The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 13, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1918
Page 5
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OttiffBON NEWS. PAGE FIVE. We Wish to Impress the Public»^| with the'fact that we are continually receiving new merchandise, in fact, new goods arriving almost daily. For instance, yesterday we received a delayed shipment of thirty-five Suits. •Your choice may be in this'lot. This is only typical of every item we handle. . •• New Hats, Skirts, Dresses, Coats are among the arrivals we are constantly getting in. Bear in mind the difficulties in securing merchandise, and that if you. don't: find what you want today, tomorrow may bring it here. The New Store 112 North Main LADIES FASHION SHOP Quality Tells—Price Sells Mrs. Virgil Morris was entertained from an automobile Irlr. to Mauhat with a surprise party last evening In tau where they accoiupaned honor of her ulrthday. The evening sons, Mr. Vemon Carrier and Mr. was spent with music and games, after James Donovan, to the State Agrloul- which ft delicious lunch was served tural College whore they have en- to thu following guests: Mr. and Mrs. rolled for special military training: H. C. Class. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wlilt- • • • .' look, Mr. and Mrs. David Baxter and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thomson and son, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Ferris, Mr. and SOUB, Leon and Harold, returned last Mrs. Joe Uugles and family, Mr. and night from a motor trip lo Denver, Mrs. LaShorc, Mr. and Mrs. II. Court- Salt Lake City and other western ney and ramfly, Mr. and Mrs. IS. N. points, Mra. Thomson and the chil- Morrls,' Mrs. D. O'llalloren, Mrs. Bess- dren also having spent the summer in ler, Mrs. J.- Urltt, Mrs. J. Uiwrence, 'Montana with relatives. Mrs. 13. Rogers, Mrs. Pthony, Mrs.' <S> <S> •$> Jack Hardy and son, Mrs. L. Court- 1 Miss .Dolly Stahl of Sterling left ney and son, Miss Mary O'llalloren. this morning, after a day's visit with Miss Gsaevlevo Kerrls,. Miss Ann Miss Ruth Hettinger, for Coldwater O'Hallorcn, Mr. L. Etzler, Mr. Clayton where slic will- bo principal of the Thomas, and Mrs. Virgil Morris. , high school there. Miss Hettinger & <j, <g, . land Miss Stahl taught In the same .... v n ' r> • - ~ . ' school at Little River last year, lhe M. V. 0. B, club met yesterday & Q a, afternoon at the home of Mrs. Arthur, Mr a u cha , To wnsend, home on Sixteenth Avenue east. -Ihe who were recently warl .| e d, were afternoon was spent doing Red Cross , yen a m^cejiancoua , shower last Mr. B. J. Marshall and Mr. P. A. Russel of Wichita have each reserved a box at Ahe Fair grounds for Fair week. Mrs. C. D. Hyson of Fowler, Colora- ("hTirTS 0 " *s here visiting with friends and ln 1 relatives. work and later the hostess assisted by Miss Lyda Dalrd and Mrs. Harlow Drown served u buffet luncheon, I'ur- pie iuid lavender asters were used as table decorations. A line party was Planned for next Thursday evening to some theatre In honor "of Mrs, Arthur Young who Is Soon to move to Portland, Oregon, to make her home In the future. The guests of tho club were Mrs. Harlan, Mrs. Oscar Young and Miss Lyda Balrd.. The club will meet in two weeks at the home of Mrs, evening at their home on Avenue C east, by about thirty-five of their friends. Mrs. Townsend was formerly Miss May Sheets. . • • * Mr. anil Mrs. \ Howard Snyder of Mcrherson are here -"attending tho Methodist Sunday School convention •and are the guests of Mr, and Mrs. 11. H. Snyder on Fourth avenue eact, east. Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Henderson will Harlow Brown on Thirteenth avenue <,„„,„ Sunday' to spend a few days west. j with Mr. Henderson's sister, Mrs. R. , I O. Short and Mr. Short. Mr. Hender. The members of tho Clpvoleaf club B011 0XDe cts to leave for'France soon, met yesterday afternoon at the lit mo i - <£> •$> <$• of Mrs. U. 0. Getter on Fourth avcmio jir. Will French of Ladraride, Oregon, east, the first meeting of the new i B . hens visiting .at.tho home or his year. The first part of tho afternoon uulUi Mra , Fen* -French. Mr. French wusspent In knitting and 'needlework. i 8 enr oute home from an eastern busi- ln u contest during the social boUr the prize was awarded to Mrs. A.i R. Manu. "t'he hostess, assisted by Mrs. James" Pearson sorved a dainty lunch late In the afternoon to tho club members and tho following guesis, Mrs, Ellon Pearson, Mrs. Martha Daenzer, Mrs. W. A. Wells and Mrs. L. C. Herwig. . The club will meet in two weeks with Mra. Georgo Bryan of North Monroe street. <3> rt> $ Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Deobo of Thirteenth avenue east entertained a tow guests last evening at their home in honor of Mr. Beebe's blrtnday anniversary. Tho house was beautifully dec. rated with gardon flowers and ferns. The evening was spent with music and dancing and at a late hour tho hostess served a dainty lunch. The guests were, Mr. and Mrs- 11. F, Bryant of Si. ,lot), M«., Mr. and Mrs. lamer Fernstron at Been, New 'Mexico; Miss Lucile Noah, Mr. L. H. Dodd of Kan- sus City, Missouri, Mr. J. W. Hooper, i Kdnu Beebe and IDlsle lieehe. *«><»•• . Tho K. T. C; club met with Mra. 85. Clausen yesterday atternbon til her Young on Thirk-erjlh avenue west. Tho afternoon was spent in doing Red Crotts work. Later In the afternoon a delicious two course luncheon was served, the hostess 'toeing assisted by Mrs, T. L. Thompson. Mrs. O. L. Bateman was a guest of tho club. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. F. O. Swuiisuri of A west. <p •* >V Mrs. Charles L6bdoI|' of Washington, D. C, spent today with Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Fagelberg. Mrs. l^obdell Is out with Mr. Lobdell, who is a member of tho Farm Loan Board, and while tho board is making a, visit of inspection at Wichita, Mrs. Lobdeli took'the opportunity to come to visit hero with Mr. Lobdell's sla­ ter, Mis. Fogclborg. 4, <j> Mrs. F. U. Martin, Miss Clara Martin and MIBB Frauds Pelro will leave 'Monday for Now York, where they will visit with Ltout, John Martin, who Is In the Aviation Corps there. From there they win go to Boston, where Miss Martin and Miss Totro win attend tho New England Conservatory. ^ <$. .$> Mr. Verliug Welkor, Mr. Orvillo Strickland, Mr. Charles Wall, Mr. Verner Smith, Mr. William Brehm, Mr. •Clyde Totten, Mr, A. J^wlsOswald Mr. Fred Preble, Mr. Donald EMwatda-LWoat Virginia. 41r. Biober Smith and Mr. Ralph Spat, uey will Icavo Sunday uight for Uiw­ rence whefo tboy will attend K, U. * • • ' Mr, and Mrp. M. 11. Carrier and •Jlrs. J. W. PiwT.aa have returned ness trip. •$><«> <s> Mr. rand Mrs. G. W. Wilson and daughter, Thelma, Miss Lena Ernst and Miss-Anna Bird will motor to Camp Fuustoii tomorrow to spend Sunday. * ^~ • ^ «• Mrs. Ray Tinder of Wichita will como tomorrow to bo the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. & Asher for the week-end; and during Fair week", ' Mrs. Claude R. Russejl leaves today for her home at Oklahoma City, after visiting hore for a few, days with her mother, Mrs. 52, L Blizzard. - * <8> Mrs. Georgo May of Cotreyvllle and Mrs, J, EJ, Lang of Carthage, Missouri, will arrive hero tomorrow to visit with Mrs. F, W. Sawyer. • •!