The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, July 24, 1934
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J- tf YMT t*ri* Nm I. Not O» Yw Porch By 5:15 o'Oocfc. Call TW N*w» Office B*fm 6 o'Clock For Prompt D*fiv* 164orl«S. Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage VOL. LXV NO. 234 PARIS, TEXAS, TUESDAY, JULY 24, 1934 EIGHT PAGES HOME EDITION ESTABLISHED 1 Texan Kills Daughter For Insurance 16 County Police Captain Tells Story Of Tipoff lABRoadsIn ~ "' ' That Led To Death For John Dillinger Two States Candidates Meet In West Paris La»ts Until After 11 o'Qock Mondav Nisrlit Dillinger On His Death Bed </P> — The Chit«ij:<>; "Six weeks ago this man. xvho South Bend, he reported seeing Herald and Examiner in a coj»} - i has been living in Chicago for ; our man at the theatre a third righted story Tuesday said that John Dillinger had been under po- momhs. came to m« and told me '. time. he had seen Billinger. I informed ! "Two days later I Are Combed lice observation for a week before j him tfaaf 1 if this were true he had I Martin Zarkovich of the Indiana; — he was shot and killed Sunday | an excellent chance of collecting j Harbor police, comrade of the i Texas and Oklahoma Are Searched For Three Escaped Criminals AtKIN, BAMMACK 9 ACT AS CHAIRMEN Aspirants Present Platforms and Qualifications to Larare Crowd -Several Paris and hundred citizens of adjoining communities night by department of justice i the 520,000 reward money. t policeman Dillinger shot down In agents. ; "This informant then told his 1 an Indiana, Harbor bank robbery \ The central figure in the case. ! story—that he had seen Dlliinger [ more than six months ago. .the newspaper said. qxsoUnc Capt. I in front .of the Biograph theatre i "Zarkovich went on his vacation • Timothy A. O'Neill of the East j at 2433 North Lincoln avenae. j immediately afterward. bat he: Chicago. Ind.. police, who was at | ~*A few days later, the infor- ; spent his time trailing down IM21- f the scene of the shooting, was a. | mant told me of seeing: Dillinger ; inger. j Croatian informer, a former gam b-; at the theatre again. And on the- "On July 16. Zarkovich sat in | ling acquaintance of Dillinger. j night of the Saturday that JDI11- ! front of the theatre in a car ind ' O'Neill's story was set out | inger and his gang accomplished j : _^_ as follows: i.a. spectacular bank robbery at J See PO3UCE. Page S. CoL, 4.. ; LEFT BY FLEEING PRISONERS listened to 1S speakers Monday | night a» county candidates enter- j *d upon the last lap of the 1934 | political campaign for the first j primary. The spacious lawrt of Street Methodist church * crowded from* early in the g until after 11 o'clock. All Death Toll From Heat Up to 535 GERMAN DROUTH | BROKEN AT LASTj Blanket of Heat Begins to Thin On Ed«es; Not In Middle BERLIN. £P3 — Itain drops which beat down on most of Ger- ; many over the •week-end washed | away some of the nation's somber j economic clouds- ! The severe drouth- which has sharpJy reduced crops, was believed broken in many sections. Cleanup At Lake Crook Is Ordered a Hamer Put On Trail Of Desperate Says Rumor KL-NTSVILiS. Texas, (J?) —^ Texas prison hoard came to Hunts- vil'e Tuesday for s. special meeting called to make a searching investigation of Sunday's unprecedented break from the death house of the state penitentiary here, The meeting was called by •peakers were given strict attention, though