The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 17, 1955 · Page 1
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 1

Sandusky, Ohio
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Saturday, December 17, 1955
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"SANDUSKY, A City That's Growing Places" REGISTER HI STAR-NEWS %Vi :i %TIIKH Increasing cloudiness and a Utile colder tonight with the low about 20 near the lake shore iind 15 inland. Sunday will be cold wlih snow flurips. FouBd«d 1822, Vol. 133. No. 2S2. Ifittrnilienal Nawt ttrvic* SANDUSKY, OHIO, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1955 Unittd Prett Phon* 1140 Prle* FiTt GMti Comment tfm Ui* SIDELINES A HE you ready for Christmas? If not, you l)etter step Jively ior the big day is just a wee it j away. You only have seven days left in which to get ready for the visit of jolly old St. Nick. The pleasures of Christmas are not confined to the day itself. For weelt.s in advance an air of deep my.slery hangs over every houficliold tliat is bies-sed with children. There are whispers and >i ;igglos and secrets. Also there is dflily gues.sing-games as young! i folk.s try to worm out of mother! | or father what Santa is iiltely'| to bring. Again the old, old;| stories^ of Christmas are handed down as they have been from generation to generation. And each generation ha.s its incessant .stream of questions about the magic season. To miss any of this is to miss a large part of the joy and happiness ofi Christmas. • • • N our family a rite has developed in which the whole j family comes down the stairs to-j gcther on Christmas morning, einging the old song: Christmas mornitiff, Christmas mornJnK. — Hear those bells, hear those bells. Tell the mantrer story, tell the manger story. Ding, dong, bell; Disf > Aong, bell. ' • • * N O matter if dad does have a cracked voice which he can't keep on the right key for more than six notes. He sings just; the same. Preliminary sessions; have already started. Hardly a day goes by but that the children want to sing the refrain. [f any member of the family; som,,ianj| today while"'tiie sec- holds back he or she is stirred j Arctic of the week to action with the command,j spread southward over the North"daddy sing" or "mamma sing.",e,-n Plains. Over and over again. They never Lush California Valley Hit By Series Of Earthquakes 'J^tT^'.'Z.l Heavy Loss HERO'S SOX— Colin P. Kelly III looks at a picture of his father, World War 2 hero, Capt. Colin P. Kelly II, after the boy received the highest award of the Boy Scouts. "Corky,"' 1,5, was presented with a sash signifying his elevation to the rating of Eagle Scout. The youngster lives with his mother and stepfather in Chester Heights, Pa. (NEA Telephoto) I Keep Red Chinese Talks Until Jilanks^Released- WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 fUP)—The United Slates will continue, its Gereva talks with Red China until all American civilians still • held in China are freed. It will do so despite its ac- Await Action On Newest Gaza Raid Idiots In Jordan Against Pro-West New Government JERUSALEM, Dec. 17 (UP) — Egypt charged today tliat Israeli forces attacked Egyptian positions with Qulomalic weapons in a 20-minute battle in the southern sector of the Gaza strip. Egypt, in a formal complaint' to the United Nations Mi.ved Armistice Commission, said the attack took place last Thursday. Official Egyptian sources said there were no Egyptian casual- Southland Siill In Grip Of Second Heavy Cold Blast CHICAGO, Dec. 17 (INS) — Freezing weather gripped the The new truce violation charge against Israel came as the UN cusation that the Communists! Palestine truce team promised a seem to tire of it. At least wej ^gp^jftp^ ovj,,. tj^g Northernj shtrald be in good practice forj Rockies along with a strong west. Christmas morning. The prac-; g^jy vvind. This caused moder- tic# sessions are an important gte to heavy