The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 27, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, January 27, 1948
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Register Classifieds Gel Resuiis THE ILLUESDAY. JANUARY 27, 1948 nA,,.v HBP.IOTER. NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 177 TAX BILL es Removed as About Town And Country By TDIOTHEU8 T. P---· Saline Co. Fair Queried About Team | n Class D League Help Europe but Save Our Nation, Rotarians Told Truman Will r ,i ot i Class u ini""'^ ""-- i;;,ne ofncial. the other day league The people of Europe want peace, and it is our duty to help v them, but not at the expense o f . t. sabotaging our own government, or ' giving away our natural resources 'and impoverishing our own people, W J. O'Neil stated to the Rotary club'last night in a speech on in- Illinois Base- t ern ational relations. ' are much like our- Presidenfr Urges Eccles to Remain As Vice-Chairman WASHINGTON. Jan. 27--U.E-- Truman today displaccc' team the league this bum-^. but tncy arc ,n- association member g overnc d by bad governments, idea it would be, Thcy arc in dJrc d i s t res s. the System, I-cb. 1. Eccles, who has been chairmr: -- i ii« idea it wouiu wt 'pvintf im in mrp distress llic juwwo, « n u ··"·? «-.- -- - - , irman FRANK THOMPSON, director of the Thomas B. McCabe, in the center of a public meeting r . . '$$£%$s^s,£3 ^ii.-tMil^rSrs $s Party Line Followed by 15 to 9 Vote Series of Demo Amendments Rejected By GOP Majority WASHINGTON, Jan. 27-- (ILP.)-The house Ways and Means committee by a straight party vote today approved the Knutson bill to cut income taxes about $6,000,000,000 a year. The vote was 15 to 9. There was one Democratic absentee. The Republican majority steamrollered the bill through the committee after rejecting, a series of Democratic amendments. These included one to substitute President Truman's plan for a $40 tax credit for each taxpayer and dependent, and a new excess profits tax on Corporations. Mr. Truman's proposal found only five supporters while 19 votes ere cast against it. Turn Down Doughton Plan A proposal oy Kep. Robert L. '',' h" a 'i-- dozen trees were cut down, shou m be by example, by kind- i 0 tne "pleasure ,ni,t' oi tne present grandstand ness proper assistance and the expires Feb. 1. could bo u»ed for spectators. 'requirement that the people _ conflict With Snyder \t present there are six teams wor k and produce for themselves, Eccles has been in conflict re' vi yi c^t.*"' t * t w » *. -- A* * · t * j j_*vv,*^o »»**^ ----«,.- -- - ,,, the lea'ue Paducah, Ky.. v* Mr. 0 Neil said. ' ccn tlv with commercial banking r k n- inansements to be the T he aid of the Almighty God ^^ and with secretary of Treas v'ne'ntn team ^ and HaiTisburg is should be invoked m Irving to u f v John w $ nyder over some de-ired as Team No. 8. -form a peace, the speaker said , of the anU .i n flation pic- (k , f · * l"When the Versailles treaty con- t u r e i u r-.rnhiil has bought aivention met. Clemenceau, the ath- · Luke I*"""" 1 "ie for harness iest, refused to allow a prayer to ^ puruDlc . J Ye- Ending his pickup be said. God was barred from that tanks i»rf? ^-S^^^S^J^TuS^S has been urging that to'the truck Here's now it will work: The truck drives down the track, sl./Aiy. with the gates spread out on both Mdes of the truck. The. i.orses trot down the track. I'ird ttv Ja present conferences, suits have been nil. The ef- up some that is available for lending. r . . · j P tY^mnr . - . about time that our states-i Snyder and leaders oi c 0 TM"";. titions arriving at midnight last 0 the assistance of Divine cial banking circles have opposed . . there, is only one contest -=- I - -- -- =- =- *- S'disScT^vlce 0 officer: anTpete' Amberger, commander'of ^^^^^ ential moss rnmary With the deadline for filing pe- - Dt- n r t3 «« nS fK%ites close er at"the next Monday meeting, it ^dlVIne^ekhaS^nSS: -as announced. to the side of the track and the) ince is on. The official starter stands on :he bed oi the truck, and will \\u\e a loud speaking system to. i.