The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 29, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1956
Page 7
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Thursday,. March 29, 1956 Port Demands Repair Ex-School Of Channel Beacons Chief Faces 5-Year Term Replacement or repair of damaged beacons and installation of a new system of range lights in the Houston Ship Channel is being sought by the Port of Houston navigation and safety committee. The committee recently demanded that the Eighth Coast Guard District in "Nov.- Orleans replace or repuair the damaged "beacons, lack of numerous beacons in the chanel is hazardous to navigation, and that it. is the responsibility of the Coast Guard to remedy the situation. A committee report to the Eighth District's headquarters has pointed out the situation. "We cannot too .strongly express One Candidate So Far- DEER PARK ELECTS THREE SCHOOL TRUSTEES MAY 5 DEL RIO, Tex. —UP— A former Duval county official who won a reversal when he appealed a two-year penitentiary sentence By TEEX I'KESCOTT Beer Park Correspondent Phono 9-2256 , our deep concern over the possibil- offense. a five-year sentence for the same -eclion to fHl the vacan s'ne- * " le %acanues ls scne Robert Taylor Dcbru- Fagct Stewart Granger i- H. "&V THE LAST llUJVr—Besides all tho fumr over killing buffalo in Itiis historical movie, a romantic trinafcle involves Taylor-Pagel- Granger. The film will play through Saturday at the Brunson. Granger/ Taylor Co-Star With Numerous Buffaloes ity of having to close the Houston Ship Channel to nighttime navigation because of the hazards," the report said. Mr. Ellis said that if the Coast Guard is not able to repair or replace the. needed beacons immediately, the committee will seek legislation to appropriate funds to the Coast Guard for that purpose. Capt. C. T. McMains, president of hte Houston Pilots and a member of the committee, said it is not likely the Channel will be closed to night traffic. "We've gotten through the worst weather on the Channel without •?.'-V* By -WANDA ORION The history chapter Dakotans Are least proud of—the time the great buffalo herds were nearly wiped out in the 1880's—is renewing its shame Thursday through Saturday at the Brunson. Adopted from a prize-winning novel by Milton Lett. "The Last Hunt" tells about a man with a blood thirsty mania for slaughtering as many bison as he could encounter. Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger and Debra Paget co-star with about 1,500 buffaloes. The latter will be seen ranging the valleys of. the Badlands and Black Hills, of South Dakota, Taylor and Granger are partners in the crime of killing the great American mammals. Granger, however, isn't quite as psycho about the matter as terrible Taylor srerns to be. But they both go crazy over a beautiful Indian pirl. played by Debra, Miss Paget's first fame in Hollywood, you will recall, was from a portrayal of a scrumptious squaw in "Broken Arrow.'' Also in the cast are Emmy- award winning Lloyd Nolan, who plays a .skinner, and baby-face Russ Tamblyn, a halfbreed who becomes proud of his Indian hcri- Jncidentally, persons who are short of cash may see this pic- ture for a nickel. A buffalo nickel, please, dated 1913D, 1931S, 1914D, 1915D, 1017D, 1918D, 1821S or 1025D. What Goes? "Anything Goes," a Cole Porter musical that filled Broadway with many a hit tune back in the thirties, will be seen in its movie arrangement Sunday through Wednesday at the Brunson. Mitzi Gaynor, who was mysteriously dropped by 20th Century Fox two years ago, was grabbed by Paramount for one of the starring roles. So "Anything Goes" of range lights similar to those on airplane runways be installed. Hardin Ellis, chairman, said the Dr. Fanklin Aids Study On Careers in Engineering Dr. .T. L. Franklin of the- Baytown refinery' is serving on the panel committee for student con- . accidents" he said, "but "«'« "™ l ferences on careers in engineering. . * „_,..,_„. hp ._ ' , ra : ' thp George Parr. The defendant, former Duval county school superintendent R. L. Adame, said he would appeal again. Adame was convicted late Wednesday by z. district court jury here. The jury found him guilty of "theft by false pretenses" in the purported misapplication of §200 in county funds. Adame was first convicted last year in Tyler. His case had been moved from San Diego, the Duval county seat, on a change of venue because the state contended it was impossible to secure an impartial jury in Duval county—the longtime bailiwick of political