snows over the have broken their word on freeing the remaining Americans they still hold. The accusation was made Friday night in a formal gov^-rn- ment statement which charged the Chinese with violating their ! September agreement to free all American civilians "expeditiously." The statement was America's answer to a Communist Chinese cliarge thai it is the United States which has violated the Moderate lo heavy snows were; agpgg^gnt Despite the bitter exchange, official-s said, the United States has no plan to break off the Geneva negotiations with i^ed China. They said the United Rockies in Montana. During the past 24 hours. Mis-| ^^^^^^ ^^e talks may yet soula, Mont., received nine inches^ be valuable in winning release report within the next two days; on a bloody Israeli raid on Syria i to help the Security Council de-j cide whether it should punish] Israel. Syria Demands Syria demanded strict economic sanctions against the Jewish' state. But sources close to the Israeli government in Tel Aviv expressed belief tliat no non-: Arab member of the United Na-i lions ''except possibly Britain'; and Russia" would support thei Syrian demands. Maj. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, chief of the UN truce group, made ai Weather Outlook More modeiale ueatlier, in the light of recent near /eio readings, is the Sandusky outlook tor Saturday and Siindav. The weatherman called for continued cold throuyli Sunday, with Saturday night's low nt>ar the lake 20 and inland \5 degrees. The low was 16 dogvees recorded Frida.\- at 8 p. ni . after which a rising trend set in to touch 2.5 degrees Saturdav morning and an anticipated 30 Saturday afternoon. ' William Brown Is First President For Association Is Centered At Brawley List No Injuriei As 17 Distinct Jolts Are Pelt BRAWLEY, CAL., Dec. 17 (INS) — A serie.s of sharp earthquakes hammed at the lush Imperial Valley Friday night and early this morning, causing extensive damage in the town of Brawley. The quakes started at 7:43 FROIW WATER TO SOUP ~ Turtle soup Is what these oversized critters will wind up,in. Heinz Sidel. left, and Ernst Scheld look over some of the 78 giant ocean turtles In cold storage at Frankfurt. Gennany. The turtles, each weighing about 150 pounds, were shipped from the West Indies. Health Officials Claim Salk Shipments Lagging o'clock fpst) Friday night and re- Vacationland Boat Yard Orjfani- cnrred in ever-increasing inten- lation Formed Seek To lm-^''y until the most damaging prove Boatins. Facilities. 7«^mblor came at 10.06. The I quakes then decrea.sed in severity until early this morning when three minor jolts were felt. In all some 17 distinct shocks were felt in Brawley. Diinnage was limited mostly to shatteitJd glass and plaster and merchandise that tumbled from stort windows onto the streets. Boat yard owners and op- eratora from Toledo on the west and Lorain on the east Friday night completed formation of the Vacationland Boat Yard .Association and elected William Brown, San- dusy. as president. Other officers are John B. Rus- Windows Broken sell, .Jr., Sandusky, vice-presi-j In the downtown section of dent: Robert Zimmerman, San-^ Brawley nearly every plate dusky, secretary, and Juliusj window was broken and Sheriff's Mose, Vermilion, treasurer. j officer roped off the area to pre- Directors named to one year vent injury and to prevent loot- terms were Robert Schaefer, ing. No injuries were reported. Beaver Park: Roy Lee, Vermilion. Theaters, bars and restaurants and Earl Hider, Huron, and those to two year terms, Al Clcmmons, Gem Beach, Glen Deiring, Ca- were evacuated soon after the initial shocks and police and fire equipment was called in from part of the Christmas fun. * * * O N Christmas morning the procession forms at the head of of snow, Drummond, five inthes! ., | the stairs, the children in the'and West Yellowstone, five f/^J'i";;^^^^^^ lead. The song starts. There is^ inches. 