The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 28, 1931 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1931
Page 7
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THB DAILY OTWS. FREDWUCK, BID., MOTOAT. DECEMBER 28 193!. 8EVB0 \d\t: MIr.irnt) Maybe It's "Home Again Blues" BEWARE THE BY WM. E. McKEXXET American Bridge sree years ago con:raci bridge was ! p!ay«i at a national :c:imain«nt. j that «s» 2Kxs; o: the experts w^re i | the opinion tha; xri^e contract irss J rubber game. :r zace a. peer j p^cate conies:. Hcu cJIcren: were ris of ihe expert at the ; league tournament at Philadelphia, tao cays or tse erit-re -seek vrere to suct:o2 and e'.ec then tie ion. contests viere poorer atiesded. Vuction is too cieac." says the ex. r;o». And :: _s -oo hard to a£- jours*!! *o ar; aj--:on §i2ic afoer ant pl*y at con'-i." , i*as i2:ere=-ur:,j ".a uc*e the pJete absence or psychic biccsg this ! . Las: jear ps;,c~.c b.dd-rig ?re- ' thro% in 5omv k.nd ol A biS to irork ' the ps chclo^y cf '~- c-pcnrnti and e favorite psjch.c T^S tie w.c.£ii3£ of sail tha: you d;d no: aa=: led. Tae pert seems to ha-.e completely mas- ted the psychic b.cs and soy^t all e psychic bid d-d E: :his :o-.ima2ien LS to g*rt !^ iisers ir.-.a :rc:-b-. So-ind It looks like Al -y*n"«"* and Babbo. MarnvUle. back Jrcra a basebaU tour in the Orient, are trying to string us along and siake us be'.ie\e --.ev can is to grt r.i lasers :r..a _. - ( n e , ss and cosSden-c v ere -.:.«.- tv.op3.ats struas oae of thase things. Bet we can see through it: they've go: ar. e.c ' ' IHATHMtSON Persisted coughs and cold* lefei M serious trouble. ^ ou caa slop then now with Creosulioo. an eawbified crtoaol* tint is pleasant to Lakr. Cieotnulsionisa new medical dtscoterj wttb two-iold action: it soothes and heals the inflamed zncsibraes asd iHibits gens growth* Of ail known drug*, creosote is reco^- mrcd by high medial atuhontiee at one of thognatefi healing agencie* {or pel- sistent coughs and cuds and other forms of throat troubles. Oeomulsion contains, in addition to creosote, other healing eks nwcts which soothe and heal the Ufecttxl cembranes and stop the unution *ad inflammation. »lule the CTeOSOtC fOfl» on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouW* and cheeks the growth of the sera*. Creocmliion is giiarsnteed suiifxo- toir in tho treateeat of persbteat coughs *nd colds, bronchial utha*. bronchitis cad other forms of respiratory diaouc*. and b excellent for building np the system after colas or fin. Money refunded if any cough of cold, no raarier of how Ions srindinfc is not reUered after Hiking accoidinc to directions. Ask your druggist. (adV.) AGGERING SATIONA1 I, iphasized trus jear r^inal bios containing leas t.'.o d o^e-hall qoi;i tr.cis and iroai ar to 5-ve plsr-aole trices were str.ct- taJxxed ar.d in aocj-ioa tve no'sr 2nd e good p!a;er rro.^ a fiexiD'.e id. For exa=-?.e, me follow-ng S x-x H A-K-x-s.-\ aiid Al :s oa^? laughing. '.rst*«d of s'npng as it appears though, thai the Rabbit would be in en something Hie this. You ni-g-'-t kao-ar. D K-x-x C z-x-x contains the fao hd one-half quick tr.;ks and roar to ( f e playab'.e trtcks, :t is not considered , able You are not prepared for Theater News Poigaaai isuajan ^iterest, comeJy and 's ol the *sciting life In a Mex- iwrcier towa tningie in the first irance oa tie screen together cf · WaUace Beery, issro ol "Tie B:g House," and Jackie Cooper, famctis for Sfcpoy." The pair are teamed in "The Chaicp." i He's A Pilot ROSENOUR'S j drama. To shO"» the co"tr2^:, Ie: us take ihe S S-Q-10-x-x-x H S