The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 22, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1924
Page 4
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PAGF FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, .SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 22, jVgl THE HUTCHINSON NEWS i'tlhiiWiwi i)«it(> t>y I'tn- ,\i-ivfl i'-.riijiatjv w, v. MORGAN EDITOR. ESTABLISHED tB/2, Entered m uu- I 'M ii.tffu-t* in hutch tnsojj, K MUMHA . fen ( ratitn,nal<<r < hruujtlt thfl mails HI »r-ion<i-clasfc mutter TELEPHONE 4400 l 'rlVRt«- I'fRt.ctf ?Ki:hiui !£4*. when opprator HIIIWIT -", sivrt prrsun or de Uattttifjit uanird, TERMS OF SUUSCRIPTION Flrtt Second una Third Zone* Hy tn«11 urn year My mint, nt'.i uiunth* Uy mail, thr'** mouths..,. \\y mull orip month Fourth, f'fth SUth «nd Seventh Zone*. Ily mail, ono yt-m . ( . |6 u D.v n .Hll, mx mouth* 3 0> tty mail, thrcf n-.nnthl. 2.01 Hy mall, r nr n.nn'fi 7* Wui'Ulv NfWB. on«» y«ar * 6'' MEMBER AU01T BUREAU OP CiRCUL ATION MEMBER AMC'RtCAN NEWSPAPEP PUBLISH ERR' ASSOC! A T I ON MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS nullum in tin- use foi r<*t>ut)li«-ntiun n! nil nt-WB credit *-<! ti> H oi not o»tier thu uicni new* pu'nilshi'i! htTftn. ,M -Ui 2.01' 1.2! .in fllipntrlir-ff TkeSldlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST*. Teunnon. SINO. 1T N.rtn M.m Hiltchln.ol. TRIUMPHS OF INVENTION When Father A.'lani .made a sonde, of g ">'»1 »1H honest, o.k. ami sorted in w> dig IV Bla'lc his wif.', admiring, spoke: "Ills''. all it with volition can no I'arllii' recoiils fall behind; luxurx to know a man such a miiul. Melhonght we'll * always have to dig the garden " Willi our hand.--, to raise the * toclih-r for I he pis, and beans " for homo demands: anil it. " wa.H Mich a giiovous job, a task * so punk anil drear, at every ' (II/; 1 .'•lied a sob, and heaved a"' hr.ny tear. Von saw me paw- * In.;: In the muck, you sighed " and Mid, 'Ry jing, this way of ' raising garden truck Is not ' the proper tiling,' And so you ' turned your mighty brain to ' tools lhat might he made: ' your menial throes wore, not in 1 vein, and now we. have a ' t-paili..'' And for a time the ' spade was thought a Iriuniph ' high and fine, as on tho farm ' the children wrought, and lireve the stali; nnil vine. And Ailiim tliousht his bulging brow was not designed In vain until he ga/.ed upon a plow turned out by Tubal Cain. The piow was belter than tho spade, which fact no man could I '.oubt; and Adam saw his laurels fade, hU glory petered out. And people ,.mlied as ho went by, a «;id and brooding gent, utul said, "There goes ihu locoed guy who thought he could invent." •So guard your laurels while they're yours, enjoy your passing fame; your lirtle hour of pomp endures till someouo beats your game. — WALT .MASON. TRY IT ON THE PANE. Tho Scandinavian countries of northern Ktirojie have given serious consideration and in some instances have tried out novel solutions of Important problems. The siue by tho state of Intoxicating iKjiiur under rules established by law way. Now had Its start in Merit Is the best bet of t lie wet. forces in Canada. In fact, can get oioug an well without an army. In case of war tho Danish army would lie too small to defend the country and of comae entirely inadequate to go out on tho often slvo. So Denmark can try nn experiment which would hnrdiy be siito tor consideration by a larger country" which might he called upon to defend itsoif. Hut while all this objection Is correct, and It Is not at all likoly that tho Dnu- ish demobilization of defense will spread into other parls of Kurope very .soon, there Is certainly n thought contained In tho measure worthy of consideration. « Of counse Denmark would save a lot of muuoy by thus .lie military establishment which is 11 little more than ornamental and which would not bo strong enough to put up a war If such should happen. And