18 hours Billings had| ^^f^J"^^''^^^^^^^^^^ a note of magic in the childish eight inches of snow. ^es.ev^^.eliL^^^^^^^^^^ Childish eyes shine with; amounts fell in Idaho. | ^^.^^f ^^^^J^ Older hearts beat both commercial channels and the free federal vaccine program are falling far behind schedule. lawba, and Paul Bakerr-Sandus-j nearby areas to stand by in case ky. I of fire. Two water mains were Objective of the a.ssocialion isj broken but were soon repaired. The quakes were felt throngh- to improve boating and its facilities in the area. The a.ssocia- out the rich agricultural area In voices, expectancy faster. "Christmas Christmas morning." Like thousands of families all over the land, down the staii-s to the joys; of Christmas morning, and likejsnow flurries 2.000 years ago, a little child .shall lead them. Light snow flurries were gen-^ partment said Communist China morning,; eral over the Pacific Northwest.j ^.^j^ j^^j^^ 14 American civilian.s Light snow was reported in the .,,^j^„^,g,^ ^ agreed to release the n.i'l-Mississippi Valley into the citizens expeditiously last northern Great Lakes and a few !Sept. 10. Church Destroyed In Gibsonburg; $75,0flWire Loss FREMONT. Dec. 17-Gibsonburg Church, west of here, was destroyed by fire, which broke out about 3 a.m. today from an undetermined j Loss was placed at approximately ST.'i.OOO, the church being a frame structure about ^0 years old. Only the baptismal font and pastor's chair were saved. Interior of the edifice was gutted ' by flames and the roof fell in. The walls remain standing today over the Mid-At lantic .states. Northern Florida shivered in the midst of the frigid blast which lowered temperatures int0Y> an • i Til • the 20s Cross City, Fla , had Milf HerOniSt PlOt an unusually cold 24 degrees*'*** * wa WM«»» * «w* early today. The second Arctic blast of the week hit the Northern Plains., Dickinson, N. D., with 4 below,' wa day down was down 21 degrees. Argentina Blots As 500 Are Jailed Humphrey Shies Off Favorite Son Role; Picks Rose tion went on record at its meet- El Centro, Calexico. Imperial and Earl Wright, health department ing at Martin's to urge the ap-j Holtville but there was little officer in charge of Ohio's alloca- pointment of Brown, president,! damage outside of Brawley. tion of the vaccine, said there to the Ohio Waterways Commis- Quakes Common may not be enough to inoculate sion. Dr. Charles Richter, seismolo- all eligible children by season. Children through 10 the polio! The organization, open to any, gist at the California Institute boat yard operator or owner, willjof Technology in Pasadena, said years of^ haVe four regularly scheduled! the Imperial Valley is centered on, a series of earth cracks which belong to the San Andreas Fault System. He said quakes are " COLUMBUS, Dec. 17 (UP)—The state health department ad -j frvinsTtrip to Damascus'^to get the! ^i'^**^^ today that supplies of polio vaccine coming into Ohio for Syrian side of the battle. He promised that a full report; on the incident would be for-! warded to UN headquarters in New York by diplomatic pouchy within 48 houi-s. The Securityi Council was awaiting the report j to decide what action to take against Israel. {JLlUlt?/ 1 lUAd llUdCiage and pregnant mothers arei meetings a year Syna demanded that llie coun-, 'eligible for the vaccine under' cil cut off outside economic aid| COLUMBUS, Dec. 17 (INS) — the free federal program. to LsiaeLand even suggested that! ^j,,.,^,,^. induce treasuiy Sec-; "We hope there will be a breakllfllllHUWi; IICU common in the area and they If th/nnu;^ N«.irL '•ela'-y "t'orge Humphrey to runjnexl month in whatever is hold- -1 -1 '^""^^ > ^'"'•'•.v of in- of the United Nations. - \pp„„ri ing "P production," Wright said. Pf«A||A||||fi AlH* ••'•easmg intensity. New Troubles :!hoi?e favorUt so ^i Uie sUteV "Otherwise. I don't know if Ohio tCUnOinit AlU, San Andreas Is the larg- At the same time, reports reach-; j^jj^.