boss <t Highlands. B. D. Orrell of Deer Park and Stanley Kelley of Deepwater are the trustees whose night and accepted two bids for A growth in the school district vehicles for the school system. .'A .was noted. Since May. a$55 the bid of $1,886.07 from Buck Turner elementary enrollment increased 45 Chevrolet Co. was accepted for a per cent; junior high, 20 per cent A Si.426.27 bid on a and senior high, 15 per cent. ns accepted as sub- The Sc h 00 l district now cover* by Thad Felton Ford Motor 371.4 - square miles with sbc mile* C°- .. extending into Pasadena. A rear- : Architect Emory S. White pre- rangement in the school plans now sen ted the board revised plans for ca lls for those' livingsouth 'of. Pasa- the new elementary school building <j e na boulvard" and west 'of .Center,, which will be constructed at Sixth street i n Deer Park to attend Bert A. Hale is tne only candi- and Louella street. The building is Deepwater school. • date to file for the race so far. to C0gt S i ( ii 5i 7 96 . * • The board accepted the plans and gave the go-ahead signal for construction to begin as soon as the city paved the portion of Eighth street which will be paid for by the city. It was announced that the junior high building would be complete in 10 days and the administration building by .Apci.1 29. deadline is April 14. The school board met Monday Letters noting the change are being sent to families involved. . The Houston Engineers club, th« Sa Jacinto Chapter of Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and Engineers Council of Houston have established this committee to carefully plan and direct a program for assisting students in planning their careers, Dr. Franklin said 1 . One afternoon each month a panel discussion is held at Houston Engineers club for a different group of students at each session. Besides the four panelists, other engineers and scientists from it's certainlv been a strain on the pilots." Capt. JCcMains said that on Dec. When Adame appealed, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals held Benson Gets Idea From His Daughter WASHINGTON —UP— Secretary of Agriculture Ezra T. Benson, in ,, . . . . .. „ . in a split decision that the grand 11 a .tow destroyed all the naviga- j urv \ vhich originally indicted the midst of the current fight over farm price supports, received this tion aids on the west side of the Red --••e> •—• — •-. f^'j - -..^ ..--...£, uvuu _ .... , . v^v. tiijvi \ - .r.*jyi. o(7.JiJU'_l XJ.allu marks a. significant attainment this area participate in .a formal Lykes Bros Steamship Co. for Miss Mitzi, who can look at Fox studio now and saj', "I told you so." Darryl Zanuck, Fox studio czar, had explained she was fired because "she wasn't star material" As a matter of fact, Mitzi wasn't, long time ago. For years, she rated, the second feminine leads, usually tho best friend type or the one who always stood around and said cut.o things. Since "There's Xo Business like Show Business.'' however, critics have discovered a new star. Miss Mitzi, who practically stole tho picture from Marilyn M. Jeanmarie, French ballerina, who hasn't been seen much in movies lately, will be in "Anything Goes," along with Bin? Crosby and Donald O'Connor. mxo CKOSBV DONALD O'CONNOR IN BRUNSON MOVIE—"Any-thiric Goes," n Colt- Porter musical, will arrive Stimlny nt the ttrtinymi. Jennmaric nnt! Mit?.i Gaynor rn-stnr with Crosby niul O'Connor. discussion of a specific engineering field with the students. After the forma! meeting these men mingle with the students for refreshments and further, discussion of the students' careers. This 'Con' Had Wings Of Angel MCALESTER, Okla. —UP— Donald Bruce Chonosky, a crop dusting pilot, had tho wings of an angpl Thursday but run out of gas in lii.s flight to prison. was forced to land inside -(lie Oklahoma State Prison fence. With help from Assistant Warden Clint Gsdden he refueled and took off again for Wichita, Kan. Should Keep Mouth Shut LONT,VIEW. Tex. —UP— R. \V. Boone's -views on woman drives-s cost him a $10 fine and caused a mistrial of a case on which he was sitting: as a juror. The trial concerned an automobile collision. Boone unexpectedly commented during testimony that a woman involved "must have been a mighty poor driver or she could havci stopped," Audge Earl Sharp declared a mistrial and fined Boone , C1 -0. Boone's only consolation was his So for jury duty. Adame was illegally set up. This ruling not oniy voided Adame's'Tyler comic tion. but also The Beacons were replaced with thrc . iV out more ^ zri ]00 