Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 17, 1977 · Page 31
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 31

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1977
Page 31
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nlst Newspipers, Wednesday. March 16,1977 amous chef iffers fish dish People who go to Vegas '' for ftm and night life often I forget that there are resUu- '; ru0s in the gambling capi- · tal «f the world that satisfy «Hen the most discriminat- * |gf of diners. ' '-fhe Bistorante Itallano in ', tbe Riviere hotel is such a -.Ogling spot. As you eat\a ; uahurried meal you can al- '' most vision being in a Ro- I *fH* piazza. ; it The menu is unique with · such tempters as Steak Sur* prise, Veal Marsala or spe- ' cial veal chops. .^Charming Maitre De is ^Bkhard Foresta. Chef Phil; Ijpe De Pasquale who per- »aonally supervises each and *"8fcry dish preparation sent the Economist readers one of his personal recipes that "fiFprepares for his wife and their guests when they entertain. It's called Shrimp «nd Clam Napolitana and here is how you go about jMktngit. 'ANDCLAMJNAPO- TAMA ves 4-5 people fresh shrimps dozen cherry stone clams in shell Two 8 ounce canned clams in natural juice One half pound scallops One large bell pepper One Spanish onion (medium) One fourth pound fresh mushrooms Saute shrimp, clams, leaving the shells on. plus scallops, in a deep sauce pan until shelled clams open. Use % cup butter to saute. Keep pan covered during cooking. After clams open, put sliced peppers, onions and mushrooms into pan.-Add can Kitchen Ready tomatoes (1 Ib.) and 1 cup sherry. Let boil for 3-5 minutes. Serve as is or on top of spaghetti or linguini. Besides this recipe Philip personally supervises in the preparation of such other specialties as Veal Chops a La Phfllipe, Steak Surprise plus a delectable Veal Marsala. If you're in Vegas don't leave without visiting this unusually fine dining place hosted by Maitre De Richard Foresta. COLONIAL SPICE CAKE % cup butter, softened 1% cups firmly packed brown sugar Rater's Digest ByJARVBRICE Spanish explorer, de is famous for discov- ,, the Mississippi River for bringing the first to America. That was Seven years later, ||B£ countryman, Coronado, a few cows along the Grande, and in 1611, colonists brought th them to ,Va CSJy the time a century E5s a half had £° ne D¥ » Spire was a herd of cows in r*j|Ston Common, where :*Wle like Mrs. John Han- Iqfeck used to visit daily to = Jtflk the family cow. In t f}776, the cows were moved make room for the Brit,, Army, assembling in *2tThe world's most -famous " t -*pfc pasture" to surpress dlP local militia. iSE?* course, in the Old f]«porld, people had been ' ' l milk from cows for even swear at her--she'll give more milk. But she hates to be ignored Just two things really upset her, the survey shows- strangers approaching, and rock-and- roll music. If the British hadn't been defeated by the French on the island of Minorca in 1756, Hollandaise sauce might never have graced the dinner table. To celebrate the Due de Richelieu's victory, his chef concocted the sauce that consists of lemon, egg yolks, melted butter and seasonings. 3 cups enriched flour 1T. baking powder 2 tsp. baking soda 1% tsps. salt % tsp. ground allspice % tsp. ground cinnamon ft tsp. ground nutmeg 1 cup apple cider or apple juice % cup milk Vanilla Frosting Cream together butter and sugar. Beat in eggs one at a time. Stir together dry ingredients. Combine cider and milk. Thoroughly blend flour ' into creamed mixture alternately with cider mixture, beginning and ending with flour. Pour into 3 greased and waxed paper lined 8- inch round cake pans. Bake in preheated 350 degree F. oven 25 to 30 minutes, or until done. Cool 10 minutes before removing from pans. Cook completely before frosting with Vanilla Frosting VANILLA FROSTING 1 cup butter, softened 4 cups confectioners' sugar ^ cup dark corn syrup 2 tsps. vanilla extract Beat together butter, sugar, com syrup and vanilla until smooth. If necessary add more sugar until proper spreading consistency is reached. BOSTON BROWN BREAD (Makes 2 l-pomd loaves) 1 cup enriched flour 1 cup rye flour _ 1 cup corn meal 2 tsps. baiting