The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 7
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THE DAILY NEWS. FBEDERIOK, MD.. WEDNESDAY. MAY 25.1933, SEVEN House Ferns Prehistoric Plants BRIDGE af the EXPECTS PLAY IT BY W3t E. McKENNEY Secretary, American Bridge League ' Tccay I present u you one ol | America's mo?'. popular bridge players ' -- VTsJloeEiar Von Zedyaritz, p es.den; of :^e Atrsertcan Br:cge League and QO- ncr cf :iie gole trophy !or t~e Nation- ' al Makers Contract Pa^r e\en'_ opec nly 10 *bose «ho have u-on a nafcna: chairp.?csii:p. The trophy was first put into play :·»» ;. ea^ ago at which tune it was ·Ren by Mr Von Zedi-suz and h-s partner Mr Ei3V5. At the puseni. time ' Mr Von ZCC'TI'.Z ^oJds ;»o na;»aai ' champions*!.? titles -- tfce men's aae- t.c^ pa r ar.c: tee roes's auction team = cf four. Acccrir.s to Mr Vcr. Zed-.witz the ?ro-.\-n; rxr-Ur.'.y ^-f contract ^ cue to the fact that · :t :s a ga=:e that portrays the thrtZs struggles, tragedies . aci traiEphs of Lfe E»re \.\:cly tlian acy o:her sante -- at the same t^ne :'. ' shakes a cesif-tc ort fjch qualities i ! cognise. r*s:«uni and i:rve judgment.' i Oc~ m^ht txpcc. an uiiuiua! hand . ·rcm Mr. Vor. 2ecf».'_z, cat he claims. ;ha: championships are won by the player who is quick enough to tste ad\an:a?e of tie mistakes of JUS op- porier.ts and E.\es :he folios ms hind ' as an exsatple. 1^ *i She Shouldn't be Tired P E A R R E' S Modern Pharmacy DRUG £ PRESCRIPTION SERVICE TELEPHO.\E 2C. He (onstipated? nvL.ui--MiTtnttTS REMEDY--tpplsht. A .T... set a cha:. A V * A A^-9-4 VQ-10- 7-6-2 ^ Norse AA-K- 10-6-3 A V · A K-Q-8-6-5-3-2 Mcne K-9-6^-3 J NOflfH fe i u en l*aler SOUTH *A VA-84-3 · 10-8-2 A9-7-5- 4-2 10-7 K-J-9-5 A-Q-J-7-5 Q-8 531 The · cur.E v.sman in the r^'-re is "?.-erjr:c a \ ? n e . So«:on house fern In the bac«.rrour.u are seen tri" leaves i fern. I By XEA Serrice. Those that have b i addition to the 3-_\ ,cl:" ferns 5':r.c x Brake find Si-icier SIM ·i - -r^p. a. tree be^n domesticated, J -..-:-. fern are the! · are Cre:an :.- ^r.d the Maic- UKc It.' r Gcr^rr.1 G U. H-r.r:. M l _ M l K l \ ! . l'\\ I w ' l . - H ' (f ^^ Niagara Falls! YOUR FUR COAT $ 5.i)0 ( I J I M S * . s:ioukl bo thoroughly ".nd csr.:::" for :he S;:r-:nicr D.: -··. nre not only S 7.l ' I ( K \ l \ . M « » " - a i 1 --.'-' Toronto. Ont, 5 9.50 I'.l 1 ; : \ ! \ l . '! V I /c. but *.::o per. :f c»i r Fur Coat Ckaiu (Absolutely S. IXSID:: rr..: OUT. - 4 S C r O U A K E R C I T Y CLEANERS AND DYERS ferns. : garden probably has a f*m incsors · that wrves to brighten up house I ;on bleak winter days. Ir. the fern sl'.ej- | hsus one of 8.000 known 5j» of a : enhairs i pler.i that a one of the oldest in the; Outside of purposes ·?.xrlci. ira'.e a commercial and economic vs.ue! i Ferns IT. some form run th? gast-it MI var.o^ parts :: tl-.r vnrlc i c f climates of the esr:n and are four.a S---nv t-.-p^s are -io-.i .« ;rN^e.n"; ..y ,froni the Arctic Circle to the trcp.cs r.ati-.'^s 't tropic-.1 One - \ . t r - , iThey grow In sjae from tiny ir.o«-.;:« , an abundant virelik'- root r^wir. ^ [plants to great, to-.-.enng tree f'-ms lr. ;us«i :n parts of Son'h America '· r 'the tropics vhich STJV.- to a heigh' cf The Liconcf F^m :a T.?] J 2 0 ar.d 30 feet v.esterr. par-, cf 'h" Urit-Tl Stit-i ^ ! Ferns are thought to have had their sough', for its fla-.orlns: 3r.d rr.ediclr.a.: = origin back in the "aleozoic era. v hich geologists tei'. us, -*as ir-ilUcns of y-:ari Ir. Ha-.-j.i the h.i:e tree fe-.-'-s tur- sgo Thev -aere ei.trerr.ely abundant rt-sn a imle cisn T.~.e starch'-' core of The Bidding. jcurms the Carboniferous ptr.od=. v.he.^ fern is br-iec a:td -.·-· en as a. suo- ; Tne b-cic^ig *as South one d-amor.d. _ the .formation of -oai ar.d other fu?l :;t.ti.K- fo: tiro and the sweet potato, j Wer; WO clubs. North wo spades. East' began on the earth Imprints of the:.