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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 1, 1961
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To City Subscriber!: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6:30 p. m. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Hope Knife Star For Weather Report Sec Column at Bottom of This Page 62ND YEAR: VOL. 62 — NO. 222 Star ef Hope, 11*9, Prill ConielUtefMl Jan. VI, If It HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 1,1961 Momhft: The Anoclnfed Pr«n ft Audit Diircnu of Circulation! Av. N« falil Clrc'l 1 mai. «nrtln» March II, 1*41 — 1,531 PRICE 5c COPY Boy Survives Sea Tragedy as fwo Men Perish SAN DIEGO. Calif. <AP) - A husky 14 • year- - old boy, who watched two men die as they drifted on a flimsy raft, was recovering in a hospital today after .three days ol tragedy and terror at sea. * =rry McClelland, a blond high 'wl nlhletc from Hunlinglon Beach, Calif., was rescued Friday by a fishing boat i)0 miles southwest of San Diego. Transferred to a submarine, lie arrived/Friday night in San Diego. lie was pronounced in fairly good condition at a hospital. He told newsmen a rambling tale about three terrible days of shipwreck, thirst, delirium, death, hwger, heat and blinding glare ot sifn, sea and sky. He and his companions— Russell Bradford, 4«, of Hunlinglon Beach, his mother's slepfalher, and Alvin Mailman, 57, of nearby Santa Ana, Bradford's friend— set out for a month's fishing cruise off Mexico last Tuesday. Bradford was a plastering contractor, Hartman a hod carrier. After setting out from Newport Erich in their 36-foot boat, they encountered heavy swells. They tried riding at anchor that night. "The sea anchor was pulling on the boat," the boy, mumbling and dazed from sedatives, told newsmen. "Two big swells picked up the boat and pulled the bottom out ... "Grandpa (Bradford) said to cut the raft, loose . . ." ,^J'hc three fishermen got aboard a ' six-by-lhrcc-fot raft of balsa wood and cork. Its bottom consisted only of rope netting through which a few timbers were looped, and water sloshed through the bottom continually. They tried to attract several passing vessels Wednesday, their first day on the raft. Although they waved rags and poles, no one Nancy Bryant NASHVILLE'S REPRESENTATIVE in the Forestry Queen contest to be held at Washington July 4 is Miss Nancy Bryant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bryant. Stepped Up Drive Starts in Algeria By JOSEPH E. DYNAN PARIS (AP) _ A slcpped-up drive by President Charles de Gaulle for a quick end lo the seven-year Algerian war was under way loday. It includes bringing French divisions back from Hie North African territory lo the continent, resuming suspended lalks wilh reb- nd a renewed threat I make use of British Marine Commandoes fo Kuwait's Aid By COLIN FROST KUWAIT (AD—British marine commandoes aboard the 22,000-ton aircraft carrier Bulwark landed in Kuwait today and the government radio announced (hat Saudi Arabian troops were coming to the sheikdom's defense against a threatened invasion by Iraq. Kuwait's Minister of State Badcr Abdulla Mulln anounccd that the government had requested an emergency meeting of the Unitde Nations Security Council "to investigatc threats from Iraq likely (o endanger (he security and independence of Kuwait." The Arab League Council will hold an extraordinary session Tuesday at Saudi Arabia's request to consider Kuwait's request to join the Icn nation league, it was announced in Carlo. The British Foreign Office in London saicl (he forces were moved into Kuwait at (he "urgent and formal request" of the country's ruler, Sheik Abdullah as- Salim as-Sabah and placed at his disposal. ( "H is to afford him such assistance as he may consider nee- cs .or the preservation of the inc 'donee of Kuwait in the face if recent development in Iraq," the foreign office statement said. ("The secretary-general of the United Nations is being informed. stopped. •Whey had no food or water, only ;i few packs -of cigarettes that Hartman grabbed before the boat. After waiting in vain for rescuers under a blinding hot sun, Hartman '"went crazy