The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 23, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1934
Page 6
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*t 5i y j .w £^~ THE PAWft NEWS* MONDAY* JULY 23; INDIANSCLIMB THIRD PLACE u t /T K * Double Win Sunday Puts ThemThere ream Seems to Spujt In Reply to Criticisms of Manager !M4RVm 3VELSON WINS ! $5,000 SWIM PRIZE = CHICAGO- V?) —Marrin. kelson i of ~Fort I>odse. la., and Toronto j i was $5.000 v,eathier Monday ^aad •had a 1.000 average in tbe^ Mam Randolph Hearst-Herald Kxaminer l&-mile swim- The 2 S-year old husky von fcis i <econd straight victory in ttee long Dallas Nine Evens Count With Locals ! CALL MEET AT HUGO TWiy " CIS DROUTH RELIEF 1 W U HUGO, Okie.—K- 1. Bilyeu. ; r county tarin a^ent, re-' ^notrio.** *.v*++*^j — -- ,«•«•] I c-HTly appointed droutb relief * S chairman by Mr. SoholU state, \ chairman of tiie extension depart- 1 ment. of Oklahoma A and M. col- liege, cas called a meeting for 1 Monday afternoon at S o cioek By U^GH s, FCI.LEKTON Associated Press Sports s • "^Va'te-*" Jonn-j ?"*•" *•• =< , lo -^ ^e— to ' Nelson's time ^-as . liours. 54 i^ulus need- | five seconds, more than >0's ~ managerial lave feeea jusi rh? A.n Italian. Gianni Garabl, j Hap Morse and his American . -hi-d. xi-innias ?~*°- snd Cy t Laundry teaaa • of Dallas s°t ample o* Chicago, fonrtn. for the revenue for-the lacing they tooK here last Sunday from Ix>£sdoas Battlers when they trimmed the hoine club Sunday afternoon bzr 10 send the Indians firinc back Ho'.tae midst -i *-he American eagrue pennant race. In the. past wee*; tfc^ ^naians .tough one- vl:ei: fmas-ft- -"~ :i • back into third place Sur^ay Tvit"b a. double triuniv-b. ever i>os- toii. 4 to - and « to o. I an hour slower than [set last year. his record | r j, e Decisive score of i- to 6. the i:3.n-,e being played before the Isrsr- est crowd of the current baseball Hugo Wins Two Games Tap At Mat Parlor - Bums Meets Jack Spurgeoiu Harben Faces Frank Graham bratec Babe Buth's ret-ur~ t lion by ^-anopingr the ^ i.i'-i tv.-iee. S .to * and Ic- -o -- - •-•----^ : 3>etroit-s pace s«u.-:ra. ^pUt a ^IA..J ; •bill --with the^'Ai.hie:!^. .--^« ; snaeked his SSUi jf^^.^ % J \ •Lhai n«vieU 5- 'Jj's ^^ ~- • ^ _ ! «; Tisers Defeat Ada lude- :;J| pendenl* In Doubleheader Sunday ends or a double Chief Williston Bohanon ^-as the I victim ot the ILaundryrnen, but in | justice to the Chief ii mi^ht be | 1 stated that his support sasrged-bad- ; Iv on several occasions both men- : lillv and physically. It was a bad | ihro'w past first in the sixth J>y j Catcher Durham that started .00- i hanon's downiali- Had the throw •. been successful it ^-ould have re- | tired the side, but instead it let tv--o | ^.^ runs scamper over the plate, and from that time on i; ball jraJTse- The JLaucdrj'ineri ^vere Driven a i free"run in the first inning when Manhunt For Killer's Gang Not to Stop WEST MXIE Ix?nsvie\v €, Henderson y. Palestine 11. Tyler 7. Jacksonville. IS. Lufkin S. EAST »1XIK UCAGVJE Greenville 5. Clarksdal© 3- El Dorado S. Greenwood *. 