The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 22, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1924
Page 9
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1924 JME HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE NTNE. "ONLY 38" SCORES HIT High School . Auditorium Crowded to Capacity. STUDENTS SHOW ABILITY Every Part Was a "Star? Part and Made Instant' Appeal. Holchlnson can well TJO proud o( liar young people who presented the Dramatic club play, "Only 38" last evening at the high school auditorium. Each member of the cast characterized hiss or her part In an almost professlonal-ltko manner. It the interest in high school productions continues to grow BB It has in the past tew years, It will he nocessary to give all such programs In the now auditorium at the Sherman junior high school lor the auditorium at the senior building accommodates only a small portion • of those who would attend If thoy were sure ot finding a scat. Widow Was "Only 38." Louise PennlnRton, who portray-«d the pnrt ot Mrs. Stanley who was "only SS" even though her children insist that she act as old as they think she Is. Miss Pennington is a most talented young woman in dramatlrs, and carried the part with a finish that is most unusual for sc young a person. Esther Young, who proved herself a master dramatist in "Seventeen" was Lucy, Mrs. Stanley's daughter. Last evening, she added more laurels to hor already largo supply. Wesley Brown portrayed the part ot her brother, Robert and was a typical, healthy *oy of eighteen yours. Although. Mr. Brown has appeared In previous productions he has never displayed his ability as he did In the piny last evening. He was perfectly at home on the stage and carried his part beautiful lit. Mftst everyone enjoys a good laugh and there were many opportunities for just that In "Only 3S" and many ot the humorous situations and lines were presented liy 'Vane Mentlor la* tho character ot "Mr. Sand horn. Mrs. Stanley's father. His was a difficult part, as he pltchod his voice high, aud *ised the characteristic language or " a Now llampshlru farmer, lie was splendid. Had Oifflcult Part. The part of Professor Giddlns. played by liarloy ZelRler, whoso entrance into the drab, unlovolv 'ilfo of Mrs. Stanley, Wiiglit happiness and contentment to the entire family, after a number of humorous situations. Mercedes Kills played the part ot Mary Madley, Lucy's chum, uver whom, Robert Stanley lost his schoolboy heart. She Is H very pretty young woman? and acted the part well. The character of Sid Johnson, Robert's chum was taken by Harold Heir and h camo to the Stanley house often not only to see Bob, but to be near Lucy. lie portrayed the purt of a happy college fellow with ease. .Martha Combs and Dorothy .Black, in old fashioned costumes, characterized tho parts ot Mrs, Newcorabe and Mrs. Peters, members ot the Jute Rev. Stanley's # church. Hoth portrayed the parts of the two prying, over-religious gossips like real artists. College friends of the Stanley "offspring" were Myrtle Shirctlffo as Alice Shacitleford, Pauline Cost as Luclle Overley, Kannie Gordon as Hetty Shepherd, Olen Benjamin as Jimmle Ryan, John Campbell as Charley Cunningham, played the parts of happy and healthy young people (hat they are. The piny will be presented again Ikls evening at S:ir> o'clock. THE SEVENTH DISTRICT CLUBWOMEN'S COLUMN Bits of Interesting Newt of District, State and General Federation* of Women's Clubs. \ The Research club of Mncksvllle spent a delightful afternoon with an Art program which may be an idea for luturo program committees to remember. Bach member was requested to bring either • copy of a famous picture, sculpture or pottery. Among the. interesting things brought was a scrap book compiled ot reproductions of famous paintings by Mrs. Chrya- tobal Green. Whistler and his mother was told Interestingly by Mrs. S. O. W116S and Mrs. John McMorrnn told of Gainsborough's "Blue Boy". * <t> * The matter of observing a Golden Rule Sunday in tho homes of the clubwomen of Pratt wns brought up at the last meeting of the Council of clubs to bo decided upon by the individual clubs. Two new clubs wore admitted Into the membership ot tho Council, the