The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 26, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1948
Page 4
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T 111 PAGE FOUR THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY, JANUARY 2(5, 10-18 CLASSIFIED ADS Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Order Minimum Ad Accepted TWO Lines (1) Notices | (4) For Sale (Continued) ,(5) Wanted - I n loving memory of our dear husband, father and grandfather. W. H. Gibbons, who died January 25, 1946. ALEMITE LUBRICATION SER-.TO BUY 50 SINGLE ACTION See K. Dunn, Saline Motor .discs, 12, 15, 18, or 21-ft. John - 132-tf 1 Deere, I. II. C.. Roderick Lean. ; ncw type David Bradley, Masscy .'OR TRADE: 1942 NASH 4-DOOR Harris" or Minneapolis Moline. Mar , rnlli'nP strp-im of lite rolls on scdan w l t h 1946 motor / 5950. 518 Write G. R. Borg, Biggsville. 111. rollmg stream of life rolls on . / . *i70-24 But still the vacant chak Recalls the love, the voice, the j WASSON COAL AND STOK EK. one who once sat there. ' J " ckson Ice Coal - TcL 256 ' 132 ' U Sadly missed by the family. *176-1 PHONE 303 FOR CAB SERVICE. H75-5 Card of Thanks ' Our recent sad loss in the death j of our brother, son and father. Clco Barger, leaves us with grate-; Jui hearts toward our friends and! neighbors. Cur sincere thanks and; gratitude to all. those who helped us in any way--especially thc Rev. Smith, Mr. Gibbons, the flower) girls and pall bearers. j The Family. "176-1 COAL AT B W MINE NO. 2 (formerly Knickerbocker M i n e ) located north edge of Carrier Mills. 172-12 (5a) Help Wanted NIGHT WAITRESS AND MQRN- j TM c e y n o s in cook App i v r o 0 rnings in. per-, -- -- - -- -*« I C T » . _ ____ i«_ r*~r~ i£ft 4 4* ! son. Margaret's Cafe. 169-tf i 1934-38 1 Want Ad pops'" IF YOU WANT TO GO, CALL 430.! E . z Cab. ,175-tf C O L L I E PUPPIES. EUGENE ' ! j Hughes, mile west and 1-4 mile l north Liberty. Phone 9F21. -174-3 (6) Employment Wanted j VETERAN AND BROTHER! want work. 820 W. Lincoln St. , j(7) Lost (8) Found | (9) Miscellaneous I COAL AT B W MINE NO. 2 ' (formerly Knickerbocker M i n e ) - * * *" *~" '~~ "Mills {79.12 i above is Europe's decline in major "__"; agriculture production based on ._ A . . ~ ~~. j UN statistics, which indicate the (10) Instruction _ ' f o o d situation on the continent ; ·--~ ; ~ j will b e worse this winter than PraCtlCQI Nursing even during the war years. Last POTATOES ' WHEAT,, OATS RYE BARLEY CORN T^T- * I7.JHOO ·^·, n , _ ^ j Average H 1?47 Crop All Figures in Millions of Tons RED RYDER Hold On, Little Beaver By Fred LCOTIS5 COIO'u HOLE ' 1 FOOMP YOU? 50rONl · ,Y 1CCK A tfOX FROtt Tr , ri PIAC6, WHERE I l£l 1 IPS It-' IF YOU KNOW, A / 2. ..,*·,,- (joopr ME INDIAN EW/ NOT SAVVY -t ^Q,| C2tft KiJJTJrTVl WHEREv.-.h T V BOX.' 1C.' i v .OR ... l'J 111-j ^ ' ^ K » f ' l ,V ALLEY OOP Come Right In! LP IN A PL*vC= SSE PAN!- A.STIC THIN55 V- T. Ha J EXAMPLE, OCf. PLEASED 8V .Tic 5U3E5SN £ Or 35 A ^^c^'K£·s UNCLE" AfO P5ESTO.' CJ5. MEieO'5 IS' T=2X3L= A3AIN.' / AW. DON'T (SET SORE. / CC y ... "!w'J \MSHEC? IT .1 ON NffueSELr.' Ntfu'LL A J'JST HXFTA \NATCH /·it./ WELCOME. 5TKA.NOE!?. TO ThE HUMBLE 1 ABCOE CF (2) Business Services CALENDAR REFILLS AND NEW Dowell Grocery. 