The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 29, 1951 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1951
Page 3
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; he Nation oday JAMES MARLOW [WASHINGTON, NOV. » (AV- Ipries from Rome will tell you llmt the daily doings of the North tlantic T r e a t y Organization fATO). made up of 12 nations, icluding the U. S., bandttd to- »ther in defense against Russia. The 12 NATO nations face a uble, serious problem in their ome discussions: how to arm and use troops as fast as possible id, while they're doing it, how keep from going broke. i is a brief background on the 1947--when it-was plain Wes- rn Europe was economically ifmed by the war and might fall the Communists unless helped ut of the trap--this country set ip the Marshall plan. This provided economic aid. And t worked. By the beginning of 951, in fact, it seemed to have worked so well that Britain was able to say H didn't ne*d any mor*, Marshall plan aid. But meanwhile the Russians were active. By a coup they took over Czechoslovakia in 194?. This scared Britain. France, Holland. Belgium and Luxembourg. They formed a military alliance. By themselves they were no match for Russia. That was clear. Yet, i* they fell. Russia would have Europe and we'd be pretty much alone. In 1949 the North Atlantic treaty was signed. This was NATO, an organization of 12 nations rimming the North Atlantic and with a common interest in defending themselves against Communism. They pledged help to one another in case of attack. This didn't mean much unless the 12 members were well enough armed to defend themselves. This country chipped in and began sending arms. But it was being done pretty leisurely. The Communists struck again, this time in Korea, in June. 1950 That broke the egg. NATO got busy. And about a year ago they decided they'd better pool their military strength. Unify it, they said. The European members of NATO agreed they'd like to hav« General Eisenhower boss the job. They agreed to provide troops-about 60 divisions by 1954--to serve him. We agreed to send six American divisions to help out. And while arming NATO had now become a really big job. with the U. S. providing a big part of the arms, the other NATO members agreed they'd produce a good share of the arms themselves But this all happened just about the time they were getting on their feet with Marshall plan help. They had been putting all their energy and money and goods into domestic stuff. Now they had to divert a good bit of it to military production. The net result: Less goods for civilians and the economies of the big NATO nations, like Britian and France, put in a tailspin, especially since prices on the world markets for imported goods shot up. The American Congress voted about $7,500,000,000 for arms and economic aid It may not be enough, for Britain and France particularly ape getting into sour shape, economically. Meanwhile, arms production and mlstns of I troops has fallen behind schedule. So the Rome meeting must dis- cubs ways of easing the economic jam while still getting, arms and troops. Continue Search For Missing Alan PATUXENT, Nov. 28 W)--Boats and planes continued hunting today for a young Navy enlisted man from Ozone Park, N. Y , missing for 48 hours since he went out on Chesapeake Bay on a false report there had been a plane crash. The Navy's Patuxent Air Test Center identified him as Nicholas A. Cappiello. Cappiello was off duty and at his home Monday afternoon when a neighbor ran to him with word that she had seen what appeared to be an airplane wing sticking up out of the bay. Cappiello borrowed « canoe from another neighbor and set out toward the object. His wife and rnother-m-law begged him not to go. A local storm with winds up to 42 miles an hour hit the area a lew minutes later. It is off Point Look. out, about 20 mllw. south of the Air station, wh«rt the Paluxent River join* Chesapeake Bny. A Navy plane Hying In the vicinity was instructed to investigate and determined the object was t crane barge. It could find no trace of Cappiello or the canoe. Navy crash boats. Coast Guard boats and fishermen SPHrelied most of the night until strong winds drove them to shelter. CHECKING AMNESIA VICTIM Lieut. Frank Dorsey, City Police, refused to sit still and wait for returns on finger prints of the amnesia victim picked up in Frederick Sunday night. At the jail, Turnkey Darner said a dozen or more persons have call- ed Ho s«» "John Doe" In th« pmrt 72 hours but w«r« unable to identify him. Prisoners in the cell-block with the man-vvho-forgot, »ay he In harmless, pleasant and courteous and they with oHicials are convinced the "loiterer" who complained of blinding head pttins. Ift a legitimate victim of amnesia. Wednesday evening, a local woman \\ho.«e name Is withheld for obvious reasiont. called to see if John Doe was her first husband, a World War II veteran who was placed in a Now York institution for a head injury, suffered during the war. She thought the man might have wandered to Fiederick to see their daughter who lives with the mother. · wenty Models of Other Makes of - ------ «/ ·hJt-** ;OSt ars ore I , Essoheat Fuel Oil Kerosene MONOCACY OIL COMPANY Phone 365 Frederick, The new*, rriwrieK, ftlcl., Thursday, November 29, 1951 ELEVEN "John Doe" rradlly came to be interviewed by the local lady, but she could not Identify him at all and he showed no signs of recognising her. English Lesson Words Often Misused: Upon and on are synonymous in such expres- sionK ax "upon the stable." "upon receipt of your letteis." On is pie- ferable a« being the shorter of the two. Often Mispronounced Swathe (to envelop). Pronounce the a as in sway, th as in smooth. Often Misspelled: Lewd; «w. Feud; eu. ' ' Synonyms: Vigilant, watchful, awake, wakeful, wide-await«, wary, alert, cautious. Word Study: "Use a word threw tunes and it is yours." Let us increase our vocabulary by master* ing one word each day. Today'* word: Falsification; the act or process of representing falsely. f Pronounce first syllable fall; principal accent on fourth syllable). "Th* falsification of his books was discovered." Say you saw it in The New* Drug And PRESRIPTION Service MODERN PHARMACY SUCCESSOR TO PEAKRE'S DKtJQ STOJtt* TELEPHONE 208 Hospital Aid, Inc., and Help Tour Neighbor ria and trim illustrated art sutjicl to ckanie wttiout natter. There are hundreds of thousands of people who should be intensely interested in what we are writing here. They are the people who paid more for their cars than a Cadillac ants-ami still didn t get a Cadillac. You see-there are five manufacturers of motor cars who produce a total of twenty models which actually cost £OT than the lowest-priced Cadillac. And during recent years, hundreds of thousands ojpeople have taken title to these higher-priced models. Surely, a large percentage of these owners did not understand, at the time of purchase, how little a Cad.llac can co t. They assumed that a Cadillac i»«rf cost more --because of its reputation. So they paid for a Cadillac -and still failed to get the things a Cadillac proves. Standard tauttmint. aecfssot They failed to get the irresistible performance of its great master high-compression engine ... the soft, gliding ride that makes every road a better road . . . and the wonderful prestige which marks the Cadillac owner, throughout the civilized world, as a man distinctly apart. Surely, they won't want to miss all this again. It's a. lot to lose--especially when it costs no more to have it. * * * If we already have your order for a Cadillac--please be assured that you have made a wise decision--and stand firm until your car is ready for delivery. But if we font have your older--better come in and see us today. We are certain you don't want to pay the price ot a. Cadillac--and still not get one! KEY CHEVROLET SALES, INC. 106 EAST PATRICK ST., FREDERICK, MD. 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