Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 11, 1965 · Page 15
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 15

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1965
Page 15
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Clrttfa ^irjSJ^^^^^^^B^^ f fOtm FREEDOM NteWsPAPKU the «reat moral sH»fljo*«!<»fi Is s'eif-control, no more7 ito'lesg. 4 T8 H»onwR6 this responsibility, tfe« men. to the best ot their must understand and apply to daily expressed In the Ten Commandment! Declaration ot Independence. '. newspaper is dedicated to ftumshino information to our, so that they can belief promote and ^reserve their own! "Una encourage others to see iU blessing*, for only when man understands Freedom and Is free to control hlnweif and all he produces, cifl h» develop to ttia utmost capabilities In torniony with the above moral principles. .» Legal Publication Turning OH Point MiiffiMiiititniiiiii f.fcOU. 35 April -in, M«w 4. it, is, 1965 «vs\r*1* *' lpl " r * !<' \ KIMII MJlyS NOTICE Is horohy given thnt, Klttye 0. Atc.xnnrior was duly appointed Ancillary Executrix nf the Last Will and Testament or .1. R. Alfx-anrtor. ilPCrnsnl. on the 26th day or April. UHi,i. hy the 1'rotintc Court »f ( urry County. New Mexico. In Cause No. .11.10; thnt nil persnns having claims against the Golden Ruie and ih.- same for 'nMmvan y rn n '«'lthln' ( the r( | ! |rn l e remilrod hy law or th v will be forever barTfrt. DAl'KD this the 26th day of April. 1SH5. Kittyc (1. Alexander Ancillni-y Executrix Page SIXTH AND Plf,B - Tucs.. May 11. 1965 Voter Bill Legal? There is a growing feeling among constitutional students and lawyers throughout the nation that the so - called voting "rights" legislation now before the Congress would be in violation of the U.S. Ctnstitution. The Committee for Constitutional Government Inc., of New York has released a statement by Robert B. Dresser, who is identified as a member of one of the j leading law firms of Rhode Island. Mr. Dresser's statement: f.KO.U. 311 April 27, May 4. II. 1S. 1!>K!> NOTICE OF Ht'lT THR STATE OF NKW MKXICO to I'n- knnun hi-li'«c nf the fnllinvlni: n.imcrl rli-- crasfl persons. Bossif M. Raitford and .f. M. Hmlf'inl. and .Inei V. Rice. If llv- ing. If decc.-ispd. the unknown heirs of .liwl I V. Rirp. diTn.nsi'd. and all unknown rlnim- unts of Interest in the. premises adverse lo the pliiinlilt. YOC AUK IIF.REHY NOTIFIED that a suit entitled Kimholl-Taylur Company, a corporation, plaintiff, versus Unknown heirs of the fnllmvint: named deccasetl persons. Hrssie M, Undfurd. el al . defendants. No IW-12 on Ihe ducket wherein ench of y is named us defendant. Is pending In 't... 'District Court of Curry f.iunly. New Mexico, the cencra! object of which Is to bar land estop all of you from iMaimin; any . ,, '" pointed by it to register people :- tr>«j-_~i 01 i .1 ! , ' i"vi* mi mi- IIIICKCI wnerem encn o[ vou in federal, State and lOCal elec- j ;», named us defendant. Is pending In 'the tions, with no literacy or other test permitted. ! I|T "This I submit is a clear vio-'tV*' lation of the Constitution which ^V'c!^,^. 'S,,.^,,^, ^,, 1K . the members of Congress have ' - taken an oath to support. "fn the case of Lassiter v., Northampton County Board ofj Elections, decided June 8, 1959,! 