595W2. Pho. 327R and 176-tf ers, 22 S. Vine St. Phone 1180W. 160-15 W R E C K E R SERVICE phone 69, nite phone 214R. Saline- Motor Co., "Chevrolet Sales _and Service." COMPLETE LINE OF DU PONT Quality Paints. National Paint Wallpaper Co. 103-tf 1 L. C. SMITH SUPER-SPEED MOVING -- LONG OR SHORT typewriter. A-l condition. Call Tel. distance. Also coal hauling. No 5 vein lump and stoker coal, oil r it I'll, 100. Barham-Green. located north edge of Carrier Mills.- EUROPE'S DECLINE. Charted L'lL ABNER When Strong Men Weep!! EASY TO LEARN AT HOME Piepare now for this interesting, well paid work. Nurses are need- winter's freeze and last summer's | drought are partly to blame, along with lack of fertilizer and labor, ed-many earn while learning. Spare , difficulties, time training plan welcomed by|-^ doctors. High school not necessary. Information FREE. Write 1 today". j Wayne School of Practical Nursing. In care of The Daily Register. | ·^176-21 LaFollette Booms MacArthur for Wisconsin's Votes ELECTRONICS--RADIO A START NOW ON YOUR CA-1 MADISON. Wis., Jan 26--(U.PJ-- ' 1/4-4, r eer in Radio and Electronics, j -jiacArthur for President" leaders treated. Harrisburg Transfer Co., LA R G EST S T O C K OF WALL- Evou^an nrenarff?a reSl fu" ! b °° (me f the ^ orl ? W l ] ^ L, . ° -tv tt ixu.c.oi o i \j \s i\. \jr v;r\i_«i-r-1now vou can prepare 101 a icui iu- ajg^. into an all-out buttle for Wis- leL 87 ' ^ u ; paper in Southern Illinois. Na- ture." , _ m . } consin's 27 Republican convention ----^----------------^~--~~"~-- ' tional Paint and vVallnanpr f i n o«u~~l nr^nm-arl fnv CI T Train- i VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUR ouiy business. 0. R. Buford, City i Hall Bldg., Mt. Vernon, 111. 132 tf - GOOD LUMP COAL, $6 TON DE- GOOCM IS TIED U D - ANi'TH'ELECTRIC CURREMT; IN ONE MINUTE "* BEHIND THAT DOOR-GOOCH GETS TREATMENT"! CANT! STAND IT I\E MOJDtRED GUYS. ) VJ'D A LA'jGri CM Mn / LIPS/".'-. V£ TOSSED ^ LIVF CHUr^S IVTO UQUiD CEMENT W'DOUT BATTIN', A EYELASH ff J rr-1 CANT GIVL A FELLOW HUMAN BE TREATMENT IT'S TOO HORRIBLE.. 1 ?' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Springing a Seam By M e r r i l l Cic:.;cr _ /-» T *T* " i *-"* i3 "* O *- · A f c t w ^ f c t t X l A V M * ! *-Wl* ¥ W i l k J U J l School approved for G. I. Tram- votes today despite Gen Dwight ing. New classes starting every D _ Eisenhower's admonition that month. livered. Tel. 1168W2. 142-tf CAR WASHING. SEE ORVAL .Durfee at Saline Motor Co. 132-tf 2 R E G I S T E R E D 1-YEAR-OLD j LOUISVILLE RADIO SCHOOL , DoUUcs 413 West Jefferson Street, Lou-[ H military leaders should stay out of isville. Kentucky. ; i Former Gov. Philip LaFollette, l who served as colonel on MacAr- (2A) Bus. Opportunities FOR PRIVATE banquets phone The Country Club. PARTIES OR County 54F11. 103-tf Gueinsey bulb; 2 r e g i s t e r e d ! AUTO BODY A.ND FENDER i t h u r s slaff in the Pacific, sounded Spotted Poland China boars. John j training including welding, spray' th e keynote for tne MacArthur, Enislev, near Harrisburg Country j pa intin» and metal work. Look | supporters in a broadcast here yes- Club. ^176-2 into it! One of the most profit- terday. , (3) For Rent able branches of tremendous autoi He all but ignored Eisenhower's industry offering chances for good j statement. His only apparent ref-} job or "your own business. Learn j erence crept into the speech in · WHAT s THE MATTER. HILDA ? VOU GOT A BROKEN ARM? THIS AWFUL CORSET! HOW A500T A LITTLE KELP, IF IT ISN'T TOO MUCH TROU3LE / COAL AT B W MINE NO. 2 (formerly Knickerbocker M i n e ) located north edge of Carrier Mills. hTspare" time.''"Veterans and Ci- 1 passing. 