> •$> Mrs. Louise Brown and daughter, Mrs. W. J. Keys ..will return Sunday from Colorado where they have been for a fuw weeks. Air, and-Mrs. Harry White will return this .uveqlng.. from Topeku after spending the week there attending the fair. 1 . r- Miss Grace Gardener left this week for Manhattan whore Bhe enrolled in the domestic science tttid vocal classes. • Mr. 'and 'Mrs. John Christopher and children Tnez and John of Kansas City, Mo., are visiting relatives here. <8> <5> • Mrs. R. Boyd Wallace and children of Stafford are hore visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mra. C. L. Nelson. • <S> * Miss Bculuh Nelson leaves tomorrow tor lOvaustown, 111., where she will attend the Northwestern. /•• <?• * * Mrs. 6. Turner and niece Miss Helen Turner, of Stafford, were Visiting friends here today, <j. <j> Mra. Claude Adams of BlairBvUle, Penn., came today to Visit several weeks with friends. •» 4> * Mrs. R. H, Snyder has returned from «. visit with Mr. and Mrs. itoy Prats of Liberal. <S> <{> <$> Mr, and Mrs. Fred W. KfUbs have returned from a vlsjt with relatives.In Mrs. Q. H. Staatz of Bushton Is here the guest of Mrs. M. C. Elmore. NOTICE. Modern Woodman Dance. "Saturday evening, Sept. 14th, Woodman Hall, Sherman west. Four piece orchestra. Door right reserved." 13-21 Dancers. I Class lessons In ballroom dances every Friday night, 7:30 to 9. Social dance from.9 lo 12. Woodman Hall. Holaday's 3 piece orchestra.»Private lessons by appointment. Phone 1455. 7-u ANNA MCDONNELL. Children's Dances, Beginning September 7, every Saturday afternoon will teach children's ballroom and fancy dances, Phono -1455. ....... 7-tt ANNA MCDONNELL. Notice to Dancers; Dancing every: Tuesdity,,".Tlniraday and Saturday' evenings at Central Hall. Opening night Tuesday, Sept. 17. With Holaday's Orchestra. Admission, 75 cents. Atkinson and Atkinson. 12-5t Wan ted—Grocery dellveryman. Call 010 or call at 8th Street grocery. 10-tt *<$'<3><S>'$'3'<S'*<S'>3 > <& < &<S>3>*4> .<$> 9 UNDELIVERED TELEGRAMS Q <5> AT THE WESTERN UNION. <$> *<J'<S'<«>4><t><S><£«><$><S'<S><S'<S>«>4> Owen L. McKinnoy. G. H. McKendree .i T. H. McKeanzie. P. B. McCain, Mr. Geo. A. Howell. W. H. Hamilton. - WILL SELL THE BONDS. 4> # * , '; • .Mr, Lewis Oswfty leaves today for Lawrence, where ho wlji attend K. XI, this winter. * <8> * Wr. T. J. t Grace. Mr. «, S. Meeker, The News of the YankB Accomplishing Big Things Will Do ThiSs "This hews which Is being received now concerning the victories'- which probably our own Hutchinson boys aro helping lo make possible," declared Walter F. Jones today, "will sell .more liberty bonds than all of tho bands ln tho country and all the speeches ono is a mind to make." Mr. Jones is chairman of the publicity comiuiittee of the Fourth Libor- ty Ixion and i« getting tuned up for the big affair-; which, is to start the last of this month. When combining the hot milk and tomato for tomato biBque, to avoid curdling, pour the tomato into the hot milk. Natlee t haVo moved my office from 003 First Nntlonal Bank to U08 First Nft< tlonal Bank. Tel. 2002. Walter F. Jones.- ' '13-21 Ah Ideal Is worthless If work isn't applied to It.—Atchison Globe "The Biggest Show On Earth" JlalMIJIUUIJIUIJIJUIJIIJilJiMI J LI Ml JUMJMMIJUIIJIJUIJMUIJUUIJUUI4UW •IJnid Bennett. Do you like to take in the circus? Yes! Then you'll want to see life "behind the scenes," as portrayed by Kbid Bennett in the wonderful story of circus life. DeLuxe Theatre Today and Tomorrow Regular Admission BRING THE KIDS Riverside Park TONIGHT Bobby Barker Musical Comedy Company in latest musical tabs. Dancing Tonight Park Pavillion DANCING Yeoman Hall each Saturday evening. Holaday's music. Ray Bailey, Mgr. r lete Line of Up to Date FALL MILLINERY We" want you to make every effort to come and see for yourself the many charming features of