groups on the out- •kirts of the crowd indulged in j discussions of the merits of the j -various candidates throughout the { meeting, x '"••'] . A- M. Aikln and R. V. Hammack acted as chairraen of the meeting and introduced the various speakers^ While aJl talks records for intensity and •were Uxmied to 10 ntlrtutes, the j tion- . ' j l?3^ tec explained tieir views] The blanket of heat, tenacious By The Associated Press The death toll mounted to 535 Tuesday as intense heat blazed tjown on the nation. To Supplement Work Already Done There member of Xhe board had spent most of Monday at the prison. , __. __ :-- -j j Chairman W_ A. Paddock ot Government leaders as well as far-j flavor and Council Decide! Houston after he and another niers were cheered. i The storms, however, had their j bad side. Six persons died -when i sadden squalls swamped boats, most 01 them on Lake Constance,! Mayor Crook reported to the I cape and endeavor near Lindau. j citT council at the called session I blame. There were numerous landslides j Monday night that something j Raymond Hamilton., 4-Year-Old Drowned As She Sleeps I Father's First Story Is of ] Kidnaping; But Later I He Breaks Dcnm This picture of John IJillinger, , federal agents and police who stir- Board members said they planned {the notorious outlaw killer. shows ] prised as fee emerged from z. \ s.ui \ to investigate ?J1 angles of the es- to fiz any liis body as it rested in a Chicago \ theatre. The body was later re- patrol wa§:on where he breathed f moved to the city morgue- (Asso- his last after being shot down by i ciated Press Photo.) aims and stressed their indi- vidaaJ qualifications for the office H. Wiggitx state tax super.-vests tlte first speaker, ask- and oppressive, showed signs of lessening at the edges, but in the midwest, where its devastating ef-l fects are greatest, no relief, was { sighted. • . | An aco-fjjcial, i2«rdesree l»n>-i perature was recorded: at Musee- j _ "Slackle" ^JTT^" causing blocked roads, and rhej should be done tovi-ard completing | Thompson and Joe Palmer, the £ U ^ l * f vintage of many vineyard terraces the work besan at Lake Crook ! first three men ever to escape the " was mined. , by the CWA, and at least the" rub- \ deatr* house, meanwhile had oblit- bish on the grounds should be j ^.-atea their tracks and officers removed and the picnic tables W. visor, ins * inar- co.ttot? edt^ero! for Georg* H. | * fe>fe:' c^^s^for ••'Tfe"-jr« lding8 were general thraughoai { as,State Comptroller,; ^ ft^ central western states,"-" ; ' ' Str candidates for .count? school . Tbe AtSaniJc seaboard was cool- } •tepteriateadeni were the first | t fa fo _ relief was ' h€ | d ou; < county ssiadidates to talk. *" Paris People Are Hurt In completed so people could use the resort with comfort as was intended- The Federal agency or agencies, if any. he stated, claina to be still in charge "f the work, i .,: i .|-..t» .the,.rale. ,they are now pro- 1 ceedias, h« *aid e It i?eould. b« five years ~ or na'ore before the grounds wer«.irt"-,^i« condition they should be.."' ...' The council instructed the >Jrsi. Pierce. tlie first ! for'the-southern coastal states and ; ]VJ r ^nH Mr« *€>hj]L P. Saf- ^ ::ayOr to proceed to bave tbe ; . . • •*.••» m*j^.^*. .. *.*. ^,» ^- '«^'*-"* -•. * w^**^, -. .