PriH- cilia with Mrs. Paul Lunt, president; and tho "As You Llko It" with Mrs. Emmet Barker, president. Mrs. H. C. Cullough who represented the Council at the Seventh District meeting: gave a fine report. ' <i> * • Instead of the usual musical entertainment given by the members ot the Shakespeare club of Klng- mnn, the annual Thanksgiving program woe a clever play given for the members nnd their guests at tho Chamber of Commerce rooms. They play, "The Three Thanksgivings" dealt with the story of the day In the past, , present and future. Glass waa the toplo of study at the Coterie clubz of Elkhart this week and many Interesting bits of knowledgo was gained from the excellent papers given by Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Gear. Mrs. H. Guttery who attended the District Federation meeting at Cimarron brought back a splendid word picture ot that mooting, 1 <S> <*• Tho Star club ot Garden City In taking up the Btudy ot a forestry program had some very Interesting topics discussed. Mrs. Stallnrd took tho subject, "What Is Forestry and Why We Need It.". Mrs. Black told ot what great authors have said ot trees nnd Mrs, Strlngfleld read Van Dyke's poem "Salute to the Trees". <5> * The Hugoton Delphian club made their sttidy ot tho Greek drama more interesting by the presentation this week of tho tragedy "Antigone". The play was most creditably given. A pretty addition was the Grecian dance given by Miss Jeanne Norton. Mrs. C. B. Tedrlck of Hutchinson gave nn afternoon's program of readings tor the members -of tho Woman's club at Haven this week and made a decided success of the entertainment. It wa« a social meeting of the club and all brought two guests. <8> 4> • The members ot the Nickerson Woman's club will vary their program on December 1 by motoring to Hutchinson and having luncheon at the Rornbaugh-WIley Tea Room and spending tho afternoon visiting the Industries of the city, 4> <5> <§• Mrs. W. A. Shlnkle In her report of the recent district federation meeting to the members of the Stafford Progressive club brought out the need for the clubs to keep In touch with the proceedings of these meetings. " <$> <S> <S> Mrs. C. W. Beeler has been made president of tho Kinsley Music club owing to the resignation of the president, Mrs. Lee Smith. Mrs. A. S. Edwards was chosen to fill the vice president's place. ocietv (Continued From Pago 8.) Tho members of the A. (). L, W. lodge aro planning to have u "big" time Monday night in the ball. A program will be presented wild refreshment!) will be served at n late •our. All members and their friends nro urged to come. Those in charge ot the entertainment are Mrs. E. J. Radebangh, Mrs. Charles # Frlck, Mrs. Ottio Hogan and Miss "Nellie Irwin. The degree of Pocohautas will have n free turkey shoot at the "regular meeting night Monday eveuiug In the Red :eu hall with special music aud refreshments. ' A large crowd wns out to the Elks meeting Inst night to muke plans for tho meeting Dec. ii at which time a new plan will he Introduced to lucreusu lodge attendance. Five captains were appointed last evening, ll»b Brlant, Kmory Colsou, John Scanlon, W. B, Creen- •wald and W. D. Hamilton whose duty, before every meeting is to call 40 lieutenants who were also appointed last night. Each lieutenant will then be assigned, by the captain to call ten members, making nil together MO mouthers who will bo informed of every KlkB mooting. During the meeting a "zero hour" will be introduced at which time every member ot the club, will have his name put In a box. One name will bo drawn out nnd it tho member is presetit whose name Is drawn a prise will bo awarded. The Z':ro hour will bo held at every meetliif; beginning with the next ini'.'t.'nu. Th,' first prize has been given by Lou (,'onnaii, of .Newton, district deputy, who will be present at the meeting Dec. 5. ••' A Tliunksslviiig dance will be held In tho Elks ball room for ull members and their out-of-town guests next Thursday night. The 'Ylohulay Serennders will furnish ^tbo dance music. Keep your carving tools In good ihape. Many a good roast or well- cooked steak lias beon mutilated Utrough carving with a dull knife- Mr. Kitgene Conkiin, a student at the agricultural college lu Manhattan hns been made a member of, the Quill club, a literary organization. Membership la gained by winning in the short story contest.' '!