The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 2, 1959 · Page 6
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 6

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1959
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

AP vvirephnto GIANT CRUCIFIX F.RF.CTED — A Kianf crurifix of bronze iiiul VVIKKI, weighing 18 tons and'rising. 7r) feet in the sUy was crccti'il iil the Catholic shrine at Indian F^iver, - Mich. The 31-toot figure, whose arms stretch 2J feet, is the work of Marshall Fredericks, : who spent four years creating it. lie says tlic crucifix is liie largest in the world. Reports Exposure to Propaganda Best Defense Against Brainwashing . URBANA. III. —f/V— Are,exiierinienl dealt with the gcn- yoii a person with beliefs that erally accepted conclusion that Stand like Gibraltar afinin-sf op'if'.s a jjood idra to have a med- posing arguments:' Not so, unless you develop a ical checkup each year. Al the outset, virtually every- defense apains'i persuaslon.jone tested agreed. lUii a star- iays a University of IllinoisHi'ij; defection occurred after V )8ychology professor who has HH- students were divide^l into tested brainwashing tcchniqueslHnt 't' f;>oui)s where dillerent on 200 volunteer students. Itechnitiues were ap |)lied. William McGuire, 34-ycnr-old researcher, has demonstrated there is a way to build resistance to propaganda — expose yourself to a good dose of it before being called upon to de fend your beliefs. Captive Servicemen His findings may be of interest to military planners seeking ft defense against future brain- One group was submitted to a barrage of persuasive arguments. Regular checkups, they were told, produce imaginary illnesses. These cause needless expense, there aren't enough doctors to go around and the doctors would become too busy to devote sufficient Hllention to each patient. Sharpest Turnabout This g r o u p of students plied with arguments supporting their belief, and then hit by counter propaganda. Their de- leclion was not as great as the first group. But the group showing stiff- cst resistance to persuasion first heard arguments against their belief, then had these arguments punched full of holes, and finally was expo.sed to strong propaganda opposing their belief. Tell the Bad Thingft "The preliminary Indications are it's not quite so good to tell only all the good things about America but also tell what people say are the bad things," the psychology professor said. McGuire. whose project "Im- washing of captive Americanishowcd the sharpest turnaboutjmunization to Persuasion" has icrvlcemen. in their original opinion. jat least two more years to go, A typical question used in the! The second group was sup-jsaid research reveals the most extreme beliefs are very vulnerable in situations like those involving w a r prisoners unschooled in brainwashing. Many people, he said, maintain their beliefs simply by not exposing themselves to contrary opinion. "But if you have a caiilive audience, you can make them flip simply by giving them strong arguments," he added. Police Seize B Negroes in Rape of White Women LAGRANGE, Ga. — (/P^ —| Johnson, 32, and Brannon Kpps. Three Negroes, drinking and armed with knives, wrested two young white women from white escorts and would-be Kegro protectors and raped them twice early Saturday, iuthorities reported. • They «aid the rapists, driv- Ing 'a pickup truck, chased their irictlms seven miles into the jQOuntry and finally succeeded jn forcing an auto in which they ^ere fleeing into a ditch. 'The two women, forced from lie car of their escorts, had m taken into another auto two Negro youths and a kirl, one of whom received a ith on the face trying to fend ^ the rapists, police said. Put Out of Truck Chief Deputy Sheriff Mack 3pmith said the raplats put their victims out of their truck short- dy before ^daylight. An hour :|nd a half later, he added, the 3 »plsts were found "stupid -ij ^runk" and were arrested. 2 Sheriff L. W. Bailey said they -were taken to an undisclosed 3ail where they were questioned. The sheriff said two amlves were found on them. An -^jarller search failed to turn up ^ pistol which one of the vic- 'Jiim* said they also had. smith listed the trio, all 'Charged with rape, as Clifford 24, Lagrange laborers, and George Allord Jr., 18. of Dayton. Ohio. Gives Account The victims were described as a 20-year-old housewife and an 18-year-old unmarried girl. Smith pieced together the following account, he said, from statements of the girls, their escorts and Negro defenders: The Negroes in the truck assailed the two young women and their escorts returning from a dance just after midnight. The girls leaped out and enlisted the aid of Robert Hubbard, 18, a Negro walking down the street with his girl friend. Mildred Rustin, also 18. Robert flagged the passing car of his cousin. Willie Horace Lawson, 19, and the 7-mile chase fallowed. Slight Chance of Accidentally Firing ICBM WASHINGTON — </P) — An American intercontinental