172-12 j vilians. Write for FREE facts,.! The broadcast officially opened .LG. MOD. SLEEPING RM.. WITH TRUCTOR TANDEM WITH Ig. closets, adj. bath, llo E. South . oqua ij zer . Godard's Farm Market. -1/6-2 1764 Auto-Crafts Training, in care_ o f , a c ampa i gn to win the state's GOP! - Thf Dailv Register. 'I'o-ii,!.,!-,,.!*:,,., «·,,.. ·xtonAr-fhiir ;n thA i - OKAY.5E LIKE THAT/ I --- OUCH.' I 5USTED SOMETHING / OH v-v as! ITS FRACTURED! GET A v_ - ^ y / ,,.: i_j:-;. v c. Thc Daily Register. RADIO SERVICING delegation for MacArlhur in the | primary April 6. J O n e of " m e r i c \ % f n s t schools! "It would be unsound to sup- will train a limited number of! port *.man for the Pudency £ . 4-RM. HOUSE COMPLETELY PORPFT M\ T T A R O F 9 T 7 F t- - t * ^« f -¥TT T-. » -.r-irt -- ·*· vlXV^l-dj.'A 1 » LJ f\. IX \J l_j O 1 i* EJ i \ V 1 I I LFcllIl it l i i l i l l C U n u m u t i v*. \ -. _ ^ . - -- ~ , * " i_ I furnished, oil W. Poplar. 176-o Warm Mo rning Heater used less j men in their shop to do repair;the United States just because he ---- -- than three months - $30.00 less S and sen icing. Actual down was a military figure,' LaFollette j . (4) For Sole {than new price. C. F. Gidcumb. ] to earth shoo training eliminates | saicl - i j East Side Square. 175-3 i tiresome book work. Training can, "But it would be far more, un- BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS, COL-' qualify you for a good job or sound to oppose someone who is in umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing NEW 6-TUBE ADMIRAL COM-I business of your own. Approved [ every way qualified, solely because equipment, filing cases, indexes, bination automatic phonograph-1 foi vets. Non-vets accepted. Part j he had demonstrated great military i , index cards. Harrisburg Printers, radio plastic case $69.95. C. F. -· '- --* '···'--" «-««:i!*:«! i--j«..^:« - , - Extinguish Fire Kill TJjcm Vcry Y o , n , An active and i-igorous · 22 S. Vine St. Phone 1180W. Gidcumb Furniture. East Side of 166-tf Square. 175-3 COAL, COKE, AND KINDLING., 1936 CHEVROLET COACH. GOOD Call City Coal Yard, Tel. 55R1.; condition, cheap, oil W. Poplar. 132-tf! 176-5 time work and living facilities j leadership. available. Splendid opportunity. Wisconsin supporters claim Mac- Get details now. Write Radio Ser( Arthur as a "favorite son," point\ icing, in care of The Daily Re-1 ing out he hails from Milwaukee, gister. ~ 1 ' b - 1 iThev have entered a full slate of m WALLPAPER Hundreds of Beautiful New Patterns Priced ,1*0 Save You Money Barter Wilmoth Wallpaper, Paint Glass Co. 5 W. Church Phone 301 ! '36 CHEVROLET TRUCK. S200 i cash. 611 East Locust. 175-3 MARKETS ,'37 HUDSON. $225. HOWARD . Dutton. at Ford Electric Co. Tel. , 1041R-1 *176-1 !66 IN. ALL STEEL SINK CABI- net with double porcelain bowl. Black linoleum top. Only $139.50. | Seten Furniture Store. " 174-3 t __ [CLEANING EQUIPMENT: MER! cury cleaning unit used 1 year. I Butler steam spotting board. Hoff hat ' | MacArthur delegates in the pri- i mary. They apparently hope to ! score a resounding victory to con- t vince MacArthur they have suffi- 1 cient strength to get the GOP 1948 . nomination for him if he wants it. c""~~~ ,^vi.'