The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on April 30, 1964 · Page 10
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 10

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1964
Page 10
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THESE HAVE LED THE FRANK 1LING POST Six past commanders of the Frank King Post, American Legion, were present for the 45th anniversary observance recently. Shown above with Leon Hartman, left, the present commander, they are James Sullivan, Riley Dunson, C. A. Crawford, Ernest Lewis, Ernest Harwell, and EH Wolf of Amarillo. In the picture at far right are the two charter members who were present that evening, Ernest Lewis of Wellington, and Polly O'Neil, rancher in the north part of the county. —Jerry's Studio Photo Elm Leaf Beetle Control Work Outlined It's time to start control measures for the elm leaf beetle. This pesky insect caused severe damage to elm trees in this area last year—and can be expected tto do the same this year. County Agent Cecil Regier says the insect overwinters in sheltered places such as plant debris or 'buildings' where it can get protection from the weather. Several of the beetles have been found in local houses and buildings the past month. In the spring they emerge and fly to elm trees with unfolding leaves. Here they feed and lay eggs. When the eggs hatch the larvae emerge and begin feeding on the leaves. The destructive insect can be easily controlled if chemicals are applied at the proper time. Chemicals tihat can be used include malathion, Sevin, cMor- dane, Dieldrin, dead arsenate, DDT and toxaphene. The safest ones to use are Sevin and mala- thion — especially if used a- rouncl the home. The chemicals should toe applied soon in order to prevent tree damage. Also, early application is essential for good) larvae kill, as young worms are much easier to kill than old worms. When applying the chemicals, use sprays rather than diusts when possible for better overall chemical coverage. Spray the 'base of the tree, in addition tc- the foliage, to eradicate worms' coming down the trunk to tpupate on the ground. -For additional information, call or come iby the County Agent's office. Ask for a copy of Extension publication L-199 ELECT JACK TO THE SUPREME COURT! Qualified Experienced Dedicated WINNER OF STATE BAR POLL 4 TO l*/udg» Jack Pope •ndoriod in *lal»wld» bar pol] of 'affornayi by 4 to 1 margin over Wf democratic opponent. EIGHTEEN YEARS EXPERIENCE TRIAL AND APPELLATE COURTS. ENDORSED OVERWHELMINGLY BY THE ATTORNEYS OP TEXAS! (Paid Political Ad by Jack Pope Commilloo/ / Will Sincerely Appreciate Your Vote in my race for Tax Assessor and Collector MAY 2 Democratic Primary In asking for your vote, I do so solely on my record as a deputy tax assessor-collector for six and one-half years, and my knowledge of the operation of the office. I am familiar with handling renditions, assessments and collection of property taxes, the procedures for handling car tags, titles, and other papers, as well as the many other duties of this office. I am aware of the great responsibility this office has to the