The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 11, 1965 · Page 19
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 19

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 11, 1965
Page 19
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'4 Television Programs for Week Ending July 17 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME '-Color Program TBA-To Be Announced FILMS ARE IN QUOTES Sunday 9:00 AU 1:15 All •—Cbrlstophari< 7:30 AM 3—Tottlt S—Education Exchange 6—World Hortmn T—ChicMoiud raitb • :00 AM a—Friendship flbow 6—Wee One'* World e—Livln« Word 7—Broken Arrow •Hymne • :IB AM 6—Sacred Heart 9—Outlook 1:30 AM 3—Magle Door 4—Religious Service B— •Between Teens e—Bible Seminar 7—Sergeant Preston 9—Mass 12—Word of Life 9:00 AM 3-12—Lamp Unto My Feet 8—'Live and Learn Forum «—Mass 7—Jubilee Showcase 9—Wall? Gator 9:30 AM a-12—Look Up and Live <-Thls Is The Ute B— Every Man «—Children's Gospel Hour 7—Ann Sothern 9—'Rocky And His Friends 10:00 AM 3-12—Camera Three 4—Journal Comics 6—Eternal Quest 6-7—Beanie and Cecil 9—Superman 10:30 AM 3—Quiz and Quote 4—Fury B— Heckle and Jeckle 6-7—Bullwlnkle 9—Sea Hunt 12—Inslfht 11:00 AM a—Vista* 4—Open House 5—Kat Tales e-rrDlscovery '85 7—Kumzltz g-r^at Masterson 12—Davey and aoUath 11:15 AM 12—Light Time 11:30 AM 3—Face the Nation 4—Sports Club 6—Astroboy ft—Home and Garden 7—Persons, Places and Things ft—Pocua 12—Pop* Theater 11:S5 AM 4—News 12:00 Noon 3—News 4—Bowling B— 'Your Man in Government e—Sights and Sounds ot 1964 7-J)lscovery '65 9—Ho^eymooners « 12:10 PM 3—Views the Press ' 12:30 PM 3—"Member of the Wedding"—Julie 'Harris B— Frontiers of Faith 6-7-=ISsucs and Answer* 9—Biography: Amelia Earhart 12—Face the Nation : :00 PM 4—"The Egg and I"— Fred MacMurray, Claudette Colbert 5—'Spirit of Man 6—Public Conference 7—Press Internationale 9—'Lead Off Man 12—CBS Sports Presents 1:10 PM 9—'Baseball: Cubs vs. Cards 1:30 PM B— Artist's Showcase 6—Squad Car 7—Forum 2:00 PM 3—International Hour 8—'Sunday Encore B -rWlde world ot Sports 2:10 PM 10—Potpourri 2:30 PM 7—Bowling 2:45 PM 4—Sportsman's Holiday 3.00 PM 3—As Others Bee Cs 4—V/estarn Tennis Championships 8—Station to Station 10—The Other 98 12—NFL Pro Football 18—Patterson's Spiritual Hour 3:30 PM J—rTarget News S-rOutlaws 6-rFDR 7—Battleline 12—Seapower 18—Oral Roberts 4:00 PM 3-13—Zoorama 4—Open Question •—Battleline 7—flhl»areo 9—'Tenth Inning IB—Inside Sports 4:1S PM 9—Baseball: Cubs vs. Cards II —^Milestones ot the Century 4:30 PM 2-12—Ted Mack 4—Biography 5—Capture 6—"The Brave One" 7—Death Valley Day* IB—The Texan 5:00 PM 2-12—20th Century 4-5—'Meet the Press 7—"Spy Squad" 18—Astro Boy 5:30 PM 2-12—Mission to Mars 4—'Safari 6—'Sports m Action 18—The New Breed 6:00 PM 2-12—Lassie 6:30 PM 3-l'i—My Favorite Martian 4-5—'World of Color 6-7—Wagon Train 18—Mr. Lucky 7:00 PM 3-lS—Ed Sullivan 18—"Dark Command"— John Wayne 7:30 PM 4—Men In Crisis 5—Buckskin 6-7—Broadside 9—'True Adventure 8:00 PM 2-12—Twilight Zone 4-5—'Bonanza 6-7—'"Geronimo"— Chuck Connors 9—San Francisco Beat 8:30 PM 9— Outdoors 9:00 PM 2-12—Candid Camera 4-5—Rogues 9—Law and Mr. Jones 18—Richard Boone 9:30 PM 2.12—What's My Line? 9—Men In Crisis 9:50 PM 6—News, Weather, Sports 10:00 PM 2-4.5-8-7-9-12-18—• News, Weather, Sports 10:15 PM 2—"State of the Union" —Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn 7—"Force of Impulse" 8—"400 Blows" 18—"This Thing Called Love"—Rosalind Russell 10:20 PM 4—"The Fourposter"— Rex Harrison, Lllll Palmer 6—"Without Reservations"—John Wayne, Claudette Colbert 10:30 PM 5—"The Golden Age of Comedy"—Jean Harlow, Laurel and Hardy 12—Crisis: Congo 11:00 PM 3—Everett Dirksen: A Self Portrait 11:30 PM 12—Peter Gunn 11:45 PM 7—Oft the cuff 12:05 AM 5—'Jack Eigen 12:15 AM 9—News 12:25 AM 9—News 12:30 AM 2—News 12:35 AM 2—"Magnificent Roughnecks"—Mickey Kooney 4—Zeb 5:25 PM Billing.'