^7—-.., r*?a... -*-._*£ »,*v ~._-r*A ^« J^ ^™t. " iL &Ig-h pressure area, no-.v uver • speaker, pointed out the import- j wester n Canada, proirised relief j of trie office which .she » j f or the great lakes territory. i j. She said «. county super-j j; a Cmcag.a. packers and offic- ; iatendetst n«ust -direct ibe -wrork of 1 Lais, <ielase<i with record shtp- i tfee teacher^ and co-oj>era.te with | jtteui.t of cattle because of the •troste«s and th« st«.te department | drouth, appealed to fold Are Injured Near Greenville Mr. and Mrs. Jolin. P. Saffold i t w- 503 Culbertson street were se- \ scverntllenl r-erely injured when their car] the flood place cleaned up and to do such j other Tvork as lie might find nec- | essary, which he said, he -scoulc { begin at once. Ths"/citr 'lias been paying: $40 1 copied :-y the I^amar counzy relief $190,000 Estate Listed In Probate Application ' who were on ttte lookout for there zhroujrhcmt tbe soutii-west had no reports of tltelr •sv-herea'bonts- Prison authorities -were endeavoring: to establish identities of • Many Bequests of Public N ature Are Provided In Will ,Of Late Mrs. Mollie. G riJEfitns,_ Filed In Local The confederates -who waited out-! *:de the prison In two automobiles I tiser- -desperaxe -trio \\~- may some g-ood POLICY FOR $4OO LOCATED Unemployed Houston Man Admits Murder After Grilling __ HOUSTON. OS%— Police said Tuesday that E. H. Stuart, unem- Ployed Housionian, had made a verbal statement admitting- that he killed one of his four-year--oltl twin daughters. Dortha. whose body was found Tuesday morning in Cypress creek about 17 "inllesr north of Houston. Stuart first had said that the child either had beers stolen cr'ha'l Brayed from his parked automo- bite here late Monday nig^rt and authorities feared she might have been kidnaped and slain. The father finally admitted, police sale, that he took the child under a Hridsre while she was asleep and drowned, her. Toe bridge was on tfce Conroe. highway. Officers said they had learned that a ?4"0 insurance policy on the child ^as delivered to Sttiart Monday. , • ' _,- ; ; The body <?f the blue-eyed, flax- en-ha.ired lass -was found under the Cypress creek o-ridsre. Investigators- thought she had been thrown from an aut&mobue passing over the ' or -are may not feave ideas regardins tbe I 510,900 to for a. oecnest of Reynolds Presbyterian identity of the tvro men and one ! Home, oae of $5.000 to Paris Jun- ' f overrurtjed being tjoueht ; about \ officials to siay Educatiots, she said, is the ^reat- | starving animals «»t asset that anyone can possess- 1 wiUi federal funds from destitute • betweers Royce Citv and She pointed oat thai tack of co- j tarraers and shipped there for; ^jn s ^V r Saffold s-uffered con- op^rattori b-rtween trus*'«»-e» and * processing. ; cussion of *he brain. a s erious patrons of rural communities and J. Bach day added to the hundred* \ s ^j^ ^vound and injury to ifa« the county superintendent xviU j <»r^thousands yf dollars of damage \ 5cft eye a rd Mrs. Saf fold's back . . vnjs le't knee TV ere sashed. They sire > -U Bcnon hospiui! at Greenville, j ^_ —..^ _ —^ _ ^ ^ Mr. Saffosd. who is senrral de- ! V^iny"** rV^**-"-"^** O-.--!*!^*** l^-^ -livery clerk at the Paris postof- a h%fc-.vav ditch ! board atld it£ employes, and by o'clock Tuesdav morning! m °:f o:i ^ ^^°' *** «stroc:ed Caddo ' I0 " erea ^ ier P a " ^ 30 *or tiat pi:r- •were in ifee waitiiis said W. W. Waid, stale penitentiary -warden•"It locks like" the Texas prison sys^rn is on the spot." J. 3. H. '"" I Holcerby of Fort Worth, board commented- "Three sen are out- loose on CONUTT. 