The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Sports lagtniun Feaii ures VOL. 36, NO. 250 Thursday, March 29, 1956 Page 9 Work On 'Engine Of Tomorrow' Contract Bridge Gas Turbines Predicted In Cars Of Future ies offer problems that weren't encountered in putting out two - door hardtops or convention sedans. Some of the car makers \verf 1 slow in solving the production problems. The value ol having the four floor hardtops ready was illustrated by Chevrolet. It had the advantage of buying its bodies from an- Kv KKY tV. KK(;,\K DETROIT -UP- ...- auiomo- bile industry tits winter has found itself- in the peculiar position of having a car shortage nnd too m".ny cars at the same time. It's true, even though it doesn't stv'in" to make: .sense on Ihs surface. The industry, which has a record winter-time inventory of unsold new cars on hand, has found itself handicapped by not having enough four-door hardtops in Ihe hands of dealers. It has been a case of having too many of the wrong kind and not enough of the right kind. The four-door hardtop, first introduced last spring by Buick and Oldsmobile. has proved the big selling hit of the 1936 line of cars. But dealers in most lines have had trouble keeping supplied with enough of them. The problem ' points up Ihe'job the automobile factories have in deciding what kind of cars to build as well as how many to build. In all, the car buyer has some 270 different models' to choose from in buying a car, what with the various two-doors, four-doors, hardtop?, convertibles, sports cars, and station wagons that are offered by all the different car makers. Scheduling production to produce Die right amount of cars and also (he rijrht kind of cars is » king-sized job. Many of the c:>r makers early in the model run this year didn't turn out enough of the popular four-door hardtops. In fairness to the men who do the scheduling it wasn't a case of not anticipating the market as much as it was the case of solving the production nroblems for the tour-door hardtops. Beauties Balk At Parade For Jumping Frogs .TOHANNKSBL7RG, South ..Africa, —UP — Wynona. Cheyncy and Lylo, Rock, two beauty contest entrants „ clear attack, but to strengthen our who hop" U> win London modeling " jobs, refused to parade in swimsuits Wednesday at a frog jumping contest. "I can't see what parading in bathing suits in front of a ciov.-d at a frog jumping contest has pot to do with modeling in London," Miss CTieyney said. The windows and other produc- other General Motors Division, lion part.? of four-door hardtop bod- Fishcr Body _ Fjsher had boen turn . ing out the four-door hardtop bodies for Buick and Oklsmobile fpr months, so it wus much quicker in turning them out for Chevrolet. If all car makers can step up production of four-door hardtops. it might bolster some of the sag in sales of 193G models that has been reported. H-Bomb Fallout Study By Civil Defense Set By Josephine Culbertson AT DUPLICATE bridge, especially, players can't always wait for so-called ".sound" penalty doubles—they must risk z double even without any strength in the trump suit. Note South'f unorthodox but shrewd double ol a less-than-garne contract in the following case. North dealer. North-South vulnerable. 4 AK J84 ¥875 • K6 4.8 6 3 Bv JOSEPH I.. MVf.KK WASHINGTON —UP— The government has awarded a $591.f>00 contract for ce.seaivh on nntional defense against radioactive fallout from enemy H-bombs. The H-bomb radiation menace was brought home jo the world two years . apo. A II. S. test explosion at Bikini March 3. 1954, contaminated an area of 7.000 square miles. It made existing civil defense plans obsolete. Civil Defense Administrator Val Peterson said the new research contract, awarded to the University of California, is the largest ever made by his agency. It "aims at laying the basic framework for a national defense against radioactive fallout that recently told the House subcommittee that H-bomb fallout could make n 10,000-square mile area uninhabitable ror years by peacetime radiation standards. 