The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 17, 1955 · Page 2
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 2

Sandusky, Ohio
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Saturday, December 17, 1955
Page 2
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mi BkHDVBKY REOISTER-STARNEWS FOLKS AND f ACTS ly HARRY VAN STACK Mflitln, Jerry Lewis, .Tonnnp Dm and Zs« Zsa Gabor, and "White Feather," the Cinema­ scope, stars Robert Wagner. John Lund, Debra Paget and Jeffrey Hunter. CEJCTURir-OLD •ANDtJSKY BOOK DEFERRING once more brieflj ** to the time-honored Sandusky "First City Directory of 1855" ntntioned, here last week, we iMl it merits our giving it a f«w more •idcUghts lo reflect a few more of its own highlights. The «-ld booli, now a keepsake and memento of bygone years, was given to ll.s present owner, Mrs. Helen Hansen, by a good friend now deceased, and who had valued it for many years. The giver was Miss Cora Biemiller, daughter of Andrew Bie- niiller of Old Sandusky Opera Houst fame, and years-long friend of the old Klolz, West and Hubbard familie,? of whom vve havt spoken here on previous occasions. Miss Biemiller who died some years ago at the age of over 80. had resiicd the old book "before it went all lo pieces." • • * 'The venerable volume." Mrs. Han.sen said, 'came to me in quite forlorn shape, having evidently been used rather roughly by children in the L. S. Hubbard fam'ly who used to live in what we called the 'Denig house' on the southwest corner of Wayne and Adam,s-sts." The old First Directory, "stained brown with age," shows pencil tracings across page after page which must have been made by happy-go-lucky and pencil-twitching youngsters. Here and there are crude draw ings of farm-yard groups of cows and chickens, and on many pages is scribbled the name "L. S. Hubbard, Sandusky, Ohio." Well, "kiddies are kiddies." They have to indulse in some type of pastime. In those olden days they had no radios, televisions, movies or record-albums. So, to draw or to scribble in .oome unused book gave them an outlet of amusement. The old First Directory also served someone as a partial scrapbook. Cliptpings of poems, anecdotes and "personals" were pasted on other pages, apparently indicating that store-purchased Scrap Books, as we know them today, were not readily available in those days. * ^ i» Il'.s a wonder llie old volume still exists. As the present own er put it, "When I reallie the use to which that old book was .subjected, apparently after its life as a Directory was over, I marvel that it has survived the trash basket these 100 years ... I'm thankful it did, and It now holds an honored place on my bookshelf." Well, we're glad too. We have a penchant for old relics, old landmarks, old traditions. Too many of them are today treated with a lack of proper apprecia tlon and respect. After all these old mementos, literary, mu slcal, structural or otherwise make for good history. Without them the past would be a prac tieal blank, and records could not as clearly be handed down from one generation to another We must have a past to build a present. We need a present founded on the past, from which to develop the future. And old "keepisakes," books and traditions help us do this. • • • The old 1855 First City Directory tells us much about the past. It shows that even 100 years ago Sanduskians were proud of their city, and didn't hesitate to boost it. They expressed themselves pridefuUy about many of its advantages and achievements. Today we'll choose only one of those many subjects. Others will follow at some later date. They spoke highly, for instance of their school system;—They saidr''The free schools of Sandusky are Justly the pride, as they are the ornament, of the city. Few places in the Union can boast of a more thorough and comprehensive, yet economical, system. It is certainly not excelled, if equalled, by any other in the state." And what was said then, may well be said today. From the acorn of 1855 has grown the great oak of today. The old- timers, realizing the value of education, did their part. It must be admitted that they laid a good groundwork for the city an county schools, public and parochial, of today. Wc might say that they applied the Biblical admonition Mhich says. "Cast thy bread upon the waters, for thou slialt find it after many days" THEATER NEWS Communion At Presbyterian On Sunday Evening church To Observe Annual Christmas Service By Candlelight At 7:30 O'clock. The First Presbyterian Church will observe its annual Christmas service of Communion of the Lord's Supper by candlelight on Sunday at 7.30 p, m. This service is one of the most elaborate of the year. The Presbyterian Church .