1*. JacksoE 4. About 'Kids' In Pro Play j Nine Youngsters Regarded I possible Winners, With Kv Laffoon Liked Besa ...••- . finished and the sentry apj£ h%ft ^iaaded discreetly did New •TTork*8/^ extb ^ former mayor relax and indulge irk^^ a »lo-sv ' ~ .„*•• v "Boy, that was the -" der { tou»hest speech I ever made in .sny^^ ;; life," h* admitted. "I never \vas> scared when I •was up i < acll pi 1^1* Cont:nuin.~ under segment the Paris Athletic club on Tuesday night -will offer two vrre^t^ns rnatches featuring pro-! fessiona^ and a curtain raiser involving local talent. The first boat r* scheduled TO so on at S:3t) o'clock with the same price scale prevailing as has been in force for severs.! months. The no time limit final match •R'lll i'i* Billy Burns, the roushster \vho "earned such a t>ad nam* for h'rase If some montiis ago by questionable tsctcs In matches here""" asainst Jack Spurseoc. Burns will come in at 205 pounds t while Si*ki£5 e o = cspe-cts | in at I9S for his first bout here. -WASHINGTON. &>*— Tbs 50 hailed John Dil- Dillinger^ Death Describ- 0«J \s Sniasliiiis Blovr AsaiiiS't Crime .. ,. 50V-j c ^ n .«ent Monday hailed John of the most afternoon. 10 to $ TO 5- at Snuii-Sy^-aiers V, string <-'*'., £ ' : " v irs^ 5. to 4- e iea-d margin , psir Hood's hopper - ^ - fia^r^a^^^r-nins i ar.<TrriTs plsy by Boyd. From that j Xe'faM in Vh* stands to the ! time on until the fourth the Chiei ; errd- t'-'Oii —;1 .-„ . ~-., r o a-id on two -walks. &2 __ and -errJr^u/a hit :hev chased three ; ,.,,—;-•<; end as o,., a '!; ?f d i ^kshing bio^vs ever delivered a a Dallas ,—^ ia » . h€ Uniied gta^ " It vowed thaw, the manhunt c ^ v . v.-ould never cease until it punish- , to a es all members o£ the Dilimser { Th4 sesn i_finaL Bailey niade a bad throw on ! r , ob an d" "anyone Sour^con -was sent here last \veek to wrestle Fat KeiSy. booked here but who did not appear, but could not wrestle because he had. no 11{ cense- Ke has this difficulty iroa- I e <j ou- -his week and -will be gave with a 45-min k, time limit, will see Geors arbcr. and Frank Graham in. action. Both are new to Paris but Dallas 7, San Antonio *. Oklahoma City 2-2. Beaumont 1-S. „ Galvcston 10, Fort Tforth .. Tulsa. 1I» Houston 5. nisht Philadelphia. 1-8. Detroit 0-17. New Torfc S-15. Chicago 2-2. Cleveland 4-6, Bostoa 3-5. Washington *. St. Louis 4. Brooklyn 3-13, Pittsburgh ±-10. St. Ix>uis S-4. Boston 4-2. BUFFAl^O. (&*> — The veterans who have ruled the professional S olf Somain ot America for 1.5 vears are worried, no little at tbe ^tospecc of some tyro capturing the 19S4 P. G- A. championship xvhich- -will t>® played over the wide op*n 'Paris-. Club course be- "But say. I thought s^ e * pr< jhe great, didn't you? And it v* >\-as her own speech, too." ) > Jim ray still was majf when the vicar reminded h his wife was waiting to booths. . The next half hour was. one for the former **P L ."