The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 8, 1970 · Page 11
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May 8, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 11

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1970
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

^lsfer jto., May 8. __ IPlNKLEY, CBS REPORTER .._ WASHINGTON,: D,C, (APJ „Senator Robert J. Dole (Rep,, Kan.) 'said Thursday a Columbia Broadcasting System reporter came "perilously close to attempting to incite^ mutiny" amofig U.S. troops about to go into'battle in Cambodia. "•'Does-freedom— of- the press include the v right- to-ineite-mu- tiny?" Dole asked. "I, for one, do not think so." , Dole placed in the Congressional Record a transcript of reporter Gary Sheppard's interview jwith the troops, broadcast by CfeS Wednesday night. He said-ihe wanted his colleagues tp:jij$ge for. themselves the valid^ of his remarks. "Playing on Emotions" Dele also told the Senate it appears to him "that in some cases a concentrated effort is being made to destroy our national will and character by playing on the emotions of our battlefield soldiers and then by feeding the results back home to p!8y on the emotions of the American people. "I, do not believe we can long let this sort of effort go "unchallenged lest It succeed in dividing us permanently," he said. " £» Dole said he wanted to say that "CBS is not alone." He said that David B r i n k 1 e y, whose forte is not reporting Jjut playing on emotion, told Us (as^ 'night that a playground in ah enemy village was a casual- e war. ..«>-. Claims "Twisting" - lAfl«r quoting further from 'fhe- v NBC broadcaster's re- REGISTER PHOTO BY GEORGE CEOLLA Top Boss, Booster .Russell E. Johnson, jr., owner of King's Prescription Pharmacy, 610 Locust st., poses with his office manager, Mrs. Jean Roach, who nominated him for the annuaP'Boss of the Year" award given by the En Thcos Chapter of the American Business Women's Association. Johnson received the award Thursday night during the group's banquet at Eddie Webster's Restaurant in West Des Moines. Rake dive's Plan to Alter Zoning Law By Vcryl Sanderson MALEY;LOSS UNDER $5,000 A reported shortage in the Polk Counly Recorder's Office -, _______________ marks, Dole added:. "There is Land developers charged! 18 under $5 ' 000 ' Recorder lr cne nfinitey t wistbd [Thursday that proposed j Maley Said Thursd ^ _ * ' *~ about Mr. Bnnkley's effort to h jn ' " | The shortage in the hunting make' the American people!^ nangcs '" U ' ve c 'V g |a"^ f'shing license fund was think- America's leaders a ndi dlnances could result ln u n fa 'r reported .to State Auditor Lloyd X 'VM A*Vl«i«t'» njil *Ji *\.*n « *.«. !_ il_^.7nmnn i^nnitlnltmn O*~.~!< t. _ u J T~*_ 11. ^_..._j__ iji America's soldiers are in the zoning regulation. business of fighting little chi!-; "Whims of individuals," dren." is jthe term one developer used in to the Clive City said that Sheppard was . „„.. . inline views of GIs who were I Cmlncil about tne Proposed not- happy about being sent to Cantbodia, but who were never theless on the plane when it fboK off. •°Hc was a reporter on the scene and reported the views of said- • 1 'No" immediate comment was available from NBC. CAR HITS BOY FREEWAY -An-'fcyear-old Des Moines boy escaped serious injury Thursday when he was struck by an automobile on the MacVicar Fre«way, police said. " Robert Lee Loftus, son of Mrs.- Freda Loftus of 2209 E. Mortun ave., was Ireated for a changes, which would stiffen the city's zoning rules. The changes would require a detailed site plan to be submitted to the city, decrease -_the-aUowaWe—sl«r-of~apfl- mcnt buildings and Increase the amount of land space around them. ' , , ( i Before a liuildihg permit | could be issued,'the site ..plan | would need the city council's 'approval. John R. Grubb, co-operator of J and J Construction Co., 8171 Hickman Road, said, "I do'not object to submitting a site plan. But I don't want to'be under the influence of a personality. "There's too much in here (the proposed changes) left to t h e individual desires of someone or somebody. I'm not accusing anybody, but it bump on his forehead and wasj could happen," Grubb said. .released from Bcoadlawns.. Polk County Hospital. ^Police said the child was one of three boys who crossed thg'northbound lanes of (he interstate near E. Thirtieth street and stopped in the median strip. The Loftus boy then' started to cross the southbound lanes, officers said, and stepped into the fpa'tb/of a car driven by Richard A. Mathews of Indianola. V A "city ordinance prohibits pe- .destrjtens from walking in the .fpeway right-of-way. ' Ifa'thews fold police when he applied his brakes to avoid hitting the child,' the car spun around and struck him. No charges were filed against the drivef. Librarians Open Meeting Today A talk to Dr. Willard L. Boyd, president of the University Of Iowa, at a 6:30 p.m. •banquet at Hotel Savery will highlight today's opening session -of a twa-day'coflference of : the .Midwest Academic Librarians.