bal- stic missile, if launched in error, might not necessarily fly undeterred to a Russian target nd set off a nuclear war. The possibility of starting a war by accident, as a result of mistakes or mishaps in the United States or Rus.sia, has brought expressions of grave concern in capitals around the world. At first the worry related only to manned bomber forces. But creation of an elaborate]^ gnal system together with the fact that it would take bombers hours to reach their targets — during which they could be recalled by radio — diminished some of that concern. Ballistic missiles posed another and more critical prob- em. They can reach their target in minutes instead of hours. And a ballistic missile cannot be diverted in flight. Safety Devices However, some of the safety devices built Into test missiles plus other long known tech nlques make it possible to de stroy a missile or permit It to destroy itself before It reaches the area at which it has been pre-aimed. Defense officials art reluctant to discuss precise kletalls but years of semi-public testin: of missiles have disclosed some basic facts. The likelihood of an acc dental firing of an ICBM —as has happened to some of the small antiaircraft missiles more remote than the possibi ity of a launching due to uncer tatnty about the imminence o hostilities or confusion In com mand. Before a missile is launched at a selected target, man things must be done. These In elude the starting up of gyro .scopic controls in the guidance system which puts the missi into correct trajectory in the first few seconds after launch Following the gyro warm-up period, p r e c i s e settings of guidance instruments must be made. Without these first steps in a long sequence of preparations, the missile probably would soon plunge back to earth. Dven if through some tragic error the ICBM did start streaking toward a pre-selected target there still would be time for preventive measures. The time, of course, would be brief —probably not much more than 15 minutes. Ordinary Ordnance Ballistic missiles have features In common with ordinary ordnance and bombs or guided missiles. It may be assumed that it is possible to arm a mis sile only after it is launched and in flight or, on the other hand, to disarm it if the nuclear trigger is cocked. Radio command signals to the missile can do either. Or the safety mechanism can go a step further—the missile won't explode if it fails to re ceive a confirming command radio sianal after it is in trajectory. Finally, there is the best known and most widely used device, the self destroying system. Missilemen have had wide experience with the effective ness of the explosive system used to blow up a test missile which strays off course or oth erwise shows signs of trouble -AP WlfBphOto Puzzled children waited to be dressed at the foster home after Ontario health and welfare authorities ordered their removal. sfher Williams' Mate Held OS Drunk Suspect SANTA MONICA, Calif.—(/P) —Ben Gage, 44, estranged husband of actress Esther Wilams„ was arrested Saturday on suspicion of drunk driving. Policeman Bert Simonton said Gage, a real estate opera tor, drove his car half a mile down a grass-covered parkway which divides a street. Simonton said Gage flunked a field sobriety test after sayng: "I can't pass that test. My eet are too big." Take 117 'Neglected' Children from Ontario Farm Refuge BOWMANVILLE, Oni.—i/P) —Ontario health and welfare officials moved in' on Whyte- haven Mission with a fleet of 29 cars and removed 117 chil dren from the farm refuge. Mrs. Bertha (Mom) Whyte, 43, who claims she has a "covenant with God" to harbor homeless and needy children, had operated the bustling non sectarian mission for 10 years. Mrs. Whyte left the farm soon Is Will Take 3 Elephants in Attempt to Cross Alps TURIN, Italy— An Italian lion tamer intends to take up the challenge that defeated Jumbo the elephant who failed to cross the Alps over 9,250- foot high Clapier Pass. Darix Togni says he will start out soon with three elephants to cover the route Jumbo intended to take, only he will do it in reverse, starting from Italy and trying to cross to France. Cheering Crowds Jumbo came home to the Turin Zoo Friday night in glorious defeat. She was accompanied by British historian John Hoyte who wanted to prove that Hannibal's elephant led invasion of Italy in 210 B. C. crossed the Alps over the Clapier Pass. A brass band, pack of wild- Co/'s Meow Causes Crash State Government Workers Made $393 a Month in '58 ST. JOHN, Kan.