'Surgeon General Leonard A. Scheele told the same group a big atomic attack would create "abnormal epidemic hazards." Union Group To Kick Out Pair Of Proved Perjurers DENVER —UP— The Mine. Mill . could result u-om a nuclear attack and Smelter Workers Union plans on the United States." The contract is for on" year. But "more time and additional contracts." Peterson said, "probably will be required to complete the project." .Scientific critics of Peterson's agency testified before a House subcommittee last February that U. S. Civil Defense in the H-bomb era is a flop. Peterson agrees it is not adequate. "We are in urgent need." he said in announcing the research award, "of a logical and detailed nationwide system of defense against fallout, not only to increase the chances of survival under nu- national defense armament as a deterrent to attack." Atomic Energy Commissioner Willrn-i! F. Libby'has stressed the nerd for effective shelter against radioactive particles settling for hundreds of miles downwind from big bomb to remove from its payroll two officials who.have been convicted of falsely swearing they were not Communists. The independent, union's headquarters announced Tuesday that Maurice E. Travis, its former secretary and treasurer, will be retired as of July 1 with a disability pension of S300 a month. And the union said it would discharge Clinton E. Jencks. once president of a Mine-Mill local at Bayard. N.M., as of June 1, with severance pay. Travis, a burly man who lost an eye during strike violence at Bessemer, Ala., seven years ago. was charged two years ago at Denver with "filing false Taft-Hartley anti- Communist affidavits with the National Labor Relations Board. He resigned as Mine-Mill secretary and treasurer before his trial because the NLRB tried to deny the union its services in labor disputes on the ground that Travis DAILY CROSSWORD m ACROSS 1. Narrow point of land S. Mast P. Plural of "pea" 10. Foot Icvpr 12. STR eagle (Eur.) 13. Long. vehement speech H. Always 10. Sprite Ifi. At home IT. Greek letter IS. Oregon city 20. The oldiwt 2.'i. Sun god 2 4. Cathedral city in France 25. Abundant 28. Jewish month 39. Sounded. as A goose »0. Enlarges 53. Public notice M. Gold (Her.) 35. Thrice (mus.) 3fi. FII.W 3S. Baby'5 plaything 40. S-shnpod molding 11. Booth 42. Hebrew mcusurcji «3. Female sheep H. Honey - 2. Glass in a window 3. River (Czech.) 4.Tellurium (sym.) 5. Slopped over «. Acts 7. Glrl'i name 5. Htlf diameter* 6. An eye (slang) 11. Siberian river 13. Examination IS. Beast of burden 19. Knocks 21. Telephone numbered disk 22. Array for battle 25. Sloths 26. Conductors 27. Edible roots of the taro LJ3C tJCl tlOtlti nauuH SKISLJ DU 2BU UUUB , 0231-13 Y*«lrrd»y'i Aiiwrr 32. Narrates 36. Large volume 37. Monster 29. In this place 39. Playing in T „ « „ .'• u 30. June buga 31. Angry marble 42. Siberian In.'ecLi DOWN' 1. Obsequious 12. Hn 24 60 Sb ill 4V i'i. Nuclear physicist Ralph E. La op £ as obv »° l >-" I .V « Red sympathizer. -— £ -_L The union blocked the NLRB in the courts, but accepted Travis' resignation and made him a business agent in California. Travis was defended by Mine- Mill attorneys in federal court on the Taft-Hartley charges, and they now are appealing his conviction. Travis is free in bond. Jencks was convicted of the same crime in federal court at El- Paso in 3954. and also is free in Jond while attorneys appeal. A Mine-Mill spokesman said it vas decided to retire Travis and 'ire Jencks at an executive board meeting during the Mine-Mill convention at Salt Lake City last week. The big union, which has more than 70.000 member in the United States and Canada, was expelled by the CIO six years neo. o'a the ground that it was dominated by Reds. It has been reported recently making overtures 1o be reinstated. Tickers Keep Man Going BURUNGTOX. Vt. - ap.-- Malcolm S. Patton goes to the- source when he wants to learn what makes things tick. An avid collector of clocks. Patton has built up a collection of over 100 timepieces since hi- started his hobby 25 years ago. His collection includes clocks ranging from 90-year-old grandfather clocks to clocks that won't run and clocks that have run on nnd off for 100 years. A retired U. S. Internal Revenue Bureau employe, Patton spends much of his spare time tinkering with his collection, or at auctions socking worthwhile additions. IS to zs '£?