The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 23, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
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Monday, July 23, 1934
Page 4
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THF PARIS NEWS. The Paris Evening News <A>T> IKE PARIS, TEXAS Established July 1O. XORTH TEXAS New York Day by Day BY O. CX MclNTYRE The Tim id Soul Entered as Second Class Mai! Matter at the Post- »tfice at Paris* Texas, under Act of h, 1S7$. Published !>al!y Except Saturday and Sunday SUBSCRIPTION RATES <Inc!ading Sundays) a e Year N EW YORK, July 23.—Diary: Betimes for a snack at a sidewalk cafe. And to the} draper's and home reading the mail, there j bem<r bails from* Fr&nk Buck, Bill Corum, j Charles G. Norris. LoueUa- Par-i sons, Arthur Samuels and- Irvin Cobb. Also a telegram! from Rosie Dolly, So, at my ihore, knocking It off quick: time. ' In the afternoon through i; town, stopping a moment with j |5rantland Rice, and came upon j " Cholly Knickerbocker, too,; Along the library wall a Cock-S ney fellow selling suspenders j the inost comical spiel ever , ^ - «e«.<v*'v .«!««, to «« — , I heard. So much so I gave Mm, of *u**ae»« <i^i>»tch«» CT^IT^^ ^ or I & ^ji] e r to Mas Gordon of the theatres. ^ j I ihe^Casino^and spoke to the Postmaster Gen-1 ! .ral Far-ey and" -'Duke'' Herriek and Joe! i Moore came to the table avrhile. Afterward, j rivins through! the produce district, jostling: [with trucks and crates and aromatic ~ ;+K I nianv fruits. •TEX I df Democrat: . , ,^ fcave m'de "i> *bei*- minds, or let someone e^se , se ji make n"up for them, and T^hai is said and done, — _ | *r -^o-v and election day vrili niase te-w ; j usl one su a3taer road-bouse is domg any- ; & in The "result. " ] thins like turn-away business. Ths is a^carni-j shorr spin over Washington; aihers in the hope \ - eye of a master! Cafes de !a Pais I o~vrn novr i tiiT; oi-Qtv-^ ••--"-. . . .- - . u ' , -,i-i radio a^d personal solicitation setting to. t a has 2?. iheir claims and making their promises, and j nomination for the most expert I irv discussions-—Burton i PRESS COMMENTS WWt Otto Bevkpaper* Hare To Say )»lajDo Star-Courier: The third major voluntary move by the movie industry to "clean up** came laat week -wJxen th« motion picture producers and distributors of America, acknowledged a inglllincnecs to bow to public obj«ction« on current releases. If the motion picture industry doesn't clean house their business is doomed. The salacious screen subjects that have been shown in the past has don'e as much,, if not more, to corrupt the morals of the people than any other one and the thing. Bouluuu Favorite: Ferguson's Forum .Xow another autograph craze—a be" iianded the ^oters when ; ^ Joe Penner, I" told him Gladewater Journal are making a bitter fi»ht on JImmie Allred with the hope of defeating him for governor. "Without defending Jimmie. there are many people who •will consider the action of these two political newspapers two reasons why Allred should elected. be FarmersviUe Times: It must be exasperating in the extreme for a candidate when he "pours it on" his opponent constantly without any notice whatever being taken by "his opponent. Joe Bailey has been going: over tbe state the past few -weeks criti- cising and castigating Senator Conuaily 10 a. very severe degree— yet. Senator Connally has - gone about ^he even tenor of his way. defending his record and upholding the national administration •without taking the slightest notice of Mr. Bailey- To be ignored is the worst punishment one can give We don't blame tages the practical advan- of vocational agriculture study under the Smith-Hushes