£j^"playboy" mayor as h* followed 'Bet4 w - i *" didn't ciiss a booth, from home-cooked dainties to the fish, concession. >mes -in* that ,. do th« riotous York V Cincinnati 1. e!ev- the Bis Ten and Creavy In th«"!S years of tne cbam- pionship only once ha» th» veterans* monopoly on.'th* isatca play title been broken by a. youngster. That was in. 1931 when Tom Crea-vy " of Albany and tn» then not-50-famouss. Denny Shute. cras&ed. through th* barrier of tlie But? San Antonio^! Keeps en -i p-liiladelphia twelve innings. 6. STAXDINGS WEST I>rXIE IJEACtE ever :hirc, advanced | I>, em any aid, co-r-fort or a. sacrifice and scored on s. hit i al j co .' p , _ ^ , a _ Attorney General Cumnun-s. ^o^ci j Ha ^,, en >> as been compiling a of the killing o£ the desperado, | ^^ V c «- or< i around Ballas recent- ^^ ^»^ ».--.,-. ..Siad- 1 " ;he .first ac<2 arid drivins Team— Jackspnvillft — Henderson .... held the enemy at bay -while his - . ,„,, ,„ rv^e Itnates 'chased five runs across the >^-_r*^\ i.xi*^tl —i-t *• •" ^ T run*, su. I'^so scored only one in i -s-,^- firs- " but in the third maae | Tjjs.t'5, scorins one in four :n the second rouse Whiie. kid -.efthan<3er to cover. Luke Cobum. who started ibe'season with Tyler, took over . Ho -.ircfcins- burden afier that az*d ly. He hails from Georgia and | ^•^isjhs 210 pounds- Grahana calls \ Toceka his home and scales 215 ' Li=u _.. Is into sub-Uur The last local run canie •fth wh<5--n Sohauon clothes- "Tae news is exceedingly f^\r-." as well as reassuriris- 1 * "ir appeared likelr that no one would'receive the ?10,QOO ^eward Pou--- h ^ d ^ that the federal k*^?.«\^Va«"a S "ihe'third man in the rins, Sfd'oaTreS ^"^nTert «£ i according to announcement by ture. ! Fred Grecer. who reoently has Justice agents. \ take- over the manasement of the Luffcin Palestine . - -TT. . . 'Ts-ler - , • EAST PIXTE Team— Pine- Bluff .-• G reenville ......... El r>orado —. Jackson Greenwood TV, . -. ,\V. .IS 15 15 13 13 9 I~ 10 11 13 IS IS 1~ o-ce5 C "' S g battle be'-- "'-— .sisuaioss a^c Bencje Ctsbs '6 to 5- ^ty'SSS t^Br-ves SK J SJ , to -- Srocili's •w. 19 IT 14 IS 12, S X~ 9 10 14 15 20 TEXAS liEAGT/E „ -. ,,^5 r 5 ut it rolle .E tWO f our-same sen; Game With Huso Nine-ll the xenc-e T-^V!~ ba,ck a.s<i srcored four runs perfectly executed squeeze ^-"Ci^^^HS- IXl.lSiii^_"' "— -a " S ~ S ..' - " *.*-— ^ ^r three inainss bein^ scoreless- ter a bsd thro^v had Iet_m l ^ j ^^55 Q O ,> io r inforrnatioE 1 C ic^urd" £ et the sice out two more . to :JJ,^nJd^^o^e" seer- whether runs had cented the platter TO s^ve T^^ 1 ,^ , ha _ r>iii:n S£ r was to £tre=d ! the invaders a lead tHey never re- ^— ^ov^s can^ft from a private liacnisiieG- Four more runs canie ^ ^-^o^ " e sisib!e for vhis regard- over"in tiie seventh, o^e of ^'"'c 51 ! ' "^ was a botne run sock over the cen- ter'field fence by Osborn. the ball clearing- tne barrier with plenty to spare- ^ i Soaanon "^"ent Into tiie Guardsmen Moved Into Minneapolis Team—• San Antonio -- Tulsa - Oallas - - .i~.. . Beaumont .... Fort TTorth .. Houston City W. 5T 55 51 52 51 49 45 I* 44 45 47 50 51 51 55 53 Fct- .515 .593 .555 .445 .445 .345 Pet. .575 .550 .500 .454 .444 .CSS Fct- ..564 .54: .52 .51 .50 .49 .450 ,4^2 .tie. A repetition of youth's IS SI onquest.. is feared by no less ,* LOtabl* than Xeo IrtegeJ, the *hilaLde!phian who held th* title E 192S and 1929, he field of 114-who- have a. xood chance of winning the championship," Diesel »aid. "Of tnai -sronp of I>«nver nas the-best Missions Retain First Despite Loss to Dallet Bucs Gain By TBOE ASSOCIATED ¥$ The San Antonio Missions starting- another week as !