Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 63
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 63

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 63
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Page 63 article text (OCR)

N/Cf TO HAVE [ROUND THE HOUSE MENDENHAM N. J (AP)-Do you pet own- fers get tired of walking the dog and cleaning the bird cage and fish tank? Then take a tip from the Robert J. Blazek family—get a boa constrictor. • iJife* a /ear a go Blazek, a research engineer, [yielded to a longtime fascination and brought home a boa for his wife and twin boys, aged 5 rp f?&TA yearS ° Id> the half -g r °wn. 6-foot-long ESS i TU * °-T! a J 6 ^ 1 " me ^ber of the household. The family feeds him mice. "The' boys love to play with him and he's no work at all, said Mrs. Blazek. "He's easy to take care of and very gentle with the children/The only thing I ever worry about is if he should get loose in tnfr house. We d have a awful time finding him. We 11 probably give him to a museum when « e i/ e «H t^ *- ght £ r ,#? e feet Ioi <' Mrs - Blaz <* said. By that time, he'll be thicker as well as longer—and I just don't think we'll want to keep him in the house. TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented'as a public service ly the Lake Charles American >rtss which Is not responsible for ^announced changes by stations similar program inaccuracies.) Channels - VVBRZ-TV Baton louge 2, KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, U.B-TV Alexandria 5, KFDM- tV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Varies 7. KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, knd KBMf-TV Beaumont 12. To- pay's evening programs are listed below. Tdmbrrow daytime programs are also included. THURSDAY EVENING [6:00—Sports, 2. 5 News, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12 16:10—Weather, 2. 6, 7, 10 |6:15-Esso News, 2, 5 News. CBS, 6 Sports,, 10 News, 12 |6:20-Wcather, 4 Sports, 7 | 6:25—Weather, 5, 12 Social Notes, 10 6:30—Ozjue and Harriet, 2, 12 Outlaws, 4. 5, 7 Accent, 6 Movie, 10 7:00—Sea- Hunt. 2 Frontier Circus, 6 Donna Reed, 12 7:30—Real McCoys, 2, 12 Dr. Kildare. 4, 5, 7 8; 00—Dr. .Kildare, 2 Brenner, 6 Dcsi-Lucy Comedy, 10 My Three Sons. 12 8:30—Lively Ones, 4, 7 The-'Lively Ones, 5 Zane Grey Theater, 6 LaW and Mr. Jones, 12 9:00-Mitch Miller, 2, 4, 5, 7 Money'Talks, 6 Rivcrboat, 10 Untouchables, 12 9:30—America: Economy, 6 10:00—Night Desk, 2 News, 4, 6, 10, 12 Dateline '62, 5 Weather, 7 10:05—News, 7 10:15—Movie. 5, 6 Tonight, 7 Late Show, 10 10:25-Tonight, 4 Movie, 12 10:30—Chet Huntley, 2 11:00—Tonight' Show, 2 ll:10-Tonight, 7 12:00—News-Prayer, 2 FRIDAY DAYTIMK fi:30—Operation Alphabet, 2 Morning Jamboree, i() S:55-Farm Report, 7 7:00—Today,. 2, 4, 5, 7 Outlook!, 10 7:30-Uncle' Willie's Club, 6 Popeye, 10 8:00—Kangaroo, 6, 10 9:00—Burns and Allen, 2 Say When, 4. 5, 7 Calendar, 6, 10 9:15—Movie, 12 9:30—Play Your Hunch. 2, 4, 5, 7 3:00—Danny Thomas, 2. 7 Ladies Tea, 4 Ethtna Odum Show, 5 Secret Storm, 6, 30 Queen for a Day, 12 3:30—Hollywood, 2, 4, 5, 7 Edge of Night. 6, 10 Who Do You Trust?, 12 3:55-NBC News. 2, 4. 5, 7 4:00—Amos n' Andy, 2 Circle 4 Club, 4 Funtime. 5 Movie, 6 Kit Carson, 7 Funtime Playhouse, 10 Bandstand, 12 4:30—Soldiers of Fortune, 2 Kartoon Kapers, 7 4:50—12 Star Special, 12 5:00—Yancy Derringer. 2 Jive at Five, 4 Bachelor Father, 5 5:30—Best of Serials, 2 News, 5 Annie Oakley, 7 Whirleybirds, 12 5:45—NBC News, 2, 4, 5 CBS News, 10 i HAVE TO FIND BSFORE LEAVE' DONDi AH/ YOUTH AMP ROMANCE-. A SOFT- SCEMTEP SUMMER N1SHT--JF WE COULP ONLY STOP TIME IN ITS BIGHT/ I (SAVE HIM TO THE ORPMANASe 80YS.THent.TAKE PTOMIS6 NOT. TO EAT HfM? I'M HAND, OAO. INCASE J FAIL ASIEEB 1 CAN TAKfi MDU INTO WITH MS tHURS., AUGUST 23,1962, Lake Chattel Atfrsrfean foa TV TIME PREVIEWS (TV Time critics preview coming television showi by attending rehearsals, watching screenings, and analyzing scripts in New York and Hollywood. These trd their previews for today): BEST BIT BEETLE, you CAN BB SO .POETICAL fey BEETLE BAILEY IT'S A PITY you ALWAYS SPOIL WHEN you GET TO PROMT WOL, HOW ABOUT MAKING MS A PEANUT BUTTER SANPWIOl? 