Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 5, 1975 · Page 26
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 26

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1975
Page 26
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IO-D^-IUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Saturday Morning, April 5, 1975 R«il Estate for Sate 84. Hotius 84. Houses THREE room hou»e, needs iomc [ MO , '!•; in moainiy. [ tai^'e 120 .Niter' . JiO down. J'lus insurance and la.\es. Ave. 765-5681. MELONIB PARK. 71i^l7lxm~~l'mm! loom, den, loads or *lcn,i,,o. co» -ic<t palto. su grill, $4-'.l»'. ..U 1 -' hfitli Diiu!. WJ-75U'.'. near Tech, 2 liccliuom decoiatetl. n-'w carpel, tvutilcr tops, pamt, fenced yairl. Tui'inulo siicllct HOtt si. HaiuiU'M _ .lUSOs/,. 3 bedroom. 2 b.Uiis. jnowei 1 , livm£nx»m, den, Jire- f.nef. bat, kitchen. dmins »re«, 1,1. uti, «. iaiajf. itfnseratcti au. pa. t!i», wcH iandbc^ped, Wilt tiade il.j.ul. Uio-V.BI. H'H \V, II UK _ _ $..jfl DOW.V KHA - near Tern ^ kA'uioom. deioraieil, i'cw taitici. ivmnuv tops, paint, tomaiio NiKltrr. /tw.-cfi vnrri. Kara EC. l*ril."> t'mi. Halts- field r.cally. 79Wi.v.'. Tli-.>,u.- KONE.STW —at* lhi:> bfauliilJl home and .voa'H asree it is Hie lies! buy on U\c market. .^ouiji of rxiHi. \Vnit of lJnivei>.ily. •< Hedioow brick. 2 Itaths. hvu^ loom and den wiui <biiuc art's. 53-VMfl V'HA. If >-o<i lielicve all lhi». r.ill lor an appointment today. 'Cio.s.s-Towu K ilatc. 70a->S<;^, or Allinr. 79-'-2l6'J. X\1AL1, two room house. East Lub- hook. Heavily vandalized. -Must sell -- c-Jican. MU9 ITilli Place. 79!)•Jill. ______ _ ____ }^V O^ner: Melomc I'ui'k Soutli. Tuiftf bodnxm*. fvimuil Iivmu-dtmni: uimhinallon. Cathedral ucilint den. i .spaiklm: new. ,1 bcthooms, covered patio. iiinc-rave<l air, Hreplace, Just S.'.DOG UO\MI, payments umlei JiOO. Pai liiii'ictl Utallois. 793 Uill. O1V.XKR: i!-'.'-'.'. livlnz, den. Equity buy, b' percent, ^tjl.^u iimnim}. Kvilbnd atea. New central beat, re* fii;ci.ucii air and uau-r neater, i-hni; cauicl, liieplin'e, 799-7'Jli. '< i-KHCKNT ~ turfy papei RMlErtat* for fete I* 87. Mobil* Ho*nt« 8, 10. 13, M WIUE mobile homes rent or sell. 79-'-S2.;4. lixM BUOADMORi;, unlurnhhed, Ibnilt-in kUcJien, 'J bedroom-l bath Carpet. 79r>-8313. J5.000, Kouf. lale, pdiici, *mall dosva. Medjcai .1 bl'X'ks to Molliodlnl I^Tke 3 m, :: bath. - itils, 'ihick .iliake f.'J.iOO total. Co-op Heal Ks_____ HUY Sow!!! Spacious Ihiee bed- itwnis::: T\vo liaths!! Oen — Fjre- jilncc Uc/ugctated -- Veterans -- .N'ninina l)h«n:: Tiatle -- )3'.,'j50. Jonn^ttui lvc?alty — 7-l-i-.^i;i2. .sllAflP, thiep bedroom, two hath, doiilile carage reasonable equity. J.J11 monllily. Close In Mall, (.'all i^airy. 7H-.J3L'o. or "•U7-0615. An- l\vme-t'ay|s-Kizer Realtois. . custom St'liool, 7[C'-c- . drape:.. iluilee- :> OR '1 or 1. Clioosc Your Investment: -V;*; Jtili I- units). IS04 Uin t:i umlsi; '.!5Cu '.!L!nd (3 umisi; Crjarjc.-s McC'own, Realtors, 79J-fa-Uo, iiWiVKR Musi Sell: small equity — S Bedroom 'i Rath. Buiil-ms. Kefrie- rratecl air. Make offer: Homer Fmleson. f>altois. 7HJ-VU1. (.laiiiens: 3 bedroom, 'J Iiavh ramcruorv.. Heautilull.v f,L-iipcil curium Uiaiieji, nig appliances. Unexcelled ciuaiity. tain. Kra Willis, Ucaltors. i^i-"? , land- MOBILE hume, sell or reni, living at its best, custom construction, quality furnishings, appliani'es. carpel, Some equity. 7y7-A5ftb, (SfXi) 925-;!ol.>. 87. Mobil* Hom.i 1^x60, 1'ASl'KFUL Decor. 3 bed- rocnu. c.vceilsiit condition. Assume loan balance, 7H-13M. 14x55 2 UBDUCKJM, payments No equity, 747-5221. S x 3b CONCORU Excellent condition! furnished. 210S Aubuin Space 137. A-l Toiler Court. MUST SELL! Moving. '7.1 11x60 Three bedroom, .' Batii, unfurnished. Asking JOrt i- take over payments. 74B-5379 allcr SPM. W57 GltBAT lakes Mobile Home. 3:r \ 8'. One bedroom, storage. 892-Jlvt-t. " 1972 12\60 Furnished, cooler, equity. r~.~ BKIJROOM, I bath, \S carpel evaporaiive monthly payment, $500 " «n«r 1 pm. trailer. J7r>0. 797- I'OR . . _ ; 1(172 We.stciic.-iter ? e lile llomp. VI .\ 60. /urni.-,hed Call I37-.T021. or 997-2661. alter 5 i>.m, Milon. 