\e hb orders. p:-ns to ,, he said. the suggestion. i fo ~ coim ty office. This is in Durham was a guest o f - McCabe, the chairman -- aesign- racc ^ or ^ Republican normna-i Evans, Jr.,' at- the-mefeting.; sic" of "QieTedersil He-serve board,} Uon for state's-attorney, v."Kfere-| John Schork will-be'the speak- has been head, of-'the Scott Paper j K c R 0na i ds? incumbent, -J ' "" of. Chester. Pa., since 192,. Indictees irand Jurr, Ms Bills for Three Foresee Worse Meat Shortage Than Predicted .0 9 vote. ihe bill, sponsored by the com- ..-.ittee chairman Harold Knutson, it., Minn., proposed to increase the present $500 exemption to ^600, extend the community property "split-income" principle to all states, and cut tax rates from 30 per cent in the low-income brackets to 10 per cent in the high brackets. Doughton proposed to reduce the percentage cuts in half, thus cutting the estimated loss of revenue under the Knutson bill to about $4,000,000,000. I By WILLIAM M. LOVELL 'United Press Staff Correspondent SPRINGFIELD; m.. Jan 27-- i 'HP.)--A four-cornered light lor , WASHINGTON, Jan. 27--OLE)--i Expect Passage Monday the Republican nomination for i Government analysts now fear Kep. Wilour Mills, D., Ark, of- governor looked today like trie that t h e 1943 meat shortage is go- fered two amendments. In one, top feature of the April 13 Illinois . to be worse _\,y about 150,- \ he proposed to attach to the Knut- 000000 pounds--than the Agricul-ion-bill-tae-President's proposal and Palace Clothing To Occupy New j Clyde A. Whiteside seek the post. The President assured Eccles ; -phere v.ere seven new filings that his decision to replace^ nia. f()r prec i ncl committeemen yester- in no way reflected a lack o d primary. "With the deadline-for filing can- j didates"' nominating petitions past Six men were indicted and no , at midn ; g ht last night, it was clear true bills were returned in cases hat thjs state - s primary will not involving three men by a circuit i ido a test O f strength for ma- court grand jury that considered ' G0p pres i de ntial possibilities fall. ' Department' " predicted - last r X s flled petl louse . state's Attorney K. by the . ., j Luke, who has a starters license. i I B · use his portable {10016 BY s ·J fairs in Uarrisburg. Vienna.) on policies." After tn or or di5-,, : _ ,,,,, Pnnilhll -^ n ^natonai ^' nalds : announced today, .^^agemcntj-"--^Hi^diStS Se^n Those indicted were: for the county's 68 pre- Martell Chavis and Tom Vil- third-term posts, with liams. Carrier Mills colored men Court. ^resident urged him le vice chairmanship, the President for candidates for all of the precincts i i-Jccies tnanivtiu uiu i icjw-..» »-. except for Republican committee- i lis "complimentary letter" ana man in Tate and Mountain 1. That would put the spotlight on H. Green's bid for a nomination against billing Burns ai Eikviiie tion with the theft of articles from Blue Bird Coal Co.; Glen Hurst, of near Carrier charged with incest; Gulley. HaiTisburg. ged with assault to murder ;r. c u a ^ b r o u g h t " to Timotheus' has been scheduled for Wcdnes- inr.d %\!H-n 'liios. D. GreCg moved !.:; ofr.ce to the second floor of the Grecu building on the south- v.cst corner oi the square from and ' tne Barter and Keltner drug store der .._,,- -- - *·- . ^ n i a .; nn n f downstairs location, following completion of i vember final election. Can Wi-huraw Tlirough Jan. 31 The work o'f installing new floor connection with tne heating of ·Tilmer "Bill" Watson: James Duncan, colored. Carrier Mills, charged with larceny in connection with the theft of money tokens from the store at Car- Optometry. Chicago, in February', 1S01. and he has practiced continuous!;, during the 47 years since. the first