then there- is a positive good thought lu the scheme. Thousands of young Dunes would be given service for months as poilceiuen und thus would be Instructed ns to lows^tnU the duties ot citizens, and on retirement from service In the constabulary would certainly be a valuable Influence and force for'the maintenance of law and order in ihu country. Perhaps little Denmark has figured out something which tho world would liko to imitate and at sometime in the future will do BO. Denmark Is considerably strung out as a nation because It incudes in its sovereignty Greenland, Ice land, and other Inlands In the northern waters. The plan of Mr. Kusmussen Is to cut out the Danish navy, except for a few small boats and airships which would police tho shores of Denmark and the possessions in the distant sea. • « • There ifi much opposition to the bill but there Is also much support- As a prominent Danish newspaper remarks, It Is bettor for Denmark to admit that she is too small to count herself a fighting nation. The change from an army to a constabulary ns provided In the bill, would reduco tho expense of the government on that line to about ten per cent of the former amount The Danes are thrifty and economical people. Thoy are not likely to retain an expensive army as they are convinced a cheaper provision can be made for all that can reasonably be expected In the way of organized foiee in a small country liko Denmark. In this connection It Is Interesting to call to mind the fact that tho congress of Denmark contains twenty women members. Danish women are trained to housekeeping and to economy. While they may enjoy the brilliancy of military equipment and the pomp of pageantry, they are likoly to exercise their godd common sense by cutting down the expense of the house, hold, as display and splendor are not essential. Taxes are high lu Denmark because the government does a good many things. It the people of Denmark are like the people of the United States, they are likely to favor almost any measure which leads to a reduction of taxes. Daily Thoughts Civil War Soldier The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower Is servant to the lender.—Prov. 22:7. No remedy against this consumption of the purse: borrowing only lingers and lingers It out, but tho disease Is incurable.—Shakespeare. cat 1 don't think any ,-nlmal seems to sense more thoroughly the danger and tn ho more wary about It than tho cat. 1 have sat in a hotel window and seen a cat stand for ten minutes on tho curb of a city etreot through which ran double lines ot traffic at nightfall when half a big tiburbnn population wero coming homo from work and the other half going In to play. Now and then the cat would put down a tentative pnw and then draw back; twice she got a little way out and boat a hurried retreat. It was the motorists' considerateness and not her own skill that finally enabled her to make a safe crossing. When which will be given on the night ol December 12, Is composed ot the following members: Adeline Taylor, Nina Stall, Mnudle Bruce, Ernestine Taylor, Virgil Alexander, ••'rod Dainum, and Harry Shackleford. The English II C I AM ban had book reports this week, Tuesday was moving day nt the high school. Several pupils exchanged seats, The' regular six weeks examinations will be held Thursday aftor- noon, and the entire day Friday. Mrs. Peter Johnson, aged lnmalo of tho Worcester (Maes.) Home Farm, Bays she served in the 63rd pussy gets killed it proves that too \ Massachusetts regiment in tho much discretion las Us dangers ns | Civil War as Saul Hill, a man, and well as too much courage. j later served five years in the navy The squirrel tin 1 tho chipmunk | as a sailor, ure both skillful crossers of the auto trail. It is renl'y remarkable, If ono stops to think of it, how many times one sees them scampering across tho road and bow seldom one sees the little lifeless body that fs the gravestone of a miscalculation. They never hesitate or vacciluto or turn back, which is probably the main reason for their success. Another wild animal Is absolutely Insolent In tho lelsurclln'ess with which ho crosses the road and yet he seldom gets hit. 1 refer to a small creature with black and white fur, sometimes thought to resemLlo a cat. Apparently he 1— ,ws he ran aiford to be tn lent- ly dlsregnrdtul, as well he can. Lately I have seen several live turtles ir.aking their pilgrimage across the roud, but I never yet have seen a dead one. Surely no r.'