The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 26, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAILY BEGISTER,'HABRISBUKG. ILL.. MONDAY. JANUAHY 2C, 19« HACK FTVl! Out Our Way By Williams NO, NO--L WOULDN'T THINK OF A6TIM* HIM TO GO WITH AFTER A NIGHTS WORK LIKE THAT-- WE'D HAVE. TO CARRV HIM HOME/ NATURE SEEM TO MAKE UP FER WHUT WE WON'T DO NATURALLV/ THE MIOHT »lr*r M f c r c u s PAT OFE »--«--^«n««--~---- · Wisconsin's Lead in Nine insecure 57-36 Defeat Illinois Tan 9fl«(W»-- Bi« Iwhilc Hobby Cook had 12 for Wis- Ni k c b a l i ^ loams moved into cousin. a week of inactivity due to exam- i c i n t yrc Scores 20 Points inations, and defending champion I n d i a i i a couldn't stop Jim Mc- Wisconsin held an - insecure ea^c | I n t y r o of Minnesota, even on the on the field at the halfway lapse. , , 10fm eourl at Bi oom ington. but Only one league team plays 10- lh( . Hoosi( ,,. s loo fc an overwhelm- night, Butler visiting Ohio bvaic, j n j , vicloi . y anv how, 65 to 43. Me- and only one league Same is on I n t y i c ,, e tted 20 points on four the Saturday schedule. lNOI . u . field goals and 12 free throws to western at Michigan. Iwo omti ( t a k e OV(J1 . firsl p j ace j n ^e indi- clubs, however, will p a y «?"· | V idual scoring race with 128 conference games Saturday wr m , p o i n t s Ilowcvcl , Lou Watson and Dogs Lose 6245 Tilt . Vernon nncKneyV iHe. one 01 uiu iup i«aui 5 Miichigan State moving to Mmnc | D RiUcr each counte d 19 for i . {he state tomorrow evening at i««n TM,i iimi« nf Denver to Iowa. ,,,.,;..,,,, . mrl ,. lp ifonsinrs never I L" ,, ~ VJ IC ' l v"Yi" "!,, "r , u » sota and Regis of Denver Face Pinckneyville Tomorrow Night at Benton Tournament The Ilarrisburg Bull Dogs took drubbings from Benton and Ml. Vernon over the week-end in South Six conference basketball play, and all they have to do next is to face Pinckneyville, one of the top teams ' h t m o r r o w evenin at l « l c J I l U HC1** V* a - » v * » - ^ " - . J J I U l l I J I U t l l J U l » I V * * \ y w . 7 n - « . Wisconsin took a bad druDoiiH, werc m - danger O f losing. from Illinois Saturday, pj lo ;''}: \ Purdue and Ohio State battled give nearly every othe . ciuu eve fop (he first h a l f and the the league renewed hopes 01 j JJuckcves he i d a six poinl rown. »°w d t (he ha , f But the Boiiler- 7:30 in the opening game of the Benton invitational tournament. If they win this one (we still have hopes for the boys) they will meet the winner of the other Tues- game, vs. Her- ana lost four, chase. . were e , who nav- »«y. That was the f i n L out O A tne «"H l i c l d _ in his first league « am c of i 62 to 4o, in Harrisburg Coach is first league game ot j ft-Jiph Davison used everybody the season, netted 17 points, for j ava ji aD i e except the team manager ancl lb ^^ Assistant Coaeh Howard ^ -- T o * tTM T; !""- ·"·«"""·» Good Spot for_ lie Puidue's scoring honors an ,, It was .the c c o n 0 of thorn were in the first 12 mm- H , b Butch In the f i n a i The Illini have P ?oS four out of «sh Beat Wildcats e(] ' {hat Logsdon a n d G ilchrist, both six while Michigan has taken two Northwestern fought from be- freshme n, would be kept on the in three games. One hind to tie Notre Dame, 46 to 46, varsity squad . . o r e s n r e e . . more Michigan triumph would at the end of the regulation time IL^ A gg resS ivcness S?r the Wolverines first place, but the Irish poured on the heat | Brown and cum Brown and cummins kept the e , and thev could perform this feat in the overtime to take a o9 to 48 , game from being a complete rout Illinois could