•lanctuary, decorated with evergreens and candles will replace its air of somber dignity with one of festivity. Invitations are e.xtendcfi to members, friends and guests. The church will observe "open Communion." Mrs. Walter Hadficid, assisted by Mrs. William Grahl, Mrs, Charles Dickson and Mrs. B. V. Everds, have decorated the church aisles and Presbyterian with candleabra, copper boboche and evergreens. Three - branch candelabra decorate the aisles, each candelabra in the form o( a cross and hung with pine boughs and red satin ribbon. Window sills are strewn with pine roping and the choir loft strung with festoons of evergreens. In the center of the organ screen above the choir loft is a large Christmas wreath of boxwood. Elders serving Communion at this service are: Frank Shoop, Earl Knapp, John Sennett, Robert Snod- ;;rass, Basil Kimball and Gerald Lutz. Lighting of the candles will be performed by acolyes under the direction of Jon Brindle. Other acolytes are: Roger Bowie, David Scheid, Mark Hawley, Douglas Meng, Edward Otto and David Meyer. Music will be provided by the adult choir under the direction of Mrs. Rodger Doerzbach and with Mrs. John Wild at the organ. Two anthems will be sung f)y the choir, "Come, Shepherds, Come" (arr.) Maryott with Larry Nabakowski singing the solo and "O Holy Night" by Adam with Douglas Meng soloist. Mrs. Wild is to play as an organ prelude, "The Shepherd's Carol" by Chubb; as organ offertory, "What Child is This" by Greenslceves and organ prelude, " ' way In A Manager" by Martin Luther. As in years past the Christmas c; tale light Communion service in the Presbyterian Church is the occasion for reception of new communicant members. At 6:30 p. m. the session will meet In the chapel lo receive and enroll new members vho will be welcomed by the con- •^rcgation at the Communion service. The Rev. Ralph J. Hawley H 'III preach a Christmas Communion meditation and be celebrant at the service of the Lord's Supper. The public is in^'ited. Dorolliy Malone fixe.'! the tie of Liborace in thi.s scene from "Sincerely Yours." opening Sunday at the Ohio. It is the piaiii.'^t's fir.'il film appcaranco. Bricker Claims Army To Reduce Ohio Personnel WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 fUP) e office of Sen. John W. Bricher (R-Ohio) said today the Army had advised that H plans the following reductions In civilian personnel in Ohio ordinance depots: Rossford at Toledo. 250 persons; Lordstown at Warren, 50 and Erie 50, The affected personnel will be advised Jan. 9 that they are being let out as of Feb. 9, a spokesman said, Greef/ngs From Bnfhh Navy Received Here Crew Msmbers Also Sent Photo R. F. A. Fort Sandusky To City Manager Kugel. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS Lutes' Students To Appear On 2 Sunday Programs Students of Kay Lutes Dance Studio will presen'. a floor show for the radio and television Supervisors Club at the Philco Corporation at 2 p. m. Sunday. Following this show they will present an entertainment for the CIO Local 913 a', the ChrLstmas party at Junior High school. Stanford D. Close will be the piano accompanist.. Students participating are: Sandra Endlc, Sandra Click, Ruth Fortuna, Barbara Billman, Jcri Lou Scherz, Sylvia Green, .loan Steele. Marlene Camp, Judy Semon. Judy Lippus, Darienc Ziemke. Terrie Uther, Steven Bovia. Sandra Sams, Judy Melzo, vSharon Wilk, Tonya Sherer.i Caryl Conley, Jacquelyn Mayer, j Judy Wallace, Sonya Puckrln. Barbara Meyers, Susan Brugeman, Carol Gundlach, Beth' Mayer, Lee Ann Renande, Sue Carol Smith, Barbara Biglin. Janet Lewis, Susan Traub, Catherine Erickson, Marcia Meggitt, Mary Ann Bluhm, Carol