! 5:30 PM 4—Mr. D 5:45 PM 9—'News, Weather, Sports 6:00 PM 9—Huckleberry Hound 6:30 PM 2-12—To Tell the Truth 4—'Sports Spotlight 8-18—Karen 6-7—Voyage to the Bottom of the 8e» 9—"The Mighty Crusaders" 7:00 PM 2-12—rve Got a Secret 4-5—Man from U.N.C.L.E. 10—What's New 18—Breaking Point 7:30 PM 2-12—Summer Playhouse 6-7—No Time for Sergeants 10—Big Picture 8:00 PM 2-13—Lucy Show 4-5—'Andy Williams 6-7—Wendy and Me 8—Adventures in Paradise 10—Science Reporter 18—Play of the Week 8:30 PM 2-12—Danny Thomas Show 6-7—Parmer's Daughter 10—Lively Arts 9:00 PM 2—CBS Reports 4-5—Alfred Hitchcock 6-7—Ben Casey 9—The Detectives 10—Men of Our Time 12—Password 9:30 PM 12—Ann Sothern 10:15 PM 9—"Please Believe Mi —Deborah Kerr 18—"Brolhcrs-ln-Law" —Terry-Thomas 10:20 PM 8—"Fallen Angel" 10:25 PM 2—"Teenage Rebel"— Ginger Rogers, Michael Rennie 12:00 Midnight 2-9—News 7—"The Saint in New York" 12:05 AM 2—"They Shall Have Music"—Jascha Heifctz 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings 12:20 AM 4—"Flame of Stamboul" 12:30 AM 9—Surfside 6 1:30 AM 5—'Between Teens th* 9—Peter Ounn 10—'Colorful World 9:00 PM 3-13—I}ootors and Nurse* 5-18—'Hullabaloo 6-7—The Fugitive 9—87th Precinct 10—Profile Traffic 9:30 PM 10—Music ot the 30s 10:00 PM II— "Appointment with Crime" 10:16 PM 9—'Carson City" 10:30 PM •—"Lusty Men"— Susan Hayward, Robert Mltchum 10:25 PM 2—"The Brave Bulls"— —Mel Ferrer, Anthony Qutnn 12:00 Midnight 7—"A Night of Adventure" 9—News 12:15 AM 4—"The Lcft-Handed Gun"—Paul Newman 12:20 AM 9—M Squad 12:35 AM 2—News 12:40 AM 2—"Affair In Havana" 12:50 AM 9—yancy Derringer 1:30 AM 5—'Everyman Wednesday 7:00 AM •—Home and Garden 9:00 AM 7—"Women of the Town" 12:00 Noon 6—"Death of a Champion"—Donald O'Connor 1:00 PM 9—'Lead Off Man 1:10 PM 9—•Ba.scball: Cubs vs. Bravci 3:30 PM 4—Mr. D 3:45 PM 9—'Tenth Inning 4:00 PM 2—"The Good Humor Man"—Jack Carson, Lola Albright 4—"Cannibal Attack" 7—"The Invisible Man's Revenge" •—Baseball: Cubs vs. Braves 4:30 PM 6—"Henry Aldrich Haunts A House" 6:00 PM 12—Huckleberry Hound 6:30 PM 3-ia—UUt«r Gd 4—•Bafarl 8-11—•Tba Vtr^itan •-?-OBI 1« MdWrlol •—"Tex**"— wmum Holden, Olenn Ford 7:00 PM 3-ia-My Uving OOU B-7—Patty Duke 7:30 PM a-ia—Beverly HUlbUUM 4—Buckskin «-7-«hlndif 10—Creative Persom 8:00 PM 2-13—Dick Van Oyke 4-5—'The Hanged Man" Edmond O'Brien 10—Self Encounter 18—Wrestling 8:30 PM 3-13—Our Private World 6-7—Burke's Law 9—Arrest and Trial 10—Pace of Sweden 9:00 PM 3-12—Luci-DesI Hour 10—News in Perspective IB—Best ot OroBcbo 9:30 PM 6—Bewitched 7—ABC Scope 18—Hennesey 10:00 PM 18—"It Happened in Broad Daylight" 10:15 PM 9—"The Champion"— Kirk Douglas 10:20 PM 6—"Paradise Lagoon" 10:25 PM 2—"The Blue Dahlia"— Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake 12:00 Midnight 7—"Stranger on the Third Floor"— Peter Lorre 12:15 AM 4—Zeb Billings I— News 12:20 AM 4—"Sirocco"— Humphrey ^^"^ 2—News 13:30 AM 4-5-'Hazel Rose of Washington 1—Peyton Plaoo •quare"—Alice Fay*, 9—Richard Diamond l^rone Power, Al Jolson •—"Sunday Dinner tor a Soldier" 1:30 AM S—'Town and Farm Thursday • .00 AM 7—"Behave Yourzeir'— Farley Qranger. Shelley Winters 13:00 Moon •—"And the Angel* Sing" 1:15 PM •—"Steamboat Round the Bend"—Will Rogers 2:30 PM •—Matinee 3:30 PM 4—Lea Marvin 4:00 PM 3—"All .1 