walk into decision. John Barnhorst tallied bv scoring 16 points each for the inniuu Cit Gets Conventions BOSTON "'U.R)--Boston had bio Sons laM year and during " ,,,, -uitvtly booked, 'lhe '·lu-ntion delegates aic cs-! " i { t ( l'io lia\e spent more t h a n 1 58 5(iO WO here i The nio»t heavily endowed col- Js in the nation are Harvard gle. Columbia. Chicago and Tcvis .. _ . Team Wisconsin i There was little question of I]- Michigan ilinois' superiority Saturday. Al- Illinois though the Badgers held the home Iowa I team to a tie for the first 14 mm- Purdue lutes the Illini moved out in the Minnesota (final period and once were ahead Indiana TVTEW Y O R K - ( N E A ) -- B r a n c h Rickey sees the 1948 Dodgers as a bv 2 3 points. Dwight Eddleman Northwestern ' «J I · -m w i - i - · _ .-.:xi. 1C r N n n n i c BY HARRY GRAYSON NEA Sports Editor a tie with anotner win. *· «« r., D ^ me a n T ^? Vl " ' locals, but the entire Bull Dog Iowa and Purdue, each winners O'Shca 16, while George Maddock , team lacked the spee d, the ag- of three out of five games, could was Northwestern s best with 11. gress j v eness and the rebounding move into a tie by matching. Wis- The Big Nine Stamhngs: !* bility o£ the Rams of M t. Vernon. consin's victories the rest of the Team W L Pet. Kidd i sh .faced Max Hooper, six "' "" " ^ ' 14 .. foot three inch center, was excep- !j.' tional in rebounding and made several of his seven field goals by ·TM" i tipping it through the net on a · bou rebound shot. Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Paits RobsoV'kadio Electric Service I new Gas-House Gang. "This club," said the Deacon, "has the makings of the most interesting, rugged and best one in my Brooklyn tenure." Asked if he believed the return' won by the St. Louis Nationals. 1 paced Illinois with poiints Ohio State W 5 2 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 L 2 1 2 2 2 3 4 3 4 BATTLE OF THE BULGE. The eyes of five- ear-old Bob McElroy bulge and roll in awe as he feels the bulging bicep of Jos Louis as the world champ makes ready for his lour-round exhibition with Bob Foxworth of East St. Louis, 111, to be staged in Chicago February 3 (XEA Telephoto) Coliinsvil! Roted T©! So! .600 SPRINGFIELD, 111.. Jan. 26-- club, moved into fourth place as U.R--Collinsville. Pekin and Sal- Paris slipped. La Grange slaugh- em led the pack in United Press tered Downers Grove, 72 to 53, i Moore lithe colored lad, tied downstate prep basketball ratings Saturday night lo keep its perfect f-3 ! wUn Cummins and Brown for high', again today but Paris fell from record mtaet ·??? 1 nnint honors with 16 points. fourth to sixth after losing to Law- j The third .400 .200 Fuiier Brysties Phone 678 HENRY L. LIGHTFOOT LOANS Signature ami Realty Collection Adjustment Service Skaais Bldg. Pho. 893-W of Leo Duiocher would have something to do with the case, the Deacon icplied: "No, it isn't that, though Leo might be said to be mixed up in the situation somewhat. "Eddie Stanky typifies the assertive player type we have, as do Jackie Robiason and Ralph Branca. 1 ha%e an idea Dick Whitman will be one of our new Gas-Housers.'' r rHIS is the same Stanky who is concerned about his job at second base, where Mahatma Rickey has made it quite clear he v.-ould like to employ Robinson, who doesn't smack the long ball } often enough to be used at first base, where he still was anything but a polished hand at the wind- IHCOHE SERVICE Keastcr Rug Upholstery Clcaning 503 W. South St. Phone 85SR Harrisburg Kirbv Vacuum Cleaner Dealer COLLECTIONS Pja !