2,»4U I-T.. ,'i bedroom, office, workshop. decorator interior, professional. ly landscaped larRe >ai'd. Xear Hardvuci, McKcnzU'. MS.iKjO, ne\w loan, Sl.l/100 equity buy with 7 per cent VA. 7'.li-7^-i4, b.v owiu-L MtA-\'A. Li bedi-oom, li bath, livjnc- room, den. fireplace, shag carpel, buiUms, .itoriti ceilar, ItiUj ft. .Veai' IJrou n Elementary. 74A-ia'-'J. ____ .SHAU.OVVA'J'EK — 3~bctiioom, one bath, lenccd vain clo^e to i. ouol, ., cai carport, with loVs o( storage. Mary 1'emiv - - hJJ"l.">ir ranch tMie (i.rncr lot, baths, walk in closets MON'IHLV. Three hedioom BY owner •I bediwm, basement, landscaped with garden spol, lots o: jitoiaiie A cloi^t snai.c. - Rara^c. fall Tor appointment 7H7-H-IJ. Mclunif ;~(iulh — 7716 Knoxviile hr. ^ijn .ii^j.^ 11>*ji• AIH.-L .,v...^' Arit^i.o.\ lJl two billh, liOU sq. It. 51800 equity. 7 A , n , H f . ncr i:rnl on S15.SW. It'.M t'ilh. ... ' d ,.,,, 7.;7-ti23. 7M-1M2. V]OW| S06 . 2 .); SVM'OO NOTB to trade for equity piopprly. 707-S329, 7UJ-611?. ABBKNATHY - Ihiee bcdfoomi, •arprteti. Paved slicet. KHA loan avnilahle. I'laln- NO DOWN pajmcnt. Gl loan available - bedixxims. one bath, in sood location for Tech. Roland Coke Afiency. 747-3691. tors 795-7161. . Park — -1-'-".i--' by Has, everything! Cathcdial d-n. Toimnl livinc Noar all schools, owner. ceiling ihninc rtxjm new loan roquiiCL 1 . FtRjiT Time Offered: Over -.500..<I-' in prestigious Lf ft\viclvM.miLCi-O. Mature neighborhood. 3-2 f ,^-2. ('.lady* Alicrncthy. 7{i5-655'l. Pat Garrett. ncaltor5.'lf>5-p6_U ; Si ISO KQUITV i.-:ome Avail- nlilc immediately. 521" payments. ?>">ailv n^v tru?B b^'h. ~sint:le iraiaze. cleiHne klti n Irisenucd ait. A.^ume 7'i VA loan. 611 North Kuranl. Turner—Wtl- wm Jfc Wilson. 7!i:l-fi070. ^^ liSTIGK location, under {43,0011 • new carpet, draped extra larce llv- inc atcn, ideal for pool table. Call liavid Incs, 79S-U7B5. Pai Ganell MELON IE PARK South •- Owner: •l-'J 1 }--. Indoor crill Gameroom wct-har. Landscaped. Urge covered patio. IS a seme nt. !>OGOsf. Storage. SW.OOO. 7010 Joliet. 79s-'.'5l>S. MOVi; un to Town West: Unck : central A-H cathedral crilinc, lire- nlace In den, formal dining area. riiT-loiti drapes &.- shutters. Gas mill, on covered iiatm. Overlooking mo fr.^Mtmslly landscaped .\aril, 7!'_'-79S9. NO Down-VA: S300 Down-I-'HA: - Jjrijrtionj, l?k bath. BuiH-m.s Carpet' cd. Homer Burlcson, Kealtois. "is)-. JV.'IW MOVE-IN: All briL-k 3 room. Den. Double carafe •itilh Homer Ruiieion. TlijalUn's. bed -130> 7W Brick. TIUIKB bcilrnoni home. Kxrollc-nt «jii(iition. Pouhlo. game. J29.959. Lewis-Norman. 797-32M. OWNER anxious for oir:r. Three hcdrtxJms. two baths, den-living romMnalion. cathrdial i-ailins. Convenient to Air Base. Mid forties. Kolano. Coke Agency. 747-3^1. r,V Owner: :> hetlvoom, livinc room. ,1'n and kitchen, liath and »L. nice ri<i?.et« shaR cavjict. patin. 5-'.>.OuO. May he seen Saturday Or Sunilay^ or hv " appomtmenL riuvm/ ueek. 791:- : 3-2-2 plus ottice. Cu.stom ilraiics, fliultor.-. fireplace, oulj-iclt* slorajio. built-in*, sunken dm uith I athedral ceiling, 799-20!!:!, 3ril3 Am- lit-rst. TTST-SF. ALL Brick ", Bedroom. I.ruse rlcn. PouWr* csVavc. *<00 Jlonn FS-IA- Trade. Homer Runc..on realtors. 7!C"l-i'J]. bedroom '.I'M, aftei come. 7!Tt-ou?fi. No realtors please. BV OWNKR I-!-, bnths Rush. J!!).">0 muity. fl-U-mo. YOU RECEIVE FREE LAND When you buy your unit from us. Come look today! I'A.MlhV HOUSING MOIIHJJ HOMES (Where the action Is) 1-U9 North University FOR Sale: On» mobile home lot and me Chak'i lul at the fiaca (HanUp in Crestone, Colorado — Good Buy! 1B17 1). 59th. 762-5091. 10x60. VAN Iiylie. new carpet, washer. t37SO. 601 3lh, Wolfforth. R6S-423'J. TraiMporUtion 90. Automobiks •67 BU1CK Special. 63,000 miles, economical, good shape, 1595. 744(•017. SCI: 1 , Street. \96fl FOKIi Galaxie 500 V-j. auto- nialic. «lr. power, clean. $5X5. 792- "iBoS. 4901 7th. NICK TWO bedroom. 197:1 ca»tlp Accent. 56x14, Payments of S99.3S wilh approved credit nmvr in for »3K.6I. 747-5221. 806 Ncllh Univrrsi- ty^ 137.1 MARK I rtepo. Sail!!. With approved cirelit and >"tit.3S. A^umc payments SWfi.'.D. 747-S221. 80S North University. LOW MOVB in with annroved i-recl- it. 1973 Viking Mobile Home. K3xl4. reyments 8130.93. 717-3221. SO^ Noith I'.'xl-l ONK BElinoo.M |iajn>enu W4.10. no equily. 747.5rJl'. Tram 90. Automobiles •M PORSCHK 911, S cylinder, electric sunroof, many oilier eMras, last and beautiful. J4300. 