The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 7, 1962 · Page 5
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 5

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Page 5
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Cmm^itif Vet^^ . . . Citif ah4 Ccuntif Jan. 7, 1962 Sec. 1, Page 6* TBB nACWB JOCnNAt -TIMES City Council Streamlining Plan to Get First Test Monday Night mayor and part-time alder-iviewed by mayor and financeicommittees prepare budget men and the mayor because of: committee before going to the!with assistance of city clerk, day-to-day contact with de-|council. Ifinance committee screens By Emmcrt Dose Jiiiini(il-1 iinrs Slajj riic ( :iv CViuncil's Commit-j—^ j - • — Irp nf thi' Whole will meet!P^rtments would be aware of La Crosse—prepared by de- and submits to council. Mond .iv ni.Lilit to discuss aidepartmental operations and partmcnt heads, checked by. West Allis — prepared by proposfd pl :in to streamline^t^'^''" • finance and purchase commit-city comptroller, hearing of city government and eliminate' The executive budget also tee and submitted to the|department heads before fired Uip' 'would entitle the mayor to council. nance committee and sub- Jho calls for: (set the course of progress he Madison — capital budget;mitted to the council. (UMIHL; the number of^^rnks the city should follow, official and mayor prepare! Wauwatosa and Sheboygan .standing: council committees the committee feels, and the budget, board of estimates—finance committee meets finm ^•\en to three; change would put "more iicts on it and submits to,with department heads, sub-j 1 liin ,nating the Committee '"esponsibility on all elected council. imits budget to council. on all f.f th'. Whole'except for hear- officials." iii ^;s, investigations and in- End Duplication formal discussions; It would also remove dupli- rreating a budget system cation of effort now experi- under which the department enced by the Board of Esti- hcdds would submit budget;mates and the City Council requests to the mayor who and would result in more ef- would prepare the budget and fective of the mayor's present it to the council; time by meeting department Eliminalc rfpetitious steps heads during the day rather in a( ting on lct:islation; than at night meetings. The plan is the result of Name Leaders for Heart Fund Manasha — Six c o u n c i 1| Supports Executive Budget Mayor Ben C. Schuck ofj Wausau, a city which usesj the mayor and finance com-' mittee combination, contends it is the "finest and tightest" of budget controls. The Sheboygan City Council is contemplating switch, , , ing to the executive budget. Heart [-und headquarters at Green Bay Mayor Roman! ^-'7 Washmgton Ave. will oenis.sen finds the executivej Monday in hndcPt wnrkc in La: has IS the result ot a r->f io wi -^^ re • n , , . , (Jt IK Wisccmsin cities officiallv open iviondav in u . . i ,, . year s work by a special com- r^,,,^,,^^, ^^^^^ have preparation f o r February s r^^'^ T \ mittee^ headed by Aid. Bert mayor's budget system-fund drive. Campaign Cha^i^^r' f "/^ T"" Rosemberg and a.ssi.sted by ^^^^^ ^3 mMxs, and,man Kenneth L Brace an-'1^ i' 7^"'''* '° '"'P' the Wisconsin Taxpayers .Saturday. '^^'^'^^ P-""" is the only other city that Pedestrians fought wind and snow in Downtown Racine Saturday afternoon, but they had an easy time of it compared with those who were out at night. Snow on unshoveled sidewalks went over the top of boots and in the few areas where snowpiows had gone was piled hip-high late Saturday. —Journal-Times Photoi Alliance. Mayor May Oppose The three committees would !)(• Finance, Public Works and Public Welfare, absorbing the wfjrk of the seven present committees. Mayor Jack II. Humble is expected to oppose culling the number of cf)mmiltees. .... . , 1"^ '^'^^^/i n . , three, the special committee' These cities have (he mayor .James Mills, treasurer and contends and finance uses the system. Snowfall Hears Record in committee ;^o memorial gifts; s, I- Miller, M, D., the switch would; i,u.,..,.