·;·,» w$i tat accounts, notes and! t*cVs »·! u. v«'f ccllttt frcni arycne, ary- »tr». 2-/ »p-« No collection, no charge! M. D. Ncslcr Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 up last fall. Branca came close to being unbeatable when right during the season, but the only time the young and large New York University alumnus asserted himself in,the World Series was when he was taking a shower. Branca is playing professional basketball this winter against the advice of all baseball men. Outfielder Whitman was recalled from the minors. Although fabled in song and story, the Cardinal Gas-House Gang was greatly overrated. With the Deans, ill-fated Bill DeLancey, Ripper Collins. Frisch, Durocher, Martin. Medwick, Orsatti, Terry Moore, Jack Rothrock and some more, the so-called Gas- House Gang accounted for only one of the numerous pennants That was in 1934. No one thought of calling the Red Birds the Gas-House Gang when they roared down in front' n 1930-31, and, following the con-' quest of '34, when the great Dizzy Dean clinched it on the final day, the Cards did not prevail again until '42. And that one and subsequent winners certainly were no part of Gas-House Gangs under the quietly efficient, yet thoroughly aggressive Billy Southworth and Eddie Dyer. ' Pepper Martin was terrific with his natural color, but when he organized the Mudcat band the Gas-House Gang became more of an act than a "baseball club. Things got so far out of hand at one time Martin actually don to' change the name of the I point honors with 16 points ! As was the case Friday night when Benton trounced Harrisburg, the first quarter was close. Bill renceville. major undefeated 'downstate team, East Rockford, Lawrenceville's 51 to 45 victory was r j g ht behind La Grange, in me ursi qu,.,^ ,- v~~. -- over the defending slate chain- fifth place with 15-\uns and no Brown started the scoring with a,pions Saturday night was the sec- i ossos . However, the Rabs had fron"«hot but a charity loss bv ond lime Ihis season lhe Indians to ta ke their second one-point win ! r ! SIS SIS 'Su^SSifS- 1 C C en^,n U . h «afe " ^ ^ " keep Bebidcs record unmarred. p ar j s , two other top- THE STORY: that Hosier, my V led, 10 to 8, at the end of the I tell Leiphan looking at me in just the v 'ayi p e r i o d . agent, had ir.e Jeti Ha\e:son had looked at me , g 39.94 a t Kaif Uolvr* · "*J ""£»-*"» . , . . , u * 1 1 the sanitarium after I Irieii that day up in the hills. Fief hS'uL^sca?^^ Following through on my killed in the war-that he hud of the night betore 1 was up early plan The starting combination of Pay- Brown. Cummins, Catlin up with two '·"··*'*- -- ·* g U t - J l W O J . t * I * O » k . » » W vsb Salem--only other conqueror of ratcd dubs wcre upset Paris this season--Friday night. Saturday night. Galesburg lost to Only newcomer to the favored Molinc " 54 to 47j and Robinson i this week was Danville, whicn trinnnri im hv Flora. 40 to 32. was tripped up by Flora, 40 to 32. married Margo instead of me be- r,,d dressed, breakfasted ana dov.n - fo-e going overseas. Leiphan at tne studio long oetore my usual * stems to understand. He says tiut time, 'there was nobody in t h e ! v i . · * » _ . ~ » _ _ 1 * - i n t r * M rtf f rt?* IV! i l l minutes A V v .»*. . - - - ^ -t f-trl -\ " ***J ·* *H3r ^^* u " **3 ·*· ivji "t -»- v v " «***· replaced Glenbard in loth place. Ro binson dropped from seventh ,, uu wiui ·.«-« The Maroons have had an up-and- to i u h in the ratings and Ga i es . second period down record this season but tney b g siincc d one notch to 14th. sci-viju yvnv" ^ ^ ,,!,_,,,,,,» ,.