The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 23, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MOKDAY. JULY 23, 1*U THE PAMft HEWS. News Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information AM , al*«*lfi*<i «d»*ri»«»a« tnaat M i» Ih. otfic* at tb«- »?Ari* K*V« uot in£*t On«iu * p. ecu t*» Tln>* Se p*r ««>ra. Tim«* *c vcr word. lt.-Tli***» toe per war«)L 2* Xt**-*» S«« »*i *0r4- c&*.r£*v 30c ourno«r of word*. or Uoe» **t ID AT* o*>unie<J an to* Ottmin ox wor<lB tn tto* line. Ml in «i CUM. ol -town oraer* tar cltuwl- W* r*»«rr» !l ima C«B*t»or »il *«**. ia»r«*t» ** j-oar «.<!» to oar n<rcl Ad T*«i*r* you tn Kordimm ™ l«t OK !«*. DEMOCRATIC PJSJLMABX Bepre*entatlv« from tb* S Dfetrk*. L. Jfc AJLK1N, J«- <Ke-*lectloii Second Term.) Representative C~ CL f^ A ?COJ^ i* CK^-eieciJon -second : term.) far County Attorn**. K-'£>~ JEMER3OK i. JONES GBADY STUKQEON-. For C. A- MAJRTIN J. ii. BJELiS WELL second t»rm.) S«p«inteiideat lam&r Co. S<*ool« -WJLLZE MART <K« 3. G. -ft P. ' For County Clerfc: H.""V. (BOB) (Re-electiois- Second tenn) WILL PAY CASH for * «ood ear. XotJbing older fb*n '«« model considered, and prefer ^i Must be a bargain. Bay . Morse Bee ""Line Station. <A>rA«r 19th and Grand CHARLES PRICE Phone 83-fi fi G«o«rml MIXNOWS CROOK and XCc Per ail Icind* of -bait «»ia of 100 minno montJi for lat^«9t fish with our snihers. * H- W. EABiT Repairlnc and 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We nave an easy pay placn on iuto painting, fender, body and wreck work. Ask about It. Grand Ave. % at l»t* Street Mcrse Bee Line Station Telephone for Sale li Auburn Sedan For Sale; An 8 cylinder, four door *!ac wheel Auburn Sedan, practically Bargabi For Oumot Consider Trade Tom Hinkle At Hintle Imml>er Oo. BRA2vD new Ford I>e Luxe coach, equipped xrith Bcsch radio. TCI!! l>e sold ar a bargain. See Harry-VaJ- lier. Paris Grocer Co. Mattress and Rag Renovating; £ IMKtrict Clerk: EOS JLATTIMORH, JH. term,-}- Assessor and Collector of Taxes: DOROTHT I^ATIMER- CLTI>E HUMPHKET Oonamiswlooer Precinct H"«. 1- T' ' L. BAl-I-ARD J£e~«!ectioa, Secoaa Terns.) OonMnlssfoner, Precinct 1: GJ5ORGB TERHT Ooxnrntostoner Preqbsct I: JQNSS- Precinct S, ROY CAV1NESS Re-election. Second Term.) J. H^ JOHNSON. for Oomjnlssloscr Prerfact 4: T. T^. CBILL.} RUSSKLL. CIRft-eJcction Second Tertn). T. H. BOOTH. PnbUc Wdsrber, Place 1. THOMAS CR«-«l«ct»oa SecoTsd. Terse.) Cotton Place 2: SBCHEST XASH. C. J. (JACK) MOTB NOW TOtJ CAN HAVE TOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbe JEasy Payment PlanJ One I>ay Serrloe Paris Mftttret* & Awnrng Co. SO W. Sbennaii Phone 3TO HerchmndUe for Wanted «o dozen- quart fruit jars. F. J. KuyfcendsIL WXNTEID -^ Several good used pianos. I>enraan*s Music Store. WAXT to buy good second han£ pianos. If you have one to sell call me and let me make you a price on It, J. E- Trumble at Bonham Street eweiry Store, Phone SS4. Real Estate for Rent TO GEiCTLE^fEN bedroom dose Ih- Phone 1223. FURNISHED apartment- Pbone Hon*e« *or Rent ts B Jtta. Furja. S and r>op_^^ room furnished house, close in. Phone 704 Wanted to JRent furnisaed apart- reasonable. ^References ex- i Phone 