The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 27, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 19-18 The Daily Register (EsUblfehed 1869 as Saline County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street. Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO, of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: · By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year in advance; $1.50 for three months. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY If the glory of divine sonship does not illuminate your face and reflect inner beauty there is something very wrong? The glory of Jehovah cannot be bidden.--Isa. 60:1: "Arise and shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of Jehovah is risen-upon thee." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Jan. 27. To Help and Heal.-- Luke 4:16-22. AWFUL RHEUMATIC PAIN LEFT MAN'S BODY IN 8 HOURS "For years I had rheumatic pains in the muscles of my shoulders, legs and ankles, which fi- nallv got so stiff, sore and painful "that when I walked I' would flinch nth agony. I got TRU- AID and started taking it. and the rheumatic pains began leaving my body in eight hours. Now the pains are gone from my muscles ' entirely. I feel like some other - person" and I praise TRU-AID to " the sky." This is a genuine tes- ;· timonial from a man living right here in this vicinity. f ' TRU-AID is the new liquid for- -'mula containing three valuable medical ingredients. These Three Great Medicines, all blended into - one, go right to'the very cause of ' rheumatic and neuritis aches and "pains. Miserable people soon feel ' different all over. So don't go on · suffering! Get TRU-AID. Sold by '"all drug stores here in Harrisburg. Get ffiis quick · Offensive cough due to colds, smoking? Get this prcscription-lype formula . of proven cough-relief ingredients long /used by doctors. Quick, long-lasting rc- '.Jief S important wajs: -- I · Eases throat tickle 2* Soothes raw, irritated membranes 3» Help* loosen phlegm STitt ONLY ££ Well, Well, Fancy Meeting You Here! CIUAILY WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND DKKW PEARSON Says: Her bcit Hoover forgot how European loans buoyed up bull mar- kef Will history repeat under Mai'sliall Plan? Marshall's calculated risk may bring stable Km ope. WASHINGTON. -- When Herbert Hoover laid his large and dampening hand on the Marshall Plan tnst week, it caused a chorus of "l-told-you-sos" from certain people in and around the White House. These were the gentlemen who opposed Harry Truman's Republican appeasement policy and warned that where Herbert Hoover is concerned political oil and water do not mix. Aside from this palace-guard debate, however. Mr. Hoover's testimony against the Marshall Plan recalled eve'n more important facts. It highlighted the ever- deepening split inside the Republican party between the Taft isolationists and the Vandenberg in- Nurse Vacancies at Marion VA Hospital Applications from nurses are be- in-; accepted by the Veterans Ad-1 minitralion hospital at Marion. To qualify, applicants must nave completed a lull course in inn-Miitf in an accredited school of nursing and be registered as a Graduate Nurse in- one of the states or territories of the United States. The starting sarary for Nurses. laicr uunuu imv »-v ».v~. ·-- Junior Grade, is $21544.80 per ancient war machine in Europe, all mun O r slightly over $22000 per were built up by millions of Amcr-' , non th. Junior Grade Nurses are ican investors--the chief money also eligible to receive a pay in- raiser for Germany being thej c r c ase of $125.40 each year until same man who now heads our ,the maximum pay of $3397.20 per National Defense Department-- annum is reached, or unless soon- The Daily llcgistcr. 20c a by carrier boy. unsuspecting American investor. U. S. BUILT HITLER'S WAR MACHINE , ,. Much more important, the big German steel plants, which Hitler later turned into the most effi- .BEFORE Forrcstal. l II III *·? »%,***··"-"«· -- - . promoted to a higher grad( JillllUo r vl i voi*u» vi |'i umvju-vi iv t* .1.^..