^^^ have chosen his as -p^''^^/ """^^ '''''"'''''nillloC fiof limilirr ?\ California's great earth ing Damascus Irom Jordan in-: rh-inman Hn.:^ a« the "^^ ^^i'- iJJUllCS 1161111 UlllCI I faults and runs the length of dicated new troubles in the Mid- ,'/jV^,^^ Upon the.advice of the depart-| ^ jthe state into Mexico. It was die East. Bi'icker ment's polio advisory committee,' p.\Ris. Dec. 17 (INS^—An un-, the San .^rndreas fault that The reports, strictly censored, choice of Rose an under- Percent of the vac-. i„,peat,|,;,bi(. source said today slipped April 8, 1906. and cau .sed said a "state of emergency ^^'<»s\,^^^j,p^^j,^. ^^j. ^1^^ 1^^.^^^^,^^'^.^. jhe ^'""^ relea.sed to Ohio by manu-! importance of the economic the famed San Francisco earth- declared ihroughouL .Jordan fol- ,o ^.^^^^^ y,^ facturers goes into comniercial gj^j i.^ giving Asia -•should quake. c. 17 (INSi lowing nationwide riot.s"Friday in ,,jpp,j"„„ of\i,e Republican atate^ ""^ ^''""^ Percent p^t be overestimated because the Fred Robison. San Diego «m«- e Qon^in,I. to local health authorities. Soviet Union is "a deficit coun- teur seismologist, estimate*! that mbus Brick-' ^"^^""^ was we wanted to t ,.y „.hose economy is dedicated the epicenter of the quake wias in ... , . • i , —,. , , V. meeting ol the Kepun IS down 18 degrees from P n- _Areenline police announced to-j which 40 policemen and g^jj Executiv y. Minol with 5 below was; ^g^, ^^^^ ^ conspiracy to over-! were killed or wounded. There^ j.^.^^.^^, iwn 14 and Casper, Wyo., 13,i , " . . , „ „ „„ were also many casualties among, nnmi'miinn WMB „. . throw the nrovisional government , . ; et s nominaiion was Berlin Red Asks For Violence To Throw Out West BERLIN, Dec. 17 (UP)man Communist leader mt doubt wa.s expressed about; urged West Berlin workers to used again in re-; band together with the Reds and plotters were arrested at a coun- throw the provisional government of Gen. Pedro Eugenio Aramburu has been smashed. More than ."^00 plotters have! been arrested, including two generals who supported deposed ex-presidenl Juan Peron, authorities said. The plot was discovered in the city of La Plata, the capital of; A Ger-i Buenos Aires province, police today! said. The official reports said the a foregone of the and! conclusion. i The Bricker-Rose team will the demonstrators. The dispatches said tens thousands of Jordanians in capital city of Amman "..^i J ,1 . I convention Nablus and other mam cities rioted against the newly (Continued on Page 8—Col. t).)^ ,( believed that Ohio GOP I originally asked Treasury Sccretaiy George Humhpicy! hold down Ohio's 56 national votes for President if he decides to run get the medicine into the arms p,-imarily to building a military lower California but he could • not say just where, said the western There was no apparent damagt have to conqqueri to the Imperial Valley's exien- of as many children as possible, tnachine." land as quickly as possible," said; ^pj ^p source Dr. Ralph Dwork, state health! nations 'don't . .(Eisenhower formed! . again. 6-', It director. "We did not have the .j,,^ massive Russian program of; sive irrigation system, the main machinery to give all the >»J<?c-; pj.onomic aid comparable to the portion of which is the 60 -mile them being from Gibsonburg, | ernment. overthrow the West Berlin gov- try Beck, pastor. Neumann, first the Berlin Communist! ginning, and had wailed to make il of! the arrests until the conspiracy in! a building the church. Firemen Woorivillp. Pemberville and' Alfred Helena fought the flames and jary of prevented their spread to the party, also called for removal o par.sonage of the Rev. Glenn; occupation forces from the west-! was "fully developed." ern sector of the city. ••.Ameri-! Tbe exiled Peron is now can.s go home," Neumann de-' Panama, reportedly writing nianded. | book about his career as Argen- Neuniann's appeal for violence! tina's