The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 8
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EIGHT THE DAILY NEWS, rBEDEBICK, MD-, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 1932. HORIZONTAL 1 \Vhat is the piseapple Difficult Puzzle GC/MPS Tlfte Prowler By SIDNEY SMITH Answer to Previous Puzzle 7 Whst is the largest part ot man's brain? j* What is the grapefruit csllec? 35 Important industry in Africa. il6Sua god. »1T Declaration JlS Instrument : like the lyre. £9 Chum. [SO Light brown. |;i Backlashes. JS3BJ11 of fare. j24 Pronoun. j'SCJsUL 1 57 A striving. JrS Telegraphic j dispatch. i 31 Small aper- ; tures. i 3* Wing. i 33 Male sheep. 55 Sun. 37 Bird. 3STo abus*. 11 Per. 12 Major placet. 13 To what geaui of trees do tr« apples belong' 19 Implement used in a raortsr. 22 Seaweed. 23 Persons tiadf · majority. 25 Xor.-:r.fi3.Tirc; .Me «;·.?. 27 Bird ' hos:e. ' il Co**T*KEt FRCW» i ^VYEVTEROAY- 41 Secretion. from the uo«e. 4 2 To foment. 43 The soul. 44 Xewspajer 45 Harjnsehord type instrument. 47 Tatter. 4S Almond. 49 To perforate. 50 Genteel. 52 SufS.x forming nouns. 53 Nobleroan. 54 Elementary book. 55 Apparition. r-6 Conies in. VKKTIC.%!/ 1 Source of phosphorous com;".».:nd*. z To r'-J? ·=··"'·'- t-:::v~ i:«-w m r.:^;» f. 3 K v y p t i a a !' ;t y. 4 Neve';. 5 Kv.-^smatlon. 6 riattorin in a shaft. 7 Surrounding. K To call out. l Decays. 10 Age. 41 *:«·'.·! . 4; rr---- !rd). py £rUMJ ARM,EC VV TO TWE TEETH HA* HIMSELF IN TOM CARD'S YARD vvMfcRE ME WttJ. S«MD TwE W6MT- UNBEKNOWN TO TOM OR ANY UVINt* SOUL~0 CA.TCW TH*Cr PROWUR- Mi^ CiON i^ UOWED vsii^M BUC SMOT- wis FJNER is ON ^ AJJL WA% OOlEY TO *6T A SETTER VIEW 6 MOVED FORWARD- TVtERE WAS A RUSTLE IN THE BOSHES t»RECT»_V AHEAfc OP -rfc^- NO A BREATH OF STtRPtiKfa 01 s A TRtE WE KEA.RD A. IT S.TARTED ANDY S IN THE, Dtt* MOON S££S TWE FNiAlRE OP A. : MAN S.TAKD4N6,- NOT THREE |j PACES *=ROM IT IS A YENS5 TAKES AIM AMD WAITS- WHO CAKJ THIS, BE? CAN HE AT TMlS TIMVE Of= NKiHT- ! MUTT AND JEFF You Bet He's A Smart Parrot By BUD FISHER ---:~~~-~*l coow^t. «*=· *» ^ e- »»·*!«» c*-- e«s*. fee»» E--«-«t BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES Isn't That The Way! By MARTIN REG'LAR FELLERS By BYRNES WT= 3OT X/VVE TUNlED IN* CI/8A \^OUT LEVEM OMOWSZ. \ OfcuCX^K. A»x' RADIO l_»S' MELP.R.L.X C,OT ,istiGv-rr jiMr-AJE-'y ALASKA^ PUDD»WME.AD: · l «'t, 5-25 .^V ! I "Fools rush In where angels fear i to tread." j "I know. What place have you been kicked out of now?" M A I N SELLER The girl wants only chocolate When fountainward she strays. The druggist offers It we'd state, In forty different ways. HOMt-- SE.\ \ V1NOW 'W PCLV SO VME\X--- tviwx OKJE. ov 'EM J VCViOUi ^KCH OKE. Of Xvt -- 1 VOiOto WOT 'VOWt TV\tV T.WWU XT. COOV.'OKiT '!-;·· ip i JC7^4 \ j \^," \] \ \}, ! W OWW «SOT«eR.--6000 OV t w^i «tKiSy' ve CV.OSER. KViVOKit "ELSE. «i KL\. Ttv' X) 1 HftRO\X VtKiOW Kt THE BUNGLE FAMILY Rah, Rah, Rah! By TUTHILL "So. you are getting your new suit from Bings. He isn't much of a tailor." "I know he Isn't much of a fitter. but he's so near-sighted he can't recognize a man ten feet away." Vta. SET OF TEETH THAT DISAPPEAREC WHILE THE SPEAKER OF THE EVENING TRAVELED TO 0. POLITICAL MEETING GAVE THE MOST VOCIFEROUS ORATOR OF BOUNDER LOrxiE NO 9 A LONG K *Ho?y 5.HH-W S-HH'.W WHAT SENATOR'S '·'/ ...AND WHO MY FRIENDS, SO OFTEN --. PROMISED THE INTELLIGENT VOTER \ MILK AND HONEY AND THEN MADE ) a HIM SWALLOW SK!M MILK? ^^ WHO? AND THE ANSWER is. OUR OPPONENTS; AND POINT NO- 64, ) DENIES THEY ] 3 THIS.. .? WHO?J -» DREAMED -OF OPPORTUNITY ·«« uf* 10 °** SPLENDID SP_E£CHl Y S EClAl-Dr LOUDEST tj I EVER HEARD; OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS \ THE NEWFANGLES Old Ayer Gets An Earful! By COWAN \ : .- \ W \ She: Do you think the mentally weak should be allowed to marry? He: Do you wish to abolish marriage entirely? HAT - TMA-T- ! / xv ,i4 U -re A VJH^ I OC^T f ?OUL.E_« U K£: TO BolHEQ ! , J;e FER / "TOO, THAT AC£._ V'.^'-' t\ o- . ; j "Thi» story says: 'The sens died or. her !sps-' " "She probably murdered it." j "What is the hardest thing to j learn about farming?" j "Gettin' up at 5 o'clock in the 1 syj?j"F*" HAS OU9T SPOKEN THE NEWS TO THAT HGMEB DITTY WAS A GUEST AT PAPTY AND THAT, EVEN NOW, AGUSTA IS IN HIS COMPANY VOU MEAN VOU »r4VTrEt) THAT GOOD-FOTJ-NOTHING HOLLOW-HEADED POET HEwE TO MEET ACUTTA, 'WHEN THE REASON I BPOUGHT HEO \A-TTH ME WAG TO GET HER AVJAV rt?OM HIM? BUT MT3. AFTEL SAID TO 9AT5SFY HEP EVET3Y WISH -AND SHE: VJANTED TO 5EE_ HOME-D. SHE LOVES HIM AND -- SO VOU'OE BACK OF TH\S,ArrEL! AND ArTEu TELLVNG ME SHE'D BE QA~E IN TUOI? HANDS! , WHEBE DID THEY GO? y wArr TILL i TELL YOU-- THEX'VE ELOPED I! ISN'T IT YvONDEQFUL? »t» SCBVXII. nc KK u 5 p*7 OfT S-Z'

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