-App,e.„„, f^r™._.„.„e.: ^r °e.";r:;siisj^"^?Lr;i3'Racine Area (Continued from Page 1) over the Chippewa I-a II s, Superior, chael Miller, M. D., profes-eliminate minor committees Waukesha and Wausau. sional; S. Braymer Sherman;which meet only rarely and In Neenah the city clerk Jr., special gifts; David Can-'briefly. The move would "It puis too much power in •'^"'^"^'^•'^ budget to the nalte, publicity; Mrs. Robertpeduce conflict in meetingnumber of spots. County snow the hands of three men" he mayor, who then confers with H. Barrington, office mana-ldates and would result in plows in full force were to said "I can't .see how' that tlf-P^rtmcnt heads before it is ger; Mrs. Esther Triggs, Heart better utilization of the alder-icontinue work all night, helps streamlining " submitted to the council and Sunday leader for house-to- men's time, the committee be-i City buses were running "The mayor .said committee Manitowoc the city clerk house; and Edward lieves. itheir regular routes and trains Each committee w o u 1 d were reported coming into mayor, fi- Appointed last month by,have five members, just as Racine on time. The North and city the Wisconsin Heart Assn. as committees now do, but eachjWestern Railroad reported assistant associate chairman alderman would serve on'their train from Minneapolis under Hr^^e was Melvin G. only one committee. Saturday night was only five Pearson. Rosenberj.; calls the present minutes late. Brace said his group will proposal the first phase of a County Highway Supt. be assisted also by Ken Trier- three-pr(;nged plan to re- Andrew Triebururged weiler, director of field serv- organize city government, motorists to stay home, lees for the Wisconsin Heart The second phase would be a'Saturday night he said he ex- Assn. and Wallace Wiseman, study of commissions and peeled a number of secondary fiekl representative for south- boards and the third a study roads to be impassable today, eastern Wisconsin. ,of the various departments. Fie said his crews were trying ^ ^to keep primary roads open submitted to in Manitowoc the city clerk house canvass; and Edward work should be distributed so P'^^Parcs the budget and it is Kappus, plastic banks, each alderman has an op- ''^^'^^^'^ "^^'y"""' f'" Appointed last portun.ty to learn procedure "f"'-^ committee meet- ^. , Cite Other Systems Other systems used: Kenosha — bucl^el m a fl ( up by finance director, re 6th Bank Ups Interest Rate and conduct commit lee ings. Under the exei ulive budget plan the mayor would prepare the bud,i.;el and the present lO-meniber Board of Estimates woiilci be eliminated. Annual salary negotiations would contuuK; to be ne|,;oti ated by llie Iiname Commit tee which would report llieir recommendation to the mayor.| Raps Executive Budget | Humble has in the past expressed ()p()osition lo the executive budget unless the would also raise its interest mayoral position's work load rain from 'A to 4 per cent on is liKhlened. 12-month certificales of de The mayor, wlioes'er he will posil. be. should h.ive ihe advise of •y^^^, jinnouncement by the Finance ( ommillee in of FlmwootI makes (leliheralion ol Ihe l)U(l,",ei, higher interest raU Huml)le said. (Humble has ,||,|,, annouiu.r'd he does nol ||,(, ,,|"(y seek re elec I ton ) hanks ••SIX heads aic heller than (.r,,,,sed rates iriday and said As an allerna- earh-r Saturday, siifif^esled .in execu- A sixth Racine hank nounced late Saturday an­ il the Ihe • now nay- , „. i,,ni.. fn 'he Stale or two I but drifting snow was causing trouble. In Caledonia all six snowplows had been working since noon Saturday and roads were reported open but drifting, j Multiple Deaths GRFKN LAKE, Wis, -i/Pl sheep will be treated to kill' ^"^^^^Z P'^"^'^ - Wi.s.-onsin sheep farmers the pests. were still .