The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 14, 1948 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1948
Page 10
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\ ft^fek. MC. , Mr H. mt rather Forecast nsiderable cloudiness m o d r tonight Thursday mostly ly with "-bowers likely by PRICE-- THREE CENTS Togliatti Is Shot; Young Student Held Italy's Communist Leader Gravely Hurt; One Bullet In Neck And Two In Chest Home. July 14 -.», -- A joung Sicilian law .student Dumped three builetv today n«;o Palmsro TogU- atti, ltal i leading Communist, \\oundiii3 him gravely. The Com- inuiiisi-lcd Labor Confederation called a scHor..! )rike in the city of ISusiu- ihi- afternoon TuKliam wa-. cut do-.-.ii a- he emerged from the Chamber of Dep- »«!«».. bmldiiiK. As he fell to the ^^.i7iun( aiied t-A o~ir.or! builet'-. but both mi scd their mark. Tosii.itti v. as rushed to a hospital suiTcrnii- pravely from loss of bioud AV ^ur^eJllb besa:i opcr- atsns. an attcndmR physician cx- prc"-- cci belief the 55-year-old Con-.- munivi chief \voiiHl live Police MM/ed his a^ailant and identified IIIIM a Antonio Pallante. 23. of Randazzo. Police said he (old them he had long planned tf-^ attack on To^Hatti. The as-ailant was d«»-. c , ibed is an ardent Xa- tionali'-t without party affiliation. One bullet =ir;ick To?liatti in the neck just bf-!o-.v the ear ararine the .--kin Two bullets entered his chest Physician? extracted the two bullets and declared the operation . ' "atisfaclory " Thr a^^as^ina!ion attempt put the Communists in au URly mood. It threatened scriou?. consequences for the \\hole na'ion. Premier Alcide Ds Gasperi said "it is the v.orst thing that could haspen " 1 De Casperi summoned his cabinet into special session A resolution adooted by the ministers said the attack aroused "the horror and · indignation of all Italians" and expressed the government's hope he would live. The;»inaMon attempt came at Ihe height of the Italian Left's : r e n e w e d drive to unset De (7a=pcriY prcdominsntiv Chri ,tian Democrat government from \vhic 1 ! , the Communists- had been exclud- j c d ! To«liatti had been vitriolic in recent criticism of DC Gasperi"- a!- lesicd ' enslavement" to the Vatican Tncl the United States. Uc Gaspcri's concern over TOR- "iatti was most apparent. He fol- loivecl ToffliatHV ambulance to Ihs ho-pila! and visited him in the operaliiisr room An nHicial o.~ itholic Action. Ilie lay eroup which observers -rcdited with a major role in the "hri-tian Democrat victory in the April election? denied that Tog- liatfi's; aitacker belonsed to it. ' It is the act of a madman." the ofT.cia! said The attack came at the height of a new drive bv Italian Leftists to ' upset the mlddlc-of-the road gov- "rnment of Premier DC Gaspcrf. Both the chamber of deputies and . the Senate suspended {heir ses- ' Sleadilv Tncrcasino: " ^r? | Inflation Reported 1 Washington. July 14 f,T*.--A · .steadily increasing inflation--with at least one brake on high price.-; due to loosen soon--was recorted j today by a Congressional economic committee The monthly "Economic Jndica- tort" issued by the Senate-Hoube Committee on the Econcriic Report showed an increase in income for Americans but added that it "hardly kept pace with the rise in consumers" prices." AVhai"= more, the July report ^aid. one of the bi^ anchors on inflation--a larsc cash surplus in the Treasury--soon will be lost. The Treasury took in from ihc oub'ic. in the s-ix months ended June 30. a whooning t~ ino.000.000 more than it paid out. These are cash transactions, not the conventional budget iieures. But the next six months, the committee warned ·-vill brine a "cJo^e balance" be- i-.vecn government income and out^o Tnc month of -June saw economic iccords tonpie on all sides. Pric2-= and omr!o-* menl figures 7007^^ :o nc-.v ceaks. and post-war hich= v.erc hit by profits, prod^-c'ion and rja'ior.a! income The report -va* comoiled by Presiden: Tryman's Board of Eco- r.ornic A4-. -pr* froiri f.sxire? siib- r::ttcd by g"verriment asencic?. i ~~~ · DEEDS RECORDED ^ Deeds were recorded in the cierk's office for the sale of spvrrsl, H. Clav Putman ras fold to Mr ar.d Mr«. James H. Trusscll a tract of 79 acres and j^orovcmcn's lying panly in Carroll and par'iy jn Frederick coun- !:cs- consideration being ;n th* rcighborhood of S32.000. according to revenue itamus. Ttlr. and Jir^. 