The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 14, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, July 14, 1948
Page 8
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Child Struck By Automobile An eight-year-old girl escaped without serious injury when a ear struck her and ran over her -a"t Lewistown about 5:30 o'clock Tues- i\- and two persons were injured '\\hen a coupe ran off Route 40 near Cocksviile and struck a culvert. City In Its Love For Music Has Never Shown Interest In Organizing Municipal Band plus private donations. Wayne»- boro has been having public concerts sine* 18S3 and it* b«nd i* considered one of the best in the such an organization through this means. He further stated: "Unquestionably there are manv men and JOE EISENKAVEK 3rd ; to the extent that it might later 'Cumberland Valley, in fact in women in all stations of life in · Pennsylvania, with "plenty of pub- i Frederick who \vould be sufticrcnt- uc rupport."* an official said. The i ly interested to lend financial sup- 1 band has no scheduled programs. ; pO rt We don't think it proper to ; but offers perhaps 20 public con- ] taddie the^ealire expense upon th rprt* a year, in addition to its f municipal government and con*e^* queativ, we don't think it should be guy ana two persons were ^jui: TO ia IU iO ve lor music, t reoeric* : e ^ genesis ~of an orgamra-, ^ro«ra» At York left e ntir*lv to the Citv officials W*hen a coupe ran off Route 40 near does not dufer from other cities.} ^ ^ wh * ich tfae enUre commu- York. Pa. has a somewhat d.f- to determine whether s-uch a pro- Or does it? If appreciation lacking , nity mif ht ^ j emlously p , oud .^ , ferent set-up, being a much larger ject ^ ou i d go f urW ard or not Margaret Angleberg^r. daughter here or is it just that the desire « which woll }i attract the attention city. Various private organizations . The Clly government should b* of Mr. and Mrs. William Angle- apathetic? ; ot mU5ic lovers Jn an adjacent · present 32 concerts annually. 16 3 conSr :bu!or While the citizen- berger. who reside at the northend Obviously, questions such as' areas. ln *** Summer. 16 in the '"inter. stand to benefit most the material of Lewistown, darted from behind these are not intended for the; Unquestionably, the financing of; the schedule varying on Saturdays one car inU the path of another { a e s t h e t i c individuals; such a project is its most import- ' and Sundays These are financed _ .. , , . ., . - . blossom into a degree of perman-' other appearances In its love for music, Frederick' cv - · - " «*».,,·. does not ditfer from other cities: j t; · ' crnlive for your school musician*, who otherwise would have no outlet for their talent upon completion of the school course. It would ah-o orovidc a place for those accomplished adult musicians who likewise have n j outlet to their jvoCvitujii "It should not btf A bejiiiii'.ci amateur band but .i: The Xewi. Frederick. M4-. WednewUy. Jmly II. 1M* capable of presenting a high class concert." Peat mosses have reclaimed vast areas of wasteland, tuning them into \shifh makes a useful fu°!. ai'd f u i t M i n c fertile soil. while attempting to cross Houte 15 in front of Heffner's liquor store. The machine knocked h«r down d e s i r e for g o o d music is s \\iil come to the munsci- . -- . . , patity in gene;a' problem and locally has been · ««xiiSh a city appropriation of . o . hc ,. conu ., uni .; t . s have u, c klxi given expression throagh private-' the principal stumbling block. In S2.800 and by the national A. F. of much sno e ^ve-iuve undes taking- ly-sponsored concerts by well-'the e ff or t to provide public out- L- musicians fund. York has been w .»h success and -atisfact-on What and passed over her without the} known artists or to those instru-' door concerts in the last several having public concerts