9-9:30 P.M. CBS. MONEY Talks. Prof. John R. Coleman of the Carnegie Institute of Technology conducts the fourth session on American and international economic structures focusing on the differences between a con* trolled economy and a free market system. Prof. Coleman also shows why it is necessary to regulate soma services even in the free system. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS East Carroll Registrar Is Reappointed MONROE, La. (AP) - Cecil Manning was reappointcd East Caroll Parish voter registrar Wednesday in a compromise be-! Lween attorneys for the Justice i Department and the state of Lou- • isiana. Manning was renamed by the state Board of Registration in a surprise move, following a 90- minute closed-door meeting between the two sides in the long- simmering civil rights dispute. Manning quit June 14, rather than submit to a federal court injunction against discrimination. The Justice Department subsequently brought contempt action against him, charging that he had discriminated against Negro applicants in violation of the injunction by quitting his office before a successor was named. During (he period that Manning was out of office, 43 Negroes were registered in East Carroll by (wo federal judges under the Civil Rights Act of l!)(iO. i The first 2G Negroes, registered J by U.S. Dist. Judge Edwin F. Hunter Jr., voted in the July 28 Democratic primary and became the first of their race to cast ballots in East Carroll since at least 1922. Later, U.S. Dist. .fudge Ben- 1 Love Lucy, 6, 10 10:00-Price Is Right. 2, 4, 5, 7 Verdict Is Yours, 6, 10 10:30—Coru-'mitration. 2, 4, 5. 7 Brighter Day. 6, 19 10:55—CBS News, 6 Lifeline, 10 11:00—Ernie Ford. 2, 12 First Impression, 4, 5, 7 Love of Life, 6,10 11:30—Consequences, 2, 4, 5, 7 Search for Tomorrow, 6. 10 Yours For a Song, 12 ll:45-Guiding Light, 6, 10 ll:55-News, 2. 4, 5, 7 12:00—Midday in La., 2 Best'of Groucho, 5 Dragnet, ti Bayoi) Fair, 7 Meet Your Neighbor, 10 Jane" Wyman, 12 12:10—Highway Patrol, 4 12:30-Life;Line. 5 The World Turns, 6, 10 Best of Groucho, 7 Camouflage, 12 12:40—Kaleidoscope. 4 12:55—News.'12 1:00—Jan-Murray, 2, 4, 5, 7 Password, 6, 10 Rendezvous, 12 l:25-News, 2, 4, 5, 7 1:30—Lorelta Young, 2, 4, 5, 7 House Party, 6, U> Pioneers, 12 2:00-Dr._ Malone, 2, 4, 5. 7 Millionaire, 6, 10 Day 1,1 Court, 12 2:30~Five> Daughters, 2, 4. 5, 7 To Tell !the Truth, 6, 10 Sevan <Keys, 12 1:5$-CB$-flews, 6, 10 jamin C. Dawkins Jr. added 17 more Negroes to the parish voter rolls. As its end of the compromise, the Justice Department dropped civil and criminal contempt charges against Manning. Polio Cases Drop Sharply In Louisiana A significant drop in the number of polio cases in Louisiana has taken place since 1960, according to information released by Dr. G. Vasquez, parish health officer. From January until August this year, only 18 cases of polio have been reported. Eight of these were paralytic ;md 10 wore non- paralytic. The figures for 1900 show BO cases of polio, 24 paralytic and 36 non-paralytic. F i g u r e s for 1961 showed a decrease to 35 cases, 15 paralytic and 20 non-paralytic. Vasquez said although there had been a significant d r o p in the state, a constant effort should be made to retain the high immunization rate. Immunizations are given anfloctors' offices and the parish health unit. NOT A CHANCE/I'LL BE BACK RIGHT ; AFTER REHEARSAL. CRISPIN'S MAKING- SOME CHANGES ...NO NEED TO GO TO THE AIRPORT MARY. I CAN MANAGE... STAGE HAVE YOU SEEM PARRISH,OR