The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 23, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 23^ 1934 THE PARIS NEWS, s Ch urcnes Club S omans Golf Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern In the semifinals of Parssa Woman's Golf association medal handicap tournament for the Culbertson Cup. Mrs. Lynn \Vhiteside. defending: champion, defeated Mrs. Jo- Wunsch. and Mrs. \V. C- Clark and 'Mrs. Koy Job.nson. having; lied twice, will play again Mon- v»ay afternoon. The winner of Ibis snatch Tvlll then play Mrs. \Vhiti-- ;-ide, This cup. which was donated to the association several years aso Vy th« Iat& J. J. Cuiberison, is p!aye<i for annually, and for it to !>ecome th« permanent property of any one person it mu« be won three times by ihc same individual. If :Vlrs, -T^'hiteside wins this years she w5J! have two ^'ins toward its permanent ownership. : The weekly luncheons on Thursday at the cHi'n have been post- •• 5'onec! for The present until after • the extreme heat but will bc- contirtued later. : "However the regular weekly. tournament wi!I b<; held Thursday ,-,0-d the winners of the first and : the second flights of IS holes of medal handicap vnsy will be awarded five i>oun«i« earti of candy donated by \V. H. P. Anderson, ATS additional five pounds remains and will be the prise for a putting tournament to bo hctd evening; soon. Methodist Protestant Senior Endeavor Meet 5 Tlie Senior Christian of the Methodist Proi<?st?.rn churc'o "let Sunday even ins: ^-:th Chest*-;" M at his in charge, 'LaVern? Cooper led in prayer. The topic of the lessor? n- a > "TVha.T. are th« Best Books ^v*.'Have R-ead This Year"?" Those a»- MsUnsr on th*; prograTi TV •?<-«? Miss- *r«s "Bessie Mac CarrolK Alrna t>oo- U-rc and Alfor<3 C*l:*nna«i*. and tVesley Thompson. A special. "My Mother's Bib3e." was sivcn by Misses Besvl? Ma=. •• Eirsabrt'n and Katherine Carro'I. assisted by Mis? Grac? GrifHs. Miss Christine O'l>e;i t of th* 1 - lessors next SOMETHING NEW IN A SMARTLY CAPEJ> FKOCK PATTERN ISr3 By AXXE ADAMS Every •vvumaii who lias ever norn one loves a caped frock i specially if she tips the scales to .i few more ounces than she •.vould like. But. this is a caped ;rock plus two very novel asjd .-mart iookiii^ jabots with which Breaks Not Unysual Situation Found New to Ray By Lamar County Voters And His Pals Hamilton. Frazicr, Thoiup- son. All Experienced In Gaining Freedom Tex. (ff* f VOL*.rs, m th* Oetaocralic primary will find an unusual situa- j tiojs •-•vnfrontins tb«'!n when they \ ~-> tu mark their tickets. - ' Oac name in the candidate;; for j ^•.•vt-ni«.«r. C. K. KusidJ. «i>ou3d not! be VI.»T C J f vr _ Because- Mr. Kusseli f ha« announttrtt his withdrawaJ. but i tin*, was done after the tickets' printed. Therefore a *vote «s? from prison was nothing new ^.""" ''"^ **•' -^compliment but i!w irom of the collar is attached iw the dress. They do nothins to . o Ravmond and the tw«> desperate outlaws who fled, with uivre. For the. voter i ' A ;H Lv_- iike sh«jOtius in the air. In commissioners-' j^recin-.t 4 li.-L-rt is a similar situation, where T, VL . Russell, candidate for re- e !•.-(.• lion, luijj been uvminated as POstMci^ts-r and ha*" withdrawn iror:- thv rave I-.T commissioner a.ri<J has risked his supporters to !