director. was made in an article carried by! the official East German Com- ^ ij | i • • munist newspaper. V ^Unmail rIOlaS Up It came as the East Germans ^1 • £ A • tightened their "Little lron |lJnlO Wai6l0ria Curtain" by closing down exits at m ^QAA two border elevated railway sta- lOr UV©! ^OUU tions. Storage Building Destroyed In Big Marietta Blaze lions." Dr. Dwork said it was up to each community t:ow it.s share of the vaccine should be distributed aid America is giving underde- AU-American Canal which brings veloped countries." The source water from the Colorado River. declared: in the free federal program. to run as a "favorite son," bur he doclitieil and took a hand in nam-! •« .1 wmt I ing Rose Postol WotKers Bricker said after the nomi.ia-— t F\ I A tioii that these actions in tying tXpCCf UelUQe down and uniting the delegation^/ . i "show we are working in luu- \JT LOCQI IViailS §TATISTHS estate near La Plata. Police said they had been secVe- aware of the plan since the be-| MARIETTA, O,. Dec. 17 lUI'i ni(Ui\ for a delegation united in i — A. fire apparently caused by a purpose." short circuit destio,\ed a storaiie — ^ building of the .Marietta Con- SantO PontS AwOf EL PASO, TEX., Dec. 17 'UPi Full Crews Of For Duty Sunday; Stamp, Par eel Windows Kemain Open. "It is the techniques and guile iiudhed which are the real throats to be conquered." Meanwhile, Secretary of Stale •lohn Foster Duties held a series of last-minute talks before leaving Paris for Washington to report to President Eisenhower <in _____ developments ,it the iust ciMi- Carriers Slated '^^'"''f''' meeting of the North MII.LIO; S PAID i\ Boxrs CLEVELAND, Dec. 17 UNSw- The Lincoln Electric Co. has distributed Christmas bonuses to its l.J.'lti employes totaling $5.4 illion. Hoard Chairman .lames Lincoln sitid that the average bonus w.i-; S4,:i7H. He said the total it'pit'sem d 101 percent of the pavioll for the year. lantic Treaty Council. Marriaqa Application Robert Ward Carver, 32, osteopathic physician, Lake- iide, and Martha Loudensla- gei, 34. teacher, Sanduskv. Rev. lUinsdon Cary, Jr., to officiate. .John (Jordoii Laniuree. .54, di-iiJct court judge. New CasUe, Pa., and Mary Eva Uaiidie, 48, at home, San- riuskv. Rev. Hunsdon Cary, Jr., to officiate. Crete Corp. here Friday night and damages were estimated at $100,000 to $150,000. —They laughed when Santa The Marietta Fire Deiiartmcnt Claus stepped out of his heli-; battled the blaze for more tiiancopter Friday and when Santa two hours as Civil Defense vol- bent over he saw why. Servicemen On Iwo Jima Brace For Big Typhoon MARRIAGE LICENSES Harold E. Maines, 20. fac- torv worker, Milan, and Betty L. Hilton, 20, factory worker, Sandusky. Rev. II. L. Miller to officiate. 66 DEATHS Mi-s. Pauline McDermott, > Eugene Lee. 67, 1827 Clay- CLEVELAND. Dec. 17 HNSi \ lone gunman held up the Colon-; nade cafeteria in the basement of the Leader Building in Cleve-! land today and escaped with an; estimated $;i00 to $400 in ca.sli. Tlie bandit, dressed in a tweed -A ty- o\ercotit and wearing horn- Pacific rimmed glasses, accosted mana- unteers helped to save the machinery and vehicles. A wooden roof on the buililinq caved in but the walls were left standing. Production at the plant would be resumed in a i short time, it was reported. The Sandusky postoffice today braced for its biggest week-end of the holiday mailing season. Assistant Po.stmaster Arthur Larimer said full crews of cai- riers would be on duty Sunday, Ills pants had dropped to his^,,^j ^^^^^^ stamp and parcel post ankles and exposed two pillows windows opHMi. used fur padding, 'I'lu. a.>sigiiments for mail •ilo, ho, ho," Santa ad libbed handleis within the postoffice grurefuUy, "1. left in such a hur- vvjll be determined by the volume ly this morning I forgot to hitch of IIKUI, iic said. up ni.v pants good." Turnabout Is Fair Play As Eskimos Fill Larder With Bear TOKYO, Dec. 17 IL'P ^ , phoon racing across the Pacific rimmed glasses, accosted mana-| MONTREAL, Dec. 17 a P» - piiuiit to a I. S hcluopter iiew today approached the American| ger Tom Perrin and dietitian .