The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 5, 1970 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1970
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

CHANNEL 25 Now Availabl* On Cabb TV. FREDERICK CABIEYISION 662-6033 Now Appearing In The Anvil Room of THE RED HORSE BOBBY VERNON A N t '^ ' H ( A T C [ MQHoCAcY Prl, Sat, SOIL, June 5, 6, 7 John Wayne RED RIVER JOHN WAYNE THE SONS KATIE ILDER NO REPEATS R U I TH£A T/71 D A M A S C U S , MD. Friday, Jtuw 5, lf» DUSTIN HOFFMAN IN "Midnight Cowboy*' Shows 7:15-9:1* TEENAGE DANCE Music By Fresh Air Friday, June 5 8:30 to 11:30 P.M. $1.25 Per Person WOODSBORO FIRE HALL Benefit Woodsboro Fire Dept. Cniz tfedora Myers BiH Beard Present CLUB 40 WEST Route 40 West -- Patrick St. Extended (Formerly Free State Inn) 662-6815 Lunch -- Dinner -- Cocktail Lounge Happy Hour Til 6 P. M. Daily Lunch Specials JEANNIE WISE, CHEF DANCE Wed.-Thun.-FrL-Sat.-San. No Admission--Proper Attire At All Times ADULT DANCE SATURDAY, JUNE 6 COUPLES ONLY UBERTYTOWN FIRE HALL DANCING 9 TO 12 MUSIC BY THE G.f/s NO RESERVATIONS BENEFIT LTfiERTYTOWN VOL. FIRE DEPT. DANCE HAWAIIAN NITE CLUB Anita Lee The Diamonds Sat., June 6 9:30 to 12 Reservations Phone 834-7200 DANCE JEFFERSONIAN DEMOCRATIC CLUB Saturday, June 6 Musks By DON BIDDINGER NOW THRU TUES. "Hall Be»» at 1:45 PJL "Day Of Anger" at IfcM National General Pictures Presents I-WAY U M L W . afFKt, This Week Only Don't Ml**! THE MACK IV COMBO Entertainment ft Dancing Nitely 8:30 to 12:30 No Cover Charge 'Coming Next Week ·'The Monuments TREASURE LOUNGE TORTUGA RESTAURANT Route 40 East of Hagentown DAYOFANGCR" Tvchnucopa* PLUS Hotting Michael Douglas -Teresa Wight and Arthur Kennedy GOLD DUST INN NITE CLUB Evenings 8:30 to 1 NOW OPEN Tues.-Sun. Afternoons 3 to 7 P.M. DANCING BY JUKE BOX 3-7 P. M. FT. 355, FREDERICK --PHONE 663-9816 ADULT DANCE Every Friday Nigh 9tol2:30\ with Paul Wagner The Country Swlncers Admbata fLM'Per Pena» Mt. Airy American Legion CRABS Brt-iiatMi AMTM By u» 3 BIG FEASTS AB YM CaB Eat Ifcjw. 4 FUSE ea.-jS cpt Sat. EadkV Night! 5c Sud» To Lodits LANTtRN forth Market WANTED!! FREDERICK HIGH SCHOOL GRADS OF 1965 We or* planning our 5 Y«ar Reunion. Any graduates of F.H.S. Class of '65', or anyone knowing the whereabouts of grads, please send name, address and phone number to: RICK BOYER 304 SOUTH JEFFERSON ST. FREDERICK, MARYLAND 21701 PLEASE wr TO CONTACT us BY JUNE », iw» URGENT -- NOW TOMMY GRUNWEIL "Tommy Grunwell Bumper-to-Bumper Rood Show 7 ' 7 to 9:30 A.M. Monday-Friday 7 to 11 A.M. Saturday CBS it RADIO Frederick JIM GIBBONS RADIO MT. PLEASANT ANNUM RDRITAN CLUB CARNIVAL June 6th Thru June 13th Proceeds To Be Paid On Carnival Ground Purchased RIDES AND GAMES Country Ham Sandwiches, Fried Chicken, .Hamburgers, French Fries, Cold Drinks, Ice Cream, Etc. ENTERTAINMENT Sat., June 6th--Harmony Band Mon., June 8th--St. John's High School Band Tues., June 9th--Linganore High School Band Wed., June 10th--Parade 7:00 P. M. Walkersville High School Band Thurs., June llth--Hearthreaker's (Country Music) Fri., June 12th--Middle town High School Band