The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 27, 1987 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1987
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE •BAYTOWN SUN Thursday, August 27, 1907 9-A B Peter Gott, M.D. Tredthfifenffdr cystic fibrbsis DEAR DR. GOTT — I am 14 and have cystic fibrosis. 1 would like to know what my life expectancy is in this day and age. Are the scientists close to discovering the cure for this disease? DEAR READER — Cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that causes particularly thick secretions from mucus glands, has been termed the most lethal genetic disease of white Americans. In older children and adults, cystic fibrosis causes plugging of the bronchial passageways, resulting in chronic lung infections, emphysema and respiratory insufficiency. The condition also causes intestinal disturbances because of pancreatic disease and deficient digestion. In previous years, more than 50 percent of cystic fibrosis pa- lients died before age 20. Today, .thanks in part to the Cystic Fibrosis Institutes of Health, special hospital units are available and more patients are living longer. There has been little recent change in the medical treatment of the disease. Therapy still includes special exercises to aid breathing and expel mucus, bronchodilator medicines to •widen air passages, antibiotics to combat infection, addtional oxygen to reduce breathlessness, and cortisone drugs to block swelling and irritation of lung tissue. You can obtain more information from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 6000 Executive Blvd., Rockville. MD 20852. ' Most experts agree that cystic fibrosis patients can obtain most effective care in a specialized setting where the staff is experienced in managing problems associated with the disease. ; ' • | To my knowledge, no imminent breakthrough in cystic fibrosis treatment is likely. Many children your age have have nothing more pressing to worry about than what to wear to school. I admire your courage in addressing your health problem tn such an adult manner. DEAR DR GOTT - 1 often use frozen dinners. The one I had last night listed 1.165 milligrams of sodium for the 10-ounce dinner Is this a reasonable amount" DEAR READER - Frozen dinners, like all prepared foods, contain a lot of salt; which is added during processing. Although some nutritional experts believe that Americans eat too much salt, for the average person tof any age), this does not present a problem because the kidneys can select the amount of dietary salt that is needed and will excrete the rest. However, patients with hypertension may have to monitor their salt intake. Sodium chloride tends to make high blood pressure rise higher, so these patients often must restrict dietary salt. For most hypertensive patients, frozen dinners must be added to the list of prohibited substances, which includes cured meats, salted nuts and pretzels, junk food, dill pickles and similar foods. DEAR DR. GOTT — Some of my friends have begun an exercise program that includes running in place in a sauna. They claim it is the ultimate aerobic workout. This practice seems rather alarming to me. Could you comment? DEAR READER - People dream up the darndest ways to take up free time. 1 always thought that saunas were for relaxation after a workout. Many saunas get very hot, and I'd worry that your friends might be overdoing it in the heat, become too dehydrated and suffer cardiovascular collapse. This is called heatstroke among athletes and it can be a serious condition, leading to heart irregularity or standstill. Jogging in a sauna may be the "ultimate aerobic workout," but I would advise your friends to knock it off, exercise in a temperate environment and then wind down in the sauna. DEAR DR. GOTT - Is clenching your teeth a sign of trouble? DEAR READER— Sometimes. Teeth clenching is a sign of tension: We all experience tension, but if we take out stress on our teeth, especially at night when sleeping, bite problems and headaches can result. Teeth clenching may be the earliest manifestation of stress that should be addressed directly, not ignored. DEAR DR. GOTT - My slater has lost the sight in one eye because of something called tox- oplasma gondii. It's a parasite from cats. She's taken all these drugs, but her sight has not returned. I never did like cats, but I didn't realize they were dangerous to humans. DEAR READER — Tox- oplasmosis is a common infection that is often carried by cats. The cats contain the parasite and pass the cysts in their stools. These cysts can be directly spread to humans by contact. Once in the body, the cysts hatch and the larvae migrate to the lymph glands and brain. Vision can be affected. The disease is particularly serious in pregnant women becauce the parasite can be carried through the placenta and into the fetus, causing severe tissue damage. Treatment with sulfa drugs usually clears up the infection, but some damage — in the eyes, for example — may be permanent. Cats contract toxoplasmosis by eating infected birds and rodents. Nt*lpt?tr EnttTfrm Aaodtiaf and... ifie groom is free* •his tuxedo rental that is. with the reservation of 5 or more in a wedding party. FORMAL WEAR BAYTOWN . 421-1303 Garth Rd. at 1-1OE, across from San Jacinto Mall sale WET PEPSI .75 6 cans 1.15 Pepsi, diet Pepsi and Pepsi Free in handy take-along cans or big 2-liter bottles. Hurry in to Target and stock up! Mountain Dew and Slice where available. No commercial sales. TARGET DUOtVBI Hours ' ! . -. , : . : .. :/ . : Weekdays 9:30 am to 10 prn Saturday 9 am to 10 pm Sunday 11 am to 7pm Advertised prices good through Saturday, August 29,1987. BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AUGUST 28th-29th MISSY GLORIA VANDERBILT JEANS Acid Wash Denim Jeans Sizes 6-16 19.99 REG. 40.00 MENS LEVIS JEANS tW-Cwt 109% C«ttM Sfeas 21-40 11.99 WO. l».9f IF PERFECT JUNIOR-MISSY BLOUSES Assorted Styles Long Sleeves Sizes 3-15, 6-18 30% OFF RIDilNED r^Bw n«ir%f< O ma JUNIOR LEVIS® JEANS 501'$«D$T. LEGS Sizes 1-13 12.99 RIG. 28.00 GIRLS TOPS Assorted Styles Short & Long Sleeve Sizes4-6X,7-14 30%-50% OFF REDLINED PRICE MENS WINDBREAKERS Assorted Colors Fully Lined Sizes S-XL 19.99 RIG. It.00 BOYS LEVIS® JEANS 501'$«oST. LEGS Sizes 25-30 12.99 KG. 19.ft IFNRFKT BOYS CORDUROY JEANS Black • Navy • Grey • Brown • Tan Sizes 4-7 6.99 RIG. U.OO LADIES TERRY ROBES • ! • Short Lengths Sizes S»M«L 13.99 REG. 11.00 NB.VI 4J8 ... HI LAKES PMnYWSE MLS PMTES BEALLS CLEARANCE CENTER WON SAT 9 WEST TOWN CENTER ONLY

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