The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 25, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 25, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY SEWS. FREDERICK, MD-, WEDNESDAY. MAY 25.1932. DEATHS Hoax Notes That Cost Lindberghs $50,000 John 1. U'est. ; j.-.. D \V«t c.:J Tuesday mom-' 1 _2.y ri' l *.* --C°*;i ~t in? n^mr of his i c.i--nt~- Mrs Snerman Black, near j _. v?ir .rcri ccnnlicction* He ~as aged 73 ; -.-. s:i= :9 car-;. He Tias a son of ..-? lit; J-;.::: -r.c E-izioeth West. K.5 -· : e Mr.- M^r;. C Was:. ?x- «--.: :--- -n i i n~ He lM-.e« '.-AX* diuzfer- M.-S J..:-. Giithirr. Union- '._lr ar-i Mr= B _-.£ a -til ^hoiii be! ana Jesse. Unij-r;- --··r-^ Mrs ?'..-= Sara.: C Fur»r.l ^ - r . . . .::'.- Iirl; a: Liiga- C2-. i: : p ir -^ ':i -' r:r.-r;-. .r. L^-g- J anjrr .?---'- -". - - "» \V.i:ia~-. and D E K- "-:'- '· :.' oS: -i' » Ann 1 ? L. \V;pv'-re-.-r ^-ge Plac". a'. ijrv-veS by en- clau;hter. Mis* Arie · at home. The funeral i ·»·" take Thtirsdav afternoon! »i:h ser\:,-e., at the house at '1 o'clock. ! T--»--r-e*" ·*··· be -nsi? in Mt ' Olivet cemetery H.irr;. E Cart fun- : eral direct'-r ' ?lr?JW omit fibers. \ Miss Jennie Mussetter. · home in I;amsville Tuesday of genera! i debility, 80 ;.ears of age She is sur- ' lived by one sister. Mrs Mulsinger. and _ three brothers. Lemuel, John. Saltimc-re, and Henry near Ijams-.ille. The funeral TK ·place Thursday afternoon at 2 with services at the house :«. Xew Market cemetery. W coner. funeral director. To AH Law Enforcement Oicials. Wardens of Penal Institutions, Etc. Reproduced below will be found specimens of tbe Iwndwritinc represented by two notes transmitted by tbe alleged kidnapers in tbe Lindbergh case: Inf. Cwisa Z 5* It is requested that you search the records containing the handwriting of all prisoner* in vour custody, or any persons coming under your observation or cognizance, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any of the specimens of said handwriting are similar to those .nd.cated above Should you have reasonable grounds to suspect that any of the handwriting - onouiu ^uu IK»»V «*.«*-.Pva«*-.*»-- · ~ ^ * - · j *r vou may observe is similar to that of the specimen forwarded, it would be appreciated ,f you would, at the earliest possible moment, transmit specimens thereof, together with all available data relative to the individuals whose handwriting is forwarded, to-COLONEL H. NORMAN SCHWARZKOPF, ,, ,,,, Superintendent of State Police. Trenton. New Jerc^_ Rev Dr Phils? Gilla,"her rcctoi of the ' seminar}, trustees. Rev Dr John F. ; Cagai. Dr Patrick Martin and Prof · Ncrrts. of the college faculty LOCAL MENTIONS Kotival At Vrllow Sprints. i\ ^\ " -rv M.u J." for i«e:]e- ! CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK POTTS GKIFFIN. i AMONG THE SICK ?4 ^ H v - -^ : - ! ; We are off-_-r.t 4 .-r r^nt for tne ; Dr R V Srr.,th. tilts cit. ! aso j- o-t anc sble to be at his orr-.c» B^rt ^:-.--.... Aic::.- i t \ N .- .o .. B^ -.