on Hie second day," Terry said. el leaders to partition Algeria into European and Moslem sectors if negotiations fail again. De Gaulle's aim, according lo informed sources is lo break the Algerian impasse in three months —one way c-r anulher- to make French forces b yfall for the coming Berlin, The bulk of France's armed forces, an estimated half million men, i.s tied down in Algeria, leaving j' 1 ' 1 " 1011 ' absence has weakened the 'North Allan!ic Treaty Organi/.a- lion defense position in Western Europe. DC Gaulle disclosed hi.s new Algerian drive at a garden party in order available crisis in Schools, Cities fo Sales Tax LITTLE HOCK (API — The attorney' general's office ruled Thursday that the state, counties, cities and school districts have been liable for payment of the 3 per cent use tax since Feb. (i, the date a law eliminating loop holes went into eflecf. The opinion said the act had an emergency clause jcl therefore all governmental agencies have been subject to the (ax since the date the act was signed into law. The opinion did not specifically state that lux. could be collected retroactively. Her majesty's government earnestly hopes (hat the necessity to this force will not arise. It is intended thai it should be withdrawn as soon as the ruler considers that, the threat to the independence of Kuwait is over.* The size o( the force was not immediately disclosed. The frigate appeared in the mist in the Persian Gulf and a helicopter from the British consulate flew out to it. Inside Kuwait rifle - bearing sheiks swarmed, in from, the desert by limousine vowing to help defend their oil-flowing oasis against armored Iraqi troops reported massing across the border. The roads to the frontier were jammed wilh truck-loads of armed Bedouin tribesmen who have at the presidential Elysec Palace i lilkcn u l> al ' ms i» the service of Tuesday night. In an informal dis- lnu slu -' ik Mission wilh reporters, he said he Correspondents estimated that had issued orders for Ihc return rnorc " 1!in y -°00 tribesmen passed of one division from Algeria, "'rough in one hour bound for the border. Newsmen were stopped by police 45 miles north of the capital and prevented from heading for the border region 50 miles farther north. The border was closed Friday night for the first time since the crisis was touched off by Iraq's claim lo Kuwait, which attained full independence from Britain only two weeks ago Hundreds of Bedouin tribal chiefs, flanked by bodyguards and Without fixing dales, he added he would order others back as well. A French division is about 15.000 men. Besides strengthening NATO forces on Ihe European continent, the redeployment might also be intended as a peace gesture to Ihe nationalist rebels. De Gaulle said (he peace talks with the rebels—broken off at Evian-les-Bains two weeks ago—will Woman Is Soughtas 'Child Slayer BUSFALO fAP) —A M-stnte alarm is out for a slender, allrac- , live woman whose name police do Miol know hul who is pictured by 'J4 persons as the kidnap-slaycr of Andrew Ashley, 3. The trousers worn by the boy Ihe day he disappeared and some strips of toweling were found "j nursday in Delaware Park, where Andy was killed. These were considered possible clues. Despite hundreds of telephoned tips and around-the-clock work by dozens of investigators, not a single major lead has turned up in the apparently motiveless killing. A woman filling the latest com posite description of (he killer was (•'ken inlo custody in Ihe suburban t*Wn of Amhcrsl early today. But aflcr detailed questioning, she was turned back to town authorities and charged with public intoxication. The latest description was compiled at a meeting of 14 persons who said I hey had seen t'he dark- haired woman who lured Andy to the park a week ago loday and r»'eviously bound and gagged (wo 'j-ier young children. The slightly revised description made the woman younger lhan Ihe mid-Mils previously assumed but still wilh dark hair, smooth skin and high cheekbones. be resumed and what happens." The president, made clear he will continue lo insist on turc association pendent eluding military bases, for Ihe French North African wise, he