JASON, OR WHOEVER ELSE HE HAPPENS BE TODAY? HE'S LEAVING FOR NEW YORK TOW/. ARE YOU SEE HIM OFF? WHAT FOR? THAT PSYCHO FIRST FLOP.' HE ALSO MADE YOU FAMOUS. IF YOU DON'T GO, THINK OF HOW IT'LL READ IN YOUR 8IO6RAPHY. JOHN.WHATS HAPPENED TO SOU? VDU WERE GOING LET HIM KILL. ME? " WELL WANT EXAMINER 6:30-7 P.M. CBS. ACCENT. "San Francisco Nightlife." This episode on night-club entertainment in San Francisco points out the ambitious variety of the series' subjects and the superior quality of the earlier "outdoor" programs. Host John Ciardi visits three famed night spots including the Hungry I where the comedy performance of Prof. Irwin Corey is featured. Other stops include the Roaring '20's and the D r i nk ing Gourd. 6:30-7:30 P.M. NBC, OUTLAWS. "Farewell Performance." (rerun) This once explosive series takes on a whimsical air with a dash of comedy when a traveling actor decides to rob a bank. He involves his daughter and members of the troupe and is aided when Breeson and Slim join the performers. Myron McCormkk is featured with series stars Don Collier, Slim Pickens and Bruce Yarnell, who joins the ranks of TV's actor-singers in this. 7:30-8:30 P.M. NBC. DR. KILr dare. "The Roaring Boy-0." (rerun) This may not have been intended as a take-off on Irish poet Brendan Bchan, but if he wanted to see himself in action, he should see Dan O'Herlihy's splendid characterization here. He is cleverly cunning in h i s schemes to escape the hospital, and the center of the bruising barroom brawl that is realistic enough to make you wince. Fay Spain is featured as his long-suffering girl. Richard Cham- DICK TRACY VOU'RE ACTIN' WORSEN SOME SPOILED THREE-YEAR-OLD BRAT?' NOW, YOU CUT OUT SULKIN' OR I'M COIN' THAVE TTAKE A SWITCH TO YOU, PEE WEE? YOU HEAR ME? ORPHAN ANNIE AS PQR VOU.' VOU'RE QETTIN' .TOO BIS FOR VOUR HfiT/ HM-M-. INCIDENT'LY, WHAT V'qgj IN THAT TRICK HOT TODAY? ' HOW'S ^S ELSA GETTING ALONO, REX* , / THIS MORNING/ HE SAID ELSA Will BE HOSPITALIZED A FEW WEEKS BUT WILL POWELL/ REX MORGAN, M.D. ANY CAL1A JUNE? NOTHIH&UR&EHT/ MEU5SA PHONED AND WOULD UK£ US OVER FOR OWNER AFTROFRCE HOURSTONIGHT/ TELL HER 5HE3 NOTCOOKIM& TONIGHT/I'MTAWNG THE TWO OF VOU OUT FOR DIMMER TOTHEFAKCIESr PLACE IHTOWN/ ACTUALLY, THE CHINESE HAYE\ ? REASONS FOR TESTINS" THEIR ATOMIC WEAPON IM THIS PLACE, MAJOR KOPE, TERRY Jtf CHINA, A FAILURE WOULP 1 Y 'iO55 OF BECOME KNOWN JO TOO MANVj FACE," EH ? MEMBEKS-ANP EVENTUALLY THE MOKLK 'COLONEL KAKKAR? ;P THEYSHCCEEC? KAPlp PEIP1NS CAN' BLANKET THE ORIENT WITH CLAWS THAT ^ THE AMERICAN APWSOR5 HAVE &KOU6HT, ATOMIC WARfARET050!JTHEA5TASIAi ^OyOU lao'IMIZ ANGRY SHREW HER HU3BANPHAP BROKEN NO LAWS B/ WALKING OUT ON HER ( YES-BUT THE CASE ISN'T CtOSEP.'.. I THINK WE SHOULD FIND "TIPTOE" r TOOME-y, CHIEF/ ) KERRY DRAKE HE'S THE ONLY MERCHANT WHO TyoU WOULD PARE TO 7BSTIF/ <RFALI2E ASAINST THOSE "PROTECTION ) YOU'RE RACKETEERS "/WE'LL NEED /ASKING- HIM WHEN WE MAKE i \ I ARRESTS ~4—. —> TOU6H ASSIGNMENT? „ d X 1 /^, flt**e AT LFA-3T, WE KNOW WHICH ) STATE HE PROBABLY ^ HEADED FOR,' The entrance to Meramec Caverns in Missouri is a natural arch, 50 feet wide and 20 feet high. FOR PROMPT, DEPENDABLE, GUARANTEED RAENC; TELEVISION & PHONOGRAPH SERVICE Call any fliernbev of Television Electronic Service Association vf CalcasieUj 25 members (o serve you. B*i-L'S RADIO t TV MAR'S RADIO 4 TV DAJ,Y'J RADIO 4 TV DRESSLER'S RADIO & TV -..-- -ROGER DR05T RADIO & TV, SULPHUR, LA. WHAT? YOU SLEEP AiSAIM LAST wHr. STELLA ? MUCH 1 , t&trs A'MOTWER. PEATM THREAT— f^Vm POISON-PEN LEmy sJACti.' .«• SjoJit-AU L'a. lue.-- WHAT OIHTV RAT IS DO/W6THJ5-- ANP WHY? j-rr- SMILIN' JACK ..j«*HS FLY AN X-IS . i-r-r./ ' berlain and Raymond Masse? star. 8:30-9 P.M. CBS. ZANE GRAY Theatre. "Man in the Middle." (rerun) Michael Rennie is a talented actor and red-blooded Eng« lishman, who fits the role of a frontier marshal somewhat lika the proverbial square peg. Unable to cover his Edwardian elegance, he nevertheless d i splays the fortitude of the fictional figure when he arrests his best friend's son on a murder charge. 