for more ., e !UU .,; c j p3 i ^, ld p!a ,i rec « s j., wheels running over her i mentalists who form voluntary | years, the City has been approach- than ten years and th« public re- p', ede ,J. k ; v a j,. a ' rl Treated at Hospital ' ; organizations, rehearse, pay their ', ed for aid. The most recent muni- action was characterized as "good." *· j., ",^,.7 to "ch-eve »s sie-ii a I Rov Hesso::. a neighbor, brought j own expenses and appear in pub-' cipal support along this line was. the average attendance running oro f evMO ,,ai orgai'i'atKri ai po- *% oiq. Reading of* the car apparently struck the j i n years gone by. Frederick has \ Over a long period of, years, the I child. Residents said the child's) bad some remarkably fine musical. foremost exponent of a municipal 'father is undergoing treatment at - - - - , - - - ----- «.--- «~-- : ,, . . the hospital for a heart condition. Those injured in the accident near Cooksville are Samuel Miles Irvin. 72. 4120 Edmondson avenue. Baltimore, and his nephew. Donald Irvin, 14. Pittsburgh. Both struck their heads on the windshield when the car h=t »he culvert. Forced Off Highway The elder Irvin was treated for lacerations of the face, nose and I lips and discharged. The boy ' was admitted for treatment of ·severe head lacerations. The injured were brought to the local hospital by State Police Sergeant Charles V. Main, this city, who v.-as returning from Ellicott City. He first took the injured to Mr. Airy, where they were treated bv a physician. State Trooper B. C. Hammersmith said the accident occurred about two miles west of Cooksville k at 5:05 p. m. He said the elder * Irvin reported that another car forced his coupe off the highway. The car was practically demolished. Ko charges were preferred. OIL MOVIE SHOWX The ooerations of the oil industry were interestingly depicted to members of the Kiwanis Club at their weekly luncheon meeting at the Francis Scott Key Hotel Tuesday noon by means of a sound \ movie in color. Starting with explorations for sources of oil on land and under water, thi movie pointed out that only one in seven drillings meets with success. The various steps of production, transportation, refining and distribution were shown, along with the machines that are used to furnish the power. The movie, which was produced for the International Harvester Company was shown by the local dealer. H. B. Duvall. and ' gives an idea of the vast extent si the oil industry and today's manifold uses, for gasoline and allied- products- J. Vernon Coblentz, president, presided and the guests were Richard H. Best and Calvia i H. Coblentz. this city. .;a!:oii a-- \\ould seem satisfactory As the foremost proponent of a j. ;^ f c j. ,1,3* such a» organirB- organizations. There have been-- j or community band for Frederick c' v «c band. Mr Hagan is well ,, 0; , xvou :| provide ideal and an- and stJU are--many able musi- i has been H. David Hagan. one of , aware of the financial difficulties , c;ans. but for a City that prides j the City's better known musicians., involved and feels that a modest. itself upon its progressiveness in so in his zeal to focus attention upon program is possible whereby such many other fields, its interest in · the- cultural desirability of such a a project could be inaugurated, the formation , of a community i musical organization here. Mr. Ha- , Pointing out that recent series of musical organization can be char- i gan has made a survey of nearby ' privately-sponsored concerts have acterized only as supine. Such is j comparable cities, securing much been over-subsci ibcd. he holds that 'the belief of quite a few acknow- j enlightening and relevant infor- local music lovers \\ ould forw ard ledged musical leaders here. And · mation. they base their contention upon! He cites a few examples. For,' failure to awaken public interest