1 Charie^ T. Yermiliion and Anna -T. , Lucas have sold to Mr. and Mrs. ; Owen \V Avers a property on th» Brick School House road in Pet«V5- vilie district, consideration bein? , around S6.000. RAILS FLAGGED DOWN New York. July 14 .^--Profit iak:ng sales flagged down the fast- rolling railway group in the stock market today Losses /or son-.'" icoeiitiy popular carriers ran frt^ fr.c-ti«jiis to morf thin a point. E' \vnere price« generally showed c \ e ] i nii\»ii' of advp^ce? cltncs, mostir fractional. Southerners Won't Walk OutAtPhittv Wekome Givc To Ruth In Baltimore EDSON C*rrc*pmdrnt mnartalyhfi. July 14.--NEA)-1 «^ s lint mm. t* ipeak at the Southern rebel In at a c i. i tic caucus was the HOB. Jtamy Arringlos. a lean MissLsaippiaa -who began by saying h« was glad to be here, he cer- taialr was, because he htdn't seen so many people since the Red Oc«s favc.away flour in 1931. Ke gabbed MI something like this: 'Th« Democratic Party has done left 115, it certainly has. Reminds m« of a married couple I know.-, it certainly do«s. The wife was a good woman, she certainly was, except when her husband go: intoxicated, as he certainly did. She dida't treat him very good then. the certainly d:d no:, and it didn't do bias any good. Then a friend t« Truman'* civil rights procram is beinf used as *n excuse to get back to states' rights extreme con- i *,,,,,.· , , ,, ,,,- ,, . servatism. Governors Lanev. Thur- j ,, Ba 1 "'"TM-*. July » «V-Babe moad and Fielding Wright of ?«* came here today to take part Mississippi »nt thcw followers in I if , wterfwth mght festivities at the Southern revolt insist it's the! Baltimore Stadium--but rain lorc- jatter. ' ed postponement of the annual In support of this contention. · c}jarl '- v event until tomorrow consider the second resolution The fjrr.ous baseball player \vao passed by the Southern caucus It learned the saw" on backSots here. for retention or under-wster mineral rights--oil--by the nates. is th * o3J tidelaods issue. What this resolution indicates is will noi be able to stay over Ruth has been Mjffeung from a throat ai.'mer.t for nearly two yea's. Although he was objiousJy tired Navigator Falls \ 5 Miles To Death" ^ Saa Diego. Calif., July 13 !T-The navigator cf, an Army B-29 Superior! from Biggs Field. E! Paso, Tex. fell 26,000 feet to his j death today when the astrodrome | of the giant plane 'blew out" llth l Naval headquarters reported The acc.d»:)t occurred near Ream | Field Ir.ipenaJ Beach, south of here, j The Ream Field officer of the Nature of the B-2S » high altitude 'Ktissoij va no: knowr: by at;thor- itie^ here Th«j dead ns-. igator v. as no: identified. of he« tau her: 18-Lb. Carp Caught At - 'You got to use kindness, you _, * «* certainly do. you don't use the - bummer Encampment rirtt t»rhnili'i vnu rerfainH- Hn ,,,,«,,, ,., ..«..- ,,,,...,,,,,, ..*,;,, !day i-aJi that the body fell :n an simply t.iat the big oil companies. anc j ailirg he managed a v, 'de ij-n ' alfalfa fseld about i. uu'e frora the alen* with th» r.,lr n »ri *~i ,·,. w n e n he .-potted a welcoming con.- ' mittee at the ; :pctt ajter h.s f'jgnt from New York Ke put hi.s amis around his sister. Mis Wilbur Si Moberly of Ballur.orc, J«nd had a wain: \-el- conie for Brothers Patr.ciui and Charli". of Si Mary's, Indu*:«?I School. Mhere the Bambino spent :r.ost of hit. ch.ldhcod One of ;he featuri* of the ch«fdulcd jutcj faith :ng!.t was to have bt«":i a b-'^eba!! Kan:e bet-,\ee:; the Baitii^orc O: ;o'e-v and the Jersey City Gia:;t.s ·{ the Inter- nationa! League The Babe broke into profo-ional along with the railroads and the power companies and other big business interests that have for so long oeen supposed to dominate the hepublican Party, now have a stranglehold on the Southern representatives. And if that's the -J.iustscn. tfier these Southem rebels ought to walk out on the Democratic Party or vice versa for a completely new political realign-nent of both parties Xow's the it cc-r- tainly is. FAMH.T DINNER A family dinner July 4 was held {at the home ot Mr. acJ Mr. C. H. Painter, Lovettsville. Va. Thote j present were Mr. and Mrs. William Hyscm. Mr. and Mrs. George Dent. i Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis IMarneo. Sir. and Mrs. Howaid ! SJornaker and daughter Mrs. Var- gia Painter and two children. Mar' tuisburg; Mr. and Mrs. Charles , Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. George Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Daw- M»rj, Brunsv.ick; Mr. aid Mrs. Earn: Ayres. Mr. and Mrs. William Painter. Lovettsville, Mr. and Mrs. James Hamilton. Renace Painter, P-jrceSiv:lle: Judy and Peggy Cooper. Beverly Braey. Joyce Avre*. Ariene Palter. Elaine Painter," Mr. and Mrs. William Deever, Bruns- FOR RENT Used Car or Fare Machinery I Located on South Court Street next to the cipal Free Parking Ground. Up to 14,500 sq. ft able. This is an excellent location for the sale or used cars, Farm Machinery or similiar pn Immediate possession. Applv G. M. Cha Phone 1019-J. The Moa SJia*. o.