> M. and Mrs. John M. Starr and daughters, Mary Margaret and Martha Jane are planning to motor lo Columbia, Mo., next Wednesday to attend the K. U.-Missouri football game on Thanksgiving. Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. R. Slnvens have gone to St. Louis, Mo., to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter, Miss Margaret Slavetts, who is attending Llmlonwood college, St. Charles. Mo. •b •?.> -5> Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Johnston ot Grand Junction. Colo., are visiting at tho home ot Mrs. Johnston's sister, Mrs. C. 13. Zimmerman and Mr. Zimmerman of 205 Crescent Boulevard. Dr. and Mrs. C. G, Tipton will go to Garden City next Wednesday to spend a few days visltlug bis father. Mr. H. H. Tipton. They will return tho following Monday." •i> ~v Mrs. Ida Lewis Glazier ot Chicago, 111., Is hero visiting he* parents, Mr. and Mrs. W- H. Lewis of 221 First Ave., cast until after Christmas. Mrs. O. II. Biankonship of Kansas City. Mo., is visiting this week at tbo home ot hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Jones ot Fourth Ave. east. I 'i, -y -J> Mrs. Clifford Tootor went to Garden City last, evening to Bpend several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Blanke. Miss Hazel Plotner will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Miss Mary Wilson In the western part ot the state.• •*> \f- Mrs .A. II. Douglasa ot Wichita spent the day here yesterday with Mrs. May Mayes of 045 First Ave., ea«t. .»• >,•) iy. Miss Miriam Conkiin is spending the week end in Manhattan visiting her sister, Miss Frances Conkiin. .;, <i> 4- •$> CHURCH NEWS. <J, !_ 1 The Ladles Aid society of the Calvary United Brethren church met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. W. Benjamin. 60l> West Sherman street with Mrs. Nores Boos assisting hostess. This was the monthly business and social meeting. Plans worn made to hold a fnott sale. Mrs. Russell Walters of Great Bend favored the ladies with a vocal solo. Refreshments wore served at five o'clock. AUTOGRAPHS OF HARDING AND WIFE, OBTAINED HERE , Mrs. Edward Crocker, 201 Second I avenue west, is the proud posses- j sor of a 32nd degreo Masonic put| out hearing the autographs of i President and Mrs. Warren (J. Harding. She slates that she will always remember Mrs. Harding because it was through her efforts that tho President agreed to slgu It wlillo they were here, work which Is being dona as, a part of the school work. After tho exercises each scholar was called on to speak ou some way to make the Bchool better. Many of the parents were present. S. p. Rowland, county superintendent, who wns present, states that Valley Pride is the only county rural school which has two teachers and that splendid work is being done there. Mrs. Dora Prlhelm is the teacher aud Mrs. Florence Stall man Is assistant. PICKED UP AROUND TOWN NEW WORLD PLANS TO BE OUTLINED .S'.ilt*, "Dwellers In th« World" (HI "Thn It,'d Man" (h) "Th» White 5fnn" !•-) "Tha Wack Man" March, "Soinper Fldells", WMt«r« ..... .BoUJM. United Presbyterians to Have Presbytery Meeting Here Monday, BREATHLESS MOMENT^ HE.PE H£ COME/S> { SELLING HIS CORN IN LIQUID FORM W. C. Benson, Farmer, Arrested on Charge of Man. ufacturing Corn Whiskey. Only 27 shopping days until Christmas. Nickerson will have a poultry show, Dec. 10 to 13. ; Mr. and Mrs. C. I). Zimmerman have returned from Oklahoma City on business. The stnto poultry show will bo held In Hutchinson tho we«k ot December 15, ( Sunday; Dec. 7 will be observed as Golden Rule Sunday, In Hutchinson churchiy. More folks than usual are paying their taxes In full. There Is more ready' casji available. Harold English is spending several days In Klngmr.n on business for Smith & English, architects. Christmas windows are showing up along Main street. It's time to begin urging "Do your Christ-, mas shopping early." Mrs. Owen Mutton of Avenue F east went to Culllson, Kans., this morning to attend tbo Slst birthday i-elobrution of her father. Ray Baker has gone to Kinsley to take a position as manager of tho Kinsley Ice Cream Co.'s plant. He. hits moved his family there from Hutchinson. Mrs. Marie RelBWlg, ot 905 Ave., A east who has been 111 for the past ? weeks tit tha Ashbury hospital in Salina is reported to be slowly recovering. Prof. F. A. Muudell, principal ot the high scltioi nt Nlckersou, will give an address at Salem cotuy- munlty church tomorrow morning, at un Educational Day service. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fnirehlld, ot Kinsley, will eat turkey with home folks in Hutchinson. Steve is in business at Kinsley now, in charge of one of tho big produce concerns. The Standnrd Oil Co. has awarded gold service buttons to its employes, a number to those who have served tbo company from twenty to thirty years and also from 10 to 20 years. Miss Virginia Brown, daughter of Mr. and 'Mrs. L. C. Brown, of Nickerson, has been selected as a membeV of the Student Com.cil at I.lndenwood College, St. Charles, Mo., where she Is a freshman. Shu Is one of three chosen to represent Niccotls ' Hall, a dormitory which contains 12a freshmen. Jack • Lowderman of Kansas Cify, Mo., formerly of this city "dropped" in to Hutchinson this morning for u few hours' visit with old friends. Ho is "flying" from Kansas City to Garden City whore ho will visit his parents. The trip trom Kansas City to Newton was nuule in 'J'.i hours, he say?. \V. C. Benson, who farms 12 miles west ot Hutchinson on the Sylvia road is again in trouble with the county authorities. A raid made by Sheriff Jess Longford and a group of deputies last evening disclosed a still, several barrels of mash, and tour gallons ot corn whiskey. Mr. Benson was arrested on the charge of having and manufacturing iquor. He pled not guilty when he was arraigned before Justice ot Peace R. P. B. Wilson this morning. Ills bond was set at $S00 and ho will bo tried in the January term of court. •Benson was arrested twice recently on charges of forgery but bis case was dismissed in each case as the court thought that ho was a hard working farmer, according to Sheriff Langtord. Sheriff Langtord reports that from the evidence, Benson was a very high class corn whiskey manufacturer. His still which was hidden in a back room of a chicken house wns In first class condition. There were three barrels of mash sitting close to tho still and a jug wns under the still filter spout. The officers who went with the sheriff on the raid were Federal Prohibition Officer Jas. Robinson, Dndershorlff Fay Brown and Deputy Bill Trunx. THE DAILY RECORD Blrtht. Mr. nnd Mra. Cliailea Crook, 11 17th ave. w-'st, a son, Nov. 22, at Grace hORPltal. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, 211 South Reformatory slreol, daughter, Nov. -0. at Graoa hospital. Marriage Ctcensea, M. L. Brtmk. U-pal ape. Nowton. nr Llllle M, Orawfoi-,1, legal aire, Newti- Lloyil K. nlllinKS, 22. llittchlnsi- rtnrJ Mary Kstlier HuKman, legal Sterling. , Deertl. J, V. Horr to Clifford B. Bertii, loi 23 &. WM, 22 hk S Shunks 1st add Hutchinson $1,250. Carl S. Brown to Coe-Thomson, lots 1 3 5 7 9 bk 3 Careyvllle add Hutchinson ,51.DO. C M. Williams, Ltq., to Claude P. Lewis, lot 84 Avo A Kast Hutchinson J1.00. Mary Meifir; et al, to Oliver P. Oll- mnie. ct at, NEtf & E',4 of NW& 3-25-4 $1.00. Frances A. Underwood to Fayo E. E. Small, lot 18 Woodbine Heights add Hutchinson $950. C. N. Brown to Claude P. Lewis, lot 91 Ava A East Hutchinson J1.00, BOX SUPPER HELD AT FAIRVIEW SCHOOL. The Falrvlew School In Valley township held a box supper last night which netted over J40, to be used for buying a school victroia. Mrs. Grace Passmore, the teacher of this city, had a splendid program which was enjoyed by the large crowd, Sheriff Jess Langtord cried the box sale. A meeting ot the Arkansas Valley Presbytery will bo held Monday afternoon, opening at 1:M o'clock at the Presbyterian church. The object ot the meeting Is to discuss completion plans for the five year campaign of tbo "New World" movement that will be closed this year. Conferences and discussions will ensuo during the afternoon and at tho evening session, Dr. Ralph W. McCIranahan ot Pittsburgh, Pa., secretary of the board ot Vreedmen'a Missions ot the church will tell of his experiences