Riccelli, Carol Lynn Green, Jon; Brindle, William Heim IV, Diannc Mate, Sharon McGill. Nora Jean , Kimes, Sherry lehle, Barbara'has entered the national soil con- Strickler, Carlene Semprich, Lar- alne Bauer, Susan Hoffman, Sherry Maroni, Deanna McVetta, Linda Gast, Judy Hartenfeld, Darlene Dunkel, Connie Ulmer, Janet Lawrence, Eileen Baus. Pauline Lippus, Janet Pugh. Carol Wob -jCompC'' other soil c ser. JoAnn Scherz, Joann Eckler,Innervation districts in the stf Linda Owen, Sandra Doavcr, Paulette Rakosky. Herrilyn Melson, Beverly Laws. Barbara Hoel- The city has received holiday greetings from the crew of a British Navy ship, the R. F. A. Fort Sandusky, sailing out of Singapore. Several months ago the crew members became curious as to Sandusky and wrote for data. Ill return for the informa!ion scnl to the crew members by the Chamber of Commerce, the crew and Its officers has sent a picture of Ute „ .«hip, Canadian built, and graphed by all officers and ni« aboard. The letter accompanying Iht photo was sent to City Managet Karl Kugel, wishing the city • happy Christmas and a prosperoua and peaceful New Year. The three largest cities In Israel are Tcl-Aviv, 358.500 inhabitants; Haifa, 154.500; Jcru- •salem, 144,000. Nazareth is now a town of 21,500. In this scene from "The Return -of Jack Sladc," opening Sunday at the State, Marl Blanchard holds up a train, with John Ericson one of her victims. Soil Conservation District Of Erie Joins In Program Erie Soil Conservation Di-strict OHIO Starling Sunday and sliowing Ihrougii Wcclncsday Liberacc maket- i'.s ..r... moUon picture appear^ i.i ' JiJiceroly Voui-s." Filmed in V, .unerCoior, it is a drama of powerful emotional depth and heart-warming humor that will bring a glow to all ages, it tells of the life and loves of the gifted pianist who brings l.)ve, joy and faith into the lives I r a nunibei- ot empty lives and • icn find.s iiaiipines.s and 'o- t' r hini.solf. .loantic Di-u .^lul Xirotliy iMalouf ar his two ' MV I- iig iatlii's. Hounding out liie )rograiii is 'Targi'l Zero," ;in . c-tion thriller with lUchard Conic and Peggie Castle in tiie Icad.s. It is the story of the glory of the fighting G.l. in the Ko- I'ean War. Martin and Lewis .starring in their latest hilarious picture. Ai-tists and Models," open Thursday. Here tlu-y are comic :)ook il)ustralor.< .Xll surls of (loty, luscious, hilarious and uisicai tilings I 'onic thi-ougli tlu- •omeds kinL:.>' opt-n door.s this ine Shirlc;; MacL .-iiiU'. Dorotliy lalouc aiul f.ddic Mayhott: l'".va liahor ,-iM(l .\i)il;i Kl<l)('ii;; thr 'licli ol the iosTJii'st iiiodi'i.s in llie ciistoiiu's ilip counli'.x \\oul(l •lick i| it Iwnl llic oiii><>i'U\nit\; FOn ''"^ Trn ^'XNCE PV.rre mA-B FOR CHRISTMAS MUSEC LESSONS Wilh Ir.sirument Furnished on our Trial Course. Cull 1650. Wi.i 'ms Music Center 4;iS \\. Market St. I 'h. lli5(J songs of "Thai's Amore" fame; .spectacular production numbers and the zaniest of Martin and Lewis adventures. It is filmed in VistaVision and technicolor. STATE "The Return of Jack Slade," one the films playing Sunday through Tuesday, is a sequal to the original sci'een drama "Jack Slade." John Ericson has the name role in this new Super- scope film in wiiicli his co-stais arc Mari Blanchard and Neville Br;ind. He plays a IMnkcrton operative, hired (() a murderous gang of train robbers, a feat Tfc nUcbmplishes single- handcdl.w A new .suspense thriller. 'Wngcla," starring Dennis O'Kcefe and Mara Lane, completes the Mil. Filmed entirely in Italy, the story of Angela should prove an exciting adventure in murder. It casts O'Keefe as an American car salesman v\'ho becomes involved with a bcautijnl woman. Mara Lanej portrays .\ngela. who is also in- 1 volvcd in an intricate murder' plot. action packed conihinalion show plays Wednesdav ttuougli F)i(la> Mlioatci- will lie closed ail (iny Satur(la.\', Dec. 21. i They are timely anri dealing with the iiuenile dolin<!Uenc,\ plaKiiins Ihe country One of the pictures is ••('ily .