act. Much of the criticism of textbook founded. Much theory with little practice is foolish. Under th» used little, if at all. Bach pupil is required to pick a, project and work it out under the ey* of the instructor, using-, of course, proven methods. Deport Times: -When a salesman comes to town selling hosiery. groceries, magazines, etc.. some merchant* feel sure that he is. a menace to the community and it is the solemn duty of the home newspaper to fight against the invader. But when a fly-by-night peddler for a cheap printing concern blows 1ft, that's no menace. County Echo: Some newspapers blare about the freedom of th* press, but they won't express an opinion on any question unless they "»« se* a dollar in it. It's not -a. question ot principle •with them, much a» they prate about liberty of opinion, as they are not concerned about anything except what will foe to their interest financially. They are worth about as much to their country as a sore toe is to 1 a human being. Cam by Rustler: Some people do not s^o to church to get a. spiritual awakening, but some of them will unhesitatingly go if sdrne prise is offered, or some big stunt is going to be Joe for raising the •Sickens ! off entertain them. ] it in the church, they are i elsewhere to find it- What -is the world coming to. anyway? candidate "ballot box. If nndeeide no. onices beiore ? O1II ~ of the cancuasiss J^or offices are best Qualified it _ Perhaps Itnaginston, bu of the enthusiasm of the days when j ilin snapped the apple over the gar- j a -nri "Vatthevrson fanned three in a i her chniy, qui 40, i CHAPTER 13 MARRIAGE over poached : Then. "'amazed." She opened ; 5 >, e ^ranted to go she had answered started to speak, closed •: s >j e didn't care and fce had offered attention to I>enison Herald: It takfs the state weeks, sometimes months or years, to send a j Hoocy Grove Signal-Citizen: criminal to prison, "but a gov~ r> O wn in Polk county emor can turn him out with the s ^ m ^ faave becorae » fed up stroke of a pen. We should consider this fact in selecting the sort of governor we want this year. Commerce Journal: It's disgusting to hear candidates talk about the reduction ot taxes and economy in forced to jsr° to box suppers, pie suppers, ice errata festivals' the. like, where the main Teason for their attendance seems to be to get rid of some of their money. Recently ail of th* county candidates held a meeting agreed *° refrain from who couldn't tell to say their live* j functions of these kinds any how the state revenue is "raised j logger. The Polk county candi- and for what purpose it is spent, 1 ^3.t*s had th» nerve that lots o? Likewise, they promise old ase; other candidates wi«h they had- pensions and other cinecure« with- I Anj j we doa't blame them. out the slightest Idea as to where j • —-— • the money is to tsemw from to them. One candidate in a speech recently was heard 1 to advo- | caie the abolishment of the poll tax requirement for votirsar, and | declare that he ^ Officials For _;!_ . A j Run-Off Are Announced you very much! o His question o _ 4 KIAMICHI VALLEY MEMBERS TO ROUNDUP ec her a'n •oncler tne eircuznst-ar-ees- •o arra-nse the matter -entirely, if she would like. Uressed. she stool before a long J Ok!a_ — 4-H club boys azid girls in the JCianiiclii LeFlore county arnons mirror. She looked as -well as she the 20 outstanding 4-H club -work- in spite of the iO3g. ris.:-. 