360 U.S. 45, the Supreme Court i of the United States, quoting j from the opinion of the Court; f Clovls port nf niock 97 of the City of Clovis, n-t'li'd .11,,1 bounded as follows: Ui'Cinm-",' ,TI | n ,. Southwest corner of said Hl.ick !I7. thence North nliing the West li'-c nl said tilock to ;, point In stud Wi'st imc ;mi fret .,,,rth of sjiirl Snith«esi cnrni'i ; Ihence Kast parallel ui'Ii ;|H- .V>r:b hi),' of ;,,it l-t in s.iid block In a point III (pet East of the VYi'M line or 1,,,| i; in sa j,| hi,,i i: thencr Sii'uii painiiri with the West hue of said Lot (> and 1-' f* el therefrom to a point In (In- .Smith line of stiiil Block it?, thence \Ve^t a!,mi: the Smith line ol said hlork to the pi.-irt> of h'-tunnln^:; to decree Ihe |iiniii!ili lo be tiie <mni:r in fi-c simple "f s.-nd real estate and I" forever i|-,iiei ni'd «-t ,it rest plaintifr.s iitlc Ihereiu, tiiai unless vou enter yi!iv aiM'e.ilaiici- ir, s:nd (a ise on nr bciorc' the llth day nf ,I'i:ii'. !%.>, judgment will he "The Fifteenth Amendment to in the earlier case of Guinn v the Constitution of the United |United States. 238 U.S. 347. at States, upon which the currentJ366, decide in 1915, said Ip50>- Federal proposal to alter voting | "No time need be spent on rights is based, provides that: i the question of the validity of 'The right of citizens of the,the literacy test, considered J.";, 1 ;!'. 1 '' 1 " 1 '," „''"' r; '" s " United States to vote shall not!alone, since, as we have scon MuViiv n w'ii,.,e m oit';'ce be denied or abridged by the:its establishment was but the cu,v,r'^%l.';' 11 ,'!' n United States or by any State,exercise by the Staff of a lawful i ||l " : "' rf on account of race, color, or power vested in it not subject to previous condition of servitude.'jour supervision and indeed, its ,m.-\i, "Neither in this Amendment!validity is admitted." '; "-•'' "' •- —— nor elsewhere in the Constitu- " i U:<.M. m 'If the federal government M "- v "• '"• -•"' •'"" - at ^ ir ^ x , 7 ,?,'; . DATED this 3i!h il.ny of April, 1 «;.-,. I.iK'an Anihiiny Clelk of Ihe [ll.vlnct Court ! Everybody's Business Balance Of Payments Pu3:zles Everybody tion is there any limitation upon therighof the states to de-j has '' to abolish all vol- ing requirements, why was it F necessary to adopt the'Fifteenth " _ _,_ _ _ ww( Amendment, or the Nineteenth T color, or previous condition of |Amendment, or the Twenty servitude' (Fifteenth Amendme-i fourth Amendment abolishing ment), nor on account of 'sex'i the requirement that a poll tax termine the qualifications of vot- rs, so long as they do not discriminate on account of .. IfUCi IN TIII: ritnitvji.; roniT or THK i M-\'ITI'.U < OF ,Kll .11.\i CAIil.AM) Hoi STUN deccilsed. ' ' (Nineteenth Amendment), nor on account of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax in the case of Federal elections (Twenty- fourth Amendment). "On the contrary, the Constitution expressly provides that the qualifications of voters shall be determined by the States, subject, of course, to the provisions of the Fifteenth. Nineteenth and Twenty-foirth Amendments above. Furthermore under the Teth Amendment, "The powers not delegated to the Unite States bt the Constitution nor prohibitedby it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. "As a result the States have various requirements for voting, such as length of residence within the State, age limitations ability to read and write, etc Twenty States, I understand, have some sort of literacy test. "Under the current proposal, all of these requirements in certain States may be swept aside by the Federal Government and Federal voting examiners ap- 01U' or any other tax be paid in tin case of Federal elections" The amending process is a slow requiring a two-thirds vole both houses of Congress and fication by the Legislatures three-fourths of the States. "If the current proposal passed it must moan that