7i!7-562:>. * REPOSSESSIONS * VO Uown Payment — Just T»x Title <t Tj-ansfer- aAd you Rain th oth?r man's equily de^. over 30 houses to choose !fom. 13 BR. liomi STOP LOOK t LISTEN SOB NORTH UNIVERSITY 747-5222 VAI.UK 1'OR $15,1)00 I.A KIKSTA mobile home e.iiate-lot 1.'. (DO! N'. Toledo). Unfurnished. l!)7!! Lancer, 14 x ?.>, 2 licdroom, '2 tiath. 4 Ion rof. air. nh'O sq. n. enclosed patio and workroom, +iO N 100 n. lot with utilities and common areas. $-1.200 Muily. JIO.SUO loan or 515,000 new loan. Would consider .se. C. W. (Uub) Turner, 7S9-6070. •t>9 CHKVKLI.K Haliuu. i-'S. Nir.deil. power steering, aiv. radio, healer, lape deck, new tires. Kvcrllcni condition. U050. 1111 Kast Rice. 762. K.XOKt.l.KN'T buy: In 1!)7I Cadillac Coupe UeVille. Or 1972 Pinto. Kolh are extra clean! and Loaded with all the extras! 163-lim after 5PM. 7»rv!!50B. 11172 LANCER, 14x78. parlially fur- iii.shed, di.s-In\;a.?her. rva.ste disposal, [our ton relrigerated air, three hod- room, two lull baths, $10,000. 7471005 after 3:00 p.m. 1H63 MKI.ODY 3 bedroom, 12x60, s:XH.). Cash or equity, assume payments of $79.60. 797-51129. 795-6118. FOR Sale: 2 bedroom trailer. M fl wide, small equity. Payments J£ per month. Call atlcr 6PM, BS5-'J67p. IUTI CHARTER. 12'N5S', 2 bedioom. Ainiliored. Carpeted, Furalshed. J'l&SO 7G2-3369 aflw 5:30 P.M. 3!!xM '^ BKllllOOM. (ully furnished, payments E5!'-5-'. tine only. V6.Vbli7S MOBU.K Home for sale: Call 7477:139. l!)7.( LAXCER 11x76, fill! l;atli^. Lived S13.000. S92-2090 89'J-2 bedrooms. one yea Idalou. . House-Bldg. to Move )2\2! HOU-SK - niak^ e:i stor.ise. Best olfei-. 7W9-J1M. \VKI1 ranslruoted "JOvIO all metal bmldinc. Prefahiicated sleel frame wmk. Over head doors. 7^5-7070 [•"Ij'LljV eauiin'od liousc moving ria wilh nnp .~>-ton Intej-natlonnl winch truck for sale. Write Jack Price. 700, North But-,:, r-'ort Stockton, Texas! suarantee I!l7:i MOBILE home, Grand Western. 12x(jO. built-iiis, skirting, compleleh furnished, two bedrooms. MCclleiH t:ondilion. Paymments S7S.31. Call B:S-:>9ji. Slaton. 1971 IIKNSLEK 1^x62. unrurnishcd. low equity. ?yi.3D. four more years! " lied. "S'j-773fi. SPM. or call ('."15) 3S6-50U after IF you have itjof runtble or leaks or both-'.ve have the product and the know liotr to apply it: This is- no 1 Cool Seal, and does not have to be replaced every year! Three year material and work- T\V'O car xarage,:, <>n» car Ciiraacs. boat stot'ase iiou^o. We'll MUUVC wiJIt ytni fin rvtiuhinc in yotu- house and moving it lo ytnir lo<. L atHii\. 828- :i276. S2S-6C12. STUCCO inplex "nil rn- could be one biy 51200. 2112 Sth. .lacon^. 7V1-9922. 2 EKUftOOII dame house. L':!t)!i 7th. SBOO. Jat-on Kntcrpriscs. 7(1-3:122. S^nu MOVSJ-IN \'A. Will sell VA or y[i\ 'I Ix'droom, 1 bath. ^jn?le iarai?. The Thompson Company. ) 1SIO SQUAP.B Foot Three Bedroom. Carpel, dishwasher. oven, rancc. central hcntinr. l-^i baths. firer/Jacf. Mtjx-ed and **l do\vn within 100 m'l?s. J2S.9:-J).00. ilOii Princeton, 765• NKW Brick 3 and 1 Bedrooms. K^• BtTIl nt I: - 371fj oTil. t\Ve>t- renlrat (tp;i(. Rullt-lns. illslmashrr. wind iS Jx-dionm 2 baths r[«,|.|iv-| OPEN' n.UI.V 1-6 P.M. laK . arra with 'ireolace. irrriRrralcdl MANTTAfTCBEI) HOMES air. heaulilul KiU'h^n "tin Nf,\i- O-IIMI X; <; rvivvn<ir'rv tiiroiish window icadin? to roveivd 9JRU * s - l>H^BS>ir» n,iuo. 531.SW. ooen dally ">:oO till ill™ . . rii Will trade RUSK Addition - Presticit home three hedronin. camf-nwm, larcc <lfn [ormal HviiiR-riinini room, i ivautiful lands cap nc. Under! ?!'"').(,'j^. - l^.r^r rriuilv. "i i ner ccill i li.-ilance. 7M.'i>(!. lor app"i»tment. I 87. Mobile Homes / UM'ff 1 hctirouin, one and t'liri'ir quatler hath, carnci. built-ins. i i.'aiirocli IMvision. "ilS-S-l-tii. ! V. i, Rrii~lf. ThTcr bcdioom Iwnj haili. <-athrdral ri»:lti'i2. tiiiilt-in:>. tireplacr. i rfriscratrd air. sliau rav- : n"' sunken den. ."'.3.'vO -'Iri St ..'.t- j FIVE Bedroom. Tlirep Ealii- South. of smb. Under S4Q.IWO. Lpret^-N'or-j man. 7!)7-8-'3j. r,i'.' v :rn scUms iluol^.s. Nr: 'Mivn | r*ymnnt on VA loan. Ml brick. -;,'.i-c!- fn'places, all built-in armli- an.T'. cM-cllrnl location. near; vi'Ho.11^. Malcolm riiiricu Realtor,-. . fall WiUnn Alplaralp. 