'wakeful nigrhi: pallor and shadow- r beauty Tfte Tt-co oten for you to marry a good man—" Or me in ^.JlO^e ^•—^o^^.i- j "Perhaps he Isn't as goofi as ."bulsiins: iced drink stands near 1 see ms." Marsha answered, " parks and other public amnsments. ~~ ! rn»y a~* in* 1 sol* 5 - assets of men ^ is who snatched at ] l **[**"_ missed—and are try- ] ed. eves neisrhtened her rather than diminished it. WelU she was ready for It: the &OJcan always share that nope, h * ik3 "- Ance - FI1 takc not " S o 5151 i ins to rear families catch-penny fashion- Tsey ] -Honeymoon, Aunt" put in Mar- e ^ :: ar^ easier and flutiery over a. sudden jet Oiisha: she added, "frightful -.vord. ^TTJA dav I'm* ffOin.0- to round up ajisn'; it. for a*n lacy who In- { ~~-,~_J~_ ' T_:JT_ 1 ^ „-„ ' ^;^^ -i.fl.-r, :dulges in a certain sort of ima?.- Doctor James said. C HAIBMAX PLETCHSR of th* S-ep-abllcan • -&&}. n^ national committee, attacking ihe vrork ox ; .j,.. -^^ nn . the Democratic congress :n his effort to assist in the election of "Republican congressni eharees the Xe-vv Deal ^ith eipenditure 01 : tra ^ e ^ MHioiis of dollars—he asserts ihat It sas^cosi I gaae . of hungry" kics \ronnd one.'gi^e tfee jp j J°J^,l a a certain sort OI ^ a --* to date seven billions asd that the espesfiimre " J 2r te blar.e!:e"and ca^e a borton or so myself, j "^t^" Gertril( 3 e bridled: grew n- of at least rvrerty billions more has been ati- : The collar ad, pneflist. Enzo Fiermonte. is already cro-vrding Max Baer for first place anions the feminine heart pumpers. His plunge into the social poo! and subsequent salvaging ; do ar!f3 sjje ^ as Qa it e through -.-i;:-. c'iv^^ ^T-rn s ^O'-^a 7 o-^O?= allEOSt as mirror-slick 1 her breakfast, which had consist-:-.-! O* -" " *-*"' «• ~ - ~'^.,. - --T - ' as his mareelle. A hancs-Jsissitsg onze-ngGier is tuiiiOB; crt rn«.rij'jrsg entirelv ne^.7. As first page staff it U Gene T;:nsey's intellectual rambles ^rith Bernard Sha-sr in Briose. stretched. "I ^^35- h!mi" she ers to attend the annual state roursdups at Oklahoma Agricultural and M-achanica! college at Still-water are Estre Bollingrer and Imosrene Patterson, Tallhina. Eu- njce Mi2se of Whitesboro, and 1^D- Barren o* Muse. Eunice Mu»« is entered in tfe* A.NTI.ERS. Okla, — Election of- for the | * i c, for Tuesday's run-off pri- publlc schools and would oppose j tnary in the four Antlers precincts, any curtailment of their r-venuft. ] £« announced "by J- C. Oliver, coun- "'nrheiher he is Ijrnorant of the fact { tj- election board secretary, are: fhat the poll taxes put about ajip-ecincT 1. Jack Cornelius, mitlton dollars into tfee public | *jv r ; Mrs. Joe Baker. Claudia ?«chool ftt-nd, or thinlcs the voters j ^jcCarty. clerk. "Precinct 2. B»R don't know;, one i* left to -ceonder. : Hampton. inspector; A, "^W"I TTonsch. jady»: 1^, r> ' Anderson, "Democrat: 1 clerk,, precinct S. B. F. Schooler. t ____ _______ , "We've finally been straishtcnetl \ itisp&c-tor: E. F. Mrles, judg-e: Fred out on the difference "tvet-^een a { Gibson, clerk. Precinct 10^ C- "W, social item and a locitl. It you j.Kllw. inspector: Mrs. 1^. c- Beneat it belongs in the society cos- j tiei-U judge; Ora Mae Bassett. must not | appropriate dress contest for girls. {and tee winner of this contest will rtmde appeared at the j be awarded a free tr:p to tb« In- rit fervently. "It hurt h" door^-lt is time ^ve leave." sh« , ternaiional said. Live Stock zo In November. thorizecL It is true tba: ibe expenditure in the iast fiscal year ^ras about seven biliioiss. but mis included t^ro arid a half billions of usual and crdinarv espeudiitjres whicb -woukl bave been ,^ T)«n-^g-ri<; -Tiors- HE^^r s.n^~ jjovsnussnt- The renisinder includes nearly "I'll rs-tJser rr^iss Iseckline yoi;. •But of|F unera i Is Held Near course you -want to be married ir» | tie church!*" Marsha found It strange to be following- him; close to sicfeeneG bT the seriousness of a Wolfe City On Sunday WOLFE CTTT. — Funeral ser- .ear" ^*a '^1^.