-scheduling flights were .old that all sheep in P-^- Q-" '<-^l'-''' 'he uni-^^daV ^^^^^^^^^ for continued heavyiwhen All Sheep in State to Be Quarantined . The snowstorm created beauty spots throughout Racine. The photo above was taken on the lakefront. Many residents were content to observe the scenic wonder from a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace or TV set. Others dug out toboggans and skis for winter fun accompanied by cold noses and wet feet. I six of llie I),inks in 1-ive other Racine announced Ihe in- ...... ,„ u,c- urn- Mifrhell Airnnrt hnt ^""^'"Liea neavy.wnen the car in which sheas fog and rain blotted will hoc^n^nuMlZ y ul^T^r^^^^^ ^'"'""'"^ south- was a passenger was involved,ceiling and visibility, weeks starting Feb, P*^'"^^' "^^veloped by the J ^^J",'^^ ^'r"nes were grounded.;east and extreme east. Ac-' ' out one, ll live, lu ti\e assistant lo tielj) prepare th(- bll'h'el because "one man ( an't h.iiidle il .done " •| hr' ((immiltee on stream- Imini.',, (onsislin.i^ of Ihree alderrtH'n, the nty .itlorney anrl I I jerk, is recommend in'^ 1 111' i'\c' 111 1 ve liiidi'et he ( .luse the ( II v has a full lime v. .!. Curry, execiilive vice president of Ihe Bank of Flm- wood, S.IKI the 4 per rent rate would be p.iid only on the one year cert ificah's ot deposils m multiples (if $1 .(1(10 1 lif liu'.ber inleresi r.ite .aiMuin/ed lasi month by Ihe I edcral Reserve Hoard to be ef feel i ve ,l.i n 1. raisiii!', I he r.ile fiom .'. lo .| jicr ceill .Since 111'' effrciivc (l.ile, an im re.ismf.; number of b.mks h.ive .ulopled the new m.ixi MlI.WArKI.I. -i .-l 'i - Cir- muni i.ile (ii;l Judge Lewis ,1, Charles of Asiiland is (he new (hair man of Ihe Wisi (uism Bo.ird a World Constitution , WASIII.NC I().\ i.-Ti - AM e,raiii. slarting . 20 in Ihe beginning of a mas-'""'r"'"^'y- sive effort to eradicate shec-p r ' ' thus eliminatm;^ ^^^1^, pasture. Circuit Judge Group Elects Ashland Jurist The f.nrmers also were of Ihe development of a new pellet which will permit l .imhs lo be mnvo^d to market 111 121) days instead of the usual 2rA). .^nnou^cement of the eradi- calion program was made by I)r, F. F. Hall, a University of Wis(onsip veterinarian, at Negolii Ihe first of ei^ht "Sheep-0- HamiTlon (limes. H-B Proposes Offer to Union will permit Similar conditions prevailedjcumulations of four to 10 themselves, a' Chicago Midway Airport:inches in the north half were the need foi-.and O'Hare Field was closedjexpected, with continued; .U^HUL.^ until 8 a,m. today. ihigh winds and considerable;collision occurred The swirling snowstormjdrifting, especially in the ,that buffeted the southern!west and north third vehicle headon. j third of Wisconsin movedjcioudy and cold weather, ; northward across the state with light snow or snow flur- 'late Saturday. Snowpiows ries ending in the were unable to keep roads^were forecast for clear even on several main'and Sunday night, highways and at least one' death resulted from the Crash The death Kills 8 of a in a collision on Highway 12| Planes were grounded at iabout two miles east of Bald- Rochester, N.Y. Fog shut win. -down the International Air- Sheriff's deputies said theiport at Philadelphia for five when aihours. Two incoming flights car passed another and struck were canceled at Portland, Maine Municipal Airport be- In other parts of the nation;cause of ice on the runways, eight persons riding in one cari Meanwhile a new storm cen- were killed when their ve-;ter developed in the Dakotas Sunday,pij^jg ^^^j ^ semi-trailer truck;causing severe blizzard con- collided in rainy, foggy weath-'ditions in the western half er in southeastern Illinois. and some northeastern sec- A few hours later, three tions of North Dakota. youngi Convention Will Draft. ions between the heavy snowfall. , . • lieach Division of The eastern half of the ria-|woman in a St. Croix County,high school students werej The Chicago Weather Bur- Rama" rhnies. Seovill Manufacturing Co. tion was hit with a blusteryi^ollision Saturday raised killed in a head-on collision eau said the centers of the Can Damage Fleece and UAW L(jcal 577 Saturday storm loaded with snow, sleetiWisconsin's 1962 highway^of their car and a semi-trailer,two storms could join Sunday counter-proposal and torrential rains and ran'to" to 12, compared with 15 truck less than 20 miles awayicausing heavy snow in north- from the other accident scene.:ern Michigan. Four deaf mutes, traveling^ Cold weather pushed into up a grim toll of multiple 'O" this day a year ago. UAW deaths on ice-slicked or fog- Glenda Adams, 18, of rural of (in ml .lii(l ).'i" ( li.irlcs \^ .1'. or ;.;a rii /.i I ;ori > '.i >•• mial wiriicr F^ussell I, Hanson ' La( uas named •. man. TIM jrx IINAI I IMP - hCSI)A> lit I I I Us •: 1 : I null h II i .