-.iws B «V O S - "-· S r «' ' C R-llyn Kl.i-t- \\:-.o was -vxrst- --'' r . j 1 . t:-.' Acuio »'.: 1 ·- -"J ·-· pi-al on J.-JV :? hAS returned ; · hi.-- rmc \\aU-h Krnjirm;. Horn* ^11 M tVr a-.-'tiue arxi v. in;- ?-r-.-. r - - ^ ··-.' W · t ~ . ' - . · : · x-U 1 j r LOCAL MENTIONS ··\Vhaf The L»tter With SallT"* A:: . v p?r\"".a prr^r.'.e- ;\ ".he _' ..:. ' Ch^.r j: Ci...-.-. Cii-r.-.T .:; '.!«· :'i- lia'l Th^r.-o.^-. M.'.\ L'c :s)o.' :.: T i i Lll N ' v. . ^ -i FredrruL School V. A VO- F--r 55 'Jj M.'CLSSRYS J - STOKE ; The Frrdrrick Visitation Alumnae i '.vil! n;ee'. a: :r.o residence of Mr? ! Howard Yourj :C!5 2i*-. S.'.-o:!a V.nv: May J5 :93'J a'. S o CA--C n jnd liard 1'Unti. !-.- s: .- v- 1 .--- :'- '·* " r.r:.-:N c .- I - A:.SY lo'J-r-J". Pro-- r. MARY SXYDES BEATTi". New J-rs*y stace police have broadcast :he»e phxostati,- copies of tv.o of the notes *h:ch supped of the Lindbergh baby gave to Dr. John F. Uafs.rri Condon, elderly New York «urer. in ex.-nar.;e .-r (MISSIONS OFFICER TO HOLD S. S. OUTING The B-^ l.\et C ~ plite c.liner r.;.ir^day May 2" arro-t -n fiod Roitt RxiM of Pork -".X '-' "·' ; -- of Mount :·· - a rv-\.vr : ... j take ; £ pa "- PROGRAM FORD. A. R.| i Meeting Is Held At "Y Hut" At College. TO ATTEND MEETING Also Frederick Chapter. Daughters of the! Mrs. Emma J. SteeL Mrs. near 93 . he-- h-jsband. George W. Stee! and one so- Sasiue' W S-ee 1 a: home. Puaera! I Slemmer. Miss Miriam R. Apple. Miss . Friday mork^i- at 10 o'clock with ser- ! Lila Gaut and Miss ESizabe-.h Sourer j rices in Union chapel, near Davsv-Zte. j as hostesses. cerce-ery adjoining Various matters of chapter interest I irere discussed including tbe placing of ! a Washington Bicertenrdal road marker ·Interment; in ·W. E. Falconer, Jtineral director. 5Irs- Clarence H. Whiten. j and the purchase of a set of toe radio- j ! _^ *- vnn .n«^Sf r^.9 t 'T*».^ "O«*^l«k t\ f t pital ·years. She is survived by her husband. ^Clarence H. Whitea. and an infant soa, .'Clarence Thomas Whiten: her parents. and recently heard here. Plans for a garden party to be held by the chapter ·s-ere considered. Announcement made of aransements for the formation j 'r ! of a D. A. B. chapter in land a brother. Charles Thomas Weedon. | M^ ^^^ Z anT^!' W- I · ".both at come. : Funeral front the home of her parents liam. E. Miller, state registrar, both of Baltimore, and Mrs. Edgar S. McCar- c ! l 2 p t ' 'sear Doubs Friday afternoon at LTTO ^ o'clock. Interment in the colored cem- ! i«i. regen. 01 rear Point of Rocks. M. R. Etck- JSO to Hagersto^ ThursxJay in he to- and Son, funeral rf-TM-^« terest of the nex chapter. They wto Mao-ir, 11. C.-.^.'o Corn B-v-i Ha^. ikcd B»jtir_-- KC»A: ·: Bocf CARROUL AND PATRICK SIS Opposite Pdit Office Field Meet EvcnU For Announced. The annual Ijarcsville Sunday School Army Dress. Hobnail And Police Shoe*, outing and £e.c! meet will be held Brand N C A . $1 25. $195 to $295. on Monday In Putaur.'s nieac,v.v at \:.ller's Sh---e Repair^is. 33 S M'it. St IjamsvilSe under the .