said, will sec |retainers, that retainers, rushed rushed Naif Naif palace palace f tl . where Kuwait's ruler, Sheik Ah' between an inde-i cltlllal1 as-Solim as-Sabah, has Susie Gray ANOTHER FORESTRY Queen contestant is Miss Susie Gray, of Guernsey. The contest will be held at the Washington July 4th celebration. Tomatoes Bring j a Record Price HERMITAGE, Ark. (AP) - A half bushel of pink tomatoes brought a record price of $22 on (he Hermitage market Thursday, W. E. Jones of the Hickory Springs community made the sale to Bernic Kramer of Chicago and Frank Gilbert of Louisville, Ky. Average price of tomatoes today was fl-?4.50 a half bushel. The previous record for a single half bushel was $18. K. E. Hunter, Bradley County agent, said today (hat grades continue lo improve and good weather for the next two weeks will bring (he best tomato crop in his- I lory. He cslimatecl value of this year's production over $2 million. Hunter said (he peak of the crop year is expected early ncxl week when 25,000 half bushels a day will be moving to market. Methodists to Dedicote New Building The new educational building of the First Mclhodisl Church will be dedicated by Bishop \V. Kenneth Pope •immediately following the morning worship service Sun-i day morning, July 2. Bishop Pope will also preach at Ihe morning worship service. This new educalioiial building contains aproximalely fourteen .1 1 r i r ci " ""-*"' *" tl " " 11|'III Ull II, OUlllU V.-. housand feel of floor space and Vl) j W! «„ foreign Affairs. Ilis ad- houses he cnl,re children's de- dress lo Ihe Senate Thursday was ssi-n^s fo',. "s ~:r °""*' furei «- u - Fulbright Cautions on Doctrine ..WAST1NGTON (AP)-Sen..). W. Fnlbright, U-Ark., has cautioned the United Stales against (he 'dangerous doctrine" of unilateral military intervention anywhere to prevent the spread of com- Feature of Washington's Big July 4th Celebration Is Roll Call of Hempstead Rifles By MARY ANITA LASETER J One of (he highlights of (he Pioneer Washington liesloralkm Foundation observance this -Illi of July will be the morning program featuring Ihe rccnnctmenl of the roll call and Ihe mustering out of the llempsload Rifles. At t'he Presentation of the King a speech made by Miss Bellic Conway 100 years ago will be given by her great-grcal-nicce, Miss Roxie Wrighl. All of I his will be directed by Mrs. Elizabeth Morton. The Mope, unit of the Arkansas National Guard will enact Ihe ceremony with Sgl. Claud Byrcl in charge. After the War Belween Ihe Stales was declared, the nexl stop was the organization of Arkansas' fighting men inlo companies, regiments, brigades, and 'armies. The llempsiead Hil'les was the firsl company formed in Washington. 11 the best blood was composed and brains munism. Fulbrighl Senate mil lee, chairman of the Foreign Relations Coin- is an important Senate. on Christmas day of first lime last year. The total cost of (lie building was approximately $15-1,000.00 and speech. "Nothing would please Communist leaders more," Fulbrighl. .said, "than lo draw Ihe United over a period ofi was paid for three years. The public is most cordially vitccl (o attend Ihe worship t vice and dedication service. iSlales into costly commitments Of its resources lo peripheral struggles in svhich (he principal Communist powers are not them- Algeria and France, in- French retcnlion of key and guarantees minority in thn territory. Qtticr- France will regroup the European and Moslem populations and partition Algeria. De Gaulle said an Algerian .settlement and "the day when there will no longer be a risk of crimes" would bring an end to the near-diclatorial powers he has exercised since mutiny in Al ago. "There will no longer even any need for De Gaulle." added. Ihe abortive army iers two months be he Spy Track' With Russia Talked New NKW VOh'K (APi-Thi York World-Telegram and .said loday thai negotiations under way lo exchange convicted .Soviet spy Col. Kudolf Abel for Francis Gary Powers, U2 spy plane 'pilot imprisoned in the Soviet Union. The sfory said the deal is nearing complciion. The Iradc firsl was proposed a year ago by Oliver W. Powers, father uf Ihe American who was downed over Kus.s'ia May 