tax payers and I am ready to accept that responsibility. I will operate ir as courteously, efficiently and conscientiously as I can. I am trying to see each of you again before election, but if I miss someone, please take this as my personal request for your vote and your influence in my behalf. Rita Owens For Assessor-Collector of Taxes, Collingsworth Co. (Paid political advertisement) Sweats Transferred • to Waco by SCS , Mr. and Mrs. Olmon Sweat of Quitaque were here during the week end to visit with their mothers, Mr®. R. F. Fulcher and Mrs. 0. A. Sweat. Sweat, employed by the Soil Conservation Service, has :been transferred to Waco and they wiH move there around May 10. Mrs. Sweat is the former Louise Fulcher. Norwood Board Sets Graduation .* f> * - vr ' i " Requirements f ' " ~' The board of education of the Samnorwood school, in a special meeting March 16, set up a policy for graduation requirements beginning with the 1964-65 school year. Announcement of "the new policy was made Saturday /by Supt. Orville Cunningham. "Students have been permitted to carry five subjects plus a physical education for the last three years, and every student the junior year has as many as 15 credits, amid some have as many as 18% at .the beginning of their senior year," Cunningham explained. Requirements for graduation by the board are: iF.our units of English, two units of math, two units of science, two and one-half units of social studies, two units of THE WELLINGTON (TEXAS) LEADER Thursday, April 30, 1964 physical education, two units of agriculture or homemaking, and five and one-half units of electives. r "As many as two correspon- dece or two summer courses or a combination of these totaling two units will be allowed," the superintendent said. The basis for these will be (1) an emergency, as when a student is exjpelled from school or is required to leave school because of finances or hardship; (2) enrichment, not ; for advancement, as when required subjects conflict or when the semester load would 'be too heavy to allow students to take all the courses he or she desires. These courses will >be accepted only when an approved plan of graduation is followed. Correspondence or summer courses may also be taken for make-up or to repeat grades of the student has failed; or if he is unable to schedule enough courses at Saminorwood, as is NEWS OF MEN IN SERVICE FOB TDAVIS, Canal Zone.— Vern Kindrick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allus M. KSndrick of Rte. 3, Shamrock, was promoted on March 26 to private first class at Fort Davis, -Canal Zone, where he is serving with the 10th Infantry. Kindrick, an ammunition bearer in Company C of the 10th Infantry's 4th Battalion. entered the Army in 1955. The 26-year-old soldier attended Samnorwood high school.. sometimes the case with a student transferring in. Any case not covered by these requirements must meet the approval of the administ- tration and board of education,. Supt Cunningham said. ' ^' ^ ^^-s » *\X^ + V \«^ ^ **'•*' «V< ^ < S r*m$*Mt ^. RUBBING ALCOHOL REX FILM High i speed panchro- REXAU MINUTEMAN CHEW ABLE VITAMINS Candy-flavored— chil drea love 'em! 3* 2/or2.70 •^•^i^i^B^i ^ MXAll PANOVITE VITAMINS H "P Prevent' vitamin 2fo,2.99 BRITE SET HAIR SPRAY Regular or for Hard-to-Hold Hair. • REXALL ANTISEPTIC MOUTH WASHES HI KLENZO Ruby-red, spicy flavor. Pint. K. g 79< 2 for 80C REXAU GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES Adult or Infant. 