The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 9
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IBX DAILY HVWB, FUDXRIOK, TO., MOH9AT, VXCEMHBK 28, 1BS1* Or CLEAVER STRAHAN Doran and Ox BEGIM HERE TODA« AJIXE. CECILY aa* MAJB.X- pBtAXCES, FEXW1CK UT» wlia theic cna4aar«ata. one* w that ·appert the hoaaeaoM. Tfce ·later* hav* be»» alaee ehUdhootf. The j ksovrm reapee- | lively m* "ROSALIE" aad "CRAXD- ·a* they (aalat oa teaaca of their former Aaae. SS. and Cecily. Si. «u ace- rvtAriaJ worfc a*d Mjury-F'raeea, 19. U «1UI la aehooL. ITae* the atary oyeaa Anac haa bwa tm- caced ta PHILIP ECHOVO. yoaac lawyer, for cleat y«arm. They ran aet marry .becaue Aaae know* her alatera and erraadpareBU de- pcad oa her to maaaj?e their ho^c. Cecily hrlaca BARKY MeKEEL haate to dinner with her. She ta falling: ta lave with him, Mary- Prances aad her friend. ERM1X- TRUDE. are excited about the »r- rlral of * atoeh: roaapaa? actor known an E\RL- DE ARMOUSiT. They meet aim on the street BB.4 he apeaka to them. Marr-Franee* U thrilled, arreea to meet him that ntcht after the performance. Phil telephone* Anne, aiklnc her to a;o on a plcnte. Sae refuse* hecaiMc it la her Bleat to cook at home. Pail, annoyed, takes I/ET- TT KFXG. a flllnc clerk, oa the ptcBte. NOW GO OX WITH THE STOHT CHAPTER XIV C ECILY owned bat one pair of evening slippers--spike heeled, pert, narrow things of black satin with tiny Imitation cut-steel bncfeles --bat unfortunately they ·were a size too small for Mary-Frances. She had pnt them on at nine o'clock. She dared not take them off for fear she could not crowd them on again, and they pinched her tiptoes cruelly and did burning things to her heels as she crept, each etep fluttering trepidation, each squeaking board cold panic absolute, through the long upper hall, past Grand's and Rosalie's door, past the bathroom, past Ann's door with Its frightening streak of light, past Cecily's room, and the east spare rooms and the west spare rooms, and went stealthily Hisplng dawn the back stairway. She and Ermlntrnde had decided earlier In the evening that an ethereal effect was more Important than conventional, fashionable attire, and since her last summer's ·white dresses were each of them several Inches too short ("How that child does grow!") she wore the White Grecian robes that she had worn for her solo dance In parents' assembly, and an old white chiffon scarf of Rosalie's, long discarded, was strung abont her shoulders. · All during the evening, until the past half hour. Mary-Frances had been composing speeches for herself and for Earl--though chiefly for EarL The slippers had brought praises of fairy-feet, and parts of that poem which Rosalia sometimes repeated: "Sweet' tiari hast trod on a heart"--Tunpty-nmpty, something or other abont men, fin- Ishlag chivalrously, "Women as fair a» thoa art most do sach thlacs BOW and then." Not that Mary-France* Intended j treading on hearts, now or ever. ) Her views concerning women who 'did heartless flirt* and lEide a mistake and served her th* vanilla parfalt lasted of tbe pineapple one she had ordered? Mr. Hill wouldat let her send it back, to- right now, I'm going straight into the boose. Bat 1 will add. Mr. D«- Armount. that I don't think that U a very nice way to talk to a girl | coquette*, were bitterly derogatory. But. of course, It could easily turn oat that it had all been a terrible mistake and misunderstanding, and that the lady had not really trod · on a heart at all. The scarf, while I its rareled edges had been rever- jently kissed, bad produced refer! ences to angels and things high above -- the type of womanhood most approved by Mary-Frances. But. for the past half-boor, all that had been pnt aside, aad forgotten. Mary-Frances had become possessed of bat one purpose and on* resolve: to get to the walnnt tree fire minutes after half-past 10; to keep those pretty slippers oa if they killed her. CHE kept the