\r, C c tnrt tnov crol rm , ° · ' . the police are looking for matnt^ V, i n t h e murder o f Avis £aiu Art-- A , . , , . , "u that Jeff Haverson and 1 nr;i t;,at I had at least a ' » * · * · · - _ . . . _ . _ --u..^*?* ,» . .-. i. ti.s.It · /-v t/l *~i r*/" rl I 1*7 s Wnter's Building wnen i arriveo - ot even a stray secretary I felt! d hour P " O : » apparently had the^ame motnc. ,TM Vinson was in-lhave showed , r u, e first time. However,, opportunity Jo definitely was off form..TM 1 * three points early in theiP° basket by Jones, and ° " h ra ti n «s- three consecutive bas-1 inc raun * s the Bull Dogs in the game .u^.i.t, vne first five minutes of the second quarter, but Mt. vern- 1 · ,, . , 1 1 *10 * « O /I r \ f Teams just outside the top 15 theTEcfcte ' Included ^enbard, ^Mattoon, Jan- Kankakee .Brcese. a baseball club. ' i X X I I ol him showing up. ,! the second quarter, but Mt. Vern; so far out of hand Hjs (lesk w a s 3USt the usual · ,, d on to lcad 32 to 24, at that the irrepressible . Lci P" a % TM he'd talked "to me ofiice type. There was a shallow, /^ ,lly asked Sam Brea- S1 jc e the tune ne s bm-|toi, draper which held Pencrts ana, Jhe third quartcr saw..Harns- ,ge the name of the r JfTMT -^ on e t- e rv sluW. of typewriter erasers and luboer fa u go to pie ces. Cline ho Tardinals to the r pi« e reyuna w» ~ . ., ,,,,,,,:. ., n fi a discarded cigaret, 6 ^.,KM;*,,«or« for Vmson. Jones club from the Cardinals to the Mudcats. Hurt Shotton, a fine old gentleman, last year straightened- out the Brooklyn pitching, gave the club balance and poise it lacked under Lippy Leo Durocher. \ Handled by a man under whom they didn't have to be unruly, the Bums were able to concentrate on the job at hand, went on to the pennant not a few think they should have copped the previous season, when The Lip was having such a high, old time for himself. The Cardinal Gas-House Gang and the Brooklyn clubs of the past i-tt laenucal before. He had gathered com-|toi. -reports on every shred 1 , of typewriter eiaber* conversion, every tiny incident banas, anai a discaidcd that had taken «'«» »* ^" '·'"dio lishter. Iherc the day before took his VanderPluym was inserted He knew; too, that Jeff had Uvoi king hours lhat cnmpihin? about ' s-ecrctiveness. I "** threatened to do lhat for all his so cried stopped. Early in the fourth quarter Logsdon and Gilchrist entered the line- ·Collinsville Pekin Salem La Grange East Rockford Paris Pinckneyville Lawrenceville AVaukegan Pana Robinson West Rockford Dundee Galesburg Danville Won 14 12 13 15 17 12 10 15 11 15 10 12 Lost 0 1 0 0 2 3 1 2 3 3 3 ^ High School Basketball Scores * By United Press " : Salem 31, Centralia 47. FloA-i -10. Ilobir.son 32. Lawrenceville 51, Paris 45. -· Mauoon 43, Chicago Wells 30. \Vcst Rockford 56, Rock Island 144. It was hard to choose among the East Kockford 39, Belvidere 38. Molinc 54. Galesburg 47. Pekin 71, Lincoln 44. inreaieiieu tu uo sunit«.»""o «»~-- ,. n ,,\,\ invp the stranglehold Avis had on him. 1 poiiued I couk TM G \n intricate maze ot pamstak-. j w e nt through the othei ing work went into Lciphan'b fiat e rs just to be thorough I wo of stalement that at least two of us lhcnl WC re empty, one held unused .. .,, .r.or,rir..,i mntivps. And then' -..pewnter paper and caroon, one r ^Snce \WSSSKS^^^ rs s th _ e .^ZSSFStS to! be too ners of his mouth, somelhmg tha , blotlcr ? n his pay a rambunctious. baseball club to be_too MOTSIXGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 17'3 S. 31 AIM ST. Phone G55R r ---V-. V"s -w J. £. "Pelt" RCSC DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE. EAR, NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted 203 North Vine Street Suite 4--Ilarrisburg Hospital Jldd JUKIItltdl iiiunvto. ..."