The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 27, 1987 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1987
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE BAYTOWN SUN Annual 27, MM7 Bridge MICS Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 ,Be aware 5 Ftowerles* plant 9 _i Broadway 12 Metric foot 13 Phrata of under- Standing (2 , wds.) 14 Three (pref.) 15 Singer _ ^Turner 16'Starving 18 10«, Roman 19 Qod (Lat.) 20 Expense 21 Jew 23 Actor Nick 2 Artlessnats 3 Vehicle 4 B«sk»tb«ll league (abbr.) 5 Sparklers • 6 Jacob's twin 7 Accelerates 8 By birth 9 Actor Peter Answer to Previous Puzzle 24 Needle case 25 Capital of Norway 28 Part of corn plant 29 Bird's birthplace 30 Loud noises 32 Moroccan soldier '»•_!_ cap 30 Sine non 41 Perceive 42 Sweet potatoes 43 Cities i';.;: 45 River in Texas 47 Gravel ridges 48 Funny people 50 Period of historical time 51 Teaching 53 Lincoln Center offering 54 Fermented : drink 55 Freshwater porpoise 56 She (Fr.) S? Heavy-hearted 58 Pagan god 59 . . , Foxx DOWN 1 Chef's room 10 Truncated pyramids 11 Rankle 17Sgt. 19 Eau — cologne 22 Actress Gam •23 Negative word 26 Laundry item 27 Of the voice box 31 terrier 33 Billowy expanse 35 Aircraft part 36 Green jewel 37 Tried MOUTH • Ml V4I • A1AS41 MM7 WEST 4>»743 V*«Z *J»7« •>A10 EAST • K10S f A Q J 10 7 SOUTH *AQJ *>Q853 Vulnerable: North-South Dealer-West Wetl Pass Pass Pass North EMI Pass If 3 NT Pass SMtk I NT Pass Opening lead: * 2 THCNTELL yC BOV»TOLgT THIS I* OUR TAMP I'M COMING COMPOUNP. J IMTQFIMPW FRI6ND51 »UT WE HAVE THE ALLiV OOP ®bf Dm* Oraue 38 Specified amounts 39 Actress : Andress 40 Ebbed 44 Indignation 46 You and me 48 Stick 49 Currency exchange premium 52 52, Roman 53 For each 1 iz 15 18 21 2* 29 2 • 3D 43 47 51 5* 57 33 40 (c)1987 by NEA. Inc A chance to be brilliant By James Jacoby With favorable vulnerability the player in third seat will sometimes make a weak two-bid with only a five- card suit, as East did. South overcalled with two no-trump, showing his balanced 17 high-card points, and North was happy to raise to game. i Botfi declarer and defender were on their toes early. East put in the 10 of hearts, but declarer ducked. East continued with the queen and South won the king. It would now be fatal for declarer to attempt to force out the club ace, so he played K-Q and another diamond, finessing the 10 when •< West showed up with four to the jack. As the play of diamonds continued, East had to make four discards, and he let all of his clubs go. That gave South a blueprint. East had started with five hearts and only one diamond, and he had discarded four clubs. He must have three spades left, obviously headed by the king. So declarer took a spade finesse and exited with a heart. East could do no better than take his remaining heart tricks and then lead away from the K-10 of spades. All of this could have been countered by an unusual "brilliancy" by West. If, on the second high diamond played by South, West wastes the jack, then declarer will be inclined to overtake in dummy to establish an extra entry there. This will allow declarer to take a second spade finesse. When East shows out after declarer overtakes his diamond queen, South will realize that he has been taken in by an •extremely farsighted play by West. A new book by James Jacoby and his father, the late Oswald Jacoby; is now available at bookstores. lt,is "Jacoby on Card Games." published by Pharos Books. © 19(7. NEWSPAPER ENTEKPIUSE ASSN THBT AREA'S CLEAN, MOPttH!/ VERY \IS TOUR NOT A SK5N OF ANYBODY.' (GOOO, MR.) PARTY WEVE SOT THE PLACE ALL.I WOODMAN!y READY,M TO OURSELVES) , -£_ IXHOWARTHf COMEON, MEN! LET'S SET THE LIEUTENANT A NEW 6PAR! WHAT'S I VVE'LL REPLACE THE SFAR, YOUR / MOUHT THE TORPEDO, AND STAY HERE UNTIL PARK... THEN WE'LL MAKE OUR . RUN ON THE IRONCLAD. 1 EEK * MEEK ®by How* Schn«id*r CO SCO REAUZC THAT IF WU ADDED UP1H£ TOTAL HEIGHT OF IrO THE AKJD DMDtD IT THE. FCRJLATOJ... / VUE-'D TVUO gooes UP .