Sat., June 13th--Browningsville Band One QCear Guarantee ALL WATCH and JEWELRY V. F.W. COUNTRY CLUB POST 3285 Friday Night--Fish Fry Saturday Night DANCE FEATURING BILL KRANTZ 9:30 to 12:30 $1.00 Donation Steamed Shrimp --10 For $1.00 Sunday Special -- Roast Beef, $3.25 Members Their Guests EAGLES 1067 Announces The CLUB KITCHEN NOW OPEN (Under New Management) Serving DAILY LUNCHEON SPECIALS Mon. - Fri. 11 To 2 -- 90c PUBLIC INVITED WEEKEND DINNER Featuring Seafood Meals Served After 1 P. M. Saturday Sunday Don't trust your watch to anyone. Our experts know what makes a watch tick. That's why we give you a One Year Guarantee with every watch and jewelry repair. Bring your watch in for a free inspection and estimates today. TIMEX TO ACCUTRON ALL CLOCKS REPAIRED J E W E L E R S V T OPEN AN ACCOUNT! ouNTpi CHICKEN DINNER SERVED FAMILY STYLE FORT Harpen Ferry. W. Va. - Adm. »i, ChlWrea Under 12 Free FRIDAY - SATURDAY 3 --BIG SHOWS Take the whole family tpa happy movie fora changt 80 steps TCCHNCOUJft* FRCM WNWCK BROS Plus 2nd Hit Alto 3rd Hit Ml MVral ' ^^^ m» 1PBW We serve chicken every Sunday. Tender, savory chicken crisply browned; creamy whipped potatoes, garden green vegetable, tangy cranberry sauce, hot buttered biscuits with plenty of honey; your dessert preference of ice cream, sherbet or sparkling gelatin. Tempting favorites, natural go-togethers for delightful dining! 50 ADULTS JQ ONLY FOR CHILDREN HOLIDAY INN OF FREDERICK 999 WEST PATRICK ST. ft!MUCK, MO. ·HOME 424141 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Friday, J«a* 5, IfTf Page A-9 ON T W O - Y E A R CERTIFICATES OF $1,000, INTEREST PAID QUARTERLY lAKMERSANDMhCHANICS NATIONAL BANK Frederick N«w* «nd PROGRAMS Friday Hershey Park Summer Playground of Pennsylvania BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND The Internationally Famous I Mi SPOTS* With Red McCarthy and His Orchestra Park Bandshell -- Sunday. June 7-8 to S aad 7 to » P.M. r«rk Optn 7 Otyi · Wctk · S»tcial Cfwip AIKHMIIWHI Tkktt FMd S*rrke for Organiiri Gr*u»t. Call (717) JJ1-»I01, 9:30--2--(C) News 4--(C) It'sYourBet 5-(C) Truth orConse- quences 10: 00--2--(C) ToTelltheTruth 4,8--(C) It Takes Two 5--(C) American West 9-(C) Lucille Balll 13--Movie--"Born to be Bad" 10.30--2,9--(C) Hillbillies 4,8,11--(C) Concentration 5--(C) Steve Allen 7--(C) The Now Women U: 00--2--Peyton Place 4,8--(C) Sale-Century 7-(C) Girl Talk 9-(C) Andy Griffith 11--(C) Galloping Gourmet 20--JackLaLanne 11:30-2,9--(C) Love of Life 4,8,11-- (C) Hollywood Squares 5--(C) Queen for a Day 7,13-(C)ThatGirl 20--OurGang 12:00-2,9-(Q Where the Heart Is 4,8,11--(C) Jeopardy 5-- (C) Panorama 7,13--(C) News 20--(C) Romper Room 12:30--2,9--(C) Search forTomor- row 4,ll-(C)Who,Whator Where 8--(C) Noonday on 8 1:00^2--(C) Woman's Angle 4,9--(C) News 7,13-- (C) All My Children 8--DickVanDyke 11--I Love Lucy 20--Movie--' 'Smart Girls Don'tTalk" l:30-2,9-(C) AstheWorldTurns 4,8--(C) Linkletter 7,13--(C) Let's Make a Deal 11--(C) A Child is Waiting 2:00--2,9--(C) Love is a Many Splendored Thing 4,8,11--(C) Days of our Lives 5--(C) Galloping Gourmet 