797-:i. ! *"i O] | •— I :-OUTll\VKfT: 3-2-2. cathedral den. [ ei ci-trie sarasc. firc-plar«-livins: Ti^-m. e.'.v-as. HM. loll five. Sfifi- (i\VNt:r.: Kxlra nice t\vo bedroom, ?IU*-T see lln^ :, bcdroo. soutliwe^t. Luliliock, 521.SOO. Xenl a^ n nm. i pv.jnorative air. extra Morauc, in i sanicc. Maye Uacklev 7;'2-7174. ^outh riainK Realtors 79'>Vl*m M<:E spacious three bcda.-om. l«-<7 iKilh bncVr livin^-dinius conrbinalion plus den. r.cfr:=c>rrilecl air, -'.Ml >qunre feet, attached aparlmenl. ir- r-rntly rnlecorated. .t::6.00<l. :!IM 3«rd ^I'.ee'l. Call ^levp 79.V9'J7S. Slephens JjiiS MONTH. fiWJO equity _ ^h»ri) fi\o hedrooni drcamhoiire T.^-ti.ilfl. f'sni-npm. Alter rtpm. wcekendF. ~1>7- SPECIALS IJxSOWAYSIDE, 2 Bedroorn APR 12.00.579 mo, UxMVVAYSIDE. 1 bedroom APR 12.40. $95. ma Ux64 WOODLAND, 2 bedroom SPECIAL ....JB2IO .14x70 K1B, Jbsdroom SPECIAL ....58290 Ux&BHENSLEE 3-Bcdroom SPECIAL ....53790 Ui«0 WAYSIDE, 3 bedroom SPECIAL ..510,990 n\tt MAJESTIC, 7 bedroom SPECIAL PRICE "Hi lit* *»•"•' ?OOON. Univt Tom Monaco-G0ncral Manager Dexter Bak«r-Sal«iMan»g«r *' J manship. Kind's Mobile Home Repair, 739-71^.7. -1-113 Brovvr.rielil Hwy 2 nBOROOM. Washer, di^'cr, skirled. T92-WM, 2 Bath. Canictcd disposal. Tie-downs H'x70' SBQUOVA 1973. 3 Bedroom, •J Balh. Ko equity JJ21.16 payment.!, 795-3160. l,OC.M, movinc and sel-ups. factory trained service men. c»n do every thins, work and materials cuaran- __ GOOIl Condition - 10'xW. SliWS lt)\3T. S29M: Delivered - Set-up 1.^0 Mile Radius - Financinc Avail able. A-L Mobile Hnmss. 2000 Xoith University. T\VO Bedroom. Hi bath*. Wa^hpy Diycr. No credit c-heck wilh down payntcnl. TK-^l'S'I. WANTED: OWcr moiiel moMe homes to buy...Call Tonj Monaco al vti'J-5^10 or come by A-l Mobile Homes. '.'000 N. University. "WANTA SELL YOUR CAR?" "U'B WANT TOUR RCSr.VESS" .UBBOCK AUTO CO.. INC. will sell I tor you and handle all details •rins U by and see Wayne Canuo or inrormallon. Immediatp nerrl for ? & nickups In *\ccUetil condi- ion. ISih t Texas Ave. 747-27M. •"IHT: OI.DKST AU'l'OMORrT.E NA1f>: IN T.V1BBOCK" 87. Mobile Homes 1!«U PONTIAC V-S, automaiic. K.v- celltMi mechanical. Needt minor Imd>' work. tIM.JJ9^-5658. A TIME TO SAVE! 1973 SEDAN DEVILI.ES Your Choices4990 ALOERSON © ?',„,,„„,. 121019th 4.4 763-8041 Transportation 90. Automobiles 1%8 CAMARO - convertible. 327, 4 Mieed. 59.500 miles, red with black loo. 742-1432. 50lh & Ave. U (TO LOANS SNOOGRASS MANtR CO. 914 A\v H Dial 'M 5248 1971 OHEMUN, low milease, 79.1-3351. 87. Mobile Homes I'lsSI i BKDROOM. 1!>7-! Fleehvood Small equity. Furnished . skirted • Tied doivn awnins. Assume loan. A-I MOBILE Home Service. We set! sen-ice. Anchors. i7a; Ronf rumble & root leaks stopped. Used skirting. Uay-NMclil 763-05S5. 137'2 NKW Moon. I'-'xBO, carjDCled. 2 lieilrrwim. i!^ Isath.-f. air conditioner, tip-clowns, stoi'ase slied. skinine, included. 74.1.10W. 107! SHKLM \P. Jl-ff. TOx'-l. vcrv sha.-p Assume payments o[ Si:j6.-'6. 71T-o'2^1. S(XS Nrrili Ljnivcrsitj'. RKPO. W7^ MANDOLIN. KKl\. p7\ la\. liUc. iranslfr and lii-cnsc* anrl mov* in will) approved credit. Assume Twsments of H4S.61. K\t:a nice. 717-.VJ2I. = OS ^.'cirlh Unix' 1.17L 1 CASTLK Mark V. MsBS. '.' bedroom, furnished. Very clean, nn chokT lot in Camclol Villace StO.OOfl. 707-101? li \ 60 •> BKUROOM. wash*:- and dryei". Ps>nient= S'I7.0S no >vnrity. Pa> - la\\ till' 1 , transfer. 747-"i'JU3. T^v60""'J BKDKOOM. wa-lier, dr'-rr. nayrnenls ?^7.0F:, no equity. 7U-5??t. 85. HUD 11 >c S103.7 2 BKIiROOJl. o ermity. Pay "' M .v *i5 .1 KKI'ftOOM, Payments S10'.1.71. N'o entity, pay tax. title. ACACIA Mobile Home Part, 2317 Aubuin, Near Tocli. Utilities p.iiri. ']>'H3do .sliellfJ's. H;ilr free ri^nl for first ?. months. SW month. "(MUD. Fort sale: '6n Nashua, 12 X 65, tivo bpiiroDni. on? bath. comi>:5te!y fur- nishert. 7W-SOO". 85. HUD HOMES FOR SALE ;^\ PliRTKN'f. SI 17 Monthly, VWnQ ' rquilv 3 --I : firepla<T : draped; ' ,V7:-(1 DOWN KHA — Xo Down \'.\; K;irk ."< Rcriiviom. 2 Bath .^uprr ^harp' *i"'10 ^Isl Joe Rurne>'. ^f'O- 7!'^I Jack McQueen. Realtors, 717- Lubbock, Texas Sl'lOO ['OWN KHA — Nn Pown VA: J-lnck 4 Vtrtlioom ~ halh. Double £sraKf. nefricerntPtl an. -110^1 .i:;rd. j .loi Burnrv, 7f'!3-7[!jl. Jack McQurcn, | TiMitor.s. 7i7-;',i:::;. _ j ONLY *7.f«30 00 for " bctluyim in: <':irltsk. PMwarrls i- Abcrn.ilhje I'.callor^. Bcrnict Tiirquctte, MSI', ! I.O\\ T Kf[ility: Nicp ;'. bcilioom. nc\7 ] farpct. btult-iny. Coronadrt. Immedi-i .TIP prvssossuni. 