\cross tlie River." iv 'ckeil witli emotions ol \o\ith uiti) 'iich lo|) .slar.s as .Siepbeii "cV- " . Ton^• Curli^ and Thel- iii'lei' in llie c;ist The otiiei- ii 'dprt' is "(lirts in tlie ,\it?l>t" >Ahifh sets f()i-th the touch female teei'a"er of the tene- m 111- Aside from the socioloiii- cal implication . hcith films ai-«' '••lid pood screen entertainment. I'l.A/A l'la>iiig throu^jh Sunday at the I'la/a will be "Drum Heats," ,111 action drama in CinemaScope. starring .Man Ladd. Audrey Dalldii and itolieit Keith, ^'id •'\\i/ai(i ol O/." in tecliiiicolor, ,iai.s ,|U(!\ Ci 'ailand Frank Mor"..•in and lia> Bolgcr, Slarlim; SuiuUy. Dec. -3. anil /)l.i\ii)g Ihroiigl) l\londa.\ will be "3 Itiiig Circus," teaturing Dean Reminders Given By Fire Dept, For Christmas As a last reminder before Christmas, the fire prevention bureau of the Sandusky Fire Department today urged persons to keep their Christmas tree as fresh as possible by frec\uent watering of the stump end. Also buro;ui officials suggested that a site for the tree he carefully selected - do not block (loo a\s ind do lOt put a tre-' near a fireplace where sparks might ignite, —11 was, also said ihat a poor servation awards program sponsored by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co,, Akron, it was announced by William H. Oetzel, Milan, district chairman. Members of Eric district will on- state. Non-partisan judging committees, selcclod from Ohio's outstanding exponents of the soil conservation movement, will determine the .stato'.s ovlstnnciins district for the period May 1. 1955 and March 31, 1956 on a basis of tol-nl points scored in performance of regular district duties. Grand award for one member of each winning district governing body and the top co-operating farmer named bv the district will ALDEN. MINN,. (UP)—Turn- be a one-week, e.xpense-tree, va- coat GI Richard Tenneson, wol-j cation trip lo Goodyear's winter comed home as prodigal son oy'resort, the Wigwam guest ranch his devout mother, will have lojon Goodyeai- Farms, Litchfield "prove himself" before he is ac-;Pai'k, Ariz., in December. 1956. ceptod by his townspeople, the' Members of the Erie district people of Alden said today. ;govcrning bod.v who will compete Tenneson, one of 23 American for the Goodyear award are:; .soldiers who turned their backs Oetzel. William Kaiser, Williami on their country lo s'uay in RediG. Gaminie. Robert Schlessman! China after the Koiean War, atejand George H. Johann.sen. i his first homecooked dinner in j National winners of the Good-' nearly five years Friday amidst,year soil conservation awards will' a joyous homecoming. ibo honored at the seven regular: His mother, Mrs. Portia Howe, zer and Linda Wightman. Hometown Says Turncoat Must Prove Himself Theater Schedules STATE—"Fighting Chance" —1, 4, 7, 10:05. "Mv Sister Eileen"—2:15, 5:20, 8:20. (Sun. through Tues.)—"Return of Jack Slade" — 1:15, 4:05, 6:55, 9:55. "Angela" — 2:45, 5:35, 8:3,5. OHIO—iLast Day)— "The Big Knife"—2:55, 6:10. 9:25. "Killer's Kfss"—4:55, 8:05. (Stai-ts Sundayi— Sincerely Yours" — 2:35, 6:05, ,1:30. "Target Zero"— 1, 4:30, 8. PLAZA—"Wizard of Oz"— 1, 4:30, 8, "Drum Beat"— 2:40, 6:10. 9:40. EDEN CONFINED TO BED LONDON, D*ec. 17 (UPl— Prime Minister Anthony Eden was confined to his room with a cold today for the third consecutive day. eiVI A BOOK LASTING GIFT FLAMES, (, s OF \y DARKNESS HARRY VAN STAC 'Novel Captures Tension of Africa" Cleveland News, Book Reviews, Nov. 30, 1955 Sandusky Author Sold in Sandusky By DENZER'S. Inc. 142 E. Market St. THE BOOK SHOP 115 W. Monroe St. Also KORNER & WOOD CO. Cleveland HIRSCH BOOK STORE Toledo JANET LEIGH — JACK LEMON TODAY ^'^ "^'^ SISTER EILEEN" CinemaScope Rod Cameron In "Fighting Chance" SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY a devout woman had two cakes waiting for him. One cake was in the form of a Bible and had i two scriptural passages on it. Tenneson promised his mother he will go to church Sunday despite earlier statements he no longer is religious. area meetings of the National As -i sociation of Soil Conservatioi'j Districts. Placques are to bci iawarded at state conventions to the 100 first and second place winning districts. practice is to permit tree lights to burn while there is no one at home. If tl.ere arc ti-immings on the fireplace mantle, do not let them hang over where they might ignite, the bureau officials