2. Co!. Z. See DEATH, Col. 4- Jackson, who had publish- j cd notice of an application for a i frajjchLse to operate a bus line on ;njured and her forehead and \ *****}* streets in Paris, had coti- See CI.EAKUP, Pagre S .Col. 6. the public. Tliey are not s back to prison—they are going to the morgue if they are caught, for taey -srilj shoot it out with offi- Three of the six men -who attempted the break successfully See ROADS, page S. CoL 5. lor cohegre, a similar amoiist to Trinity university and becoiearliias: her "!>& to the Ssnitarinm of Paris to be used as a rriemorfa! to her husband, the late G. VT, Grif- Tit>is. th.e will of Mrs. Mcllie I- Griffitiis has been filed for probate in Haznar County court. Bequests to _incividuals- including relatives made by Mrs. Griffiths totaled 527,000- The application for probate estimated the estate at { ?19Q,OCO. isjclndins $40.000 real ! and S15Q.QOO personal property, i Mrs. Griffiths has no children. us, Drouth Ridden, To Cut Down On Water Users CORPC.S CHKIirn, Texas. \j**>. i —The ttst- <*f city water for other ,than domestic purposes durins: i the period of drouth was prohibit- f ed by l^\v Tuesday. i •water users failed It? re- • the'r consumption, as had - *tJ cit>" ctniinsisaflon when it seen th* city's vratt-r suppSy j •w^uld h-a'.>* to be conserved if it ! the com mi** Jon passed an ortlf- f nanc« raakins it an offend pun-j The newly improved section o ishable by fine for use of water j North Main j«tre^{ wa* opened to I for other than domestic purposes. | traffic shortly before noori Tues Mayor William Shaffer announ- | day. All the detour sssrns have been | ced that th? Heriousnes* of the i r<-move*J. •wate-r «horc&xr« here was increos- j The !*:re»>t. was. wtth Mrs. Safon-5. ert \ i r.>ute to Waco to visit their son ; j Herbert. Mr, Scaffold reached to i • put his hat down on th* front : • ^'-oat. the car swerving- toward tho j ! ditch. In an *ff6rt to ?W!TIS: it ] \ biick into the road, the sedan was i | overturned and went Into the | }'ditch. i Mrs, P. E. Orren of Commerce Sad-Eyed Bo vines Victims Of Firing Squad A t Pa ris Murder^wholesale murder fie. ; which the victims hax'e less of a j riame spits out the srun I chance to save their lives than land another beef is on its 2S34. with a codicil dated July o. 1934. contained 20 bequests of ?1,000 each to individuals, one o£ $2.000, five of S500 and one of | ?2.50C*. Bequests included one of | 52.500 to Hoy "SVest. negrro. -wno was employ-e<i by Mrs. Griffiths. She requested that T^est talce care of her cat, "Lady." asd her doc. "Mac" with money to be supplied for their care, Slie a!so requested A sharp sound fills the air,. I that ^vTest be g^ven employment barrel 1 at her home when it is taken over way to 1 '°y the Sanitarium o? Paris. Street 5O Feet Wide ~, —. _ . . * ° ^^y* IVorth k to Gr*-er.vilie t-> notify rela- i Bach day an Mrs. Saffo-ld^ si-ster. Mrs. Kt!!th | the sad-eyed bi j sj-e placed in a vault, kept of MS Ci 1 degrees, is-here •s sro on thoir | ij OU j-^ They then ? , - 3 «, | IJurharn. Billie Durham. GIadj~s they remain" 4S 1 »«rhasr.. Zelda Durham Jones. Joe Mattlce. Anna Vfviett, ln,c daily. L,ew than a SG-day j the city limit?, is fifty feet \v5<Je ; * !y of water remains Jn the \ «nd 5s one of the rr.oxt attractive ; x>/%/-|Cir\ Sn the city. A Jarice cuivert j «**-**'-fe- V Sta.rtlr«K Werinesday streets veill | rans Jensthwis^ of the street for s full distance of the new pave- \ Here Hinted • f ho^jv-' 1 * 3 Tue^dsy nlsrht. accordins: ; rc-m the railcoad to \, n in formatrson received here. ; SHIP i NOSES IIVTO KAILIIA! "i-nt--- X/"-a "t f ~--\r\—+ c^**o -»•* "!" t^A '^TT^C'— fc ^ov J\-2-v-». *.