-His subject is '.'Our Mutual Problems." "New Ventures in Academic •library Co-operation" is the theme of the conference, opening with registration at 10 a.m. at Cowles Library on the Drake University campus. A 12:30 PJB. luncheon at Drake's Hubbell Dining Hall will precede the first general session at 2:30 Room 101 of Meredith ; Grubb was joined in his criti- Jcism by" Sidney Epstein. 3131 ! Flour drive and owner of Ep' stein Realty. "I don't think we (builders) should have, to have our plans reviewed over and over apain, like we were criminals," Epstein said. Charles Colby, operator of Colby Construclion Co., 6581 Uriiversily Avenue, added, "My counsel says this thing (the proposed amendments) can be broken in court." Councilman Gerald Manning Demo Primary Candidates for House Tell Views on Issues By Michael Sdfkifl North Des Moines Democrats will choose June 2_between an 'incumbent legislator concerned With .the growing influence of Special interest, groups, and a 'candidate who is campaigning idr tough anti : crime measures. . Incumbent Norman G.'Jesse, 32, an attorney, a"nd James N. Patkev58 r a businessman ,^afe seeking the Democratic nomination for the House^ of Representatives sqat in- Polk Sub- district 2. • Jesse, who has.. ju§L_com- pfeted his first term_Jn the .House, says special interests wield "undue influence" in the General Assembly. "Sometimes .it's subtle — occasionally it's very gross — but their influence on legislators is awesome." Winning War.- Parker has served one year on the Des Moines Model Cities Board, and has been a candidate for mayor and the City Council. In 1966 he announced, and then withdrew, his candidacy for governor. Parker puts strong emphasis on ending the "permissiveness" which allows crime to exist in the United States,-and he says winning the Vietnam war with nuclear weapons will slop about a third of America's crime. "Most of our crime is college Today'* TV Leg -7r 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:15 12:30 Moin«t 13-WHO (NBC) flay. 2:38 ft-flftfj* . ikes Two 3:01 Sffrtwm CSneefiiWIon 3:50 Floppy SSe of Cent 4:00. Movie H«W. Squares 5:36 NBC News Jeopardy 6:00 News Who, What Metis ' Cartoons Movie "Arwlh. World 10:30 Tonight . D«t Molnej 8-KRNT, ,(CBS) 7:30 Name, Game .9:00 Bracken 10:00 Ame« 5-WOl 7:00 Circuit 2:00 . 7:30-Jeff's Collie 2:30 8:00 Lone Ranger 3:00 8.-30 J. LaLanne 3:30 9:00 Magic W'dow 4:00 9:30 Schooltime 4:30 10:00 Betwitched 5:00 10:30 Movie Game 6:00 11:00 Everything 6:30 11:30 Wld. Apart 9:00 12:00 News 10:00 1:00 Truth, Cons. 10:30 1:30 Dating Game (ABCL, General Hosp. One Life Shadows Beaver Fllntslones* Gllligan Perry Mason ABC News NBA Game Special News Dick Cavett ' 7:00 7:30 8:00 $:00 9:30 10:00 •10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 Semester CBS News BWast Club Kangaroo Luey M.. Brubaker A. Griffith Lo«e of Life Heart Is Search Tmw. News World; Turns Splendored ''Guiding Light 2:00 secret Storm 2:30 E'dge of Night 3:00 Gonier f»yle 3:30 Goorifist 4:00 Mike Douglas 5:30 CBS Newt 6:00 News 6:30 Gtt Smart 7:00 Tim Conway 7:30 Hogan 8:00 Movie 10.00 News 10:40 Movie DejMolnes 11-KDIN (Educ.) 8:30 Bus.-Ind. 9:00 Sesame St. 10:00 Edue. TV 3:00 Bus.-Ind. 3:30 Sesame St. 4:30 Kadipusland 5:30 Mr. Rogers^ 6:00 What's New 6:30 Travel film 7:00 Folk Guitar 7:30 Growing 8:00 The Show 9:00 D. Sussklnd 10:00 Travel film 10:30 From Mere House ,Subdistrict 2 Smith and Polk County Attorney Ray Fenton early this week, Mrs. Maley said. The hunting and fishing license fund collects about $160,000 in fees each year. Mrs. Maley would not give the exact amount of the shortage discovered in last year's books, but said the loss would be covered by a bonding company, which bonds deputy- recorders for $5,000 each. Mrs. Maley also.said there were "other irregularities" in the records of the 1969 hunting and fishing fund. She refused to elaborate further. Auditor Smith said his office was auditing all of the Polk recorder's books for 1969, in addition to