Congress no longer intends to be bound by the Constitution, the foui^Uion on which this He-public is built, — an instrument declared by Gladstone to most wonderful work struck off at a given li: brain and purpose of man. "In this connection, the words of George Washington are worth noting and heeding: 'If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or modification of the constitutional be in any particular wrung, lot it be corrected by men) in the way which the Constitution designates. I.!ut let there be no change- by usurpation: for though this, in one •'-,',,.,.,, instance, may be the instrument rir "' s - v -' 7 of good, it is the cu>tomar\ ' : .,-, : ,,,','. weapon by which free govern- •"' ; ' ! v merits are destroyed.' i Washington's Fart-well Address." . M»TH I-: Ol' IIIMtIM, OF NKW MF.Xi,',. TO- .To h n '<"•'•" MUM, Kit:,.. .!,,,,„ ,..,,.. -ton ..lurinita W.ill and I,, ail i;n i It speech making," COKRK(TI<)\ - This column erred in its April !) report that Hliss is being paid a $<•(),000 salary, and that at his insistence the National Executive Committee deposited two years' pay to his account in a Washington bank to draw on as he saw [it Our information came from an influential member of the National Committee, Because of his WASHINGTON — Cost of the mer Harvard dean was desig- long and intimate knowledge of KOBEBT I. MJJSN THE ALLEN- SCOTT REPORT PAUL SCOTT ;v n •.:-•.,-. Warren Commission investiga-,nated for this particular job is party affairs, we had no reason ''<'' 1l 'nmi' > 7<!i',/ti°n of the assassination of Fres- unexplained. jto doubt ion of the assassination of President Kennedy is $1.2 million. In addition to the free sets, the ;was mistaken. him. Apparently, ho Biggest single expenditure is'Government Printing Office is-j We accept such assurance ;! $55(5.500 for printing. ;sued for public sale 190.000 cop- from National Treasurer .1 Wil- Second largest is $225.650 for ies of the single-volume overall '.\\arn Middendorf By S\M CAMPBRLL You siy the balance - of payments problem is puzzling j I say yot're right. And it's bard I lo tell who's puzzled most — we i peasants, out here in Ihe bnon- i docks or the Washington intelli- | gentsia. j The latbst phase of the rnnller j was revealed Friday when U.S. I Secretary of Commerce Connor j talked Id newspaper editors. Me asked Ariierican tourists to stay at home, On the other hand, he • told our friends and allies across - the seas that he doesn't intend to set u|> any barriers against imports. Btinnna Test | This is supposetl to be the age i of sciencle. So to figure out ex- ^actlv whjit the Secretary mcan^. ] maybe we ought to set up ;m experiment and s> <• \\n\v tin-tourist - versus - imports idea works oijt when put to the )<•• t Tell M|u what. |et'> :'d do\-\n to Ihe N'icini! 1 . 1 nf Ihe Me\ii-.-,n border. That's viheie we '.c! u;i , ihe experiment Here ue an 'S'ou stay on this side ol the line and I u'jl! 540 over tn (he n'her side. \o1v then, at a gi\en in time, you buy your-elf a banana lind over there [ w,il do the slaine. Supposing this already ha 1)«.'('II (jotle. let Us s|[ (|n\M| ',i, figure o|it what happ< nt-d Tiie banana [hat you !>nii;"i! v, a- an import, since you wen- on the inside o|| the count!--, u \>, ;; \ . :, bought It and a' M'IJH- i .it ln-t tune th.M li'ina'-.a h.-nl ;••• !•< brought "in." Ai curd in g to s< ri-tary ('onnnr. \ oui tM.'i.ii •> kosher frecaiise it u a-- m t.n ' lliipurti'i) On the other hand, tl.-c !),i;;;,;!,i since 1 aiii m Mi'\ii', i; • .- , Mexico, that ;••• had ;i' i "r dr 1 .' to Ihe le-ei.•!"