soda 1 tsp. salt H cup raisins % cup chopped nuts 2 cups buttermilk % cup dark molasses Stir together flours, cornmeal, soda, salt, raisins and nuts. Combine buttermilk and molasses; add all at once to dry mixture. Mix well. Fill 2 well greased 1- pound molds or coffee cans with batter % full. Cover molds with double thickness of aluminium foil; fasten securely. Put two to three quarts of water in large covered pan with rack in bottom. Bring water to a boil. Place molds or cans in' pan; reduce heat and steam for 1# hours. When finished, removed bread from molds immedH ately. EKCOE TEFLON I HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM COOKWARE WITH PORCELAIN ENAMEL EXTERIOR Cranberry sauce surprise ingredient f*imny centuries. On a wall iSsHBabylon there's a 5,000- 1'Sftar old frieze of a man his cow; in a cove l» i 3C. the Pyranees 20,000 years ,., o»wa somebody made a Si -^rtnide drawing of a cow; 1 from India comes a bit ancient Hindu folklore -feat tells of the people sing ~ the praises of the cow the greatest benefactor he human race. In Bibli- times, the Promised ^and was described as flow- with milk and honey, Shakespeare made ref- to toe milk of hu- {Jbnan kindness. I- --Milk, nature's most near- £ n perfect food, has been ·; great for babies--and for ;- grown-ups too, although not C everyone can drink it. In ;-£ £ertain parts of tbe world it -4«wkes people sick. And milk has developed some aegative conwtatkns in its tag history. To be a milk- toast is to be a namby-pam- \3$D\ · milksop is an unman- ij youth; a'milk-livered person is one who is timid fr cowardly. -A milk fish is so-called Ctsimply because of its milky * [color. Tbe same with milk- wort, tbe plant, whereas a {milk ante j, wtUed be- {ause it's s^iposed to sack pOk from cows. (Does it the cow is its mother?) Then there's Bristol mflk, which began as slang for a type of sherry and today is tbe actual name for tkat sherry. Milch is anotb- " word for mOk, but don't r 'Mother's milch' be Be tbe word refers only to" mflk tkat «nim»u give. And a wag might refer to '^j mflk as the udder cola.' - ^ We think of milk as com- ^r ing from a cow, but Laplan- - den drink reiadeer milk, 12 Arabs drink camel's mflk, l^and in Asia they drink -^ horse's mflk. Other animals I"*, that provide mQk are water ·£ buffaloes, sheep and goats, ·^ but cows take die prize. Im:- ague! Five hundred years -; ago there wasn't a cow in :~ sight It the New World. -C*I*st a huBJuJ yean ago, -"there wen a million of ·them, and each cow as gfv- *iag LSn quarts of mQk a lyfcar. Today, the VS. is the -greatest dairy country in tbe world, we have about 12 mutton cows, and each cow gives almost MM quarts of mflk a year. That's a M of squeetinf-eMHgh to give a dairy farmer milker's cramp. Maybe our great production is the result of the dairy fanner paying special attention to his herd. A ' four-year survey reveals that if you talk to your cow, pet her or sin* to her--or CRANBERRY CAKE Yield: · servngs (OM * x t xziKhcake) Cranberry Mixture % cup packed brown sugar 1 tablespoon comstarch % teaspoon allspice % cup orange juice 1 cup canned whole cranberry sauce 2 tablespoons butter H teaspoon shredded or- By MARY McGRATH TRY DIFFERENT ROSES Rose is that lover/ pink wine best known for its versatility - the perfect wine for a predioner warmup and buffet where an assortment of dishes is offered. Contrary to public opinion, roses are not mixtures of red and white wines, but are made from red grapes and the skins are left on during fermentation just long enough to impart the desired color and flavor. In recent years several California wineries nave experimented with varie- tal roses -- those wines made from a particular high quality red grape variety. The advantage of a varietal rose over a plain "vin rooe" is that the varietal wines show the characteristics of that grape and you, the buyer, wOl know exactly how the wine will taste-dry, light, fruity, heavy. The following are roses to look for: ange peel ~ Several drops red food coloring Blend brown sugar, coms- tarch and allspice in a small saucepan. Add orange juice. Cook, stirring constantly until mixture reaches boiling point. Reduce heat to very low. Continue to cook and