the hunting and fishing books. Smith said he had no knowledge of any '"irregularities" in the recorder's books. He described the audit as part of the "regular annual audit of all courtly offices." The audit Is being conducted 'to few weeks early this year," Smith noted, but .he would not say whyr The audit will be completed and released to Ihe public "in a number of weeks," Smilh added. conceded Ihe amendmeTits may Mark Germany's Surrender Date REIMS, FRANCE (AP) '— Wreaths were laid in front of the late Gen. Dwight D. Eisen- hQWer'j World War II oper- a"t i o n a .1 headquarters here -Thursday, the twenty-fifth anni- lions. Mayor Roy Porter said a committee of councilmen, board" of plan and zoning members and other city officials would meet with the developers to see if the amendments could be written to cover these objections. "I don't think we're too far apart right now," Grubb said. "But we want to be a little safe on this thing." In-other business, the council approved the first reading of an ordinance which would require all commercial establishments serving food to obtain a restaurant license from the city for. $10. vepsary of the -German army unconditional sur- i command's render. Richard M. Dougherty, ate director of Libraries University of Colorado, the session. .'A tour of the Grand View College campus, beginning "at 9 a^,' will open Saturday' sioa.. Among leaders of discussion groups, starting at l6:30-a-m. in the Grand View science classroom building, will be Dale M, Bentz, associate di rector of libraries at the Uni versity of Iowa. A 12:30 p TO. luncheon in the men's dormitory will conclude the conference. Only one foreign diplomat at- rioting caused by radical elements who have support / of peace-type groups. If we end Ihe war, we end riot-connected crime." Parker said he also favors a bill to end the pre-trial release Iowa. Different View Jesse lakes a different view on crime: "Most crimes are committed ouLflLejMnprnJc Jiejcessity. We need to combat the reasons behind them - the economic plight of the criminal." He advocates community rehabilita- lion centers to allow Criminals to work themselves back into society. Jesse proposes beefing up the Iowa Commerce Commission to make it an effective regulator of business. Their pay should be doubled. They're uunderstaffed and underpaid. And they need facilities and the technicaj experts to perform adequate supervision of companies." And Jesse had some strong words about utilities: "I'm not convinced of the legitimacy of some of the Iowa Tower and Light Co. advertisements. Why should our light bills pay for advertising that tells us how great the power company is?" City Wage Tax And why, he asked, should Iowa Power promote advertisements selling color TVs — and then pass the costs along to consumers? Jesse also criticized the telephone company for lowering rates on long distance calls, and raising local rates. And he •added:- "When I bought my house, there was a phone already installed. Yet the telephone company can charge for earnings tax for wage earners who work in a city but don't live there. "This could eliminate the property tax entirely," he said. "And we could use part of it' for anti-crime' measures." . An advocate of industrial growth, Parker said "we have lever begun to use our poten- ;ial in Iowa." He proposes tax Breaks to get industry into the slate. Back to Land •. To get'people out of the cities arid "back to the land," Parker would like to see the state donate a five acre plot of land to any family who agrees to farm t. "On five acres they could grow ajl the groceries they leed," he contends. Jesse advocates changes in the tax structure: Raising the state income tax for higher income brackets, paying school costs with general stale funds, and raising the corporate income tax. Parker is a real estate agent and owner of the Parker Vacuum Cleaner Supply Co. He is married, has three children and ives at 821 Hickman road. Jesse lives at 2016 Avalon road, and is single. He has been -with the law firm of Jesse, Le Tourneau and Johnston for six years. The winner of the Democratic primary will face-David-Lee Smith, who is unopposed for the Republican nomination. Senate to Avoid California Rally SACRAMENTO, CALIF. (AP) — The state Senate voted Thursday to cancel today's session in view of a mass antiwar rally at the Capitol, but assemblymen overrode plans for the Assembly to take the day off, top. A proposal calling for the Assembly to join the Senate in recess was overridden after a long" private c'auctis •of'i*hi--'an : tire Assembly. ( State police had begun laying plans to virtually seal off the Capitol during the rally on the west steps of the Capitol following a six-block long march., tended the ceremony: A Soviet ] inslallation, even if they don't deputy military attache, Yuri I install anything." Ryev, in full parade uniform. I Parker supports a municipal Imoefial Inn / The Very Finest BOONE, IOWA TRY BEAUTIFUL BOONE FOR A RELAXING WEEK END ' MOTEL SIZE NOW DOUBLED TO SERVE YOU BETTER *™BMrt!8S^ '^'farV'v aME KSSff ' fig**** Lane Banquet Room Entertainment Nightly ...... „..