-iiana^ of ' -- ~»-------- H C. Svromiev. supeniy.ender.t T!IT? · You Can Buy Your Home : folloa-ins committees will ser\e. Ptib- | While Pr.ces Are Lav licity. Mrs. H. C. S-Aomiey; ac\ertis..-.;. 'Through our sn^rt-N 1:1 the Bu.lo.m^ ; Miss Beulah Hogarth: Barnes and con- . and I^oar. Assorintion. tes». Miss Hoganh. Mr and Mrs Join Trie ISt.i 3.r.e* Starting June 4 James Mataias. Miss Margaret Dronen- . O:I.;e at burx. Rev. W. Big?s Ehott Mr ar.d . Pred-nckto'»a SaMnw Institution Mrs. H. Crawford Saomle. Ining De- THE F1DEUTV BUILDING AND _ ,, . , . i_. . .,, _ r r \ A X ' a ccriJTA Tff\v \ J i HOBKRT A KEMP. -vr»-t iry. I .\* ASSOCIATION. WEDDINGS REV. DR. JOHN R. EDWARDS. Dr. Edwards, who will attend the Bal- [ H C. conference of the M. E. church -'- a5e - citv June 7-13, was Tuesday Grange. George Wolfe: refreshment ' booth, Mrs. H. C. Saomley. Mrs. Gray- | OfEceri- William T. Delaplaip.e. Pres! son DeGrange. Mrs Mary Hogarth. Mrs. · ideal: Gilmore R Flautt. Vicc-Presi- 1 Irving DeGrange. Mrs. Conard Hargett. j cent: Rugcr R Ri;e. Vice-Pr\V.dcnt: i Mrs Archie Putman. Miss Masjie Ad- ' Eri-s.i!! C Markei:. Socretarj-; Holder. ' dison. Mrs. JeEerson Kel'.er. Mrs. Fred , S Feltor.. Assistant Se-rctar::: George | Keller. At one p. m a speed ball game " H Dennis. Jr. Attorney I Trill be held between a team of boys and . Directors: G. H-inter Bo'.vers. Edam ! girls followed by a ball game between · C Markell. August T. Brtist. Gravson ' 'ormer town 'rx-.-s and present town H. Mercer. James H. Cramer. F W. · jjr,,., " ; Obencerfer. Williaen T Delaplaine. Paul "Awards will be giren the successful ' I Payne. Gtlmore R. Flautt. E B contestants as follows: 8-pound s?ot . Ramsbur?. J H. Gimori.'.. 3a. Rueer put. pair hose. Rev. W. Bisgs Elliott: ; R H-«- Her.rj- A. Kahn. Benj Roscn- · horse-shoe pitching, necktie. Judce : otir. Jr.. William B James. Robert L · Charles E. Moylan, Baltimore: wood- ' Smith. ' sawing, crass cut saw for ladies, two * i magazine subscriptions, Mr. and Mrs. i Attention Legionnaires. l*ri\jie Salr! e-t;. S-v:'!;«.-a-t tor:i:r Mirkct ini F^ur'n Str-.ets j :ts 3- f* s '' **n M^ri**t strx-t t » - 1 en Fviir' 1 -. strict A ' r_v:n--laf.rr ..n or-u3-.n-«' of Air.jerg j and Jordan, furniture -:· a.ert Pr'.ce roosonabl-." Perrons interested can inspect property FRANK C NORWOOD. Executor Prink More Milk. Ma'.p.tain jo ir s u t h f - i . oo-r.p I Vour cl-.c27X-5t .-.n b " " " " 5 WERTHEIMER buck sa Ladle,, pair ; Olinger--Pittinger. Miss Marie PKtinger, Union Bridge, and Carroll plin^er. near Taneytown. be entertamec ati the Woman's Ciub. , that city, for luncheon, after which a _ j meeting wiil be held. Several mem- : e le-:ted one of the two corresponding bers of Frederick chapter are expect- secretaries of the Board of Foreign Mis- ei to attend. Mrs. McCardell has as- i s^r^s of the church. ssted the state officers in the prelim- ; _^___ Members will meet at Home 1.15 p ' m. Monday for Memorial Day Parade, i CHAIRMAN". iaries of organizing the new urut. eniayable program by talent from j and. Carroll p»mger. near Taneytown. ^ ^jjoyabie program by talent from j T MJfi were married Thursday afternoon in the j HNX i Colfege was presented following | LUflU parsonage of the Methodist Protestant j tne -jnsiness meeting and included mus- j church, Westminster. The ceremony | JC IJT an instrumental trio composed of ; was performed by Rev. Charles W. j jj.