The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 14, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1948
Page 9
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Wheat Poor Here, Better Elsewhere U. S. Demands Cease Fire In Palestine Planned **, ^*~~? -^_ _, ._ Cairo. July 13 '.--Arab leader* j t^ll LIC6 i^llClS huddled m Amman today to plan ' intensified war against the Jews Washington. July 13 Aj--Fed' but a well-informed Jewish source era i Judge T. Alan Goldsborough said a new Palestine truce is'liXely. · bro"ugbt about a peaceful, out-of- In the battle areas, air a n d court settlement today of a week- ground action mounted. Haifa had ! Jong strike in the "captive"" coal The 1KW m-hemt yield, reported' Lake Success, July 13 f--The lt , f, rst a j r ra ij O f -his war. Two ' mines of the steel industry. a$ much as 60 per ceat below ex- United Slates today demanded that bombs, were dropped. Agreement on a contract was jeeiations on swase Frederick the Security Council order an im- British sources said Britain is Corked cat in GoMsborough's county farms, i* near average ia mediate cease-fire in Palestine The r j O %v ready to join in strong Cn- chambers between the striking most parts of Maryland, statist!-, proposal provide* for ui-e of United ned Nations, action to ha;t the United Mine Workers and repra- cUns of ihe Agriculture Depart- · Nations force if the Arabs or fighting. This would represent a sentatives of the jni.'?gejneot of meat said Tuesday. Jews fail to comply. shift in British policy. Previous the captive mines, whose product " A. miller described the Mod- U. S. Deputy Delegate Philip American-Russian moves for force- a u ?oes to fuel the nation's steel Cozaerv county crop as "subnor- Jessup asked for a speeoy vote and ful action in the Holy Land crisis furnaces. mmiTM because "of spotted damage the Council plunged into debate. « er e blocked largely through Brit- The contract quickly was signed resulting from wind *»d hail Sir Alexander Cadogan announc- ^opposition ar ,d the 40.000 strikers were advis atomjs just before the harvest. He ed British -support of the American estimated the county crop at 85 per plan \vith minor qualification^ cent of average yield. Syria immediately opposed i'. with D. B. Bureau sa as *s quantity of the wheat. The crop ^ ^ looks better ia the field than it is coujd ^ s Use A J to be oa threshing, he sa:d. ^ mo!nwlt L -. x The Arab oSlcc- 11: London con- ^ tQ g O back to work. tended that Britain is trying to ' coerce" the Arab State* into ac- Je\v;«,h proved El Khouri conceded the U Arabs but X he The Arab o:i:ce maintained by the even Arab State*.. a:d the Arab peopl force- pu'I- '^^^^ Miu "* -·"-».VTM*" ; day. the ^.eel companies hsd vdi^'Ti" u Ce 5hem ^ es b / ! "K blackmailed f ^ . j . v l jlltl llg..,!;,, u v r j-.jirtn-jian rif !rfmf-nri«!!* r i - . n . . . . · Goidsborough is the judge \vho sv-ice fined the UA1W and its Pres- State in Pale- -dent John L. Lev. is. for contempt ·A 2 Jespread ex- o j back-to-work orders ifl previous ?b area if the ^ riAe! _ He had taxed the union treasury S2.130,000 ::i ihoie earlier an information , proceedings In the depute compromised tore- contract accepted by she rest of the soft coal operators because it gave Lev. :s a unson hop. yield in Maryland this year is less p ^^ u i5"Sc7^force' a world- ^^ ^^ Tlead^ Partln *"" Tafi-Hartiey Act requires thar. that for 19-S7. but approxima- £ We arms cmbarRO an d r»:nci:on* fhe campa-gn approval bv a majority of tne tes the 10-year average. He com- on Jewi5h immigration Meanwhile. Arab and Jewish ar- ineated that 1947 was an unusually The cea se-fire would tike effect { .j]cry biased away m the bitter good waeat year, w i t h i n three da\i ai!i would ie- battle for the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Blamed On Storm main in effcc: u«:il the- .