545-J. For or EAST Paris home. ^fiv« rooni«. good street, fine ^neighborhood. You deal with owner. No commission. Address i>y mail only. "Home Owner*' care News. . to a KeaolGUoB _, th* pity Council of -the CJty of Paris on ta* €Us day «f July 1&34 I fc«r«by Si'* notice t&^t _^_a •laction l»3r "tlfce qualified voters of 't&w City of ^Pstrfs •wfto own taxable- : j>rop«rty *te s*M City and wijo Slave <tuly remlftred «a£d property for taxation, will be li*ld b«- fwetu -she hours or srQC o'elocJc. A- M.. *nd S-OO o'clock. P. M.. on »-!»• 7tb 'tfaty of August- aSSt, for rlie purpose <rf Determining t5ie -rbliofrtmr propositlois: "Wlterfcer or not the x£ty of- : P»rf» shall b« aaihorized to issue Botxls of the City In tli« sosj "of Seventy Thoa- •azhd X*70.000.00> fiollars. «ad lery »' tax *tt££ic!«Bt .to p»y the iafcer«st oa said .bonds. Jtnd creat* a. xlnki^y ron<3 the said £to=d* to bear Interact frorsi date g.z A rat* cot -exce*«llaB 4 per cent ancom. interest pairablo »*rai-annaa.Uy. Said boads matt&inc ieriaJly at tis« re- tizaes atis'd tn -the respective amounts, as may tic -fixed by th» Cttjr CocneU: no boad to be isstsed £or a date .asd ali bonds zo be Issued for the purpose of building Sewer Dis- DQ9X2 Plants, construction of inac-fcoifes and enlargeinenz and Knproveinent oZ the _ present Sewer Systca aa<i to be- Icnown 'as -Se^rsr Consta-iictJon Soad*. Series **1S34_** T&e Dollias •places and presiding «f- r rfeerz of said electioa sball be re»j>ee- ; \VAJU> 1; Central Fire Station JD. P Godbbld. presidios- offJrer: " " ! V, H,. JVrisiit. preidint: officer; "W"AST> 3: Coorc House. A. "VT. K officer: 4: Paris Hish SefcooL "i. W 1 ! Jackson i»r«s!<!iax oij'Seer.. Tiie ioria of ballot so be use<d 'to •aid e!«sction for tiiose voting ia favor of tfc» issuance of bonds «iian be as "yor tte Issixaace of Sewer Con- «trcctlo» Boads. Series "1934." Tb» form of ballot to be - used la said election for tfeos* voting asa*nsst Iseoance cf bocds 'so*!! b« »s foUo-ws; '•^K^nist tfa« -iasuaoc* "of Sewer Cb»- truetioa Bonds. Series "1934.- Th* ejection to *>e held i» "aecoretance with the General Election Lavs of Tbe •Stale, io so f&r as the same ar« ap- .plicabUi aod cot In confl-ct witb tJae "pn>visJOBS of tl»« CHy Citaner. Every owner of taxabia property Io ;th w City of Part*, fho b.its duly rendered said property tor taacation. and who is qualified to voi« for menibers of the legislature of th«s state and •wiso has resided IB th* ifesits of tfe*- CUy for six <S> donrbsa. aid Us Th* vt'ard Sn which fee offer* to vct« for "thhry <££} dayss. ne-it jfrecedJce tie •election is entitled to vote- Gives under —jy hand wiiis the S^-ai of the City or Paris atflxed this the «tfe day of Jo3y. A_ !>„ J*24 J. 34. CKOOK. Xayor. City of Parim Arrest: Mrs. Odoiss Park. Citj- Becrretary. city cf Pari*. SAFEGUARD WATER SUPPLY AT ANTLERS Okia- dry weather; drying up creeks and burning op crops, is seen as a possible menace to the water supply of Antlers. Saturday, Harvey Headricks, water works commissioner, extended pipes from the p^mp staiion on i river, to deeper water j holes as a precaution. "In sLn& i years as head of the u-acer -?L-orks depar-men: here. I've never seen the K!anuchl as cry as it is now." Send ricks said. NRA CHIEF AT SCENE COURTS PUSHMATAHA COUNTY COCTKT (Aatlers. Okla.