^^ Elizabeth Gabet violinist: Ruth | Elderdice. They were unattended. | Gabel, cellist; and Elizabeth Hall, pian- i nnPTnMT?BQ OP QTORI7Q } OU 01 UfflMo Uf 01 UlXljO 1 rope walking, box candy. Mrs. J i Hogarth: pie-«ating contest, bas of I csndy: Miss Margaret Dronenburg. 440 Urd run. pocket ***. Irvin, De ^^^ ^^^IN. The Four "J's"-Jaywalkers. Jsyr.cers. Juries ?.nd -J^;" should be reasons enough for the need of Automobile Insurance. For For Sale. Va.aca In L'iod Cars 3--D?^e Sedans 3--Dcdgc C^t!-HS I--D«ise Riadst-er 2--Essex Coaches 1--Che\ro,'l CjUtw. 1--Hudson Se--i". 1--Packard 7 Pa-ssen;.r Sccian 1--P yrr.outh Sedan. 1'. TDr. Fora Truck. Easy terms STALEY 'MOTOF. co. Frederick.' Md lawn Mowers Sharpened. FRANK JAMES 'Phone 15I-R I-T «V 3ljl st - THE S' N A T I O N A L H A N K OF n i K U E K I O K , MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUKPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKES. CA'i-.rvum o/ Beard, H-"! MI-:? L BAKER, President. JOHN H. BAKES. \':rf-Prf»:dfnt. JOSEPH McDiviT. \'tec~Prcsidfnt. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN, Cashier. SAMVEL G. DCVAIX, Atsislant Cashier. J. TRAVERS THOMAS, Asftstant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HAU.ER, CHARLES H. CONLEY, M. D.. JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKSK. JR., JOHN H. BAKER, ELIAS B AKCHIBAIJ) E. FlSUER. ror:s '.- GRIFFIN FE.-illO: 1 ? NOAH E CRA'IER i SON. «^-»t« r \ -. v 11A C - , V . . l r l "- - f "-'- ·--* ^ D :·!. ·--. LOST AND FOUND. PUBLIC SALES. page. SO- i clash, necktie. Miss Beulah Ho- ; -- K Other events will be an obstacle . Cnestntii Wood For Sale. . . . . S4.00 per cord ! ^ Shoe Rep^ir.g. 33 S. Mkt. St. George Lucy i married by fer K, the Evangelical soaaee on Monday, zt* 11 a. FINAL.SYNOD SESSIONS day in front of the courthouse. They O ne Time Millionaire Was Former Asplan to pratesc against the parking j « ~I It M f r Of ! Gale. Mrs. Henrv T. Wade, Mrs. Ham- rules to the mayor and council of , -oc^te Of Harry Warfman. Dr. Traver Speaker At Meeting Of ( ^ · - ^^ F _ GoodeU. Hockvile. "srho promulgated the orci- I brase Ire l-oI4a by the ant:-parking . JAMES D. HOBBS B A N K R U P T restrictions which went inio effect Xioa- Men's Brotherhood. : Mrs. Jesse B. Anders, Mrs. James i mo Jones. Mrs. Richard S. J. Datrow, I Mrs. Grayson. E. Bowers, Mrs. Malcolm i i laie, .3115. .neiiry J mond Clarv, Mrs. Charles *'. ijooaeu. | ' Mrs. J- W.'L. Carty, Mrs. J. M. Culler, j nance. The mercnants ciaim that aoo--tion ' For Sale. f _ _ All K'-r-ds o: second hand Pipe -om : 50 per core :-j 8 latest I-Beams. and Angle Iron or Bjllding purposes FREDEKICK JUNK COMPANY. Frank Gast'ey Pro? JPhcne 333 OSice .'