. i^v."* s i A divan caught fire al the home 1 of B. A. Wright. 103 East Logan - thc c , arl - v st ?S cs . ? frS ?' % o j 3 ° spond more quickly to 2 ! street, at 10:15 last night and the | ncw weed h ,f lcri " than n fire department extinguished the , plant. The usual rc^nonso , blaze \vjth the booster tank. The | i"S and twisting cf'the Io. divan was a loss and there a gradual dying in thrco some water damage to a rug. Cause I weeks. 'As scon as pracl.c of the fire was unknown. · the weeds have died, a I should be used to enco... Tiie Daily Register, 20c a week.! S rass to nn in lhc b;ire s ' by carrier boy. b ' thc wecds - . LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Jan. 26--niPJ--(USDA)-- \ Hogs 14,800: salable 14,000: actjve: 170 Ibs. up 25 to 50c lower Woman Found Dead At Johnston City than Friday's average, lighter! JOHNSTON CITY. 111.. Jan. 261 weights and sows, steady to 25c | --(U.R)--An inquest was scheduled lower: bulk good and choice 180; today into the death of Mrs. Hallie to 250 Ibs.. S27.25 to $27.50: top. i Williams. 49-year-old West Frankj. $27.75: 250 to 300 Ibs.. $26.75 to fort woman whose bruised body '·'nJS27.25: odd lots 300 to 325 Ibs.. was found yesterday on the back ·cd $26.25 to $26.75: 160 to 170 Ibs.,'. porch of a home where she was *-.*·»-- rt-- A . £*OT. lOrt 4/\ 1 -^fi IVlC ( r»ir»tr\1/\t«rk/^ *»e- ** lnrtiic?rtl.-rkAT^fti* Vini-n lor 26x30 washer belt d r i e . used Baby Son of Former Local Couple - Joiner's ill!. Cleaners. Cave-in-Rock. Cattle 5.300: salable 5.000: calv-; and shins. -176-2 cs. 1.200. all salable: market gen- Tho body was found by Elmer ONE FOR THE BOOK. Judy Cook, blonde swimmer who hit page » in James Terry Tison. ^ix-wccks- 5 SINKS AND BATH FIXTURES ; Builders Lumber Co.. Carrier ipood^hcTfers'and mixed yearlings, apparently had fallen. VT l**n/v « _ ff*t** rf ^«.*2 «****«·£· C*n lr» C**3- ' \V"illinmc \t-nc lir»1H { · W H I T E OAK KITCHEN BUFFET. !§20 to $26: good cows. $20 to S23: ' Williams was held for investiga- 1 niso. cook stove. Cheap. 707 S.'common and medium. $16.50 to tion and Ycwcll said he had asked hahv-v: moihor is tho daughter L " nd - "1~6-11$19 : canncrs and cutters. $14 to Franklin county authorities to pick c' Mr 2S Mrs \V H liubbard' S16.50: bulls, firm: medium to, up Earl Smith c: West Frankfort, c. Mr. and Mrs. \\. H. iiuooaru.,,, ^«C-N-/-TT ^ID^TTI %-rr.P 5 ii7%T 1° . »...,i- c-,0 .,, M I - . a n acquaintance of Mrs. Williams. be finished in month. 615 E. Poplar, Pho. 1146W. 123-tf funeral. arrangemcnJi. for wb:ch v.ill be announced later. Soys Federal Gov't Robs Cities, Villages Of Taxing Privileges First Baptist Church Aids Polio Campaign Hetiicrington. chairman S26 and occasionally higher. A. JACKSONVILLE. Ill a'4:»--State Treasurer Richard Y. ;o t }, c f«nos 1o combat polio. Rowc said icday that Illinois citico | and villages arc in financial trouble ! Kcausc "manv of their taxmti Plane Crashes Into riyilcgcs ha%c been fed ;o an c fenc h Packers Demand 29 Cent Hour Pay Increase CHICAGO. Jan. 26-- '".£»_ Thc United Packing House Workers (CIO) today announced a demand , for 29 cent hourly wage increases - . , - , ... trucks: on ij^ nation's meat packing indus- ihcns 31: leghorn hens 21: fryers Jrv '"" 5? ili, b i?