• setters la the Texas. 2L*a«ru*j chase even, though i Sunday's to tae " I put Joliany Hevolta, -Eentsan 'Barren and Victor Gh«zzL j^Lfter them. T ranic Didt of Chicago-** Steers, 7 to 6- The MIssion| command of first place la*t crucial road trip that throusi. North Texas T2aey made tiia odd WalfcerKeyed As Wife Talks The eecond plao* Succaneers jrain*d on ions by -faOclzag Fort T. Bean Bell. Galveston hit fais twenty-first tiie e«ason- TGlsa la tidrd plaxs*, ceatayB pointm by ton, 11 to 5 «nd 2 to 0. hit a- Siom* ma, •. doubl* gle in tie first same to Qiters. Brows hurled -, T* I to Si v * t^ 1 * ODers the J5&* Dapper Jimmy Gets Jitters I okiafeoma city »T,^S_; [ split «ven. Th* tne first. S to second. S to 2. Itadiaxpns » bnt^rt. lost AMERICA^ Team— ^_.^ )i!lin=ers career ras over caice to the departrnen^. •f justice Sunday nighl evert as n-~- Indians to Be Next Oppo- ts For Log:=<Ion s Battlers T v e Htiso Indians --• u": te J^ next -opponent* of -°^f - °" f _^.y said Closes y momi m£j"fe. t^e i—--• "---^ cl-uh rias vlsire-1 Fa: y.^Sr=-''Tills club, for ^ .^^^^^ eral"7- T esrs ~a ccr.te-cer tn- tr.^- ^ •- lE-aoirra sandlot zournair:e.r.t; ^-c&*-.s s..strong as5res-£.tioii anc J .-— -•.here to -win- ^ _._._ Tiiis short series rr.ay .-isr£ tne 2nir-£ of a ?er:ss between Paris s^c for some rea.1 ST. of tne cur- **1 lliT'O iJ'S-i.i- e vast s* v - &d in ^ a= early lead.i -sr-^i an-ailing shoulder an3 .could j "j^^dgar Hoover, notea cb.ief o? «~ond s»Ei« scorissr one Uot get bis usual stuff OP. tbejoall. j ^' bursa; . o -- tavestisatios, _jn-: ".^ a —r-irr a-d second inn-1 atrrd after the seventh rnmne, as- | fcad directed the hunt irorn ^.i=-"" C " 1", " -I XV^-"^ sr-o^d -hree;ss«U =rare ^ay ^o Harper, a nury ;- n ^, o ^ rec eived over long" dii^.r.-,e -^^rr-^v^rie^d^o^nz^-jleft ha.dc, from Bo^az^ Ka^r | ^ p ^ ne - Ae terse rrnpa^_ """".." ...,„-t,:-,-^- —IT-—ir,~ double 1 finished tne ^a.nie, nolc 1 .-- a-- ^ "DilUn^er is mor-ai*.- >»'-•"•\ J ;- "^.f-"'! ^TH^.^.^^^lsd" «Z-lre ! 3oursW to mase a groed imu'ress- ; r.' : ^ u . e£ .- ^ ^ - :1i ^" I 1 '_'T,'V ,..-,..„ --ha." rili"" IJ-D : ion on 'local fan dorse- _ i Hoover, jubiiant. rece^ - e-- ^- - -^ - ^sSit/^Ta'^rrible^te"- Oa one j t^l^r ^iar. en Jhe spo:. ^^^^, = bctb i ^",J_ ^^ j, e fielded tbe bail and "ne j 1th the cap over his eyes. | o pease "^s =<s.iii=-; rr . s ^jvj~'g. iv^id pe— that helped the Od.Jv-eU pi-cned only three _ ijs- ; j^ cs ? ^ause for the ticae being. "itiS-s. but B!anter..s'bip stayed rne ] jvana^er "'Lossden is making ™- °- -•__ . j— ' < --»= "»-~ — «.'-a rrrs-rro TOT" Tie^TC SX2H- "ctite lor --1.O2.- ited a. firs-inatic Slar.ker.ffr::? for Ada ; "r >a~'je r-lichers;- ^O"^ the ranie. three ia- TSV I. 55 '33 ,. 