-;d ill h;Mr Wisconsin is one of 2') prcKluced a stales infected by the mites by the comapny. v^•hl(h cause sheep scab which Harold 'Fhompson, , n turn can damage a fleece international representative, shrouded highways. .Baldwin was killed Saturdayjfrom Michigan to Toledo tojthe southeastern states threat- ind cause shecj) to lose said the company's counter- The vast storm grounded " - " play in a basketball game ening added misery to Vic- welkin, The eradii alion proj offer will be prcs(mled to (he planes in a number of major k I » /ty . /were killed when their car tims of a tornado that killed p .nl of a federal pro- union membership at a meet- eitles, disrupted bus sched -'/y g|50n V OiCQ skidded across the icy Toledo- a baby girl, injured 60 persons p .m. Monday in ules and caused a rash of Detroit Expressway near To-:and made between 600 and jr I A\ I ledo and slammed into a trac-,700 persons homeless at I OClGS Wt/fCfCly tor-trailer in the opposite Creslview in northern Florida. uifj at 7 :,-i() ri.itions ha\e been imiicd to A pilot pro;;r,mi last month the Ratan(< L.ibor Center. ('on- traffic .accidents that will (onvetition in Gencv.i to in Vernon County, where tents of Ihe counter-proposal take police several days to ,1 (had a world ((msliiuiion to none of Ihe mites was found, were not disclosed provide umvers,il law and will be followed by a project oidei. a world ((irisiiuiiion in whuh .'iOO state and fed- 9 1., M I ll r Jo iir ri A I [ I ni r (ir I . ( <. I'uhh 1 1 M. Min r ^ < II l<|'„i<|r< -I lt^( llll'l 111 Ing II;' .1' ••! „, 1 . H..r ^ 7.our ; Zoiif 4'; MrA.: a /K] It* '. OUf >'-,.( Mil,; 1 W'l-a. w; ftiT v;' r -• jiiiji,'/,^ II,» . i;, ' ('lordm.itin^; ('unmillee an- •louni ed Saturd .iN' A si.iiemeni from Ihe (din- iiiillei' a private or!.;ani/.ilion, s ,i ;il the ion \'enlion is lo pro\ ;(lc III!' iiie.ins "for the wis 1 ' 1 ! M i 11 (I S IJ f till- '.I. ' 11 1 (I to mm loj.Tlher m il(\ rii ipm;.; I IC'.MI msirumcni .idi'iiinl e i!i liic l,isk of esi .ihhsliin;; Ulil\ I'l .111(1 oKJri il.ilion. or "i eral inspectors will check urease, or 6 cents iiourly, "^''t driving conditions werej Ihe slate's 7.500 flocks during whichever is greater, in a new extremely hazardous in the the two-week cpiarantine. ihree-veir contract ' southeastern section, where Will Be Treated -T h„" i.„„. more than 10 inches of snowj on the radio said, "Calling Dane County." He identified himself and asked, "Who are you?" "Gov. Nelson," the voice said, Pirkel asked, "What's your car number?" "Number one." "What's your full name?" Pirkel inquired. The conver.sation terminated suddenly. The mystery apparently was solved later when an employe for a local funeral home related seeing two young people running from his parked ambulance which is equipped with a police radio transmitter. The union is seeking a 2 per cent annual wage in- compile in some localities. The State Highway Department reported at Madisonj MADISON ert Pirkel was work as police (/PI— Robon routine dispatcher Friday night when a voice J.'ll 1.1/ A MIji f. ulit- ;.i I '.ai-.- 112 0 (1 I ;t 1 !• * I IV 00 .,a ,i. r' I i .'-j (11^ / •I, iK I, v. . 1 s (I.IV ll Hi 'I !•( • itr. to ,,| I 'lnb .is 1 111 Ihe nal III! ICS 111 a.ilciiK'tit fvw is wliK h W'.isliin); s.iul If Ihe miles are found, the Price of Gold Soars in Laos VIi;.NTIANK. Laos —(/PI— Ihe Laotian governmenl's ban on the c()n\'ersi{m of its cur- rentv into dollars and French The current three-year con- than tract expired last Dec. .31, but expected. Roads were: Ihe a.urcement has been ex- <-'^oscd as .10 m,p,h. winds; 'tended to , s a i tl 1 h e represents employes. more JJirlLs All .MAM M lisl lliri liis- .Ml M 111 i'AIII IS Ali\ AM I IlMI .Ml i . • MrMIJlin AH«f>ClA[H) I'JiKSH Mrli,l/>-i Au'::l Jiuli-iiu ',<. Inland l)a..y f'(^^^ ASMH in ' i',:. 