j instance. Hagerstown has been 1 despite efforts over a long period ° presenting public band concerts · Of years. i for more than thirty years, the av- ! What was perhaps the most am- i erage attendance being from 4.000 ' bilious attempt to form a com- j to 5.000. The concerts have been. munity band was made just ten J financed through the Hagerstown years ago. It was in the early i Park Commission, and the public . m ^^^ mmmmmlmim ,,, mmmm ^ mfmm Summer of 1938. The Chamber of 1 reaction has been "very en.husias- , Nc N«tr Tut* « T«M«t farm « EM» t» T«k» Commerce was interested in the tic" to quote a Hagerstown official, project and asked a group of prominent musicians to draw up an estimate ac to the probable cost of financing such a band. A com- Espotcibs T H E OLD R E A D I N G S t f W E t Y . INC., R E A D I N G . PA. SOLID-PACKED F U L L P I N T The Hagerstown Civic Band has a |' roster of some fifty musicians and · the annual appropriation, not so I long ago. was increased to approx- j mittee decided that a 32-piece band imately $12.000. would be necessary for balanced j In Waynesboro. the Civic Band. ] instrumentation. To obtain the receives about $600 annually from i best talent available then, pro- j ihe borough govern-nent. the re- vide for a series of ten concerts · mainder of its support coming from · and cover the cost of a limited j a co-sponsored annual carnival. library, the committee arrived at J a figure of $1.750. : Quickly Expired j The project died right there. As an alternative, a series of six concerts was presented by 2 local group during that Summer, only as a temporary arrangement. They ·srsre well-attended and the more enthusiastic hoped that even this substitute. would be nursed along (Advertisement) "Pardon my OUFD P»«tbeBELL-ANSUUtt.farHEARTlURN" Mieltu. aosoeal- etrtoorn. docton tmaOr do tMtot-wtlar moHetow c rtOzf-- mrflcM Ufc knaira tar 3ELL4NS for AcidlndigcstJCB25p CH Don't Suffer Another Minute Are you tormented with itching of eetsm*. pioricsis. rashes, athletes foot, eruptions, rectal itching, rough hands or face or other skin troubles? For quick reliel and good results use Victory Ointment. Developed for the boys in the services, now ottered to the! folks back home. \Vhite. greaseless an-' tiseptic. cooling, pain relieving; vanishing. Does not irritate. Safe for babies or children. Money back guarantee. A j u-ar development, not a substitute. Get I VICTORY OINTMENT--the finest--to- I day. Jars or tubes Sold jn Frederick by ' WilII»m*on's. Silco. Allen's Cut Hate' or your home town druggist. j If Kidneys give trouble ask for« NEf-TEX Pink Antiseptic Tablets. \Nkettyou sdccl Let us, through our Monument Serrice, bring roil the help of Barre Craftsmen, jesigncxs of finest monuments. The listing beauty of B«rrc Mon- cnients make diem * suitable choice for this most important tribute to those who have passed on-- or to events to be marked through the ages. Let us help you in making this mosr important selection an enduring monument of appropriate design and suitable cose OKMieHt . . L O U i j ) CORN BORER and JAPANESE BEETLE CONTROL AIRPLANE -- SPRAYING '2.75 Protect Your Crops at Reasonable Trices For Information Call JAMES" w. CARMACK. Fred. 232-j ACSTIX ». TROUT, FRED. SSI-J t'sing only Insecticide Manufactured by OUPONT HAMMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK, MD. HAGERSTOWX, MD. THURMOXT. MIX WASHINGTON. D. C. The Elephant Bird from JIada- , gascar stood airaost 10 feet tail, and weighed up to 1,000 pounds. (Adcertiseineiit) COTTIER TO DRIVE i FRIDAY AT GROVE j Record Holder to Compete; Again in Midget Races on Friday Xight at Williams Grove, j Little Artie Cottier. Pennsylvania's OV.TI midget auto racing star from West Chester, has filed his entry for the midget auto racing program to be staged on Friday night on the half-miie VTilliams Grove Speedv.