- In parts of trttr.Si three ciubs. Sotrh pass. West pass, i froncs h-ve br-en fetinci ir. c:-al ana of tree ferns are ·,,-·?«: a-- tPlegrapn, X"-r"i* b.3 ihree Giimoixds, Hast four, rock deposits. coles and bu.lcing'ocrs. i.iey a*~e t clues South pass. Wes: pass. North; Boston Fern Most Popular. .-.aiuable :n thzs part cf the^..-rld o e - j fc.d four diamonds. East, pass. South j ProfaaUly the most coaimoii tTe of', cau£» they resist, attacks of tcrm.tes. pass. Wess fotir hearts. Nort-h bid flvejhotise fern is the Boston in :ts nmner- j-AOod-catir.g msec-o. dianior.ti; and East doubled. jous varistics. Kunireds of thousands j Woven Inso Hats. The Play. I of these ferns are sold .= the United 1 Inner strarscs cf tne vj.e-fem are: West «c-n the opening trick u-ith j states every year. is«d for -eaiaig -n Ja\a Cigar^ cases . ihe kins cf clubs ani then led the six j i n caring for ferns, they must b» baskc-s. l.shi^eight, i.ats. ar.d other ar- cf hearts v Mr. Von Zedt^itz. who J regularly f atered. repotted occasionally tides niide from th s fern. : and given a moderate temperature ' Ferns are particularly a;tract^e Hi plenty of surJght ana a ht:-e fertilizer rock gardens They should be planted, occasiOTially. ui a. ir.O£t. ~ ?"l-drainod sail, and ^-. j Many attemp's have been ir.ace by partJil ~.a^c A northern exposure is aica:«ur gardeners to transplant, native considered best. A l-Slr, s-j- is BEAUTIFUL! JtSuT beauty is only one of^ the things thc*c new spring designs of Armstrong's Linoleum have to offer. Stop in at our floor style sho\v, and let u» tell you all about these modern good-housekeeping floors. irai the declarer, trumped iz dummy ·crith the three of dajiioads. A sntail iras led fross dununy aaa by Mr. Von in the South. West shcvec out. d-scarding a club A sir.all spade was then led to dummy's Queen and won by Easi with the ace. If East trere to return a club. Mr. THE RUG STORE MTLLIXIX BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. r.-oods ferns -n ihej gardens and home y. and sand and leaf ntold should c-e . These attempts have for part. beer, unsuccessful the most worked tnto a clay so:', to lighten it. i Apparently I A rugeeci slope aids to the a'traction ' Von Zedt^vitz's ccntract would be 6f- these tender natives of the cool -.\oocLs cf the ferns. Use ^regular rocks o f , feated. bur Eas^ mace the mistake or j canno; acclimate ihemseHes to tne -varying s*ze and bed them deep in tne leading the ac» of hearts which was | chanse of temperature and th; rcia:i\c earth. Se* the root* t-.ell m'o tns ssii trumped in eurwey T--;h the six of dia~|i ac - K " o f ^o^ture indoors and =3sk ^cli nround then:. n-.onds and Mr Voc Zedtwitz could then see the possib^ity of a triple.' squ!??2s. The king of d asionds v.-as j led from dummy. ioHovred by the air.e i of diamonds, Dti:h vnnnxne v~:h the j jscfe V.'es. discardlr.g 3. club, r.o^ be- i ! BEHIND THE SCENES IN msr co~n the ace. The quean of BY RODXEV DL'T^HER XEA Sen-ice Writer. ;r.mgton. Hay 25--Taey ha-ie horses in tee oraach cf t-e Army ny?\ bat tr.ey proaably -son't a f t - er the econotr.y --ave hss s~ept r . e r diamonds Vi-as next iec and V."est c_s- carceS a heart, snd now Sutith lea h-: las; d-aniTjd V.'f-st -.vas squeezed en all three su-tc KE held the lack and of spades. The queer, and ten of hearts, and the see cf clubs. If he awarded the are of clubs. Smith's oucen was good--J he discarded the t?n of hearts, South's knt~ and jack v»ere both good, vfhile j There are less than a hundred of if h* ciscardeci the nine of spades, all ' them, used to exerc-se, anr.v anaiors ,~the spidss ir. cu3uay ~ould be good. . «-as brought out in hearings on the War While the contract could easily have . Department appropriation sill Arm., been defe?t;d. voti "ill no'tcs that Mr.! officers should play. polo, must, s-;n- Von Zedtrs-it: ^as not slovr to take ad- i erals agree, in -srr to seep :r the