12's. R. a u< 2 for 54c LAVENDER DUSTING POWDER 5V4-07. boxes Keg. 2.00 2 f* 2.01 REXALL ADHESIVE TAPE 10 yds. x Vi" or 5 yds. x 1". *^.43c2for44c Mi -31 Amber color. Pint. *.,*<2for90c REXALL SACCHARIN Sweeten without calories! W-gr., 100 tablets. *w<2for40c CARA NOME HAND LOTION For lovelier hands. 8oz. **g.9t< 2 for 99t ENVELOPES Social, business, return address, airmail, plain. ft«fl. 25c 2pa(ks26c BLUE ORAL Cool, refreshing. 8 oz. *„ «< 2 for 70c POLYMULSION CHItDREN'S LIQUID VITAMINS Hnt, Keg. 3.t9 2*3.90 BELMONT HOUSEHOLD GLOVES Durable rubber. *•,.», 2/or90f BEIMONT BALL POINT PENS •Long lasting, disposable. *eg. 99* 2 for 40€ REXALL MILK OF MAGNESIA Plain or mint flavor. 12 oz. K . g 6 3c 2 for 64c SPUNTEX SEAMLESS NYLONS Mesh or regular knit. Keg. 1.19 2 pairs 1.20 BOXED STATIONERY Big variety, with envelopes. Keg. 2.00 2/0,2.0; ^^**.m ^m mmmm ^^^KlU<J»jJ^i^iU^^L^-^— J^J •! k 1 C^^H COOL BLUE ^^^^^ TTiT 2/or/Oc KOU-ON20,. *•. OflL, RO-BALL Rolls on 24-hour protection. »"•- 9/ju.T/lf REDI-SPRAY Aerosol mist gives 24-hour protection. *«. 2 /-.CO/. REXAU MQNACET APC Tablets For pain relief. ',2 for 1.20 10V* Reg jjwtot*!, REXALL REXAU AEROSOL SHAVE R CREA M ftf 2fr99c t " •••••_—. REXAU ASPIRIN 5- 8 r. 100'* >r or faster acti 2for70c 5-gr. 100'* None finer or faster acting! DENTAL NEEDS KLENZO TOOTH BRUSHES Reg. 98e K»g. 69s s nylon 98c _ f 29c DENTAL FLOSS 30 yds ^2 for .'30 69c DENTAL PLATE BRUSH * R«all Deluxe ™ 2 for 70 98c DENTUREX ADHESIVE POWDE "3^ OZ L..2for.99 MEDICINE CHEST NEEDS | VITAMINS ON Ic SALE REXALL BUFFERED ASPIRIN Less likely to upset stomach. •SMS" 2for99c 59C RUBBING ALCOHOL Alco-Rex 29c ASPIREX COUGH DROPS. 83C BIOKETS Lozenges ~ 98c BODY MASSAGE LOTION Rexall, 35c BORIC ACID Ointment ~— 59c CALAMINE LOTION 79c CASCARA COMPOUND 1.29 CHERROSOTE COUGH SYRUP.. 95c DIURETIC PILLS SSc EPSOM SALT, Ib. - -2 for .60 —2 for .30 —2 for .84 —2for .99 2 for .36 2 for .60 2 for .80 2 for 1.30 2 for .96 2 for .56 VITAMIN C Ascorbic Acid Tob/efi 45e 25-mg. 100's.___ 2 for .46 77c50-mglOO'*__2for .78 1.11100-mc. 100'$.-. 2 for 1.20 2.33 250-mg. 100'i _ 2 for 2.54 4.79 500-mf. lOO'l ^.2 for 4.80 J.HCHEWABLES .. ... loo-mg aso's«-_ 2 for 3.20 VITAMIN B-12 Conctnfrafa Tablet* 1.20 5-mc«. 100's 2 for t.21 2.30 io-mcg. loo's 2 for 2.31 4.85 25-mcg. 100's 2 for 4.86 7.9S 50-mcg. aoo's 2 for 7.96 VITAMIN B-l Tfiiamine Hydrothloride Tablet* 74c 10-mg. 100's ...^. 2 for .75 1.43 25-mg. 100's 2 for 1.46 2.23 50-mg. 100's 2 for 2.26 >.M 100-mg. 100't 2 for 3.99 •.II 250-mg. 100's 2 for 8.20 VITAMIN B-COMPLEX fortified Capsufes 2.59 Vltamin-B . , Complex 100's ...» 2 for 2.60 GER-RITE for Iron Deficiency 4.79 Tablets, 80's 2 for 4.80 2.79 Tonic, 12 oz. 2 for 2.80 WW'S & LADIES' BILLFOLDS , Many attractive styles. Keg. 3.98 98C AIR REFRESHER aerosol Wl INSECT REPELLENT .erosof, 5 or.. 87C INSECTICIDE aerosol. 