(''..i: '. n! ( '.,; i.; r,, • . . •• • bi'C,'JI<V(> 1 «.[icn! [<.;;;','.! I'.-.i'ii for it t\l>p lse!|a\ point on, it's just as good as yours and I can eat it. in perfect conscience. Oversimplified. No! To sum it up in a few words, Ihe Dcj'arl ment o| Commerce polic> i- ; 'his: a Calexico banana is kosher, but a Mexican banana is tabu. Now. doii'1 make a mistake by thinking this experiment is an ovcrsi)!)pliiic,-il!o;i of a complex problem. The Calexic vs. Mexican banana (iiiestion is not simple al all. Suppose, for instance, thai instead of importing the Mexico banana in a pan--!' -nek I had devoured the delicacy at the '-ite of purchase and then had hastened northward across the international li'ie. Suppose, in other uonH. 1 hail imported the "salaries and related benefits." report, and 2,500 sets of the | ! No financial accounting has complete record. Of the former. ;[ I ever been made public of the 150, (XX) at $3.25 each were! commission's exhaustive probe cloth-bound; 40,000 at S'J.M pa- sa - ar >' < 1S t;i -' ; Work Right Twisted The unions' all • out campaign'any State or Terntorv in 'Ah;,-, to force repeal of section Hb of such execution or applicafo'n i- the Taft - Hartley Act, which prohibited bv Sta'e. or T.-rnto- permits the states to adopt rial Law." Kight-to-Work laws if they so \\ish, could lead unknowing peo- ^ n rnal-;i ' 'hat seem. in. any pie to believe that, this provi- u ' ;j - v - ^'i ^n!i-!aho r ;,!,,-,,.;,,,,; ,... sion is a deadly weapon aimed n"i ri '> Mime ma — ive tv. >;.ng o! straight at the'heart of organ- i' 1 '"" ''-»i-'ut..'e. It simplv K,;. ized labor. " Iii;i '- i!} sta'.-s whica take a I- Anyone who beliees that v;in<;l -«' oi 15b each \\o; ker -A would do will to read the sec- !iav " '-'-'' [:J: ' ; '" l" :n "; '• •>' '« lion It. .says: "Nothing in thi.-, .'"'" a un "' !1 as i- 1 * <••:»'>-<•- a: • Act (Taft - llartleyi shall be '" i "^"^'' <a -'- he < ,m ke.-, i ... construed as authorixing t h e -I" 1 ' * NO ont ' { ' al ' make :, •.,- \ execution or application oi ~ ar "' n " orlt -' ca " ptf.ent :: ,, ; . agreements requiring memlx-r- tr " ni J°' nin ship in a labor organi/ation as If It'"''' i- '••'! a b.'i-..' !.i «•'!,..•!; a condition of t-rnplo>meni in uhat :-'' as follow,;,' "Ilav I'.h.s- ret from November 19f33 : pfrback. To date, sales are as November J'JW. Conjectures follows: about its outlays have ranged Cloth, 115,300 copies. &TT4 72r>: from $500.(XX) to $700.000. paperback. 27.300 copies. $<V) . The money for the year-long 250; comjiiete sets. 1 -W) inquiry by the seven - member $112,480; total $"i55.455. commission, headed by Chief CO1» CONCLA\'K - Repub'i- .fustice Far! Warren came from can Chairman Hay Bliss Ls con- Unite House contingency funds. vening his first meeting of the But while the White House re-National Committee in Chicago ; be made :n leased the commission's volum--around the middle of n e x t newspaper column inous report, consisting of 26 month, volumes, nothing has ever been made known officially about the cost. Reason for this secrecy is unexplained. This column can authoritative- and recommendations on ly disclose the following "finan- hp c! cial statement" compiled by the budget division of the General for harm ° n >' ar 'rf unified action. Services Administration on the AIso s!ated to participate in important The recently-installed Ohioan will report on the status of the .! n j u . ,', 1;1 V committee's affairs, particularly finances, and submit plans steps liltss will especially stress the need ' finan- t ' f ' ms s))0!)