-stua'.ion highway. A. R- Selby. manager of the Li- in the Holy Land could be peace- The Jews Deemed to be prepar- bertv Milling Co. Germantown. fully adjuted. t-.-.n for a:i attack to drive the saki" crop losses vary, principally It was the i!rongej.t proposal Arabs from Jerusalem. The labt because of a late June storm that ever laid before the Council E:;- three tiajs of -hc!!!ire and n;orta Reports On Borrowing By Maryland Veterans . Baltimore. July 13 ·-- Mary-' land veterans borrowed S117.871,-1 180 under the GI Ba!l as of July 1, ' William L Llmburg. State director of the Veteran^ adrrunistotion reported today. He ?a;: S113738C39 -vent for homes. Most of the balance covered bubiues,! loans. Farm Joans totaled S9SS500 Of the 21 146 loans. L;;r)bur« iaid 19.324 were for home*. 1.117 for as-.d 173 for farms. He said there have been 252 foreclosures ,:· ho.-nei because of payment defaa.'t? A great portion of the foreclosures were in the Cherry H-H srd Turners Station , sections, trie director ;a:d He said the Veteran* Administration has paid out S-377.3S5 on bad loar.s but has recovered 594,633 of this down the wheat, speeding forcenie!!t would conic through planes bombed Tel "Fighting !·; now poms on in Aviv shortly before noon. The I.M'aeli air foicc struck the A; the eastern end of the Jeru- couplec v. sth demohtioii up ripening before maturity, invoking diplomatic and economic iipurcuthe*- to the wal.'s of the old Heaviest damage was in the Po:o- sanctions or an inte: national at my c i t \ . arc believed preparatory to mac River section, he ssid. while 'This is not the time for flow- a push farms around Damascus and Lay- ; n g spesches but for action." Jcssup Egyptian tonsvHlc fared much better. said A combination of circumstances Palestine. It slop " ·was blamed for the crop failure in Tj,e American resolution called main Egyptian base at Ga^a m "Frederick, where some farmers de- or! {ne jews and Arabs ;ihke to southwest Palestine last night, cided to grind their short crop for halt hostilities but Je«up noted in ' feed rather than market it. Grow-- h j s speec h that the war was rc- ers said some crop yietds would be ,j unle a on ]y after the Arabs rcjcc as low- as 49 per cent of the origi- ^j a Council appeal to cxfnd .sal estimates. truce. beio\v shal highway five miics - Among the causes assigned are ' scab. Hessian fiy, root worm and storms. Crotvnsville Hospital i i Latest figures show that Marj- Vj ^ t ! land has 385.000 acres in wheat J s Crowded To Aisles I this vear. compared with 310.000 ; - · in 1947 and an average of 369,000 , Baltimore. July 13 icT.--Crowns- ! -for the 10-year period. ' ville State Hospital, which had j * rr · « - * ' ( i f *s\si tjuf a »ai li iw v**e^-tvi ttiav^ ;%_ fc^*\j -c- , .-alem-Tei Aviv highway, the Jews L ., and Harrv M a c t - strcnsthencd their position by cap- negotla . or for V _ s stee! an , a lurinc Suba. a strong point just hef operators o r C3pUve Fi**s/ii«.* *rifif r»»or\\»"*»v» ft 1*0. »** ii.LA _ r _ _ _ r _ west of Jerusalem. a majority union membership before a union can obtain fcuch an arrange-siient In a union "hop. a!! men hired must join the union. Can't Obtain Klrction Lewis can't gel such an election because he is ineligible to use the National Labor Relations Board voting machinery. He has refused to sign non-Communist affida- \ its or to submit the reuuired financial data about his union. But the union shop provision -.