Desire"— Barbara Stanwyck 10—'Colorful world •:00 PM 2-12—The Defenders 4-5—'Suspense Theater 7—Jimmy Dean 9—Naked City 10—Congressional Series 18—Best of Oroucho •:30 PM to—Bcienee CnclnoertBg Journal 18—Hennesey 10:00 PM IB—"Adventures ot Arsene Lupin" 10:15 PM "Painting the Clouds »—News 9—"'Neptune'* Daughter"—Esther WlUfam*, Red Skelton, RIcardo Montalban 10:20 PM «—"Oeronimo" 10:25 PM 3—"Fuel ot Lite"— Judy HoUiday 12:00 Midnight 7—"The Witness Ch*lr" 12:10 AM 12:35 AM •—News 13:85 AM •—"Brother Rat" 1:30 AM 7—Metro-Porum 1:30 AM 5—"The Constant Husband"—Rex Harrison, Kay Kendall 2:35 AM •—News 3:40 AM •—"Possessed' '—Joan Crawford, Raymond Massey 4:45 AM B—News 4:50 AM 9—"Submarine D-I" 4—Sports la Action 5—Bold Journey 12—atranw But True 3:30 PM 3—My LitUe Margie 6—Auto Racing 12-Sky King 18—In Crowd 3:45 PM 6—Post Game Scoreboard •—•Tenth Inning 4:00 PM a—Burn* and Allen 4—"The Snow Creature" B-6—Roller Derby 7—Wide World ot with Sunshine" 7—"Glory at Sea" •—Superman 4:30 PM •—"Stranger on the Third Floor"-Peter Lorre 8:00 PM 13—Peter Potamu* «:00 PM •—Woody Woodpecker 6:30 PM 3-12—The Munster* 4-8—Daniel Boone «-7—'Jonny Quest 8—Hollywood A-Go-Go 18—"It Happened in Broad Daylight" 7:00 PM 3-12—Perry Mason 6-7—Donna Reed 7:30 PM 4-8—Dr. Kildare 6-7—My Three Sons 9—Stoney Burke 10—Survival in Sea 8:00 PM 3—Password •—"•Silk Stockings"— Fred Astalre, Cyd Charlsse 7—Bewitched 10—Challenge 13—77 Sunset Strip 8:30 PM 2-11—Celebrity Oam* 13:18 AM 2—News 4—"Caged" 12:20 AM 2—"Manhandled" 9—'"The FoUe* Bergeres" 1:30 .AM B— International Zon* Tuesday Edward O. Robinson 9:00 AM 7—"Divided Heart" 12:00 Noon 6—"Blue Skies" 12:30 PM 4—All-star Preview 12:45 PM 4—'All-star Baseball Game 1:15 PM 9—"The Annapolis Story" 2:30 PM 9—Matinee 4:00 PM 2—"Flesh and Fury"— Tony Curtis, Jan sterling 4—"My Pal Gus" 7—"Prisoner of the Iron Mask" »—Superman 4:30 PM 6—"The Falcon in Hollywood" 5:00 PM 5—Trackdown 7—Gallant Men "Bullets or Ballots"— 12—Yogi Bear " ~ ~ • • 6:00 PM B—Yogi Bear 6:30 PM 2—Lee Phillip's Chicago 4-5—Mr. Novak 6-7—Combat 9—'Magllla Gorilla 12—Milwaukee Reports le—Charlie Chan 7:00 PM 2-12—Joey 9—Doble Gillls 7:30 PM 2-12—Hollywood Talent Scouts 4—'Fishing Show 5-18—Moment of Fear 6-7—McHale's Navy 9—Maverick 10—Ireland Rediscovered 8:00 PM 4—"Action in the North Atlantic"—Humphrey Bogart, Raymond Massey 5-18—Cloak of Mystery 6-7—Tycoon 10—People Dance 8:30 PM 2-12—Petticoat Junction 6-7—Peyton Place Monday 8:30 AM 10—Driver Education 9:00 AM 7—"The Arnelo Affair" 10:30 AM 10—Driver Education 12:00 Noon 6—"Blue Skies"—Bing Crosby, Fred Astalre 1:15 PM 9—"Double Identity" 2:30 PM 9—Matinee 4:00 PM 2—"Hold Back the Night" 4—"Poor Little Rich Girl"—Shirley Temple 7—"Hands of a Stranger" 9—Superman 4:30 PM 6—'"Goliath Against the Giants" 6:00 PM 4—The Pioneers 12—Woody Woodpecker Monday Through Friday 6:15 AM 3—Chicago Farm Report B—Town and Farm 6:30 AM 3—Summer Semester 4—Funny Company 5—Education Exchange 7—Dr. Posln's Universe 6:45 AM •—•News 13—Farm Report 6:50 AM 6—RFD No. 6 7:00 AM 2—News. Weather 4-5—Today 6—Classroom B (except Wednesday) J—Game Room 12—Summer Semester 7:05 AM 9—'Top O' The Morning 7:15 AM 12—Farm News 7:25 AM 4.B—•News 7:30 AM 3—Mrs. Carroll's Class 6—News 8—'Ray Rayner and His Friends 13—HI Neighbors 7:48 AM 6—Cartoon Capers 7:55 AM 3—Junior Newsroom 8:00 AM 3-11—Captain Kangaroo 7—Morning Show 8:15 AM 6—King and Odi* 8:30 AM 6—Cartoon Alley 12—News 8:45 AM 9—King and Odle 9:00 AM 3-13—News 4-5—^Truth or Consequences 9—'Romper Room 18—Jack La Lanne 9:35 AM 6—News 9:30 AM 2-12—Lucy Show 4—December