slippers on. teeter*^ Ing tortuously on the high heels down the graveled driveway. She reached the walnut tree at precisely 25 minutes to 11. Earl'was there. Earl was waiting for her under the walnut tree. An astonishment In Itself, without the additional bewilderment of finding a new EarL an impetuous, whispering person, who said. "Aw. you sweet baby, you." and captured her icy trembling bands and held them firwHy while aha responded with only an odd. low. croaking sound. "What's the nutter, baby? Yon're shaking all over. I wouldn't hurt you for the world--see?" "I never did think you'd hurt me." she replied with a choice llttl* dignity. "I--I guess I'm Just kind of nervous or something." "Excited to see me. baby?" He kept hold of her hands and began drawing her closer and closer to him. It was cold, and his arm* and woolly coat felt nice and warm: there was an enticing odor, like passing a barber shop, with an added whiff of wintergreen, and Mary-Frances said. "No m"B ever kissed me on my lips before." It was cot a boast, nor was it an accusation. It was a statement of circumstance made more to herself than to EarL "Gripes!" he said, and his voice was husky. "Some little sweet baby. I'm crazy about you--no fooling. Crazy--see?" Mary-France« drew away from htm. It was time now to talk. She loved him, of coarse, but vaguely something seemed to be the matter with something. Her feet hurt, and standing on tiptoes made them hurt worse; but that was not the trouble. Possibly there was no trouble --really. How could there be so soon, and with a great love like theirs? How could she have rather the same feeling that she'd had last Friday evening when the girl had cause she bad eaten the whipped . who is IS yean old. and you knew cream oS the top before ih« bad j how old I was. oceans* 1 told yon discovered the tistak*. Vanilla In ; this afternoon in the drug store* place of pineapple la disappointing, i and now I'll say goodby." "Stingy!" he rebuked. -Ton! · · · aren't going to b« a little stingy. TTE took her by the ·honlder* and cold baby^ are you. sweetnessr , U he!d hert gently mou ^ ~ UaT . Mary-Fraaees aald. "DoaX" «*l i ,,» esplaia. hon." be aald. -I dldat stood on her heels to ease her toes * for a moment. "I guess." she added.' go to make you tor*. On the , mltt- "Say! You got a date ice trust or something?" ·No. I Just kind of thought better go la aow." --*" "Crlpea! Toa can't go rushing oS BOW. What was the use of me com* .v the - ~UV~ mocked "Well, it may t» |d- of , it another think, baby. Don't you do It. Don't yoa go in now." TTE was beseeching her to atay. ·"· waa thrilling. "And then beseeched me to stay." she could i tell Ermlntrnde, Nonchalance savored with winsomeness. It sounded easy, but how exactly should she go about it? "Why do you wast me to stay?" ah* asked. i Mary-Francea. 1 ° {roars, bat i t ! ~Say. listen, boa. I'm sorry, honest. I didn't mean anything like yon think--see? I Ilk* yoa. On the square I do. I like you a lot better than I thought I was going to--see? I mean to say. you being so--so. well different and innocent you're kioda got It *? mt go!ng , n "Different?" she questioned, wltk a note ot hope. Til tell the world yon'ro different. Say. listen, boa. aad I'm talk- £ tie innocent violet from one of thest here bls K* 11 * 1 ' cabbage roses-- *ee?" Is a Perfect material for swaetneas, that's me." I "Will yoa lOTe m* forerer and 1 _^ o f o^.,,^- ererr she asked. She thought that I ""-Von °are"a8 ^UBferent aa he had told her that he lo»ed her. ( mo dest violet from a flaunting crlm- Tbings were not disappointing any | soa rO se.'" longer. She was keeping her first j Ermictruda tryst, and it was Life and Love and Living and everything. "And how!" be vowed, and tried to kiss her again. "Don't," said Mary-Frances. "Aw. gee. baby!" he Complained. "If wo kiss all the time." Mary- Frances elucidated, "we can't make friends Ilk* yon said, nor get acquainted nor