1, I'.HJO. Ihe newspaper said. Powers was .sentenced lo HI years in prisun. Abel, described by (he government as ft lop Sovic! intelligence agon). \\as cuiivirlcd of conspiracy in I'.S. District here No\. r>. l!i,">7. lie is si been conferring with advisors over the threat posed by Iraqi Premier Abdel Karim Kasscm. Tlie city prepared for another giant demonstration today against Iraq's annexation move. Posters were readied showing Kasscm gelling a kick in the pants and a giant fist descending on his head. Volunteers from the desert have been pouring into Ihe city for two days pledged to fight if need be against Kasscni's claim of sovereignty over Kuwait, richest oil prize in the Middle East. More arrived by the hour, many seated in (he rear of sleek, chauf- fcurcd cars, their rifles between their knees. Some sal between .bodyguards carrying revolvers in j holsters slung knee-high from bandoliers. "We a ecrrdya to meet any aggression," Assistant Secretary of Sun;State Talate Hussein (old news- are | men after a conference at security headquarters in the palace. Hussein said (he Bedouins had Negro Is Convicted of Murder MEMPHIS (AP)-A jury today convicted Freddie Green, I!) year old Negro, of the murder of a young while girl and fixed his punishment at death in the electric chair. The all-male jury delivered its verdict after four hours deliberation. Green heard (he verdict without any show of emotion. His attorneys filed a motion for a new trial which will be heard Aug. I. The stale had demanded the death penally for the young porter as punishment for his savage sex attack on Sharon Vaiden, in, of near Olive Branch, Miss. The defense pleaded temporary insanity. Sharon, .'laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herberl Vaiden, was stabbed 34 limes Feb. ill. She had gone to the cellar reslrom while her mother shopped upstairs. The defense pleaded thai Green be 'put away for life, for keeps, so as not (o be able to gel a parole." There was no doubt that Green (killed Sharon, the defense said, but the very violence of the al- lack showed lie was insane. The slate countered with a report from psychiatrists which said Green was sane at the lime of the attack and is sane now. Green took the stand for examination but most of his answers were "1 don't remember." He said the signed statement detailing the killing was extracted from him by police "brutality." Green testified he was subject lo lapses of memory after his head was injured in an auto crash last September. selves directly involved." Fulbright concentrated mostly on Cuba. He studiously avoided discussion of the Berlin crisis after remarking thai il is "at this moment under the most, serious study by this government and our European allies." He evidently put Berlin in a different category. For (he United Stales to try to overthrow the pro-Communist Castro regime in Cuba by use of its own forces, Fulbrighl. said, might alienate "most of Latin America, Asia and Africa." He referred specifically, loo, to the Southeast Asian kingdom of Laos in striking at suggestions that Ihe United Stales "should nol hesitate to commile its strength to the active defense of ils.-poli- cies" anywhere outside (he Communist empire. The United Stales, Fulbright .said, "cannot guaranlce (he border of a neutral coiinlry against infiltration, or its villages from subversion." Hempstead County and was commanded by that gallant veteran 'of Ihc Mexican War, Col. John R. Graliot — a West Point grad uale. Officers of Ihe llempsiead Rifles were John R. Gratiot, captain; Daniel W. Jones, Isl lieutenant; Benjamin P. Jell, 2nd lieutenant; George Taylor, :ircl lieutenant; James J. Erwin 1st sergeant; Cliembers B. Etler, 2nd sergeant; William Phillips 3rd sergeant; and M. L. Lang- slon, -llh sergeant. The staff consisted of William C. Smith, surgeon; Cadsman Pope, chaplain; J. Monlcalm Simms, quartermaster; and J. A. Rawles. There were IK) privates in Ihe company many bearing names familiar to residents of Southwest Arkansas today. • Recently the Pioneer Washington Restoration Foundation re- Church of Chrisr Revival The Fulton Churdi of Chrisl will nold a revival from Sunday, July through .Inly !i. Bill Pierce, currently doing mission work in Norway, will deliver the message and Walker Boatman of Gurduii will direct song .service. The services slarl each nighl al 1! p.m. Khrushchev in Another Warning By STANLEY JOHNSON MOSCOW (AIM — Premier Khrushchev warned today thai if any Western country mobilizes because of tensions in Germany and Berlin "we shall take proper measures anil, if necessary, measures lo increase our combat might." The Soviet leader was addressing a Soviet-North Vietnamese friendship rally in Ihe Kremlin. Discussing Germany, he mentioned measures Ihe Wesl might lake if Ihe Soviet Union signs a separate East German peace Irciily. One of Iho much-discussed alternatives for the West is a beefing up of troop strength in Wesl Germany. "Gentlemen, you do nol 1'righlen us," Khrushchev said, ' A peace leeived a Idler I'rom IS. G. By- 'lander of Lillle Rock which prov- >ed lo be most gratifying. We 'quote from il, in part: "At the close of Ihe tUDO Stale Fair held in Lillle Hock there was an unclaimed framed exhibit of the names of officers, staff, and privates of Ihe llempsiead Rifles. As 'Execulive Director of t'he Fair, I stored this exhibit in my home .... thought this list of the llempsiead Rifles would til nicely inlo your restoration project I'since (he list shows it was 'written for William II. Etler, Washington. Ark., June (i, iflfij. 1 Since no owner has claimed the list, I will be glad lo turn il over to your association." This parchment stained and yellow wilh age is. a just tribute 10 the cause of Ihe Soulh and lo Ihe courage ot heroes of other days. 11 is a rosier of Ihe Hempstead Kifles, the first unit in this section to enlist for service in Ihe cause of the Confederacy. 11 tells a story ol devotion lo a cause of idealism almost unknown in (his inaleralistie age, according to "The "Old Town Speaks" by Charlean Moss Williams. Not content with devotiong all of his lime and much of his means to the Hempslcad Jiiflcs, Col. W. II. Elter hud the roster mentioned above prepared and he presented il to the company. An employee of the ARKANSAS GAZETTE, a friendly rival pa per of the Colonel's WASHING TON TELEGRAPH, who was a skilled penman and designer, prepared the roster. It is a beautiful piece of free- Medical Care Plan Delayed by Adams LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkansas' program of medical care for the aged will not take effect July I as scheduled. Welfare Commissioner Carl Adams said today. Adams refused to link the announcement wilh defeat of Gov. Orval E. Faiibus' $00 million bond issue, but be said lie was concerned aboul what might happen I hand work, every letter, stroke budget increase 1UG1 Legislature been mobili/cd into a national • LITTLE ROCK <APi—Slate tax guard lo bolster Kuwait's tiny!collections lor tbc past 12 months army and were being posted at (increased $(J,732.<i30 and Ihe June the northern border following re-1tax report ports that Iraqi tanks were mass- recovered ing across !hc frontier. Kuwait's a i my. totals only 2.400 men trained and supplied by the British. The Iraqi army reportedly numbers about 70,000. The secretary of state said John Kichmond, British political agent in Kuwait, had given new assurances that Britain slood ready In Court ' send aid to ils former proli'dur ate if culled upon. lo a $1.4 million granted by the for fiscal 1302. "We don't know whether the special session of (he Legislature will take that back," Adams said loday. "And until thai i.s determined, we are going to hold up on the new program." Adams said the decision was the Welfare Department's and did 'lot come on orders from the administration. It has been suggested thai Ihe Legislature should cutback on bucl- jget increases granted during the jl'.Kil session in order lo finance /in indicates Arkansas bus {institutional construction program from the recession,;on a pay-as-you-go basis. Sales Tax Up by $6 Million the the is and flourish as clear as if steel- cut. At the top of the sheet there are two Confederate flags, waving in opposite directions and between them, in French, inscription: "God Defend Right." The head of a lion drawn in each of the