'A. ' ^:n Dally Ni-wrpnyT LI-UKUI - Anir; Ntwspuij'-i l-'i.l-hiihru AIM;!-.11' Dally JouiiiUi fouiid'-ir J.ii,..a)i ; Bcgar ac m -rki .v Ui le^b l(.,,i-,r i Call ab^orll<-^ ir, JUKI- IIIJ;' Thf A P It i-icciu-,,vi.|v <-i (.•..•: !c, UiP Iwf ri-pui.;;( ui.oi, la I,;, r. crediu-d Ici li ui MJI oOii-iuiM- ui-o; 111 lh\b paLifl KhO ttifiO Ulf .u- I. publlshrd h</i-n, ScCOl.d C!B4)I l-'oAtagr I'.iJO at llai. Wis A( St. Luke's Mospilal •M' .md h ,,n III Ill shiH .p SI bin 'i M I'll t I son. Indian It,ill .At St. Mar\'s Hospital MI and ,M:s I Lit iM nik ol 2:'A son. .I.m <) .MI and Mis iloii.ed N'el- Though son o! l')^-l M .1 d.iuuh j^re tCI ,1,111 ll an, 9, Thompson wb'PPPd the snow into drifts' bargaining unit that made driving impossible than 600 ''"^ between Janesville and Beloit, highways 51 and 14 south of Madison and 151 southwest of the capital. , Dies While Shoveling j As the storm front raced northward, roads became blocked in northeastern Wis-^ Bay City Briefs lane. The storm buried Kansas City under 10 inches of snow. Snow in Chicago was expected to rise to a depth of 10 inches. Snow, sleet and freezing jrain made driving hazardous in a storm zone stretching from Texas to New England.| New Storm Center Operations at Idlewood Airport in New York were brought to a virtual standstill AWARDED sophomore honors for academic per- '^^/.^^^^ formance at the University of ^'"^ ^^'^"^ ^'"""^y- Wisconsms College - P^'^'^'^'^XV- ters and Science of were Let- lour fered Pawlfiwsky, 58, suf- a fatal heart attack students, .1, (• 'Lhev are W, while shoveling snow in front of his home in Milwaukee, where an all-out snow emer-| gency was declared. Some 285 tr.iiies caused a rush for gold ,ind sent food [)rices soaring 111 Vientiane Saturday. (.iold whuh had sold for ; (iOd kips per lael in routine iiadiiif.; soared lo 5.000 kips. I hat's roughly from $.36.50 lo , $,50 SI) an ounce Crescent St.; Dianne M, Fck- Fresh foodstufls, largely j.-,,,. '^^^-^^-r^^ f^H „ tmporled from Thailand ^^^^ ^,,1^^ Lake ^.^ation a, ros.s the Mekong River, rose . ^^.^^^^^^ ^.^^^^^^ „f • f^^ecast from 10 to .it) per cent, A 220- j-jthrop Ave "i'l ^'"'i- pound sack of rice, a Laotian - i • RETURNS FOR TALKS *i siaple, moved up from the ACCIDENTALL'V shot in BELGRADE, Yugoslavia — equnalent of .$15 to $20. Ihe left le^ Saturday after-'(^) _ George F. Kennan, while hunting crows ys, ambassador to Yugo- pulting pressure on along Ihe Racine-Milwaukee slavia, left for Washington^ was Richard An- Saturday for consultations. IMPORTANT Sllb«crll>er> utiu faU lu fr\ llirli newspaper, call ytiur Srw%boy or Journal-Timtt Mf. btluif 1 p.m. (fi «turdar>. ' am., Munda/i, II «.in.) and II »ill be dHlvrrcd. Premier Prince Boun Gum to county lini Bur(in;;lon Mi -muriul lluspilai "'gelher with his princely drews. 15, of Cudahy. He was ,Mt .mil ,M" |i'i )()ctt Sit.ius rivals on tiie formation of a Heated al Trinity Memorial o( !*0! ()i.h,,i(i St. Bulling neulrdl national tun, a d,iur.!iii-r .Lin. b ernment, they hav Mr. and ,Mis Richard M report that they cut off the good. Deputies were told Peler.s of Route 2, Box 266,; U.S. aid on wfiich his pro-.Hun, placed unity J40V Hospital in Cudahy where his I AIJ'C OD GH ,'c denied a condition was described as " Mon. Noon to • .Salem, a s(;n, Jan, 6. .Western government depends. I fell, discharging the shell. were against a tree, P.M Nunniuih Shoes lot Men AS LITTLE AS $3 RENTS A TRUCK OR CAR FOR TWO HOURS AND TEN MILES DIAL JWE 2-S103 MERCHANTS DELIVERY TRUCK RENTAL, Inc. 1215 State St. Due to the Death of JAMES SIMONSEN Our former Vice President We Will Be Closed Monday Afternoon for Funeral Services Racine Beverage Co., Inc. The Simonsen Family

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