optometrist to vcar. band uniforms and instruments on the ballots. which were stored there. ' The complete list of filings: The cause of the blaze, which Senatorial committeemen: Koss me t-uusv. _.._.!,, . _ i. Ezra Heatherly " ceived lately rect to the new store and Others - - " old loca- !K- \\as the first optometrist to '»-" ' v " ~ ' d fr o m the old loca- loccte m Harrisburg and Saline i*TM ^ m ^ in and Locust str eets tin- Optomelry Practice 'during this week. . balconv from the old loca- in 1919. Mr. Gregg !lion nas been moved to the new y.;s appointed a member of the fir s t board of optomctry and holds '"' - "".Mcrcd Optomctri storc and will be used for stor- acc 0 { non-seasonable items. - crazilv. was not determined. It R. Clyde A. Whiteside R. Lester K. started' after the gvm emptied last i Light!oot D. rWi following a basketball game | Circuit clerk: Verner E. Joyner between Eikviiie and Murphysboro i R. James R. "Jimmy" Burroug*" indeper.dent teams. j D. The "vm %\as regarded as one of j Coroner: Olcn J. Ingram u the finest among'small towns in IB. Clark D. southern Illinois. Firemen from Precinct committeemen: iiearbv Carboncialc and Du Quoin | Harrisburg 1: Dave **^* - . , f · l _ . _ f M A M « k * V T _. ^»^.. T ·.«!« «*%- gressional contests. Simon A. Murray, Chicago, sonnel director for State Auditor Arthur C. Lueder. filed for nomination as state auditor last night, five minutes before deadline, and todav Lueder ar-uounced in Chicago that"he was withdrawing fron- k ;ie race because cf his age and his health. Vurray. in his position- as personnel director, has occupied an important place in dispensing patronage and reportedly wields con- Harrisburg. j siderablc influence in the state colored""charged with larceny in legislature. Some sources credited Snnlction with the theft of raon- hi m with savin? much of Greens ev belonging to the Sugar Creek prog rara at the last session of the Produce Co state legislature. . No indictments were returned No presidential Entries bv the jurv after hearing evidence Decision of Dewey. Taft. Mac altercation between Guy Al ,hur, Sl«ei,.and o t h e r . G O P tax on corporations. This was rejected, 16 to 8. Mills' other' amendment would have incorporated Mr. Truman's S40 tax credit and excess profits tax plan with Knutson's split-income and $600 personal exemption Tson provisions. This lost, 17 to 7 Thev now-foresee a 1948 meat; The committee approved one supply of 144.9 pounds per person,; minor amendment to the Dili, ine a Duung these sources said, instead of the bill already gives *.i additional hot corf- 146 pounds forecast last fall. This!$600 exemption to persons bo and -11. it -t?l ««.·«« j^i- VIA** » A V*l mrl T^AVCOTIC The new estimate of the year's meat supply nas not been made public yet." But informed sources said the slide-rule experts are revising the old estimate downward by ' about 1.1 pounds of meat per person tor cent excess profits compares with the 156 pounds per capita consumed in 1947. a year of high meat production in which prices nevertheless remained high because of the great demand for It was on the basis of the 146 pound estimate that Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson nredictpd l?st month that the neo- ple would be demanding meat rationing by spring. A special senate subcommittee will begin hearings day after to- morroxv on a bill by Sen. Ralph E. Flanders. R., Vt.. under which meat rationing machinery would be readied just in case it proves necessary- Agriculture Department officials, who will be the first witnesses, may present the lower estimate for 1948 supplies in ar- an to blind persons. Under the amendment, blind persons over 65 will qualify for both additional exemptions. Knutsou plans to bring the tax Ml up for debate on the house ioor ihursday. It is expected to be passed next Monday, and 3 ent to the senate. guing for control. President Ads In Rail