four corners and al Ihe bottom center is a liny scroll with the words, "Written for Col. W. JL Etter, June (j, MKil." The Washington Foundation is, indeed, iorlunate to have discovered this 100 year old prfae. Though old and laded, each inscription is still legible. treaty be concluded," He talked aboul. Ihe possible breaking of diplomatic relations by Western nations and said this was not a new threat, but a pos- sibilily that would only hurl the West. "Your policy of threats will nol frighlcn us," Khruschev he said. declared thai the nosv military mighl of both sides was equal and policy should be concluded on an equal basis between I'hcm. "Bui," he added, "we consider thai Ihe forces of socialism and peace are the stronger. We base thai not only on our economic and military might, but on the justice of our cause." Khrushchev also repealed his demands for disarmament on So viel terms and talked aboul the situation in .Southeast Asia. He called last week's '/urich agreement among the Laotian princess a "good beginning" ant said he hopes it would lead the Laotians to a solution of their own problems. He blamed the United Stales and ils allies for the Laos crisis and said il. would never have arisen if the United Stales had nol interfered in the internal affairs of Laos. Negotiations Fail In U.S. and Red Talks By LEWIS GULICK WASHINGTON (AIM _ Two weeks of negotiations have failed lo • produce agreement belwecn Ihe United SI ales and Ihe Soviet Union seling up a general disarmament conference. Both sides admitted this Friday is Iheir Washington talks wound ip. The negotiators did agree lo icgin a second round ot discussions in Moscow July .17. U.S. negotiators prepared for he Moscow lalks with a sense if disappointment at the lack of >rngross. President Kenedy himself look n personal hand Friday n trying lo further the discus- ions. Kennedy invited the Soviet, nc- iotiator, Valerian A. /orin and Soviet. Ambassador Mikhail A. Menshikov to the While House for alf-houi chal before Friday's windup. ! Kennedy was reported to have stressed lo opin Ihe importance, ic all aches to gelling an agreement lo end the arms race. The snail';; pace of Ihe discus-» sions has added to a growing opinion among Kennedy advisers that no fruitful negotiation with the Russians on major cold war issues are in sight. Instead, in the opinion of lop Kennedy aides, Ihe Russians are, in a self-confident, no-negotiatit; mood based o a belief tiie tide, i.s wilh Ilicm. The Russians, Kennedy aides say, have shown no sign of conciliation a I. Ihe Geneva let ban or Laos conferences or in the Gei'iiiany-Uerlin issue. The Americans had hoped for agreement, by now on starling a mullinalion disarmament conference by .Inly Id. While this is still the official hope, authorities privately concede it now looks as if Ihe disarmament question may have lo be tossed back into the lap of Die United Nations when Ilio General Assembly meets this fall. No lime limit was set for the Moscow lalks. So far, Xoriu said, ' practical questions have not' been discussed in detail." Rockets Working at Low Efficiency WASHINGTON <AT'i_The Navy said today two of the three satellites fired aloft in a single rock el. Wednesday night: apparently have not separaled and thus are working at reduced efficiency. The third—the Navy's experimental navigational s a I e 11 i I e Transit 4A—has scpared and is an "working perfectly," the nouncement said. "Signals received from Injun and GREB satellites indicalc thai they have nol separated from ono another, although Transit 4A has separated from the other two." the Navy said. The 55-pound sphere called GHEB was designed to measure X-ray radiation from the sun. The Injun, '!0-pound drum-shapet He venue Commissioner ville Cheney said today. Total revenue lor. the J. Or- year ending tonight Weather federal) The United Arab Republic's 'minister of stale, Abdcl Kader Partly cloud) 1 .