*s^*-»* >t-j. trtli™ *. *l" ^>i»*e™ be pjttrolled day and nljcht to pre- } vent violations of the special wat-JTnent. i ABOARD CRUISER NEW OK- t«r conswrvjtSon ordinance. I With the improvements at rhe ; J.KAXJP with President Roosevelt; "-' * ~ j *'t»t«t._.Kfjclj-wTtty department. ne-w •! sn Kail-in B^y. Hn-waii, r.^ 1 — The i OF FISH i ?>rick home and the property ail • cruiser Houston nosed into Kailuaj {& —A freak storm ; alon*r the location of the hifihwny • Kay at cTnybrvak Tuesday, brins:- • traveled acro?q« Hungary Tuesday, j office and rooting up tree* and unroofing: i rnateriaUy ! Laniar Leaders Pagr* S. CoL 4. X«?*r Tarpa it rained fish j f»>d xvithfn th« —^ . ^, —______ \v<\rk Is T -am , r hn,. been in* 3>«*id«ni Kooscv*lt to Hawaii uam * r and be*oti-i I*Ia.p J. largest * 5deraticn in the wlecuon o, WiD Rogers S. St. MA1.O1.O. SAN FKAN- CJSCO. Cailif.—Just «e&mJn£ out of ^*aut^fo5 San Francisco b»y. Th^y'ro putting a bridge «cro«» It year and the continued. of the Hawaiian fTTOUp. A briHiani sun of the Eastern t rural rehabilitation centers* in rock-pile with cactus !s ! horizon. outlined the cruisers : event requirements were on* of th« interesting spots on the I Houston an«! New Orleans to the | ra * J y for T he experiment, 5t«t« hijrhw-ay property, Pile in ma4e up of rocks fonrjatfonx from the nine In the district for which istay until they are "needed at the ! ^ U€iaihe ; canning pTnat.* I Thomas Graham -was given a ' *" j. ! bu^ldinc or. South Xlnete^nth OP^* 7 "^!. — ' lives keep .-efficient meat In" the ; s ^ r ^' and »«»«>thy Graham, a Tot | last chilling- room to be from three :° n I to five hours ah-?a<j of the opera- f I tions ai the plant. Tn-?v ar^ never * • more than five hours? ahead of | | Kach head of beef is Inspected I [after it is Killed, by Dr. F, G j n con- s Cook, the city Inspector, to make j Fawral Service to Be Held Here ' Tti.^l^rtain the tneat is suitable for | \Vedne^day >Xorr»5ns: at IO:SO i yites in Texas for establishment of; ""*"""* *"" = '. * " u *". ' "•-"-- •••* »* | _.,.., TI , , * * ! ! a. s«eci>na inspection. s:nc€ each j C. A. Kibble, ri years old, diec j head is inspected by the govern- j Tuesday rnornins: at S:15 o'clock Luncheon lo Rural Rehabilitation Head TUESDAY MORMZS'G iU '•\~ | menta? aicencirs before it is bought I at the Sanitarium of Paris foHow- ";•}• for shipment to a cans-sir.?: plant Itnc an operation for appendicitis mod th-.;y wl)) hri<Iff« tt> Honolulu If th» .^ovenirnent don't run oat of cr«*Ht. <:«»u!d wire later fn th# afternoon but better got thl* off -whlld I ium nble. A* A »«.iJor trying to run * *rtrJke. f Drove to San Francisco »ml j «tay«d all nlsrhf. Tow h«vc seer*- fu'l of nmny thinss but dtd «ver atf ono full of v *aUbj!»?** on t>oth ntdna of tha Isad nothing to do with «l»rtinic It and cver>'one of *«m %•»« r«»pona1bl« for stoppinic it- JCv*rybody ha* a *or* back from taktnftr botva. Xobody st««m» to b« rtwprtnulble for ntarttnjc th1* strike. I 4««t knpw It wa* that darn l)i\- K. PJHc Is Funds ar<* and of which Jarnrc the highway fxirth*r north of to H1nckl*y when the can be sceurcd. f or widening j ; MISSING PAINTER FOUND BRAlVOK0 Chamber of Commerce directors j abaTt ,, !r ; wher ^ aT1 oatt!e ftre k nie d . i^v 4 t >n *...