}' Marriage Licenses SiR Taylor and Odessa Cooper; Oien Mowar. Antlers, and. Marie Crossover, Snorr; 3Jyfon MontgoTsery and Bertfea L*e. Jumbo: Raymond Rainwater and Gladys Anderson. Clayton, Transfer of Warranty Itectts . Delia C- Jones, et m, to F. R. j Robertson: F. L. Swiart, et ax. ie J- J. Peacock; C. E. Steplienson, et ux. to vrilson-B«ir»ett Lumber Co. ; Oliver Burneit. et «x. to Sarn uel Herrick; Oliver Burnet, et U.T to Samtie! Herriek; E. A. Meto F. A- Attrtouah not a taxi wa» in afght when iGen. Hugh S. Johnich (cen ter) reached San Francisco in th* mJdat of the general »trfkt, he locatec a private car in which to rid*. The NftA administrator is shown with Ecfward F. O'Grady. aasatant »«er«t«ry of tabor, and Miss Frances Rofa- rnson, Johnson's »ecretary. Johnson t*rmed the general strike .var." (Associated Pre^s Photo\ For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 We are sriil paying NRA and. hours and doing a type of dry cleaning; for Southern Dye Works ITorman Coker. Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE The Floor's Hie Omit! By E. C. SEGAR r OWT IKER13P HIM . THE BUNGLE FAMILY Mystery By HARRY J. TUTMLC IS29 Siudebs-ker panel truck, good condition, $275. See at 39th and Larnar. tt ELHCTKIC FAKT and motor re- •artnding. Main Salvage Cp- ±S Nortfc Mala St. Employment Help Wanted. Mate STEADY TTORK—GOOD PAT Ke!l2.b;e man ^eaated to call on farnsers in Laznar coanty. Xo er- periescfl or capital needed. Wri:« today. jTcXess Co.. Depv S. Freeport, Illinois. Business Opportnnitfcs 64 ANOTKSR btisincss force* me to sell aoy pig stand. Priced right for casb or Tdii trade for Uglit delivery truck- Cra"«rfor<l*s Staafi, SS DIANA DANE Financial Justice or the Peace Precinct So, l, Place No. I : Public TTclJEThcr, Fwsctoct oxton.} M- <Marv*rt> GOOPKK. GALBREATH, DEWEESE AND PROCK Geoera.1 Invarauie* Telepbee* 257 Feed Plant* «tn<l Seed For Justice of tl>e P<?a<«, Prcdnct I, Place 2,. t^sratar County. X A. (Arthur) JOS2CSOK. 3For rft-«loctiors. sfcrond terrrt. TARHOTT For Constable, Pivcinct <Rc-Eiect!on. ?-?con6 Terra). J. C. (JOHN* PRIDE. Queen of Dixie Potdtry Feeds Sure Nuff StoA F«ed Ffcid Seed — Garden Seed Poultry r*tn*dles. Bulk Bird "S^wi, Btrd Remedies" and Supplies. Soft *nd Puppy Food Ch!gg*r Chaser. GJiar»i!T**<; to Keep th« Chijpcers Off HARRY BOOK 37 Grftttd ATC. TeL *O4 n ([ >»n k finouncement 3 All So*'»eti<?s awl Lodjccs Xattonklly Known Goods S4 SPECIAL SALE $4.75 «r Mont Texas Power & Li^ht Co. pay <?ash tor Box i23» =sv^ BACICU I /' HOMER HOOPEE Can This Keep Up?i iV <3O\«'TO SBTfL^ THPTT "MR. tVa -TDOAV T <S\Tf A« ME WANTS We 5EHU MR. KtmK, BECAliSS T - -- . TO SEE. WKN! \' . r Tt) STAV tkJ ALL DAY SO s^ j, vv \j-»sj' M^^S HI "" ^'"'""^'-; v • <• -t £**. ~-^ 1 ~f r ^—. ^~~^_ ^ *£I r e - BB SACK TSWW. £ 3UST L^^1- MUS1A PASSED DO vt>u vfwow ME WOMT SCORCHY SMITH Back To The Ranch Cgg£K AT TS£ £P6g OF - WS'u. HA\« Tb - WAY our. MAV DO LATE?? D€?ENiD5 Uft>«

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