anything." "Snap out of It." he urged. "Say. listen, baby. We wouldn't be kissing if we wasn't friends already, would we?" Mary-Frances pondered that for a moment. "Well--no." the admitted. "I guess what 1 meaa is that so many things are so much more interesting than kissing." It was Earl's tarn to ponder, and he did so for a moment before he i "Howsosomeever." said Earl, and i from where in the world he dragged jail that word It Is hard to telL "I j got to say. In Justice to mytelf. Franbie. that 1 ain't altogether to produced his first sincerity i evening. "Gripes!" he said. ' tbe yon little aren't the darnedest funny kid!" Ermintrud* must never know. No one must ever know. It must be kept always a secret smarting in her breast like that old Spartan fox. Dignity softened wltH coyness? Mary-Frances had no present dlspo- taking such chances." sltion for coyness. "Well, Mr. DeArmonnt 1 must say! If that's what yon think about me, I'm glad yoa told me before It too late, and we'll part forever blame for kind of getting off on the wrong foot, as the saying goea. Listen, hon. I'm a man c* th« world, myself--seer* (A man of the world! Alary-Frances breathed deeply over that.) "And--welL that's what I klcd ot am. A man of tbe world. Now. there's a lot of things you wouldn't understand. I know that now--see? But I wasn't snr» of It before, and that's why I'm go- Ing to say something to you. 1 may not get thanked, but just the same I think th world and all of yon--* (Tbe world and all! My! "Ermln- trude, he said . . .")--"and I'm going to tell yon that you're taking chances when yon make* dates with strangers and all like that. Cour*e. In my case, it was all right--«eeT Absolutely. I'm a good judge ot character and all--see? But the next guy might be a bad egg or anything. It sura gets me going. Frankie. a girl of your type and all TIVOLI waaunat B*OS manes BMBMaflaVaKaMHIH CELEBRATING-OUK 2ND GALA *'A*Dr«vtjtti«a Wedt" NEW rBICES - _. AT "' lOc CHILDREN TIMES TWO-- WUO MIKJL MOTION ril Tt Ki. HISTORY n \Ll \l E BEERY J U K I L J - K I J - r i ) COOPER \ I'llt* HI. \\L-K1. U M %KL Ol'B OS- _ TI1E r HIT IV Tills » H K S l P t K L A T l V E MOTION BEAD THE 8TORT, THEN COLOR THE HCTL'KE (To be CopTTlsht. 1931. NBA The Tiaies looked th* rocket o'er aad - down Inside, a. fine ?.;*:-.· sh.ii: Seo'-ty said, "We've sees a score . of '_ nude. very funny things while we've been i -But. let me S".* 10.1 j.-.r.e ~- innellag all around We've seen great' .^ ae ;., t he :r.p -.ur:-. _· rul ca\es and castles high, ar.d even met, \v.~en you are :n :N- ci~v ·_-· lolis in :he sky, bu: ( gee. I must «d- j s! r; DOE': roo\c a. .:.. N i " this is the strangest '.hing we're J ahead 433 »u cl.mb .:· i.:.i · ·-·:. found." ! --.p will soon bcgjn I".'. »: .\ .',,· Tie nian then said. "Cils* right la- S g^ make the rocke: S'.KX: -; ..-s: aide. It's bulH for comfort, oa a ride.' ground." .You 11 aoilc* Tve made windows so' the fo!ks can look right out Then. :en up in the a:r :h«-T go. '.he ground can be seen, down bcloa. Most, people ·wouldn't have the nerve to ride In it. no doubt." "Oh. shucks, it wouldn't frighten me." said downy. "How glad I would . if I co'-ild just sit do«m »nd then go whizzing through *he air. I'm sure tha: 1'i be safe and sound, unless it Rinib'.ed to the ground. You see taies a lot to give a lad like me a scare." This made the other Tinles smile. Said Coppy, "You'd sail for a mile and ' then you'd start w wish that, grou were ' fcaci upon the earth. We've seen you ·do queer stunts before and every time joa start to roar. U seems that fright Is bound to make you shout for all you're worth." Soon Carpy said. "I'll tea you what! , If Cloway thinks that he's so hot. let's j ail zo riding in this rocket. I am , cot afraid." And then they asked the j man. who said. "Well. I don't mind. Jads. Go ahead! If you will an alt "THE CHAMP" M HIT KOSIU A T K S 1RC\C RICH (The T:nymlt« go ru.