Bride 6-18—'What's This Song 6—Rebus Game 8—'Exercises 9:55 AM S-18—News 10:00 AM 2-12—Andy of Mavberry 4-5—Concentration 6—Sergeant Preston 8-18—Girl Talk 10:30 AM 3-18—McCoys 4-5—•Jeopardy 6-7—Prlee I* Bight •-Miko DouglM Show 13—Search lor Tomorrow 10:4B AM la-aolding Ulbt 11:00 AM 2—Love of tite 4-5—•Call My Blutt 6-7—Donna Reed 12—Mike Douglas Show 18—Dr. Joyce Brother* 11:25 AM 2—News 11:30 AM 2—Search for Tomorrow 4-5—'I'll Bet 6.7—Father Knows Best 11:45 AM 2—Guiding Light U:5S AM 4.B_«News 12:00 Noon 2—News 5—Tug-O-War 7—Rebu* Oam* &—'Boro 12:18 PM 3—Le* PhUlip Show 12:30 PM 3-13—World Tumi 4-Kids Klub 6—Make s Deal 7—Private Line 12:BS PM •—•News 1:00 PM 3-12—Password 4-5—Moment of Truth 7—^Where Th* Action Is 9—News (except Wednesday) 1:30 PM a-ia—House Party 4-5—The Doctor* 6-7—A Time For Us 1:55 PM 6-7—News 2:00 PM 2-12—Tell the Truth 4-5—Another World 6-7—General Hospital 2:25 PM 2-13—News 2:30 PM 2-12—Edge of Night 4 -B— •You Don't Say •-7—Young Married* 3:00 PM 2-13—Secret Storm 4-6—Match Game 6-7— Trallmaster 3:25 PM 4-B—New* 3:30 PU 3—Burns and Allen B— Bachelor Father ta—Love of Lit* 4:00 PM B— Lloyd Thaxtor 6—Wher* The Action Is 13—Pops Theater 4:30 PM 9-12—Mickey Mous* Club 5:00 PM 5—The Killeman (except Tuesday) 9—•Garfield Goose 18—Jack Benny 6:30 PM 3—Waiter Kronklte 4—Huntley-Brlnklcy 8—News, Weather, Sports 7—Passage to Adventure 12—^Bachelor Father 18—News 6:40 PM IB—New* 8:45 PM •—•News. Weather. Snorts 5:55 PM 6—News 6:00 PM 8-4—•News, weather. Sports 6—Huntley-Brlnkley 6—Sea Hunt 7—News 13—Sumthln' Else 16—Walter Cronklt* (except Friday) «:a5 PM la—New* 7:00 PM 10—What's New 10:00 PM a-4-5-6-7-9-12—'New* Weather. Sport* 10:15 PM 7—Nightlife 10:30 PM 4-5—'Tonight 12—Merv Griffin Show (except Friday) 12:00 Midnight 4—News B— Merv Griffin Show 12:30 AM 6—Nightlife Friday 9:00 AM 7—"Slave Girl"—Evfc Gabor 12:00 Noon 6—"Prison Farm" 1:15 PM 9—"Bomber's Moon" 2:30 PM 9—Mallnee 3:30 PM 4—Mr. D 4:00 PM 2—"Jack McCall, Desperado" 4—"Big Money" 7—"Fort Defiance" 9—Superman 4:30 PM 6—"Tennessee's Partner" —Ronald Reagan 6:00 PM 13—Magilla Oorillk 5:30 PM •—Lloyd Thaxton 6:00 PM •—Rocky and Hi* Friends 6:30 PM 3—Rawhide 4-B—international Showtime 6-7-'The FUntitone* 9—"Hoppity Goe* to Town" la—Oallant Men IB—Nation At War 7:00 PM •—•Wisconsin Weekend 7—FDR 7:30 PM 3-13—Car* WUliam* 4-S—•Bob Hope 6-7—Addams Family 10—Lost Continent: Antarctic 1»—"Adventures ot Arsene Lupin" 8:00 PM a .l2_Our Private World 6-7—Valentine's Day 9—Oobie Gillls 10—Spectrum 8:30 PM 2-12—Vacation Playhouse 4-5—Jack Benny 6-7—Peyton Place 9—The Detectives 10—Showcase 9:00 PM 2-12—Slattery's People 4-5—•Jack Paar 6-7—12 O'clock High 9—Human Jungle 10—American Symphony 18—Best of Groucbo 9:30 PM IB—Hennesey 10:00 PM 1*—Blue Star Award Home 10:05 PM 1»—Sports 10:15 PM 7—Nightlife 9_»"That Forsythe Woman" 18—"Senechal, The Magnificent" 10:20 PM 6—'"Behind the Mask" 10:25 PM 2—"The Line Up" 10:30 PM 12—"Cyclops" 12:00 Midnight 7—"Bunco Squad" 12:05 AM 2-9—News 12:10 AM 3—"The Bride Goes Wild"-Van Johnson, June AUyson 13:15 AM 4—Zeb Billing* I'i—"Not ot This Earth" 12:20 AM 4—"Temptation" Saturday 6:00 AM •—Summer Semester 6:30 AM a—Big Picture 6:40 AM •—Side Show 6:45 AM 13—Davey and Goliath 7:00 AM a-13—Mr. Mayor 5—Space Theater 6—Farm Scene 7—Last of the Mohicans •—Too O' the Morning 7:15 AM •—Yesterday's Newsreel 7:30 AM 4—Your Library Story 7—Northwest Passage 9—•Ray Rayner and Hi* Friends 7:45 AM «—Cartoon Carnival 6—News 8:00 AM 2-12—Alvin Show 4-5—Top Cat 6—Cartoon Capers 7—Tom Ewell 8:30 AM a-ia—Tennessee Tuxedo 