-., land other Interested persons Tuc*-.„ in^p^t^,, 3nd checker* 3n tfce i ^ % ^ t"\ > i ,^ a ». » . , . i Cook, ana burial i «aj>» i s]avic?»ivriT;jr r»rft>Ta.rtor:. Their " by Robert G. Thompson, whose expert- |task is to -ook to th" 4 clraniJness of Antler? People Escape Injury In Car Mishap ANTZ.KRS. Ok!a, — Kn route Sunday to Havener. HArvey J. ; CsssHno l*enlns;ton, Mr*. Feninston. Mrs*. ! street. Harry Hendrlck*. Ross Faudree { «.nd J, B. Cftlhoun, ««caped sertoua Injury when th*lr c»r cot out of SAX ANTONIO, •with K. K. K, on at Wood I^akc, near Trinity, j the operations at th Branded ^ >ss ** 1 * f**" 5 ** ln this fieM '-^ Tex-| Kach piece of meat that helc! the interest of her' auUi- J abattoir for thr- ,-anninc abattoir, i green cemetery- The pallbearers are Jack SiebeathaH arid Ross loaves the J i \T a »> n^ant 1s* s o Paris. Arthur tx K, B "Park and Zarsamora control nnd run off « nl|th bluff in the WtndlnR Stair nnrth of TaHhtna, The ear wa» badly damaged, a ttrc blow-owt MORAl^S TKIAl, CLIMAX I.OS ANOELKS (3* — Ho!l>- wood's "morals" trial approached th* end of Ha **>nsatk>nal eours* ToewSay with final arguments for and the defendants, I>av« Al- Bandits Loot Kansas Bank Four Robber* Shoot To>vn Of Oxford Before Speeding Away OXFORD, Sas., <£•>.—F our neavily-armed men robbed ^ne Oxford bank Tuesday morning of an undetermined amount of money and fled -with five hostages after snooting tip the to^n, Homer Jester, cashier, and one -•'" ~V- bandits were Bounced by Tigilantes* shotgun fire as they t. . s.-ti inio the car. Jester suffered a flesh -wound in th.e arm and Tie bandit, shot in the cheek, •nras believed to have been more severely -wounded. Ke was bleeding profusa;y. -witnesses said, as the car sped out "f to^'n. Harold LfttrelL IS. was shot in the abdomen by ih» men as they raked, the street -with a machine Er-n In their fligbt, All tre nostates except Ted Don ley. assistant rashier. had been released a snort time after the robbery. The bandit? fled seven miles soutb. a—d then turned •westward. The robbers seised Jester- and Daisy B^y. assistjxr.t cashier. as they vren; *o the >ar.k. In front, they seized Dosler ana went in- Nine hours earlier the . father. E. "FT. Stuart, hag; report— ea to police that his daughter had disappeared from his automobile darins; the few rnlnutes he,.-Iefr;it.' parked in the north part of th*city. • •'•.; :v ; The father's first story — a^ that--he had „ taken his little girl to' 'a Picture show Monday night. "I was g-oingr back honse and stopped my car to gx> Into a sand- shop to get some sand e Dcrotha. TVSS asleep in the car. TThen I got back she was ! T ?~? i i The body was disc&srered b-v "5C. . j J, Kremmel. deputy ^arae wardea, j the place where it lay was about | 15 miles from -where the girt dis- I appear e<2. | The grirl's mother died last De| cember. The father moved to I Kouston from Henryetta. Okla.. j about three months aeo and was • living- -witis his brother. Kiern ; Stuart, a textile .mill worker. • Neighbors of the Stuarts had. i searched, all nisrh: for the little girl i in the cersse woods near the Stuart J home. j Mrs, Kern Stuart hai been car| -ns: for the chJId. 