The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 5, 1970 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1970
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Pact A-8 THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland S.19W M«tt And J«ff flKMBB LOVING VOUB CMJGMTER TOO/MUCH, ALL-IOMrSGUILTV TDSrXVCIOUB N/ME.I MANANPWFEf R3C AAV NEXT IMITATION CONTTELLMETHE/ AEENT... -4LLMOBNIN0. SOUNOIN© Bags Bunny I THOUGHT VER 1 VIOLIN LESSON I'VE GOT A JOB PLAYIN AT MR. SCHNOOSLE'S DOWN TH' STREET' HE'S GIVING ME A OOLLAK TO ANNOY HIS NOISY NEIGHBORS! YA GOTTA. BE KIPDIN'I Side Glances H7C tj ME*, be. TX. bf. US. »·». OH "It's the greatest thing since the antimissile-missile: a pollutant-antipollutant!" Jump Bid Crowds Negative Double By Oswald James Jacoby NORTH A K J 7 V 6 4 3 2 · J1043 *74 WEST 4 A 8 6 4 2 · 972 4KJ108 EAST 41053 4 A K 8 5 453 SOUTH (D) 4 Q 9 V A 8 7 5 *Q6 4 A Q 9 6 2 Both vulnerable West North East South 14 14 Dble 34 4 V Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-- V 10 If you have been getting the impression from these articles t h a t the negative double of one spade is the greatest invention since the wheel, take a look at today's hand. ^Vest's spade overcall was somewhat on the sleazy side. If North had passed, East and West might have found their way to a successful three no- trump, an unsuccessful four spades or a part score. We'll never know because North did double. East might have redoubled to s h o w some spades and good general strength, but he decided to jump to three spades. This put it squarely up to South. He had a round opening bid with four hearts in addition to his five-card suit. He wouldn't have bid more than two hearts if he hadn't been jammed, but he wasn't going to be shut out. He bid four hearts. West p a s s e d and East made one of those "money from home" doubles. It looked too good to be true. West opened the 10 of. hearts. He knew his partner could stand a trump lead. South struggled manfully but the best he could do was to take six tricks for a nice 1,100-point loss. The chief blame for the tragedy r e s t s on North's Owning Property ACROSS 1 Straight depreciation 5 income 8 Income 11 Giver 12 Arab cloak 13 Form of "to be" 14 Hedge against 16 Vase IT Of land ownership (var.) 18 Wanderer ZO Wife's dowry 21 Given,,.. , . sustenance 22 Sheeplike 25 Ensnares 27 Celebes ox 28 Greek letter 29 Passionate 31 Whipped 34 Driving command 35 Seep slowly 36 Hindu appeals for justice, by fasting 40 Sacred song 42 Auricle 43 Fall month (ab.) 44 Andean ruminants 46 Bread (comb, form) 47 That woman 49 Arbitrary command ' 51 Ocean 52 Fuss 53 Shine brightly 54 Half-ems 55 Masculine J =beings 56 Hardy heroine DOWN 1 English capital 2 Assail persistently 3 Oliver (dim.) 4 Time interval 5 Greek water nymphs 6 Black (poet) 7 Spanish dance 8 Bovine 9 Arrange (ab.) 10 Strange (var.; comb, form) 11 Vacuum tube type 15 Shaft-boring tool 19Escaper 21 Destiny 23 Not (prefix) 24 Consume food 26 Explain again 29 Terrified 30 Hindmost 31 Bravura jazz form (var.) 32 Aurora (Greek) 33 Flowers 36 Church official 37 Undershot -'water'wheels 38 Thespians 39 Rock 41 Feminine courtesy title 45Ojibway religious group 46 Salt tree 47 Compass point 48 Pullet 50 Deputy (ab.) THEVBE ROUGH ALREAPVC THINSS OOP... COULD SET 1 WAR ON ROOflM? ...IN CASE WE A MUSCLE-MAN ON OUR NEW PROJECT OV1U2ATION Prfecilla's Pop OLIVER IS NOT A e-5 WELL, HE'S..AH~ ER... ·*·«·» «rt«t ·** -*"w« M"Jft *Jf~ft :**M -·-rtlSi SH The Bora Loser s h o u l d e r s . He had four hearts but his hand was far too w e a k for a negative double. In addition his main strength was in the opponent's suit, not his own. You should have at least seven high-card points for a negative double and with a minimum s e v e n or eight you should have all or nearly all of those points in your suits, not the enemy's. South gets some blame. He didn't have to bid four hearts and East has to get some credit for his inspired three- spade bid that gave South the opportunity to take the~ disastrous plunge. IT HAPPEHBP , PIPMT rr? C 197C ky MA. Inc. T M 1.^ [I S r*t OH "·* - -4t . ' '^f* -VI *S h"?f 't-** -,5/» .^.fc* Eek Meek , J. PAUL GHETTO HDWJ ABOUT GIV/AJG, A. «DOFf IF rtXJ DOrvJT POT A, ROOF OJ THIS PLACE, VUE'Re MOV/W6 OUT.' ® t« H NEA, IK. TJJL I*. U J. M. Off. Freckles And Friends STAR GAXElC*^ fr»m U J. WfATHU MM AW - MM ARIES . 19 WEATHER FORECAST - Showers are predicted today along the Eastern Seaboard, in the Ohio Valley and in Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Cooler weather is expected along the northern portion of the nation. A warming trend is forecast for the Southwest* (AP Wirephoto Map) GEMINI '-18-32-43 _ 7 3 CANCIR 22 3-14-25-36 /47-59-70 LIO JUL 21 4-15-26-37 .J4B-56.79-87 VIRGO ire. 22 F «rT. 22 MO.21-2938 -By CLAY R POLLAN- Your Daily Activity Guid* ^4 According fo fh« Sfon. *^ To develop message for Friday, read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth Sign. 1 Avoid 31 In 2 Not 32 Newcomer 3 Beware. 33 For 4 Right 34 Headstrong 5 It's 35 Day 6 It'll 36 Pedestrian 7 A 37 You 8 Your 38 Too 9 Be 39 Defer LIMA sew. OCT. 22 5-16-27-40*1" 51-72-84-85^. 10 Expectations 40 Defer 11 Prepare 12 Being ISA 14 The 15 Steps 16 Best 17 Pay 18 Flirtatious 19 Companion 20 Enegretic 21 May 22 Yourself 23Ovtrly 24 Good 25 Careless 26 Put 27 To 28 To 2V Be 30 Isn't ^Good 41 Very 42 Efforts 43 Could 44A 45 With 46 Especially 47 And 48AhMd 49 High 50 To 51 A 52 Cooperative 53 To 54 Lead 55 Possible 56 In 57 Be SB Forward 59 School 60 Change 61 In 62 Tone 63 You 64 You'll 65 Sparkle 66 Today 67 Loved 68 Patient 69 Your 70 Children 71 Today 72 Decision 73 On 74 Wear 75 Your 76 Gayest 77 Clothes 78 Elders 79 Personal 80Cbes 81 Money 82 Financial 83 Them 84 Concerning 85 Finances 86 Now 87 Affairs 88 Plans 89 Down 90 Matters SCORPIO OCT. n YOf. 21 9-20-31-4/ft,,? 53-58^1-88^ SAGITTARIUS wor. 22 ore. 21 52-57-48 1^ CAPRICORN DEC. 22 JAN. 19 ( 1-12-23-34 iST 145-67-8086^, AQUARIUS JAM. 20 «»'. ft 2-13-24-35/ 46-61-82.9QV HSCE$ HI. 19 HA*. n r 6-17-239/ 15049.78 V TvUQ OF US. r-^MAK£ ^ T(2UE,i OC0OYCX1 Tf4lMkC Out Our Way ffJ7t HEA Y CHL«:K TRIED in/ FRO/A THE eAUT?» 50RTA. \ FOR VBARS. TO *H UOOK. ON TH' U TM E . N * UPTHE I l-AND ONE OF THOSE 1 BULL'* PACE PI-ACE, DON'T / RABIES ---NOW HIS. J I'M , IT ? X W'^e WONT EVEN / eufscs ne x TU£* L^ A^ OIVEITWALL. V WILL., * THI^ s ^^-^ ^^"St e«n~e / J i EITHER.' · HlilH«M..t« »n»l M _ TROPHY WITHOUT A HCWVB Our Boarding House I MENTION MO NWlrS, BUT THIS WP \WAS SUPPlM' SOAAETKlM' 1MTO, THS TANK: OF J V^ULT WITH AA LIMOUSINE " OUT FRONT/ 60 IT WAS LEAMPEK /WV AN-n-S/V\Cv PILLS.' THAT BRAT COULP OPEM TH6 LONPOM RELAX, IT'S ATTY. CRy:VUCELL'S CAR.' ANP OU \AJSBe LET WIA TRY TOOTHPICK..' \WHEM I CATCH H\AA, I'LL... HE'S WAVTIMG E / lEWSPAPESl NEWSPAPER!

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