among the colored people. .Dr. McOranahan was for several years president of the Knoxvllle college In Tennessee. Rov. 3. H. Jamison, a missionary among tha mountains ot Tennessee, will close the meeting with n report of the wort done In Tennessee. Household Suggestion* Ralph Brooks Soloist Tomorrow Ralph Broolcs, violinist will be the Boiolst at the reglar Municipal Band concert tomorrow afternoon at the Midland theater. He will be accmpnnied by Raymond Brooks at the piano. Tho following program was announced by H. B. Farney, director: . March, "WashlnKtoir Orays". .Qrafulla Overture, "Tho JSeautlful Qnhuca".. • Stippe "Th« Merry Lark" (A Joyous Flight) Bendlx (From tho Suite "A L >ovt Elptsorie in BlrdlonU) Violin Solo: "The Juggler" Severn (Ralph Brooke) It yon are to give * party b«T« your silver, china, glaaswars tad linen all counted and ready the day before io that you have only to arrange it tha day of your party. Wash each piece ot cot s<*M separately in warm water and ammonia and rinse and dry »t one* When the teakettle It not la It should be emptied and allowed to dry. The annual B »ta »r of the Methodist Ladies Aid of Firtt church will bo held in the basement of the church, Dec. 3th. Chicken dinner and supper will be served, U-lt DRY CLEAN HareU. Press and repair Suits, Fure, Dreaiaa and Heavier clothing our better way. UN tha phone or parcel pott. BRYaBAMBU , ' IMNC44 Butter-Krast [Does Not Crumble J v Try it [j" EDUCATIONAL WEEK PROGRAM AT VALLEY PRIDE. The Valley Pride school In South lleno township held, a spo- •cliil educational' week program yesterday afternoon. The pupils went through several exercises showing the health dovolopmunt DRUNKEN FAMILY ROW PROVES VERY COSTLY. Arthur Hester; and his wife, col­ li orod, wore fluoda total of $60 and ' they were both sentenced to 110 days in Jail Inst, night at police court, as a rosultx of their recent family row. He was fined $10 and costs for assaulting ids wlfo and. V25 for being drunk. Sho was fined j '25 and costs for being drunk. V. Finch, who plead guilty to the charge of assault, was fined $5 and costs. REO SEDAN $1595 TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY MODEL Four Door Five Passenger .-. Standard Ch; IS*!"-' The 'Gold Standard oi Values'' —6-CyHncler-Engine, 50 H. P. —Genuine Full-Size Balloon Tires —Four-door convenience, and roominess —Clean,, commodious front compartment —Exclusive REO double-frame construction —Low-hung", modish body design -—Clean lines and trim finish —Lounge-dimensioned seats Never Before in Automobile History Has $1595 P t uL .',r»'"'- Bought as Much Motor Car HASKARD MOTOR CO. Plione 24JT 17 1st W. RICO MOTOR CAR CQMPAXY, LANSING, MICHIGAN For Twenty Years Successful Manufacturers ot Quality Motor Cars c A R D I N A L v/arfoom (Plate IJEIRLOOM PLATS I lenditoyourtubla thai | mir ot refinement that gota with good tast* tad coma •ppolntmetttL k h ifivc*. wan ot quality, so wofthfly made that k is futnanttaj far too jnanl Here yon mar inspect t wlda rang* oi j pieces In tha beautiful Cs» I dlnal Pattern. Sctrrrtoa I tan ha tnada oc pieces ot complete D E S I G N The 2«-Pe. Buffet Set »33.00 Ciravy t-adl .«...««. Tea Spoons—the half dor., M.OO Individual Butter Individual Salad Forks »6.80 Spreader .10.71 100 YEARS OF SERVICE STROUD & BROWN 317 N. Main H. A. Stroud Glenn D. Brown FREE Christian Science Lecture Hon. William E. Brown, C. S. B, of Los Anf*!**, CM. Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church The First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, Mass. De Luxe Theatre Sunday, November 23, 1924, at 3 p. m. USED CARS Every used car sold by us is guaranteed as represented 1924—Essex 6 Coach. 1924—Essex 6 Touring. 1923—Essex 4 Touring. 1922—Essex 4 Touring. 1921—Essex 4 Touring. 1923—Hudson Coach. 1921—Hudson Speedster. 1920—Hudson Speedster. 1917—Hudson Speedster. 1920—Hudson Touring. 1921—Premier Touring. 1920—Buick 6 Touring. 1924—Chevrolet Coupe. 1924—Ford Coupe. 1922—Ford Coupe. ,„ 1924—Ford Sedan. | 1917—Ford Touring. TERMS—CASH—TRADE Hutchinson Motor Car Co. DISTRIBUTORS HUDSON AND ESSEX CARS Open Evenings and Sundays Phone-271 104-106.108 Second West I \

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