-sce ! *- - 2?aiiurd stood about r-:ne fee: Largest Jiih caught thus far at 'he annual encampment of the Frederick County Fish and Game Protective Association was an 18- pound carp landed Monday night by Harry M. Cramer, this cs:y.; rcC OKnircd him kept right technique, you certainly do B»t.' So the next iiir:e her husband came home intoxicated, this woman was at. the gate to meet him. she -certainly was. ana she took him into the house and put him on the couch and took off his shoes and loosened his necktie, and she president of the sportsmen's orgaii- ' ""' " ' ization The carp was caught off the pier at Camp Kanawha. near Point of Rocks. Campers reported Tu«'jiay night that bass have been few aid far bc- tv/een since the encampment opened laM Saturday The Potonsac ; ba-cbali a^ a pitcher for siie ' Os :o!e5 Durina a j-dc ti:ioush the city.] ·nvn c - :rcet corner 1 - doffed the:r , i-.ats. io:r.e:i v. ave'J to hsni frcs:i Direct corners and youngsters u h o FEMALE COMPUIMTS Ar« you troubled by (2U!re«s of r«ss:^ luacsiojsil prnodie diKurb- aEr«' Do«-s lia Eiair TCU stiffen Iroaa pa:a. Itrl so r*rr*.j, tired-*.; sues tJsies' The= so try Lydli E. =."s Ve«:eiio Coa:policj to s«-ti You don't need a crystal ball 'Horsey, do you want me to kiss you?" And her husband answered *nd said. 'You might as well, you certainly might, 'cause when I get home I'm going to get hell!' "Xow that poor man didn't know where he was. he certainly didn't.' ha* bren clear, but !ran more cnt- and the Democratic party doesn't . fish than ba.-.; have been ^nag^cd. know where it :«·. it certainly doe- they reported no --"\ A feature Sundav niKht was a This illustrates how much sense party in honor of the thiriv-ninth there i* to the Southern revolt. It ] birthday of Joseph H Holdcraft. would be a great thing if the rebels chairman of the encampment corn- would walk out of the Democratic ' mittee. Party. There irn't m;:c:» chan-e i The encampment w i l l end Sun- ·they will. They won't vote for day noon. Dewey. they certainly won't. There ' -isn't any place else for them to go ' A prehistoric bird that lived ir But an increasing number of i Wyoming over 50 million years aco. smart Southerners now realize that [ Diatrvma. v. as larger that the the South needs a real two-party ' ostrich. system--one liberal, the other con- ! --~-- · servative. I * « TAe revolting faction which will j nominate Gov. Ben Laney of Ar- | kansas for President is essentially j conservative. That is revealed by i the two resolutions the Southern ' eaucu* adopted just before the con- ! veation opened. j One called for a platform plank ] supporting return to Thomas Jcf- , ferson free enterprise, individual} initiative and states rights. On the last ooint the rebels want the i riates to have the oc!y aower to j pass laws on the conduct of elec- i tions. define crimes committed \ within state borders, regulate em- · ployment practices and segregation i of races. ~ ' Under tbis proposal. President Truman's civil rights program would be killed. But. says Gov. i J. Strom Thurmond of South Caro-! lina. the purpose of the rebels is · ,, not to put over white suorcmacy. ( Telephone Directory- ifs to preserve states" rignts. For | if the U. S. government can pass a f OF Optometrists law to make lynching a crime. then it can pass a law against bur- i glary and so destroy state courts. J This is an important point. Ii ! raises the question of whether the ' states* rights issue is being used as an excuse to kill ofT civil rights legislation, or whether opposition ' It's the BJ'OC' It ; tj.e Babe'' He \\as takers to a hotel for a re?t befuie the plane ti:p back to "c-,v York. Rummer is more Delightful of Sea -Coo/ Cotton Manor.: LAMMS KSTATK h.MALL Los Ar.Kcle . July 13 v--Carole Landis' eb'n'c* :nj not exceed 520.000. t-;c!u c ivc of lift- insurance icadini; of her vill disclosed todav The film actip--. who committed Miicidc July 5. left everything ;o her mother. Mr» Clara P.idste. Does Stomach Gas and Bloat Make You Fee! 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