^nuj Eskimo villagers who were cateU'^^ho landed there to refuel, base on Iwo Jima with fringej Becker as they were sitting in' winds up to 60 miles per hour, j Perrin's office planning the day's The small complement of U.S.|worg. The cafeteria serves only .\\T Force and Coast Guardsmen j on the island braced for the luncheon and opens at 11 a. m. The tall gunman, who appar- (t. Ini^nt Mauis, 1532 Colum- storm and prepared to take re-;ently knew his way around the j fuge in storm-proof caves. I cafeteria, forced Perrin lo open U. S. .\ir Force Wv'ather Search'the safe When the manager planes located the storm, with had trouble in working the com- 'iiaximum winds of 14.5 miles per bination, the bandii said, hour, about 200 miles southwest "You won't be around foi of Jwo. moving norllieasl al 30 C'hri-^irnas ii vmi donl hurry up miles per hour. 'and open that sale.' out of house and home by five A'u.atuk. the only eskimo who couUi speak English, told the polar bears but got even by eat- j.,,^.,.^ p^,,,^,. ^^^.^^^ ing bear No. 6 returned to more on Dec 14 and ate all the food conventional rations today thanks Annatuk said the villagers sur- to the Air Force. vived by eating one polar bear An Air Transport Command ihey managed to kill, spokesman said an Rt.WF C47 The pilots gave the villager.- based at Goose Ba.v. Labrador, all the rations they had to tidt had djopped food to okimos at tiiein over and relaved the PtiM Burwell on tlu- noillu'a>t- nu).-,' piiL;lit to authorities ai ern tip of CJucbcc i'lovnici' 'I'lit' (Jnu^c Ha>. Haic^ of footl wen norlueru uatue* lecouultd iheii, uioi'pcd lu liie Mllaicra Fiula> Siani]> and parcel post windows ait' upi 'ii uiuil 6 o'clock tonight ami iiiKin to 5 p m on Suiidav'. Krul.iv was tlie fifth consecutive (lav thai cancellation ma- •liines hit in excess of 100,000, Willi a 108.200 total That figure \\H> under Dec. 16. 19.54 date Hilal 01 11H.200 but still placed the grand total ahead of the 16 lav total of last yeai\ Total cancellations for the 16 days of December last vear were 837,000 and for 1953. 881.- •!0U. Larimer said the peak has not el^ been reached. KfTCHEV SINK SWIPED KNOXVILLE. TENN , Dec 17 L I' "Officers said a thief cn- iMcd a vacant apartnient Thur.-. la", ciiid -tule uothiiii but tlic Kiicuen »ink. Late News Flashes I GElTSIiCKG, PA., (J\S> — ; President tiiovaniii Grodu of ! Italy loda.v acieptcil an inviia ition fi'uni Piesiilt'iit Ki.Ncnhower ;to pay a lluee-itav state v isu tu the I. S stailiiiu Feb. 28. » » • tOl.l MHl S, (INS) — (;ov. Frank .1 l.;isi>i lie loct.iy .m- ,'iiounci'il in,it Kdu.ird J. Kii'wui ; has le.^uncil lii--< mciiihcrhnip on jthe siaU' Do .ud ol ia\ appcaU^ and Kiaiiii- P. lluu .ud has been named lo uU liie \ .icaiicy. • » • WASlUNtilDN. a H) — ihe Navy di.M li).>c(l lutlay ii has licpiied up it.-> proi;iaiu lo develop an aiuuuc-powered seaplane that could fly noii-stup around the world. Contracli have lecu awardeil five firms to study he problems IN S( HEDl'LES TALKS UNITED NATIONS. N.Y . Dec. 17 (LPi--L'nited Nations dele- t^ations met m hasty conferences todav in an effort to settle a deadlocked Security Council election which forced extension of the U) annual session until midnight Tuesday. SHOPPING DAYS LEFT p.. Htip Fight Tl —^ I., ivy CluUhnot SMk.J CHRISTMAS SHOPPING UOUBS IN SANDUSKY STOKES TonUht uutil 9. Nest week, Monday, Tuesday, MASHFEE. MASS.. d P)-lVo Wednesday. Thursday and Friday lien were burned to death and three yuests were injured today vlu'ii fire raced thruuiih tlie his- lonc. 24-ioom ilfilel .Mlaquin n the ceuici ot lliu Cdii»j Coii . owu. until 9 p. m. Clusie C'hrUtmaa p. m. Eve at 1:30 I'OMOFFlCt WINDOW HOt'KS buudaj'. noon uatU 4 9.

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