stir until clear and very thick, about 3 min- Grenacfee Rose -- light and dry, with a slightly earthy taste and distinctive bouquet. Almaden and Franzia make reasonably priced, good Grenache roses. Camay Rose -- soft and fresh with a touch of sweetness; the grape that gives Beaujolais its delicious fruhiness. Beringer and Robert Montavi make excellent Camay roses. (©1977 McNaught Synd.) utes. Add remaining ingredients. Heat mixture to boiling point. Pour into a 9 by 9 by 2 inch square cake pan (bottom rubbed with shortening). Cake. H cup Pre-creamed Swift'ning or Jewel Shortening ft cup granulated sugar legg % teaspoon vanilla . IK cup sifted cake flour 2 teaspoons baking powder H cup milk Cream shortening and sugar until light and fluffy Add egg and vanilla. Beat weD. Sift together flour and baking powder. Add alternately with milk, adding flour first and last. Spoon batter over cranberry mixture in pan. Bake in a 375 degrees F. oven for 35 minutes. Cool S minutes. Turn upside down on serving platter. Serve warm with sweetened whipped cream or topping. cfttienfion JSaAis! EARN FREE SPRING CLOTHING HAVE A QUEENSWAY PARTY IN YOUR HOME AND EARN FASHIONS Ask About Our Penny Sale 221-5188 586-8448 POSITIONS OPEN FOR MKT-TWf WORK CALL 423-6016 OR 349-0251 CARAMEL 1QT. COVERED SAUCEPAN EkcoEterna Country Garden heavy duty aluminum cookware is designed with an important difference -- it performs best with daily use and minimum care Most important of all, ceramic clad Teflon II coated Country Garden heavy gauge aluminum cookware gives you an opportunity to brighten your kitchen and lighten your workload at spectacular savings 1 BEAUTIFULCOLORS STONEWARE BEIGE AND CARAMEL OUTSTANDING SPECIAL PRODUCT FEATURES INCLUDE: · Super heavy gauge aluminum for even and fast heat distribution and long lasting service. · Improved non-stick, scratch-resistant white "Teflon II" interior · Fired-cm decorative and durable porcelain enamelled exteriors in speckled beige or caramel. · Stay-cool phenolic handles and knobs -oven safe to 400° F · Vapor-seal rims and self-basting covers keep flavor and nutrition in · Machined bases won't slide on burner -avoids messy and dangerous accidents · Stainless steel flame guard for protection · Stackable cover design -- nests well when inverted so pans can be easily stacked · Popular new large omelet pan. · Dishwasher safe ALSO AVAILABLE FIRST WEEK ONLY 10 INCH OPEN 'SKILLET ONLY '8.99 EACH WITH $3 PURCHASE 4 O.T. COVERED STEW_POT ONLY ~" ~ -- ~* 5 QT COVERED DUTCH OVEN ONLY$** ^^* FRESH DAILY HOMOUIOWN CAKES KM AU OCCASIONS! ·MffiDOMB *MTMMr 'ANNrVBtSAIT "OtBHSTKAWIBHOtSAU. TEA*" A COMPUTE UNI * GUffK « HKNCH PASTUT, SPUMOM CAKES - WHIP CREAM CAKES, PIES AND MINIATURE PASTIY Open Tun Thrv Sot. 6AJA 106P.M. Svn*ty.6A.M »»2»M QoMfl on Mwwoy PNONf: StS-lfff OVEN RESH MEAt), tOUS, CORK CAKES, PIES AND COOKIES EASTER SPECIALS! PURE CHOCOUrt EASTER BASKETS FILLED WITH BUTTER COOKIES! OLYMPIA BAKERY 8342 S. Robtrts Rood Justice, ill. SECOND WEEK 8 INCH OPEN SKILLET ONLY FIFTH WEEK 11 INCH OMELET PAN THIRD WEEK 1V Z QT COVERED SAUCEAN ONLY ONLY Ekco research has proven that consumers look (or quality, a good value and a fair price in cooKware purchases. Country Garden offers all three! * (EACH WITH $3 PURCHASE) 8.99 FOURTH WEEK 2 QT COVERED SAUCEPAN SIXTH WEEK 3 QT. COVERED SAUCEPAN Aluminum cookware is preferred by the majority of housewives. A major factor in the increased growth of cookware is the continuing and ever- expanding interest in home canning and baking The weight of Country Garden Aluminum Cookware, its colorful porcelain enamel extenor finish and sts quick and even heat transfer {for energy efficiency) make »l uni- versalty popular Good pols and pans are an asset m any Kitchen Country Garden from Ekco is designed Jo help you in your kitchen wilh a cookware set that is eye appealing and very funclional m preparing foods Choose from the fashion colors of speckJed stoneware beige or caramel to complement any kitchen decor * letlcm »* Ou Porfl s ftrgriietwJ ifaflernaf* lor »ls non tlirt tmisti is Ou Pom s corWittnion ir«t* lor T«Tlon toalwJ Tows«i*aie in»i nieei Ou POM s ilaniJards SPAPFRl

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