707-^915 ! J,Nnn r Ii>UAL Will pay rafh for ei-i uiiv (or house. Alter SPM call 795- i _ OWNER: 3 hcdmoms. 1\ baths,: Hn.vnc?-, KvanR. rrtrl^pralprt air, (n't-place. ;:«.; grill, lil'.ion". IB'JS' FLOOR fpacc!:! Two baths - rmn - Trado:'! T^arsc rriuily - F;- nancine - Johnston Really - 7-M-Su2L'. , I.ARGB, lour heriroom, three bath. ' "ff!fl sq. ft: hcscmenC with w«t bar. .'3't 7Vth. 7!W-CiDS. irvt eomrmrnl to Trch .N'rw T.,isn, I:' r;. Mrxne 71."Mfi7S. South flam* Realtors 'K-HAf. r.KT'S makr ft ricai, Sinirr I'Lran \\oli lo^strr] :; hertiotim. - hatli. | va rrl. rtisr pai'rinn. Mfliyarrl r.^Tri 7P.VM75, >'nuth PJams Itpaltors "ill 1 -' I F.Knr.ooM iiousr. i:; 1 .:: :•:;«!. Brst nllrt over J3000 cash. 7!)T.,-329. 79S- 6118. W:\LK to Hospital — .Siw.'iwn r, bedroom. 2 hnth horn*. Hnun livina- room. Form n I dining. VM 'J2nd Place. Cai! now. Pat Garret Real- torn. 7!>3-t>>)l. TflRKR Mi/room , <>n .Mijniclp»l Tivn-r-. J|;,W3. Buy '.tolillv, assinn* riaMTiMIs SI 11.So: Krank Krenrh 7!>o^)MS. South Plaint Realtor.! 7.12- KLBCTRIC G»r»gt door, open* yowr view Metonls Park Beauty: .1 Serf- room formal livlne. playroom, hxi ireL bur-barbcqu*. Pal Garr«lt BeaJ- Art* THE FOtlOWING PROPERTIES ARE AVAILABLE TO OWNER OCCUPANTS ONLV: 494-075500-221 9123 Akron - $21,950 1-1 494-077803-221 240B E. 29th St. • $8250 DB-1 THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES HAVE BEEN SOLO 494-060431. 3316 E. 16th Slreel LISTING BEGINS APRILS, 197J LISTING EXPIRES 4:45 APRIL 14, 1975 DETERMINATION AT 10:00 AM APfllL 15, 1975 ALL Often To Purchot* MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A "SEALED-BID" - SHOWING THE FHA CASE NUMBER. ADDRESS AND CITY. NO PUBLIC INFORMATION WILL BE GIVEN REGARDING THE NUMBER OF "SEALED- BIDS" RECEIVED PRIOR TO BID OPENING AND DETERMINATION. HUD PROPERTIES ARE SOLO WITHOUT REGARD TO THE PROSPECTIVE PURCHASERS RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, OR NATIONAL ORIGIN. CONTACT A REAL ESTATE BROKER OF YOUR CHOICE > * EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES Department of Housing aid Urban Development Dtporlmtnl •) Proptrty Difp»lili*n 1705 Ttidt Avtnu* P 0. to 1647 lubb<Kk, Ttxoi 7940S mobile , „ home f LIVINQ makes renting ^g obsolete! §)^ It really doesn't make sense to keep paying rent when you could be living in an all-new home of your own. See the many makes and models now on display at CRAWFORD MOBILE HOMES. There's one just right for you! I IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! THE S% TAX CREDIT ON NEW HOMES AISO APPLIES TO THE PURCHASE OF A MOBILE HOME! $13188 14x80 GRAHAM 3-BEDROOM 2 full baths Stock #58 APR 12.11 144 mos@.,. 14x80 SEQUOYA 4-BEDROOM 2 full baths Stock #71 APR 12.11 144 mos @ 12x38 UNITED 2-BEDROOM 1 bath APR 12.24 $R166 96mos@ M I 24x44 SEQUOYA DOUBLE WIDE 2 Bedrooms, 2 full baths Stock #88 **,*«« APR12.11 SQ168 144 mos @ V I OPEN SUNDAY12-6 p.m. 15 YEAR FINANCING AVAILABLE FHA FINANCING AVAILABLE CRAWFORD U.S. 84 BYPASS MOBILE HOMES SLATDN 828-6508 &£s$* tO O'CONNOR MOBILE HOMES BUY YOUR SWEETHEART A NEW MOBILE HOME . . . AND TO SHOW YOU THAT WE'RE SWEETHEARTS TOO . . . WE'LL GIVE YOU UP TO $ 600 FACTORY REBATE!!! 12x64 MODULINE, 5500# sne*v roof, triple insulotion, 2-BR, front kitchen, A ^ ^^ ^^ beautiful home! -y^J^J mo. PAYMENTS ONLY ; JT <•• »PR IZVe 12x64 BENDIX, '/." paneling, 2-BR, fully insulated, double ^ • i^M^B IN. oadded tarpet. ONLY I %^*P »PR IZ'/i 1,4x68 BENDIX, all ranch style, 2-BR, beomed telling, raised dining roam, plumbed for washer £ S 'fl ^^ ^^F50 me dryen - all this for only | mt Jt WH2's Hx68 BENDIX, 3-BR, 2 baths, o 1 ! shag eorpel, triple insulotion, ^ all copper wiring, fully Tu r ~r:;,fied, V ONIY..... HURRY! SALE LAST ONLY 10 DAYS OUR STOCK IS LIMITED SO BUY NOW! FHfc FINANCING WAIUILE. O'CONNOR MOBILE HOMES ")UT SOUTK K TK TUfFfC CIRCLE M TAMU IMWir' 8523 HVt "H" OPEN SIWDAY 1-6 P.M. 747-2576 ~ ************** * x-T\- . 3f Jf LINCOLN-MERCURY mi CHEVROLET NOVA 1 DOOR HARDTOP Gold color & while top, 350 V-S, autornalic, power steering, air conditioner, 27,000 miles Transportation 90. Automobiles 6i (JORVBTTE, 3-1 07 IJOIh. 