·/as accepted by both sides in today's acreement with a stipulation they will modify it if court rulings require i*. Within an hour after Goldo- borough announced the settlement. Moses, and the coal mines, signed the contract. It · riakes the same concessions to j Lewis as that agreed to June 25 by ; the rest of the soft coal operators. I The dispute was settled less than · 24 hour-; before Goldsborough ivas ! scheduled to rule on an injunction TO SPEAK AT ROCKY K1OGK Rev Hayrr.ond L Markiey. pastor of 5he Myersv.Ile Lutheran charge. v;ll address tre rnembc-rs of the Utica L n j*.herc*n chars^. Rev. E. Kooniz Helv/iK. pastor, next Saturday at 8 p :;- :rs ;*:e Rocky Rid'ie Park. This is the annual picnic of the charjje. DONATING -SPECTACLKs Donations of -pectaclcs. lenses and ca^es for nexiv periods are being received at the S:ko itore. Xor'h Market '·tree:. All contribu- I;on5 rccel 1 . ec! arc repaired and given to poor pcr-or.s w ho can not afford ^uch articles Th. project ha* bct-n --jcceisfuM" conducted for some !ime but more ma:er:a! is ::o\v needed. Berlin. July 13 (#--The American Deputy Military Governor rebuffed tonight Russian protests that American planes bringing food to Berlin are guiltv of "disorderly flights." He also caalienzed quickly a hint that the American aust have Soviet ptnais- sion to use the 20-mile wide air corridor to Berlin. He said American rights to the corridor are clear. The official. Ma}. Gen, George P. Hays, said a preliminary check showed the Soviet charges are unfounded. He promisee a thorough investigation. Hays said each complaint in the past--about 30 since April--had been investigated and not one violation of safety regulations had beeo found. The Russians complained July J3 that Americans violated flight safely rales sn the corridor on three occasions recently and flew over Soviet military installations. Four Weeks Supply L- T. Sleek, food chief for the American Military Government, said tonight that thanks to the air !ift. Western Berlin has food stocks on hand sufficient to feed its 2,000.000 Germans for at least four weeks. Other prime ieve!opmen:s in the Berlin situation were: I. Authoritative government sources in London said Britain i? preparing to step UD greatly the number of Men and aircraft as- Si2ned to the air lift. 2 The Russian-controlled press called on Western Berlin to capiiu- late. It claimed the notes from the United States. France and Britain demanding that Moscow lift the blockade were not an ultimatum. This was^een as an indication Moscow could take as long as it desired to a-iswer. Kuildittt S«C*JM| Base 3. Arthur Henderson. British Secretary of State for Air. said on an inspection trip the British will open a second air base at Fassbert, in the British zone of Germany, to be devoted exclusively to the air lift. 4. The Americans kept workmen busy constructing an additional runway at Tempiehof. the U. S. Army's 1 Berlin air base. Lt. Gen. G. S. Lukianchenko, Soviet Chief of Staff in Berlin, wrote about the flights to Gen. Hays- Anotfaer British visitor today was Anthony Eden, former foreign secretary who came with the British comiiiander in Germany. Gea. Sir Brian Robertson. Robertson has been in London. The air lift operation droned on. American planes ferried 1.167 tons of food and supplies in 206 flights today. Since June 26 they have carried in 12.2£3 tons in 2,927 flights. of Communists will be ttriJwn, from Chile's voting lists. Communists will be forbidden roember- ' ship in labor unions and th* party ! will not be allowed to function in am znancer. Fifteen Communist deputies and five Senator* will be allowed to serve out their termi,. but will be i ineligible for reelection in the Congressional elections next March. ANY « OK S KOIJL FILM 35 DEVELOPED A MUNTED 3t HOCK SEEV1CE ALLEN'S .-=·. COMMIES OUTLAWED Santiago. Chile. July 13 -JP--A ; bill outlawing the Communist; party in Chile was sent to President \ Gabriel Gonzalez Videla tonight, i When he signs the bill, the names ' i r e Waterproofing 45 oain Market SL Desire Was Alimony; Divorce Is Refused The law of Maryland looks with ! so "g h{ a g ai " 5t the miners unio , R .a bu "10-vear period \ This year's total yield is figured ', at 7.508.000 bushels. Mr. ·said. The 1947 total was 7. 