„ MEETING^ATTENDANCE IS BETTER AT THE IMPERIAL INN PHONE 432-4322 AT BOONE FOR YOUR NEXT DININO MEETING OR ROOM RESERVATION 14 U< H?. Switchboard Velvet Soft Water Truck Overturns With Torpedoes MORRIS, ILL. (AP) - A truck loaded with Navy torpedoes overturned Thursday and military officials ordered the area cordoned off. A military demolition crew was sent to transfer the torpedoes, en route to the Naval Weapons Station at Charleston, S.C., to another truck. The driver, Lloyd A. Aune, 27, of Goodlettsville, Tenn., and a passenger, Gene Story, 37, of Madison, Tenn., were hospitalized in fair condition. -•w- Radio FM (megacycles) 88.1—KDPS (FM), Oes Moines; educational 90.1—WOI-FM, Ames; educational; stereo- 91.7—KSUI (FM), Iowa City; educational; stereo 94.9—KFMG (FM), Des Moines; stereo 97.3—KDMI-FM, Des Moines' 100.3—WHO-FM, Des Moines . .104.1-KLFM (FM), Ames, stereo; ABC-FM , AM (standard kc) 640—WOI, Ames; educational 910—WSUI, Iowa City; educational 940—KIOA, Des Moines 1040—WHO, Des Moines; NBC 1150—KWKY, Des Moines . 1350—KRNT, Des Moines; CBS 1390—KCBC, Des Moines; Mutual 1460—KSO, Des Moines; ABC CHANNEL CHUCKLES By Bit Keane "What I liked best about part two of the big movie .was missing part one." • Cook like a French chef with American dalrg at *octat1on Television Highlights . . NBA GAME. New York Knickerbockers vs. Los Angeles Lakers in final game. ABC at 6:30. • • • THE NAME OF THE GAME. Red Chinese delegates walkout on an international conference on air pollution. NBC at 7:30. MAKING THINGS GROW. Soil-the growth of plants indoors. Educational network:at-7:30. NETWORK MOVIE. "The Crooked Road" (1964), starring Robert Ryan and Stewart Granger, CBS at 8. 130 Escape Blast On Ascension Day N Y 0 N , SWITZERLAND (REUTERS) — An explosion followed by a fire severely damaged a match factory here Thursday, but no one was hurt because the 130 employes had the day offjor Ascension Day. ON WAY TO SEE POPE MILAN, ITALY (REUTERS) — Vasken I, head of the Armenian Orthodox Church, arrived here -Thursday on his way to Rprne for a meeting with Pope Paul. Helps cars start faster Add Gumout to your gas tank. It cleans your ' carburetor while you drive. Boyer On Name Of The Game Charles Boyer and Craig Stevens guest star in a drama of Communist intrigue, starring series regulars Gene Barry and . Susan Saint James. This episode was filmed on location in France. 7:30 P.M. Indian War A- Threat to Cannons The Cannon Ranch is threatened by an Indian war when the military sends a bounty hunter after an Apache brave accused of murder. 6:30 ,P.M. Johnny's Guests Visiting "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" are Dr. Robert .. Menninger- .and . M e 1 b a Moore. 10:30 P.M. Science Fiction On Early Show Today, THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US ' with Jeff Morrow and Rex Reason. 4:00 P.M. SATURDAY '51 NY Giants vs. '69 Nets A special edition of "Baseball Today" • will feature the opening contest in NBC's computer baseball tournajnent to determine the greatest team of the last 50 years. Sal Maglie will battle Tom Seaver on the mound as the miracle 1951 Giants meet/ the amazing 1969 Mets in computer baseball. 1:00 --" •-••••-• -----S. F. Giants vs. Mets— live Curt- Gowdy and Tony Kubek bring you play- by-play action as the San Francisco Giants meet the New York Mets at Shea Stadium in New York. 1:30 P.M. UIHOTV COLOR 13 MOVIE TONIGHT at 10:30 Peter Sellers WRONG ARM OF THE LAW A trio of expert thieves' masquerade as policemen and collect their loot from successful robbers with such finesse the robbers go to the police for protection. At 10:30 tonight following Russ Van Dyke Pete Taylor 1 and Craig Crummer 8 O'Cloek MOVIE I Bob Hppe "CRITIC'S CHOICE" Bob is a critical Broadway critic. Lucille Ball is his wife, who writes a play that he has to review. Choice comedy, in color. TV KRNT • DES MOINES

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