^. n- In Latin America also, loans |\\-hen certain conditions arc met. were sometimes rammed down the N uri)CS can ca rn 30 days annual throats of unsuspecting nations, j eavc w ith pay each year and lo such as the $100,000.000 loan by days sick leave with pay each year, the National City Bank of Peru. Applicants should apply by let which was floated after the son of t cr to Personnel Officer. \ etorans President Juan B. Leguia received .Administration Hospital. Marion, a fat bribe; or. again, the Dillon. | Illinois, or if convenient report Read loan to Bolivia to finance or ca il direct to the hospital for the Chaco war. floated only after \ f u ij particulars. Low-Cost Residence Burglary Insurance is the ; answer terventionists--a split which is becoming just as deep and just as the minister of finance received a bribe. All in all. a total of $15 billions was loaned to Europe and Latin Thief Softens Up , MACON, Ga. (U r.)--The "mean- I est thief" who stole Bcn Manlcy's phone 1000 ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS, AND GHENT Rose lxast Homemokers Column From Saline County Home Bureau Mary M. Harper To homespun oatmeal, add coconut--and what have you got? Coconut oatmeal c o o k i e s , a crisp, crunchy delicacy which is a gratifying variation from o r d i n a r y dropped cookies and which merits, inclusion "by popular demand" in. the cookie recipe file as Number One on the Hit Parade. 1 Now that coconut is again plentiful in the market, this recipe can r e a regular stand-by on your list of - home confections. Inexpensive and quick to make, these delectable little cookies may be made up in batches and kept on hand for in- between snacks with a glass o{ milk, or for serving with a quics cup of afternoon coffee w h e n neighbors drop in unexpectedly. They're sweet, but not too sweet-and nutritious top. This recipe will produce about three and a half-dozen cookies, about 2 inches in diameter. Coconut Oatmeal Cookies 1 cup sifted flour 1-2 teaspoon baking powder 1-2 teaspoon baking soda 1-2 teaspoon salt 1-2 cup shortening 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1 egg, well beaten 1 cup rolled oats 1-2 cup shredded coconut Sift together flour, baking powder, soda and salt. Beat shortening until creamy. Add sugar grsd- uallv and continue beating until light and fluffy. Add egg ana beat well. Add rolled oats and coconut and mix thoroughly. Add flour mixture and blend. Roll dough in small balls. ?lace on creased cookie sheet. Flatter balls to about 1-8 inch thickness with a fork or glass covered with a damp cloth. Bake in a moderately hot oven (400 degrees F.) about 10 minutes, or until cookies are .done. Makes about 3 1-2 dozen i cookies. »ii» luiiuvu iv juuivfv. ....... u »v... gg^ tiiie wno sioie 131.11 i»uunv. America during the boom days i .., 00 pl * no t u n j n , 4 tools had a s o f t , coming just as deep and just as i following World War I And it re-' ide a[tcr ai , Wncn he learned the , fundamental as between the north-1 mams an incontestable economic ; b , md Manjcy C0llld nol rep i aco th c , ern and southern wings of the!fact that ourJoTM^ prosperity ^ Democratic party. was synthetically buo\ed up b\ , a nianufac ture's bottleneck hc re- i «" I also recalled what so many'sending our own money abroad to j d ,, normip Vprh-n: pvpn Mr Hoover 'finance our own exports. In oth-i nTSctSS?K« SrgrtteS^t er word,, our exports were largely j it \\ as the Kredit Anstalt in distant! S'" 5 -. . . . f , ' Vienna which caused Mr. Hoover It is likewise true that after in 1931 to put up his first storm- every war, reconstruction money warning of approaching world- Pours into needy countries. It wide depression; and that it was 1 can be a good risk, such as some rhe withdrawal of American cred-,of the European money that came its to Europe which helped to,"»to the United States after our bring the whole financial house-' cwil war-though even that was of-cards. otherwise known as the partially defaulted Or it can be Coohd«e bull market, tumbling a bad risk, such as the money we f ,. » __ · niir tut'/i f~*pi*m*inv "inn T iLin ^.TYlOl** P °I°n le 'other uords, it was the,be a carefully calculated recon- pumping of American money into structipn risk such as the Marshall Europe and Latin America by'Plan, m which the limited States American bankers that heighten-, figures in advances that its money ed and prolonged the boom days'will not come back in actual cash, which followed World War I. And but may come back in long-term it was the sudden drying up of dividends through a more stable that credit that accelerated the Europe anu the avoidance of an- bust. Mr. Hoover only needs to re-,other war r fer to his statement of June 20.,l^HAPP\ ALTERNATIVE 1931. declaring a moratorium on None of this makes happy read- European debt payments to jog ing. But the aftermath of war is his memory on this point. not much happier than war itself. V.'ILL HISTORY REPEAT? 