.'. ;r proof thau this could be found of the autolst's InBtlnctlvc wish not to destroy the humblest kind of life. The American Red Cross Chapter at Worcester is investigating her claim. ARLINGTON. - Milk Fountains Popular. Health experts and the various dairymen's organizations have combined to populate the big cities throughout the country with milk fountains where nourishing milk is as easy to obtain as soda water or ginger ale. In these shops nothing but milk or milk concoctions are sold and they are proving popular. Somo of them are being fitted upon busy thoroughfares to resemble the dairy house of tho old fashioned farm. In the interclass basket ball! tournament completed Wednesday afternoon tho senior girls won from the junior girls by a score of j 6 to 4. The junior boys won from > the freshman boys by a score ot I to 9. Enthusiasm ran high during w~ theso games. Mr. Brown attended the high school principals' meeting at Hutchinson Monday. The Lions club of Hutchinson has extended an invitation to all high schools in the county to the lnterscholastlc track meet which is to take place tbo last Saturday in April. The east for the junior play Gargle Throat » With Aspirin MOREE WITH CHICKEN CHOWDER Clip This if Subject to Sore Throat or Tonsilitis A Puzzle a Day A man's family consisted tf his mother, a brother, a sister and himself. The average ago of the entire famllv was 39. The man's mother is 20 years older than he; his Bteter Is two years younger than he JS, and his brother Is four years younger than the sister. What are tho ages of the members of tho family? Pepare a harmless and effective gargle by dissolving two Bayer Tablets of ABplrtn in four tablespoonfuls of water. Gargle throat thoroughly. Repeat In two hours if necessary. Be sure you use only the genuine Bayer Tablets of Aspirin, marked with the Bayor Cross, which can be had In tin boxes ot twelve tablets for few cents. How's Your Back? Vim, Vigor and Health Follow This Advice. Wathena, Jvans.—"Dr. Pierce 's Anurlo Tablets are surely tine. They relieved the pain and weakness In my hack within a tew days after I began using them.. I have felt fine in that respect ever since. The ono package relieved mo. 1 live on a farm and work every day. Am a man over fiO years of age. Had been troubled with my kld- aeys Tor about ten years."—H. A. Cordonler, Route 4. Theso "An-urlc" (antl-urlcacld) Tablets of Dr. Plerco's sweep from the blood the uric ncld which in excess causes rheumatism, gout, lumbago, sciatica. All druggists, or send Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel In V'n falo, N. Y. 10c for trial pkg. or vrllo for free medical advice. Yesterday 's answer: EAT PAR ARE ADO T E N O R O D ODE PEREDUB ERA USE RAN BED Here are five completed "words squares," each composed of three- letter words which may be read vertically or horizontally. Note that the Ion lines containing seven letters are really three words: ten, nor,and rod; per, red, and dub. If we could get away from the the Canadian provinces which sell . outstanding fact that war is pos- ;i,]iior as. they do pool age stamps 1 slide almost any time and that It make up in 'ilation of our neighbor North. than liiilf the pop- i would not do for all of us to lay the Now Denmaik comes forward with a proposed method to destroy militarism. Tho Danish congress, which Is called the lilgsdad, Is