!d ^ tiik<> " ("President's Commission on the 11 (. \i i. IN I ill 4 ni \IN T!!K this important gathering are •Assassination of President Ken- sU " e ( ' nairnif>ri t'^' 1 becoming m . ( j v ". national chairman. I'.liss u.i- !<>liio State chairman ar.d head Direct Fxpenses: | 0 f the Republican Slate Cf-.air- Salaries and related benefits, men Advisory Committee This $255.650. travel and related ex- was established by former Nn- By WAYNF. G. I1UANDSTADT M. D. portant to us in the Hepti! Washingfon Window LBJ Passes Problem Course Th© Doctor Saws \, Newspaper l.ntcrprlse A^sn Since ProiMt*. i it is !)' 4 e!l ! lea ;t : I In a ie air t! a-ke People and Things LMlW'N 1 Sacrificial Uock 4 iiemy — ^ Uxlge 9 -- Harba; Maine Aftor. — — . Chancy ZSKemiiutMl appeUaUoa 4 K< renfrie wfaeel Id A-ti|i(ue Jy Motu.4 47 Hops' kila 28 Male vtlch 31 Unde Toms Jrjcnd 47 Cubic oi«t«r 5? lira w txiact AJI (lati Corn* ied •>t inai'i \ a in he \\as T'OT. I'Xcept f h e e lia\e |n|- e;n h a wr ^ J'\ m" of- N yiJ,Ll pi'.'iM-s. $07,441; equipment ren- t:ona! Chairman William M:lU-r. tal. $13.3.'!2; space rental and se- the party's I'.KW vice presidetv duly guarding commission tial candidate, who a'so <\<-^\: head<iuarters. $47.223; payment nated J5!i.-s to head trie group to General Services Administra- As this column disclosed ear- t.on for administrative support, her. Bliss is under ,".ea\;, back- SH.IXX); Payments to Civil Serv- ^!age pressure to name fit.hcr .ce Commission for security in- Mi-M--,ippi State Chairman Wirt '.cstigaiions of commission em- Verger or Penn^Ivama Sta'e plmees, $8.225: payment to f)e- Chairman Craig Triux as chair partment of Defense for photo- man of this Ad\ i>ory Commit- graphic sen ices. $4,0(X); com- ice. meccial contractual services. $17.lie', communications $14538' * er ^ f ' r ' s t'-'i-iiiiig t!ie plan- and Mipplii-s and materials, $5.- ° n t!u> Rr( ' un ' ! lu ' " S(>nl " r >1aU ' !)«!; total $442.089. /'hainnan. Truax is being \ ;,g- f.| St . Theie i.^ a cio-i- to;:,. Other Expenses: ' jorously backed by the North- t;on between the numiie: Air - conditioning commission ea ' s ' ern Republican State Chair- persons VMD have Ix'en !;«'a- lu-adc|iiartei-s i excess of normal men s Conk ' reri( -'*' smokers ior over 40 >e,, daM S7f,:M. travel and re- California S t -.. t e ('„-....,, nni , ari<1 <>M1 l''-> ^'« 1 " i T '"'. n:i: "' ( il Ml< ;; Miidivi-iv f'uis ;i.-d ." i : SlliiT,7. tiaiiMMiit t-MK-iiM-s. ,.,, -ic 7^.,,.,, ;i,'.'.r, ; ."' ;.'.'..!."'./. j > H"'e.iM-d i:. r.-o-ta v e ., r Air pollution m indu-itiiai .<:< H another :mpo:la.'.! fa. 'ov 'I tail from Government Printing i,in».,,i >,,/,„.',. ^',1'.'...^ 'i!,'..'"».Y r *' ai P ll/ ' ; »'!' '^ VK; - V s " '" " !l U M-' re!.m; (ji-e;i i", !hi is a tartor m causing J California State (".'laiiman expenses of w jtnessc.-,, (; av | (1 rd Parki:iM,n ha- i/ern pr<j- tKlllS(!l|)l fXiH'tlses, p,, M .,J as a coinpft.tniM- iholr,-. *-:.' 474: Pnnlmg- reproduction. At a recent m e e t , n g with $<;<J8.50U: reiiiibi!!-sf-nicnt for de- Trax backers, BJ.V, s.!ioiu'. ; > from Government Printing hinted he mav discard tht- $752 780. visory Committee. He indicateti iie is "tiiink;ng of bringm c counciK of )'K Ollice. $4S.(XX) total. coii!ingonc;fs. $,-)i;{]. grand to tal. $1 '.'(Hi <XX> Tiic (is \ fman< lal statement also note- thai "expense., of pet- ...,,,., Minnc! detailed to the cornmis- "'Wiere is sion from other commission'; shouldn't be and agen.-ies are not included in the alio.e figure. ,, alla ., s a , WHO (.01 Till' ICKI'OHT - Th-•-. k.