••'-•: v.jie for him. Report Asks 1,000 Ships In Air Force j this duty T\-i»h fidelity which dves I them SJ'eat cre-jit as soldiers.'' I Touching on the controversy between Major Genera; Benjamin : i>. Foulois. chief of the a-r crop* . iand a member of the committee) j and the house military affairs s*ut-- I c-.nrt mitten, the report recommends ] that the war dei>artt»>ent b-.- j.'-^r- ; milled ; 10 purchase f -lanes by ne- . :roua.!.e<i contracts. coj>!p<-t>rjv<; ; bids, or purchase nft^r 'je?i^;: c^ns petition. i i'"ou!o>s* rt-fivoval as cme-C of i!;e '.air corps \\'a.^ iieiiiafl».-rl ;>>• thc Other high-sirots in the i*t^:£\ repvrz werei An adv.{ua.le aircraft industry 1 j liim over thc walls of Hantsvillc .ocrease the difficulty in making | pen itentiarv Sunday nor was it the u.r.d au<- such a. lot ot chic, whether iirsi such break undertaken bv rh<r you us« lace or sheer cotton of j three other convicts who were shot >• hich f- make them or something ! down by guards in the same Uasfci . bit 'heavier like crepe de chine, i for liberty. ; virie of the new synthetic crepes j Charlie Frazi«?r. av'.-'arem leader :;i-e most attractive and they are j of the =ang thai conceived ihe usually washable .... which is ) plot, fled from both thc Arkansas important j and Louisiana state prisons while Pattern 1S29 is availably in sizes • under life sentvnce* there. l^asS i, 36. 3S. 40.. 4^. 44. 45 and 4S. j Jan. 1 he tried unsuccessfully to size 36 takes 3 7-S. yards 3S incb j sre: out of the nu-i*>--illr ;;-<Miit*?n- Jiibric. Illustrated step-by-step j tiary but he and three other pris- - owing instructions included. i oners TACT- -~t'..i- : .-J by guards as ! they ran toward scaling ladders cend FIFTEEN .CEKTS (35e,» la ; by ivhich they had hoped to sur- v*ns or stamps \colnn preferred J | mount the walls. -_r this Anne Adams pattern i In October. 1933. Frazier and s ^ rite plainly name address an'.l ; -voman companion were captured Ie number, BETSUKli TO STATU ! near Clarksviiic. Tex., after a ser- j - =3n . -,« idotv of th<? late commis- ::K- | ies of robberies there, at Deport ! £ :7> a , :r . ; s ^ n g e r way. * •IVc.vt Great War Will Start With Air Fighting Warns Committee GOP to Have Voting Boxes Jxepubhcans of J-atnar county ;•! have t-vo voting places in th« j.-r:ary cle-.-tion Saturday. July V- i:i Paris ihcy will vote in ;<: H. p. .Mayer buiidinsi on South -v^n'.scth sir-fee:. the south p^rr the music store, and there w»r a polling placi at Roxton. There arc candidates for" slut? "j 'j -strict offiues- bur so far a_- t"<.r:se- the government s-iou?d buy frons private aircraft ::-;-!ori-. ii'.d not compete by building planes itself. To.. sTairs experience under a.!i condition*. sjiuad»'<.-nt. s-ho-uid i-"a--j frequent training fli^his in differ- ta-.cs a:s-J except or precise* for county {.P. — The ; world of aviation resid with «:-::^>. r- reciact 2 i »*^^ Monday a report o£ thc war en t v-aria of thc Unite-, is the situation of Roy Duna- i department's ^pe-.-Jal i-oniMii-tee j n Alaska. also asking re-e?eetion, being ; urging as anr.y air corps without, away by iHisest. ak=o aftwr • a peer. '-k-keis rrere print-d. This j secretary . of War Den: i?!aeed ' navigation 5 on-y one nan>e on the ticket i h !s ^ainy ot approval OR the re- t"ucil5t«ss. be office of commissioner- in j porl , which aiked quick addition -T- J.'t'O new ptanes to bring the to 'J.oCv. The report was made by a. committee The g'-'Vernn-ent should encour- -- dov&iopiuent of airv-.ays. air- favIJitiet-; an-J vrvuu-J ~-c heifj at thc sa?u€ • & s immediately afiei o' 'hr polis at 7 o'clocl; '.