· . y _ . , i . w w . i--i . cnnnl he said something-else with a teas-1 hcld carbon copies jf^r^scnpL ---· - . ««, is desk fechng [l ^ e he'had 1 lVfted"fi"oni UieTiries Tn my| ( " U c"of those cheap Hawkshawsm plav. Whether it was meant in i ki d' s funny books. Tnere was \er mockery or warning. I did not i ;tl i e blotting on it for Lw am 1'ncw Or whether he simply ^practically ail of his wriun on vvsnted me to know lhat he had i »hc typewritei and only rarei .taken 'the trouble to read thci p!ckca up a pen. I took out m '.script that I had written. , compact an^uscd^^m.rror in Just Saturday he had to sit by I sat there thinking than tne otner iuu» t»^-- r , -- Uvo wec k-end victories apiece, , v r , j £ ]v six pounds and nine K l e ^L Pla ^h °team Scoring Salem ^to^TMTM?*^'^*. They 4re believed to Inanciai support, Garn had been I unable to enter coaching and play- j ing agreements. $15,000 Salary for McKeever ' CHICAGO. Jan. 26.--(U.R)--The Chicago Rockets, a colossal fizzle in the two years o£ All-America conference competilion. signalled loday they were ready once more to "buck professional footballs toughest competition--the Chicago Cardinals and the Chicago Bears. R Edwaid Garn. All-America conference agent temporarily serv- , ing as ccncral manager of the ! Rockets, said the team had found ; while Owner-Coach George Halas of the Bears signed two big-name ^Z^A^^^.7^^^^jr^S^\^^^^^SS saul it. had been the beginning of a per- final period, each team scoring 10 points. Bull Pups Lose Close Tilt In a preliminary game, the Bull Pups lost a heartbreaker to the Junior Rams, 30 to 28, m two over times. The regulation game ended, 26 to 26, and after three minules of play the score was 28 to 28 In the second or "sudden death" overlime. Mt. Vernon scor- 1 ed a basket to end the game. box score of the feature script, mav. i maw .liin.*.... v.uuifu-v -··- -- - ,...;«inn thprp Cu a uasivci iw «;»"« 1 sat there thinking about it ; t to decipher wnat «»"»= " -'g The box score afler he had left, trying to make was . Most of »\ tur " fcdh ? ul "tKcr game: jp r nu»d *, ,-o ,,a (1 «. j^^SST^ fc. 1 *." igjf-. «« » ',,« · . .. ·- - ,,-^ ,..^oinn ''' :,, «^^,ior 1 fnnnfl lHC UlUrreu vin-u" tralia and Pekin beating Peoria · -· . ^ sl trio i ets on record Spaulding and Lincoln. " La Grange, Xe«.v England. ^2ttSL^=sia»*''SV t - but the team's offer to the Notre Dame ace was true. Phychologically. S0 nal letter. "D--re - ' " all that iss?s S J « that drink he'd poured I ^ volatile imagination way abo c| Catlin McKccvcr said he planned' to ( Avis _ And the n managing to lhe boiling point, for it was come to Chicago in the next ten , t somc of it in An - s co f{cc. too.j Mlost obvious guesswork Uiat days to start planning for the new kj ot Jeff , And lhat only i, u me' o n g i n a l words must ha%e been HensJev « i _ ...:n ^n/.nSi-0 cmnnn » . ·__ ..r» __ _ __ « A.-IC Ann tnai nmiv" JL.W,SVIV" season. He will receive $15,000 | and Liz a year, according to reports. I Joe Kuharich. one of Notre ' linesmen. Dearest An(J L - u , . Excitement great .... And thai - . _ - r . intimacy between Liz Gilchnst ballooned «ithin ^yden and the dead star than l.VandcrP Liz? Why not: Hcii iad susp ccled. was certainly enough to t VanderPluym 1 Seats a onc-vcar contract ycster-1 sometimes acted more like a wom-j . wa ^ ^ rcolac'e McKeever at USF.ian than a man. His sott, citcn ci- mind crc ating a whole scries " . « r- rr» ._*» i _· « ^ k.