this seasons Millinery. ' \' :l ' ' QUIGG MILLINERY 4 South Main Street. Visitors W ILL find our stock of Women's Wear and Furs not only the largest and finest in Hutchinson, but also much more extensive and attractive than at any previous September, and our prices of course lower than any competitor because of our lower expenses, superior eastern business connections and buying facilities—You are cordially invited to make our store your headquarters while here and to inspect at your leisure our splendid assortment 0} Women's Furs, Coats, Suits, Dresses, Skirts, Waists, etc. The U. i>. Government requests that all Holiday Gifts be useful ones this year and be purchased as early as possible for conservation purposes. You will also probably save money by buying now as our present prices cdnnot be duplicated later on. By making a small payment down we will hold anything you select from our stock until you wish to take it out. ****** W:fi!fiStfiftra*!£*!fiS i ****** ****** ^^S^^,^^ ********Ui***t otW^Cornir Main'ind Stcon4 SEAL PLUSH COATS Read This Letter | This lottor from one of our manufacturers (Uko ninny otliers we have) shows how silk seal plush coals nave already advanced. However we still have a big stock of them ranging from ?2o.00 to $198.00 all bought early at old prices and wo will not advance our prices on any of them. However they are soiling fast and we advise anyone intending buying a seal plush coat to buy us soon as possible while wo have a" good assorlment to select from. If you wait long you will undoubtedly havo to pay the advance. Those from $25.00 • to >4S.E0 ure much under competition, wliilo those from $09.00 to $198.00 made of Hudson or Cafflns seal fabric and many of them elaborately fur trimmed aro mado In styles exclusive with us and cannot bo had at any prlcu anywhere else in this city. The Cohn-Goodman Company Manufacturers of CLOAKS AND SUITS. 1140 WEST SIXTH ST. Cleveland, Ohio, Sept. 9th, 1918. O. F. SAVWEIl & CO.. Ilulclnmujii, K'uus. Gentlemen: We are in receipt of your favor'of Sept. Till for coat No. 1201 sizes DO at $22.7.V The plush thai we used for our early orders was from our purchase of 1917. Since that has all been used up we wero obliged to pay a great deal more for this material and the very best piico we can make on this garment Is $29., r >0, II you can make use of garment at this price kindly advise us, and we will endeavor to ship some to you within 10 days to two weeks from receipt of your valued order. NR Yours Truly, (Signed) Till'] COHN'-GOODMAN COMl'AN'V. —S ||j O. P. Sawyer Dry Goods Company, Corner North Maian and Second Sts. ffl *!fi!fiW****ffi**ffi*ra*^^ How Will Your Boy Get ~* Along This Year? •Do hlg oyeB need attention? Is ho keeping up with his class as easily as ho ought to? Hetter an examination today, than glasses all through life. 1 examine children's eyes as thoroughly as grown-ups. An experience of more than FIFTEEN YEARS justifies this statemont. I devote all my time to tho testing of eyes; the fitting of glasses, and the grinding of lenses. H. a ZINN The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn Jno. Blrchfielt) Ooorge Dice Mushroom squp «ay De mado with lhe peelings of the mushrooms. Full Line of Hals and Caps Save Middle Man'* Profit by Buying From 4 South Main Plume 10U IDYC! AUSeatsr IKld Always DC TODAY PEARL WHITE in "The Death Switch" 17th Episode "f "The House of Hate" HAROLD LLOYO In "The City Slicker", Comedy Hearst-Pathe News Showing Official War Pictures — - .j Tomorrow NEAL^HART t^, *'The Trail of No Rtturn" The famous LrKO Beauties In "The Bells of liberty" Oomedy. i» «»wwtof »averti#«*«flto »e»tto» The Hew*

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