i best, possible tnm. But Genera. Benny WITH RODNEY DUTCHER vantage cf his opponents" mistake. ! Foulois. head of the Arjiy AJ: Corps, j TOMORROW: Willard S. Kam, hold- j admits that the value of -he Air Corps ' er of "the individual contract champion- ! horses ^ hardly c-jtnmensjrate with the I ship of the United bialcs. presents his ' number of men to take care : favorite hand. SI-.000 for Hoiessc_- | Kj5tr-555s. ~h;:.i c^s: tlie Army abc-i; I S25 390 a year, may alsa De -..minated. Xnere are 13 of then*. M?.or en- J eral C. H. 3r.;cs jays tltey TTIZI rar.k i or. '.he pr.3r.ty 1st .f -t .s neces- ! sary to c~* e.Tp-:ri5es isr the «eliare \ of enl-stcd men. They sre mor; -il-able -s-her. cit- , izen soldiers arc o«inr tra.nei than ' for retjlar troops according to i Er.dges. 3j~ tr.ey aid a general air i ·;·: refinement t: tr.-j p-^.ts ' and see ! -..-.2: cnly people of "cropcr cr.srac::r' j come to £ gatr.eruic^. ' POXY PHANH _ ;S .ri= WOLF AT iH DooS. Drop ' The number of Army deserter? has _ K n cu* more than half 5ince the njm- ' l of them--about one inan prr h^rse i oe . ,,.- c _ v; v ar , OO5 ^iran to be sharp.' The Airy Corps has banes ^3. " .tier, j .- cjr:a.lcd But hara times n a v e ' j famish entertainment fsr the carrissns.; s i= o caufca many deserters to try to ! Fotilois ssys the banes can be dis- I re-er.list. -..hereupon they are usually . pensea -s-ith Cavalry banas~en toot arrested and cotirt-marlsd for pre- ion horseback, but seniin? bar.cs titj :~ ·-. .sus ciccert-'jr:. '· planas is-': practical. ' The V."ar Detanmen* las; v?ar spent · "I ha-.e rerer been able to figure "r.o^ , 51-5 0-X) -t T.s apprehen^.^r. j! ce- ' -?e cojld ii^e bands to enl! -.~t.i sir! 5*";rs Trcro ' -lanes " F:-ulc.s aiatits. cesertcrs .1 You can iave a telephone in your home for only a few cents r day. The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co. of Baltimore City (Bell System) 108 W. Patrick St. Frederick, Md. Frederick 9900 The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up-To-Date Ladies' Watch NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE ^xJi+yiiliJUsxii^^ . 57 WE INVITE 48 North Market St. Frederick, 5Td. FOR A CHANGE- -- TRY CAREER'S HEARTH BAKED BREADS French--Vienna Style and Rye. The Garber Baking Company g- 1? ? I Persona/ Checking Accounts JLo men and women who require the convenience of a checking account for personal and household finances, we extend a cordial invitation to come to this bank. You are assured of even' hank- ing convenience, and we believe · you will like the personal, friendly nature of our service. Commercial Bank of Maryland ·3 i · Somcrhinji New! Out of the Sky c to see the HEW GOODYEAB Zsppslin "GOING PLACES" OVER DECORATION DAY? (Monday, May 30) Look to your tires and tubes! Nothing wrecks the holiday frame of mind so completely as a struggle by the roadside with a fiat'tire. We'll gladly inspect your tire equipment before you start out. Finer in Quality--Lower in Price A'cw 1932 Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY Superrwist Cord Tires CASH PRICES Full Oversize 20I4.5C-20 30x4 -.0-21 2 ( 'i4 7 = - 1 0 29i5.on-in Pru c nf Karh $4-30 4-37 5.12 S.zo 5-39 Each S4-I7 4-13 4-97 5-04 5-X3 Tube * -91 -91 .94 -91 I. OP Full Orel-size 30x5.00-20 JH5.QO-21 2Si5.25-!S 31x5. -5-21 30..T.R-^-l Prsce of Each «5-45 5-72 b.15 6.63 3-57 £*ch in P«lr« ·5-Z9 5-56 5-97 6.43 3-4* Tub* $1.14 1.16 z.ox I.I* .86 Better Than Many Makers' Best Tires Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR PATHFINDER Supertwist Cord Tires CASH PRICFS !· ·- j : -Full j of m Orrr^lie Farh | Pa ,r, 29x4.50- 20 S5- 35 30i4.50-21 5-43 2814.75-19 6.33 29x4.75-20 6-43 29I5.00-1 1 ' 6.65 30x5.00-20 6.75 28i5.25-IS| 7-53 S5-I9 6.16 6.Z4 6.45 6.55 7-30 -rub,. , o,TM;^ $1.02 ^rti^.25-20 1.03 .Mx5.25-2i 1. 17 .'Oi.'? l.OZ ^»lS - ~RciT I -3O "iOx"! . 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