744-!IM8. 4-s|iccil J2895. 90. Automobile* 19T.] VEGA. 20.000 miles. Good concll 330 KOI'.L) cin'le Trat* Car. Ready Jlo! 3230. 101'-' 17th, 7ll-V-'ir-. VW Panel truck. S55Q. 74C-OK7. Hood 1!I65 MUSTANG V8. autimiatii:, |)m»- or sleeiina. W28 67th. 714-I7M. SS<tn. VOLKSWAGKN sale. Like now low bar. 79U-6M8. KXTRA Sharp! 19UD Bulcli Wildcat all power & air, vinyl toi>. Also 1970 Ounl, (.Mod condition, 1969 GTO. LOADED or 1%!I CIIUKBI-. nc-.v lues. Roll) nice .Must .sell one. Cllclce, }!l!»5. SC3-2MS. 1!)U3 CHEVKI.LF. KS Convctliblc V-S. aulomaliL-. Oood condilian. J.150. 797' )»7I PINTO Ruiiaboul. nnloniaTiV. new railinl tii-cs. 8 track slerco with KM rnillo. ^ilfl-b"- 1 ??. .11114 !)lh. iliiiii niJICK WiidTnt~T~lm)r. Clea n . linns real gtxid. Radio, neater, air. ^73^744-1552. ___ IIAXHY 1971! imnals';:: 2-T»nc~^ 2- Moor - Bargain - J2495 - Consi pickup - hoalMi :!GM 'ISlli - 7!1-:i.' i:i71 CAPHI. 4 speed. S:rj;> ii)r>! Fred, 7S,(»n acliial miles. J21'j. A(l- cr 1PM 795-1893. mi I1OI1GK Mnnnco Custom 4-Hoor, Ixiiulci). Only 11,000 miles. 1 Owner 711-3282. -..'0 MAVERICK. Aulomatic. air fi cylinder, uood «as mileajio. 170" lilst. 7n5-139a. EXTRA Clean 'B7 Olils, alr-ciiiKli- tion'Jil. all ix>\ver. $;>Jfi oi" b^sl offer. 7-M-3I.W. 1371 CHKVY Waiion. Excellent r«n ililion. ?l,'i7^. 7i)5-y.l9r) flflei' ,"j-flQ P..M 1971 MARK IV, sold ertilion. leathe inlcficir, uirp wheels, AM-F.\£ *terro, laop ileck, tuuise conti-ol, climate control. Call 747-7367. 6.1 VW CAMPKfi. Heeds cnuine palr! Best offer! 795-8692. 197^ KOH1J cala.vie 5DU. pa\' off note »977. My equity S200. 717-ri7(i2. V9~l THUN'DKIIBIRIJ - must sell immediately! Mjifcc offer: I,o',v mi- lease. Excellent condition. 7(i'. ) -sri3S alter fi:00 P.M. 19G9 CADILLAC Scdil'i Uevillc. ^ surf Rrccn. hlacl: vjr.yl top. black leather interior, air. power, u-imUr.v.s. S040 split sent, new radial tires Extra .sharp. 6023 Norfolk. 792-li526. Aflcr 5. CASH >»?3M6RCURYCAPRI Automate transmission, Blue cotor, Tan intengr radios. 2000 C.C. engine S2495 1*73 MERCURY MONTEREY CUSTOM SEDAN * Door, Lighl Yellow color. Beige vinyl loo, automatic, power brakes fi. steering, cruisei lilt wheel "" "° 95 LTD BROUGHAM ^ Ooor, Green color. Dower steering A brakes, air conditioner, aulomatic, cruise control, 32,000 actual miles 1972 FORD LTD H995 1 DOOR HARDTOP Light Blue color, Dark Blue vinyl top, power sleenmj 5. brakes, air coofliiioner, cloth interior, speed conirol. i26S>5 1973 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 4DOOR SEDAN Medium Slue color, Dark BJue vinyl fop. clolh interior, power steering & brakes, air conditioner, AM FM stereo, tilt wheel, snecd control, Jocal one owner - S4495 * 3804 AVENUE O * PHONE 762-0386 * W*yn« Wafers * RovHouk *-4 T FOR YOUR CAR 1903 FUKR AD1-O ATpntia Q TmnpiftrtlMi for . will) See at ISIS 4,illi. 795-8168. Uune Busxy condition. ;!io!l FORD i?u> I'oni-ertcd to camper - - stove, lijhls, bunks, table, chairs.. 7-15-W1I, U'8lh - Ave inn; P. :! WONTE-Cailo, loaded, while over gram, 4J.G&0 miles, new tires, extra nice. 795-MOS. 795-3480. MC'K I1IS7 Buk'k Irf Sabre, clean Ijodv and interior. E.vcellenl mc- clialiically, new lire* and batteries. J5!l.l. 4115 n 151 h. 7!17-f!SS. :1 CIIUVV I1-: J 3, '.'-(Jr. ht. >ed wliile, very sharp. 5355. 797-2909. lllltU OLDS IIS. luxury rwupe. Full power. AC, 3-103 33rd St. 797 7981. 1W1 S'LVMOUTH, 6 cylinder, malic J175: 'BG .MustaiiiJ.-6 r.v attloniACic, >595; '6K Clies-iolet up. LW1>. 5530; ii.lilj; 762-'!•1S6. .:OSS KI>;CTK\ E5 Sedan. nice tiirougliout $39o. IG-'i ^61 auto- nd^i', pick. 1970 Olds Uella SS, extra '75 THUN'DKRBIRU. copper luxury fditio!!, loaded \vilh every option e\cej>! .sunrnnt. Crushed velvet interior. 6300 miles. This car is new, listed for 597CO, now J7993. Will trade. l'!12 2_'ml. 797-1762. l!)7-t GRANIJ Pri>:. full vinyl top. AM-KM stereo, one o\vncr, low nii- IcaKC. Call 7-17-7:',67, e.\t:oilc*nt condition •71 IMPALA S3.K10. 7-17-972S. '74 liATSUN" pick-it)]. matchinK shell rquily $700. take over payments. fall 7fl!!-lSK2. !9ti!! IMPAl.A stalionwaaon. Call «fl er 4. 7!)2-6637. Clean. Oheapl Oood -s-ocnnd car. lfl?a FOftn Wagon, losdcii. clean JTJ7S. or 1!)71 Tontiac Catalina Loailed. new tires. J107r). F.oth sood cunililion. Musi sell one. SlJO-i 4b'th 797-1431. 