considering a bill Introduced by Mr. Rasmussen, the Minister of Deteuae In the present cabinet, t'he bill provides for the abolition of the army, the abandonment of forta, and tho tinning over of all military property and possessions to other departments which shall use them lu the ways of peace, lu { jllier words this Danish, | who occupies the post which cor- j responds to Secretary of War in our country, proposes that Denmark will no longer have army ,»r ai^enai or fans or oiler nielli- [ uls ot military defense. The bill further provides tliul Instead of training men to lie •oldiors ouch year, u certain num her of men shall bo educated to oe constables, or as we would call lliem, policemen, in this way a force of men would soon como into existence tho members of which tvotilit lie Informed as to thu laws .if the land, the rights of the people, and file methods of keeping no peace and capturing criminals, i'ho Idea of course is Hint wlibe in army would not bo maintained 'or the purpose of war, u corres ;iondlng force would bo created for aside our equipment and take whatever the enemy might administer, this plan of the Danish minister would sound mighty good In our own fair land. While waiting for humanity to lay aside Its ideas ot force and its passions such as conquest and revenge, It will be Inter esllng to all of us If Denmark tries the proposed experiment. W. Y. MORGAN. «• * * <i> * * • • * ANIMALS 1 HAVEN'T KILLED. True Love. She —And do you really lore me? * Young Doctor—Yes. The mere sight of you, Isabella, sets up Ylo- lent cardiac disturbances, superin­ duces dryness^ of the palate, epiglottis and larnyx, and brings on symptoms of vertigo. — London Answers. You Might be satisfied with a Piano bought Elsewhere; You are sure to be • • • with one bought here! CLWhy take any chances? Stelnway arid ether Piano* caxx or warn 122 North Main HELPED HER IN EVERY WAY So Writes Mrs. TromMey of Sharon, Vt., Concerning Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Sharon. Vermont,— "I was weak and run-down, had a tired feeling and bearing-down pains. I saw an advertisement in the newspaper about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable [Compound and began taking it It cos stopped these bearing-down pains and other bad feelings, and has helped me in every way. 1 have eo much faith in the Vegetable Compound that I keep it on hand all of the time and recommend it whenever 1 have the opportunity." — Mra. L EWIS T ROMBLEY, Sharon, Vermont Glad to Help Others "I had pains in my back and sides for many months, and my work would have to bo left undone at those times. My sister told me whatgood Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegetable Compound was ' doing her, so I tried it, ana from tho j third bottle I was well and every ono thought 1 looked better.' I am glad to help others regain their health, and vou may nse my testimonial." — MABEL HARTMANN,1824GreeneAve, Brooklyn, N. Y. You must believo that n medicine that has helped other women will help you. By Ruth Cameroa. i •• ••• • ••• >•:• ••' <> * * * One boars a great deal said from time to time about tho automobile driver's reckless disregard for hu- j man life. And. of course, that type | driver does exist and is a menace that should bo gotten rid of. Hut doesn't there also exist the- driver who is not only careful of human life, but who Is also surprising'}' veiianlful of the animal life that so blithely Invites destruction in the middle of the roadway? What auto driver could not write some kind of an essay about wild and domestic animals that 1 haven't, killed. Of course the worst of all of- feuders against the autolst's peace of mind la the hen. That first riddle of our childhood: "Why does a hen cross the roud?" had two answers. "Because alio wants to get to the other side," and "because she can't go around." A third an swer can now be addetl, "because ho maintenance of law and order i aite *c«s an automubllo coming." 