<"'_• 4 :n^ Saturday. Aug- o''-:-?ek ?. ni. "at the J. A. Rose on South The 'smartest warm \\eather; at Crockett- He resisted 'extra- i;>b prtrcinct ana voters «ho de- I .irv iv vote for another will have j ^ ros - ¥tren ~ th 0 r!i2.rtc out a'! nauiefi printed on ; he tick- and write in "the name | he ^ ed bv Nev ,, on D . Baker for . •j. tnv person for whorn the 1 -' vot*. ; • 1 wri^-irt .campaisn for M re ". Dun- ! mer ^"tary 01 war. "The nest sreat war.".-it warned s likely to be^in with ensra^e- A?:d voters must write in the i between opposin: airvrait. The board oopof.ed the newest fabrics, and I <3 ili ^" to Louisiana, where he was : name, if they do write one. with a 1 either &ea-based or land-based. /iv- Sununer season's out^taxidins I waij ted for the bloody A/sgrola pri- '- black pencil or irs'K. Thar is the \ and early aeria! supremacy is Accessories are illustrated and de-j ;=on : break ip ~ Sept. 1933. In the ; ia--v. and if any other color is used | quite likely to be an importa-at -. ;lbed in tbe NEW AXXE; AD- ! Huntsville break Sunday. Frazier .' 31 cannot be lawfully counted. -factor." -MS PATTERN BOOK. FOB. SUM- ] wss wounded probably fatally. > M-EK. ORDER 1'OUK COPY OF i Tn Kayrsond Hamilton, one-time _,-, VflT 4 "VT E3 HELPFU1- NS'vX" SUMMER ! partner in crime of the late Clyde -*I">1-CU i rL. A >\ J ri_-yi> 1 DK.. PRICE OF BOOK .FIB'- i Barrow, the laiv has had a problem N: CENTS. BOOK AND PAT- 1 of "ear?. In company \vith Barrow ;.'t-RN TOGOTTHER. TTVENTY- j h? preyed constantly on small 1V"E CENTS. ! "O" A 'n banks and gained the repu- .\d.Cre?s orders to The Pans ! "atior. of being- an expert "bank~rob\e?is Pattern Departtnest. 243 ! - er - althousrh -.vhen caught the last .Vest 17th Street. New York City. I tinrie - e ^ as practically ^-itcout -•e fn-k'.-r r..>-ita^rss the name of F.. TVi;r~'->~.-r of Dallas for '-•rr.vr an.'J l\ T>. Gibbons of "is for T'-^-r^bcr of congress from r~irrt Texar: Ofsirict. There « ;• on 1 * car:d?da:-- for each • office -, T _ ••• - 1 " 1 ? ?tare and the election is C?COUt JLeauer bc:nr held, ce.ause of the law F:. E. Gray who recentlv '- ates received ir-.ore than i«O.Q«t' otes in the last election to hoic primary instead of a convention ForBorc Paris Is iS'e^' Jacksonville has been, named the director of •.he ioeat Girl :cou; organization To IS GIVEN 'Mr. and IMrs. A. !!>.* Sin^rnons tcrtained Friday at their home tith of Biardstosvn %'ivh a. dinner .is»:jm>rimc -tUeir her husband, ^lr. and Mr?. Marvfn .iriiiLson. and Burne" Jones o? Home. Tesn,<. ^ ere pre5Cnt Thiny-thrc-c PIMPLY SKIN soon improved, soreness relieved, and smooth, cfear skrn aided by using CHOCTAW 4-H CLUB GROUP TO ROU1VDUP HUGO. Okla. — Miss Julia Seay me dexrjonstraiion aarenr, K. I- EUyru. farm ageni, Jack. Xor- Mussolini Is Revival Topic r:s of Grant, will accompany " boys an-i g:ir!s to the club roui3<iup in Still ning Ttic^cay and lasti Thursday. The party I ter Bedford Hail, Idel • air lore--- as a senous error anc 1T\T4T TO riTAnVTAX^^ - IleCOn0niieal - bianies cohsress fur rrV.t _-VL> I vJ vyv-'iTlTijAii i not suDt>Jving .more funds to the "~ ! army air corps; praistd "tae For Movies L*d ! young officers who carried the air ^ Death ; niai!" but iniplified criticism of j their equipment, .and training. CHICAGO. I'.