1)171 MACO sbaik Corvette. Dark blue-hlHL'l: leather interim 1 . 350 autn ninlit:. Power sleeting, pov.'pr win iioiv.«. Till-tolciX'Opic. J-Victory air. N'r\v vvlieels new tires. 36,000 miles :!7'.'-677S. BUYING A NEW CAR! Bring your trade In to us. It ... like it, \ve will make you a cash offer. You may save money on you purchase. Snodgross-Maner Company 914 Ave. H. DIaJ 90. AutonwbiU* IJ30. Call '75 KORI> L1TI nagon. loail'jJ, • ccllent condition. New radial II 5^293. 791 J -01So. J L _ l»'i:'. MONTE Carlo clean I 1 ''"'!'and loaded. Must s« »nd drive lo appreciate. 797-18SS 1961 CHKVY I m pal a. 4 door nuff. Mini condition, 2009 .' 741-4979. .MUST Belli WBS Ford. a"l oma l'.'i- ' door. sh»vo.. '75 t»*s. madron. i'936'71st; 7U-VJ116. I96S VOLKSWAGEN, very nice-S39j- 797-2809. 1S67 R1VIBBA • Complete neiv motor-very sood condition-J495 -'9i' •SS SHKLBY GT 3W. Real .Good Shape, iwenlly overhauled mow'. <<; transmission. .lust tuned ?^,OOQ- 65 Mustan?, S cvlinrter. 3-speed, Jwxi. 4506 43111 SI. ^__1^__ 1973 CirRVSfJin New VorMC ft- dan, like new. nil electric, AM. I-M. stereo, new poly-steel tires. WOO. 76S-3445. (991965 VW 77M. SEDAN, runs good. •67 CHRYSLER • Newport.' Dark. sreen. Excellent condition. M5C. 5407 23rd, 795-9148. WANT a quality car? Com* to Luh- bock Aulo Co.. Inc. 181h & Texas, "We Want Vour Business." ' •75 CUTLASS, loaded. Buy and a»v«. 5300. or assume lease. 797-7142.,Res. MUFKLEHS. Tailpipes, Custom-He- si(tn«d Systems & Shocks noir installed st tlie Auto Care Center. 2507 Texas. Also all upholstery. Wind- iSV1 shields * auto tlass. factory vinyl *. sj; convertible tops, Side Ifouldinffs iad Pacesetter Cruise Controls. Tan PORSCHE 914-2 Air. Alloy nheeln. 6,00 miles. 5SS50. U51, 791I-1S93. 1975 TORNADO Brouzham, AM FM stereo and 8 track. Cruise control, alt extras. Call 797-3790 or 7W-7IOO. 1%6 MUSTANG V-S. automatic. 1966 Mustang, six cylinder, itan ?575. 5101 4Sth. _£ Ail A. VOR sale:-while 2 door 1964 Defcse Dart Good dependable school' Tt»r. New tires and brakes. J450. '74 MONTE 7M-214S. Carlo, many W3-S344 j THIS IS Till; ; rms C.\l< VOI" AKK — 1972 C.MItl.I.AC SUDAN IIKVI1.M-: 4-ilnnr II Ton. -lasrJer <;rren ultli I'mmfnade (.'olrl Vinyl Koi>(. and Kraiilirnl llrnfiidr Clollt Inlerinr. ONf: OH-VKK I.O- ,t, rCI.I.I" K<Jl. P II'l'Kr» — rimer Scats. \Vin«ln».s, lltMir I^uiks. Stcer- uit. . I.nviiiy Ihnl a Ticl. »'nrrnnly Only ., . 'till \\liei-U. AU Cadill:u' Hirers. t)ir t(Kl (rain — Anln. 13(1) WHY NOT THIS YEAR? Why not move up lo Cadillac (2) 1974 SEDAN DEV1UES (J) 1974 COUPE OEVIUES ALOERSON f^* f a,/iffft/ 763- tot I I'OHII'S REriTKR 11IEA i»7-i roui) 'j'oni.vo t;it.v.\D SPORT cot I'lO I'lnchurat dreen nlth Cold vinyl haln roof — local onr ovrntr. po»<-r air, .Lit nn rnelne, steel netted rnrll»l tires. A Tipautifnl car and enainrfred lo driif with roni- fort nnrl roadaliilily. [On prt. r:uity nn linger truln. .lust like new rlriir It today. Only ?1«95 at . 1MI 762- (jiven'.< Auti (liioS. SPRING TO IT AND 00 IT Sedan DtvilU & PLUS ) W3COUPE DEVILLES ALDER50N ntO 19th 7o3-80<11 A-l LATE MODEL USED CARS SPECIAL PRICES CALL ERNEST GENTRY , ARK RKI): THIS Ol. -: l.S " VOU — An trrinr Kith rofiioonif ffl-41 elecj ^eals. fltctrlr winrows. door loe trunk rrltaw, till and iFltud Mhff*. cruise eon*rol — Low , I leace. Evlra sharp I97;i model. * pel. \Varrarty *m power train J Only 11195.00. <>lvfn» Auto, t 18th.!. < 7J OPEL &T \\'hd« with Elacfc T nwncr. M-mps nn mojj in to"n. Fun ?".000. tcrioi 1 . oi-j2(nal h'3h.v»;.- '. Z^ Car to -Drfxr. 