1.95 MOTH PROOFER aerosol, 89C MOTH CRYSTALS, Rexall, i , b . 59c EXTENSION CORD e-ft „ 49c LIGHTER FLUID, 8 " MEN'S A IAOIES' WATCH BANDS ''»» 2h,L01 2 for .99 2 for 1.20 2 for .88 -2 for 1.96 »2for .90 •2 for .60 -2 for .50 98c AEROSOL MERTHIOUTE (Thlmerosal Lilly) __ 2 for .99 1.69 FEVER THERMOMETER 2 for 1.70 30C GAUZE BANDAGE 2" x 10 yds 2 for .31 1.49 NEOMYCIN-BACITRACIN OInt 2 for 1.50 3.59 HOT WATER BOTTLE, victoria 2 for 3.60 4.59 COMBINATION SYRINGE, Victoria 2 for 4.60 -! 45C COTTON SQUARES, Rexall 490 BABY PANTS, bloomer style _ 69C AFTER SHAVE LOTION, Rexall 69C HAIR TONICS, Rexall 4.95 SUPPORT STOCKINGS s P untex_l... 2 n a ir4o B 79C SHOWER CAPS . f* V 4 ' 96 2 for .80 BONUS BUYS Extra Voluei Too Good To Miss! ,Not On Our It Sole Plnnl 69C SHAVE CREAM Lavender 49C RAZOR BLADES, DE 20's or SE 18'*... -^—•^^••^•a JMf^fEf^&MMM^^^m Cock O' the Walk 21-Pi*c« 'DINNERWARE SET .2 for .46 ,2 for .50 ,2 for .70 .2 for .70 .2 for .70 2 for .50 1.00 BOXED STATIONERY 1.00 BOXED NOTES 25c TABLETS, ENVELOPES ..... IOC ENVELOPE Pack 15C ENVELOPE Pack P,us Fed. Tax on Some^ms 49 " WLL PEN REFILL - ...2 for 1.01 -.2 for 1.01 ,.-.2 for ^6 -_2for.11 ._2 for .18 —2 for .50 Maraschino LIPSTICK 6 luscious fashion" right shades. J/or 7.25 __«-—«———i Dominion Electric HAIR I DRYER In case with •trap, hose, hood. Sweat 'n lovely , AEROSOL IAFTER-BATH POWDER I spray on after bath. Lavender 98t ^ Oven-proof, glazed. .^— Bouquets of Spring COLOGNE MIST I 4 fragrances: Evening Jasmine, Blue Orchid, Wild Willow, Wedding Blossom. I 3 ex. each 119 11.99 REXAU King-Slit QUIK- BANDS 100 sterile adhesive bandages, 1" Wide. BOXED STATIONERY 115 blue-white sheets. 55 matching ^envelopes. 7.59 ___——• Dominion Automatic TOOTH BRUSH With 4 brushes, case, charger. Colors. 6-TraruUtor RADIO I Quality tone, with earphone, battery, leather carrying 1 case. JU0. !.<» 1.19\ 12.99 Snuflfold FOLDING SYRINGE 2-qt. with fittings. 1-year guarantee, Keg, 3,»i 11 mm Lori* Floral Bouqu«t BUBBLE BATH 20 packets per box. REX-RAY FLASH BULBS M2,M2B 1 #5,*5B, AG-1, or AG-1B. 12'* from S9ctoU2 — REXALL TOOTHPASTE | Regular or Fluoride. 3V4-OZ. tubes. CARA NOME CREAMS AND LOTIONS 1.50 COLD CREAM „ 2 for 1.51 1.00 CLEANSING LOTION 2 for 1.01 1.50 CLEANSING CREAM 2 for 1.51 2.00 NIGHT CREAM 2 for 2.01 2.50 HORMONE CREAM 2 for 2.51 1.25 ASTRINGENT 2 for 1.26 1.00 SKIN FRESHENER 2 for 1.01 GOLDEN LILAC FRAGRANCE 2.50 MIST COLOGNE 2 for 2.51 2.00 COLOGNE.. 2 for 2.01 2.00 DUSTING POWDER ..2 for 2.01 1.50 BATH SOAP „ . . „ box of 3 cakes 2 TOP 1.51 SPRING LILY FRAGRANCE 1.50 COLOGNE 2 for 1.51 2.50 MIST COLOGNE.......2 for 2.51 2.00 DUSTING POWDER ..2 for 2.01 1.50 BATH SOAP „. . ., box of 4 cakes ... 2 for 1.51 1.25 COLOGNE GELEE 4 fragrances 2 for 1.26 98c SHAMPOO 4 favorites 2 for .99 1.50 LIPSTICK Maraschino Long Line 2 for 1.51 1.50 COSMETICS Radiance 2 for 1.51 1.19 BATH OILS Choice of 2 2 for 1.20 98c CONDITIONING RINSE Brite 2 for .99 Many More Items at Sale Prices Come Early PARSONS DRUG

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