33 S3 . 4S 39 .. 4S 42 .. 39 42 CT __. ..,,.4; <T t^p-, — Five 1 Philadelphia. . ,~- - - 34 52 in j Chicago -9 6 ° f rcszn the outskirts of the city | Monday, armed to checs violence, j XATIO'AI* 'I/EAGTE as police convoys tvere dravrn \ Team— "^"• _ •LIT> 'to move trucks through j! Xe-w Tork - ^ ^ the ranks of strrkir,?: drivers. } Chicago »f ^ ; The sno-A-do-pi-n came on the day; si.'Louis ... '.of the deadline set for the strik- [ Pittsburgh - .! ers I'O remrn to -".-ori-: and fce as- j Soston ! drivers'"were" "warned "by truck i Philadelphia Convoys Begin to |^^.^ or k ,.I.^. Move Trucks Through j Cleveland Ranks of Strikers j fTSuts" :.---- MIXNEAPOL.IS. Pct- .525 .G1S -552 .553 .-4S1 .. .473 .395 • ir—- .•'-/ •:•' Texas citrra crof ',p lor :th»; ?35 season wm ^'be about 12,000 carloads, *, new If record,^ a •indicated,, f| -. [Don't Expertiment Pet, .540 .607 41 4S 4-; r.ary <:•: of the •1 His coJruge required a. - "v' 'I>ossd0n is niasic^ a^ |;. y p." effort "to rei'a- gra-3?e for'nest Sue- j »vr 2 have- been wor'xir.s •; ^v & Hs-i^- 0 ^ 31ankenib.:p a.=d ! day and ,hopes to land either Sal- i „«„ s i; dsv." Hoover sai- _ ii ;" ;'""X"f -\= a a^.rf *ije oase-ipfesr Springs or 3Iousi Pieasar.. , l^^-^'^tii!- ol"Bryant aad | Tbe latter club 1 - *^^**J ~*& <=.-*— *- <^ ^ ^ ^ _^l > *• .- ;~ T>^jcTr*^^ cur , a g .r»r rii-e reiie Depcrt, Llstc-r-. former Paris resi- a* one time a great base- ^'G^kT *^is -—^ : allo-.'.-inr clerk t ; ,, in:r ^ t - ne tecor-c sa^e, reiseve^ j .'^ P ^«i/v«- o' -h- rsrlous estab- I y al?cr ^-Hh rhe tasef- IcaSsd ec^ ! --- fMfl "-':~" ",J. S ..,^_^ «-- t^ e -^ „, .... a ^^ -^t:-=4 -'nr^e cf the; .ishtaects ;r. r-«. ^ f ,---.-,• -- —- - . son-, ...«..«*-.- .-.--_:o see at ^--^ the Tr.s;cr ?«ruoa oi ; 3ext f* 3r ni-r, onsy .-o _,j.—; ""^rX- - 1 — '»?? V^=c*r fromJ - - Fi5tST GAME j..->,e.z ». -• • "--• - .._.._• _ , „ i, i-,i«- -. - --.-- ~-- -^ - ri _^_ • ,4.^5i - «-,-•- —--• •-"-"-' - - •er for s-oon. Harpt Former Texasi StarJUlled! Ra>-mond Ater Dies After Being Hit By Pitched Ball Uppersicst :r- l;:i^-.:ivd- _^<. rij-en believed, was G^ore:^ o; ^ijon.1 the d'sytrtmert has ns: A>! \V. Carter Baam " c>:e DIHirs^'r ^ar:^ Ft April- o^wners tiiat unless they Monday, oiher drivers would re-1 I place them immediately. j \ Mayor A. G. Ba:nbridse said in. | I a. public statement, that armed po- j 1 lice v;e~*» ready to convoy any i 1 "necessa.ry trucks" - and -were *'not ] • soing to permit themselves to be: ] beaten up if efforts are made to i interfere v,-ith. their demands to \ d.o tfc.sif duty," returned Cincinnati Enuring Public Speech For First Time DORKING. En^-. t?) — Jimmy ir, ose Of Borkins'a favorite sons, -eras so nervous at a public JV= _,JnS th* other da>- that peare4 is danger ot chokiTis is c» immaculate collar. The tnan -orno" -w;oa fame for liis whose tripiiarnrner i?beS S , C< £^^oOd o^to-iir^ou ^ve ««r: kind jj^-ca^o SfSS&Sied .W cri««:tej*.|-^ o ^^^^s;:*/^«* cllijcli«, -^ore a. dased expression. 