8:30-9 P.M. NBC. COLOR. THE Lively Ones. The classics are bypassed on this lively outing to give lovers of jazz and pop music their fill. Peggy Lee sings "I'll Ba Around" and "When the Sun Comes Out" in an empty baseball stadium and pianist-singef Buddy Greco belts a rousing "Lady is a Tramp" in a nitery setting. Outstanding is pianist Oscar Peterson with a lush arrangement of "Tonight." Host Vic Damone revives "Ruby" with impressive feeling. Comedy is provided by the team of Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill in a movie audition sketch. 9-10 P.M. ABC. THE UN T - touchables. "Takeover." (rerun) This is not one of the better episodes in this series, although the efforts of Luther Adler and Robert Loggia make a sketchy story believable. They play father and son who get themselves wrapped in a deadly struggle for controlling interest in the Chicago beer market. Robert Stack stars. 233 Live Buffalo Among Refuge Animals for Sale WASHINGTON (AP)-lf you're hunting for a gift guaranteed to thrill even the most jaded young Indian— Or perhaps just a conversation piece to enliven draggy patio parties— The government has them—233 buffalo and 137 longhorn cattle. They're part of the Interior Department's annual big game sale. The animals graze at national wildlife refuges. Each year the growing herds have to be cut down to keep them from taxing the capacity of the ranges. For $180 you can have a live buffalo to call your own. The longhorns will go to the highest bidders. The government also has a deal for those who prefer their big game packaged, frozen and ready for the freezer. Butchered buffalo will go for $220 to $270 per carcass—depending on the process used. Quarters and halves are available, too. Also for sale are 75 elk — but only after they have been butchered—to $110 to $145. Minimum quantity: a half carcass. The orders for buffalo should be sent to any of three refuges — Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Cache, Okla.; Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, Valentine, Neb.; and the National Bison Range, Moiese, Mont. Elk carcass sales will be only from the Wichita Mountains Refuge. The longhorn cattle will be sold at public auctions Sept. 20 at the Wichita Mountains Refuge and Oct. 9 at Fort Niobrara. If the number of orders received by Sept. 30 exceeds the number of animals, a drawnig will be held Oct. 1 to select successful applicants. The offciial price list and conditions of sale can be obtained from the Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior, Washington, 25, D.C. TV Star Berle Adopts New Son LOS ANGELES (API-Comedian Milton Berle and his wife Ruth adopted an 8-month-old boy in court Tuesday. The youngster weighs 24 pounds and is named William. Berle promptly began handing out cigars. Automatic Transmission SPECIALS COMPLETE «4A CJ OVERHAULS VM«iW Plus Part SEALS MjC (U REPLACED VlHMH BANDS ADJUSTED, FLUID » CHANGED Vrt . Compl«l» AAA AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION 2501 East Uroud HE C-5863 IrD TO WMATS V?UE CHANCES OP WEEK-ENDI for •two RAMADA BEAUMONT'S FABULOUS NEW MOTEL INN MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW Phone TW 2-7722 Relax and enjoy a syperb week* end in luxury. Swinv Sun, Dine and be entertained (by special arrangement), in the Intimate L'Chambre Club. Ladies, don't lift a finger! Gentlemen, you will have her undivided attention! TWO NIGHTS t INCLUDED IS < ABettutiful Pool-side Room • Breakfast In VoHrRpo/ri • Dinner tnTht Pining Rpom $20 ONE NIGHT

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