O ther in- temporary buoys, but these are not dictments handed up by the Du- visible in hazy weather, he said. V al grand jury in 1954. In addition to Capt. McMains. Adame's case and most of the those who prepared the report others were presented to a new were Capt Frank J. Michel of the grand jury at San Diego. It again Newtex Steamship Co., Capt. R. A. indicted most of the defendants. Ohlund of the Sinclair Refining The second trial of Adame, like Co. and Capt. Samuel Hand of the the first, was transferred outside of Duval county. postcard from his daughter Beverly who was visiting Snowdrift, Idaho. "Dear Daddy: "After surveying this snow condition in Idaho, I have come to the conclusion that we should give them 100 per cent of parity and have them grow icicles! Storage for the icicles i may be a problem, but we've got to use Antarctica for something." 1954 NASH RAMBLER 4-DOOR Loaded And Lovely The Hi-3Iileage Winner WILLIS COB8 NASH CO... ttDDY KILOWATTS Did you know that tax«* can be cut by fettuif the government out of bu»i- ne*s like the electric power business?jT«ll your congressman to vote for less government in bu*ines*. .4FL-C/O OH Group Watch /nrfepencfe«fs Merger Suggested As Move Strengthen Federation WASHINGTON. March 31—UP— The oil, chemical :inil atomic workers union (AFL-CIO) is tecp- close tubs on a newly formed "National Federation of' Oil Un- ions." The federation consists of independent unions which once rejected merger overtures from the OCAW's predecessor, the Oil Puppets To Show Children Value In Coring For Teefh A troup of puppets will be here. next week to show Baytown schoolchildren the importance of taking .proper care of their teeth. The puppet show, entitled "Jack's Double Trouble." is a comcdy- ,. riYama which tolls the story of a small boy who has been neglecting • to tnke the proper care of his teeth. A tooUiiVL-he threatens to prevent him from going to a party but his good friend, tin- dentist., fixes him up and he has a great time nt thp party. While in the dentist's office he is instructed in ways to care for his teeth and avoid toothaches and the possibility of missing another party. Tho show was written and produced by >Ir. and Alre. .lames M. Sargent of the Dental Division of ..the Texas State department of .rhralth. The ' Sargents tour with their puppets nil over the state, ""presenting tho health program to .elementary school children. Workers Internationa' Union (CIOi. As of now. it is n "loose" federation. Each member union keeps its autonomy and apparently vests the federation with -no authority whatsoever. The OCAW said recently In Us monthly Union News that the federation idea seems to have resulted from "a widespread recognition by the independents that they need a stronger form of orrani.-.ntion to contend effectively with the oil in The show will be presented nt this try." But the OCAW doubted McKair school before noon April the federation will make much 4; in the afternoon on April •]. it headway unless it develops into a will be at the Highland's elemcn- full-fledged international union with a constitution guaranteeing- democratic control nnd protecting local autonomy.'' It suggested obliquely that merger with the OCAW would bring this about. "The loose federation idea has been tried before in many indus- tary school. It is scheduled to be presented at Travis elementary on April fl. before noon; nt Burnett elementary in the afternoon. April fi. Baytown elementary, in the morning; DeZavaln in the afternoon. April 9, San Jacinto elementary, ''.'' es anii has failed." the Union in the morning; St. Joseph's pa- Is " ows ' s;ud. "Halfway measures and loose federations without the rochinl school, in the afternoon. April 10, Carver elementary in the morning; Sam Houston " elementary in the afternoon. April 11, Anson Jones elementary, in the morning; Cedar Bayou, in the afternoon. April 12, Lamar, in the morning; Alamo in the afternoon. accomplishes that soal it i«= a step April 1-J, Ashbel Smith in the in the right direction, even if a money or the constitutional setup to render actual service to the locals are of limited value in iles'-ling with a nationally united industry.'' However, it commended the independents for seeing "the necessity of national co-oVdin;ition and unity." It said that "insofar as it mormnc short step." know They're the bright young couple who've packed up the kids and moved to a shiny new dream house. The funny things that happen to them could happen to you. 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