^ r^, 1 ^^a^ch' ^'had ejected vices for C. H. (Chart, r) Parri^ <—«-•.».- •.-» i .— *x-^ ^\T**-jk 13-r^a "t^*r* then -srith a. rn turns red plea to ejccuse-i. She hs.<! n^r packj^sr Branch clerk. Southeast Ofclahoma.n: Report of his fsnrt year of wor«e bv EeTsry "W. To-aTiE 1 - vocational ir* instrrtctor In COTTON ACREAGE CUT COMMITTEE OX hi?b school. Indicates sorne very} ujuniiy 'co satisfactory progress. 3. Okla.— Fifteen com- Gmitt€«iaer5, who •wiJV „...„. ^ „ The major-[ conduct cotton acreage adjust- r of the 4S boys tvho ir-ade «p | ir.*nt irs Piishmata-ha. couacy. ar« t"he c'asyes displayed ke-en Inter-} to go on duty XVedu«sday, accord- *st in -storksnc o«t actual farm \ ir>i? to County Farm Ajrcnt Qeors* rrohi^ms and most of th*ia now j Junes, at the. close o' a. school of have someihSrssr tangihle tc ?^Ow pnstrtrction held here for th« Tor their interest- There is no" •K-as not nenroos^ r.or excited. sh« assured herself, but the thought of ; fc*od and trying to eat it had mac-; ; her feel "odd-** : "*Jea.n "wfll heip you," a-aid Miss sp-ent i or c:rect reuei . ^ c-e rt*yayi*c<w inlsrht not have spent th&t much, it is true Bagatelles: George vTMte has featured ht srsrs of his rsn<3eviiie days . . . Robert Sber^-ood is tarnin^ out a Eeno play . . - bioaraphy ihsi ^11! startle Hollywood She Iook€<3 h&r surprise. Miss Gertrude, who inethodlcsll- and stea.d:Iy c' her [ pai r . ; "ho^ quite absurd of me:" of -ofter,^ color ujvon th* chapeU Elder J. floor . | conduct^ the service a-^st^ by Marsha had said. "I will," and the Rev. J. D. Qu5ck of Sav a ?«. e felt Sob's hand beneath her j ^j r p arr iKh had been a. mcrsbcr " his pressing it close | o? th ^ Chriytian church for over MID- "I rvast have »-^&y- forty years. He !s surrivcd by his she tliotsgrht, and in a dim- | ^.=^ OWt fjve daus;hters an«3 six sons. remote manner of thousrht j „ . . sifts through a. nubins | Idabe l ^aj, Buried ubstantiai first meal, sa^: rr.otior,- I ;ess A or sorr.e long- minutes. :rer. She was Mrs. i Saturday Afternoon j ^ "W 3_S ^> *•-*•• •»*--- - - _..._»ob*n: T- Powers. H*r husband i . her side; his mother -wras { rr>ABEI>, Okla- — David C. toward her. Bob kissed La^berU 52 years old died or bis mother kisaed her. Miss paralysis., Friday nijcht at his r«si- G-ertrude s^a v « a P« ck ° n the cheek - cence. southeast of Ids.bel, and Doctor James laid a«!«ie his stole i f anftra j s^rvJces were held at the ana prope Taking ^1 -bes^ espenditares into consideration :h^ ac-'ug; r-ost of the Ne-w Dea.1 for the year is bet-vre*:-:: t»vo and tnree billions. The ^Lilesrec sinhoriz^d esp'snc^Ture of another twenty bi'liorss is also incorrect, for tnacy or tfao&e biliioni? ar^ for ordinary expenses of tbe •V^'-c aoti t : the nest r iec a remzmue vo/c that post-card iron rrom Scoi- if a.T)(.i Tvher: r^.^de^ and much "^"ill never r>e : spent. _ ^ : Roosevelt c&ve us. with the Selp of Dera- ; ocratic eon erf ar.c senators, a Xe-?r Deal i —the H-ep'ublleans rsve "is a To'd Dea;. do tbe peor^ prefer*' Tim Mead'.in s&v that prohibition is to can rep^&'i ihr fv.Is o rigbi.""—Marsha;: X<*^ Tbcv ar* 1 ki'dnsDlj "Since it s certain repealed ef sum body !iV:"i-;*r "w* "^iil be all From //^ /i*e» */ The Port* Morn ing New* thirteen yearn *go Yet the etraoye fe*ljriff of hollow- ' your cl«rgym«ti Il»*." Doctor Jans- j r^ew that filled her pr*va.;i*d, and I es protested- "and I didn't happ«^ | despite her stress certainty that i to, this titn**" "Yov roast never imply that j Timber: of CSsco: two sons. Bill Doctor Jans- j HAsnbUrt, also of Cisco. she had never for one second , Then the suallgbt ar.d the op«a. at fault in a.ny diff*r«iice that had '• a nd Bob'a ear — with h*r ba?