4-5—'Hector Heathcoto 6—Cartoon AUe? 7—Bowery Boys 9—Supercar 9:00 AM a-ia—Quick Draw McOraw 4-5—"Underdog •—Oene Autry 9:30 AM a-ia—Mighty Mous* 4-5—Fireball XL-5 6—Touche Turtle 7—Courageous Cat •—Three Stooges 10:00 AM a-ia—Linus the Llonhearted 4-5—Dennis th* Menace 6-7—Casper 10:30 AM a-ia—Jetsons 4—•Cartoon Caper* 6—Fury 6-7—Porky Pig •—Superman 11:00 AM a-4ky King 4—Kids' Klub S—•Kat Tales ••7—Bugs Bunny •—Peter Potamu* 13—Space Angel 11:30 AM a—My Friend Fllcka 6—Whiplash 6-7—•Hoppity Hooper •—Your Senator Reports 12—Dick Tracy 11:46 AM 9—'News 11:65 AM 4—News 12:00 Noon 2—News 4—"Tarzan and His Mate" B—"Tales of Robin Hood"—"The Babe Ruth Story" •—International Zone 7—American Bandstand 9—Wanted Dead or Alive 12—Pops Theater 12:15 PM 3—Lee Phillip 12:30 PM 3—Wonderful World 6—County Closeup 9—The Rebel 13—News. Sport* 1:00 PM ;glon Ot the J Doomed" ! 12—Rawhide • IB—WresUlne J 4:30 PM • 2—"Jack and the • Beanstalk"—Abbott I Costello I 6:00 PM I •—Rave Gun. Will I Travel I 6—Jimmy Dean Show i 12—Bowery Boys I 18—The Detectives • 5:30 PM I 4—'Nortb Of th* Tension ! Line : 8—News : 7—Sports Special J 9—One Step Beyond • 6:45 PM • 4—News • 5:55 PM • 3—Weather i 6:00 PM I 8-4—News, Weather i Sports I 8—'City Desk i 6—New* I 9—Maverick • 13—Singin' Here Tonight , IB—Porter Wagoner | Show J 6:30 PM : 2-13—Fanfare • 4-5—'Flipper J 8-7—King Family ' 18—Grand Ole Opry ' 7:00 PM J 4-5—Kentucky Jones J (-Hawaiian Eye : 18—Jazz Scene U.S.A. z 7:30 PM 2-l3-01111gan'» Island 4—Death Valley Days 5-18—'Mr. Magoo 8-7—Lawrence Welk 8:00 PM 2-12—Secret Agent 4-5—"But Not for Me" -Clark Gable, CniroU Baker 9—Checkmate 18—Shock Theater 8:30 PM 8-7—Hollywood Palace 9:00 PM 2-12—Gunsmoke 9—'America 9:30 PM 6—Peyton Place 7—Story of Satchel Page 9—Silents Please 18—Kup's Show 10:00 PM 3-4-5-6-9-12—'News, Weather, Sports 10:15 PM 2—"Come and Get It" 4—"'Cash McCall"— James Garner. Natalie Wood B—'"Alone Against Rome" 10:20 PM 6—"Mr. Arkadiu"— Orson Welles 10:30 PM 6—'Tonight 7—News 12—Merv Griffin 11:00 PM 6—News, Weather. Sports 7—"Thundercloud" 12:00 Midnight 5—"War of the Satellites" 6—"Four Frightened People" 12—"Hell on DevU's Island" 12:15 AM 2—News . 9—"The People Against • O'Hara"—spencer Tracy 12:20 AM ^^I'n^'"" 2-At Randon;' and Modern Man A wpatvior TMOIVQ 6—Baseball: Orioles vs. *-Weather. News Tigers 12:35 AM 7—Baseball: Yankees vs. 4-"Savage Wilderness" Suniiay, July 11, IMS RACINE SUNDAY lULLETIN 7B 0 ' 'BUCKSKIN' RETURNS— Seven episodes of "Buckskin," a Western series which ran one season on network television a half dozen years ago, will be repeated beginning today over channels 4 and 5 at 7:30 p.m. Tommy Nolan plays a 10-year-old boy growing up in a Montana town of the 1880s. Sallie Brophy portrays his widowed mother, who runs the town's boarding house. Tony Curtis Suggests Putting Psychiatrists on Movie Sets Twins 9—'Lead Off Man 12—Rlverboat 1:10 PM •—'BasebaU: White Box vs. Angels 1:30 PM 2—International Hour 4—Talent Showcase 2:00 PM 4—Sir Francis Orak* 12—Wire Service 2:30 PM 3—^Repertoire Workshop 4—'Danger Is My Business 2:45 PM (—'Sportsman's Holiday 3:00 PM a—American Musical Theater 12:45 AM 7—Kup's Show 1:30 AM 5—"The Cyclops"— Lon Chaney 2:15 AM 9—News 2:20 AM 8—"Stage Struck"— Dick Powell 4:05 AM 9—News 4:10 AM 9—"Silver Dollar"— Edward G. Robinson 5:45 AM 9—Roaring 20s 6:36 AM 9—Best of Groucho 7:00 PM 9—Side Show CUT AND SAVE .„._...,„_... CUT AND SAVE CUT AND SAVE ,....„.__....