7--(C) NewlywedGame 13--(C) Mike Douglas 26--Stock Market Report 2.30--2,9--(C) Guiding Light 4,8,11--(C) Doctors 5--(C) Mo vie Game 7--(C) Dating Game 3:00--2,9--(C) SecretStorm 4,8,11--(C) Another World- Bay City 5-(C) He Said! She Said! 7--(C) General Hospital 20-- (C) Ultra Man 3:30--2,9--(C) Edgeof Night 4,8--(C) BrightPromise 5--(C) Strange Paradise 7.13-- (C) One Life to Live 11--(C)HeSaid! She Said! 20--Eighth Man 4:00--2,5--(C) Flintstones 4,8,11--(C) Another World- Somerset 7.13--(C) DarkShadowsl 9-(C) GomerPyle, USMC 20--Little Rascals 26--(C) Sesame Street 4:30--2--Movie--"Red Dragon'' 4--M ovie--'' Lost in a Harem" 5-(C) I Spy 7--Major Adams 8,13--(C) David Frost 9--Laurel and Hardy 1111--Perry Mason 5: -0-9--(C) The Saint 20--(C) Batman 26-- (C) Mistergoers 5:30--5-- (C) My Favorite Martian 7,11--(C) News 20--Munsters 26--What's New 6: 00- News 5--I Love Lucy 7-(C) News 11--(C)Duckpinsand Dollars 20--(C) LostlnSpace 26--(C) World We Live In 6:30--2-(C) News 4.8.11--(C) News 5--McHale's Navy 7-C)GameGame 13--(C) News 7:00--2.4,11.13--(C) News 5--DickVanDyke --(C)What'sMyLine? 8--(C) Truth or Consequences 9--(C) News 20--Addams Family 26--(C) Newsroom 7:30--2.9--(C) GetSmart 4.8.11--(C) High Chaparral 5-- (C) Truth or Consequences 7.10-(C) Flying Nun 20--(C) Beat the Clock 8:00--2,9--TimConway 5--(C) To Tell the Truth 7--(C) Brady Bunch 13--Movie--"The Last Adventure" 20--(C) Of Lands and Soas 26--(C)Bookbeat 8:30--2,9-(C) Hogan's Heroes 4,8,11--(C) Name/Game 5--(C) David Frost 7--(C) Ghost and Mrs. Muir 26-(C) NET Playhouse 9:Oft-2.9-(O Movie -"My Blond RunsCold" 7--(C) HereComethe Brides 20--Movie--"Cr'of the City" 10:00--4,8,11-- (C) Bracken's World 5-(C) News 7,13--(C) Love, American Style 26--Toy that Grew Up 11:00-2,4,7,8,9,11.13--(C) News 5--(C) Star Trek 20--One Step Beyond 26--(C) Newsroom 11:30--2--Movie--Double Feature 9--Movie--' 'Py ro'' 12:00--3--Movie--"ShePlayed With Fire" 1:00--4--Movie--"Gaslight" 7--Movie--' 'Between Heaven and Hell" 9--Movie--"Dr. Orloff's Monster" 1:05--11--Movie--"Divorce Italian Style" 13--Movie--'' Gangbusters'' CHALICE OF ANTIOCH The Chalice of Antioch is a plain metal cup set in a gablet of carved silver, found in 1910 by Arab workmen at the ruins of Antioch. It has been thought to be the Holy Grail or the lost cup out of which Jesus drank at the Last Supper. KEEP COOL TIVOLI Now at 2;P.M. - 7 »:P.M. IT'S THE "DIRTY BUNCH" ON WHEELS! THEARUYHMOra In COLOR «(g Produced and Released by FANFARE FILM PRODUCTIONS, Inc. DRIVE-IN FREDERICK On Rt. 180--formerly 3M TONITE also Sat. SOB. One Stow Starts 9:P.M. ..AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL-.TM, VINCENT PRICE CHRISTOPHER LEE PETER GUSHING COLOR BV MOVIELAB j . aj| Plus 2nd Movie-BORN WILD f he Rocking Chair Theatre HOLIDAY CINEMA On Baughmans Lane Now at 5:10 - 7:20 9:30 The girl knew about the wite... the wife knew about the girl... it was all part of the arrangement. kazan'slilff. anmwrinen nldncMbr 6)13 K3Zdn i kirk mngmenr Mctmicokit" pmavtajon* from wanw brat. {NEWSPAPER! SlEWS.PA.PE.Rr

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