.id Warchause--Chapel Alley Beti'fcr. Third and Fourth Sts. Rcsidentre-- 215 E Third St _ .^- !! "'· ! X -.OODSV!'---;.IM =: ·-:-. J J ^ N K P^KN- o: I.-.- '--c- "- v,- t: c..r: -. * : .i-^ . w :: c - - - - . : J - o c-.r..^-, FRIDVr MOANING *! V -Y 271:-. t9"2 on Pa;i A i c . cilercd Sor on'\ S3 500 ai'.h any othrr property o: a mucn ., , 0 . j..,., . n . . _ - h g h c r price TTO thirds Icf. la P-°' ) -^; K -,vn-o-.d K - T . C''-'_ H dci.r--d A r«! opportoalty tor s-- _- ' Mrs. Eleanor H. Tull. Mrs. Clayton O. Keedy, Mrs. Francis H. Markell, Mrs. ' . Harding. Mrs. W. R. Sleminer, The closing sessions of the Maryland Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran church, no's- in session st Lansdo»me, ·arere held today. The sessions began Monday and are being by Rev. Dr. William A. dent oi the synod. An sdiress on like," was made Monday night by 'Dr. Amos Joan Traver, ngelical Lutheran church. Frederick. ; and SS'ofleiL^SnShSlFOMER FREDERICK NEGRO \^^^ for Bays at Konnerock. Va.. spoke. ; ^ «^ w , TT « m ,^ rtT1 ^rrmnrm I cnanos shortly. Experiences cs z missionar est.ingly related by Rev. Glenn Silling- ! a millionaire. James D. Kobbs for many years one of Washington's ! leading real estate operators as a mern- "Whal's The Matter With Solly?" | An operetta preson'.txi or the Junior ; Ch^^r of Cal-.ary Church in the Parish i Hall. Thursday, May 26. 1932 at 7 45 ; p rr.. Admas.on. Adults 25:. Children Lower Price* On Scratch Pads. Pen;; 1 . Tab ets incastir-nt paper) Now 6 Cer.ts a Ib Bond aad BS-»' Paper Tablets. Now 9 Cents a :b THE NEWS-POST FOR RENT. , of parking on the courtnoiise side had ; x , of he f^ m of HarrT materially affected their business. ;a- ' xuesdaT filed in the District Supreme -- Speak's Beauty Shoppe. May manager Special th.s MISCELLANEOUS. asmuch as motorists who parked AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. ing will be planned by ; sufficient. osed of Mrs. Marion ; *' is pianasd t. at the banauet o: the lien's Brccner- ; :o protest, to tne council Piaiis considered by the Brotn- I __ CHICKS FOR SALE. s-:^-S3t car.y bird A JOB AWAITING YOD 8 room n-.-iiicrn brick dw;.:ns Jor "°'^ 1 ^ s-.s:nc«. ·»-.:!» cement oloctf ni^dcrr. ru.ins 5U-..03 including o-e »crs tor cim?:ni; pur- "ase*; iDcaled on i^gr'.-jc'ty May trarfc on C.-T prope'lT FOR ttF"~ --Ft" -- on I'.K'-way ntar Frederics. 6*t':- . 23 , £jl . £ r --- r . .r.Z tti'.h e:»clr.c.:y. ba'.h ini gr»\.ta":3^ ,(- 2 ;^ r srsiera A reii oppor'.uri.ty lor iour.s _____^ .-and 311.ns smion bu-i.n*ss ! c-rv-? r??!?cr---t'" 1 ! ?AS.\:S FOU JALE of ar.v ^l:c. price and iocallor. For ialornja-'Or:. cpF°rtua.:le3. sa!iiS»cto-} _ ------^^~ :ti consult B:cc E.-. ; ¥-,.-·: ?· r-- :-.; .--r Ap= / P LCTSIER RICE. ; 30 \V:r. F." S 5-7!-i.-:' REAL ESTATE ; __ · P«OME 1451 JS EAST THIRD 3-1 For. ?E:.T -S"-t-~.--O - ' HOUSE V."...