^P-—John Dillin^er's • James Soolittle,- famous flier. i funds and ha<3 nothing- worthwhile penchant for the movies ended the j filed a minority report ur3ring: a I to sho^- for his continued raids. bloody career of America's ace <ies- i inified air force. | Hamilton's most spectacular es T perado. ». T >, e report is excected to be of J cape was from Eastham state pri-' One of nis fai-ori:e hobbies was I assistance to President Koosevelr's | son farra Jan. IS. 19S4. when. ; :o spend hours in * motion picture S aviation c^mmitte«. 'This^ bos."* jwith outside assistance of Barro^ ; theater- Generally they were small ! headed b" Cla^ Howeli is eL^ i h,e sac Joe Paliner. aions with neighborhood theatres. j barking: on an e^haustiv- su-v-v ;otner cunmen. fled m a wamn s - Authorities learned cf the run-? of American' aviation in general." ; automobile ieaving- behind a fata!- man's pastime af:^ :hev tnere. aocorcin^j to -the Jacksonville Daily Progress. Mrs. Gray, who "- "<va,s former!'-' ."'Tiss Loreta ChariTrtess. caugh--r of Superintendent of Schools A. : H. Chamness ar.-i Mrs. Chaniness : scout Ti-ork here for 50^= tin^^ anfi is Tve.II qualified to ho?d this responsible T"Osiiior>. onstipation 1 If constipation causes ywt Gas. lacigesrion. Headaches. Bad Sleep, 5»iicpl7 SSia. get quick relief -with ADtSRTKA. •Thorough actioru jst geasle, safe. ADLERIKA Tbe Palace Drue Store La. wan Beai Dorrs Messs, J of Kort To'srson. Flora Earwoo<J^ff rrtr ,, Oak Grove: Giles Norwood. "Wood- j .-ive 1 ? tnies, cna full description ich I the Crowson conviction -was re- t time. :he i turne-3 against nim. already had ; Sherrer. Soper: LucHle c-'ake*. ; ^ nt i-Christ that shall be revealed ! been sentenced to life for a kill- I Mi id red Clark of Gran:: A.nna ' durir; ~ :he Great Tribulation. Ke \ ing:- HP was alleged to have psrti- ! LJiUra Selph, Mae D<?nn:s. i-ain j ^^ T _ vo rui€rs of outstanding i cipated in the slay ID 5: of J. N. ! Carlilc of t-orncy. Karol^ Boyer _ ro , ver5 - vOuM arise , one frorn tfts ] Buchrr. a filling station operator.; ar;<3 Lloyd Dedmon 01 r or: i o--v- ; Nnr , h vrhich i*i Kuss'a and f-orn ] ^ a robber>- at Hilisboro. ; J. C. FPbyc of Forne:- is , in Hamilton f described as leading the world. The adverse ret>ort on unlfviixg the a-rmy and navy air forces was 1_j , . A , . : based on the board's belief teat lieJd Monday Mornins: j American aviation has cev=?oped ! to a. highly efficient st.a;re under rGO. Okia.—iFunera! serv- I separate corps. -r- -. S Funeral The year'y i-^ 1C3.T5 pub!':" l»y «?TT5bC"ZSI^t *.-st'R>arcd et 5130,000.C'UO. of tnc Am*';'KEEP COOL — By Keeping Your Clothes FRESH AND CLEAN ! SHIRTS Beautifully 1 ini'-b-ed lOc OKER s rccs,r*t"u red :^^» .- w t,-j ^«s "^~ hours aft- I happened today with i er iootinc: a. bank at LewisvUle. | ^"_"^ ^e,hon:>. Pre^stan- chi -<„!,„ ;,. . hJS xorth a.—* M"«=^c i: ni ^ Dento - counrv. officers attributed -t J -° ! - - >irs - K - &- -'oumot, with .___, : i^ the 'south. "The" lasT and^inal ? ti5; ^liberate surrender to his ! Kev; Paul B, Ko--ell cfficiazin?. ' both ?^ ise ssd critioisrn for the j bii?:!» wi5J be fo>-g-h? -vhe^ "the ; Presumed belief that he.had a bet- ; Interment was in M^'-nt r>i* v *" ' 1 K:nc"of the North and'ihe XJ^ ? ^ | terChance to escape jail later than j ceTOetery _ " ' "" j : the South come together in one | '? ^ J^^f^ oScS!