1 wish some student of psychol- Denmtirk. i ogy would inako it his life work to Instead of uu orpiy with generals j examine into a hen's mental pro uu] bands and banners, Denmark , cesses (if they exist) and find out would thus have a largo police If hens can ba motivated by a do 'orco of trained men who would Larry clubs and know how und fvhen to uso them. * . * The critics who like to find weak Maces in reform methods will no Joubl cull attention to tho fact luii Denmark is one country which sire to commit suicide. Can It be that harem Joalousles are behind some ot theso mad dashes Into tho path of the would-be elusive auot? 1 suposo the dog is next to tho hen the most e:;_;er for martyrdom. Only he wunts to die gallantly defying this engine of destruction , . the hero of a lost cause. Quito different is thu ca^e of the MX* WtUNMDtUWOICa CLARK'S 5iH CMJISB AROUND THE WpRLD Frwn N. V. Jan OT, hy t\vae\t\\y charted New CunarO ami Anchor oll'lmrtiint: K. B. "California/ 11,000 tons, (nckiiilfiji Ilavtira. I'anuirui Canil. I JO* Antrelca,Hawaiian Inluiiis. li tlaya In Jm-iui and Clito* (I'tJttiitf nftlonuO, ManiU, .Ltv a , Hinvni^rn, llurm&li, otiUon 13 d)iya tn Inoix, C:ilm, Jr-nwalom, Athena, h«4>ka, lUm-nt, wilh Kurope atop over. 4 MONTHS, $1250 up Including Hotels, Drives, CuiJet, Fees, etc. Wu «ip<vt to carry f5» la 7U0 pasiengars on **nh CruirMJ. CLARK 'S 21st CHUISCMN. 31 ™ E MEDITERRANEAN By atuwIaUy ehsrWwl eumjituoun new oil-bum!" H a, "Laconla," Uti*. 17 dv» tn Kryiil ai ,!**lo *Uru)! ttitata. Attiru*, U<*ni>, i%ttt*Uiniinotil< Riviur>. «tc. <a Java' vruiw. Iww uj. r Includins llouO.- (•Mill**, fJHVtM. IVl-e, i:W. NiiTKBt W*»i*rt Mwlitcrmniuui Lrulrw, Jul/ 1: tl diyo, f $U up. Originator of Hound ihi- World CmUe* Jjonsrwt «(• pcrvM>i**>J cratM niuiinuiinu-nt, Entkbliahvd w ynara, raaMK CCLAHH,Tim„ BMs,N*>V«* THE GOOD THINGS —of life don't knock at your door —you must go out and get them. The man or business that goes out and "gets things" is the one who is connected with some good Bank. This Bank cordially invites you to use the facilities provided to meet YOUR every banking requirement. Our officers will gladly explain the many ways in which we can help you or your business. Come in! The American National Bank Individual Responsibility of Directorate $3,000,000.00 You get thirty years feeding experience in every bag of Chicken Chowder. That's why it's such a splendid egg producer— head and shoulders above the ordinary mash feed a> Chicken Chowder contains a variety of ingredients—always of the same high quality—impossible for the poultryman to buy to advantage locally; it is carefully balanced to give growth vitamins, variety of protein, and essential minerals. Chicken Chowder is always the same—always right—always profitable to use. Prove it to yourself—see us for a supply. Kellogg Bros. Htas Faed Store 17 B We»t. Phono 4*7 IPURINAI ICHICKEW [HOWKflH At the Store with the Checkerboard Sign MOESER--SON Grocery and Market Hamberg 15c Saoaage 20c Round Steak 20c Loin and T-Bone Steak .20c Pork Steak 20c Pork Chop* 25c Lean Pork Roaata .... 2Cc Fancy Beef Roasts .. 10 ! " Fancy Beel Boil 8-1 „. Lard Mb 45c Fancy Veal Steak .... 25c Whole Fresh Hama .... 20c Corner—B—Cleveland Phone 916 Calory, ....... 15c Head lettuce 20c Turnip*, 8-lba 25c Sweet Potatoes 6-Ibs, . ,2Sc Lettuce per lb 2Sc Mangoes, per lb. ...... 25c Raisins 2 lbs for 25c Prunes, 2 lb* for 2Sc Dried Apricot* .,„. lS-35c Grapes, par lb. ........ 15c Orange* per doa. ...... 20c FREE DELIVERY. sunny days for sonny Jk Through Pullmans via Grand Canyon National Park —open all the year details here T&Ke the family excellent schools for your children —steel equipment —double track—rock ballast —powerful locomotive* M. E. WAV, Agent Phone 25 Hutchinson, Kansas. Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald

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