1 BKO^-N S ~OT!Q^ ^roai fc Walker, the lorrner Betty _ _*-f_^ H*— •^ t '^t f '"emedv for Il.Cii, COI %^3S ^r^te^^ssss^^^s —-" r --S^s,^ -bo^^^isf^ssii: 1-i and irs'ection are checiked by il -- Tjxske of ^ew-iflrst application. I>oa*i Tise ».„. and bandages- | SRO"WIsrS «-,- a 1 LOTIO"^ i* sold and "**2.9 "** ^ a - a ^i'rf.^i*' * | O-*X^ ^. J.\^- *-^ •» -* ; it, bur yoa cot::<3 I by your drcssist. Pa r lace Only . ^Ciien sne xje*^, Yacht Off * To America never GOSPOF.T. ^!^^^ M ^^^U£iSS^^rjss. j i\Tif>t--= Vt <"-* woiiads. Tvere reccrverins! -oir •--•« oii.>^ *._.._, «f.av-i -i-^isr^ ,2 ssrsiaM^i^'-'^'- :e-ilthe do-sv-nto^-n armory, ready to "the "rriurderer of special Ag^r.i = cak-e steps against any 1 rrueh as that of last Fnday- The employers" acris-ory corn- Major Leaders j vrhic-n e^as. ^-fr '— Sereav- over tee *ta:c Monday Raymond CALL 401— Ti-lii Old to: for the b«s: D H. Baker Furn, Co. .N .iTJ O> A L, L I. A GL l- 5C- s~15 IS 3 Victors.; .C '"•-il-er. "vVestbroc-'k and Hicc- * niiltee ss.ld ir «-as -piansed to c truest -^iorsoay. ! Threat* of njs^tia! la^r gtjll i bus? over th-e dty as tne commit- i tee assembled for another confer? ence with led^ral rnedlarors. •svhile I police Investigators turned over to the c-ounty attor: 125 in the harbor screeched. ^ be sk y w*s brilliant aafi the challenser left t>ie Harbor ****** fair wind. Convoyed by th».motor- beat Vita. tS9 Endeavour moved LIv through waters ali^e r^ith huad'reds ot yachts whicii had coine- to *ee Britain's hope oi^ T o ' XT. Sop-«-itlu orwmer of * v - on Atoka, Antlers and Hugo Bus Line -TIME TABLE— nd Atok» at 9:00 A. M, O • \A " r . IW- Good coen-»ctioe»' *t Atoka for X Tolsa, Also Good CotmectJons at Sba«roce and Oktoboma- Otj. F«re» from Hnyo to the foBoiwo** tow* *n^ citmi H«o to Antl«* . - 50c Hugo to fttakog^»-«« w * • & i._l—^. ^ 1 ^/l Tlnvn to Jo& ... S2>4& Hoco to Atokm -. *A«JW f* 1 ^" w I__- T *<PTt« HOBO to McAle*t*r $2.40 Hugo to /«nmoi« >a.lo w»*"*_ . "fw-T.* £4 ^*5 ITn^r* -to ?*Miwu<e* 93JSO ll^Mi't to luiwi - - ^^*&*j i»««^»^ ^^r T >.*-«•*• -HrmB-ht A. t«rw ttt» *O «»fc mOOC* **^ «*W board Captain K. A. Parafiean. ca-ptain of dCvtc'iv^ii, sasd n:iisht Drove the basis for criminal syndicalism p-ro5*!:ouiSon against »om« of those involved in t'nc Friday We Buy Old Gold at KKiHE-T PRJCT.S BONHAM STREET Jewelry-Music 5tof« aU cam eg •'! is ability. Ad-mis- | T-b 1 ^ . .. .s*ay wii! b- =5 | * .."_"; -•ce vrin ar J s-es^o'c. | Quick Relief for Chills and Fever Pirates. Ecrge Ate- -wJio played shortstop or. ; Kits—-*Ied the Fatnpa Roadrunner teas- ^as | Allen, FbfiSJes. *-,. ^rurk on the feead Burins tfc-s I Dosoles — Auen. a fifth inr-irs?; cf a gait:«5 Shs-?.-r,e* > , Okla., team. S The" Rev. Francis HaA* and. BS*' t H. X>-unnSsan. federal mediators, i had th<=: agreeo2.«nt o* strikers to •*nd 1. meeissthe *:mp2o~»rs at a joint con- iferenoe. but so had had failed to Phiili*E, -i. I gain a siniilar Tvord from the em- ^<.v, .^'Collins asd M*d*ick. Card*' Ur-1 pjoyers' advisory comaalttee. | ^'"WthlbanskS. Brav«: Va-jghas. ?-*v». i Th- *tri'«r». demanding hi«h«r | '"' "'''" t a nd F, Herman. Cuc-s. - 1 * e^-ri. ;%'&?