^ ^ | MrT ' Journo- died early Sunday | in^r in Doctors hospirai. She ! great final battle in Palestine. The evangelist then ^vent into a. ! . h ofiicers. Joe Palmer, who escaped contracts "-ere can-celled received i specialized, task and he- report said. :ver, ths arrr.y fliers met RE-DECORATING INSTALLING NEW SOUND EQUIPMENT—OPEN FRIDAY SEE LAMAR OR GRAND PICTURES Will Be Closed Tuesday, \Ve..lir-,;day and Thorbday only. Cool and Comfortable TUESDAY - WEDXES1>AT AFFAIRS OF A GENTLEMAN Paul I,ukas Leila Eyam« Tillie and Gu* W. C. Fields Alison Skipwortb - I/eroj- It -srili hold you in till the last fadeout- self tc death at these Thre« Master Cem'cs. n». and then finally be-: fce participated in The Sastham j o orsanire small groups of { brcak Ih3t fce =rainea widespread i r? 50 and 100 strong, and } notoriety. He wa* recaptured and! cntua-Uy came^trt peaceably as . sentenced to death for the Ma^r j y's dictator, i h- Bible said he '. Crowson killing and was in The) come :n with flattery and < cell with KamiKon ^a >!y. He then -"/cnt into The I his fate. of thc Jt-w. The Je-v is ; Ir, Blackie Thompson. Is-.v •ie c!s5s cf people that ca.n forcontent officers have ha- t-p.anpe-l. All o-th-cr races r-robJent of lon^ duration. He Rj'.'Ht ;-:;•> cr,e r^ce. but thc Jc> thr third Frisoncr ".o succc#> r-;T!3:;-Js «^ .lev.-. He sa.-d iha ; . Pal- . vlimb thc prison walls . and cst'nc -nas r.ov becoming: s. grres-t \«'ith Hamilton and Palmer i:*. cvr.icr for rrade and commerce. •'i~a.rj- waiTins: outside. T^~o m-r-n. Hwr '-'tcrally nri'liorj? of doHsry ideuiifj£<3. had supplier the A>"D LOCAJL INEWS VOTE FOR R. L. Ballar d For Second Term Commissioner Precinct 1 •r-far resources. 3Tr. Srnn^cr then :oo>c us bac'K" ;«r.'l r--',ared the cxpcrlcncT^ con-<-CT-»d th^r-.-to. ho^" Daniel inter- ;-rct»;d the dr«am and hoT%- Babv- : h: ion w-T!' dowr. Th*n MetSo-Persia : fre *^ om frcm the x-.-imc ir sn«J fir.a!?y Alexander in : >C! 4:^ ' !> invasions of the Asiatic ;Vcnt for itt> rfoabilitation. He Thompson. alor,= vt?h ••'.d of the Dead Sra which r.cbou^ Walker and Roy Johsij-on -.». ho •-.-irtr-2. but now it worth ihirreiTr also tried tc escape frc-sn !<u-ns- sc of us. ">''•'*• Sunday, rscnpcd from thc >*c- ' Alestrr. QkJy., penkentiary 57; the fall of 1?3S. Thorsipsor>. ^'a' Johnson •\vcrc recaptured in r'-'-r"- da and -were returned to Te^yp "o face new charges for crlrn^s Thry -* HUGO. Ok;a.—R. M. F:rebau^h. i i in KerrvUle. " ; •-- ! Miss iiartha Murphy leaves 25 : visit. " . "y Mrs. Hauls Wilson Dal? and ' lee ; son on Saturdiiv visited Mrs. •«, o [ Kwing: Helm of An*Iers ai the ;*.- : had a. rocer.t op$:auon, i Chief and Mrs-, Ben L'wi^ht and O. L. Br^rrhr- anc O. L_ Biancbe. ' Jr.. reiurr.c-I Saturday frons Mus- . ;-•••! i» ^*, tn^n ' for r-.>bt-ir;^ thc Mr. Springer said that he wcu-d .'•: say that MussoSini jy the Ann- i 'hr;;t but that it wxs possibtc. He has made us a number one Commissioner, and graded more miles of road tor less money. His record is an open book and unexcelled. He gave us value received for our monev. ,. - r . . :l,»v T v.^*l.>t . >S'. f- co'j;ij csr'jv rr th? forerun- »_ » ^ ^, . s .^ ;' ->,^. <t . , v- V 4 . ihorc. 1,-iyt Oct at Msr',!p. las: Marvh '-> Frrst Nat-:Crr^l ;V there of 54I.OOO in Dec. "*3S. Iker. Thc-rnp60TTL and Johr.iVn ••• a'so un-Jer ir,<2icinter.i »t for ihc 54.00C- ro>t-. r;- »V. K. i_ard- t vs". Ur-.tcd 5iares iJ«P'Jty niarsbal. an-j B. B. Bur- ! federal prisoners :o the Duran: jail Saturday. Miss Bonnie Burrous i? here from Ck;ahorr»s Ciry vis:;:r.g her ^liss Morellc Biard has retanr- f eij' from Norntar-, where s-he ^'as '• of the "/ir,,r u '\ *7**\. ^^^i'^j'^r i^ h€ tri ° d to s ^ th< - HuWi'.-e .-:*:<•!«> hc«ijjns: up. crrst --verld- ; \ v ^lh Sunday .snd Roy JohrtyotT. • '^urch {cd'.Tatsotis. <?:c. He sra-^c '• S ^ T . ? . a «,j ^o^rj-'e-J \v**-*> v -•--,->-.,-,--.5 :-'v.