«-...... CUT AND SAVE • Broadway's Sherlock Terms Deductive Ability 'Elementary' NEW YORK—(NEA)—The angular man with the sonorous voice turned suddenly to the gentleman standing next to him at the cocktail party and said, "Your'e color blind, aren't you?" The man, astounded, re- pliedj "How did you know?" The tall man explained, "Elementary. I have been talking to you for a while, and you are obviously a gentleman of culture and taste. But that orange tie does not go with the red vest you are wearing. Hence, you must be color blind." Identifies ex-Marine A few weeks later, our angular hero was being served in a restaurant by a waiter he immediately classified as a man discharged from the U. S. Marines just three months earlier. "What makes you say that?" asked the waiter. "Peeking out from under,Hoimes Fritz Weaver plays Sherlock Holmes in the Broadway musical "Baker Street." your sleeve," said our hero, "is a portion of a tattoo of the Marine Corps insignia. More difficult was the length of time you have been out of the service. You have obviously had a Marine haircut, and it has grown to the point where it Is just beginning to turn over. I estimate that would take three months." In other words, yes, Fritz Weaver has found his life changed by playing Sherlock Holmes in the Broadway musical, "Baker Street." Everyone a Critic "Everyone is a fan of Holmes," Weaver said, "and everyone is a critic. I got a letter from an irate Holmesian who said, "It is quite clear that Holmes never smiled. You smile at least 15 times in the show.' I wrote her back and told her I could document in Conan Doyle's stories, place after place where grimaced, laughed, guffawed and smiled coldly. "Everyone is so certain he knows just exactly what Holmes was like. The truth is that Doyle made Holmes do what suited the story. He was a linguist in one, jiu-jitsu expert in another and so on. Holmes lived in an unspecialized age when pure brain work was his most powerful weapon." Weaver, a native of Pittsburgh and former scholarship student at the University of Chicago, made his Broadway debut 10 years ago in "The Chalk Garden." Since then he has worked constantly in a variety of roles, on Broadway, in television and films (notably "Fail- Safe"). Chase Scene "Baker Street," a lavish production with awesome sets and a thrilling chase scene througli the alleys and sewers of London's seamy areas, has its hazards. In one scene Weaver and Martin Gabel, as Moriarty, fall from the cliffs of Dover. "We are about eight feet up, and we are blinded by the lights when we go over. There is a postage-sized mattress for us to land on, and eight brawny men to catch us. One night they weren't there on cue. We grabbed everything we could on the way down, including each other, but we were both bruised. "And last night, as I was intently studying a bullet with true Holmes concentration, it went phloomp and squirted out of my hand and into the footlights. I'm sure something like that would never have happened to Holmes," Producer Preminger Unconcerned About Being Labeled a Film Tyrant NEW YORK — UB • Sticks and stones may break Otto Preminger 's bones — but being called names doesn't seem to hurt him. Or, if it does, he doesn't show it. The controversial film producer is admitted even by most of his critics to be a genius. But as a result of his caustic tantrums and his ability to reduce both stars and underlings to resentful pools of jellied ego, he sometimes is called a tryant and such nicknames as "the terrible-tempered Mr. Preminger" and "Otto the Sweet." At the moment film circles are being titillated by an article in a women's magazine inquiring as to whether he is the "most hated man in the