'i A ne-9i-spsper man informed Mrs. | Stuart that the little girl had been they waited for the time lock 10 open the safe. Meanwhile, word spread that the robbery -was ir» progress and s srrneu selves. shot- • *"r J. E- Campbell, patron ba.rik who ^.as taken as a had armed r.irr.s^lf with cun hut ^.va- evert?.k-~-r: ^J" ^^* e h:»-t<T::s a>- he ar-proachc'd *he rear of the bank. He d"<i ~ot S 1 ?! "•"• ; ::e a shot. Two of the ha.r:d:is t witnesses reirtained outs: do th hdldinsr a n:aeh^e sur> street ivhll^ the other two irjside. As they -.?fT. th^ ordered Jester. Miss Hay. Campb*-!! ar.d Maru^ Cs other patror:. to prec the waitirsc oar. ames cpenT-d fire t'rorr? 3 hardware sti>r^ across th^- ^T.r>?^* Tho ^art^it car. a dark Mue se• !an • Ford V-.S f. *>or-- tu--- OkTa- homa license 'a~s, S&4-554 arid • "That's good: -where -was she?"" | the aunt inquired. I •'Mrs. Stuart. Dorotha Is dead." I the reporters went on. : "I was afraid of that. TVhere was ; she?' In a bayou?" • Of a sudden her face blanched as comprehension struck her. : "Oh,"* she murmured softly. , "G<x3 help us." ' Just th>?n 3. twin sister of the ; dead child, appeared on the porch j entirely unconscious of the tra- | gefiy, happily holding a pop bottle I filled with water and drinking c from tim*? to time. : Detective "Lieutenant A. Ci Thornron, chief of the police homi- ; cide squad, annoucced thai Stuart ' had admitted holding h^r head un- I der water artd strangling her to ; death- Thornton quote the father as : say-ns he had decided he "had too : many chiMreri."* 1 : Stuart sa.5<5, according ta Thorn ton. that he pressed on the little : irirl's throat so that no water : wouid get into her !unss«. medium ey wore \vhito ar,d licrbr. tr AIR PROGRAM •WASHINGTON. '.•?"* — Quick a social (ctperlmen^ and eosnpha *iaed in* fact that tne success of I av^rase daily kill is 30 such a movement would depend on ! maintained despite variations heat* j brothers. Keith» "Wilson an-d L-loydiero lines, I Kibble all of Koxton. besulesS t WEATHER | Old Sol carrse back with v«n' sreaac* Mon«Jit5~ when th« maxi: mam temperature recorded h^re I canie within one degrree of Ch* i record hish for the year of IOS S desr*e55. There was Tittl-:! rftlisf it* • the ni.icrht aa the heat continu*d I until mSdnig-hc or liitrr wrrh the- i rninirfjUTJi recor'.lsd at SI d»?irrc«*s, | Fr«sh bre^z^s Tuesday however. con«»d«*rabS« r»!i«f, «alr th« attitude cooperation of the people in the locality \vh**re iucn * c*nt«r i* «it«mlsn<*a, »ne v»i «<r«« cwws, om. nt> t c«w old brt*ny of sin^.ilar experiments {^t««I of laryngitis. Or fallen the number butchered each «ay. LST ran dp* rents. So yes, -Willie, relief clients \vUt]' vrn::e - °- Pl e*t dead cows. But not cows Loagrhmiller of Roxton. Mr. and Mr», C, A. :tv. and Mrs. Delia XM'V.-V.* >. Mr.Ibbte who 441 Jn places with accc«* to industrial <«• centers, hut out thnt the _.._._. -- CoL «. firins iunbanda.ceU i«> the fate that that died r*»for» a f Kast Cherry street ha^ made his home in Paris the past year and their eye* here in business, though h* wa* born and reared at JUxrton. 2ft HE.\T 3>F.ATH$ CINCINNATI, i^ — Cincicnati Tuesday counted 20 more heat deaths In the last -4 hours, sending the total of 40 in this city alone a» weather forecasters agrve^d no major rel^f could he- expected before Thursday, at OKLAHOMA: Tuextay night; Wednesday. cloudy to tm-.tfttJctJ. *» north. 0n!«rttled. *«» «o«tte ponton*. t bonders** t>rm» in tn tioo. wind* oa to ^.

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