-I 5-14-dU . ,..;;- - -'.-- - i - ' - - · - = - --- V.---cr ""'^^^.^^^^ % , ,, -.. y- c- "H s; t STAR FUENITUEE CO. £33 N"r:- "a-- -·· ·- "I - '·'·- IS CONVICTED OF MURDER i er, Marion. Va .. Folio--ing. rer-iar business of the i Samuel Murray Brown To Be ~ synod Tuesday aft^moan. the entire convention group * .sired "Jolly Acres." Given Life Term. 3. farm operate- by the Intermission j SOifG. Atf »r^r2" S. C--^n^; iHSoi-On 3**~ j ^OCiV3J-iC, ItSy 2o, A »5«.CjC j er, s. member of the Board of Fc-reign · without capital punishment, was rend- , P- 141 Missons: Dr. Mary E Msrkel. repre- ! ered by a jury in the Circuit Court here j w sentin? the Bsarc of Srjucation. and j ; a ; e Monday night in the case of Samuel; -isase PERSONALS erties to which he had obligated ^ w -f as '·' ; c«rns. i F^r many years Hobbs ~as an associate of Harry Warcman and v^as an · official of the Warcman Cxsstrt:ct.Dn !°°- He was once regarded as one of tine leading financiers in the Washington Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J East Second street, are receiving con- real estate field In 1923 he tooic part I grattilations upon the birth of a son in arramrements for the 2oatin- t-f thr ' Sil.OiMJ.OOO bond u -e ^rick City Hos- _ ullS " ^* Panama Hats Cleaned Like New. Reblocked and finished like factory j3o Guaranteed t-o be satisfactory. We will io work just as you like it Prices Dyeing of all sines of ladies' slippers ar.v color. Also men's shoes. Our w-cr-c 7.ill please you. Ask those who h tr.erl otir service. STAR HA1 CLEANING AND SHOE SHIXE PARLOR ! I CoTirt Street F3R s\-~£-- 3?.o:i.:x .'..« i :-: .-i -'· C-- -J- E G'.'-T.'-r.. T 1W3-V." 50 s' sr-.'-Iy used rifrls-ralora. i" '';'-. ' ,. OD£r , s s.n'jf-: :·*",, = S 00 tD 51103 100 :·: ·- bin rus» '=«*' "g. ~^.p-~-"V;; E T "l".-..?.;: -oora.!i ro:m. ftrf TOOK: ' " pr.c*^" Coeie'Va ar.i b- eo=v.=c-a :-.'.- ' P^--.~- *··" T^-j can ^ave ni^re T.aTi hall T .Ve^T... c-ci 1 Is sood £?r» :x spent Sun-day w;ti anw .at« .*i\^^--ij ^.u^^i. ^u 4.-=^ v^^^^- ^. ^^--."--. . ., _ ^ ^ ^ ^..^ Rev. Robert J. Wolf, who spoke on the : . Iurra v Brown. 42. colored, of Rockr-%. | ^ -^- ^\.,^^^^.~r^ _-_-_,T ----- ,-.? *T, O ^n ----,-- _- -_ _«· ·?* j ;TMT_ ,,,,,.,,,*-- _^%« -e^se «s*e jvi.. aii^ AI.A. o.a-e;ice .\i^...^a. ^ei3vr3* «w'.L O- v.-t, L.iw.t.l. INTENSIVE MAN H U N T · . , »_^ - - , i_ _--__ -rTM.- «t:**r _»i.. diiLi «%i_A. v-r-a-c^i^s; _*,!... -- a. :ornier.v of Freaencs: count", ^^o ^-as i . ^_ . ·a-d and charged with fatally shotting : ana son Gene ana Mas JLce a. of -__ x ^^%^ r ^r«5. of Char- ! 3a-imore: Mr and Mrs. Heroert Mu.- ThurmoDt -- Jordan, also colored, of Char olte. N- C. Tlrormont. May 25--At a meetm" 01 the Lions' c!ub at- Maple Inn reecr.'ly. '. W. Va ; Miss Rose ' T^ S following rr.emrxrs were norii-nr.'^ Fornitnre Finishing. TTphoIstering GEORGE W. HUNICKEX. 