D A-J-10 C s-s-s Here is a hand, that ^i hig cis is wta.r tnan the other. \Vli_Ie a Se-ouc is not "iely, ;.oj are prepare e nand at diamsnci. Sec- dly, you are perfect:. -ff^Lng to ra- d spades Oaly "=y soicc bidam; ;an lir- border ·n Troere he is everlastusgiy trr^g i :o T"^^* a ' comeback." There is a sen- sauocal prize fight, thri^s of racing \ a: Caliente, and through it runs ihe stirriag swry of a lathers lore and his ; sacnfioe to give tiae chC-d the "break" i he never oouid hare. i One of the po^sant dramatic epi- '* '" · sodes takes place ia a Mexican prison ; -_-^ ; where the father, harms been, arrested, realizes he is a failure and resolves to sacrifice ihe boy, sendms hUn to a ~ch mother who can give hsi the proper environment " The two stage a gripping , scene, in ·?"·'* cranzatic parting. Beerj '5 j S^ht in the arena, m his final attempt partner- confiderjce be es'^oUshed." There- i ire, the aseetrag o: experts tha year | ^" a ..^^.p back." and the pathetic lags out the importance o! sound bid- j fie3dl scene are other heart-gripprcs ng. Do not get uito the habi^ of 1 (jejajjs. ' ' A cartoon and news reel are short subjects. You may remember Jiainry Careney, irho in !9!9 brought SS5.CKM) o! Cm- cnginal b.ds -sntii hands mat ntam less than the fE"o and one- ilf quick tncis. When in doub*-, it is tier to pass than bid a doubtr - ol hand Gaithersburg , Gaitharsburg, Dec. 28.--The annual j mstmas entertainmeriis of the Sun- | ... Schools of Grace and Ep-arorth j efchodiss churches here were held m e respective churches with large at- adance. At Grace cintrch, the pageant, "At s Monger." was presented by mera- rs o: the Sunday School and church, irois were sung. Mrs. Edgar Rogers attributed a vocal soto, and a duet as rendered by Mrs. Lawrence Darby the pipe organ and Mrs. Rogers at j piano. The pastor of the church, ST. Denny L. linger, officiated. The exercises m Epworth church kidded carol singing and a pageant, the ogram bercg in charge of Mrs Kor- _ an B. Jacobs. W. G. Dans, formerly J iperintencent of the Sunday School, ·esified. few Dixie Head Ruth Chatterton todav in crama. A comedy is a!so on the bSL Emmitsburg Emmitsbuig. Dec. 28.--The fire com- r?any was called out on Sunday evening las; when the portieres at the home of the Rev. Mr- Bower took fire as Mrs. Bower was placing a lighted candle in the window. The house was filled with smoke but little damage was done. Mrs Bower's hands were badly burned. --Frank Weant returned home after visiting his sister. Mrs. Jack Morlarty, near Boston. --Mr. and Mrs. Boy Bellinger and family, visited Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Warner, near Lew^towrt- on Sunday. --Sir. and Mrs. Frank Troxell, York, j visited Mr. and Mrs. Charles KeJholtz. --Mrs. Harry Baker and daughter, Pauline, caned on the Rev. and Mrs. Earle Hoxter. Thurmont, recently. Sam's Creek Sara's Creefc Dec. 28.---Mrs. Walter Engel is spending some time at the 1 home of her daughter, Mrs. Harvey Houck, near Sykesville. --\T-'3i Bessie Alexander and friend, ' Baltimore, spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Alexander. --wmiam "VTiTipr^ Marston, and George MHler, this place, caned on the former's son. Ezra MiHer, Tuesday. --Mr. and Mrs. Clyde \Y arner * n * daughter, Catherine, spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Lambert, Westminster. cmnati Beds money to the Coast | League That was a record price for j the i rcinor league ivory at the time. Wen.' ! Jimmy is now the new manager of :he ' San Francisco Seals He is no longer shorts:op, his position at Cincmna PYROIL Liquified Graphite saves your motor, saves gas and oil at the cost of lc the gallon. SALESMEN WANTED THE MARYLAND PYR-OEL CO. DISTRIBl'TOKS Foolfsrille, Mi. Phone 16-J P- O. Box 47. NOW WE HAVE IT-- » WHAT? 5 . Presume -- -$3-"° gal. J J Alcohol. 