« in ? ye . a , »H«*n b^tw-c^n h*r and her rslecfi. She dawdled over her BOY HAS OFKRATIOX BONKAM, — Rob«rt Lesli*. 15 oM oj and Mr*. the hold. Ar.d sayinfr goodbye to | s _ K _ L«*Ht wbo»* I«e «a« frac- his mother and to Miw G«rtnid* t ur«<5 dcrins cpri&gr football train. A3ic*r watched her covertly and i who »e«i»frd v«ry ar^ry bec*u«« 5 i ngr »t high school b*r*. is anxiously: * knew her rsiistrew?' Uhe wanted to cry without knowing f -weU folTowiny an o»*r*tion on the <~.b«<!Ienc« to hour and to th* con«act it rwj«;re<S. macnine Saturday, July 23, 1921 Fi-ve consthntiocal amendments d oii and one providing for absentee vot- U '"*^ t "*"' ^ __ _ ."Xo arranff*ment'that I make in s. ] Mrs. Jennie Winfrey of Cooper died sn j my houiw of my furnjtar*, shall —— —- - j a Paris, hospital. She was the widow of Henry [<*•«% whiu r «w. be va.rj*dr' II the farm hsds't been sucb 3 s%vell place'! Vance XT bee she married Newt Winfrey in." ***" be a 11905, Information came from Boxton that oa -.y. or how. And then the *t*rt. injured She hop*d h* wouldn't ev«n try Kfcrsha. in her roorr, d«ei<;<«d TO to touch her hand: thank h«*veR r the PoSr« gray; Jear, wa». | he was driving; sh« shrank !n h«r packing Jier trunks and ov<sr-n:sfbt i corner o? th« <r»r. bag. She had always har*d h*r ' Ke saM. aft«?r an trnderstandJng .. which had been in- 1 seid« gUnc« at her, "Ksth*r d*c«nt Sh« nodded. "1 like your Doctor "Isn't h«—dear?" »h* to mortgage a fe better »wace TO ;i^ y^ars ago. it on npftr now. ro-orr.. it« of fTo Be af,ty for. thouh you ;'i say*; : "Thi.S rrlgriit'y i>is;?.y and yet cf >'Oa old FERA Spends $91,OOO In McCnrtaiin County ,. ., , »T:» J i*-Z« VilXtlJ tWP. Ji»u—J»\* VfS>«; »5i»^;»r ; »,»* *».»w™»». •—-— »— ~" J I Friday five of the leading citizens toere caljea ; a negro woocan. gave ber s dozen lashe* | ghe did not even know where ] IDABBL, Okla.—Th« cost 10 the n t'» » t*_»J« .«._.._ Cj. _- J .«__^ « «_. _*,»* l,_ Ti -. b. ' *"-. j« ^.^4.1 **-A*t^ t^«1**» A 4^ f JOI* S*^ft5.*^* W'^fft [a.j«r« wiiteb took JOTJ—no on* ave & 1 tile t.t> say it News. stop and Ii«en- — • • and ordered her to leave town wfeich i at ouee. did «*><a«r phy*!eaJ3y wh«n he wa« h«r Smith Ethmgtoa visiting a family in man who ^as house boat at Slate Tlie Cliif^se eooiinue to lose every battle. Skoals, fell in tbe *ivcr *ud drowned atip*.rr«tl> «wrreTjder has not occurred to day and th* body wa» not recovered until as * [said, the night before: "You want. Doctor Jara«* to marry u»?" And ab« had »a.i<2, "If you -don't mind." at which h« J»a4 laugfted j-hat fuJl, wV/rt |au»Ji which, tell* of with fc* in McCurtaJn county from April J to July I wa« fSJ.374.54, according to r«port« «f V. 1^, Eaton. ajwi*tant officer of the FERA. The «v*r*«» rural IWnota family m>«Bt ItOJ f<*r elothinjr l Today's Amusements SHOOT THE WORKS B«n Rernks and tl»« Jack Oskle and The AT THE PLAZA RIPTIDE (Wh*n a "Woman Xorma Sh*arcr Robert Moot«om«ry AT THE LAMAR TILLIE AND GUS w, c ACROSS t- Any nsO5i5t*7 *. Every Cay 3.-* Vent'.iai* 12. ConfiJct •1. ?t«s««lni!r li. Locomotl?* Solution of Yesterday** Sub 22. CXiy la Italy 27. On« out* co form $4. Tb* European ML Coopxa* polvt rf- Ctt.^lt»> ol 44. Accoun: of Norway stock ». Feautnfn* BABE* 55. 4tt. CI«ver 5T fr «J. PrSnc*!? It*!- 55. Jan fansiiT *4. LAAd of * 5»- cctntc O9«r& fanctSOB wjx*ra DOWN «f. Row* I, Os* of tft« <? Loc flofti sails of £Xx;xi5« to It, Competent IS. Astsry •Ki. Uusic&i Binds OJtS i5. God o: tov« 35, S?s«rt »«;ter Si. M«lanchoiy Ji. Som*thiriE TO coDoo. 4S. &(?. Suit* 45 33

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