> Ifc 40 19 17 ife tb 6 3 4AQ J932 4>KQ 4 2 The bidding: N'orth East South West 1 + 2 * 34 39. Pass Pass Dble. Pass Pass Pass Comparatively few players, expert or average, wouM follow South's example and double three hearts in this sequence, but there was a great deal to be said for that action. First 'and foremost, this was match-point duplicate, in which penalty doubles should be considerably closer than at rubber bridge.- At the latter game, the double of part-score contracts must be highly conservative,' but at match-points a double is in order whenever the player feels even fairly sure of defeating the contract and can see no greater profit from going on with his own bidding;. True, South had the values for a diamond rebid, but what could he expect from that action 7 North had already announced, via his pass over three hearts, that he had no free rebid, hence it was odds-on that he would pass to four diamonds. South could not bid five by himself, nor be reasonably sure of making any game. Thus,, the most he could expect from offensive bid. ding- was about 130 points. If the opponents could be defeated only one trick, this 130 po;nts would be superior, but was a one- trick defeat the reasonable expectation? South's singleton spade was a far better defensive feature than it would be if he were to play the hand. The doable worked out excel, (ently, North-South collecting six tricks, for a 300-point "penalty. Canada Gefs Devil Out Of Queen's Hair OTTAWA. Ont. — UP — Finance Minister Walter Harris told parliament Wednesday that banknote engraving plates \\cro being changed to get the di'vil nut of the. queen's hair. Harris said the hairdo worn by (he queen in the Canadian banknotes gave the illusion when the bill was folded (hut the devil was perchec on her head. At Least He Found Out Why Star Was There LOCIAXSPORT. I mi. — UP — Truck driver James Brackcnham- or. -I. told the cotii-i \Vrilncsclay he h;ul a I way.-; wondered why there is a st.-ir on Frederick Landis' license plate. Hf found out \vh-n i.nn- ; "-. •"•rested him on a speeding- charge that ill;' star nt.- : ,.. ..";;.< . ,i member of the Indiana Supreme Court. Delaware experiment station poullrytncn have discovered that broiler rations containing a new drug will prevent heavy hen.? from producing the rich pigment that colors egg shells,. AW'MWliE WJNT(30 MPflSQUW 9060 J'W. 00 IT ER'S * GROCERY EARLY TCXSHO -ATtORT AT FULL MAIN , ^HUMBLE SERVICE STA. ELLA CINDERS VISA THAT WILL IFENTIFY /we A<5 AN AMERICAN CITIZEN / "harite Plumb and Fred Fo> lTA, \V£ HAVE A1AK£ A 8\6 MISTAKE -' rOZ VVHAT WE HAVE PON£ TO \O'J, I IN WHAT VV= A ABOUT TO PO TO VISIT US IN OUR NEW STORE! All New, Modern Food Market Facilities Designed To Give You, Our Customers, The Finest Service Available! SPECIALS >for THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY BEWLEY'S 0 *j i FRESH, MEDIUM EGGS Dozen BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIXES • White • Yellow • ! Devil's Food • Spic« UDDY » • •- m*f EGETABLES BREAOtO SHWMP TIDE WTS.O.SEA TUNA...... ........... . ........... . LIBBY'S VIENNA SAUSA6E 2 LIBBY'S CATCHUP 14-oz LIBBY'S SLICED OR PINEAPPLE LIBBY'S GARDEN PEAS 2 WELCH'S GRAPE JELLY ASSORTED FLAVORS JELLO 3 WESSON 0L lie 2 o.o, Jar 39c Quart 55C PR EMI rat SALTINES l-Lb. Box 21c SPAGHETTI Al'-STKX " AM) MEAT BAI.LS c 21 c • FRUITS AND VEGETABLES JUICY CALIFORNIA ORANGES Lb. 10 FRESH MUSTARD HARVEST FRESH CALIF. LONG WHITE GREENS suslik POTATOES 1(k L U9c CRISP PASCAL FRESH GREEN CELERY ^ 5c ONIONS 2 8nc ,.15c LIPTON TEA '/,-Lb. 07 16 Tea J/C Flq. Bags Diamond NAPKINS c.: I0c Diamond Paper PLATES 2 ^:25c !N OUR DRUG DEPT. PALMOLIVE RAPID SHAVE 79c Size 45 PRELL SHAMPOO 60c Size 59 FREE KITE! frWith each Rath BbckHei KATH'S SHORT SHAXK SVtf AJl CURED HAMS Whole or Shank Half Center Cut 25 C THICK SLICED BACON RATH'S 2 u-. 79c RATH'S TRAY PACKED BACON , 3f BABY BEEP CHUCK or SHOULDER ROAST * 39c FRESHLY GROUND HAMBURGER L , 29c 3 * 79c RATH'S WltNtnj I Lb. Cello Pkg. NICE JUICY SIRLOIN STEAK u. 59c

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