-ay. Driving a fleet and fast Offcn- hauser. Cottier established a new midget irack record for time trials last Friday night His time was 25.37 seconds, lowering the track record for small cars which stood since 1941 when the late Tony Wiilinan. the Flying Dutchman from Milwaukee, established the record at 27 06 seconds. A new low admission scale for the weekly Friday night midget auto racing programs, has been established. The prices are SI for general admission; SI 25 for bleachers, and S1.50 for any grandstand s^at. The new low prices include tax. Plan now to see the ""mighty midgets" in action under sanction of the American Automobile Association at the new low admission prices. A field of 35 cars and drivers are ex-* pected for Friday night's action, speed-packed program. KARPEN "FAMOUS HOTEL SPECIAL" BOX SPRING AD MATTRESS First Time UXTHODUCTOn\~ PRICE FOit TTftESS on M o k e s your old r e e f like n«w -quickly end easily. NUROOF the quality reef c o a t i n g g u c r a n l « « d 10 year*. J. P. KARN, Inc. BRTJXSWICK, MD, We Beliver -- Ph. 228t NEWS PA PER fl R C H1V1 A $10 Saving, on Each Piece KflRPEN M f t T T R E S S ISED BY JJLUVl" JF-f MOl'S UOTKi^S These famous inner-spring mattresses and box springs are built and labeled by KARPEN to sell for 49.50 each. By special arrangements with Karpen, \* e are allowed to offer them -- for a limited time -- at 39.50 for the mattress or box spring. They are comfortable--medium firm--but not soft. Order yours today! If you can't stop in to see them -- Call 355 and we'll deliver yours promptly. C L I I V E ' S FURNITURE STORE Phone 355 10 South Market St. n Next Month Send a Check! It's safer Much more convenient check on the friendlv FARMERS MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK FREDERICK, MD. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. away hundreds of WEAR-EVER HERE'S ALL YOU DO Jus* f* 1 ! 11 $*~9 coupon !«iow. ** ! ilig us in ; i?ry {50} WQ-CSS or t*ss. *"Hy you I te Dv sry's Fror»T Foods. Tfien nan us Y° U " er**-y P R E S S t l R E COOKERS every week! FREDERICK PROULCE CO., IXC. Frederick. MarvJand Froiti Food P«cV«g». I* j ««»y *o w.n . . . as't yo_r DV. J «-Y dealer f o r d e f « i ! s t o c e y f o r iu-*! JOHN H. DULANY SON, Inc. rruitlond. Md. Du'a*y Froien Foods because NAME ADDRESS I Nome and Addrest of Grocer ! th«i »ryl Sunburn Ivy Pol**A Simple ! RESINOL?"""" AI TO GLASS I X S T A L L F . D Frederick Pain* Glass Stsrc :33 North Market St.. Frederick, M*. Now IsThe Time Fur .tl! carpentry work, repairing, remodeling, new construction, see Thomas Cons(r.Eng. Co. :J10 Jefferson Street Phone 2114-J LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE tuttt t'ttrn Ifitj mi*nt*jf Finest training in al! pha.srs of Hc.ui- ty Culture. Day or evening In- dividual instruc- tion. APPROVED FOR VETS G. I. Rill of M.W l: Cl ASSES NOW rOlt.MING Approved for C. I. Irainlns Tor Information Phone Frederick 478-R Or Write Frederick Beauty School, Inc. 12 S. Market St., Frcd'ick, Md. Robert E. Lee Hotel Bids. **A married mart,"* "it one who needs fwc hdn^s *9 drive a carl" A real married man needs only one head to remember his wife's birthday or anniversary. All he has to do is drop in at the Wells- mere Shop and pick up an appropriate gift. It's one sure way of making- the little u oman happy- GIFTS ANTIQUES 7 N. COURT STREET FREDERICK, M ABVUND BlDDiE BANTERS BY mAND HfiTCHERY /"( · - -r\' %$ F^yjfe :ili GALS I DONT GlVt A QUACk: ABOUT NUTT1N' BABY CHICKS Top Quality CHICKS Will h« needed this year to meet increased production costs Pro- ·lucinR Good Checks is Oar Business Mart-land - IT S Approved Pn!'o-x:'-i Pa^^ed Hat^cry TURKEY POULTS Eroad ^rea·:·.ef! Bronze and Wh,te Holland for Cata!o;ue and Latest Pi ices. CHICK HATCHERY .NEWSPAPEI

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