{JUltH WINTHROP ®by Dick Cavalli MY DAD SAYS IP I <5ET STRAlSHTyAfe NEXT TERM. HE'LL GIVE ME A MILL/ON COLLARS... AMD A SPORTS CAR AND MY OWN LvAKEFRONT OONDO MY DADC^N BE KIND OF SMART-ALECKY SOMETIMES. BUGS BUNNY • by Wim«r BrM. tf-MV C7EARFUPDSON... TUEBuTLER HO" THESE BITS Of CARROT* HIS TEETH / ARLO AND JANIS ' by Jimmy Johnson Astrogroph Bernice Bede Osol ^Birthday FrMcy, Aug. 21,1M7 B« grateful for things that come easil> for you in the year ahead. If you take th*m for granted and are not fully appreciative, the privileges you're accorded might be withdrawn. VWOO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) In a commercial dealing today, it's best to be a bit skeptical instead of believing everything you are told by One who wants to make a deal with you. Know where to look 1 for romance and you'll find it. The Astro-Graph Matchmaker set instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for you. Mail S2 to. Matchmaker, P.O. Box 91428, Cleveland, OH 441013428. LNMA (S*pt. 23-Oct. 23) Don't let an associate make an important decision for you today. If you're too lackadaisical to protect your own interests, you may have to pay the piper. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Mov. 22) Problems you may have to overcome today could be of your own making. The aspects indicate you might fail to use your customary industriousness. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Be careful today that you are not drawn into a petty i political situation: Two friends may try to get the best of one another. Both may make you their scapegoat. CAPRICORN (OK. 22-J»n. 19) "Pride goeth before a fall," says an old proverb. Sticky situations can be avoided today if you don't let your ego override your innate good sense. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-F»b. 19) In order to further your ends today, you may make some big promises to people who help you. Unfortunately, you'll be taken literally and be expected to produce later. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Your compassion for the underdog makes you rather vulnerable today. You might be drawn into something where another's excuses become your liabilities. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Judgments you make today may lean toward what you want them to be instead of what they should be, This is a sound operal- ing premise. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) In an anxious attempt to expedite a difficult matter today, you might take shortcuts that are impractical and create more problems than they solve. GEMINI (May 21-Jun« 20) Overindulgence is something to be mindful of today. Good things will be doubly appreciated if you partake of them in small quantities. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Wishy- washy decisions will not inspire subordinates today. If you want to impress those in your charge, be decisive and firm. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Be careful today that you're not too boastful .about something you've recently accomplished. It will sound better if you let others toot your horn. © 1»«7. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSS THE GRIZZWELLS- by Bill Schorr 50 you CAN'T EVEW TA\<E A HAP TOUR15T 5EA50M. KIT 'N' CARLYLE ' by Larry Wright SNAFU;" by Bruce Beattie FRANK AND ERNEST ' by Bob Trttvei >jS\\\fiF. // /^. ,-^-;; ! flww MR. MEN" AND LITTLE MISS" by Hargreave* * Seller* 17 / I'VE OO^T P<PN/E f A\Y <5cxpp PEEP "All you ever get picking pockets are slips of paper saying, 'Inspected by »10'!" CELEBRITY CIPHER C«tebflty Ciptnr cryptograms m crntad from quotations by tumotis peopto. past anO ptewnt Each *tlw In ttw cicrnr stands lor another Todty's cA/e. F «ju«/s A. 1 I R W KVFS IV I *l W RFMM VK XPUW PIT TFDWS LMlR f OPY LRV MWS I R «V M K MWFEOW M Q Y I H aj J W - V « I Y . ' — HVHMP OFMWQINaW. PREVIOUS SOiUTrON: "If trw only tool you neve is a hammer, you tend to *•» every problem n * mM.'; — Abraham Mastow. it) 1M7 &r NEA. Int. 2«S / THAT£ <=>PP/ / LENT HIM I / BECAUSE HE ^«MP HE CetA-P 'HARPLT V KEEP Hl^ HEAD A8<=VE WATER V ^— THE BORN LOSCR 'by Art Sanaem Off »CfJD Of KM* BEFORE S&U TIE THE locr, woccif ,,,Lsr m wx m'* ' ; i ^.ajflMk • im~*

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