—(i ^P)— The cat's meow put Joseph Gilbert Lewis in a hospital. The Wichita man had got out of his car in the darkness to stretch his legs. Through the open door a cat hopped Into the car, without Lewis seeing it. As Lewis drove on the cat leaped onto the back of the driver's seat, rubbed Its whiskers against Lewis and let out a loud meaow. State trooper Tony Bendel reported the startled Lewis lost control of the car. It rolled Into a field and was badly damaged. Lewis was hospitalized in St. John for cuts, bruises and shock. ly cheering children and crowds bearing gifts of fruit and peanuts gave Jumbo a heroine's welcome. She gretted the throngs with deep throated roars. Jumbo got to the entrance of the pass but found it blocked by a landslide. She then made her way to a rail way station and was shipped to a small town near Turin She went the last lap of the trip afoot down a soft asphalt highway. Sociable Animals Togni thinks Jumbo could have made it over the pass if Hoyte knew as much about elephants as he does about history. He says elephants are sociable animals that will go almost anywhere — even over landslides—if they travel in company. Togni says he will start out from Turin with three elephants from his father's circus just as soon as he gets the necessary papers to take the animals out of Italy. Togni will use Indian ele phants like Jumbo, but older ones. Hannibal used African ele phants. after the fleet of cars appeared protesting that she could not bear to see the children taken from her. "They still have not proved that I neglected any of my chil dren," she said. "I want proo of the statement." Health and welfare officials received a court order declar ng the children were neglect ed. The mission had been un der criticism because of influ enza, infectious hepatitis and gastro enteritis outbreaks. Officials said the home also was overcrowded and Ignored ire regulations. 'Some of the dormitories were converted barns. The bathroom was an outhouse. The children were distribut ed to nearby welfare agencies and isolation hospitals. Severa of the children cried when they were taken away. Seven or eight of the older boys tried to escape into nearby bushes. for Sovlngt in Racina WHERE YOU SAVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Il«cin«'t ONLY PIPIRAL Sevint* 9t Ueii An'n. 3009 Wash. Ava.«Watt Raclaa Enjoy Outstanding Musical Programs on RADIOS Quality Music with Minimunn of Commercials RCA VICTOR ZENITH GEN. ELECTRIC GRANCO FM RADIOS S3995 Priced From Optn friday and Monday ivming 'Til 9 P.M. Talaviiian mi Hi-Pi Mait 316 MAIN ST. DIAL ME 4 -3318 Red Chinese Artillery Subdued During July TAIPEH, Formosa—(iW—Red artillery opposite the Quemoy Islands was in action less I month than in any month since the big bombardments begi last August. The Nationalist defense min istry count showed only 88 rounds fired in July. The light est previous count was 1,834 i June. Shah of Iran's Sister to Be Wed to Airman TEHRAN, Iran —(/P)— Prln cess Fatemeh, sister of the Shah of Iran, will marry the commander of Iran's air force, Gen. Mohammed Khatami, a court source said Saturday. Khatami formerly was the Shah's private pilot. Princess Fatemeh, 28, was divorced last week from her American husband, Vincent I. Hillyer, 34. after nine years of marriage. MADISON — (m — state and local government employes in Wisconsin were paid an average monthly salary of $393 late last year, a study showed Saturday. The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance came up with this figure after studying last October's payrolls. The independent research organization concluded the pay level was above the national average, the number of employes per 10,000 pop ulation below it, The payroll of $42,573,600 went to the equivalent of 108, 389 full-time employes. About 19 per cent of these worked for the state, the remainder for schools and local government. The number of employes figured out at 275 per each 10,000 Wisconsin residents, about 23 under the nationa average. The average monthly salary was $28 above the national figure. piled, some employes have had salary Increases. The legislature, for example, gave the more than 20,000 persons on the state payroll a four per cent boost, effective July 1st. Hold ex-Convict for'White Slavery' PITTSBURGH —(/P)— A 24 year-old ex-convict is in jail on charges that he ran a white slavery racket. Allegheny County Dist. Atty Edward Boyle said Nicholas Silia Jr., a native of Cleveland lured girls and women under the guise of an escort service^ then forced them at gunpoint to submit to clients. Boyle said Silia was arrested at his home by FBI agents and county police. Silia said he employed 3 women, ranging in age from 18 to 38, and seven men who acted Since the figures were com -ias contacts. NO STRAIN On Your Wallet When You Modernize Your Home HEATING this eoty woy HEAT-ON-TIME SELECT-AIRE Heavy 10-Gouge Steal Body OIL & GAS FURNACES (20 Yaar Worranty) • 30 yeors experience on instollotions in older homes • No Down Poymont • 36 Months to Poy • Poyments oi low os $12.00 per month • 1 Year Frot Service • Controlltd Heot—in ALL Rooms • Our Pricot Con't Be Beot — ONLY »584.00 'r^tiST' • FREE—HEAT LAYOUT AND ESTIMATE WILSON HEATING CO. 1510 Stott Phone ME 3-4203 A 1 W A Y f 1 R S 1 Q U A L .n Y 1 SPECIALS! MONDAY MORNING SEE DOWNTOWN PENNEY'S 5.PAGE $ DAY AD IN TODAY'S DOWNTOWN TABLOID SECTION! 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