<:•» ar.-J -^sder recognition of | -.*.as hnrltCfc for Sravmee. ^ ^ *"*Tr'"* % 'l•=•£ Collins «~^ '-'^^^''-''•'i their union. «*ssa7<id to seTl pam-j aso while piavios ^-ith ] TTc-rth Panthers in thi; Ph5*sicJans be=i»e*-ed S that the second blo-w on the old ] {jnj-^j-v ca.i:sed his death. H.« played - >«t s«sa*oa as one of the o« • -•••-''"is playrr? of rbe =t "'survivors *r€ Ui« parent*. ^_r. .. AMERICA > LS:-.A',«,r,, j H ^. if ,r*m Fo^*n. ^«i.ghr 16S. Th-5| or js*r ^n ro^n<Js,. Several j match** *r<5 tr-sipg *r- th« Vita, accom- 'er out of • the harbor. A motor launch alongside- to briny the couple- a r*^r'tfce Endeavour fras safely on its -sray, Mr. and Mrs- Sopwlth wlll.Ieav* for Anseric* later oa^ a liner. IVell out of the harbor, however "th* -wind Blackened asd th* Endeavor -WTWS taken in W* 1 *' ^T B. A.MUNGLE. VACATION TI^ IS BUS t ANGER BATTLE TAKES 1N"EW TURN Cardinals: P.' V/^ner 3rd Va-JffhraTS, | P h1e?s to raf»c fun^F. for-Their' the p*— Ott. GSan!«. . 23 each. Sto : en h-5.s^*—Marrn. Csir-i. --at*. BOXI.NG TAL.IKINA. is, s-che-lul^d July 30. at I>a.ura, 12 and Other Effect* of .. L. Ater. WHO live from McCo:- brorher. AT- the blood." IT rontaJns iron which;build* «P ; . bio^d ar.4 helps ^ werconw j o' Malaria a* ^'«- 31 *•*] Kome tjohnifoo. Athletic*. CS- For Tire *»«i Battery Service Acres* Str*et v* do vc 'Batteric*. Ixse .Tire* BUT * Tire *nd Service hH* 'Browne in - A or Monday B. C. BISMAHCK. for control of North iat* jov«T«a»eat took * turn Monday a» nietr.b«r» o Coaches | ty to the vacation *«f the forces of -WlUIam t>art«er. ousted governor. hop5n? the impeach ht* -political board «- Dtxi f,«t Our Ar^J r* 01 your v Motoi Coacli «h«n EXAMPLE OF FARES ^VACATION POINTS* of fell jn I* hourn! at tn.§ton, D. C.,. » record grreAter than any at New Vork, Chscs^ro, Boston or ST. Paul £?nr-c tber bureau begj or<5*. the C. a us keeping rec- n twin victory ov»r Braven. Roth »nd Sam Byr<l, Yank*"':*—-Ruth knocks tn fv«<" in first £ani«. Byrd i»*nt home •f. in second again**. White S^s, Bill Dirtrtch, Athl-ittcy, *nd Tifc*?r*—Farmer *nd t^ Governor Ol* B- Oleos. InquirinsrSy toward th« «^T;- wh*r<s «B»t3«>iishm*TJt o» * say r«»olt in th* special ^ _ w carryiref or. in«5*fi«ltc-Iy. c'Intrary"to Ot«m*» or«J«sr». Sch«<5aJ«d *° recotiv*n* at ~ Pm. Mond*y. th*. ho«i^ *xp*«*« to h*ar from it* commit!:** appointed to dec:4« «P«« proctd»r« in -;m»*ajchm«nt actSon. Appointment of *' coTTjmltte* to !nrwt»«at« trial and 'conviction In f^wSrra! court of IxanirW was expected to quickly. to in d«wiM* Trench Mouth Healed Your f riftodu d*r* not nay »o *>«t your »or« f«ma «,od fool bn»th don't m*Jc* folks Wise y<m *ny b«t- heal* worst can** tf TBMW! a» Alr*ct- *<!, It I* «ot •.' mouth wa»h «r paata, *n4 t« «oW on * tnon«y Vac* i Hot Spring Atf- Mineral Wells, Bella Vista, A Eureka Springsp-, 10. Corpus New Or!cans,j GaHeston. T< Chicasro, HI Los Ansrcies. $ 7.50 e,9S 12.70 $13.45 24.05 17.55 15.65 13.50 22.5O 40.05 tto IOTOR COACH Hotel Gibraltar BWf. . i» ,*,

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