1 emergency cases henceforth. Announcing this today. . . -. "and the 10-year average was i.-ib.- would remain effective until Petersville Disqualified before the Clerk jSchnauffer -aid in an opinion filed o f the Court 35 a member of the Dr. i Tuesday in Equity Court aceom- ! Frederick County Roads Board George H. Preston, commissioner i panicd by an order dismissing a | » o fill the unexpired term of the of mental hygiene, ssid the nrcier bill of complaint for a partial c t i - ; late John A. En^le of New Market -«00. The , . t statistician sa:a 'here was | accommodations could be built vorcc - "! District. Tile court pointed out that Mrs. Mav 1. The term expires next described overcrowding h e . Anna M. Ridcnour. formerly of , s . . ·nothing alarming in the presen. ; obscrved a . a ViSit to Crownsvillc ' Thurmont and now of Waynesborc s i t t n for t h e e ?S 3 - n commented that it w:.= mv Pa . said in her testimon before r · While jonie Frederick coun j£ ' poss jbYe^ under such conriitior.s t o ' c o u r t examiner, that alimony-was! 'farmers said they would narves- ^ ._..,. ^ ^ j ._ _.. ... ,·,,,,,, ,,,,:,,,.:--^i j_.. : c-t_- , , · only 11 bushels of. wheat per acre. ; 60 per cent of normal. ^ Plan* Service For JShort-Line Routes Baltimore. July 13 furnish needed care to patient'- j her principal desire She h a d ] The restriction was imposed af- j asked for a partial divorce from 1 ter Dr. Preston explained to the Monroe W. Ridenour. Thurmont. , board of hygiene thai Dr. Jacob · "The evidence is far from suf- ! Morgenstern. Crownsville super- : ficient to establish cruelty of treat| mtendent. had felt he could not. as nient and excessively vicious con- · i a physician, refuse admissions t o ' d u c t to the degree that it would ' patients in need of care and so had warrant granting of the relief accepted all applicants. While commendTnsf superin- ·Robert' en jent for this attitude "in the prayed." the court said. · "The law of this State loons with : -._ -- - - _ disfavor on such divorces." where ( -M. Love, president of All-Amer- j highest keeping with the medical I judicial permission to live separate ! 'Scan Aviation. Inc.. said today his tradition." the board concluded | and apart is requested. \ company is having five twm-eng- · such a po i; cv cou id no t continue j E. Aust in- James represented Mrs ine airliners converted fnr service and patients " at the samc tl ,, le re . , R,d cnol!r an d Sherman P. Bovvers ' on its projected short-line a i r cc - ve adequatc care | ,. vas attorney for Ridenour. routes lor Maryland. Love indicated, however, that /·- WARNER BROS.- P UTY OPERA HOU$t TODnY ONLY JACKIE COOPER JACKIE COOGAN in "FRENCH LEAVE" TOMORROW ONLY "THE IRON CURTAIN'' cc - ve adequatc care I j-, r p res ton said WARNER Bros. Cool T O D A Y 1 TO 11 P.M. DEMILLE'S TOP HIT^BTl GRWIAMETO ·· Cecil B. DcMillc T O M O R R O W ONLY UNIVERSAL- INTERNATIONAL presents Special Offer To Bottled Gas Users 30 GAL. BRIGGS WATER HEATER INSTALLED TO YOUR GAS SERVICE (Does "ot Include Plumbing) Complete 98.50 Installed FKEDERH K \VtLDI\4, « O. PATRICK AT BEXTZ ST. Open Sat. Till 10:00 P. M. PHONE 465 Easv Pax-mcnU LOAN SERVICE Quick -- Confidential With Spring Bills to meet and Summer Expenses coming en. people are planning for the immediate future. Let ns serve yon today! Loans up to $1.500 on your Signature -- Auto -- Furniture -- Comaker, Etc. L O W R A T E S fnmt» in tnttttff ·* $ttntt*u tndtttf GENERAL ACCEPTANCE m£2l323Z^ 244 NORTH MARKET 5T FREDERICK.MD . Dr. Morsen- j Isaac X. Shipley, this city, on s start of the service still has obstacles to overcome. . TM a t | s t e r n :. now WO rking with State Tuesday filed many i offidaU