'It can be glossed over and made i And since history so often re-, to look happy, but actually it nev- 1 peats--unless herculean steps are er is--neither for victor nor van! taken to prevent repetition--it's quished. i important to review some of o u r . But though no one can be too !now prettv well forgotten finan- happy about the Marshall Plan, the icial histofv and the differences important fact is that loans are ' between the European pump- not made by. bankers for the pur- .primin" of 1921-31 and the Mar- Pose of collecting commissions. shall Plan but under the careful supervision 1 rVst let it be remembered of economic experts interested in · t h a t ' t h e Marshall Plan calls for long-term reconstruction. And if careful supervised spending in General Marshall lives up to his The car or truck of your own selection Financed and Insured under the BEST PROTECTION! See us first-we will save you money,.AH claims-have our personal attention. CLUB Harrisburg . Phone 889 NEW 1948 STUDEBAKER. The gaSiaSES5SSjgSS88g88g^»^"«:-''l^yTMJ^t *"" CarCIUl, S U P c l v I M i U :peiiuillg 111 · - . -- -- ~- - *r - i Europe under the nose of Ameri- promises, they will not be squan-l free-flowing contours of Stude- experts It al=o provides that dered on German swimming pools j ained in the 1948 models which raonev shall be loaned until a or a potential Nazi war machine, J «« T.-«»i*·*·»-· r»vrtrtvuTc 1 T\1r»/»o mflifit* . . - -*- . i · _. · --_ V\tif /MI »»Ti"i/Miltii»"al manriinfU'v i baker's original postwar design are retained m me ly-io mouuis wmuu no monev ghal! be loaned until a or a poienuai ivazi war macuiiiu,; the company is unveiling at dealerships. Improvements place major, hard . and :f ast agreement is sign-,but on agricultural machinery.! emphasis on increased style and riding, comfort. . ed-between the United States and railroad equipment, and other "'the country which gets the mon-'peacetime pursuits.- « - lev This agreement will specify And even more vital, the Mar- ,wh'at is to be done with the money., shall Plan, if properly Planned 'It will also make certain that i and coordinated, can produce the 1 monev is spent on projects which only political solution providing . ^^ T, « , - , - -- . ; go into permanent peacetime re- any real hope--a United States of · ' construction ' Europe. Studebaker, which originated a ' a brand new and striking methoa., F j nallv t - ne Mar! hall Plan calls! The Marshall Plan is not going, "new look" in automobiles with-of adjusting the resiliency 01 front! buildin* uo of Allied west- to be easy to put across. A l o t , the industry's first genuine post-,seats to the weight or preference,^ Eu . ope uhile the pell-mell the alternatives are either reek- war design, creates still higher, of the occupants. Foam, mober is , ^ ^ lend Europe money dur-.of mistakes will be made. But; standards of style and comfort with 1 used as standard equipment m '-",, the ^ olden era " of the 1920's ,less, cut-throat, hit-and-miss fin-i iti 1948 models, Connie Vander both front and rear seats o t all. ° benefited an enemv state, .ancing of the post-war Coolidge Pluym's Exide Service Station,! closed models. The company p:o- Jfl^inv " iboom days, or the gradual degen- local dealer, says. . ;neers in the luxurious Land Crins-, - h ^ tailed storv . of how wan -'eration of Europe into stagnation, Panoramic, full-vision window-s:|er with the first automotive appu- . monev w : as squandered hopelessness, communism, then v.eight distribution that cradles cation of nylon upholstery. Other tOJi tms money was squ_ iron curta - n for vestem Eu . passengers in the comfort zone of, styling touches cover redesigned J^^ 6 "; 0 ^" TM C neann ~ s - - The chassis: non-glare, "back light" | grilles, front bumpers and bumper ^arlous coiuressi t t l V V,l*V«*J»iJ » 4»^/»» O**-» *·! -»»,»-- --^7 j »- ' , iustrument illumination: superior I guards. Chassis engine performance arid economy: ] sure easier new sureness on curves and at \ stability on as- and greatCr power brakes: and an audacious . seat also features .1 IVJIU 111 t i l t ll^tn ***£,.} v*. J congressional committees, i rope and eventual war. , the Pecora banking ; The alternatives are not happy proue a»u the Nye munitions in-;ones, but the choice should be vestigation. It is the story of mon-) fairly easy to make. :led into Germany almost 1 rhvme ' of American dollars. power braKes: ana an auudi-iuuc ai-oi vui»nu»"' «--« ^^^.^ ,...