'P.tor.e 23-M. 103 East Fotirtn St Seek Robbers Who Looted "Bank And , 9 *^.r iv ^-- 5 ^^~-££*rTM^a ington: Mr. and Mrs. James Sheralc Boned Deputy Sheriff. : at, Saiti. a colored settl-ement adjoining "«»"«. Gran-d Hapids. Mirh.. May 24 , r Watiins. Mrs. Roy Gasper, of Wash- for oSoe: For the presidency. H. Q Miller: first vice-prssicient. R V. second vioe-Dresicent. Em-cst Kamrr.afcer: rnjd -.ce-prcs-.G.T.t. D S C. Royal. Dill Avenue Wevbr.ght. Tail Ts^stsr. Allen Creac-r. ! has returned from a trip to Virginia T^ o " n --^rrier. Claude OT»le The of- In Bloom--200 Varitties Iris. Mar.y Perenr.-als B. A. H BRUST. jtc 3. Beyouc Rc-cky spr.r.js STAR FTP-rnTURE CO . 323-315 N5-lh Mirift S'rs;:. -,, - tsnd the commencement exercises at Modem Apartment F-r Rcr.t Apnly Well Br^ 4:3 North Markf St HELP WANTED. Rent-A-Car- JOliN N C1.AHV. Gas. ar.i O.l Ir.:l_dtc :S SCOTT KEY GARAGE ·EN :'. ro ;; -.:\i- ct_E?~s 's-*i = T -:-- c _~~t";L".. S:S5 --.."A-V" -"'" """~ ""· · "--^ -- . -i--- f --*-~ "- '-"· ^~~ T _____ r,--,- . .-,, 3~t --'3 %-"=-?" - 77;, . ,,' stander. More than three score s^ate anc county police ar.c numerous posses of civilians" engaged tr. the search for the district cori'.er.t-cr. in Ss 1.1 is incumbent. tirDn the court to sen- Averett ColieEe. Danville. Va,. where jfe-cry. June 16 and 17. The norr r.~- ten-ce Brown to life irnpr^onment ijrown was represnreci oy .. ..o. ...* Join Z. Osley of Rocsville and State's .man Prescott condtKted :.I;ss Virginia Royai is a student. A '_ - .* ^ " ."-u * -"*"-" ." Attcrnev njs ^- ,.,,..,,- *"t" ""-"."" " v , TM i the prosecution. Toe jurv was out- for car as it spe-c. tr.rc.;?.-: ix-e.. anc mo- ! · _ it to a stop. - -e - --. _ Market Prices Room Mothers Meet. Trie Room Mothers of Church .r.g contrnittee was conttosed of K "C. Sylvester, chairman: Alien Cr^a^t Those who ra.ted at the li-ome of Mr and Ray Taylor. Elect-on of rr.-ir'3T£ and Mrs. Albert Summers and family, vr^l take place June 21. near Micclstown. on Sunday were Mr. . Harry and Dam-el. Mr and Mrs Oscar Emmitsbm-R K. of C- Elecuon. Summers and son. Bernard, Mr. ar.5 At trie annual «lect.or. cf t.-.e M.-^-tS: Mary's College and Sem.nary C . r - t'ae Knis'r.ts of Colurr.bu^ ~S s Danrin» Public! Gra*d O.n.ns Bail Dec^rs'-.c-r Dsv THE X3W HOLLTiVOOD SALL.HOOM Or»:'.--te C.ty To-r^t Camo Grojinds Walter Pr.yilis. J_n. Ids. 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Constar.'ir,* _ Dan.-i-.e Ev-:ry Weda^di ^ Ssturaay | Kerns, taxi o«Tier. for 5500 cl3.rr.ase ' Th« su.t .«; the outgrowth*of an a-rs P«:a. Xe-x York, z.jarc.- W.I- i i am McAndrears Ne-* York ard Walter ' Opens R p n-. Admission 50c 3c to 4ci It ^ estaia-cea that there are 752,-} accident m West Wasn-ngtoa street, j Brooklyn N Y . ^aracn^Jor- j Best Fountain Service in Tbe City. , , ssayics ASUG siosas,t FOR SALE. True Cop; --Trs: FOS SM.E -- T'.^O Gro-,s r.""-CK HOISES O · C" =- 1 , ·-.;,/ « i i, 116--C.I "Acs; FodiUi St., Ex 1 .?"-.'a i-U-att """ 'cri ' " v'./."tt's: " \- ; C/?. £cr. - - W dswj35-je. 1 J 714 S. iiaris; stress. i-i-^J «,,,, ,,, NtAsp^L^flREHIVEi.on

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