Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 30, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1961
Page 5
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FrIJay, June 30T19tft » IA ft , H O > i t A ft * A N I A I PUftttOMQN Near and Far Placet 1 £ I Fl FF' THEY ARB S < «VW/ 10 -IMflSMP/lStf TfMPlE CROWD RISES.' THE • SACRIFICE 8F6INS> j *, 9B«k( chamber lOIt'iasgood 5 American fiver .. a* • nuie 8 Where the 11 Otherwise heart is 19 Unwell 12 Unemployed 20 Pastry • 13 Constellation 22 Dreadful 14 Sinful 23 Mihiies 15 Light fog 24 South 16 Marble Amerieaa 7 Minus country 8 Tales 25 Tatters 0 Tight 26 Small body 21 Aged o£ water 35 Canadian city 43 Cautfori 22 Israeli trfbe 27 Pungent 37 Gazed 44 Press- 23 Spring month 28 Great Lake 38 Male 45 Globule <?*7 -viSY- i* •• VS?^ * Vfi^baSitfr^ .TM/b 26 Sea robbers -29 Month (ab.) 40 Heron 46 Animal fat 30 Irish fuel 31 Beach •' 41 Young sheep 47Sea eagles' 31 Kind 34 Remit 42 Medley 49 Greek letter 32 Exist 33 Work unit ALLtY OOP If V. t. tUmli» 34 Mentally sound 35 Journey 36 Hang 38 Musical tern 39 Finish 40 Organ of htaring 1 Mooed 44 Base 48 Wing-shaped 49 Go astray 50 Close 51 Bog down 52 Pedal digit 53 Mountain lalte 54 Government 55 Insect CO Advantages DOWN 1 Lessens light 2 Redact 3 And Hi) 1»tl by NE;. ln B . T.M. Rfr. U.S. What's all this federal aid to education for, Pop? For ~ kids that don't have fathers?" ! 5 Graded 6 Ages 7 Crow 8 Montana city •y Uilb Tunitr CAPTAIN EASY S&0 you MA/ HAVE TO \OKAY,,;I € IL TRANSFER »Cy NEVER! riE WAV RENEGE ON FREEIMQ THE WARP&M IS A CAUTIOUST OF COURSE, CAPTAIN! NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASS.V. SWEETIE Pll A MAM CA57RO PEMEP HOLPIN6! I COMPROMISE, vVARPENl fcRINo JHIM TO VOUR JAIL fAANi AMD A&KED THAT HIS IF VOU NEED By Nadlne Seltici MUST KNOW THAT INNOCENT WAN TH£ WAKPEN V REUA5EO...ANP OFF MY NON'T RELEASE ?• PRISONER. INTlL VOU SHOW HIM THE MONEtt SENOR QUIHN! VOUf? PRI&ONER.,,AWD FLIGHT HERS WITH 7H£ VANKEE WE WIU BE AT AGREE TO RELEASE HM VMEC,TU& ATCAYO M.tMBi "" ' •y KatcOxani TONI6HT K'OT Et WEWTIOWED/ BROTHER'S HOW6 M WHEN QUINN TAKES VOUTOlHEViONEY 1 . AIRPORT AT DUSK 1 Sr TOANVONBl NICftKO. ADI06! SHE MIGHT TURM ML' SHE COULDN'T REFUSE HER ONWN FATHER VJHV DONT VOU . HER VOUt BRADLEY J HERE ARE VOUf? "/• ASK I-IER VOURSELIJ THANK. U MR. BUMSTE'AD © 19<1 by MCA, Inc. T,M. H«g. U.S. Pal. Oft. Sy At Vartn«e» /RISCILLA'S POP e> 19C1 In HC». Ins. T.M, R«*. OS. Wt OB. WHAT A TIME POR VOUR P\CTURE. GO OM THE r FRITZ!! "How abo««t doing my life story? I could use the publicity!" Ah! Just in time for Herbie's birthdayl" , COMING OUT, / NOT SIDE GLANCES By Galbroitk FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blomr BUT SAID NOT To THE" PEER./ VOU'U-SCAR& By Frank O*Ne«l SHORT RIBS Hoy* Noo CM 50 MOPtST. rv IMPRESS NO\J E.VERMING AS PAR AS THE CAN SEE. THIS Gu/5 GOTFA SPRJG opBERRlES SNAQOE& TOPSIDE ( OUR BOARDING HOUSi with Major Kooata OUT OUR WAY ( W VERV IDEAR.' WAITIN' , J OM A BIS THIRTY-TOW r CRA»OETO LIFT A LITTLE THIWfi LIKE THIS IWTO VOUR MACHINE WHEN) t YOU COULPDO ITALOWE/ 7 LOOK. AT THIS'--JUST I HOLD THIS ENP UPAWP I RUN THAT.CEWTEK / 1 THINK -V VEAH--THAT [ WE'RE JUST) PELLER I W TIME TO V CAN'T WATCH HOW TO Pa ' HANP I ^ IT ALONE BIRD U5ED TO BEr A GAWGSTER V S PET'^-AW IKI IF HE HAS ^ Tp HELP HIM POIT 1961 by NEA. Inc. T.M. B. £ . U.S. Pat. OK * 4 i'm playing hard to get. I don't go out untB Rudyjhonksjwicej 1 ' 06 VALUABLE: MORTY MIIKU THeee X'LU euv OFCQWPUCATION6, IN OUTER u\<W L£66NE FOREX'AMFIE 3ARGAIM =• ..^hL',:'/^i:*™ ., <«. INPIVIPUALIT/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI IUGSBUNNY I60TTHESHAKK. WITH A KWIFE/ PULLED YOU ABOARD.' ) WORK IN / I PON'T HAVE A BETTER «f r ONE! IP YOU KILL MY PLANT WITH PAIMTVOU'U PROP CLOTH, ELMER' HEY! YOU'RE DWIPPING PAINT ON MY EXPENSIVE PLANT' AMD I'M STAKTIWS TO.6ETSCAKEP. PLf ASE TAL TQ ME, PIKI

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