188 proof ~ . *6c gaL » * Oil. 5-gaL lots, zero test 52.49 $ U oil Is unsitislaclorv. return o nosed % portion and your monty will b« refund- ^ » 13 PLATE BATTERIES M-44 J TIKES TO scrr IOCR POCKET-BOOK j EE 1KT AT ? THE VALLEY GARAGE WOODSBOBO. JID. j*Hlffiirj \j* j.Hf- a AiiVi *C-'ViJ» J.1 lr* £M^3-.**-UMJ. **·· I UIF«_ H . W «^*»*«*W--. J latterton :s at ta« llarylaad , jjui a cZassy second oaseman Caveney, t % "Unfaithful." a- sensational shown above, is a native of "Frisco. § r \Cflapper Cfinny\ r SLADYS PARKER See Whit Sfte Says Toder H a v e that family group you have wan i £- ed so long made while you are all home for t h e holidays. N e x t year might b r i B g many changes. Phone 799 for Appointment Edmonston Studio I i ·15 ~S ij vr Ci .K t* § I We Again Extend At This Merry Christmas Season A Sincere Holiday Greeting TODAY JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE 35% to SO% REDUCTIONS In Men's and Boys' Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats, Leather Coats, Shoes and Furnishings When you stand face to face with the price tag you will immediately acknowledge that this buying opportunity is one in a life time. Ycu won't believe your eyes. You'll feel you must"pinch" yourself to prove that you are in full possession of your senses. We haven't stopped at "Cutting Prices", we have slashed them, massacred them, torn them to pieces. Thousands have come for 60 miles, showing positively the far reaching effect our tremendous value giving policy has. It's Wonderful The Savkgs-Now Made Possible OUT They Go! MEN'S $25 WOOL Suits T MEN! Here's a Bay For You! MEN ALL-WOOL HAND TAILOEED Community Christmas Service. Braddock Grange will hold its annual community Christmas Service, Tuesday night, at SNj'clock. The program: Song, "SUent Night" by aH: prayer; reading, Miss Mary Holler; , song. "The Hrst Noel," by the Brad- j dock Women's Ciab; reading; Miss T-ev are antxipat-ng z. cleanup in i Frances Roberts; several selections, by ionth°m " Conference athletic circles, · the Braddock orchestra; dialogue, that C P MUes, above, has been i Betty Natalee Eein; dnet. Miss Hazel 'ected r)-esidsnt of the crganizat-on. j and Ruth Ho:ter; reading. Miss Char- , ·Hies is "director of athletics and facul- . lotte Quinn; solo, Mrs. DeWitt P. Zuse. i cha-rtnari cf at.-ilet:cs st Virgin-a i Tie Christmas message ^31 be brought J olytecnnic Insfctu'e. ara has served by Rev DeWitt P. Zuse; solo, MBS . Tice-Dres.ceut of the southern sports EJzabeth Sommers: and a group song xu-t " He has arsuo-nted a corannttee i by Paul Summers, Grace Rebecca o outline the duties, salary and place i Sumroers, Edward Reeder, Clarence , " office for a corcrcissioner of South- CovelL · -3 Oanfererce soorts. sraJar to Judge | ----· ' dis :r baseball and Major John' Sixty languages and dialects are ! J the Bi? Ten. j spoken In Manila Insure Your Automobile _ _ . _ . -------,-. ^"»j** Wf x.~Trv*P *fV^D "V¥C HIGH GKAOE POLICIES CONVENIENT TERMS CLAIMS SETTLED PROMPTLY INSURANCE THAT INSURES LEWIS R. DERTZBAUGH We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock SOD Fifth St. at P»- R- a. Fboae 9«. 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SALE PEICE .OO THE TALK OF THE THES \ T G THE CUSTOMERS TO nc. sB?^ x i -.^^cKHnuit

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