pointed out. Do not keep the tree too long after Christmas if it is dried out, the.N- said. Take it down and dis- po.s(> of it in a safe manner, j •Mso pack Chi'i.;tmas wrajjpings i in a box and dispose of. them as soon as io.s.i'blc. f)(f)<'ic'i)'; rf'oaried iJia! Ilainr ri'tarcli'u material can be mado for a tror or other Chi'i.stnias decoralioii.s b>' ,spra,\ing, dipping nr paintinu' \\itli t)io followinc solution; Nino ounces of Morax : four ounces of iioric acid lo one L'.'il'oii water. This is not flamopiool, (lie ut- ticials saici but it is Ijame rc- l.'irding, WAN'l ,\I)S RlUNtl tlFSULTS One-Shoe Thief Fouls Up Party CHA.M) KAIMDS. -MICH., Dec. '7 ilNS> Six guests allending a parly at llie Cirand Rapids homo of: Charles Lcvandoski left their over- shoos on (ho front porcli. They discovered after llu- parly that someone had stolen one overt ^hoe from each pair. CLEVELAND MAN KILLED CLEVELAND, Dec. 17, (UP)— Loren fJalle, 60, Cleveland, was the city's a5th traffic fatality of the year when he was killed in a two car crash ('arl.\' today. KAY LUTES DANCE STUDIO Open Daily from 2 to 9 P. M. PHONE 1205 WRIGHT'S Kestaurant & Service Sta Fine Food Dealers of Texaco Products Tfte Perfect Gift Suggestion A GIFT CERTIFICATE In Anv Amount for ROSES or merchandise .... Give the Gift that is Appreciated on Christrfias and for future years. Lovely Christmas CORSAGES FREE with Certificates of 5.00 or More. BARNES ROSES Inc. Rl. 2 6 — Midway between Huron and Sandusky I I 'hoMc Huron (t'J5l Give Entertainment For Christmas $2.50 AND $5.00 COUPON BOOKS ON SALE AT BOX OFFICE 9 Large Inside Display iiilSTMAS TREES Balsam - - Scotch — Firs — Norway Spruce Auslralian Pine, Cut and Potted PINE TRIMMING and PINE ROPING BALSAM WREATHS HOLLY MISTLETOE MASCI!ARI BROS. nil W. Washington St. Open Eveningft A Sunda,y'i Phone 215 FOR VOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER lull Line of Nut IVIeats Pecan Meals, English Walnut Meats, Black Walnut Meats, Figs, Dales, Candied Cherries, Glazed Pineapple. Full line of Chrii^tmas candy and cookies. Christmas baskets. Oranges. Tangerines, (irapes, (itapefruit, Temple Oraiig^es fancy eating and cuukiiig .\pples. Turkeys, Chickens and Ducks. Pascal Celery. WE DELIVER HI»TH sroPJ lUVi Fifth St. Phone ' JS.' M LA.ST DAY The Big Knife and Killer's Kiss a-irnTTtmn,.,..— TOMORROW LiBERACE JOANNE DRU DOROTHY MALONE (ft S INCERELY •^•^ FROM WARNER BROS. IN WAHNERCOLOR Plus 2nd liit TUNE IN EVERY SUNDAY SUNDAY 1:00 P. M. DEC. 18 'FRANK A"*^ ERNEST 'r AD?0 PROGRAM TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION THIS WEEK . . . 'The World's New Ruler" CKLW 800 kc. TilROL/GHOUT the ages, many in their lusl fur puwei\ ha\e attempted to establish theinselve.s a.s woi'ld rulers. It inattered little to these liow much blood was spilled on their behalf if only their selfish ambitions could be attained. Now Tt P.VOUP of powei'-cravinj^ men are endeavorin/:^ world conquest in the name of communism. But Jehovah, the Creator, has other plans. JVearly two thousand \fars a^o he sent his Son for the purpose of ultimately becomin^^ a world ruler. But Jesus explained that his kingdom, his t^overnment, was not of this world, therefore, hp had no soldiers to fi^ht and die for hini. Instead, Jesus first of all (iiod for his subjects. 11 is at his second visit to earth that he sets up his worldwide government Ihruuqh the agencies of wliich th(xse for whom lie died will bo ,ei\en an opportvmitv to live — yes, ]ive fore\'er. DO VOL KNOW that present world conditions are fulfilling prophecies relating (o the time when Christ's g^overntnent will take control of earth's affairs? DO YOir KNOW that the same divine power which raised Jesus from the dead Hill aMuro the victorious establishment of his Kingdom, and that through this kingdom the angelic message of "'peace on earth" will be gloriously fulfilled? FREE COUPON REQUEST You are invited to send now for your free copy of the booklet, "Jesus, the World's Saviour." It will make ihe Christmas season mean more to you. Addi-.'.s.s youv icquesi to' TRANK AN. ERNEST' D,pt N—Box 60—General Postoffice, New York, N. Y.

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