~ c t nrv s-ss^s'.ra a terior spaciousness outstanding features cars. ·"cceotionai in-icnanges wnicn mean auuuu moiui- «-«"-· - - - - - ,,- j »u,._ '^t£^^-^^SS^^^^A^ ° £ 'burners. Instrument panels and and even .knives for Hitlers al- hood'ornamentation. Improved cold ready stirring gunmen , v.eather warm-up and hot weather The storv- shows that swimming are credited to engine pools, public parks, all sorts or , other luxuries were lavished upon .' Germany at the expense of the' WU*»t*«**V*^- A *^ *»,**·v*^- ·^--*- - - - ^refinements in cushioning include, changes. EAGLES REGULAR MEETING t, 7 p. m. Lunch Will Be Served ^^^^^^^^ - - - · ' " 1 \^^l lllClIIJ C*V Li«^* V^*^J*V**»*^N» CAA Gets More Moil Than |state chamber of =^ © «,« ^ i g Commerce Group to Truman or petty Creole , Work ^.^ Teachers By IIARMAN W. NICHOLS -month from people who arc work- P-- Th A y . r H i r v n o Ian 97 United Press Staff Correspondent ' cd up because commercial air- CH C AGO ^an -' \v\cuTvrTOV Jan 27 _ HR' _ lines don t buckle parachutes on Illinois cnamoer 01 v,ojn»», , rom the tail to the nose o cnn. tics Administration gets a nasty running from IcUer. Planes zip across Iowa of the plane. \hcn a'sastcr-Point ofvre«. Suprise Your Best Friend At Valentine With a Portrait of Yourself Have Your Sitting Made Now So You Will Not Be To Late NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Grindle-Metcolf Studios Phone 777 lOVz W. Poplar ; ssr-dSas fs* don-his first time off the ground- open cchools and business." Hc had heard about this short- Hundreds on Noise . r p r j nC3 nal problems to be cor.- snorter business, and \\antcd to -- - ...... J - -- ---·" 1 know if it would be for him to take along fine Tennessee mountain _ --- «a SU1 «. ,,, wanted lo be ready, Johnny-on- air i ir-crs thc-spot, when it came time for A3so a^ong t hc CAA files arc DEARBORN' DISC HARROWS SINGLE and TANDEM Easiest you ever used. Angle or open gangs by finger tip control from the tractor seat. SEE IT! BARHAM-GRFEN Tractor Implement Co. Corner Locust Mill Phone 456K Both ends of Iroorite are completely open and usable. Full width materials are ironed ·without a crease.' Ironrite is the greatest 'time and. labor- saver for the^home. Recent surveys show'therc are more/Ironrites doing u * 100% oiF.the ironing in * *T* ·» the American;home than all other ironers combined. AVAILABLE NOW ·-, ,. SCHOOL Thursday *2 to 5 p. m. ~ s Friday 9 to 11 a. m. ELECTRIC CO. Phone 37 HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS , . was. Last week, hc found out. were as safe as any. Xc\t hc , He got a postcard from the con- heard from the New Englandcr vicl saying lo look on page such- was a wire from Miami, saying ' i and such in a certain magazine. "Thanks. Fir.c trip. Wish "yo»« ! i There was a piece of fiction about wero here." * j ,a flyer, sparkling wilh much of A letter which has Bcn hump- ,lhe technical dope Bcn had sup- _ ins, though, is one from a high; plied. | school freshman in Nevada. The i | The CAA gels Ions of mail each 'kid said his teacher war.ted a 250- i _ tc-spot, wen c e m r A3so a^ong t hc CAA files arc The Dailv Kcgistcr. 20c a week. him to pop for a round of drinks, hundreds of letters about plane fcv carrier "boy. Fearless Ben set the man straight noisc Bcn j^^ to tc]1 aboat onc _- --- . -- : -- -- on his flying etiquette. big shot who went into action ' word theme on a\ialion anu Utters From Prison whcn hc ]carncd an airport was wo «ld the CAA please send him Ben's favorite correspondent i= about to be built near his home, all the information it had on acro- a man who signs himself "32455." The man happened lo have a fleet naulics. address "Drawer N." in New .Tcr- of planes of his own, so he ordered "· ....... ···' scy. That's the stale pri.son. Bcn his pilots lo roar low over the has known Ihc man. by mail, for a neighborhood for cighl hours run- long time. He writes intelligent nine. Hc got his neighbors so questions about aviation and. of worked up they signed a petition. course, gels inlclligcr.t answers. The airport never was built. The CAA man answered 32455 in A man from Boston wrote thai a kind of blind sort of uay for he wanted to fly to Miami and months, wondering what his rackc. \\crc DC-4's safe? Ben said they Wednesday Nites VENICE CLUB DEACON WATHEN and His Band Join the crowds and dance to your favorite tunes. ALL CLERICS IN HARRJSBURG UNJON AN Feb. 2 Local Meetinq *y n 0 Business of Great Importance to Come Before This Meeting. Pres. Guy Price ** Sec. Fern Moore

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