7»2-03<0 SAVE MONEY CAR LOANS AMERCIAN STATE 8ANK 1401 Avenue Q. MEMBER F.O.I.C. NO MONEY DOWN! LOCAL ONE OWNER '»« OLDS It LUXURY f Ooor Hard Top - All tltclrical ailisli - s«ah, windowi & nc. Probably ih« nicm '66 in town. Only 40,000 miles. Priced lo iHI J"| ] ^5 '41 LINCOLN 4 Ooor Town Sedan - All «leclrical ajiisti, till wheel, electric windows, 4-wiy power jeali, engine recently rt-condilioned Car i) immaculate, Lawmileag. SI 595 •H PONTIAC EXECUTIVE* Door Sedan - All power, faclory air, wilh new rubber. Truly a lin» car, low milejgj, Cjmeo While wilh Black vinyl interior. Priced to sell $895 •49 BUICK SKYLARK GS 350, 3 door KT, lull power,"laci'ory air, bucket seats with console. Local one owner, <S,000 miles. Only J] 595 •S? BUICK LESABRE 400, J Door HT, all power lacTory air, beaufilu! Misl Grien! Withvinyl lop. Local one owner, <7,000 miles Si 695 "QUALITY DEALING BEFORE & AFTER THE SALE" GIVEN'S AUTO SALES 1301 19th Street 762-0658 87. Mobile Homes 87. Mobile Homes 1 offers the ^^^ finest individual home 'construction at a factory built price The LANCER for 1975 offers over 40 floor plans, new color coordinated decors in SPANISH, Modern, Early American, Mediterranean. Sizes from 14X60 to 14X86 WE HAVE B SINGLE WIDE FLOOR PUNS TO SHOW YOU LANCER DOUBLEWIDE SEE THE NEW 1975 LANCER DOUBLEWIDE TODAY - WE ARE NOW SHOWING A 3 BEDROOM, UTILITY, DEN - 28x65. OVER 1700 Square Feet of luxury living. Other sizes available up to 80 feet long, Loncer con tailor a house to your individual needs. SEE THE NEW 1975 CAMEO by IANCER, a new line of medium price homes with ihat good LANCER Construction HERE ARE SOME TYPICAL SIZES & PRICES MHO UMCfl, 3 tedrooms, Z lull tiillil $12,695. 1«J2 CIMEO. 3 bedrooms, 2 full bilks 10,950. 2li)llln|l)j 8,495. .., ftnc 11,995. 141)2 CAMEO 2 bedrooms. 2 lull bubs (M«sgntle) SPECIAL CLOSE OUT 14X60 Skyline $7,595. WE SINCE CALL OR SEE MUSTANG MOBILE HOMES 1405 Nerth Univtriily fh«n. 765-6331 100% GUARANTEED ^ THE VOLKSWAGEN WAY •; *Th« dealer guaronl**t 100V. te repair «r rtploct th* engine [ • tianimiiiion • brake lyitem • rear anle • (rent •>!• ' anembliet • eteclrical lyitem l»r 30 dayi er 1000 milei, ' whichever eam^ firtl. 1974 PORSCHE 911 Only 6,600 miles with all tr* extras including air conditioner, AM/FM stereo with Up*, alloy wheels, ski rack. 1973 PORSCHE 9U APPEARANCE GROUP tintir Tape player,low mileage 4995 1974 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO AM/FM stereo with 8-track tape, vinyl roof, radial tires. t . 4 -_ Only 11,000 miles >41 35 1974 FORD GRAND TORINO SPORT COUPE Loaded. Vinyl roof. Only 13,000miles "795 1974 MONTE'CARLO Loaded. Bucket seats. console. AM'FM radio, radial tires, tilt wheel .. 1974 FORD n-TON VAN Automatic. V-8, I .ess than 9.000 milef 1973 FORD PINTO Radio, heater, WSW tires.... 1973 FORD PINTO RUNABOUT 4-speed. air conditioner, radio, WSW tires, cherry red Only 19.000 miles 1973 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE with al! the options including leather interior and special paint. Has only 24.000 miles 1573 MG MIDGET CONVERTIBLE Only 23.000 miles 1973 JAVELIN SPORT COUPE Loaded. Bucket seats, console, lowmileage 1973 VOLVO 142 COUPE Overdrive, sun roof, AM'FM, low mileage 1973 TOYOTA CORONA STATION WAGON Air conditioner, aulomatic, low mileage '4195 $ 3995 '2095 $ 2295 '5495 $2995 5 3895 $ 2995 l!)73 RUICK CENTURY Loaded. Very low mileage ... 2-Door Hardtop. 1972 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 2DOOR HARDTOP, Loaded, vinyl roof 1S72 BUICK SKYLARK V-8. air conditioner, standard shift, only 31,000 miles 1972 RUICK SKYLARK Loaded, low mileage 1972 LEM ANS SPORT 2-Door Hardtop. Loaded. Set 1 to appreciate !!>7-_- FORD TORINO GT Loaded, low mileage, vinvl ronf * « „ „ _ 2395 '2795 $2895 $2495 1071 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO Loaded. ,..»«_ Till wheel, Texas Tech red and black "395 1971) FORD MAVERICK Loaded. Only 34,000 ,.. „-,. miics :....:.... $1695 <5i Ifl7< Vfir.KSWAfiKN BEKTLES All have air contiiiioners. Ipatherettc k radios. All have fac- lory warranty remaining. Choice 197.'! VOf.KSWAGF.V SF.DAN Radio, heater, leatherette 1972 VOLKSWAGKN 7-PASSKNOER BUS Low milcHge. radio, heater, air conditioner, fold- down rear seal 1972 VOLKSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE Air conditioner, radio, heater 1970 VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN Radio, heater, air conditioner $ 2995 ^2295 53195 $ 1995 M595 DEMO SPECIALS 1974 AUDI 4-DOOR 4-speed, air conditioner, vinyl roof AM/FM stereo. WAS $6566.25. NOW $5500 1S71 AUDI 4-DOOR Automatic, power steering air conditioner. AM/FM stereo. WAS $706* NOW s'ttoo 1974 AUDI 2-DOOR Automatic, air condi'tioner AM/FM stereo. WAS$6608.90. NOW . Montgomery Motors 42nd St. and Av«. Q '"**' AUDI 747-3131 VOLKSWAGEN PORSCHE AUDI

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