-rj. c u . A total - Ad- persons escape tins c:; no reason the y the Ohioan said. Slate chaiiineii deal with pur- lin- grass routs in touch wil!) , 4 disease. '' ie Othc! fui torv it! the inert a-c numl)cr of icin'tted casi - (»i Com- f .,,,,,|n ,,, (lld i(!r pi ojiottion oi p" ing past age :>'.> fort- and that d !','! H ';'a a! ;on i > \\.a\\ cvt-r «<-'...>s are K 2.»0 ( (•! tlit- seiilitiifnt and tit-nds in Un-ir ^ oiiiiiiis-ioii's 2t;\oiuMie teport staU-.s, and their (Hidings and ihave been distributed free of views are of greatest value at j charge to the following: jthe national level. I've given a Congressional committees and lot of thought to doing away proving at reco/rii/.ng 1!it- disease, I liiorlutia 1 ' .-. b> I a e (Hue ttif i!.>e.i-i- ( a.'i be (1-1 u lll/eil Itlo^l \h-llilis !ia\t- s'llU-l • i-'i a "»iJ per o-iit loss <>! luii.: cjpaci!>. A man with emphysema lias Roman e m p e r o r N\ .',, s real name was Nero Ciuu'iius Caesar Augustus fJeni.anicus. There is no proof of lus guilt in the iiuiiiiiit; of Rome in the >ear tA in fact, by Nero's •jifu-is the open spaces m the <'.!!::;>US Mait;:is were L( i . il to ;-;,e si.-..-Her l*> in' ;;.• it-•.-: , ro^ds |i /.iSiuiiJ "•.(', I.M"M-.I !it It i.. I tli-f J-J • • .1 ' > • .Ji.'l Ihf |i) n r* "t <•!•!• ti--i :e-,'. IIIIMM-S built JM ! ' o: .-tutic laUitr than .;. f"- • J;paiJ,» ('-loiin'.j a nH and chairmen di- amount of oxven The 6.000; total, reel participants in the consul- thal accumul ares"in the itaUons and deliberations of the iln ierieres wi'h the N.- n 1 1 fin o I f^yitvt m i*4 fttt ' * ' ... lungs These complete sets, selling at National Committee $76, consist of a one - volume j Bliss aJso made it clear he in- Acr , overall re[>ort and 25 volumes tends to be a "working national t . ie t of the transcripts of all hear- chairman and not a .speech mai- ; on .> t . ings and Jauidivds of exhibits, er" ; ",. lo inost exhibits, er foi/itiag out ne Is not h, tiie < Ofiiriin'MO/i OJatulv. !«• a--.*rtrj the IHU.-.I JJU . u, t| lC i Hie tl re lljulioli lluJ.oit.iJlt aliil J»/Ki1in Un- thlu^ \, ! li,.,ii I, lie can <lo "umler Uie condiln^is •-ri l ,>,,^ (jj conlrouting the party is to | 1( ,| se crH»>ns moving toward h r o a t. Furthermore th? ' " ie t '^ r * >s s secretions. a:e retjujeij, jj lt . ^,,-uitr the ciiah- e .solid ten. i.-.'llllirri'l.i' !• •' • Malt S\ •trin T::.i! H.IS !'.' ; -.,-.,'.> - '. -11. •; • i 11 v \\ •.. i ' • 1 iidmi!!' -leicd t ' par ion 1:1 pr e. , . • !li.!il--Iei|i-d liie \ <: . ill .. ti.e Ueft w;,eh hi .-. a iomma:|uicr. (MI t '•< it Mah|,!,s. Ike s ' -'! • \Milk-. l]»Ct!e: lo| in- : .- . i .i',:t,l!- jha:i i 1 •!••. !•'• Xn\ el ll!|ieht I! 1!l(|!e V. e'. ! : :..,'. : ..: the \V!|ite H.'i.M' .•• ' '. l>epai'tl|ne:it ,:!: .:: ;. ; J<aper. siu a a- I 1 .-. J- i .1 ; t on Ca.-|l!o. l.l'.l v, •.:.!! t. about it| If •Miiiii-orie ',:<'•>•.<•,I be. v\as jicrniil'i .1 in i.-iijui ignorance «i .-onvt> u,./ that, Ji|ihnsoll wo;;l.| ;• ,:. - •: \fn-ly the ui; ier-!:..-;•„ • - of the B .' AJ cuuipU'lc sfts have never Ixdore l^eeu revealed. Hot ,.-.„, , K , u >r W vu leveaieu. now coiurouting tne party is to hope.evs utie ))o'v;t-i f e Nor has the fact that the allo- concentrate on building it up and ' Cute ' is nut to 'cater.' it cation was made by McGeorge preparing lor next year's ITU- influential foreign cial congressional election That \ axsui d ,,» of I'rcs.dent a full-ti/ne job. and wool ! (b . Uow aud »hi ib« Iiu- uiutli Ume aud \ IIU |, m |,| (J | M , !(I | 1V , WO |I,I «i|| | H at a i-alh a. t Jois H Lu to ^ouj duo/ Illi. ef • IKH -I i'l .:,'!,-' I- ... I':.:, •, , . i Kl IIJK ill, W h'l jlliiit i| p! u i

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