toward addition of a 200- for an absolut a cross-bill asking olute divorce from Mrs offidaU toward a d i t o n of a 200- or an a s o u t e divorce from Mrs bed temporarv building at the hos- Mildred O. Shipley. Walkcrsville. · · ( . ^ R OVERTURN'S they Vhen his car "ran ott Route 240 DC-3's the 21 passenger airplane iP" 3 *; I""'*' Shipley aad previously sued, Shich was standard on mos? air- l I ' or a ^ ^solute divorce, charging lines for a dozen years before and COALITION FORMED l^ s . er . tlon ' I n v , m s cross-bill. Mr. during the war. , Rome, Julv 13 ^-Italv's Com- ! Shipley also charges desertion Mr. Tfa* Douglas plant at Santa Mon- munist and" Socialist parties an- i Bowers represents Mr. Shipley and ica. Calif., is adding thre« seats, nounced tonight a "pact of unified ' H ' Kle " er DcLauter is the at- additional windows, self-contain- j action" against Premier Alcide De , 'omoy for Mrs. Shipley, ing loading ramps, and new elec- ' Gasperi's government. Ironic equipment to the five or- Their announcement said dC f C t ^Jf"'^ 1 "TM^- W m,Td' W ° Uld J ° m i n . b f t t ! e aKaill5t De 'about" a mile"sou«T of" Cl"ark"sburg i_-ove said tae Companj WOUlCt Oacnpri s "clerical and nohcp r"- -r- , , j ^ _ need ten such planes to operate g^- P , Tuesday afternoon and turned over its proposed routes from Washing- j Communist and socialist leaders ; ton and Baltimore to Wilmington. | called f a .. consolldation o f , ser iou=lv Del., and points on the Maryland-' d t - f ·· . .njur. me car was not senousi Delaware peninsula and between -^ a h il ^ ,, ,. t ^damaged Montgomeo" C o u n t y Baltimore a n d Pittsburgh v i a . * " nw , h ; le '. tne so.crnmcnt re- , p olic e said Baker's car ran off the Frederick. Hagerstown. and Cum- ^'^ ^nli^TMT»» nn ?t, edge ° f the 5lippery highway and berland. ar.d Martinsburg. W. Va. ! m ' nds * s «««a»««»f and announ- in t r v i n g to Rct back on the high- The Civil Aeronautics B o a r d eed lns , tead a Program of higher . way he cut the front whee ls sharp- i taxes, lower costs and increased |V and {hrcxv tne machine into a already has granted AH-American 1 these routes, but first it must dis- ' em P ioymen ^" " continue an air mail pickup ser- j vice which parallels part of these · The great white shark, one of routes and it must show there are ' ;he largest, swiftest, and most vo- adequat* airports. j racious of sharks, reaches a length Love said the company is prep- . of 40 feet. ared to prove the latter point i · · right now. In the meantime, however, temporary permits have been skid. awarded rival lines over some sections of the routes. The Giant ?.!oa bird now f - : ~ ' - 500 pounds. a New Zealand ·weighed about KEYSTONE PAINTS When the bert cost* so l i t t l e -srhv compromise on quality? Complete line exterior. Interior finishes. MCODEMUS Paint Store 30 NORTH COURT ST. DAMASCUS. MARYLAND , Damascus 2171 WEDNESDAY THURSDAY July 14th i- 15th Johnny AVeismulIer Jt Marcaret O'Sullivan In "Tanan's Secret Treasure" Also Selected Short Cartoon Shows- 7:15. 9:15 TO-DAY'S WIT and WISDOM NEW BABY A new baby brightens up the home--especially at night. You can brighten up your home by getting one or t~o pieces of new furniture from our stock, of which we have a wide selection. CLINE'S FURNITURE -- STOKE ALL SUMMER FURNITURE !i OFF DOWNTOWN BALTIMORE BEG.THURS JULY 15th ON STAGE*IN PERSON Famous .Hollywood Cowboy St**. and ^ J Capitol Record Singine Personality / TEX BITTER th* world s With st beautiful horse "WHITE FLASH plus his Helpful information, given in a considerate manner, is fcut one of our unusual services. It is our means of explaining tKe many details of a proper and fitting tritute. NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THE USE OF OUR HOME C.E. 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