movie industry." Refuses to Answer On this question Otto himself is icily noncommittal. "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I don't want to incriminate other people," he remarked drily. "It makes no difference. What people think of me personally doesn 't interest me. I'm not running for public office or engaged in a popularity contest. "I never object to what people say about me. I'm interested only in what they think of my work." The theater and films have been the passion of Preminger's life since he abandoned a law career in Vienna as a youth. He has worked as actor, writer, director and producer, and now prefers the lone wolf role because it satisfies his strongly independent nature. "I Am Both" "I produce and direct my pictures," he said, "because if the producer and director, have a fight I always win — since I am both. "I don't have to do what other people tell me. This is a great joy, for to me life means self-expression." At 58, Otto, a man with iceberg eyes, a Hapsburg lip and a pink head shaven like Yul Brynner's, has made his devotion to his work pay off. He likes luxury and surrounds himself with it. He has a gourmet's taste for fine food and wines, lives in a showplace home on the East Side here, collects expensive modern art. Picture a Year Now he makes about one picture a year and plans it as methodically as a general going into battle. He likes to people his pictures with stars. His latest, "In Harm's Way," has a cast which includes John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Tom Tyron, Hugh O'Brian and Henry Fonda. From script to final cutting every aspect of the picture bears his individual stamp. "The biggest problem is still to find scripts that will entertain a diverse worldwide audience," he said. "I just figure that if a story interests me it will interest everyone." His monumental self-confidence has paid off. Most of his films have made money, a fact which interests Otto because he gets a share of the profits plus a fee of around $400,000 for each picture. "Relatively Happy" "I am a relatively happy man, however," Otto said, "because I have educated my­ self not to become too overjoyed by success or too depressed by failure. "Success is only important because it gives you the means to continue your work; failure, because it makes you take another look — to improve your work. "But you must keep a sense of perspective and realize that what is important to you may not be a problem to the whole world. Most tensions in life come from overrating the importance of yourself and your problems. A sense of humor is better than any psychoanalyst." Asked what he regarded as his own greatest personal defect was, Otto smiled blandly and replied: "My biggest fault is that I never think of my faults. But to pursue my virtues would be a completely futile chase." 400,000 LEAVE SERVICE This year about 400,000 servicemen will retire after 20 or more years of service. By 1980 the annual retirement rate will reach 1 million. HOLLYWOOD — (/P) — Movie studios could save themselves a lot of grief, not to mention money, says heavy thinker Tony Curtis, if they would simply hire a resident psychiatrist for the actors. "Ninety per cent of the problems caused by actors on a picture could be cured with the help of a competent headshrinker," he said. "Allow me to give an example. When I was making 'Some Like It Hot,' Marilyn Monroe was invariably late. Finally the Mirisches (the producers) could stand it no more and they called her agency and talked to her drama coach and insisted that she be