-t- ou^-t;«rd'.r!.s: comparison* of ; ;,, ?;» ye ar? »t Br>-.-?n 'for "thr 'svv- M-.'i-.ftc'!:m to thr Ant:-C hris-t a£- .»/>;i .-t-bbrry c f j. -;. C"a^-.\ t -n? snd fron- Ok'ahc^.a C'ty \\herr she vis->od J*jdce an-i Mr*, j. K. from M-^xu-o C:TV an-i C: T J?~ poinciv J, G. ^V:1k;ns ?-^& as ^:> c-;>-y: hi* J.. VI . "A'i'k:"* vt' s-onv -,nc. Ala .irvi Mr? \\:'- of sr-on f-H «r<at «ir fore* ».^> <rst*r • ;•«,•• fNttery svvl peaceably <f> j^ror» t\uh srr«'.l p*ov>lc *7» tho ts\- s in Houston. T«?xa,*, fcr th-- ; whole world ivond-r at hznv : first f:ve monrhs of i«3* •.-•.v-''''--'' : Thf cvs«jr*-l»5.i c:os.v»d hi* tries-• tho&e for all of !?53. ; -.i*c t«y sujjjni? thc only hope tor f she v i-r!-:J -,vas to turn to a saving !>clinted cotton *e«d «a? ;>;.iv: v hrisv tho i>n?y hope i*'3s to l>e ''<•• "-'irh wh^a* <Jr:!*s on the .•scr-.'-- i '.v-sti again. t>f rcgrfntraJfl'-d by thc -'VC 1 of \V, E. MclL-aug-lilin cf H-Al's, • Holy Spirit. If frreat concerns like Vexas. I Chicago Tribune w ou!d have , ~~ t»ara ro'.;n*r-. C.-**.. s-r:r;rrd s^^era' : *FOUT arr.j Transferrf'! Th^rn tc 1 : deeper 5t.r?3TT-s a? *h-?v w?r^ ; about to t"? '^r.-SiccKe-J c^ ins *" '' JOTE- water. y xn ritser. thc headlines for Tb <, l'• a! A A A. i -- . . -. . Tncuhstor," cr "I.s. 1T i •s of Christ, and i wrens TO so tvv the dance. >s it'! Me sr*.-»t England Insurance com- | ^ron<^ TO T»Hv o^rtly, is U >v-<>r!}r ! >;ny \y matins provl^ivn? in us i to gro <^ th«» th*-;nre"" 5«-v»>«-al oV ! •^'«.-^ for ,!•<• mitl^nniuni. tt «»;th«-\-lr> chuivhf? turned out T^err | • <=-N time wt g*i dou-n to hu4S.i- serviW* for >h* first Suntlav t>:cat * .•«** sj! Christians. Th- *vawgreUst said that he was Th^ choir wax larj^r than , Mr. and Mr*. Jones. •sntr to ii'-j.»ii of ttme for A •mi vvou5<l pr*8ich on thc his subject }<<-<:• loader and his \vif«. neuralgiiu muscular ache* •nd pun*, toothache, earache, periodical and other pains doe ID inotganic causes. No nar- crtfca. lOc and 25c WHATJ THEY WON'T ACCEPT OUR CHALLENGE? Can it be tliat competitors looked at the Hudson and Terr*p!an« li*t of 73 official A.A.A. speed, acceleratioii and hill dimLLnje records, including every major mountain climb in the United States T Can It Be That They Didn't Want YOU to See Hcnc Other Cars Perform in Competition with Hudson and Terraplane? Any ho-*-, the fact remains— NOT ONE COMPETING CAR ACCEPTED THE HUDSON AND TERRAPLANE CHALLENGE! The deadline ha* pa«sei on and Termplane** v.-ide-open challenge to conjpeling cars. 1 . To climb the toughest hill in this vicinitv faster in hi^t gear! 2. To accelerate faster to 5O miles an hour from a standing start ! 3» To ^o farther on five gallons of gas I But there tcere no taker*. stock cajrs from our floor. Tlse results are in o«r showroom for you to see I The cars are here for ou to Ju?t ride — today — in these cars! Then let o>»-ners tell you of the RfGGEPrVESS of these cars, of their low upkeep cosU Ions; life and the •cores of extra features vou can't get i*j other cars at anywhere near die price- There's a Hudson or Terrs* plane Baiting here for you to drrv» Lacking competition* •*••« ^-ent out and made these test* ourselves* -»*nth NOW TOO IE THE JUOfiE! DRIVE THESE CARS! DRIVE THE OTHERS! COME IN! Price* o . . Hudson *68o - » Terraplane *5 nnd up at factory model* ROSS ILIFF MOTOR CO. PARIS, TEXAS

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