«. *»«nw i-i»c- i f\c* '*rno*-' * 6 4 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 FT 1 4 8 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 TP 3 16 16 2 1 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - PF o; 21 5! 51 2| 3 2 9 '· Si 2 Tonite through Saturday -- He and 40c A Bouquet of Beauty end Romance! . --- *· *. c» - T » /OBDRl? _T"* t VT. ^ " ^Tr""""'/? GOODRICH TIRES Passenger. Truck. Tractor 3 BATTERY 206 E. Poplar Terms 174K1 1 ricw anjcls to support it financial- h- in 1948. . , 4 ' H e said t h e new financial set-up j would be announced before the ! conference meeting Feb. 14. Announcement yesterday that 3siv to ·^. jr -w---- _, . MnKnnvor Graduated from Texas icminate manners. Tech after one year at Notre Dame J-' --«- «« « After several seasons as assistant ^ ? =S3T-""-^ te ».^S1«.« I I I "to Football Coach Pclc Cawthorn at Tech. he became assistant to . iul hands. His little catty ua : vs ;' UvCcn the iwo of them. t i O f course, Liz would us.c poison U , (To R C continued) i he wanted to kill somcboc'.;. . In! _ k ! k - at Boston college. i * * (iiv*.'i«*.*-*»«^-" * -- . : _ -^ ^^ I ^5cKcc^·cr. University of San Fran- 1 cisco head coach last season, had When Leahy moved to Notre 1941. McKeever went Dame Insurance Barker Miley ttSVUAXCE AGENCY SALINE COUNTY CREDIT BUREAU CREDIT RCPORTS . IXVESTIGiVTIONS COLLKCTION SERVICE Phone 678 SFF John B. Owen, J. P. / J S. Main Phone 655W or Drivers' License, , Deeds or Mortgages. I7.COVE TAX me spring out of lx?d?" asks Molly the Milkmaid- "1 stay springy like vhal \LI- lo all th»t delicious Dairy Brand milk 1 drink rsch and healthful! It makes milk-made dishes In.sticr. fuel. 1 couldn't imagine any oiner, \\ay- he would try to kill jinone.j O S * But granted Liz might kill byi there \\as t » H his SSU Beats Western 73-58 . Hooper i Clark ' Moore j Payne Brown i White Rilcy i McKcc him. For the him. For Uic nna w m c i re *-'""£ I ,*.;,, Vnr n thin 1 consecutive cnam- lhe repulsion which had cawed "»c l»id for a t.,ir. c - ,. j i n i c rcol-i lo shrink from cultivating an 5c-; l^nsJ'-P "} crc ncc bv a^73 lo 53 S rcc of friendship with him. . ^^^dSc-ver Western 11U- 26 10 62 24 Hubbell of Flora and BuckncT of Carrier Mills. Tonite 6 p. m. Well. I'd start in the morning, \ finding out all 1 could about IM. KOK Male Leading Scorers Big Nine Ihc upper right-hand drav.o h5s desk and alter makins J on it would P»t i t . back there with a certain sccrclnc air 1 d oMcst active Republi get up early .and go down ;o ' l ^ i cc i c hrnted his 100th birthday. He office and have a look at :!ic SMC ,.vays he ha* no "lea \\hcn he \\ili . $ |cn J calendar before Liz j And so in my impulMvo 'j-tartcd Jhe chain of c\on«- j nearly cost me my life. don. who calls himself thi- nations, £ aml Tcam practicing lawyer and the Minn ariivo Republican, has just »«niiix^ Cook, Wise. Ritter, Indiana PEGGY ANN G A R N E R 1 retire. %.»cn Trar^sit Gloria-- 'Schnillkcr, OSL RchfcldU Wise. _ Eddleman. Illinois the jAxncss. Purdue Iowa the tension I wa? under. tj bed and lo sleep nral hr.ppily of exposing my lor as the fiendish m: Avis Vaughn and ArJ Bob Leiphan got mixed in ·- .1 was the G 5 7 6 5 7 6 5 5 4 TP 128 120 93 79 78 74 75 67 63 58 25.6 24 13.3 13.1 15.6 10.5 12.5 13.4 12.6 14.5 Richfield. Massold-lime «f News of the Day Tuesday 2 p. m. -- Wednesday 6 p. m. 12c and 35c DROUGHT BACK BY rOl'ULXR KKQrrT ZANE GREY'S f/ WESTERH STARRING ROBERT YOl'XG R A N D O I FILMED IX T r . t i r N U C l MI SCOTT He'apart board. to the state census ·III ·9 1EWSP4PERS 1EWSP4PERS

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