Dispute WASHINGTON, Jan. 27-tIE-- President Truman today acted to head off a nationwide stnke by three powerful railroad unions. The President created an emer- eencv board to investigate the dis- " r- pute" between the class one car ' ee un .. The ne\v estimate presumably j £ iers 0 £ t h e country J-'Este, Both camps to pass up the Uhnois pr. takes into account the latest re- i ons _the Brotherhood of Locomo- Brotherhood also was not "·' three un- and En's Union. for Feb. · said he sure That llihioiTvoters get winter pork supply lC c to'express Ujeir scnti- on the various GOP contend- i nc win go to the state ' the Agriculture Department. Spring up tne board will have the c court "f necessary to pigs furnish the nations fall and o£ delaying any walkout: until the c ""_. Hi;TM;* vnt^rs cet winter oork supply. i board examines both sides ot me fhe"loss \\as covered partially j guson R. ovcrcl' N. Snced D. i According to Forest Supervisor bv inslirnnco . Grade school classes j __ Kov W. Ofson. a total of o woods ^. crc ( . ls j riisscd for the day. land grass fires TMrc suppressed two different pro- . Te Daily Register has _._ '· .1 Vicr from Mrs. Joseph in the Shawncc T'.'- Jlcach avenue. Yen- during 1947. The total r. n-ne\*ins her subscrip burned was 14 9 acres. ·"« TmotST print The catcd. but would have been much --'! .-f3drc.-scs of all out higher if the f.ros ^adnt been promptly put out by local urc , appeared at the Secretary : at the home of o f States office . h c r c w * " Says U. I. Needs * (Continued on Page Fo;:r) acreage RcsuMine Former Air Force Lieutenant Held By ihe FBI on Charges o$ Treason Million New Buildings AMPAIGN. 111.. Jan. question and submits recommen- jdations back to the White House. The board was ordered to re- iport to the President within 30 days. ;Brother-in-Law of iMrs. Carrie Young 27-l'*» DieS Qt P °P lir BIuff ·^vnncr... ··« v.ili have · 4 :'in a bit of ; Man When Auto \EW YORK, Jan. " 27-«VC'_ ; the Air Force in Force and "hitched a iptly put » « W - V - * ~ V Vhe A -7vcarold iormcr Air Force and "hitched a 3 3 «" d . C L^ C drCCll ° n ° f thC LtcS r was held by the FBI,cording to Scheid crews .District Ranger. ! - · '-- dropped matches or ·; of treason. The I ho stole an Army P-38 pho'o stole a.i!graphic plane and landed in th.ii home in Galatia where it \\ill re- ttJSSSFs ^^S^^^S^^ ** hcld by i^renSSer ^"iJSSWS ^SS-^a * SS Troo, iincendarism. Coking out bees or cr main until time for the service. The funeral will be held at 2 p. Thursdav .IT She ' Chief (Continued on i n . Monirinadc propaganda brad-j church in .^'f · ^ ^Jj^ casts for the Germans from Co.; Dawson of l^u-sxulc^Ill..^5^ general assembly. Those attending were Stoddard told a press conference ] y ^ Mr _ and Mrs . William Sloan establishment of a four-year i . ^ Ir and Mrs. Harold Boat- · . v _ · _:«.. .% ^. ^»"\T 4 * * * * * * _ _ j*»_ ,_.«J \ *T**L 3O311 4 " . Young. · ^ w her " the proposed four- .ioil. "lie lives in Chicago. ,nrr in Chicago will have to wait, ri ^ ht arc Daughters-. ---. _ 1 until needed construction at the - J!rs Young remained in n .Champaign-L'rbana campus and tncl Bluff to visi . a icw das w professional schools B i her sister, Mrs. Vite.n. ' Mr Wil««n operated a lurnuurc new buildings, | *J- -Jj p^iar Bluff. They had es for "at least|f\°«, inn Harrisburg several times. MINES , State Fair to be \Hcld August 73-22 S. ". 16, Washer work. il I'.ll works. rold P B e n " announced St the Illinois Sttrtc Fair ibo held Aug. 13 to 22. to , u »»;, w.v -- =., Southern Illi ^ 5S l Yr1 .._ Champaign-Urbana or! and cleanng south portioa «5S? pro iS!^^-V^S wiil s^i^^»«3 10 MH? fiJ TT«;,.»«itv RiiildineVu^r High Wednesday 18 to z*. Local Tesiperaluif , Tuesday 3 a. m 20 6*.«.-.. f 9 a. m. _ - 15 12 noon - - 16 assignment ,, a lieutenant m.guns.- . winter. w ' I *· 1* I 5? 1EWSP4PERS 1EWSP4PERS

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