more punctual. "Okay, so the next day or so she showed up at 9 a.m But she made life so miserable for everybody on the set that we were all glad when she went back to arriving at 11. "Too Late" for Marilyn "The point here is that Marilyn at that time was too late to be saved. But if someone had tried to reason with her earlier in her career and tried to straighten her out on why she was late, she might not have had all that trouble." Stardom, he con tinued, presents constant pressures and actors could use someone to help them over the rough spots. He cited his own example: "What was I? A punk kid from the Bronx who was just a few steps ahead of the cops. Then suddenly I'm here in Hollywood and people are pointing me out and asking my opinion on this and that. t was too much for me to handle. "For a period of three or 'our years I was in analysis, attempting to find a way to deal with what was happening to me. That treatment helped me greatly." "Like a Goldfish" Vestiges of two traumas remain from his early days at Universal, he admitted: 1. He was bugged by being herded with other young players to be put on public display for visiting theater men. To this day he shuns being bunched with actors like a goldfish" at public events. 2. He disliked coming on a set and finding the camera already in place for the scene. "They did that to save time in all the crummy pictures I was in at first," he said. "Now if I find the camera is pre-set, I walk off. You can't tell how a scene should be shot until the actors rehearse it; that's the only way I'll work." These are not debilitating idiosyncracies, he conceded. Other actors suffer far more severely. "For instance, Mario Lanza," he cited. "Did anyone try to straighten that poor guy out? Nobody at MGM did. They just used him as long as they could and let him go." 'New Wave' Movie to Be on TV Tonight One of the original French "new wave" movies, "The 400 Blows," will be shown on "Summer Cinema" today over channel 9 at 10:15 p.m. The 1959 film, directed by Francois Truffaut, tells of a neglected 12-year-old and the scrapes in which he gets involved. Will Quiz Lindsay on 'Meet the Press' Rep. John Lindsay, R-N. Y., candidate for mayor of New York City, will be the guest on "Meet the Press" today over channels 4 and 5 at 5 p.m. THE INDIAN TYPE— After his success in his "Cat Ballou" Indian role, Tom Nardini runs the risk of being typed as an Indian in future films. Nardini, who has a 7-year contract with Columbia, is shown here with Jane Fonda in a scene from "Cat Ballou." Documentary to Look at Mars Spacecraft "Mission to Mars," a half- hour special concerning the Mariner 4 spacecraft which is scheduled to transmit photos of the planet Mars during a "fly-past" this week, will be presented on channels 2 and 12 today at 5:30 p.m. The report will describe the spacecraft's assignment and will examine America's program to determine if life exists on the red planet. Will Make Sequel to 'Room at the Top' LONDON —m— "Life at the Top," the sequel to the movie "Room at the Top," is due to have location work in the north of England. Laurence Harvey again stars as Joe Lampton. Jean Simmons is his co-star. ROAD CONSTRUCnON BELGRADE — </P) — In the past 10 years Yugoslavia has constructed 8,500 kilometers (5,300 miles) of new automobile highways. Word to the wise . .. Toke Advantage LOW OVERHEAD PRICES on • REFRIGERATORS • FREEZERS • WASHERS • DRYERS • RANGES • DISHWASHERS BELLE'CITY REFRIGERATION 1321 lltinoit S». <I4-776S Open Eves, f* 9K)0

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