-kol^i .:·. tl:c :i«xl story ) Not To Becognize Salvador. Managua. Nloaras'.:.-!. Dec -7--T!-» Foreign OOce a:::'0'.iuct\! \v~ttrday ':',.i" * ^[Nicaragua will not cv.i-nd rco-x;:.:::_: 1 J j t o the new governsiont -^ Sal-.ator i !n accordance \\ith the \V.ishl:igto:i pact or 1923. ot hers! to reduce your family «*CoId»-Tajc"--use the Vlck. Plan for Better "Control-ot · Colds 1 * In your He iCity Opera House I ! TOMORROW EVE AT 7JO-9.00 I CONSOLATION""" -s^s? 1RE\C O f N X A A A R P I A f F ' ' PAT o'B»"EN- /V\r\r\l\lrVVjll JOHN' HAUJDAT MTKNA LOT AN K. K. o. ncrrm ALL OS THE STAGE "AMATEUR NIGHT "Oh. but. EarL I don't! _I never did before. You are the »ery Orst one I ever did speak to or anything." CTo Be Continued) KITCHEN iSUNDAY DINNER 'fey Oscar of the Waldorl ; pass beyond the great van. Into China ; proper, and some even have set Peip- : ing as the ultimate goal. The government, however, has no confirmation that so extensive an Invasion Is to -respect. PEARRE'S % Modern Pharmacy DRUG AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHONE 208 STIEFF'S SILVER Rose, Puritan and Clinton Patterns FULL LINE CARRIED IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK JAMES E. DOLL JEWELEE FOB OVER 60 YEARS 1 American Investments ; 325.000.000,000. abroad total Cranbeiry Juice Cocktail Cream of Cetoy Soap Broiled Sirloin Steak, Anchovy Butter Juliecae Potatoes Butiered Cabbage 2ojaine Salad, Russian dressing Compote of Lemons, Waldorf Coffee * * * BroUed Sirloin Steak, Aatchory Batter. Cut tae s^ak to about half an inch in thickness, place on a gridiron over a clear fire and broil until done. Place on a dish w'ith a little warmed batter poured over It, and serve. Por a medium-sized steak, take one iarge anchovy, weH washed pounded on a board. BY SISTER MABY KEA Service Writer VegetaKe jaics cocktails are popular ·ad one of the easiest first courses to aerve, yet many housekeepers overlook tteir possibilities. The finest aoteis and mtaarants include them among first- edurse.appetizers and they are just as practicable for home use. . As in any sirae^aer, carelul season- tng is of great importance. Lemon juice or a fine Savored vinegar, s-jgar, salt, sometimes a mere suspicion of spice, a drop of onion juice, a suggestion, of celery and a hint of pepper-one, aH or part of these seasonings can be added to almost any vegetable Savor .with.'appetizing effect. Thorough chSing ani attractive ser- .ttor also are essential. While the 3eolo er tnat very co^d foods require cocktail must be perfect^ smooth and i :nore ssascniog than warm foods. Crisp "drinkable " it need not be of a Teaoery · · sa: ed crackers and the litde cheese consistency. Por Instance, strained or- j 7 ^*? s available at an food shops are mage juice has a bit more substance i ^^^ng to serve -Kith vagetaKe juice . than clear water and is pleasantly j cmooth with a consistency iceal in a j codcin. j Tomato juice and sauer sraut juice · are rather cocmnonlr used, but other vegetables can be successfully jcanipa- iated, too. Canned regeiabies or fresh ones are equally good and there is no '. .waste or loss of vitamin or mineral; content when the jaice as we2 as the | ·olid vegstaJj^ is used. f d Jaices May Be Combined. ! w? 63 Corc"o;nations of vegetables can Txs *ith a little butter, pass through a hair sieve, place the mixture on a warm dish, lay the steak on It, and serve. Compote Of Lemons, Waldorf. Pare tbe lemons very thinly, turning them spirally, make some transverse | incisions upon them, and cut cut some i fancy designs. Place the lemons in a J sauce pan trfth sufficient water to cover i and boa gently for about 20 minutes. -Drain the lemons, put them into a j sugar boiler with some syrup, and let! them simmer for aoout 20 minutes j longer. At the end of that time put ; «he lemons into a basin Trith the syrup : . and leave them for several hours. When · and dried and j ready to serve, arrange them rn a com- i Mix £te