•y<d toni it.undershowers lion Sunday. sales lax total which creased $231.172 lo S-I.HUMHI .scntiMiiv al the in Allanla. Ga. •e and Stale 1 Department llalcm. said in Cairo reports in- jwas the ;officials in Washington were quol- jdicaled "some circles in Bagh ind warm today uvl .'is .saying I hey knew nothing of dad" were considering (he pos- (he month. ,hl with widely scattered ihc cunvn! nivjolialions. but that : .sibilily ol •• 1 rmcd intervention in Sales taxes for the year totaled in the north por-jlhcy did not deny the report that Kuwait and that Iraqi troops had S.V>, H'.UTO a^ain:--! *:il,"7!,'J77 last I such lalks were guiug on. j Continued on Fage Four jyear. The JHfil Legislature parcelled .out about .$i:i.;j million in budget „ fiscal increases with the public schools was .'jil.T7.U57,-' '$7 million) and Ihe Welfare J)e«72, Cheney reported. General : parlment gelling most of tlju revenues were up $4,7-12,2:59 lo money. $99.271,270 ami special revenue! Adams said today's decision increased $l,iiyo,:.'ut lo !>SH,.i(;(i,30l. 'would have no effect' on medical .June general revenues totaled caro programs for persons already . V.I 1 07, -1112, compared lo Wi.73!),30T. on Ihe welfare rolls or on oilier last June. | welfare benefits. The figure which caused Cheney 1 The new medical care program ;to think Ihe recession is broken ! will cover persons over Ua with vehicle, was sent up to measure radiation in what arc called tha Van Allen bells around the earth. Shot to Death Accidentally SEAHCY, Ark. (AP'—Spauldin Harris, about (it), was accidental! shot to death today in his home in (he New Hope community, about 1") miles east uf here. Deputy Sheriff Benson Jlobbin.s said Harris' shotgun apparently discharged \.hcn he lay it down alter using it lu chase some cows from his field. Deputy Coroner Vernon Parrish ruled the shooting accidental. incomes loo high to qualify them for welfare grants but to'low lo pay medical bills. The income ccil- Jug is $.1.200 lor a -single persons and ¥1,300 for persons wilh i dependents. industrial Group Reports Earnings DARDANF.LLE. Ark. <Api—Arkansas Valley Industries earned a net profit of ?.~>-10,2iio during the last fiscal year, the company said in a report lo stockholders loday. This was Ihe equivalent of $3.01 per stork share, President Harold Snyder said During the year, lotal assets in-!—Louisa Van Saul celobraled her creased from $:i,i;03,r,3li to $3,3%.- JOOIh birthday loday on Ihe farm ---• where she has lived since her Arkansas Induslrics operates marriage in ll'.tis. Her husband, feed mills, hatcheries, processing J. \Villougliliy. died in IHU. She and cold Morale plains and feed has three children, live graml- in ci-h! western Ar- children and four ^M-^rair!- children. Woman Observes 100th Birthday FORT WASHINGTON. Pa. < Parents to Build House for Child LITTLE ROCK (AP)-The par- cuts of Peter Lollar, Ihe brittle- boned baby, are going to build a house for him—thanks to a hjg lift from Ihe crew of a Navy ship which bears Ihe name of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Oris B. Lollar said Loday they had received a cheek for $:i,7U0.2(i from the officers and men of the USS Little Rock, who chipped in to help Peter after reading of his plight. Lollar, who now lives in a rented house, s;>id Ihe money would be used toward building a homo for his family, one designed with Peter's special needs in mind. Mainly lie and his wife want a house arranged so that Peter, wlut now is in Chicago following an op- cralion, will be guarded against colds and oilier respiratory ailments as much as possible. Peter was born with a condition which causes his bones to break at I lie slightest unusual pressure, and for him coughs and sncey.es usually result in fractured rib. The iD-monlhs-old Peter recently underwent Ihe first of a series of "rodding" operations at Shriu- ers Hospital, Chicago. In the operations, bones are removed fro mlho arms and legs, cul inlo pieces, threaded on sleet rods and replaced to strengthen Ihe limbs. Physicians at Ihe hospital have reported that the child is progressing satisfactorily after the first operation. The check from the USS Lilllu Rock was accompanied by a letter I'rom C.ipt. F. A. Chcnault, its commander. The ship is a part ol Hie Sixth Fleet, now in the Mediterranean. ; nk*. !: a cornedio-1 wants to keen •TJWitj about him hp Iv-ic */, ™TI

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