j-atsor. of ser'ence iuage Joseph vT.rcaa. s ".^ss ji thr t^in^ial coort ^=iorro'y. ^ evr-ect«i Ja r^e Tfietner Hertcar, We* D^cr ."Shall ^arig for the ~^rd-er of Jor^i W or s^end tie reir^^iier of fe jr. tie Marjlazd 3en.-ent.arr Victim And Sceae Of Murder to be hanged today sa.d he irould confer in-s rrorning Trith H^rbe~ R O'C^cor states attomET an: oefense Ts ana tnat th-s T^. c The ;jr- at said tbere ^sroolfi "oe n-o neoess.ty of :ak^3g Duisr frcss TMe iea:h bo^se ti; tje per-itent-ary to court :a hesz the Express Appreciation. '. The prisoners at tr.e Frederick jaii "twenty-eight in number nave e"cpress- ·ed m · tr.e~ thanks for the ,_Chr^tross eerier served them by ^Ehsnff ar.c Mrs. Charles W. Crmn ^h? rr.»--1 '-as roast dressed ch.cSer, s"5r=e- a-a Ir--h pocatoes and gravy ss~er rc^ -' c err, p:c£ie» bread and -"better. Ice creain. cake, car.dy. apples -anti ors^ces Cigars and S^3!ei port.orLi of the map above V-.-ITT ihere f.ooc Caters threaten towns r. Mivsiss.pp. and Louisiana The Tal- i.-^vhic r.ier ^i Mj^_ss.ppi and the D \-^y»nre .-. Lou^iina s-c far o\er -·.- ban'cs"e .ri L-vj^-.ana. j= T.r -f trse to-rns romp'ctcly CJt off. BOY. 6, KILLS BROTHER Thrrc lar OH Ralv Dies With Bollct In Xeck. Srr thsb .-c M= r ar alrroK in wr.ich .i an3 a co' - irere c-sntributed bv a rcsicsnt of Fred- ese outr · Dx- 27 --?.aying · :"" O'V'^Te Warrer, ;n5:^r.'... k ' ed h* ' her J^hr. n the r*- t.iree ~.."c? from e "a; I .--·- Warr.*r a r_°.d ; .-t rx'_rrec r^or^e Sa" rday .re ard -.-^; r_s s^oocr as t-irf-i- v ,.--ec T.:e s-_r. of a cv Sr^ ^ v= ^A-- G'.r.s ·" a comer ar. to T'ro mother ralVxi to hjn to ^tract ·he shell i .t before bov cou'd do --v tr» spin ^rr: off the bullet s"r kinc .* -? in th? -ock He "ived acw.t ten r^rutcs. ?**e brothers s^d sis*ers The authcr.tses^t.rated and a ^ o--QI^W Oi s^c.ccn ^t s.i:Oo\iiic ^as re-- Tteo Models Made by the Famous Bradley = Knitting Mills Now On Display = I Looking forward to our an-1 | nualJanuaryClearance...our | | prices on household Sheets, | | Cases, Muslins, Blankets, | j Comforts, Wool Batts, Etc. | | will be the lowest in many | | years. 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