anchovy j pote-dish and pour the syrup over tsem. j JAPAN ANSWERS U. S. Tomorrow's Menu. Breakfast: Baked bananas with !em- j on sauce, cereal, cream, bro"ed cottage ' iarn. creamed potatoes, toast, mgur. TO-DAT TO-NIGHT MARYLAND The Boose of High-Class Photoplays worked out -arith saiisfactory results.' au - c^asi Pie with s?k*d Color as wen as 3a-or is often 5m- , c^TM- o^ coSee. proved when the juices are combined. '· A strong juice such as cau!rSo'Aer is j toned down by the addition of a mild joice sach^as green beans, while a celi- cately Savored juice such as peas is given piquancy and color by tie acci- fioa of beet and celery juices. Vegetables which are -s-sr.reJ quite dry for dressing for the tails cSer less difficulty for the cook if she n-eed not cook a^ray every dr^p of liquid. When the vegetable stock is craved o2 and in acotiser rceal as a cacktail. Is ·Basted an5 t"e coos can r*iSax fc«r cat-l^e r.rJar.ce -z. the last few minutes of the coosing period. Win Continue Operations Toward Chin- chow, Says Note. Washington, Dec. 27.--Japan's not- ficflttocpt "fchS-tf stis "vrSI codtimjifi tic** c^?TM* erations toward Chinchow was received ·jriih marked silence today by the Ameri- I can government but was accepted :n | diplomatic circles as a notably frank and apple salad · «»3rmat!oTi that Tokyo fully intends j cookies, grape Juice. * ' i to completes her coscjuest of Manchuria, i : Celery juice cocktail toast- i ?urU»er American protests and ex- i barbecue of rabbit seal- ' P'essions of concern are expected to j potatoes browned par- , marfe ~ e t"" 1 of t 38 Japanese army ] endive an ctomato salad, cocoa- ! M ' A advances toward an objective ' whipped '· ^^ch news dispatches have not yet { j clearly defined. The repUes. iike that · received today. w21 be fEed away, prob- ' | sweet I--Ruth Cliattertoii in "UNFAITHFUL" With PACT. LCKAS A sensational drama, with plenty of exciting moments and teiise situations. A Paramount all-talking pic- jture. t » j ^_^_ i _ j _ i _ j _ [ _ j ^ i _ fJl[ ^ l ^_^_ | _^_ | _ jn _ l ^_ |Jx ^ J| _ jr _ | ^^ t t ;2--"Fainting Lover" An all-talking comedy packed J with laughs from start to finish. * -^,-^,.,_ -T_|-|_l^-_-__--_-_ ^_--- -'-- ~- ^- ^.--^-^ ) I Matinee 2.15. Evening 7.15 and 9.00. ; ' Admission: | Children Under 12 Years--lOc ! Adnlts--15c PRE-INVENTORY SALE G.P.A. Glycerine 1.89 GUNS Single Barrel, Hammerless 5.98 $12.00 VALUE X LIQUID Anti-Freeze $ 3.75 In the first eight months of this year i aEy vitbout comment, about S4.000.000 were paid in Nevada j Some private reports for divorces. have forecast TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY-BISHOP'S VAUDEVTIXE I; ?' that the Jepanase e£peditxm would ' The water in which -celery .s co?kei caaliSower, brussels sprouis, brocco". carrots and mushrooms and :he ju. froai canned -eeezzb'.ss are ma5e p quant and stimulating "07 proper s*c scsung. Of course, the sa.315 -.c^e^blc she- not appear fs-ice m a meal. Ssne :.' cocktail one day and keep :he vegeta fale, c'.osely co-rcrec and on :cc. until tie second cay. I:" the ;u.ce is kept over for the cay ::, too. should be stored closely covered. Bs sure not to let the flavor become weas and vague. L«t on« vegetable te and season to that end. the seasoning snappy and re- ! i m YOUR GROCER SELLS Garber's Preferred Bread A New Loaf of More Slices ... 8c -- OR -The Large Fanuly Size lOc Ask for It By Name The Garber Baking Company REDHEAD Hunting Coats and Pants 3.50 $6.95 VALUES Except Radios and Washing Machines ·\r I f T* 8 C 8 Y ou H ave 1 o bee These Bargains to ^mff J. i ?Li TOEEID Curling Irons ELECTEIC Coal Hod Galvanized, With Hood Baseball Gloves $ 2.98 VALUES TO S6.00 $3.39 ANCHOR Building Blocks $ 1.00 Look At A Few- Of The Special Bargains 36 East Patrick Street Phone 187 S7.95 Seat Covers FOHD -- CHEVSOLET $ 3.49 Subject to Stock HY-GEADE Electric Bulb Colored 15

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