^..l 4 i°J. 6: Jy :h j^ "Ralph Hclrtcin. union president. sain negotiations for the increase bad already opened with Armour and Company and that sessions Chicago Produce Poultry-: irregular: 10 4 5i -T n t S ?r, Crt3 ^ A^T ««h Sw,fj. Cudahv . _ 2o: ducks 26 to 36: duck- . ;o ..] ( j cl ^ rl t v,:^ s 30: guineas 25: common barn T) i JT ' 'jj' --- $1.50: old roosters 18 ' I)0 firms ar lil j w , t meat' and sliH growing federal tax hog." 8 Persons Killed Rowe spoke before about ?.u. ! Butter: 525,995 Ibs : steady; 90 .score 80 1-2. concerns. Hcl.stcin said that the wage increases "should absolutely have no bggs: 21,«16 cases: steady: ex- c ff oc t on thc nricc of meat." : 4o: x l r s · an Ncl profits of these corporations Rescuers Dig in Loose Snow for" j Snowslide Victim DENVER. -Ian. 26-- T.P'--Kcs- j cucrs dug todax into a 10-a«.ici srca of loose snow for Willing Marquis. 37. one of three Dem IT, i skiers caught in a snouslidc. ' Thc body of Everett H. Ditr'.s., 32. was taken from thc slido v\;- tcrday before a blizzard, siib-ycrs temperatures and darkness hailed tlic search for ^Ia^^ul» by nicm i lcrs of thc National Ski !\nro. ar.d thc U. S. Forest Service. | Thc third skier. Jack Fluot. 4 i . f fought his way to safety aftc: being buried momentarily l.y !ii ( sliding snow. He was treated 101 i shock. The three men. all cNp?ricnu " jJcfcrs. were caught in lh- "'''N ^s they skied on thc "Svutciib.-.'..-. Trail" of thc cast sioc of Ixnc Isnd Pass. The 11.992-foot p.vs where U. S. highway fi cro ? so.- thc Continental Divide, is abmil 60 miles west of Denver. Cotton Bale Avcrast It is considered a good crop o! cotton v:hcn one bale of cotton is produced per acre. A r.c-.v variety. CoHcr 309. b£.s prcxJuccd three bales per acre. T J *^VJt'V^~ ^ -" ~- fyfV"'- ^ " · **-- -~*-$#sVf: DEALERS -- NOW AVAILABLE ,^r 'SW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY The Leafier Tractor is a 2 bottom 12 or 14 in. job thai v.cichs d* tffi 2600 Ibs. Hydraulic lift, hy- ^ g oraulic scat, lights, battery, sen- i orator, starter, hell pulley. g Plows are not included. Write -- Wire -- Phone LEHR SALES Richmond. Inch -- Phnnc.- fe- : . - government «. ,, . . , . . . - -- , . state 12 per cent ar.d local govern- j nainvillc late today, killing c-Ju n;cnt I3 per cent of all tax collec-; persons. , - , , , Bv 1944 he said, local g o v - R e s c u e workers took cignl Lamp Kills Germs An ultra-violet lamp v.hich will lained last June. *:ons By 1J»44, he said, local gov-, Rescue workers took cishl bHJie An ultra-violet lamp v.hich will c-mments bad been cut to 80 per,from Jhc urcckacc soon :u;er i h o ' } :i n bactcna ar.d food odnrs in a tent and thc stales Jo 100 per -cnJ \ biz transport of the ROvormccntJ home refrigerator at :hc cost of five v.hile thc federal government Uok operated air line crashed. , ccnts a mon:h has ^^ developed Woman Veterinarian Attracting Dirt A temperature f f c:.lj one degree between thc walls o! a home and thc warmer air in ihe room will cause dust .ir,d d:rJ to per cent. Thc Daily Register, 20c a \\cck, - ] T.O y earner boy. ior - j pcctcd of having been doped. discovered. ?5ail heads and plaster lathes, presenting cold surfaces, attract dirt readily. ' ^ ·UNION Attend LocoS Meefi^^ Feb. 2nd; 5:30 p* m. Business of Great Smpottance to Come Before This Meeting. Pres. Guy Prjce Sec. Fern Moore pr

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